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Episode #10209

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[Zach installs a lock on the inside of Kendall's door]

Kendall: Why don't you just brick it up and seal me in?

Zach: The point is, it's for your safety. Liza almost found you last night.

Reporter on TV: Live from the Fusion ConFusion --

Zach: Do me a favor. If you have to watch TV, can you put on your headset?

Reporter on TV: And here to fill us in is the host of the "Fusion Children's Hunger Project" event, Pine Valley's own Erica Kane. Erica.

Erica: Thank you. Thank you so much, Kelly. And thank you to everyone who has made this event possible on such incredibly short notice. As some of you may know, I recently returned from a trip to Africa, and this trip had a profound effect on me. There's an entire continent of children who are hungry, and I'm determined to do everything I possibly can to -- to help. So, today, and well into tonight, and probably well into tomorrow, we are going to do everything we possibly can to make a difference to raise money to help those children, and we're going to do it with a good, old-fashioned dance marathon. Our volunteer dancers are gonna be out here on the floor. They're gonna be dancing...

Kendall: Leave it to my mom. She quits "New Beginnings" and within a week, she's arranged a charity dance marathon.

Erica: ...Floor, the more money they will raise for these children. So, please, call in with your pledges. Please help us feed these children.

Kelly: Thank you so much, Erica. According to my producer, Adam Chandler has just arrived, and he will be a contestant today. And with him is his fiancée. Now, as you know, his fiancée has been under house arrest, but she has been given a dispensation by the judge in order to participate today. And here they come now, so let's see if we can get a couple of...

Kendall: Oh, my God. She's out?

Kelly: ...Chandler, hello. Will you both be dancing here today?

Adam: Oh, yes, yes. We're gonna give it our best shot. This is an amazing charity, by the way.

Kelly: Yes, it is. Now, may I ask, how does it feel to be allowed out in public again?

Annie: Wonderful, even if it's for just a short amount of time.

Kelly: Any idea when you get a trial date?

Adam: Sooner rather than later, yes. Annie's very eager to clear her name.

Kelly: Well, thank you both very much, and good luck today.

Annie: Thank you.

Adam: Thank you.

Kelly: All right, and back to you guys in the studio.

Ryan: Turn around and leave. Now.

Jake: Hey. What's up? Why'd you want to meet up here?


Amanda: Well, I didn't want you to be surprised when you showed up downstairs.

Jake: No, it's cool. Look, if you don't want to do the dancing thing, I don't really wanna do it, either. We can volunteer or something. I mean, there's plenty of things for us to do.

Amanda: I'm going to do the marathon, just not with you. I'm gonna be dancing with David. 

Jake: Ok. Uh, so you don't want to dance with me. You want to dance with David. Why? Why?

Amanda: I need to get closer to him.

Jake: You need to get closer to him? I thought you moved into the house to get closer to Trevor, not to him.

Amanda: Jake, please. I know this is hard for you. Just please try and let me explain.

Jake: Well, you could get closer to him. You could -- you want to divorce me? You could marry him. Would that get you close enough?

Amanda: Jake, I need him to start trusting me. I need him to let his guard down.

Jake: Ok, so, what do you need to do? You need to sleep with him or something? What?

Amanda: No.

Jake: Then what exactly, exactly, are we talking about?

Amanda: I want him to fall in love with me.

David: I need to check in.

Tad: You're kidding. Who on earth could you get to stand next to you on a dance floor for hours and hours? Unless -- did he hire you to do it?

David: Well, I hired her, yes, but she's baby-sitting. She won't be dancing.

Tad: Huh. Ok. Knock yourself out. Just out of curiosity, who's the unlucky lady?

David: I'll be dancing with the mother of my child, of course. Liza. I'm sorry, but I'm already taken.

Liza: David is dancing in this thing?

Tad: Yup. With Amanda.

Liza: Amanda. You're kidding me. What -- did he hold a gun to her head like he did me?

