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Episode #10211

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[Madison pours the contents of a small vial into a bottle of water, but Brot knocks it out of her hand]

Madison: Oh!

Brot: Oh, sorry about that.

Madison: Excuse me.

Brot: Who knew dancing could make you so thirsty?

Madison: Yes. It is quite the workout.

Brot: So, you think you'll outlast the competition?

Madison: Definitely.

Brot: All right. We'll see.

[Slow music playing]

Annie: You're trying to get me to confess to something I didn't do. Well, you can forget about it. It's not gonna happen. [Gasps]

[Ryan dips Annie while Adam watches from the sidelines]

Ryan: We'll see.

Tad: So, that's it, twinkle toes? You're out?

Adam: I'm resting.

Tad: Ha ha ha! Want to answer some phones for us?

Adam: Why don't you go be a moron somewhere else?

Liza: You know, we all want to see Annie go down. Would it be so terrible if you worked with Ryan?

Zach: I'm not doing it.

Liza: I'm just saying, it's probably a good --

Zach: I said no.

[J.R. and Marissa kiss on Fusion's rooftop, then recline on the sofa]

Singer: She's been to such extremes in her life to find love, to find her own

Amanda: Oh, I'm so wiped.

David: Oh, man, yeah. No kidding. Hey, hey, hey.

Amanda: I just got my second wind. Hey there, handsome. Come to Mama. Come here. Oh, I missed you so much. You want to dance? Yeah? Aww, let's dance.

[Jake watches Amanda with David]

Taylor: I definitely should've worn sneakers. Ok. I know what you need, and I will deliver.

[While he's not looking, Madison hands Frankie her tainted bottle of water]

Frankie: Look. Come here. Hakuna matata. Thanks.

Randi: Thanks.

Frankie: [Sighs as Randi drinks some of the water] 

Liza: Listen. I'm not asking for you and Ryan to be best friends. I'm just saying you guys have a common goal here, all right? Zach, just put your ego aside. We'll focus on business.

Zach: Yeah. Ok. So, if I involve Ryan in this, it means we have to talk about Emma.

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Zach: Tell him about that, you know what's gonna happen. He's gonna lose it. He's gonna start banging his chest, screaming because he just wants to protect her, which is fine, but he's not gonna focus on Annie.

Liza: Well, he seems pretty focused on her now. Listen. I got an idea. Why don't you let me talk to him? I'm a lawyer. I can certainly work --

Zach: I'm not doing it. Don't ask me again.

Ryan: So, did Zach take Emma to Chandler's to see you?

Annie: Of course not. Why would he do that?

Ryan: I don't know. He's been making a lot of new friends lately, and you're the top of that list.

Annie: He made a business deal with my fiancé, so we're civil to each other. That's all.

Ryan: Come on, Annie. He doesn't think you and Emma should be separated. He wants you together, so it starts with a visit and goes from there. You can tell me. How was it? How was it seeing her?

Annie: Wow, Ryan, your paranoia has gotten worse. Now your mind is starting to play tricks on you.

Adam: Yeah. It's all coming clearer now. Those flashes, they could actually be memories of what happened the night of the murder.

Scott: Can you tell what they are now?

Adam: Well, for example, me in the parlor watching Stuart go down. How's that?

Scott: Was Kendall firing the gun?

Adam: No. I can't say. I don't know.

Scott: Uncle Adam, Kendall confessed.

Adam: Yeah. Well, and Slater has actually conceded his wife's guilt, but that could be an act, a plot to trap Annie. Wouldn't be a tough sell. Everybody out there thinks that she's the real killer, anyway.

Scott: But not you.

Adam: Oh, how could I possibly be engaged to the woman who killed my brother? That's unthinkable. But with all those memories, I mean, it's -- I'm finding it harder and harder to, um, get rid of that idea. What do you think?

Scott: Um... I heard the stories. She killed her brother. She stabbed Erica. She kidnapped her own daughter. And she confessed to all of it, but I got to tell you, the more I get to know Annie, the harder it is for me to believe that she did any of that.

