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Frankie: Coffee?

Randi: Thanks.

Frankie: How'd you sleep?

Randi: Just about as good as you did. You were tossing and turning all night.

Frankie: Sorry if I kept you up.

Randi: I would've been staring at the ceiling anyway.

Frankie: You know, it's quiet now without the baby.

Randi: Stop it! I told you, Frankie, I don't want to talk about Matthew.

Frankie: You don't want to talk about him, or you don't want to talk about him with me?

Jesse: What else do you want me to do, Liza?

Liza: Look, I don't know. All I know is I want you to keep Jake from serving time.

Jesse: Look, this is not my call and you know that. The D.A. is already looking over potential charges.

Liza: Jake and Amanda -- they're in serious trouble here.

Jesse: You might want to add yourself to that list. Were you or were you not aware of the plan to fake this baby's death? Right. Oh, there's Opal, there's Tad, and there's Taylor. Fact is, this could end up really bad for all of you.

Liza: Hey. How are you holding up?

Jake: Where is Amanda? Why isn't she here?

[Amanda remembers]

David: So why don't you move in, and we can raise our son together?

Amanda: I would rather die than to do that to Trevor or Jake.

David: You know, that's interesting you put it that way, because you will be dying inside if you favor Martin's feelings over our son's well-being.

Tad: Hey. You ready? Or were you sort of having a moment out here?

Amanda: No, I'm fine.

Tad: Listen, if you want, I can -- I can go down and get Jake.

Amanda: No, I lied. I'm not fine. I don't know what to do.

David: So, everything's in order then? Great. You get me that paperwork as soon as possible. Ha ha. Trust me -- by the end of the day, I'm going to have my son out of foster care and in this house where he belongs. Right. Ok. Hey.

Marissa: Hey.

David: You sleep well?

Marissa: Yeah, thanks. Was that Stark?

David: Yep.

Marissa: So, what's going on? Did he hear from the D.A.?

David: Not yet. Hungry?

Marissa: But the way you were talking about Trevor...

David: No. His name is David.

Marissa: You made it sound like getting custody was a done deal.

David: Because it is. And I don't need a judge to get it.

Frankie: How do I look?

Randi: Nice.

Frankie: You know, uh, today is a big day. I'm meeting with the hospital board about returning to work.

Randi: Good luck with that.

Frankie: Any idea when you're going back to Fusion?

Randi: Maybe tomorrow.

Frankie: Really? That's amazing. I think that'd be --

Randi: Frankie?

Frankie: What?

Randi: Relax, ok? Is it really necessary for you to be so excited?

Frankie: Well, how do you want me to be?

Randi: Normal. Just normal, you know, because you jumping up and down like that makes me feel like I've been some kind of invalid.

Frankie: Is it so bad that I want our lives to return back to normal?

Randi: Yeah, well, what if that's not an option? What if things are never gonna be the same?

Frankie: Hey, don't say that, because we're gonna be fine. You know, now that the baby's been returned to the authorities.

Randi: Why do you keep bringing him up?

[Randi sighs]

Frankie: Maybe it's because I don't know what else to talk about with you.

[Knocking on door]

Brot: Hey. Wheels are outside. You ready to get your lazy ass Ah. I can wait outside if you guys need a second.

Frankie: No, no. I'm ready. This won't take long. When I get back, maybe we can do a movie marathon. Pop some popcorn. Close the blinds.

Randi: I'd like that.

[Door closes]

Jake: Ok. All right. Jesse -- Jesse, what -- what happened to Trevor? Where's Trevor?

Jesse: I've already told you, the boy is fine. I'm making sure that he's -- he's been placed with a great set of foster parents.

Jake: Foster parents? Well, I suppose that's better than being with Hayward.

Officer: Sorry to interrupt. I had some questions about the Duggins arrest.

Jesse: Be right with you. Give me a minute?

Jake: Yeah. So what else did Amanda say? How does she seem like? I mean, is she all right?