Tad: I don't know. I just sign them in and just try to remember that it's for a good cause.

Liza: All right, so how does this whole thing work?

Tad: Well, basically, this is administration of the dancing at Fusion, and down here later we're gonna have cots and food, because there'll be breaks every few hours depending on pledges. You see, there's a bank of phones up there and people call in to keep their favorite couples dancing longer. That way, they make more money. So, are you in? Let's go.

Liza: Ha. I'd have to have a partner for that.

Jesse: Good number.

Angie: That is a good number.

Jesse: Yeah.

Frankie: Hey.

Angie: Hey.

Jesse: Hey.

Angie: Is everything ok?

Frankie: Yeah, but I don't get it. And I stayed up all night, waiting for the D.C. police to come and get Randi, and nothing. I could've sworn Madison was gonna come through on her threats.

Angie: Well, maybe she just decided to give up and leave town.

Jesse: I doubt that, but I know she's not gonna go to the cops, either.

Angie: Jesse, you sound so sure of that.

Frankie: Yeah, and it's not the first time I heard you say that, either. What are you thinking?

Jesse: Well, something has been bothering me about that night in D.C. Maybe things didn't happen exactly the way we thought they did in that room. I mean, why would Randi come back to that room when she thought she might have killed that guy?

Frankie: She didn't realize she hit him so hard.

Jesse: Exactly. You read the autopsy report. That was not a small skull fracture.

Angie: No, just the opposite. What are you saying?

Jesse: What I'm saying is, Madison's personality is erratic. She tried to hit you over the head. Now, what if Randi just knocked Henry out? What if Madison found him that way and decided to finish the job?

Frankie: I'd believe it. It would also explain why Madison keeps threatening to go to the police and never does.

Angie: Do you really think that's what happened?

Jesse: It's possible.

Frankie: Ok, ok, look, let's not mention this to Randi, ok? I don't want to give her any false hope, not until we have a chance to look into this some more.

Jesse: And if you see Madison, don't let her know what we're thinking.

Angie: Oh, I have a few other choice words for her.

Jesse: I know, but right now, we gotta keep a very close eye on Randi. We don't know where Madison is, and she's getting desperate.

Frankie: Yeah, well, it'll be all right. Randi's safe with me.

Randi: So, it was a screaming match kind of fight?

Taylor: No. It wasn't a fight at all. I just called him on his stuff. Tad tends to turtle up when it comes to relationships. I'm figuring out that he's not that guy that fights for what he wants or who he wants, I guess.

Randi: Mm-hmm. So, you made your point. Why not just go out there and ask him to dance? What? You guys would get a lot of talk time on the dance floor. It's just advice, Taylor. Take it or leave it.

Taylor: Hmm. Let's talk about you. You seem really good. How are you and Frankie? You're good, right?

Randi: Yeah.

Taylor: How did you guys get back on track?

Randi: Jesse. He helped a lot. He just -- he reminded me, if you're gonna conquer your fears, the only way to do it is to meet them head-on. If you run, nothing gets resolved.

Taylor: Wish Jesse would have that conversation with Tad. Seems like he has his sneakers at the ready. I'll see you out there.

Randi: Ok.

[Lock clicks]

Taylor: Well, you look like the man in charge here.

Tad: Uh, well, yeah. Don't want to brag but I got my very own official clipboard here.

Taylor: Nice. Do you have a dance partner?

Tad: Uh, no. No, actually, Erica asked me to emcee this little shindig, which is probably just as well, so I don't spend the entire night dancing on somebody's toes. You look amazing. Are you -- do you have a partner?

Taylor: I was hoping it would be you. I have very tough toes.

Tad: I -- I don't think I could cancel on Erica at such a late date, you know? She needs me, so -- but I tell you what. If you want to stick around, we have volunteers helping out all over the place. There's some right around the corner setting up cots and food and stuff.

Taylor: Why not? Does anybody have any idea where you volunteer around here? Hey. Ha ha ha.

