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Doctor: Our treatment rooms at Mercy are state-of-the-art.

J.R.: This is, uh, where I get the chemotherapy injections?

Doctor: Not an injection, exactly. A port will be placed about an inch below your collarbone, then I'll thread a catheter into a large vein.

J.R.: That's got to hurt.

Doctor: Not really. The bigger the vein, the smoother the chemo. Besides, you'll be lightly sedated. You can go home right after the procedure.

Tad: Well, if he's having so much fun, can I get a jojoba facial wrap, maybe, or a hot-rock massage?

Doctor: We're not that state-of-the-art.

J.R.: So when does the show begin, Doc?

Doctor: We can start as soon as you get changed.

J.R.: Doesn't sound bad.

Tad: Oh, piece of cake.

J.R.: Thank you for sticking by me with this.

Tad: Come on, now. You're getting gushy on me. I meant what I said. I'm here for you no matter what. I just want you to think of me as your wingman.

[Tad laughs]

Krystal: Amanda?

Amanda: I didn't know where else to go.

Krystal: Sweetie. What -- what is it? You look like it's the end of the world. Here, sit -- sit down.

Amanda: Jake -- Jake's in jail, and they took Trevor. And David's gonna do whatever he can to make sure that I'm -- I'm never gonna see him again, and he can do it. He can get us all arrested. He can make sure that he takes him away, and I'll never see him again.

Krystal: Slow down. Now, take a breath. Now, who -- who's Trevor?

Amanda: My son.

Krystal: Amanda, your son is...

Amanda: My son is alive.

Erica: Ryan, you can't do this.

Ryan: He's my son. I can do this.

Erica: But, Ryan, his -- his mommy's gone now, and this is his home.

Ryan: Zach has changed, Erica. He's changed. I don't know what's going on, but I can't trust him with my son. I can't, all right? The second that Kendall went away, he has changed into a different person.

Kendall: You can't let him take Spike. Please, please don't let him take my son, please!

Erica: Ryan, please, please don't run off like this, please. Think about what Spike needs.

Ryan: Spike is the only one I'm thinking about. Ok, come on.

Erica: Oh --

Erica: Zach? Zach, what's going on? Come on, let me in! Open the door!

Zach: We'll see Spike soon enough.

Kendall: When?

Zach: Soon!

Kendall: I'm sorry, Zach. That's -- it's not good enough. How can you just stand there and let them walk away?

Zach: I will do whatever it takes to keep you out of prison.

Kendall: Don't you -- don't you walk away like that. Don't walk away like that, Zach!

Erica: Hey, Zach? Are you in there? Zach, open the door! Come on! Oh, Zach, why did you lock the door?

Zach: I didn't know you were coming back.

Erica: Ok, what is this really about? You raised Spike since the day he was born, and now you're just gonna let him go? You're not gonna put up a fight? Something else is going on here.

Zach: Don't imagine any conspiracies, all right?

Erica: I'm not imagining anything. You're hiding something. I can understand maybe you don't want to let the secret out in front of Ryan, but you got to tell me.

Zach: Ryan and I have been fighting for obvious reasons. I think Spike's aware of it, and now he's not in the middle anymore. He's better off.

Erica: Well, I'm not so sure that Kendall would agree with that. I mean, how on earth do you plan to tell Kendall that Spike is gone?

Zach: I don't. She's not seeing anybody.

Erica: You have to keep trying, Zach. She really needs you. Look, maybe -- maybe if we both went there together...

Zach: She made her wishes very clear. I'm gonna respect that. End of discussion.

[Phone rings]

[Erica sighs]

Erica: Hello? Yes, yes, I will accept the charges. Kendall! Oh, is it really you? Oh, my God! Honey, how are you? I've been so worried.

Kendall: How are the boys?

Erica: Oh, honey, they're fine.

Kendall: Have you seen them lately?

Erica: Yes, yes. I see them all the time. I actually have moved in here with Zach. I'm trying to take care of the boys.

Kendall: You moved in? Hasn't Rachael been able to keep things on track?

Erica: Well, actually, um, Zach fired Rachael. And now he -- he let Ryan take Spike with him.

Kendall: No, no. Mom, Mom, you have to stop them. Please, my boys need to be together. You have to track Ryan down, and you have to make him bring Spike home.

