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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 9/1/09


Episode #10199

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Krystal: Oh, hey.

Marissa: Hey. Hi. Welcome home.

Krystal: Oh, thanks. Thanks.

Marissa: So how was Africa?

Krystal: Oh, incredible, exhausting, eye-opening -- you name it.

Marissa: I can't wait to hear all about it.

Krystal: Oh, let me tell you, you really need to tune in to Erica's "New Beginnings" special. I challenge anyone to watch and see what those children are going through and not want to get involved.

Marissa: Sign me up.

Krystal: Count on that. Ok. Ok, spill. Come on, look at you. I mean, I can tell something's up. And let me guess: His name is J.R.

Marissa: Good guess.

Krystal: So what's happened?

Marissa: That's the thing: I have no clue. He's just been acting really strange lately. You know him better than I do. Do you think that J.R. could be drinking again?

Dr. Kahn: Team in New York agrees that this is the best course of treatment.

J.R.: I start chemo?

Dr. Kahn: As soon as possible.

J.R.: I can do this as an outpatient here, right?

Dr. Kahn: As long as there's someone to drive you home: A family member or friend.

J.R.: I could call a cab.

Dr. Kahn: Uh, your body's about to take a huge hit, J.R. You're gonna need all the support you can get.

J.R.: What I need is for this cancer to be kept a secret.

Liza: I'm more committed to Kendall's case than ever. Don't worry, Zach. You can count on me.

Erica: To do what, exactly?

Liza: To get your daughter out of prison.

Erica: And keep Zach company in the process?

Liza: Listen, if you're...

Zach: Why don't you go upstairs and settle in? I'll get your stuff up there.

Erica: No, that's all right. I'd rather stay here.

Zach: I would rather talk to Liza alone, if it's all the same to you.

Erica: All right, fine. I'll check on the boys.

Zach: Can I get you anything?

Liza: Yeah. A reality check. She's moving in?

Amanda: Oh, my baby. Hi.

David: Don't you mean "our baby"?

Jake: What is he doing here?

David: What do you think? I'm here to collect my son.

Amanda: Can I hold him, please?

David: No, no, no, no, no. If they're not gonna let me hold him, you don't get anywhere near him.

Jesse: First, I'll need some answers. David's claiming this baby is his. What's that? Is that the truth?

David: Go ahead, Amanda. Answer the question. It's a very simple one. Yes or no?

Amanda: Yes.

David: I'm sorry. I -- I didn't hear that. Was that a --

Amanda: Yes, this is our son.

David: You thought your nightmare was over? Guess what: It's just begun. 

Kendall: Oh.

Erica: Oh, look at these sleeping angels. Ok, Zach. Exactly what is going on here?

Kendall: As if you don't already know, Mom.

Erica: It's painfully clear what Liza's after. But what about you?

Kendall: I've been asking myself that question for days.

Erica: Liza may be back on the case, but she will not go anywhere near my daughter's bed.

Kendall: Not with you standing on guard, she won't.

Erica: I know how scary it is, honey, with your mommy away. But don't you worry. I'm here now, and I'll take care of everything.

Kendall: I'm counting on it.

Zach: What changed your mind?

Liza: About the drink or about Kendall's case? Listen, I didn't come back for you if that's what you're thinking.

Zach: Glad to hear it.

Liza: No, I came back for myself.

Zach: Good.

Liza: Yeah. I made a commitment to see this through. I'm a woman of my word. So I'm gonna work really hard on Kendall's appeal, and I'm gonna do my very best to get her out, and then, look, you'll never have to see me again. Hmm. I guess it took that door knocking me over the head for me to realize I got to get back to my life and my family, my career.

Zach: If you're feeling uncomfortable --

Liza: No, no. I can handle this. What I know, considering my recent lapses in judgment, I can. Look, you're not available. I get it. You never really were. It's what we said, right? No names, just sex? I got to get back to my Stuart and my Colby. It's, uh, it's the family I've always dreamed of.

Zach: Well, hold on. Just hold on tight.

Liza: I will, but not before I finish what I started.

Marissa: Things had been going really well with J.R. Then I had him sneak me out of the hospital and take me to the Yacht Club.