Liza: No. She's a mess. Having not lost her child once but twice.

Jake: It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Liza: I am so sorry for telling David everything.

Jake: No, it's not your fault. It's not your fault. Don't worry. It's my fault.

Liza: How is it your fault?

Jake: It's my fault because it was my idea. From the beginning, I mean, it was my idea, and Amanda just kind of played along. She doesn't deserve to suffer over this.

Liza: I know you love this baby as much as she does.

Jake: We were just so ready, you know, for this kind of love, this kind of happiness, a family.

Liza: You can still have that family.

Jake: Really? Without Trevor? You don't, I don't think, understand what we've been through up till now. We had a funeral for a baby. Amanda was carrying an urn of ashes around. I -- I can't let that just be for nothing, you know?

Liza: I -- I don't know what to say.

Jake: Say that you'll help me. Say you'll let me put Trevor back in Amanda's arms. Say that.

Liza: Look, unless David decides to sprout a conscience and drop these charges, I don't know how that's gonna be possible.

Marissa: I'm actually surprised you're home. I thought you'd be camped out at Willis' office waiting to press charges.

David: I don't think it's gonna get to that.

Marissa: So, you're gonna make a deal with Jake and Amanda?

David: In a manner of speaking.

Marissa: What does that mean?

David: Do you play chess, Marissa?

Marissa: Yeah. I have.

David: Patience is key. Most times, you sit back and do absolutely nothing. That's the best strategy. You wait for your opponent to screw up.

Marissa: Ok. So you think that Jake and Amanda...

David: Are about to walk right into my hands. And when they do, checkmate.

Amanda: David was here last night.

Tad: Why didn't you say so?

Amanda: He only stayed long enough to make me an offer.

Tad: What kind of offer?

Amanda: He said he'd drop all the charges if I moved into Wildwind with him, agreed to raise the baby.

Tad: That's insane.

Amanda: I know. That's what I told him.

Tad: And?

Amanda: And he said that's the only way I'd ever get to see my son again. Tad, the only way.

Tad: In his world, maybe. Not in this one. We'll find a way. It's ok, kiddo. You did the right thing.

Amanda: Are you sure?

Krystal: I am. Leave it to David to try something like this. Blackmailing you into living with him and Trevor. That's almost as low as him trying to buy the poor child.

Amanda: What? When did that happen?

Krystal: About two minutes before I left David for good. Amanda, I know what you're thinking. As long as you can be with your son, you can handle anything, even David. Well, you can't.

Tad: Krystal, she said no.

Krystal: And you think that's enough? David'll be back a million times if he has to. He will wear you down until you're forced to give in, and even then, after he's finally gotten what he wants, it won't be enough.

Tad: Krystal --

Krystal: He takes until there's nothing left. Manipulates you with guilt, pills, children, whatever it takes. Trust me.

Amanda: This is never going to end, is it?

Tad: Yes, it is. Look, whatever happened between her and David, that's her history, ok? It's her baggage. It's not yours. Doesn't have to be. We won't let it.

Brot: Man, I can't believe all this was going down, and I had no idea.

Frankie: Consider yourself a lucky man.

Brot: Yeah. So, how's Randi dealing with, you know, having to give up the baby?

Frankie: She's had such a hard time after the miscarriage, so when she found the baby...

Brot: It was like a gift from heaven, right?

Frankie: Except not. Because now it's only made things harder with us.

Brot: It's understandable. But give it time. You guys'll get back on track.

Frankie: Yes, that's what I keep telling myself, but when? Everything I say, everything I do, it comes out wrong. I swear, it -- I don't even...

Brot: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Don't stop now, man.

Frankie: The only person Randi feels comfortable with lately is my dad. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm thankful she has someone to talk to.

Brot: But you wish it was you.

Angie: Hey, sweetie. I've been trying to reach you on your cell.