Erica: I've tried, honey. I've tried, but Ryan is being just as pigheaded as Zach is. You know what? Here. Why don't you see if you can talk to your husband? Zach? Zach?

Kendall: Mom, I -- I have to go. Um, please promise me that you'll get through to Ryan.

Erica: Ok, you know, honey, I will try everything I can. But, you know, it would have a lot more impact coming from you. So --

[Line disconnects]

Erica: Hello? Kendall?

[Zach grabs the phone out of Kendall's hand]

Zach: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Kendall: I'm getting my son back.

Zach: Let me try to explain something to you. This plan has one shot at working. For that to happen, I have to prove that Annie killed Stuart. I can't do that with Ryan Lavery running around this house. I can't do it.

Kendall: Ok, you -- you honestly expect to win Annie over?

Zach: Yes. Adam's given me a loan already. And this fight with Ryan will have Annie trust me.

Kendall: Ok, so you think just because you and Annie have both lost children to Ryan, she's gonna open up to you?

Zach: No, we lost more than that to Ryan Lavery, believe me. But, yes, I think it'll work. No more phone calls. No more leaving this room, please. I'm gonna check on your mother.

Kendall: She's already gone.

J.R.: It feels -- feels strange.

Doctor: Well, just flow with it. Find an image you like. Concentrate on something that makes you happy.

Marissa's voice: I dub you sir J.R., knight of the light.

J.R.: Marissa...

David: I don't care what you have to do. I don't care who you have to bribe. You make sure that my son is out of foster care and in this house by week's end, period. Hey.

Marissa: Hey.

David: I thought you had a class tonight.

Marissa: Yeah, the prof was a no-show. So, what, you're starting a daycare center?

David: Your baby brother is coming home.

Marissa: What?

David: That's right. Everybody thought I was crazy to believe Amanda would fake the death of our son. How many times did we all think that she was too distraught for this to be an act?

Marissa: What are you talking about?

David: Well, it turns out that of our son, except she knew that he was still alive -- out there waiting with some stranger somewhere.

Amanda: Jake told me that he found a family to adopt Trevor, a good family. But I just wanted to see him again so badly just -- just to hold him and just to feel his warmth. And -- and so he nanny was taking care of him, because he knew that I'd want to see my son again and that -- we just needed the right time, you know, so that we could adopt him, and David would never have a clue.

David: I held a memorial service. I buried those ashes next to Babe. Those cold bastards led me to believe that my son was dead. I mourned my son for months while he was alive and well. Of course, that idiot Martin screwed the whole thing up. And they have the unmitigated gall to say that I am unfit. What kind of sick peon leaves a defenseless baby in an alley anyway?

Amanda: We arranged it so Opal would find Trevor outside of the church, and Jake and I would adopt him from Social Services. But then Opal got caught up at the hospital, and Tad turned around, and he saw that Trevor was gone and it was horrible. We looked everywhere, and I was just going out of my mind.

David: They hated me so much, they were willing to endanger the life of a helpless infant. I mean, who knows what pervert could've walked off with him?

Amanda: Thank God Randi found him. When I think about how much worse it could've been... I was so stupid. We should've told Jesse. We should've. He could've helped us. But we were just so terrified of David and -- and that he could take Trevor away, and I would lose him forever. He would ruin my son's life.

David: Well, Amanda can kiss that baby good-bye now. There's not a court in the country that will grant her custody. The only way she's gonna be able to hold a baby again is if Jake takes back the one he gave to Liza.

Marissa: Wait. Liza's baby isn't hers? I thought you tested his DNA.

David: All that proved was that I was not the father. If I tested Liza, then it would've proved that she was not the mother. Look, Jake conned us all, all right? He gave Liza another baby so Amanda could adopt mine, and I wouldn't know it. Well, the whole plan blew up in their faces this time.

Amanda: You think I'm a horrible, twisted person.

Krystal: No. No. Trust me, I have made far worse decisions. And I've learned. You know, nobody deserves to mourn a child, not even David, but I understand why you did it.

Amanda: I just wanted to be with my son, and we were so close to making it happen.

[Doorbell rings]

Liza: Amanda, I'm so glad you're here. I want to apologize.