Adam: She's a different person.

Scott: Well, then who is she? Uncle Adam, I wish I was a perfect judge of character, so I could give you all of the answers, but the truth of the matter is, I don't think I know Annie at all.

Adam: Perhaps neither of us do.

Frankie: It's not fair.

Randi: What, making us dance till we're dying of exhaustion?

Frankie: No, making you share the floor with other women. You are too sexy. They don't even exist.

Randi: Mwah. You're not so bad there yourself. Ready to get back?

Frankie: Madame, please lead the way.

Randi: Oh, oui, oui.

Taylor: I just came to say hi to my best friend. Hello. Do you remember me?

Amanda: Oh, of course, he does.

Taylor: I would love to hold him. Can I hold him for just a minute?

David: No, no, no. You just -- you just --

Amanda: You can hang on to him as long as you want. I'm going to the bathroom.

Taylor: Yeah. Hello. Hello. Look how big you are. Oh, my goodness, he was so tiny when I had him. Well, he stayed at my place. Did you know that he stayed at my place for a little while?

David: Yeah. I don't think I'll ever forget that, back when I was led to believe that my son was dead. I think I'll also remember that you and Tad were the geniuses that let my son get kidnapped from church.

Taylor: Oh, look at that face. I don't think I know that face, but you do have the same -- you look very happy. Hello, you.

David: Hey.

Jake: Hi.

Amanda: Hey.

Jake: Oh...


Amanda: Jake, you have to stop staring at me on the dance floor.

Jake: I just hate this. I hate it.

Amanda: I know. I know. Come on. Come on. It's the only way to break David -- beat him at his own game.

Jake: I'd like to beat him with a blunt object. How's that?

Amanda: This is gonna work, ok? Pretty soon, he's gonna be in love with me, our baby, this whole new life, and he'll think he has it all. He won't expect a thing.

Jake: It's just hard seeing you next to him. I just -- yuck!

Amanda: Hey, hey, none of it's real.

Jake: I know. I just don't know how much longer I can do without ripping his face off.

Amanda: Wait a minute. That's good. If you're about to explode with jealousy, we can use that.

Jake: How?

J.R.: See that one right there?

Marissa: Mm-hmm.

J.R.: That's Orion, and this one right here is Cassiopeia, and then right above us is the Little Dipper, otherwise known as Ursa Minor.

Marissa: Impressive. You actually know the names.

J.R.: Well, I'd like to think that I aced Astronomy, but Little A taught me everything that I know, so --

Marissa: Do you have a favorite?

J.R.: Yeah. You see that bright star right there?

Marissa: Mm-hmm.

J.R.: A lot of people in my family have made wishes on that star, and they've come true. That's my favorite. I've got a little -- got a lot of wishes out there right now.

Marissa: So do I.

J.R.: Man, great timing to fall in love, huh?

Marissa: We could always pretend this never happened.

J.R.: That doesn't work out so well for us. Besides, I want to remember every minute. You know, we should probably get back downstairs, hmm?

Marissa: Hey, I'm here for you, J.R., like, 1,000%, but I really think that you should tell other people about the cancer.

J.R.: No. No way. If my father knew that I had cancer, he'd try to take my son away, and so would Hayward.

Marissa: You really think that they would do that?

J.R.: I know they would, and you should know, when it comes to Little A, I don't leave anything to chance. I had a talk with Krystal, and, not to get too much into it, but I made her promise that if the worst was to happen, that I want her to take care of Little Adam. She's a terrific mom.

[As swing music plays, Randi's vision becomes blurry and she thinks she sees Henry dancing with Liza]

Frankie: Baby, are you ok?

Randi: [Gasps] Look. Look. Look over there.

Frankie: What is it?

Randi: Oh, my God, it's Henry. It's Henry. He's not dead.

Frankie: Baby, that's Zach, see?