Frankie: I turned it off. What's up?

Angie: We're gonna have to reschedule the meeting.

Frankie: What? Why?

Angie: David's not here and ultimately, it's his decision if you're fit to come back to work.

Frankie: Well, what the hell is David doing that he can't show up? What?

Angie: You know, it's been such a long night, I completely forgot.

Frankie: Forgot what, Mom?

Angie: The baby Randi found, he belongs to Amanda and David.

Frankie: I thought their baby died. Randi. I gotta get to her before she hears from someone else.

Brot: Yeah, let's go. Let's go.

[Knocking on door]

Natalia: Muffins from B.J.'s.

Randi: Have you seen this? It says Amanda's the baby's mother.

Natalia: Yeah. I know.

Randi: When? How?

Natalia: It all happened last night.

Randi: But Amanda's baby's dead.

Natalia: She and Jake faked all that to keep the baby from David.

Randi: That makes sense. That's why she --

Natalia: That's why what?

Randi: That's why she freaked out at the hospital. You know, I thought she was sad or drugged up. It's because she saw him. She knew that was her son. So is she with him now?

Natalia: No, not yet. I mean, it's still an ongoing investigation.

Randi: Wait, so who's with the baby?

Natalia: The baby has been put in foster care.

Randi: What? No. Why? Why? He could be here. He could be here. I could be watching him. He could be with us. He knows us.

Natalia: Look, it doesn't work like that, Randi.

Randi: Look, take me to the station. I'll just explain.

Natalia: Randi, no. No.

Randi: What? What no? Then tell me where he is, and you know what? I'll go find him my damn self.

Liza: You know what? You need to put your personal feelings aside for one second.

Jake: I can't do that when it comes to David Hayward. I'm sorry. It's impossible.

Liza: Ok, you need to try. Listen, you told the whole world a baby boy was dead, and he wasn't. You faked legal documents. We all knew about it and helped to cover it up.

Jake: Yeah. Right.

Liza: Yeah. We blatantly broke some laws here.

Jake: Well, we did that for good reason, don't you think?

Liza: I don't think the judge is gonna see it like that.

Jake: So, what are you saying to me, that that's it? Trevor's going to David and that's it?

Liza: No, I'm saying that you need to consider all of your options here.

Jake: I didn't know that we had any options.

Liza: Well, we don't. Not yet. But if I know David, you will. I'm surprised he hasn't come to you and Amanda with a deal. Huh? Already? And when he does, you two better take it.

Jake: Are you serious? Do you hear what you're saying?

Liza: Yes, I do. The D.A. does not have a case without David's testimony. You make an arrangement and this whole thing will go away.

Jake: And so does Amanda's son. It's my family. I --

Liza: Well, you can't exactly raise that child in prison. And that is exactly where you are gonna be if this thing goes to trial.

Jake: What you are asking me to do, I can't do that.

Liza: I understand it's a difficult --

Jake: It's not just difficult. Difficult?

Liza: Look, I'm just telling you the way it is.

Jake: "The way it is." The way it is is torture. You want me to hand Amanda's son right back over to David? You know, I was going to adopt him. Did you know that? No, I'd rather rot in a prison cell.

Amanda: So would I.

[Knocking on door]

Krystal: Where is he?

Marissa: No, Krystal, don't make things worse.

Krystal: How could they possibly get worse?

David: Is there a problem?

Krystal: I'm looking at him.

David: Who sent you, Krystal? Tad? Jake?

Krystal: Actually, I came on my own.

David: Oh, that's refreshing. Feel free to leave the same way. I'm kind of busy right now. Prepping for my son's arrival.

Krystal: Don't you mean Amanda's arrival?

Marissa: What is she talking about?

Krystal: David tried to make a twisted deal with Amanda. He said he would graciously allow her to see her own child on the one small condition that she move in here with him. Forget that she's married, that she's happy and has a home.

David: Oh, well, then I guess she's gonna have a new home and have a new life right here with us.