Krystal: Now, was that really a good idea?

Marissa: No. Not according to David. He ripped into J.R. as soon as he found us. So I asked J.R. to just give us a moment, but then he just took off.

Krystal: Do you have any idea why?

Marissa: Because he wanted to take a drink. But he went to the hospital for a meeting instead.

Krystal: Well, that's not so bad.

Marissa: No, no, no, no, it's not. I know. But then later he came over to Wildwind, and it was just so weird. J.R. was acting crazy emotional like -- like he was hiding something from me or like he wanted to tell me something.

Krystal: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Back -- back up. Why were you at Wildwind?

Marissa: I moved in with David.

Krystal: You what?

Marissa: Look, we had a deal. If he discharged me from the hospital, I'd move in with him -- only until I'm fully healed.

Krystal: Oh, no. This is not good.

Marissa: J.R. didn't think so either, but I know what I'm doing.

Krystal: No, you don't. And I can say that because I have been there.

Marissa: My relationship with David is...

Krystal: Different? Special? I thought the exact same thing.

Marissa: What if I can help him? You know, stop him from messing with everyone's lives?

Krystal: And I don't care about everyone's lives. I care about your life, and I think you're playing with fire.

Marissa: I'm fine! Look, if you want to worry, focus on J.R.

Krystal: And by the way, David would rather eat nails than see you with J.R. Chandler.

Marissa: Well, it might not be an issue anymore. I mean, not if he's lying to me.

Krystal: You mean about the drinking? I don't think so. I mean, if he drinks, he loses custody of Little A. And after everything he's gone through to keep that boy safe, why would he risk that now?

Dr. Kahn: I'd be happy to explain your condition to your family.

J.R.: Once I start the chemo, how long before my hair falls out? Or is there any other obvious signs?

Dr. Kahn: Everyone reacts differently. But even in the best-case scenario, cancer is extremely difficult to hide. J.R., I'm not sure you understand --

J.R.: What I understand is that I could beat this. Right? That's what Angie said. I'm counting on both your words here.

Dr. Kahn: You should.

J.R.: But I want to do this my way.

Dr. Kahn: Alone?

J.R.: Without anybody feeling sorry for me or talking about my situation behind my back. Look, I know that this sounds crazy. But if this information fell into particular hands about my vulnerable state, they would use it against me to take my son. And that's why I fight. I fight for my son.

Dr. Kahn: Fair enough.

J.R.: Do you have children?

Dr. Kahn: No.

J.R.: If you did, you would see how having a child changes everything.

David: Well, there you have it, right from the baby stealer's mouth. The boy is mine. You cannot keep me from my son.

Jesse: Uh, yeah, I can. And I will until this all makes sense.

Jake: Jesse, you should know that every time Amanda turned around, David was trying to steal the child...

David: So you let me think he was dead, right?

Amanda: Jesse, please? Can I just please hold him?

Jesse: The baby needs to stay in custody for the time being, ok?

Jake: Can you just let her hold him? She's not going to go anywhere. She'll stay in the room.

David: Now, wait a minute. If anyone is gonna hold this boy, it's gonna be me.

Jake: It's the baby's mom. Come on. Can we go outside and discuss this? I'll explain everything to you.

David: So what's it gonna be? Hmm, Chief? You gonna play favorites like you usually do?

Jesse: Look, the baby knows Amanda, and the baby comes first. You'll stay with her?

Angie: Yeah.

Jesse: After you.

David: Get ready to put him in my arms -- for good.

Amanda: Come here, come here. Yeah.

Jake: Trevor is safe now, right? So, um --

Amanda: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. He's really ok?

Angie: I think all he was missing was his mom.

Amanda: Oh, my goodness. You have no idea how much I love you, do you? Where were you, huh? Huh? You know what? It doesn't matter because you're here with me now, and I am never going to let you go again, ok? Ok? That's right. How did he end up here? I mean, somebody turned him into the hospital or did they bring him straight to the station? Has been checked by a doctor? I'm sorry. You are a doctor.

Angie: Last I checked.

Amanda: Ah. So you're sure he's ok?

Angie: Your son is in excellent health.

Amanda: Ok. Ah. Well, thank God he looks good. Whoever had you must've taken really good care of you.