Amanda: What?

Liza: Well, for bringing this all down on you. I'm the one that told David everything.

Zach: Erica? Ah --

Kendall: Zach, she's gone. I told you that she was gone. She went to get Spike from Ryan.

Zach: And she could be back in five minutes. Please go back to your room.

Kendall: Would it be so bad if she walked in on me? I mean, we can trust her, Zach. She wouldn't tell anybody.

Zach: That's not the point.

Kendall: Well, what is the point? Because me being locked up in that room: It feels like a prison.

Zach: You're not the only one trying to stay out of prison. Jesse stuck his neck out for you. There's a woman in your cell pretending to be you. If this thing blows up, we're all going behind bars.

Liza: He had the gun to my head. And the look in his eyes -- he was gonna shoot me if I didn't start talking. All I could think about was my son. Amanda, I am so sorry. I am ashamed of what I did, but I was scared for my life and my son's.

Amanda: So the hell with mine? Just -- just throw us to the shark at the first sign of blood in the water?

Krystal: Amanda, I know how awful you must feel, but Liza is not the bad guy here. Now, at least you can -- you can help Amanda in court, now, right?

Liza: Well, no. Unfortunately, I can't help with any custody hearings, because I was in on it from the beginning to help keep David away from your son. I -- I could be charged as an accessory. I could be disbarred. I could even go to jail. At the very least, it's a conflict of interest.

Amanda: Oh, I cannot believe this. I can't believe that every one of us could go to jail -- me, Jake, you, Tad -- and this monster's just gonna be set free to go raise my baby!

Liza: Ok, it sounds a little grim when you put it like that. But I don't think it's time to give up hope quite yet: Because I have a plan.

David: So you see the type of people I have to deal with in this town? I am so happy that you're here in this house with me now to back me up.

Marissa: I -- I told you I -- I'm only here for a few days. I -- I'm almost 100%.

David: I know, I know. I'm just hoping you might reconsider, mean, now that your little brother is gonna living here.

Marissa: Aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself? I mean, custody hasn't even been decided yet.

David: Are you kidding? I mean, it's as good as done. Amanda -- she's facing fraud, kidnapping, child endangerment. I mean, she forfeited any of her parental rights the moment she went down this path.

Marissa: Maybe, yes, but Pennsylvania family courts award sole custody to the mothers nearly 80% of the time. Not to mention she's married, you're not. And the burden of proof is on a single father to demonstrate standard of care.

David: Look at you. Last year of law school right here.

[Phone rings]

David: If I were you, I would make an offer to her before one of those big firms snatches her up. Liza Colby's already talking about wanting to make her an associate. Except Liza screwed up so royally with this baby-stealing scam, I doubt very much Marissa...hey. Who you texting now?

[Marissa gets a text from Liza urging her to go to Tad's house immediately]

Marissa: Um, uh, no one. It's just a girl from class. I -- I guess the professor finally showed up. Um, I should get going before I miss the rest of the lecture. I'll see you soon.

David: Yeah.

Tad: Welcome back to Kansas. How do you feel?

J.R.: Oh, I'm sore.

Tad: Oh, no, you don't. Hang on. You're not in a hurry to get anywhere.

J.R.: How long was I out?

Tad: A while. Long enough to have some sweet dreams about Marissa. You were talking about her in your sleep. Cute doctor out there was even curious as to whether or not she might be able to help you through this.

J.R.: What? No way. No, she can't know either. It would change our relationship. The best thing for me to do for her is just to walk away. She doesn't need a burden like me.

Tad: J.R., you can't just turn the switch and shut off your feelings for her.

J.R.: It's the only way to keep things from getting wrecked. Keep things...the way they are and as good as it is.

Tad: All right, listen. If you don't want to tell her about the cancer, you don't have to. I'm just saying keep her in your life. Because when you beat this thing, and you're going to, you're gonna want to have her around.

J.R.: Ohh. I was the last guy I thought was gonna fall in love again.

Tad: Until you ran into Marissa.

J.R.: I really don't want to lose her.

Tad: So don't. Fight for her as hard as you're fighting this. And you know what? She's worth fighting for. That girl has got a good soul.

Marissa: You want me to spy on David?