Brot: Hey. Sign-up sheets are out front. But I kinda thought you'd be dancing.

Taylor: Yeah, well, I struck out with that.

Brot: You still interested? Of course, as friends, and two.

Jesse: I'm gonna start showing Madison's picture around, and if my theory is correct, she is more dangerous now than ever. Hey.

Angie: Hey, you.

Randi: Hey. You guys look so serious.

Jesse: And you look so beautiful.

Frankie: All righty, all righty, all righty, let's get checked in, hmm?

[Frankie and Randi kiss]

Kendall: Not only is she free, but she is over at my company, dancing at my mother's charity event. The woman responsible for Stuart's death and for me being locked away in here. Zach, please, please tell me you are closer to finding out the truth, because I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Zach: Emma has a secret, and it's not about Annie, it's about you, and she doesn't like you being in prison or thinking that you're in prison. So I don't think she's gonna hold on to that secret much longer.

Kendall: Yeah, but it really just twists the knife to see Annie out on the town like this.

Zach: Might be exactly what we need.

Kendall: What -- the dance marathon?

Zach: Adam's mind is preoccupied. He's not gonna last long. If he goes, it means Annie has to go back into house arrest unless somebody else dances with her. That'll be me. I'll talk to her when she's tired and vulnerable.

Kendall: So, you're going to this thing? While I sit here and watch on TV, you're gonna be there dancing? Wait a minute -- who are you gonna be dancing with from the start?

[Cell phone ringing]


Kendall: Let me guess -- Liza.

Zach: Hello?

Liza: Where are you? I got your text. Hurry on up over here. If I'm gonna do this, I need my dance partner.

Zach: I'll be right there.

Adam: I didn't realize you were in charge of this thing.

Ryan: This is Erica's cause. I'm just helping out, which means in this case to make sure the participants aren't using it for their own publicity purposes.

Adam: Oh, give it up. Give it up.

Erica: Hello, Adam. Is there a problem?

Adam: Not with me. This -- your partner here seems to have a problem with my participation. Or is that problem just with Annie?

Ryan: The problem is keeping this a legitimate fundraiser for a very important cause. That's the problem. Not having you grab the cameras and try to convince a potential jury pool that Annie is an upstanding citizen.

Erica: Adam, Adam, why don't we go into my office? We'll discuss this in private.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I'll be right back.

Annie: [Sigh] Isn't it time we started acting like adults, Ryan? I mean, these charges against me are gonna be dropped soon, so we'll be bumping into each other at a number of social events. Shouldn't we be civil, for Emma's sake?

Ryan: Do you know that I think I preferred crazy Annie over snarky, bitchy Annie?

Annie: What's the matter, Ryan? Am I behaving too much like Erica now?

Adam: The man is a paranoid fool who never misses an opportunity to slam Annie. Now, all I want to do is dance with my fiancée and make money for your charity.

Erica: Adam, are you sure that you have the stamina to go the distance?

Adam: Oh, if you can, I can. You will be dancing as well?

Erica: Yes, of course, I will be.

Adam: With Ryan.

Erica: Yes. Yes. He's a terrific dancer.

Adam: Yes. You think you can keep up with him? I mean, he's so much younger, after all.

Erica: Just watch me.

Adam: Hmm.

Erica: And considering the child -- well, the mentally ill child that you're about to marry, I'm kind of surprised you even brought the subject up.

Adam: Oh, leash your lapdog, Erica. I just want to dance with my fiancée and earn money for your cause.

Erica: Ok, Adam, I do not want this to be turned into some sort of a media circus because you have a deranged murderer on your arm.

Adam: The only deranged murderer I know is your daughter, who killed my brother.

Erica: Don't you dare -- just get out now. Get out, Adam.

Adam: Before you erupt in indignation and throw me out, I suggest you consider how much money you're gonna be losing here. Chandler Enterprises will match any pledge made to me or to Annie, up to and including $1 million. Now, that would feed a whole lot of children, wouldn't it?

