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Ryan: Ok, everybody, we got to get the whole room cleared out! Let's move this over here.

Erica: Ok, Randi, I want to be sure you have the cot set up downstairs in ConFusion right along with the buffet. And don't forget we need tons of bottled water.

Val: Oh, guys, I need you here. Ok?

Randi: Oh.

Natalia: I'm here. What do you need me to do?

Randi: I'm gonna need all the help I can get if this is ever gonna get done by tomorrow.

Erica: "If"? There are no ifs about it. I promised to raise over a million dollars for these starving children, and I'm going to do that.

Natalia: Well, how exactly do you plan on raising that much money in this economy?

Erica: By dancing.

J.R.: What's this?

Marissa: Oh, it's vegetable soup. It's my mother's recipe.

J.R.: I thought we were going out to dinner.

Marissa: A homemade meal always made me feel better.

J.R.: I'm fine. Seriously, you didn't have to go to all this trouble.

Marissa: I don't mind.

J.R.: Well, you might not, but I do. And this stops now.

Madison: Get away from me! Hey, you don't want me. You sure as hell don't deserve me, ok? No man deserves me!

Frankie: Madison?

[When Madison tries to hit Frankie with his heavy award, he puts his arm out to stop her and receives a heavy blow to his injured right hand]

Frankie: Oh --

[While Kendall cowers inside her secret room with Spike, Liza knocks on its wall and door to determine where it's hollow]

Colby: Mom? What are you doing?

Liza: Spike keeps saying that -- nothing. Never mind. Have you found him?

Colby: No. I checked everywhere -- he playroom, the backyard, even the park down the street.

Liza: Oh, God. Where could he be?

Annie: Emma, do you understand me? No more worrying about the accident. And no more talking about it with anybody, ok?

Emma: I won't tell anyone.

Zach: Everything all right?

Annie: I was just telling Emma not to say anything about you bringing her here. We wouldn't want anyone to get in trouble, right?

Zach: Come on. We got to get home.

Annie: Give me a kiss. I love you. I love you so much.

[As Zach carries her through the den, Emma sees Adam's silhouette lit by lightning and recalls seeing Stuart's murder and screams]

Erica: Yes, the dance marathon will be broadcast live from right here at Fusion.

Ryan: That's right. And we're gonna be setting up phone banks as well as text messaging, so people can call in and they can make donations for their favorite couple.

Randi: Ok, but a marathon? What exactly is that?

Val: Bop till you drop.


Erica: Exactly. And we're not gonna stop until we have only one couple left.

Ryan: Now, we realize times are tough, so those that can't donate money, we're asking that you donate your time.

Erica: So, please, call everybody you know. Call your family, call your friends -- anybody who can donate anything.

Ryan: We've got a lot to do and not very much time to do it, so we need as many volunteers as possible, please.

Erica: Ok, so everybody ready?

All: Yeah!

Erica: Go! Go! Go! Go to it, then! Ok! Ha ha! Oh, you know something? Not long ago I would have made an appearance. I would've thought, "Ok, I've done my job. That's what I need to do, and that's all I need to give." But now -- I mean, now that I've actually been there to Africa, and I've seen these children, and I've talked to the children and spent time with them and held them, I -- it's really changed me for the better.

Ryan: I don't know about that.

Erica: I thought you said you noticed a difference.

Ryan: Well, you see, that's the thing about you, Erica. I'm not sure that you can get any better.

J.R.: I want you to relax.

Marissa: I am. My mom and I used to spend hours in the kitchen. We'd talk and laugh and, you know, suddenly all our stress would just disappear.

J.R.: My mom used to make the most amazing batch of chocolate chip cookies, no nuts.

Marissa: You have to share the recipe with me sometime.

J.R.: This is really embarrassing, but I have no idea what it was. I need a couple cooking lessons -- or 10.

Marissa: Here. Tell me what you think.

J.R.: Mmm! She's not only gorgeous, but she's a master chef.

Marissa: Ok, then let's eat.

J.R.: On one condition -- you cooked, so I clean up.

Marissa: Oh, you shouldn't push yourself.