Marissa: Is this true? Did you try to bribe Amanda?

David: No, no. There was no bribing.

Krystal: He dangled her child in front of her face.

David: He's my child, too, Krystal. But we don't dare talk about that.

Krystal: I don't care who he is or what you pull. That child comes nowhere near this house.

David: Ha ha! When are you people gonna finally get it? He's already on his way. 

[Cell phone ringing]

Jesse: Hey, baby. How's it going?

Angie: Not so good.

Jesse: What's wrong?

Angie: I just told Frankie about David Hayward being the baby's father.

Jesse: Didn't go over so well, huh?

Angie: Well, he tore out of here to be with Randi. He wanted her to hear it from him.

Jesse: Damn it. Damn it.

Angie: Jesse, I am so worried about both of them, but especially Randi.

Jesse: Well, can I do something?

Angie: Listen, can you go and check on them for me? I mean, I'd do it myself, but -- but I don't have another break for a couple of hours.

Jesse: All right, I got this.

Angie: All right. Thanks, baby.

Jesse: Listen, I don't want you to worry. It'll be ok, all right? We're gonna work through this.

Randi: No. No, David cannot get custody of that child. Natalia, he is a horrible person.

Natalia: I know. I know, but unfortunately, the law is on his side right now.

Randi: Well, the law is wrong!

[Natalia sighs]

Randi: You need to do something. You owe it to that baby.

Natalia: Oh, so it's my fault now?

Randi: Yes. You were the one who made me take him to the police. That's how David found out, and everything came out in the open. If you would have just let me --

Frankie: You know? Are you ok?

Randi: Get out!

Frankie: Randi --

Randi: Get out! All of you! Just get out!

[Randi sighs]

Krystal: [Sighs] Do you remember the day of the memorial service?

David: Which one?

Krystal: You told me that you were sorry, for what you did, for what you put Amanda through when she was pregnant. Now's your chance.

David: My chance? Oh, you mean to redeem myself of all my sins? Are you kidding me? What about their sins, Krystal, what they did? At that memorial service, I gave a eulogy for a child that was still breathing!

Krystal: Please, David, don't press charges, ok? Just -- no, just talk to Amanda. Maybe you two could work something out.

David: I have every right to be in that boy's life.

Krystal: I'm sure she won't disagree!

David: Oh, no, probably not, now that her back is up against the wall.

Krystal: Is this really what you want? To see the mother of your child locked up for life?

David: No, which is why I graciously offered for her to come live here with us.

Krystal: Ok, Amanda loves that child more than anything in the world, and Jake -- I know how you feel about him, but he would make a wonderful father.

Marissa: She has a point.

David: Don't!

Krystal: I know there is compassion in there. I've seen it firsthand. Just find it and use it. Ok? Don't let this obsession to have a child overwhelm you.

David: Not "a" child, Krystal. My child! And for the last time, that boy is my son!

Jake: So I guess Liza's saying we should cut some sort of a deal with David Hayward.

Liza: I'm surprised he hasn't come to you guys with one already.

Tad: Oh, he has.

Amanda: David agreed to drop all charges if I live with him in Wildwind with the baby.

Liza: What?

Jake: That's the offer? That's the offer? Move in with -- are you kidding me? Did you tell him what he could do with that offer?

Amanda: Of course, I did, but apparently, this isn't the first offer he's made. Krystal told me about him offering to buy our baby. Why didn't you ever say anything?

Jake: Oh, why? Because it was an asinine idea. It was ludicrous.

Liza: Ok, you guys are getting off the subject here. Right now, what we're dealing with now is that David is willing to compromise.

Jake: Compromise? My girl moving in with that ass-hat. That's the compromise?

Liza: Ok, it's a little extreme. I get it. But David is willing to negotiate.

Tad: So, what do you suggest?

Liza: I'm gonna talk to the D.A.