Ryan: Well, things really have worked out for you, right? I mean, you got yourself a sugar daddy, you got your trial date moved up, and you got a night off the old ankle bracelet.

Annie: Oh, the ankle bracelet's still on. It's just turned off for the evening. But you know what, Ryan? You forgot something really important. I've actually learned to smile again. You should try it sometime. Why so serious?

Ryan: There's a few things that have happened in the past that have taken the funny out of any conversation that we will ever have.

Annie: Mm-hmm. You're just angry because you're gonna have to start sharing Emma with me soon.

Ryan: Adam might be able to buy you an acquittal, Annie. He might. But there is no judge anywhere that will grant you custody of Emma.

Annie: You better open that closed mind of yours before reality rips it open for you. Emma needs me in her life, Ryan. Emma wants me in her life.

Ryan: Really? And how do you know that? Have you been talking to her again?

Adam: Of course, she hasn't been talking to her. The judge made it quite clear that that was against the rules. And we play by the rules, Lavery.

Erica: And Adam, I expect you to do that here today, as well.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: You're letting them stay?

Erica: Yes. Why don't you two go downstairs? Why don't you check in?

Ryan: Why? Why?

Erica: Because his company is gonna match pledges up to a million dollars. And a million dollars for those children is a million dollars.

Pete: I really do not want to be doing this. Everybody's gonna be looking and saying, "Who's the nerd dancing with his mother?" Then bang, it's on every blog and board in the world, and I'm the new poster boy for nerd recruitment.

Opal: Don't be silly. Now, come on. This is for hungry kids. Here. Sign in right over here. There. Put your name down.

Angie: Are you really up for this?

Jesse: What? Holding you in my arms all night? Of course.

Angie: Yeah, you may be carrying me in your arms before this is over.

Jesse: That's ok, too.

Taylor: Ok. That looks perfect. I'll be right back.

Brot: All right. Cool. Ha ha.

Natalia: Hey, you.

Brot: What's up?

Natalia: Nothing. Y'all two back together again?

Brot: No, no. We're just dancing tonight. As friends, as friends.

Natalia: Ok, cool.

Brot: It is possible, you know, we could dance as friends. So, what about you? You doing any dancing tonight?

Natalia: All this? Ha ha. No, unfortunately not tonight. I got a call from my dad about something. There he is. Give me one second.

Brot: All right.

Natalia: Hey.

Jesse: Hey.

Natalia: I got a call from you about something. What's up?

Jesse: Yeah, special detail. That one over there, I want you to keep your eye on her. She's still a flight risk, all right? Make yourself known.

Natalia: Ahem.

Annie: Can I help you with something?

Natalia: Oh, no, thanks.

Annie: May I ask what you're doing?

Natalia: Well, I'll be your personal escort until they turn your ankle bracelet back on again.

Annie: Can't you make her go away?

Adam: Um -- afraid not.

Amanda: David is so head-over-heels about the baby. He's as vulnerable as we're ever gonna get him. And I can mess with his head just the way he messed with Krystal's. He got her at a weak moment and he made her fall in love with him.

Jake: Understand something -- David is not Krystal, ok? He doesn't fool as easily as -- I gotta -- this -- I'm very uncomfortable with this. This makes me very, very uncomfortable.

Amanda: Jake, this is all so we can be a family. You, me, and Trevor. David out of the picture for good.

Jake: Fine.

Amanda: This is gonna happen, ok? And it starts right here.

Jake: This plan of yours, say he goes for it. He's gonna want to sleep with you, right? And then what do you do when that happens?

Amanda: Hopefully it won't be too long until he tries.

Jake: Oh, that's great. That makes me feel reassured.

Amanda: Listen, and when I tell him no, it'll drive him crazy. It'll make him want me even more. Just think about it. Something David can't have under his own roof? He will go insane.

Jake: Yeah, and then? Then what?

Amanda: And then I end it.