J.R.: Washing a few pots isn't gonna kill me. And neither will cancer. So stop acting like I'm already dead.

Madison: You men are all the same. You ignore me. You -- you use me, you treat me like garbage, and then -- then you have the nerve to tell me that I am impossible to love? I won't take it anymore.

[Madison raises the award over Frankie]

Frankie: Please, please don't.

Henry: Help me.

[Madison drops the award]

Frankie: Hey, wait. Hey -- hey, wait!

Angie: Frankie?

Frankie: Which way did she go?

Jesse: Who?

Angie: What happened?

Frankie: Madison. She's lost her mind. We got to stop her.

Liza: If Ryan finds out that Emma was here, we are done. We're never gonna nail Annie. Kendall's gonna end up staying in prison.

Colby: Mom, Mom, Kendall would want us to find her son. He's a little boy. He --

Liza: Ok, you're right. You're right. I'm gonna go check the backyard again. Would you please go recheck the bedrooms?

Colby: Sure.

Kendall: How am I gonna get you downstairs? What the hell am I gonna do? I know -- hide-and-seek. You're gonna play hide-and-seek.

Colby: Mom, Mom, I found him!

Liza: Ohh! Where was he?

Colby: He said he was hiding.

Liza: Why?

Colby: He said that's how you play the game.

Adam: Is Emma all right?

Annie: Oh, she's fine. It's just the storm.


Annie: She hates the thunder, but she's a -- she's a big girl. She knows there's nothing to be afraid of, right? Sweetie, Mommy's here. Can you -- can you face me, please?

Emma: No. It's going to happen again.

Zach: What's gonna happen again?

Emma: Something bad, like before.

Zach: Something bad happened that night?

Adam: Now, that -- that's enough.

Zach: I'm talking to Emma.

Adam: No, you're grilling her. Is that what you brought her here for? To interrogate her about the night my brother was killed?

Zach: She saw something that scared her.

Adam: Yeah, well, you -- you take Emma upstairs. I'll handle this.

Zach: She's not going anywhere.

Angie: Well, nothing is broken.

Frankie: It still hurts like hell. Sweetheart, you're lucky Madison ran off. She could've killed you.

Jesse: I couldn't find her. She's gone.

Frankie: Did you call the station?

Jesse: I don't want to involve the police. She'll start talking about Randi. We got to handle this ourselves.

Frankie: Yeah, well, it's too late for that. She could tell the police everything right now.

Jesse: Trust me, she ain't going to the cops.

J.R.: I never should've said anything. Now you're treating me like I'm a pathetic invalid. That's exactly why I didn't want anyone to know.

Marissa: I'm just trying to be supportive.

J.R.: Yeah, but you don't have to wait on me hand and foot. I'm fine.

Marissa: People in relationships help each other. You want to fight this. Let's fight together. You may not need me, but I need you.

J.R.: You see, that's where you're wrong. Because I need you, too.

[J.R. and Marissa kiss]

Adam: All right, I'm calling security.

Zach: Go ahead. Oh, I know what I was going to ask you. What do you think the judge is gonna say when he finds out that Annie was hanging out with Emma? Probably send her straight to prison.

Emma: No, Mommy!

Annie: It's ok, sweetie. Mommy's not going anywhere.

Zach: That's up to Adam.

Annie: Ok, Adam, don't. Don't call security.

Adam: I don't respond well to threats, especially from someone deeply in my debt.

Zach: I don't respond well to being backed into a corner by anyone.

Scott: Hey. What's going on?

Adam: Slater was just leaving.

Annie: Sweetheart, I love you so much. Remember the angel, ok? Everything's gonna be all right. I love you.

Zach: Come on, honey.

Scott: Someone want to tell me what that was really about?

Frankie: No.

Jesse: Don't fight us on this, Franklin.

Frankie: You've done enough already -- covering up murders, autopsy findings? Both of your careers are on the line.

Angie: You just got your career back.

Frankie: Yeah, but, Mom, I --

Angie: Look, you know what? You wanted to fight for your country, and I watched you go. Then you got called up again. I watched you go. I am not gonna watch you risk your life chasing some woman who wants you dead!

Frankie: I should be the one protecting my wife, Mom.