Krystal: No. I don't want you going anywhere near David. We can find something to discredit him, something to prove that he's an unfit parent.

Liza: Well, he held me at gunpoint. I can allege kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, and intent to kill, but it's still my word against his.

Krystal: Yeah. And you were involved on the whole baby plan. But, still, it might make a judge think twice about awarding him the child.

Amanda: Even if David loses custody, I'll still be considered an unfit mother. Trevor will go up for adoption. I'll never see him again.

Krystal: Now, think positive, Amanda. You are a good mother. And it can't be that hard to dig up dirt on David.

Liza: Exactly. Especially not with Marissa living there, which is why we want you to spy on him.

Marissa: No. I already told you my being there is a temporary thing. I'm not planning on staying.

Krystal: Good, good. We'll just do the plan without Marissa. I don't want you getting sucked in by David, and that's exactly what will happen. I know that's so easy to do when you're living in the devil's house. Trust me, it nearly cost me everything.

Amanda: And I will lose everything if you don't help me bring down David.

Kendall: He woke up, and he wanted his mom. What was I supposed to do? Let him cry?

Zach: You're supposed to let me take care of it.

Kendall: Zach, Spike is gone. And now you're saying I can't see Ian either? No, no. I need my boys.

Zach: I need to know that every time I walk out of this room, I won't have to worry about you sneaking out and blowing this whole thing.

Kendall: Ok, and you have no idea what it's like to be stuck in here like a caged animal.

Zach: I know. It's got to be hard. Keep your eye on the prize: Your kids, your family. Come on, Kendall. What about the big picture?

Marissa: You guys have to consider where David's coming from, too.

Tad: What did I walk in on?

Amanda: You're taking his side?

Marissa: No. I'm just saying he was sandbagged with this. I mean, maybe if you give him some time to calm down, you could work out a compromise.

Amanda: This is my baby's life that you're talking about. Do you know what it's like to love someone so much that you would send them away to protect them from someone who has no soul, no conscience? That is what I'm saving my baby from. But you wouldn't understand that because you're too naive, and you're not a mother.

Liza: Listen, I know that you're resisting spying on David. Marissa, you are our only hope.

Tad: Sometimes we all have to do things that don't sit well. And while the ends don't always justify the means, I think that if a dirtball drags you down in the mud to have a fight, sometimes you do have to be willing to fight dirty.

Liza: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Marissa: What if I don't share that philosophy?

Tad: Well, then you walk out of here, and you go tell David exactly what we're doing, or you don't. Either way, it's your decision. You make it alone. Just make sure you do what you think is right. Don't do it because somebody else guilts you into it.

[In her room, Kendall closes her eyes and sees herself pointing a gun at Adam, then dropping it]

Jay: I'll have the custody papers sent over first thing in the morning.

David: Great.

J.R.: If you're trying to steal my son...

David: Relax. It was my son who was taken by Amanda and Jake. They faked his death and tried to cut me out, so I'm returning the favor.

J.R.: Oh. Well, it's too bad that they failed. Because you're always up to the same old things: Payback, revenge, spreading your pain.

David: Oh, please. Get off your high horse. If you were in my place, and you almost were, if I recall -- you were shacking up with Amanda -- what would you be doing right now? Forgiving and forgetting? Yeah, right. The hell you would. You'd be there with your Chandler power trip trying to get your son back, bribing whomever you needed to, presenting Adam with your new heir apparent: Kind of like what you did with Little Adam.

J.R.: Maybe a few months ago, but not anymore.

David: Oh, yeah? Why? What's changed? Oh, wait a minute. I get it. Is it the love of a good woman? Well, sorry, Junior. She's not home.

Liza: Well, it's getting late. I'm going to get home to Stuart. I will be at the police station first thing in the morning to work on Jake's release papers.

Tad: Thank you, Liza.

Liza: Yeah.

[Jenny cries]

Krystal: I'll go check on Jenny.

Amanda: No, let me -- let me do it. Rocking her might help me get over missing Trevor so much.

Tad: Ok. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the baby at first, but I couldn't because Jake had sworn me to secrecy.

Krystal: It's ok. I get why it seemed like a good idea. And I've certainly given you every reason not to trust me. I blew our marriage apart getting wrapped up in David.