Angie: Actually, you have Randi to thank for that.

Amanda: Randi?

Angie: She found him outside St. Matthew's Church. Didn't know what to do, so she took him home. And she kept waiting for someone to report a missing baby, but no one ever contacted the police.

Amanda: We were scared to come forward because of David and the fact that the would find out. If I'd known we'd end up here -- so why isn't Randi here?

Angie: Well, she only had him a short time, but Randi fell in love with Trevor. And after losing her own baby, I don't know. It was like he was sent from heaven or something.

Amanda: I'm sure that was really hard for her to give him up. I really have to tell her how grateful I am.

Angie: Well, I'll pass that along.

Amanda: We're in really deep trouble, aren't we?

Angie: I don't know.

Amanda: Do you think David's gonna get my son?

Angie: If there is any justice in this world, that child will stay right where he is.

Amanda: Thank you.

Jake: We didn't think we had a choice. We felt we had to hide Amanda's son, because David kept threatening that once the child was born, he was gonna steal him. That's what he said.

David: "Hide Amanda's son." Now, that's an interesting choice of words. It's more like "faked a baby's cremation." I mean, that would be more appropriate, don't you think?

Jake: Jesse, we didn't think we could risk it.

Jesse: Risk what?

Jake: Well, you know how long it takes for the whole adoption process to go through. We just wanted to speed it up a little bit.

Tad: So somebody thought that if she found an abandoned baby on the steps of a church...

Jesse: And, magically, that baby ends up with you and Amanda?

David: So the whole infertility thing -- how Amanda couldn't have more babies -- that was a lie, too, right? I'll take that as a yes.

Jake: Look, we made a mistake...

David: You think?

Jake: Jesse, ok? We made a mistake. But we felt like we were protecting the child. Can you see that? What --

Jesse: How do you propose I take care of this? How do I handle this, Jake?

Jake: Just -- let's -- can we just say it's a misunderstanding...

David: "A misunderstanding"? Oh, that's very funny.

Jake: ...Let Amanda take her son home.

David: Right, and we'll just forget that this ever happened, is that it? Ok, come on, folks. Can we please get back to the planet earth?

Jesse: Just --

David: No, no, no, it's not like it's gonna be a big surprise. Come on, look at them. They've got guilt written all over their faces. You faked the death of a child. You brought that child across international borders. You bribed an entire medical staff. I mean, tell me, Jake, did they name a wing after you in that Barbados clinic?

Tad: Would you give it a rest?

David: No, no, no, there's more: Child endangerment, failure to notify the police, and the list goes on and on, folks.

Jesse: I'm sure they've got it, Hayward.

David: No, this isn't just a misunderstanding, Jake. We're talking about criminal offenses. You might want to tell your parents good-bye.

Jesse: All right, look, for the last time, that's enough. Ok?

Zach: Liza's back on the case.

Erica: Yeah. We'll have to throw her a party.

Zach: I know you're not her biggest fan, but she...

Kendall: That's an understatement.

Zach: ...Last chance.

Erica: Oh, Zach, you can't be serious.

Zach: I am serious. What other lawyer is gonna take this case? Kendall has told everybody that she's guilty. And Liza started this, she should finish it.

Erica: Has Liza admitted that she's attracted to you?

Kendall: If sucking his face counts, then, yeah.

Zach: She's agreed to be professional from now on.

Erica: Meaning she wasn't before?

Kendall: Bingo.

Zach: I'm not attracted to Liza.

Erica: Well, I'm glad to hear you say that. But Liza will not stop until she gets what she wants. And what she wants is you.

[Doorbell rings]

Zach: Excuse me.

Erica: Oh, Kendall. Oh, I hope you know how hard I am fighting for you.

Kendall: I do know, Mom. And I owe you big time.

Zach: Don't tell me that you came over to hit me again?

Ryan: No. I came over for my son.

Zach: Spike's sleeping.

Ryan: Well, then he can spend the rest of the night sleeping at my place. And every night after that, because he's staying with me from now on. You should've seen her.

Zach: Who?

Ryan: Your new champion: Annie. She was great. She was fantastic. Played that judge like a freaking fiddle. She got declared competent to stand trial. You know what she did right after that? She called me on the phone, and she told me to enjoy Emma while I can, because it's not gonna last very long.