Jesse: Hey, look, it's not that simple. We are all involved with this way too deep to walk away now. Where's Randi?

Frankie: She's at Fusion. But I'm meeting her at home later.

Jesse: Good. Go home. Keep your eye on her. I will look out for Madison.

Frankie: I can find her.

Angie: She just attacked you! There's no telling what she'll do now. What, pull a knife? A gun? Look, you let your father take care of Madison. You take care of your wife.

Frankie: While she's still a free woman, huh?

Brot: Need some help with that?

Natalia: Nope.

Brot: Ok. All right. So what else can I do?

Natalia: You know what? I think we're cool. Sorry you wasted a trip.

Randi: Oh, hey. Thank you for coming.

Brot: Don't mention it. I was looking to pitch in, but I hear you guys have everything covered.

Randi: Are you kidding? Look at this list I have. I could be here the entire night. Ohh. Which is sad, because I was supposed to have a romantic night with Frankie tonight.

Natalia: Wait, you guys made up?

Randi: Well, we were gonna try.

Brot: Oh, nice. Well, look, you need to get out of here. Whatever you have left on that list to do, I'm sure Natalia and I can take care of it. Right?

Randi: Really?

Natalia: Anything for you and Frankie.

[Randi gasps]

Randi: You guys are the best! Ok, if you can get this done, then I will take care of everything else.

Brot: It's done. All right, good night. All right, so how do we split this up?

Natalia: Hmm.

[Natalia tears the paper in half and hands it to Brot]

Man: If you ask me, the network made a big mistake letting you walk. A bunch of us wanted to follow you. But with unemployment the way it is and --

Erica: I completely understand. Thank you. And I won't breathe a word to the new host.

Man: Well, she's got nothing on you.

Erica: Thank you.

Ryan: Isn't that the cameraman from "New Beginnings"?

Erica: Mm-hmm. Tommy said the ratings are down 30%.

Ryan: Ha ha ha! Well, I guess you're pretty happy about that.

Erica: I sure am. Ha! Honestly, I just want the work that I do to matter. And what we're doing here, this really does matter. Thank you, Ryan.

Ryan: I haven't really done anything yet.

Erica: You believed in me. You gave me the strength to believe in myself again, and that -- that feels so good.

Marissa: Ah. I'm sorry.

J.R.: No, no, don't apologize.

Marissa: We should take it easy.

J.R.: Why? Because of the cancer? I'm gonna beat this disease. And with you in my corner, how could I not?

[J.R. and Marissa kiss]


[Phone rings]

Marissa: Can you give me one sec?

J.R.: Yeah.

Marissa: David, what's up? Sure. Ok. Bye. Don't be mad. I have to go.

J.R.: Right now?

Marissa: Yeah. David needed my help with something at Wildwind.

J.R.: Yeah, but he can wait.

Marissa: It sounded really important. I'm sorry.


Scott: So Slater brought Emma over here to, what, jog her memory about the murder?

Adam: Jog? Hell, he was giving her the third degree.

Scott: Do you think she knows something that we don't?

Annie: Ok, you're turning this into way too big of a deal. Zach brought Emma over because I asked him to.

Adam: So he's doing you favors now?

Annie: Not for me. For my daughter. I mean, Zach knows how much his kids miss their mother. He probably knows that Emma misses me just as much. He -- he was doing something nice and generous. And he makes one mention of that night, and you go ballistic.

Scott: Well, can you blame him? Zach's wife killed my father on a night just like this. The storm, the blackout -- it probably brought back all kinds of bad memories.

Adam: Yeah, and I'm trying to make sense out of it. It's -- I'm trying to separate what I've been told from what I've seen for myself, and it's a mess. If I could just remember.

Annie: Why, though? Why? The killer is in prison. Justice is being served. Why can't we just put this all behind us and move on to happier things? We agreed that's what Stuart would want.

Adam: Right. All right, think ahead -- our wedding. How can I help?

Annie: Really?

Adam: Yes.

Annie: Ok. Um, I'll get some notes, and I'll meet you upstairs.

Adam: Ok.

Annie: Ok.