Tad: Do me a big favor: Stop beating yourself up about that. Especially since I'm so pure as the driven snow. God knows I've never done anything like that myself.

Krystal: You're a kind man. But you don't have to try to make me feel better. Good night.

Tad: Good night.

David: Now, I don't doubt you want to be a better person, Junior. I just don't think you have it in you. You're suffocating under Adam's shadow. You're drowning in scotch. So I think my daughter deserves a hell of a lot better.

J.R.: Leave Marissa out of this.

David: Me? I'm not the one dragging her in. You're the one trying to ruin her life, just like you did with Babe's. I already told you, Junior. I'm not gonna lose another child to you.

J.R.: Well, I guess that's why you extorted her into moving in here, because you're so desperate to be a father and play the big daddy. Do it with the child that you're stealing. Marissa doesn't need you.

Marissa: I wouldn't be here if I didn't, and not just for a few days. I'd like to stay.

David: I couldn't be happier. Welcome home. Well, I have to make a house call, and I think it's obvious you two have some things to discuss. So I'll leave you to it.

Ryan: Erica, I made my decision, ok? Spike is staying with me. And I know you don't like it, but it's...

Erica: I talked to Kendall.

Ryan: What? When?

Erica: Tonight. She called. She was asking about the boys, and -- and I told her that you took Spike. And she made it very, very clear that she wants the boys together. So I promised her that I would try to get you to reconsider.

Ryan: Well, did you tell her why I took Spike? Did you tell her that Zach is acting very strange and that he's working with Adam and he's defending Annie? It's as if he's completely and totally forgotten about Kendall altogether and moved on with his life?

Erica: Oh, no. I really -- I don't think that Zach will ever give up on Kendall. I just think that Zach must feel helpless right now, and -- and that's not easy for Zach.

Ryan: Erica, when Kendall was in the hospital and all the doctors just said there was no chance at all, Zach did whatever he had to do to bring her back to those boys. So for him to walk out on her like this, it doesn't make any sense at all.

Erica: No. I, um, I'm gonna guess that, um -- I don't know. Zach must be -- must be pacing himself.

Ryan: Well, I put him to the ultimate test tonight. I walked out of there holding the boy that he helped raise from birth, and he didn't even flinch. He just let me walk out and close the door.

Erica: He must be up to something, then.

Ryan: Well, until you figure out what it is, Spike's gonna stay with me. Ok?

Erica: But --

[Erica collapses into Ryan's arms]

Erica: I'm -- I'm fine, really.

Ryan: I think you should see a doctor.

Erica: You know, I will. I absolutely will. I promise, if I feel the least bit shaky again. But, you know, I really -- I think it's because I -- I haven't eaten.

Ryan: Are you sure? You sure you're ok?

Erica: Mm-hmm. I think it's just jet lag and job stress and family drama. I'm a mess, but I can't collapse yet.

Ryan: Seems to me like you just did.

Erica: Uh, yes. Well -- but I still have to finish writing this wonderful special that I shot in Africa. And so there is no collapse for the wicked.

Ryan: I saw the promos, by the way. You look amazing -- in some of those, uh, photos.

Erica: Just some? You know what? Realizing that with just a little bit of effort, how you could change those children's lives changed mine.

Ryan: I can see that. I mean, you light up when you talk about it.

Erica: Oh. Well, I do wish that you could've been there just to experience it for yourself, you know? And you definitely would've made a better tent mate than Krystal.

Ryan: Huh.

Erica: Can you believe it? I had to scare a scorpion off her.

Ryan: I'm still trying to get past the image of you in a tent.

Erica: Well, I'll send you some shots.

Ryan: Take me next time.

Erica: Oh. Well, you did give me quite the send-off.

Ryan: A trip halfway around the world to save some hungry children? I think that deserves a good-bye kiss.

Erica: Well, there are good-bye kisses, and then there are good-bye kisses. And we never talked about it.

Ryan: It was an incredible night. Talking about it couldn't have made it any more perfect, right?

Erica: Well, I really should go because that special on Africa is not gonna write itself, and my notes are all at the house.

Ryan: Well, good luck, then.

Erica: Thank you.

Ryan: Ok.

Erica: Night.

J.R.: I have to go.

Marissa: No, wait. You never told me why you came.