Ryan: Ok, how about I match whatever gift Adam has offered, except I'll go up to $2 million. Please, just send Adam and Annie home, Erica, please.

Erica: Oh, Ryan, Ryan. You have already been generous enough with both your time and your donations. Look, I want you to just think about this in a different way. Think of it as a competition, ok, between them and us. Who do you think's gonna drop out first?

Ryan: Well, I have a feeling that Adam is not gonna make it all night.

Erica: But he will last long enough to get his cronies and his sycophants to call in to make lots of pledges. And in the end, we're gonna end up wiping the floor with them. But in the meantime, they will have brought in some money, and that will be good. The competition will do that. And we'll end up showing them for the fools they really are.

Ryan: Every time I think that you've just mellowed, the old Erica shines on through.

Erica: Same Erica. Different cause.

Ryan: Well, I hope you have comfortable shoes, because it's gonna be a long and crazy night.

Kendall: This is so wrong on every level. You dancing the night away with Liza?

Zach: Stop creating things that aren't there. She's doing everything she can to help you.

Kendall: Everything. Ok. Well, I'm sorry if the images of you and her going at it keep intruding on the more logical part of my brain.

Zach: And the more logical part of your brain must know that there were problems between you and me before Liza showed up.

Kendall: Problems between you and me. You mean this wall that you've put up?

Zach: Spend the next couple of days with Ian, all right? Be careful. I'm gonna create a babysitter if somebody asks.

Kendall: So, I'm supposed to just sit here and watch you on television?

Zach: You don't have to watch TV at all. Why don't you read a book or finish your book? Or if you have to watch something, watch cartoons.

Kendall: You don't even see what you're doing, do you? Do you even care?

Zach: You know what I care about? Getting something concrete on Annie.

[Door slams]

Emma: Mommy!

Colby: Emma, wait.

Annie: Oh, my sweetheart.

Colby: Come on, Emma, let's go find a good seat and wait for your dad.

Adam: Let the child have a minute with her mother.

Colby: Well, that's a switch. I never heard that from you about my mother.

Ryan: Hey. Emma.

Colby: Ryan, I'm sorry. I had no idea she was gonna be here.

Adam: Will you let the woman have a few seconds with her daughter?

Ryan: Adam, why don't you stay out of this?

Zach: Come on, Ryan. Let her say hi.

Ryan: Why don't you stay out of this, too, Zach? What is going -- do I have to remind everybody here that Annie is legally prohibited from spending any time with Emma at all.

Zach: What is gonna happen here? She's gonna say hello.

Ryan: Wow. Man, you really are in their camp now, aren't you?

Liza: Ryan, really, Zach has a point here. They're just saying hello to each other.

Ryan: I'm just surprised to see her. I didn't know she was gonna be here.

Brot: Here we go. Starting soon.

Liza: Ok.

Ryan: You guys are partners in this?

David: Oh, hello, Doctor. So, you're participating?

Angie: Yes.

David: I hope someone's keeping an eye on the hospital.

Angie: The hospital is under control. My phone is in my pocket if there's an emergency. Sweetheart, I think we need to get upstairs.

Jesse: [Kiss] That's good.

David: Happy dancing. Thank you.

Tad: Why can't you leave Jake and Amanda alone? You got the baby, for God's sake. Why do you have to screw with them? Making Amanda move into Wildwind. What is that?

David: You know, Tad, there was a time Amanda was attracted to me, at least long enough to create a beautiful baby. Who knows? Maybe lightning will strike twice.

Tad: Your chances with Amanda are zero to none.

David: Yeah. Right. Well, you're forgetting about our baby. That's a very strong bond. You know what they say -- with love, anything's possible.

Zach: See Annie talk to Emma?

Liza: Yeah.

Zach: She's reassuring her or something.

Liza: Mm-hmm. There's definitely something secretive going on between them. I know -- we've seen that before. Let's just hope it's the secret of who killed Stuart.