Adam: All right, Scott  -- ahem -- I'll see you in the morning.

Scott: Yeah, good night, Uncle Adam.

Adam: Yeah.

Scott: Not cool.

Annie: What did I do?

Scott: His brother is dead. He needs to make peace with that. He deserves to know what really happened.

Annie: What happened is I found Adam wandering in this house, and I took him up to the attic. So he lived and Stuart died. Do you know how tortured he is about that? Do you know how hard I've had to work to ease his pain? So I will not let you burden him with this anymore. It was a horrible, tragic, terrible night, but it's over! Why are you trying to force Adam to remember?

Scott: You talk like you're a victim, like this has caused you so much pain. No, no, no, just the opposite, right? Adam was so grateful for your help, he got you out of jail and moved you into the mansion, put a ring on your finger. No, no, no, no. The way I look at it, my father's death was the best thing that ever happened to you.

Annie: Oh, you know, you all question my motives and question my love for Adam, but you don't think about my pain. When he hurts, I hurt. That alone should let you know that what we have is real.

Colby: Hey, Emma. Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Ryan will be home any minute. My mom told me everything.

Zach: Is Spike ready?

Colby: He's upstairs with my mom. I'll go get him.

Emma: Is Spike's mommy ok?

Zach: Yeah. It's hard for her being away from the boys.

Emma: It's not fair. She shouldn't be punished for an accident.

Liza: Colby's helping Spike put his toys away. He'll be down in a minute. Hey, Emma? So Zach and I are doing our very best to help Spike's mommy get out of prison, but we need your help. Can you help us? Hmm? I mean, you know the difference between a truth and a lie, don't you? Yeah. So it is very important that you tell us exactly what happened the night that Stuart was shot.

Emma: I want to go home!

Liza: And Colby's gonna take you home. She is. But first, I want to talk about that night, ok?

Emma: If you make me talk about that, I'll tell Daddy that you took me to see Mommy.

Scott: Hey, why wasn't I notified that Zach Slater was here? No one is allowed in this house unless they have been cleared by me or my uncle!

Guard: Sir, Mr. Slater did not come in the front gate. He must've slipped in the back.

Scott: "Slipped in the back"? If people can just slip in, then what is my uncle paying you for?

Guard: Ms. Lavery had me pull a bunch of guys off the perimeter to put up storm windows. Apparently it's a bad one rolling in.

Scott: Ok, thanks.

[Scott recalls cavorting around the mansion with Annie]

Annie: What are you gonna give me?

Annie: So as you can see, I have a few ideas. But if I could get your opinion to narrow it down, that would be great. Ok. So this is our cake. It's enormous, I know, but the only question is, vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet? Adam? Cake?

Adam: Oh, no. Not for me, thanks.

Annie: Ok, um, centerpieces. We have a ton of options. We can either do, like, traditional with candles or something seasonal like little pumpkins.

Adam: I'm sorry. I am so sorry. I -- no matter how hard I try, I just -- I keep thinking about that night.

Annie: I wish so much that I could help you.

Adam: Oh, you do. Just by being in my life you will be. What would I do without you? What?

Annie: You're never gonna have to worry about that.

Ryan: Hi.

Colby: Hey.

Ryan: Where's Corrina?

Colby: Oh, she had a family emergency.

Ryan: Oh. So why didn't anybody call me?

Colby: We were fine, and I knew things were really busy down at Fusion. I -- I figured I wouldn't bother you.

Ryan: Huh. Well, if it happens again, please bother me. Please call me, ok?

Colby: Ok.

Ryan: Ok.

Colby: Um, yeah. So are you and Erica really gonna dance on TV?

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah. It's pretty crazy. Well, not just, you know, the two of us. There's gonna be a lot of people to help raise money to feed the children. You should sign up for this.

Colby: Maybe I will. How's it going?

Ryan: It's -- it's kind of chaotic right now. But you know Erica when she puts her mind to something -- not only does it get done, it gets done perfectly.

Colby: Yeah, it's pretty amazing.

Ryan: Yeah. She's a pretty amazing woman.

Zach: I didn't hear everything, just Emma telling Annie that she wouldn't tell.