Randi: [Sighs] I'm a little dizzy.

Frankie: You want to stop?

Randi: No, no. It'll pass.

Frankie: All right. Well, you're probably just dehydrated. Here.

[Randi drinks more of Madison's water]

Angie: Hey, baby, are you ok?

Randi: Yeah. I just needed some water.

Angie: Maybe you two should take a breather.

Frankie: No, really. We're good, Mom.

Angie: You sure?

Frankie: Yeah, all right?

Tad: Excuse me. Excuse me. Ms. Lavery, do you mind if I ask you a question? What do you think makes a good dance partner?

Annie: Uh, well, your partner really needs to be relaxed. If you don't trust the person across from you, bad things could happen.

Tad: Uh, ok. Do you have anything to add to that?

Ryan: Yeah. I think it's a great idea to really, really know your partner well so you know all her moves, there's no surprises, and she can't get away with anything.

Tad: And there you have it.

Annie: You know what? Excuse me. Hi. Hi. I just wanted to say hello to my beautiful daughter Emma, who's at home. Mommy loves you. I love you, angel. I'm gonna see you very soon. I love you, really soon.

Tad: Thank you. Oh, why don't you give a shout-out?

Ryan: Why don't I? Yeah. I'd love to say something to Emma, who should be asleep right now, because it's well past her bedtime, but if you are watching, sweets, I love you. I'll be home soon. Go to bed, please, ok?

Colby: Uh, we can't dance if you don't move your feet

Pete: Yeah. I'm conserving energy.

Colby: You look ridiculous.

Pete: It's a great strategy. Trust me.

Colby: Yeah? Yeah?

Pete: Oh! Ah!

Colby: What is with you?

Pete: My bladder is gonna bust.

Colby: Well, tough. Keep holding it.

Pete: I can't. Besides, it's not very healthy.

Colby: I'm helping those children in Africa, so suck it up and move.

Tad: Excuse me. I've got good news. According to our pledge count, you have earned your second rest break.

Liza: Oh, ok. Thank you very much for the info.

Tad: You're quite the fan favorites. How does it feel to be a super couple?

Liza: [Clears throat]

Zach: I'll be downstairs.

Liza: Yeah.

Tad: You can just cut. Just go over there.

Liza: You know what? Talking about me and Zach "being together," you got to stop it. Seriously, zip it.

Taylor: So, how are you, are you, little one? What is he eating? Is he sleeping ok? Does he have any teeth yet? Oh, well, I guess he's too young to have teeth. Just tell me everything.

David: Well, he's a wonderful child.

Taylor: He is. He is wonderful, but I want all the details.

David: Amanda is taking a long time.

Taylor: Well, you know, she's in the ladies' room. You know how long the line is in the ladies' room.

David: Why aren't you with your dancing partner? Where's Jake?

Taylor: Jake said that he was really hungry. He's getting something to eat.

David: Right, right, right. Yeah. Excuse me. Would you take the baby, please?

Carrie: Sure.

[David walks into the rest room where Jake and Amanda are together]

David: What the hell is this? What did he do to you?

Amanda: I just want to get out of here.

Jake: Go. Run. That's what you do.

Amanda: Well, I'm not gonna stay here if you're gonna keep yelling at me.

Jake: Well, I'm angry. What do you expect me to do?

Amanda: Ok. This is not helping. You said you wanted to talk.

Jake: Well, clearly, you have nothing to talk about, right, so go. What are you looking at? If you're smart, you'll get out of here, too.

David: Stay away from Amanda.

Jake: Amanda is my wife.

David: For now.

Jake: I'll talk to Amanda whenever I feel like, all right, Dave?

David: Get a grip, Martin. This place is crawling with TV cameras, and I'm not about to let you embarrass me or my hospital, because you can't hold on to a woman.

David: Hopefully, now you can see he's a jerk.

Amanda: Don't.

David: Will you at least tell me what it is that upset you that he did?

Amanda: I don't want to talk about it.