Ryan: Ok, sweets, it's time for you to go. Give your mommy a kiss good-bye.

Annie: I love you. I love you so much.

Ryan: Ok. Hi. Would you mind taking Emma home now?

Opal: Wait a minute. I got an idea here. Just hold everything. Here. Take this off of me. Yeah. That's right. How about you and I do a swap? I'll take this one and you take this one. Huh?

Colby: No, no, really, I should take --

Opal: Here, let me get her.

Ryan: I'll carry her to the elevator for you.

Opal: You can thank me tomorrow.

Colby: Oh, I really screwed up bringing Emma here.

Pete: I know how you can make it up. Raise a lot of money. Bet we could out-dance and and outlast everybody here.


Frankie: So, you ready to dance till dawn?

Randi: As long as I've got you in my arms, I'm ready to dance till I drop.


Randi: Let's go.

Frankie: Let's do it.

Amanda: Hey.

David: Hey.

Amanda: Trevor can stay for a while with Carrie, right?

David: Oh, absolutely. If it makes you happy. Listen, everyone's gone upstairs. You ready?

Amanda: Actually, I'm excited. Oh, shoes. I gotta run and get my flats.

Erica: Liza? I mean, your even being here, entering this competition, is a shock, but with Liza? Who's watching Ian?

Zach: I got a baby-sitter for the night.

Erica: Why?

Zach: I wanted to be here. It's important.

Erica: It's her, isn't it? It's her. Liza. What -- are you two coming out to the world now as a couple?

Zach: What's going on with you and Ryan?

Erica: Ryan? Ryan and I are good friends, that's all. He's certainly been there for me ever since Kendall went to prison, and he was immensely helpful in organizing tonight.

Zach: Just be careful. He's a bit of a loose cannon these days.

Erica: Yeah, well, Liza's just loose. So, don't be a fool. [Sigh] Hi. Listen, I'm gonna go downstairs. I'm gonna do the interview, ok?

Ryan: I could actually use a change of scenery. Do you mind if I go with you?

Liza: Is there any word on your trial date?

Annie: Just hopefully that it'll be soon. All the evaluations have been done. I'm just excited to put this whole thing behind me.

Liza: Well, you certainly sound confident.

Annie: Well, I've realized, with Adam, that everything is possible.

Adam: Slater, I appreciate you standing up to Lavery like that.

Zach: Well, he was out of line. And regardless of what you may have thought, I want what's best for Emma. Boy's trouble.

Adam: He still blames you for Greenlee's death, doesn't he?

Annie: Actually, I think this has more to do with Ryan sleeping with Kendall. Isn't that right?

Liza: Why don't we go get ready? Come on.

Annie: I never thought I would believe it, but I think Zach is actually over Kendall.

Adam: Well, I think 15 years and a 10 x 10 cell would probably lead to that, yes.

Annie: Yes.

[Holding Ian, Kendall watches her mom on TV]

Erica on TV: No, it wasn't easy, but it was time to leave "New Beginnings." In fact, I'm beginning a whole new chapter in my life. I -- I feel that the world has given me so much, and it's time for me to give back, on a much grander scale than I ever have before, and so I am looking to help out any way I can in the future. Not just my own future but the world's.

Kelly: Fantastic. Thank you, Erica Kane.

Erica: Thank you.

Kelly: Good luck tonight. Well, we are just moments away from the start of this great event, and so for that, let's get a live shot from the dance floor. We go upstairs now to my colleague.

Kendall: Maybe she's right, huh? Maybe we do need to look to the future. Yes, I think we do. I know what I hope mine's gonna be. Yes. Yes. I hope our whole family's gonna be together again. No more of this crazy secret room. Right? No more of this secret room. Just you. You and your brother. Uh-huh. And me and your father. I wonder if we'll ever get there.

[Dance music playing]

[Kendall is not happy to see Zach dancing with Liza at Fusion]

Jesse: All right, listen. I gotta, um, gotta find Zach. I'll be right back with you, ok?