Zach: I'm sorry.

Ryan: You're -- why -- why are you sorry? That's exactly what you wanted, right? I mean, you wanted Annie to get her daughter back, so --

Zach: No. What I said was children should be with their mother.

Ryan: Oh. Wow, that's very confusing for me. Because, like, five minutes ago you thought Annie was a deranged killer, and you thought she should spend her life in prison, and now you want her to have her daughter.

Zach: That's not what this is about.

Ryan: Well, then what is it about? Tell me what it's about. Why are you in Adam's pocket right now, or I got to get my son out of this house.

Zach: I never stopped you from seeing Spike. I'm not gonna start now.

Ryan: You know, Zach, all I wanted was to raise my daughter, to raise her and to keep her safe, and you went and you blew that all up.

Erica: Ryan? Oh, it's so good to see you. Oh, I can't wait to show you the rest of the Africa footage. Did I walk in on something here? Oh, oh, ok. I guess Zach told you that I am gonna be moving in here for a little while.

Ryan: Moving in here?

Erica: Yes. Just -- just for a little while to help with the boys. And that will allow Zach here to try to work hard to get Kendall out of prison.

Ryan: Wow. That is -- that's really -- that's really interesting because right now, Kendall free seems to be the last thing on his mind.

Krystal: So I'll go see if I can round up Little A.

J.R.: Thanks, Krystal. What?

Marissa: I -- I don't know. You just -- you seem almost happy.

J.R.: That's a bad thing?

Marissa: No. It's just different. Last few times I've seen you...

J.R.: I've been all over the place. I'm sorry if I freaked you out.

Marissa: I'm just glad that you're feeling better.

J.R.: You can ask if you want. It's ok. You want to know if I've been drinking?

Marissa: Yeah, the thought crossed my mind.

J.R.: Well, I haven't.

Marissa: So did something happen or --

J.R.: Life has been pretty intense lately. Between my father marrying Annie and you getting shot and moving into Wildwind, it's just been a lot to take in, you know?

Marissa: I never meant to add to your stress.

J.R.: No, no, no, this is all me. It has nothing to do -- well, I've been so swept up with you and us, I think I was just moving too fast.

Marissa: Yeah, yeah. I -- I've been feeling the same way.

J.R.: The truth is I'm just not ready to move on fully. That's why I seemed off at Babe's gravesite. It was guilt. It had nothing to do with you.

Marissa: So what now?

J.R.: We downshift. Maybe catch a movie this weekend? Go to the park with Little A?

Marissa: I'd like that.

J.R.: Me, too.

Marissa: Wow. Um, I have to get to campus. But I'll, um, I'll see you soon?

J.R.: Definitely.

Marissa: Bye.

Krystal: Ok.

J.R.: Hey, buddy.

Little Adam: Daddy!

J.R.: Give me a hug. Oh! I love you, you know that? Don't you ever forget it.

Amanda: You know, we were so close to -- to getting away with all this and having a perfect life.

Angie: You know, I'm -- I'm just sorry. I -- I wish we had known. Because then when Randi found Trevor, she could've brought him right back. You wouldn't have had to go off searching. David would've never found out.

Amanda: What did David say, exactly? I mean, does he really know everything?

Angie: It sounded like it. He mentioned Tad and Taylor, even Opal. He knew everyone involved.

Amanda: Oh, great. Just what I need. I just -- oh. After all this, you know? Like, if I lose my baby after all this?

Angie: Listen, let's not go there yet, ok? Let's just wait and here what Jesse has to say.

Amanda: What if I don't wait? What if I don't wait? I mean, they look pretty distracted out there. I mean, what if you go out for some water or something and Trevor and I -- you know, we just -- we sneak out the back?

Angie: No, Amanda.

Amanda: I mean, I'm sure there's a back entrance, right? We could just sneak out. It's possible.

Angie: No, it's -- no, it's -- it's not.

Amanda: Because we're in a police station, and you're the chief's wife.

Angie: Oh, sweetheart, no. It's because running is not the answer.