J.R.: It doesn't matter. You obviously have more important things on your mind.

Marissa: Stop! You've been walking in and out of my life whenever you damn please: Coming on strong and then marching away. If you really cared about me --

J.R.: If I -- what? I can't get you out of my heart. You're all I think about when I'm awake, when I'm asleep. I couldn't get you off my mind if I wanted to, and I don't want to.

Marissa: Well, it -- it sure doesn't feel that way. You've been acting so distant.

J.R.: I'm sorry. Whenever I get stressed, I shut people out, especially people that I care about. I know that it's not a healthy choice, but we haven't exactly been making healthy choices lately.

Marissa: J.R., you don't understand. This is --

J.R.: I hate the fact that you live here. I hate the fact that you live anywhere except with me, actually.

Marissa: You want us to move in together?

J.R.: No. I mean, I care about you -- I can't exactly ask you to change your entire life. You know what? I shouldn't have come.

Marissa: No, you -- yes, yes, you should. And I should explain something to you. Look, I'm not here because of David. It's for Amanda, just to make sure that this whole custody battle is a fair fight and that David stays inbounds. This is Amanda's only chance to have her baby, and so I just, you know, stay here focused on everything that happens.

J.R.: Then I better let you get back to work.

Marissa: Why does it feel like whenever you leave, you won't come back?

J.R.: Better watch out: You might not get rid of me. Like I said, I can't get you out of my heart.

[J.R. kisses Marissa]

[Amanda gasps]

Amanda: What do you want?

David: Only what's best for our son, as I'm sure you do, too.

Amanda: I want you out of our lives.

David: Well, that's not gonna happen, considering the circumstances. But I've been thinking. Why should we go through a long, costly custody battle when we can work this all out amongst ourselves?

[Ryan's laptop chimes as he plays a video]

Erica’s voice: Too many of us take too much for granted: Our cars, our homes, closets full of clothes. But here in this village, clean water and food has changed these children's lives. Now they can grow up because we gave just a little bit of ourselves. But imagine how much better their lives can be if we give just a little bit more.

[Ryan pauses video]

Erica: Zach? Zach, do you have any pens around here?

Zach: What do you need?

Erica: I need a straight answer. What's this?

Zach: Uh, it's a glass of water with some lipstick on it.

Erica: It's not my shade. Whose is it, Zach?

Zach: Rachael maybe. She was here yesterday. Maybe she forgot to run the dishwasher.

Erica: Zach? Are you sure that Liza didn't come to visit you again after I left last evening?

Zach: Excuse me?

Erica: Well, it certainly would explain your very strange behavior...

Zach: You're here to watch Ian, not me. You got a problem with that, you can take it somewhere else.

Erica: Yeah, I know I can. And I will, and I am. I'll send somebody over in the morning to pick up my things.

Zach: Hi. I thought we agreed you're gonna stay out of sight until your mother was gone.

Kendall: No, you don't understand. I remember everything, everything about that night. I remember being on the terrace, looking through the window, and holding that gun. In fact, I didn't shoot the gun. I dropped the gun and I ran, and when I ran, he was still standing there. And, Zach, you were right! You were right! It wasn't me. I know it wasn't me. I didn't kill Stuart! I know I didn't!

Liza: I am so glad you are with me. And I love you so much. And you are always gonna be safe right here in my arms. Yeah. Yes, you will.

Automated voice: You have five new messages.

[Answering machine beeps]

[Line disconnects]

[Answering machine beeps]

[Line disconnects]

[Answering machine beeps]

[Line disconnects]

[Answering machine beeps]

[Line disconnects]

[Answering machine beeps]

[Line disconnects]

Amanda: I will never give my son up to you.

David: I'm not asking you to. But you know I live in a big house. So why don't you move in, and we can raise our son together?

Amanda: Are you insane?

David: Don't be hasty. Just think about it. That's all I'm asking.

Amanda: I don't have to think about it, David. I would rather die than to do that to Trevor or Jake.

David: You know, that's interesting you put it that way, because you will be dying inside if you favor Martin's feelings over our son's well-being. I'll tell you what. I'll even throw in a bonus. You move in, and I will drop all the charges. Everyone goes free. All I want is what's best for our son, and all you have to do to make it happen is say yes.

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