David: Well, it's just, I don't like seeing you like this.

Amanda: What? This is exactly what you want.

David: You know, why don't we call it a night, ok? I'll take you and the baby home.

Amanda: I would rather dance till I drop dead than go back there with you.

David: [Sighs]

Scott: Saw your make-outfest out on the dance floor along with the entire television audience.

Marissa: [Laughs] So?

Scott: So, you should be worried. Look. You -- alcoholics are volatile, ok? One minute, J.R. is kissing you, and the next he's -- I don't know. He -- where is he? Is he at the bar?

Marissa: Yeah, actually. J.R. went to get us two stiff, tall bottles of water.

Scott: I just don't want to see you get hurt.

Marissa: Too bad. That's exactly what's going to happen.

Annie: Would you stop hovering, please? It's not like I'm gonna make a run for it.

Ryan: Yeah. I have heard that before.

Annie: Ok. Can I go anywhere without being watched?

Natalia: Your ankle bracelet was deactivated for tonight only. As far as the court is concerned, you're still a flight risk.

Ryan: You got that right.

Annie: Can I at least get some air or something?

Ryan: Absolutely.

Annie: Look. The terrace is that way. Ryan!

[Ryan drags Annie to the roof]

Liza: Oh.

Tad: Let me get that for you.

Liza: Ha ha! Thank you.

Tad: All right. Look. All those comments about you and Zach, you know, being the odd couple, I'm sorry.

Liza: Enough already. Stop.

Tad: What is your problem?

Liza: You really want to know what my problem is? My problem is men, because you guys are all the same. You are stubborn, egomaniacal control freaks, right? The mere mention that you let go of the past and stop your stupid, petty grudges and move on, no, forget about it, right? No. It's all about revenge, and Zach is a perfect example of it. No matter what is going on in his life or how much time has gone by, he cannot get over the fact that, what, his wife had a relationship with another man.

Tad: My cameraman is waiting.

Liza: His wife is in prison. This is a woman that he's loved so much that he would deny himself of everything for the next 15 years, but will he forgive her? No. Will he let Ryan be in control? No, even though it would speed up her release and get her closer to her kids. I don't get it. What?

Tad: How on earth would putting Ryan in control help Kendall?

Liza: You're right. I'm babbling.

Tad: No, seriously.

Liza: Uh-uh. Mm-hmm.

Tad: No. What do you mean?

Zach: Hey, you guys seen Annie?

Natalia: Yeah. Ryan took her up to the roof. There's an officer stationed at the door.

Zach: They're on the roof.

Liza: I don't know. Maybe he wants to push her off.

Annie: Oh, sometimes I wish I could turn back time, go back to those days at Wildwind. We had so much fun back then. We were friends. We were more than friends. You asked me to marry you. You wouldn't take no for an answer. [Sighs] Nome of this would have happened if you had just stuck by me and our family.

Ryan: Don't even try it.

Annie: We had a life, and you just walked away.

Ryan: There's a lot of things that I'm not proud of that I've done, Annie, but where you are now, you did that, you all by yourself, and you know it.

[Cell phone rings]

Ryan: Emms, you ok? Ok. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You saw us dancing on TV, and Mommy said hi to you, and that was pretty cool, right? Um, you know what? Like I said to you on TV, you should be in bed, ok, you little mop? Get to bed. Get Opal in there. Oh, you want to say good night to your mom?

Annie: Oh, no. You know what? That's ok. Tell her she should go to sleep. That's ok.

Ryan: You know what? She's right here. Absolutely. Hold on. Whoa.

Annie: Emma, sweetie, I'm so glad you saw you Mommy and Daddy dancing, but your daddy is right. You should go to bed, ok?

Ryan: No, no, no. How often do you get to say good night to your daughter? Go ahead, Emma. It's ok.

Annie: Emma, you're on speakerphone, sweetie. You're on speakerphone, so Mommy and Daddy can both hear you.

Emma: Don't worry. I won't tell him.