Amanda: I thought you couldn't be our lawyer.

Liza: Well, let me just do this. From what I know of the D.A., he's a pretty reasonable guy.

Amanda: Well, then, I want to talk to him, too. Maybe if I talk to him and explain --

Liza: No. Absolutely not.

Amanda: Why not?

Liza: Because you are facing serious charges here, and I don't want you to inadvertently say something that later they cod use against you. I'm gonna call D.A. Willis and see if he'll meet me here.

Tad: You know, I think I'll stick around myself. I just want to make sure I can tell my brother exactly what happens.

Liza: Listen, you look tired. Why don't you -- why don't you guys go home?

Amanda: No. I don't want to go home without Trevor.

Liza: All right, then head to Tad's, and I will meet you there when I'm done. Don't worry -- I am doing everything I can to bring you back together with your son.

David: If I'm obsessed with having a child, whose fault do you think that is?

Krystal: Mine?

David: You never told me about Babe. You kept Marissa a secret.

Krystal: And I suppose I miscarried on purpose, too.

David: If I had known about my children, if I had been a part of their lives...

Krystal: You'd what? Be a better man?

David: Maybe. Yes! But no matter what, I will always know that I am better than you.

Krystal: Really? Is that right?

David: Yeah, yeah, because I would never, ever sell my child.

Marissa: David, stop.

Krystal: No. You just offer to buy it.

Marissa: Please, just don't do this!

David: You said this is my chance? You know something? You are absolutely right. It is. To finally be the father that you never allowed me to be. Get out of my house.

[Krystal sighs]

Marissa: Krystal, I'm sorry.

Krystal: I don't care if you're spying to help Amanda -- you shouldn't be here.

Marissa: I know what I'm doing.

Krystal: God, I hope so.

David: Listen, I know it isn't easy, being torn between your mother and me. But you made the right choice. You'll see.

Jesse: What's going on here?

Natalia: Randi kicked us out.

Jesse: Why?

Frankie: Well, we're still trying to nail that one down, aren't we?

Natalie: No, she's upset because the baby's in foster care.

Jesse: [Sigh] Yeah, well, that makes sense, given her background.

Natalia: Totally, but it wasn't until I told her that David might get custody that she really flipped out, started saying that it was my fault --

Frankie: You know she doesn't mean that.

Natalia: You should have seen her face. The look in her eye -- it was heartbreaking. Like she's in free-fall or something. You know, trying to hold on, but she just can't get a grip.

Frankie: Yeah, well, she saw the baby as a lifeline. What do I do?

Brot: I say you go in there, and you talk to her.

Frankie: I told you, every time I try, she pushes me away.

Brot: So? You didn't take no for an answer when you were dealing with me. Don't start now with your wife.

Jesse: I'll go.

Brot: Is that what you want?

Frankie: Come on, man. You heard her. Randi doesn't want anything to do with me right now.

Jesse: Because you're too close. You, the baby she found, the baby you almost had. I might be the safest alternative right now.

Amanda: David's going to get Trevor. He's going to grow up never having known who I am.

Jake: Ok, stop. Please. I'm not gonna let that happen, not after everything we've been through.

Amanda: Don't you get it? He's not giving us a chance, Jake.

Jake: All right, how about this? How about we do let David take Trevor, ok? And when he has a sense of false security, we -- we come in, and we'll just take the baby and we'll run. We'll run away together.

Amanda: He would find us. You know that. And even if he didn't, I don't want that kind of life for my son.

Jake: You're right. I don't know what I'm saying. I'm so tired. I didn't get any sleep in that cell last night. Look, we'll come up with something better, ok?

Amanda: No. No, I am tired of trying to pull off the impossible. I'm done.

Marissa: This was just delivered for you.

David: That was fast. Do me a favor, would you? Get me a pen. Thank you. Would you do me the honor of being my witness?

Marissa: What is this?

David: It's a contract. One I hope you'll deliver on my behalf.