Jake: "Child endangerment"? That's funny. The only danger that child was ever in is you with your threats that you were gonna steal the child at birth! Look, we couldn't see that baby being raised in a household with a monster! A monster of a role model...

David: Will you just arrest him, please, ok, for a litany of offenses, most recently for kidnapping my son!

Tad: How about what you did to Liza? You dragged her to Wildwind at gunpoint. You want to have somebody arrested for kidnapping? Start with him.

David: I don't know what the hell you're talking about. But let us not forget something here. I am the victim, all right? I know it's difficult to see past the bloody fangs, but let's imagine for one second that I'm a human being. I mourned the death of my son for months. I believed he was dead. I couldn't look into his eyes. I couldn't see him. I couldn't hold him. And that was because of him and his sorry excuse of a wife. And you call me a monster? What the hell does that make you?!

Jake: You will never to see Trevor!

David: Oh, you're an imbecile, you know that? It's as good as done! Go ahead. Why don't you add assault to his growing list of offenses? Martin, get your hands off me!

Tad: No problem.

[Tad punches David down]

David: Ohh! You know something? It's gonna be really difficult holding a baby in handcuffs. So why don't you hand him to Daddy?

Jesse: Natalia, take the baby, please.

Amanda: No.

Jake: Honey, it's ok. It's -- it's ok.

Amanda: No, please? Please, do not take my son, please.

Natalia: Hey, I'm sorry, but I -- I have to take him.

Amanda: No, please? Jake, please?

Jake: It's all right, honey. Let her -- let her take him.

Natalia: It's ok. There you go.

Amanda: Careful, careful.

Natalia: Yes, yes. We'll be right in interrogation, ok?

Jesse: Thank you, Natalia.

Natalia: Yes, I'll take good care of him. I promise.

David: You'd better.

[Door closes]

David: All right, look, don't let this sob fest deter you. She needs to be in cuffs just like her husband for lying, for stealing, for forcing my baby to fend for himself.

Taylor: Actually, that one was me.

Tad: And me.

Taylor: So if you're looking to cuff people, you'll have to include us.

Jesse: All right, everybody, just stop it. Nobody else is being arrested, at least today.

David: Wait a minute. They just blatantly confessed!

Jesse: I'm gonna hold Jake here overnight until he calms down. Now, as to whether a crime has been committed --

David: In what universe are these not crimes? Do you need me to go over that list again?

Jesse: That won't be necessary. This is not a courtroom. All allegations have to be sent to the D.A. Until then, adios, amigo. That would be your cue to leave.

David: You want me to walk away from my son? Are you out of your freaking mind?

Jesse: We're gonna do this here by the book, all right? Now, we've got plenty of witnesses here. If you don't want to leave on your own, I will have an officer escort you.

David: I am not going anywhere until you tell me what's gonna happen to my son.

Jesse: Your son's gonna have to be put into foster care until this is straightened out.

David: Ok. At which time, he comes home with me.

Jesse: O'Neill? Do me a favor. Take Doc Martin, process him, please.

Amanda: No, wait, wait!

Jake: Don't worry. Don't worry.

[Amanda hugs Jake]

Amanda: What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?

Erica: Would someone mind filling me in here?

Ryan: I'm taking Spike home with me.

Erica: For a visit?

Zach: Nope. For good. Isn't that right, Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah, that's right. I'll let Zach fill you in on the details.

Erica: Well, Ryan, you know that -- that Spike has always been happy here.

Ryan: Yes. Yes, he has been. And he's gonna be happy with me, and I'm sure he's gonna love spending time with Emma. Of course, I'm not exactly sure how much time they're gonna get to spend together.

Erica: All right, that's -- that's enough. I really demand some answers here.

Ryan: Zach switched teams.

Erica: What on earth are you talking about?

Ryan: He's with Adam and Annie now.

Erica: Zach, please tell Ryan he -- he certainly must be misinformed.

Zach: No, no. I took a loan from Adam.

Erica: What? Why?

Zach: The casino was in trouble. I needed money.

Erica: And you couldn't have found it somewhere else?

Ryan: It's fascinating, really. So now you can see why I don't want a man like that having anything to do with raising my son.

Zach: You can get out of this arrangement whenever you want.