Ryan: Tell me what? Emms, what is it?

Annie: Sweetie, you know what? It's too late, so sweet dreams. I love you. Go to bed. She's so exhausted, and seeing the both of us dancing together, it probably really confused her.

Ryan: Yeah. She's not the only one that's confused.

[House music playing]

Tad: Tommy, set up over here. Rise and shine, folks. Um, sorry. I'm afraid that's all she wrote.

Man: We just stopped for a minute.

Woman: Yeah.

Tad: You were practically snoring. Turn in your bibs at the door.

David: Should I be concerned?

Amanda: No.

David: If what I witnessed between you and Jake had anything to do with our son --

Amanda: It doesn't. I didn't even think I'd be seeing Jake tonight. I thought he'd be off somewhere answering phones, and next thing I know, he's on the dance floor stalking us. He ambushes me in the bathroom, accuses me of being --

David: Being what?

Amanda: I'm just really sick of Jake overreacting. Yes. This situation sucks, but he doesn't have to keep making it worse.

Taylor: Did I give you and Amanda enough alone time together?

Jake: Yeah. No. It was great what you did, keeping Hayward busy. Thank you.

Taylor: Obviously, it wasn't that good. He caught you.

Jake: No. It was fine. Trust me. This thing is gonna work.

Tad: Well, if it isn't Jake and Taylor, the doctor and the soldier, the Lt. and the M.D. Tell me something. In a man-down scenario, who takes charge?

Jake: Well, I guess she would. She outranks me in that scenario, so --

Taylor: No, no, no, no, no. He takes care of the injured, and I navigate a route to the nearest exit.

Tad: Sounds like a winning couple. Tommy, why don't you get some crowd shots. I'll be with you in a second. What is it with you? Just say the word. I'll get rid of Hayward.

Jake: No. It's fine. Aren't we supposed to keep dancing? Just keep him here. I need you to keep him here, ok?

Tad: No.

Jake: Yes.

Tad: No. No. Don't tell me you're hatching another one of your plots, ok? Enough is enough. I mean, what's it gonna take? First, it was that foam belly thing, a little boy dressed as a little girl. I don't want to hear about you trying to smuggle Trevor out of here in a disco ball.

Taylor: Well, you know, if there's a plan, I'd be happy to help.

Tad: No, no, no, no. No more helping. Your first scheme worked so well, your wife and kid ended up living at Wildwind. God knows what the next one is gonna accomplish.

Angie: You know, I don't think Randi should still be dancing.

Jesse: Oh...

Angie: No. I know they want to raise money, but that girl needs a rest. Hey, hey, listen. Can you perhaps, you know, bend the rules a bit for medical reasons?

Tad: What, went and tired the old man already?

Jesse: Oh, no. I'm just --

Angie: No. No, Tad. It's Randi. The girl needs a break.

Tad: Darling, I think the rules are --

Angie: I insist, from a physician.

Tad: All right. I bow to your superior knowledge. Just make it fast and don't tell anybody else, ok?

Pete: Tad, Tad, wait, wait. I have a medical emergency.

Tad: Yeah, yeah. Everybody has got a medical --

Pete: No, no. Please, please. As my brother, please let me use the bathroom.

Colby: Please?

Adam: Oh, I've had enough. I've had enough. Would you see to it that Annie gets home all right?

Scott: Yeah, sure.

Zach: What's going on? Is Annie staying with Ryan?

Adam: Um, she's having a wonderful time, and I didn't see any point in dragging her to my mansion because I'm done.

Zach: All right. No. Just when a man leaves his fiancée with her ex-husband, it just -- I don't know -- kind of seems like he's giving up.

Adam: Unlike some men, I don't really feel like putting my woman on a leash. If she wants to go a few rounds on the floor with -- ha ha! -- with Lavery, then fine. It's ok with me.

Zach: Yeah, so there's no doubt.

Adam: Why don't you just mind your own business?