Marissa: To Jake and Amanda. What kind of a contract?

David: It's more of a truce, really. I agree not to press charges if...

Marissa: If they give you full custody of the baby.

David: Given what they've pulled, Marissa, don't you think that's fair?

Marissa: You're still separating a mother from her child.

David: It's her choice. I offered Amanda an option to come live here with us, to raise our son. She turned me down. Now, out of the kindness of my heart -- and yes, I do have one of those -- I'm making her another offer. She'd be nuts to turn this down. So, are you in?

Marissa: I'm in.

Jake: Liza's right. You look tired.

Amanda: Thanks.

Jake: I'll tell you what. Come here. I want you to lie down.

Amanda: No. I'm not tired.

Jake: Yes, yes, lie down. Head. Pillow. Come. Do it. Do it. Don't make me get physical. Come on.

Amanda: Jake. Oh.

Jake: Here you go. Ahh.

Amanda: Ahh.

Jake: Oh, yeah, that's nice. That's good.

Amanda: Mmm.

Jake: Listen, I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but everything's gonna be ok. It's gonna be all right. We're gonna make it through this together. And when the three of us are back together, you know what we're gonna do? You know what our first stop's gonna be?

Amanda: A lake.

Jake: A lake, that's right. A lake with a boat, preferably a rowboat. But at this point, I would take an inner tube.

[Both chuckle]

Amanda: We could put Trevor in floaties.

Jake: Hmm. Well, if we do that, I'm gonna have to rock a Speedo for you. I know how you feel about that.

Amanda: As long as I have my boys, I'm good.

[Amanda kisses Jake's hand]

Jake: You'll have us. You'll have your boys. No matter what it takes. No matter what.

Natalia: Dad will be able to get through to her.

[Brot scoffs]

Natalia: What?

Brot: Frankie's her husband. Randi should be talking to him right now.

Natalia: Yeah, but Frankie wasn't there when --

Frankie: Randi and my dad are connected. You know, they always been close, but ever since the miscarriage...I don't know. He has been good to her.

Brot: And that's fine. That's great. But so have you. Frankie, you lost this baby, too, and you guys should be trying to get through this together.

Natalia: They will.

Brot: When? How? If every time Randi gets upset, she just kicks...

Natalia: Oh, come on. Isn't the point for her to get better? Start to heal? Then who cares how she gets there, Brot?

Brot: Frankie does, and I don't blame him.

Natalia: Bottom line, Randi's hurting. Ok, if my dad can help her, then we have to let him.

Jesse: Hey. I'm really sorry. If I had known who the baby's father was, you know I wouldn't have made you give him up.

Randi: I know.

Jesse: Last thing I want for that kid is to be raised under that maniac's roof.

Randi: Do you think that David's really gonna get custody of him?

Jesse: It looks like he might.

[Randi sighs]

Randi: A man like David, he's so horrible. He doesn't deserve Matt -- Trevor. Jeez, why do I keep doing that?

Jesse: Because you fell in love with that little boy.

Randi: I did.

Jesse: Yeah.

Randi: Thank God, through everything, I had you to trust.

Jesse: Not just me, ok? You've also got Frankie to trust.

Randi: I know. But what if he's disappointed?

Jesse: Disappointed in what?

Randi: In me. Jesse, I killed a man. That's...that changes someone forever. How do I expect him to understand when --

Jesse: When you don't understand yourself.

Randi: Yes.

Jesse: Randi, you are a kind, giving, gentle, generous person.

Randi: How can you say any of that after everything that I've done?

Jesse: Because I know who you are. In here. Ok? Frankie knows who you are in here.

Randi: That's what I'm afraid of.

D.A. Willis: I thought the chief would be here.

Tad: Uh -- family emergency.

D.A. Willis: Everything all right?

Liza: No, it's not. Jake and Amanda should be with their son.