Liza: That's huge. I mean, it proves that Emma witnessed something, and Annie knows it. That's why she was so desperate to see her mom. She's got to have her keep her secret.

Zach: She claims she was telling Emma that it was about the visit.

Liza: Well, she was using emotional blackmail on her child, right? "Don't say anything, or you'll never see your mommy again." You know, that's the reason why she was drawing those pictures of prison. Well, sure, she was feeling guilty about Kendall. But she's afraid she's not gonna see her mother again.

Zach: It's a big storm. Power went out at Chandlers'. And Emma said she was scared that something bad would happen again.

Liza: Did she actually say that?

Zach: Yeah. They were both reliving the night of the murder -- Emma and Adam. He wouldn't tell me anything, and she just started talking about an accident. So maybe -- I don't know. Maybe a gun went off by mistake.

[Kendall eavesdrops from upstairs]

Liza: "Mistake." Come on, everybody in this town was on a mission. And who hasn't admitted to being in the house and wanting to see Adam dead? Look, a lot of people had a lot stronger motive to kill Adam than Annie, including Kendall.

[Phone rings]

Liza: Liza Colby.

Bartender: What'll you have?

Scott: Just whatever's on tap, thanks. Hey, Marissa. Hey. What's wrong?

Marissa: Nothing.

Scott: It's J.R., isn't it? Hey, hey, you don't have to cover for him. Ok? He hasn't shown up at work for days. He's been blowing off meetings. He's probably on a bender. If he did something to you --

Marissa: No. It's just me.

Marissa: I think I'm falling in love with him.

Angie: Madison North went from making threats against our family to trying to kill our son. Her next move could be just about anything.

Jesse: And with nothing left to lose, you just don't get any more dangerous than that. Damn it, I went too far, baby.

Angie: Sweetheart, this is not your fault. I mean, Madison was going to snap no matter what. But to go after Frankie like that -- a blow to the head could've been fatal. What?

Jesse: A blow to the head with a heavy object -- that's the same way Henry North died.

Angie: Well, Randi grabbed a bookend, the first thing she could find to defend herself.

Jesse: She hit him, she ran. She came back, he was dead. She didn't think she hit him that hard.

Angie: Well, how hard isn't as important as where. I mean, it has to be just the right spot to cause a brain injury.

Jesse: No. There's still something. The bookend, now this award?

Angie: What? What are you thinking?

Jesse: I'm thinking that I need to question Madison about her husband's death again.

Frankie: Randi? Is anybody home?

[Phone rings]

[Keys jingle]

Frankie: Hey.

Randi: Hey.

Frankie: That was me calling.

Randi: Oh. I'm sorry, babe. I tried to get back home before you, and I wanted to have dinner ready, but I got stuck at Fusion. Erica is throwing the charity event of the year in a day.

Frankie: Yeah, well, I don't need no fancy meal. What I do need is my wife.

[Randi chuckles]

[As music plays, Frankie and Randi make love in the living room]

Singer: Oh, my baby we both know why don't we save the trouble? It's the words not spoken here that bring us back to love quietly we whisper and softly we collide baby, please ohh

Kendall's voice: I know -- you throw my case. I get a life sentence, and you get my husband.

Zach: I'm trying to protect you. I'm trying to make sure you decompress, so I have enough time to find some proof against Annie.

Kendall: You are never going to forgive me, are you, Zach, for sleeping with Ryan? Or Aidan? No matter what I do, no matter what I say.

Zach: I'm not giving up on you.

Kendall: Like hell you won't.

Liza: No, I am not having second thoughts about Kendall. I'm just saying that a lot of other people wanted to put a bullet into Adam, only Annie got there first.

Zach: So why is Emma calling it an accident?

Liza: Because that's what Annie wants Emma to believe, right? She wants her to believe that it was some sort of innocent mistake. Only the mistake was that she shot the wrong guy. But pulling that trigger -- that was cold-blooded and it was deliberate. So what you saw tonight was a mother trying to convince her child of why she committed murder.

Zach: So you call it an accident, and that puts a kid's mind at ease, makes everything ok.

[Phone chimes]

Liza: Ah. Colby got the kids in safe, and Ryan does not suspect a thing.