Zach: All right. Ok. Oh, if you have a change of heart about Annie, you let me know.

Adam: Why, so you can take our wedding gift back? Don't bother. My feelings about Annie have not diminished at all, so I'm gonna go home now, and I'm gonna go to bed, and my nephew here is gonna keep an eye on Annie for me, and, so I assume, will you.

Pete: Oh! [Panting] Oh...aah...get -- no. Oh...

Randi: You know, my head feels really weird.

Angie: You need some food.

Angie: Ok. Sweetie. Are you better?

Randi: A little bit. I think I'll be ok. I just need a minute.

Angie: You're not on any medication, right?

Randi: No. They gave me something for the postpartum when I lost the baby, but I didn't take any of them.

Angie: And no history of anemia?

Randi: There's no way that I'm pregnant.

Angie: I tell you what. I want you to stay here, relax, and I'm going to get you something to eat, all right?

Randi: Ok. Thanks.

Angie: I'll be right back.

Randi: [Exhales] [Breathing deeply]

Girl: Oh, my God, I know. How cute is he?

Randi: [Breathing deeply]

Second Girl: Sorry. Haven't seen her.

Jesse: Well, if you do see this woman, you come directly to me immediately. Don't speak to one of my officers. Come directly to me. You hear me?

Second Girl: Mm-hmm.

Brot: Is she missing or something?

Jesse: She is a very dangerous woman.

Brot: I just saw her a while ago.

Jesse: Here?

Brot: Outside the bathrooms down at ConFusion.

Tad: Whoa, you all right?

J.R.: Yeah. I just got two left feet.

Tad: You know, J.R., if you stop dancing for five seconds, you're eliminated. You got to leave.

J.R.: It's all right. Marissa knows about it.

Tad: Thank God. I'm so glad you started to share this with other people.

J.R.: But just you two. That's all.

Tad: Just so's I know that you're not alone.

Marissa: No. I'm here for J.R., whatever he needs.

Tad: Well, right now what he needs is to go home.

J.R.: I'm fine.

Tad: J.R., come on. You're exhausted. You guys earned a lot of money tonight. Be proud of that. Don't push it.

Marissa: Yeah. I'm with Tad on this one.

J.R.: I guess we're done.

Tad: Well, then by the rules of the game, I have to ask you to leave the floor.

Annie: Emma is a little girl. She just says whatever pops into her head. Sometimes it doesn't make sense.

Ryan: I know you have a secret, Annie. I know you do, and I know it has to do with Stuart's murder.

Annie: Kendall has confessed. She has been convicted, sentenced, and thrown in prison, yet you and her little fan club will not stop scrounging around for anything to get her out of there.

Ryan: My only concern here, my only concern, is Emma. That's it, ok? I'm not gonna let you use her or manipulate her, so whatever you did --

Annie: As much as you and everybody else in this town wants to believe I shot Stuart, I didn't, so I'm not gonna say that I did, and you trying to trap me on the dance floor, it didn't work, Ryan, ok, so what else are you gonna do? What, you're gonna dangle me over the ledge until I say what you want to hear? Is that it?

Ryan: You can't blame me anymore.

Annie: Ryan, leave this alone.

Ryan: No chance.

Annie: I swear to you, I have Emma's best interest at heart, so please back off.

Ryan: Wait. What are you saying?

Annie: Nothing. I am saying absolutely nothing.

Natalia: All right, Annie. Time is up. Time to come back downstairs. Come on.

Annie: Gladly.

[Slow music playing]

Jesse: Randi get back yet? Where is she?

Frankie: No. They're still downstairs taking a break.

Jesse: Madison is in the building.

Frankie: Oh, let's go.

Jake: Look at him. What an ass. He's holding her like he owns her.

Taylor: Jake, I know how you feel. Really -- trust me -- it's not the place for it. Jake --

Jake: Think you can just humiliate me like this?

Amanda: What are you doing?

Jake: What am I doing? I'm watching you throw yourself at him. That's what I'm doing.