Erica: I am not going anywhere. I'm needed here now more than ever.

Amanda: Can't you make an exception?

Jesse: I'm sorry.

Amanda: Jesse, please. I am begging you. I -- I promise you I will stay here until this whole thing gets settled. Just, please, he can't end up in foster care. Let him come with Jake and me.

Jesse: Believe me, I want nothing more. But you know Hayward's gonna be watching us like a hawk. I got to play this by the books. Your boy's gonna end up in a safe home. I will see to it personally.

[Trevor cries]

Taylor: I don't know what to do. Do you want me to check on him?

Tad: We'll do a tag-team on him. We can calm him down.

Amanda: No, he wants his mother. Jesse, please.

Angie: You know -- you know what? I -- I can't stand this anymore!

[Trevor cries]

Natalia: Shh, shh.

Angie: Amanda, come on in here and be with your son. Jesse's not going to stop you. Right? Come on, sweetheart.

Natalia: I don't know what's wrong with him.

Amanda: It's ok. He's just scared. He's just scared. Come here. Come here. It's ok, little guy. I know how you feel. Mommy's scared, too, ok?

Jake: Jesse, where's Amanda? Is she all right?

Jesse: She's fine. She's fine. She's in with the baby. Listen, don't worry, ok?

Jake: Really? Don't worry?

Jesse: I'm gonna have you out of here by morning. And I will make sure that Trevor is very well taken care of.

Jake: What about Hayward?

Jesse: He'll never be able to get near him. Ok?

Jake: Tad, you got to --

Tad: I'm on it. It'll be all right.

Jesse: I know what you're about to say.

Tad: The baby already knows me and Taylor, ok?

Taylor: He's already so comfortable at my condo. It's perfect. It's the perfect solution.

Tad: Please?

Jesse: For everybody except Hayward.

Tad: So what?

Jesse: "So what?" The guy will never go for this. He knows you two have been involved with this mess. The whole station knows. I'm sorry, guys. It's out of my hands.

Tad: It almost wasn't a mess. You know, if Opal had gotten her hands on Trevor first, then --

Taylor: It was a perfect plan. It all would've gone perfectly.

Jesse: I know your intentions were good, even admirable, but -- and I hate to say this -- David's right here. And he has more than just a leg to stand on.

Tad: All right, so, bottom line, what are we looking at?

Taylor: You think David's going to end up with Trevor, don't you?

Jesse: I don't know. And that's the truth. The fact is David Hayward left here pretty confident. And we all know that a confident David Hayward is...

Tad: He's already as good as got what he's after.

J.R.: How would you like to go to the park this weekend? Yeah? Would you like that? Would it be ok if Aunt Marissa tags along? Yeah? You know, I haven't been around much lately. But I promise this weekend, I'm all yours.

Krystal: Have you been busy?

J.R.: Swamped.

Krystal: Well, you know, don't forget, Little A is always welcome here. If you want to drop him off for a few days, we'd love to have him.

Little Adam: Opal built us a playhouse.

J.R.: Really?

Krystal: Oh, yeah. You should see the backyard. It is just completely transformed.

J.R.: Well, what do you say? You want to hang out with Kathy and Opal and the gang tonight?

Little Adam: Only if Nana makes us s'mores.

Krystal: Oh, s'mores? I think that can be arranged.

Little Adam: Yay!

Krystal: Yay!

J.R.: All right. Well, I guess that seals the deal.

Krystal: If you're hungry now, by the way, I've got some cookies in the kitchen. You want some? On the counter.

J.R.: Thank you.

Krystal: For spending time with my grandson? I love every minute.

J.R.: You really do. You're nothing like David or my father. I'll never have to worry about you going after my son.

Krystal: Never again.

Ryan: Hey, Spikester, you look so good. How you doing? Hey -- oh, shh, shh, shh. We better not wake your brother, ok? Let's keep it down. Look, there's something I want to ask you. How would you like to come and live with me for a while? Huh? Would you like that? Just your daddy and your big sister? That sound good?

Kendall: What? No, Ryan, what are you doing?

Ryan: We can come back anytime you want to visit Ian, ok? Anytime you want. You say the word, and we're here to see Ian and see Zach, whoever, ok? All right? Is that a deal? We'll get that. Deal? Sounds like it's a deal.