D.A. Willis: Ms. Colby, they faked their child's death. Hid him from his biological father. The number of laws broken, not to mention the countless people involved, two of whom I believe I'm looking at. All of you hid that baby.

Liza: We were hiding him from David Hayward.

D.A. Willis: I understand.

Liza: Do you? Really?

D.A. Willis: I'm well aware of Dr. Hayward's colorful history, ok, but --

Tad: Colorful? That's generous.

D.A. Willis: But it doesn't change the fact that he has rights. Rights which were stripped from him in every way possible.

Liza: Ok, so, what are we looking at?

D.A. Willis: If Dr. Hayward presses charges, he'll most likely be awarded custody.

Tad: Dammit.

D.A. Willis: My advice to you -- cut a deal.

Liza: See, that's exactly what I was telling Jake.

Tad: We can still fight.

D.A. Willis: And you'll lose. And I mean all of you. If Dr. Hayward makes an offer -- and I'm talking any offer at all -- I say take it and run.

Amanda: Jake? Jake?

David: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Jake: Me? I've come to take my family back..

[Jake points a gun at David]

Natalia: You know what? Sorry we can't all be soldiers like you.

Brot: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa. What's that supposed to mean?

Natalia: It means Randi's not bulletproof ok? She can't just...shake it off and move on.

Brot: I'm not asking her to. Listen, Natalia, I understand that Randi has been through a tough time. I do. I get that. All I'm saying is that she should go to Frankie for more support.

Natalia: Well, she's not.

Brot: Well, what? That's it?

Natalia: What else do you want me to say? I mean, she's trying the hardest she can.

Frankie: All right, look, Natalia's right.

Brot: What? Are you serious?

Natalia: Thank you.

Frankie: [Sighs] Brot, my wife is in pain. And as much as I want to fix it, I can't. Now, if my dad can do something to help make Randi better, then who am I to question him or stop him?

Brot: Frankie, you're her husband.

Natalia: You know what? I'm so done with this conversation. I'm so done. No -- you know what? You buy the drink. Deuces.

[Knocking on door]

Jesse: Come in.

[Angie hugs Randi]

Marissa: Hey.

Tad: Tell me that's a gift in strange wrapping.

Marissa: It's not for you, and it's definitely not a gift.

Liza: Well, they are not upstairs.

Marissa: What's going on?

Tad: Liza and I met with the D.A. to discuss our options. We wanted to talk about it with Jake and Amanda. They're nowhere to be found.

Krystal: They're not answering. What's up?

Marissa: I just came to deliver this.

Liza: And "this" being?

Marissa: It's a contract from David. He says if he's granted full custody, he'll drop all charges.

Tad: No.

Liza: Well, you remember what D.A. Willis said.

Tad: Yeah, of course, I remember. I don't care. There's no way Amanda's signing her son over to that man.

Liza: Oh, you'd rather have Jake in jail, 'cause that's where he's gonna end up. Your brother's gonna be in a cell.

Marissa: I'm with Liza. Besides, I'll be at Wildwind. I can keep an eye on David and the baby.

Krystal: All right. Hey. Hey, hey. As fascinating as all of your opinions are, this decision is Amanda's and Jake's.

David: Oh, yeah. Shooting me -- now that's -- that's a great idea. We can add it to your growing list of crimes.

Jake: I think it's an excellent idea, Dave. I got nothing to lose. I'm heading to prison anyway.

David: Yeah, right. Well, look, if it'll keep me from having to hear you talk, pull the damn trigger already.

Jake: Such a cocky son of a bitch. [Cocks gun] I'm here to tell you one thing, David. You have hurt my wife for the very last time.

Amanda: Jake, no!

David: Why don't you call off your guard dog before someone gets hurt?

Amanda: Jake, please. Put the gun down.

Jake: She doesn't deserve this. Amanda deserves to be with her son.

Amanda: And I will be, because I changed my mind. I'll do it. I'll move in with you.

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