Amanda: You're out of control.

David: All right. Ok. You know, why don't you just back off, leave her alone?

Jake: You can't stand him? He makes you sick, so sick that you have your hands all over him?

Amanda: We're dancing. That's the rules.

Jake: Really? Do I get to watch you sleep with him, too?

Amanda: Ok. Now you're being disgusting.

Jake: Come on. I see the way you look at him. I see the way you're tossing your hair back. I see the whole thing. Give me the whole speech about how it's so difficult for you to be with him and not with me. Obviously, that is just not true. You're just doing what you do best -- being a slut, right? I've done everything in my power to protect you and that child, everything, and this is how you thank me? This is how you repay me.

Amanda: Oh, ok, so now I owe you?

Jake: Well, I'm talking about honesty. I'm talking about respect. Yeah. In fact, you do owe me.

Amanda: Not when you're acting like a pig.

Jake: I said, "Let's fight him." I said, "Let's go to court." I said that I would go to prison. Anything is better than you choosing a life with this guy as opposed to what we have. What is wrong with you?

David: All right, you know, and I said that's enough. Back off.

Jake: Does this make you feel like a big man, does it, ripping another family apart just for, what, your own selfish, sick needs? What kind of man does that? What kind of woman lets him? I want to know that.

David: The kind of woman that knows that I can give her more than you ever could, Jake, so maybe you need to face it, see the writing on the wall like she has, all right, and that makes her smart and brave, not unlike all the other women that have left you.

Tad: You do know there are TV cameras present, right?

Jake: I don't care. I am done trying to convince myself that whatever this is, whatever we have, could actually survive any of this. You're clearly not suffering, are you, at all.

Amanda: I almost lost my son, because you screwed up. You pushed your stupid plans on me, made promises you couldn't keep. I wouldn't even be anywhere near David if you hadn't been so damn cocky.

Jake: You wouldn't be anywhere near David. You certainly wouldn't be close enough to him to conceive a child, right?

Amanda: Shut up.

Jake: Oh, you were so close, you made it all the way into his bed. If you didn't, there wouldn't be a child to lose.

David: Oh, you know, that's enough. That's enough.

Tad: Let's go. Let's go.

David: [Sighs] You all right? Want me to take you home?

Amanda: No. No. I want to dance.

David: Ok.

Amanda: [Sighs]

Annie: Well, that wasn't pretty.

Ryan: You said that you have Emma's best interests in mind, Annie. Are you protecting her from something?

Annie: Ryan, I told you, drop it.

Ryan: Oh, my God.

Zach: Something must've happened up on that roof.

Liza: Well, Annie is still standing, so it can't be that bad.

Zach: Ryan knows something. What would Annie let slip?

Randi: [Gasps] [Panting]

[Taylor walks into the rest room]

Adam: Oh, bottoms up, or should I say down? You think you could make it to the car before you pass out?

J.R.: You know, I should drop you right now.

Adam: Oh, and that from a lush who can't get through a dance?

Marissa: You're the one with the drink in your hand.

Adam: Yes, but unlike my son, I can hold my liquor.

Marissa: J.R. is working so hard, harder than he ever has, to stay healthy and be a good father. If you can't support him, then you should stay out of his life.

Adam: A word of advice -- don't sign up as his nursemaid. Babe tried that again and again and again and never received an ounce of gratitude for it.

Marissa: I'm my own person. I make my own decisions. I'm going to help J.R. get through what he's going through.

Adam: Ha ha ha! I can see you're just as deluded as your sister.

J.R.: You see? You see what I have to deal with? That's why I'd never tell my dad what I'm going through.

Marissa: Hmm.

Frankie: She's here.

Jesse: Where's Randi?

Angie: She's in the bathroom. Why?

[Knocks on door]

Jesse: Police.

[Jesse and Frankie find Taylor slumped on the floor]

Jesse: Taylor.

Frankie: What happened, and where's Randi?

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