Woman: Ok.

Jesse: I just checked in on our replacement "Kendall"  -- being left alone, and she's hanging in there.

Zach: Tell her it's almost over. I got a feeling Annie's gonna crack, and soon.

Brot: There you go.

Taylor: Thank you.

Brot: All right. Here we go.

Taylor: [Laughs]

Brot: Are you sure you're ok with doing this?

Taylor: Yeah. We can be friends, right?

Brot: Absolutely.

[Taylor and Brot sigh]

Tad: Hey.

Brot: Oh, hey.

Tad: So, you two are dancing together. Good for you.

Taylor: It's not what you think.

Tad: It never is.

Brot: Ow. You really got it for him, don't you?

Taylor: This is an awkward conversation.

Brot: Hey, hey, hey, hey, we're friends, remember? So, if you're interested, what's the hold-up?

Taylor: Maybe it's just -- I don't know. Two people who are afraid to make a leap again.

Brot: I know how that is.

Erica: Annie?

Natalia: Yeah. There's no windows or any other exits, so I figured unless she can crawl through the plumbing, I might as well give her a little privacy.

Annie: Erica. Such a wonderful event. So creative. Such a good cause. It's really nice to be here. A night out on the town.

Erica: Well, you're not free yet. Just out on furlough.

Annie: Oh, you know it's just a matter of time.

Erica: Yes, that's right. Your trial's coming up very soon, isn't it? Well, I'm sure that you have snowed Adam, but I just wonder what the judge is gonna say when he knows what you did to your brother, what you did to me, right here in this bathroom. No, I think you should treat your night out on the town more as a wrap party.

Annie: Speaking of wrap parties, I watched your little meltdown on "New Beginnings." It was really hard to watch you fall apart at the seams like that and then get fired.

Erica: I wasn't fired. I quit.

Annie: Well, I'm no quitter. I'm going to win my trial, marry Adam, get my daughter back, and live happily ever after.

Natalia: Hey, you guys. They're ready for us upstairs. It's about to start.

Erica: You really need a thicker foundation. Doesn't cover those scales. 

David: You look beautiful.

Amanda: Please. Don't do that.

David: Ok. What do you say we go dance the night away? Hmm?

Jake: Hey.

Carrie: Hi.

Jake: Water?

Carrie: Oh, yes, thank you.

Jake: Can I hold him for a second? Is that all right?

Carrie: Yeah. Of course, you can.

Jake: So cute.

Carrie: Here we go.

Jake: Thank you. Hey. What's up, little guy?

Jake: Missed you. Missed you a lot.


Tad: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the beginning of the Fusion Children's Hunger Project dance marathon. Let's get the dancing started.


[Dance music playing]

Tad: Now, remember, our operators are standing by, and your favorite couples can only earn dance breaks when you make pledge donations to certain levels in their name.

Jake: Water was great.

Woman: Ok.

Jake: Can I have this one?

[Telephone ringing]

Jake: Hello? A pledge. Sure. That's -- that's what I'm here for.

Ian: Dada.

Kendall: Yeah, that's Daddy. That's right. Yeah. Look at that. Uh-huh. That's -- that's Daddy with that mean, nasty lady. We don't like her, do we?

David: Oh, the people in this town are amazing. Look at them. Can't seem to keep their eyes off of us. Feel that? Ah-ah-ah-ah. You know the rules. We have to keep touching.

Angie: They look so happy. Like things have finally come back to normal.

Jesse: I just want to make sure things stay that way. Let's go get a drink. Huh?

Angie: Ok. But we gotta dance to it.

[Jesse and Angie laugh as Madison watches from the sidelines]

Opal: There we go. We got you all tidied up, huh? Want help down? What do you say? There. Want to go watch the dancers on TV? We'll go on home?

Emma: Yeah!

Opal: Good idea? All righty, let's head out.

[Opal has a vision of blood dripping down a stall door and to the floor]

Opal: Oh, my God. Not again.

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