[Ryan gasps]

Ryan: We need Mr. Bear. We almost forgot Mr. Bear. Let's get Mr. Bear. Ok...

Kendall: No, no!

Ryan: Here he is.

[Ryan imitates kissing]

Ryan: Say good-bye to your brother. Say bye-bye.

Spike: Bye.

Ryan: Bye, bye, bye, Ian.

Kendall: Stop, stop, please! Please don't take my little boy!

J.R.: Hey, how were Nana's cookies? Good? Who's the other one for?

Little Adam: Kathy.

J.R.: Where's the love, man?

Tad: Hey, J.R. Hey, little man. You getting ready to take off?

Krystal: Actually, Little A is gonna be staying with us for a few days.

Tad: Well, that's terrific. You know, who's really gonna be psyched is Opal.

Krystal: Yeah. Hey, let's go take that cookie up to Kathy. Let's go.

Tad: How you feeling?

J.R.: Uh, all right. I'm -- I'm just gonna be really busy with all the outpatient visits.

Tad: You didn't tell Krystal, did you?

J.R.: No.

Tad: So I guess these -- these meetings, this outpatient thing -- that means that...

J.R.: I'm ready to fight the cancer.

Tad: Not "fight," "win." You're gonna win. You can do this, kiddo.

J.R.: Do me a favor?

Tad: Anything.

J.R.: Keep telling me that?

Tad: You can do this, kiddo. And, God, I'm gonna be with you every step of the way.

[Tad and J.R. hug]

Liza: Thank you.

David: Everything ok with the baby?

Liza: Why don't you tell me? How's Jake and Amanda?

David: And my son? He's safe, thank God. As for the other two? Well, Jake was carted off to a holding cell. Amanda shouldn't be too far behind. I thought you'd be relieved. Now that I know where my son is, I won't be hovering over yours. Thank you, by the way, for informing me of their plan.

Liza: "Informing you"? Yeah, you had a gun to my neck.

David: Yeah, well, let's not quibble over details. I'll tell you what. I will ignore the fact that you told Tad everything if you agree to be my lawyer. Help me get custody of Trevor. Trevor -- ooh. I'm not crazy about that name. What do you think? Now, David -- now, that is a name that has a nice ring to it.

Liza: Jake and Amanda love that baby.

David: So do I. And I'm gonna tell them all about it once I get full custody.

Liza: So, what, that's it? You're just gonna steal the baby away?

David: Oh, yeah. But that's definitely not it.

Liza: What does that mean?

David: Don't worry. You'll all find out soon enough. And you'll never see it coming.

Amanda: He likes to be sung to. Make sure whoever gets him knows that. And -- and Taylor says if you hold him when he falls asleep, then he -- he won't wake up during the night. So -- so they can't just put him in the crib, all right? They -- they have to hold him.

Natalia: I'll tell them. Ok? Here. Come on, come on, come on.

Amanda: It's ok.

Natalia: There you go.

Amanda: It's ok.

Natalia: Ok. All right.

Amanda: All right, Trevor, I love you, ok? I'm gonna see you really soon, all right? Bye, baby.

Natalia: All right, all right. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Amanda: Oh --

Jesse: I really wish there was more I could do, but I'm sorry.

Angie: There is.

Jake: Come on. Come on. Hey, hey.

[Amanda sobs]

Jake: Shh.

Ryan: We'll be back soon for a visit real soon, ok?

[Spike babbles]

Spike: Do you have a...

Erica: Ok, well, if you're not gonna stop them...

Zach: What the hell are you doing?

Kendall: No, no, you can't let him take Spike. Please don't let him take my son, please!

Erica: Ryan, Ryan? Ryan, you can't do this.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, I can, Erica. He's my son. I can do this.

Erica: But, Ryan, his -- his mommy's gone now, and this is his home.

Ryan: Zach has changed, Erica. He's changed. I don't know what's going on, but I can't trust him with my son. I can't, all right? The second that Kendall went away, he has changed into a different person.

Kendall: Zach, please, let -- let go of me...

Zach: Calm down.

Kendall: Let go of me, or I swear to God I'll scream.

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