Zach: All right. We're making headway.

Liza: What kind of headway are we making? We still don't have anything that's going to exonerate Kendall.

Zach: We got Annie and Emma. There's something going on there, you know, and we'll figure it out. That mansion, man. If those walls could talk.

Liza: Huh. Well, apparently these wall do, because Spike keeps looking at the wall and saying, "Mommy is in the wall."

Zach: He's still doing that, huh? I told you, he's pretending that his mom's here.


Liza: Are you gonna tell me that was pretend?

[Zach sighs]


Zach: Maybe a branch fell on the roof.

[Kendall picks up a stack of CDs that she dropped]

Liza: Ok, you can give me all the explanations that you want, but can you explain this?

[Liza knocks on the wall of Kendall's room]

Liza: So Spike keeps looking at the wall and saying his mom is in the wall. That just -- why is it hollow?

Zach: It's a crawlspace for storage.

Liza: Where's the door?

Zach: No door. I had it walled up because of the kids, you know, walking around. It's a safety issue.


[Ian cries]

Zach: I'm gonna check on Ian.

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Marissa: It's what I want more than anything -- to be with J.R., and I just -- I care about him so much.

Scott: Shouldn't you be telling him this?

Marissa: He wouldn't want to hear it.

Scott: That a beautiful, incredible woman loves him? What guy wouldn't want to hear that?

Marissa: Maybe a guy who's lost people he loves. Because it gets too scary. I mean, J.R. and I have both been through that. And so have you, right? I mean, it's not something that you just get over. And when someone tries to get close, you put up a guard to protect yourself. Because in the back of your mind, you're always thinking that you could lose them, too.

[J.R. spots Scott comforting Marissa with a hug]

Frankie: What's wrong?

Randi: That felt different, like good-bye. Please tell me this isn't over.

Frankie: We are just getting started. We're gonna be ok.

[Frankie kisses Randi]

Frankie: I promise.

Angie: Any sign of Madison?

Jesse: No. And if I don't find her soon, I have a feeling it's gonna get real ugly.


Erica: Ohh! Oh, you all have done such a wonderful job! Oh, I just can't wait for tomorrow!

Val: Well, now it's time to go home and rest those pretty little feet.

Erica: Oh, I'm way too excited to rest. I mean, think about it. Think about tomorrow. All the people are gonna be here. They're gonna fill this room. So much energy and excitement and unity. I mean, this is exactly the kind of event that's going to just, oh, bring the entire community together.

Brot: That's right. That's right. Let's go. Come on.

Erica: All right. Come on.

[After everyone leaves Fusion, Madison walks around in the dark]

Ryan: Ahh. Did you guys come down to say good night to your dad? Oh, that was nice. That was nice. Hey, did you like having Colby as a babysitter? Did you? Oh, great. Because, you know, Corrina needs a little time off, so that's good. What'd you guys do today?

Spike: Play with Ian.

Ryan: Ian?

Spike: Ian. Ian!

Ryan: Did you play with Ian today?

Spike: Yep.

Ryan: You did? Did -- did Zach bring Ian by to see you guys?

Emma: He wasn't here.

Ryan: You can tell me. It's ok, sweetie. You -- you sure Zach wasn't here? Why would Spike say "Ian" and that he played with Ian?

Emma: He must miss Ian like I miss Mommy.

[Annie dreams that she's kissing Scott in bed, but when she wakes up, Adam is staring at her]

Zach: Hi. What the hell was that noise?

Kendall: Oh, I'm sorry. Did it interrupt your date?

Zach: You almost blew the whole thing.

Kendall: What "whole thing" are you talking about? I thought you were working to prove that Annie killed Stuart. And now you're saying you don't even know if she did it? So much for believing I'm innocent.

Zach: I've always believed that you're innocent.

Kendall: Well, it didn't sound like that. I heard you talking with Liza.

Zach: Yeah? Well, I was at the Chandlers', and there was something new between Annie and Emma. It got me thinking.

Kendall: That Annie didn't kill Stuart?

Zach: Well, if she didn't, I think she knows who does. They have a secret, and I want to find out what it is.

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