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Scott: And then, after consecutive quarters of double-digit decline, Zach took some serious action, cutting his overhead by 20%.

Adam: So he really does need this loan? He's not just working me for some reason?

Scott: According to these financials, he has tapped what credit lines he's had, and cash on hand is getting pretty low. And here's a memo from his lead accountant, warning him against extending any more credit to gamblers. It says here one more big win could shut him down.

Adam: So it's your conclusion that he is desperate for cash.

Scott: Yeah, it appears that way.

Zach: No, there is one more thing. Tell the pit boss that I want my employees smiling. It's like a funeral home around here. Thank you.

Francesca: The Chandler loan went through, and another hundred thousand was just withdrawn from the account.

Zach: Let's keep it between us and off the books.

Francesca: Ok.

[Cell phone ringing]


Jesse: Got a minute?

Zach: What? Hang on. What? I'm putting out fires.

Jesse: Listen, I'm following up on an injury report from the hospital. Liza got knocked out at your place last night? What really happened, Zach?

Zach: [Sigh] Kendall hit her with a computer. And the good news is that the computer and Liza's head are still booting up just fine.

Jesse: I thought the plan was to keep Kendall out of jail.

Zach: Liza didn't see anything. There's no suspicions.

Jesse: Make sure of that, will you? I can't stick my neck out any further than I already have.

David: Mr. Cullen needs a coronary angiogram. Would you call the cath lab and set that up, please?

Nurse: Yes, Doctor. Right away.

[Cell phone ringing]


David: Yeah.

Nurse Gayle: It's me.

David: I know. I know. What is it? What's wrong with her?

Nurse Gayle: She's fine. Resting.

David: All right, then why are you calling me? I told you -- only for an emergency.

Nurse Gayle: This isn't about her. Jake Martin was up here. With his new wife. Asking questions.

David: What kind of questions?

Nurse Gayle: They were asking about a baby.

Frankie: Fever broke.

Randi: Thank God. I was so scared we were gonna have to take him back to the hospital.

Frankie: Yeah, but this won't be the last time that he has to see a doctor, though. And I mean a real pediatrician. We can't sneak him in and out of the hospital every time he gets sick. If we're gonna do this, we gotta do it legally. Go through the proper channels. File for an adoption.

Randi: You mean going to the police. And risk him being taken away from me?

[Knocking on door]

Natalia: You guys ready?

Frankie: I don't know. Are we?

J.R.: No, no, don't be ridiculous. Angie said she had to run a bunch more tests anyway. There's no sense in leaving Jenny just to come hold my hand. I'll call you when I know something. Thanks, Tad. Hey. Come in.

Angie: Hi, J.R.

J.R.: You've got your poker face on.

Angie: I conferred with the best doctors in the state, and the biopsy results aren't what we hoped they'd be. They indicate that you have a rare form of lymphoma.

J.R.: Cancer.

Angie: Yes. Cancer.  I know it's frightening. But it's something that you can fight. Something that you can beat.

J.R.: How bad? What kind of treatment should I expect?

Angie: To be honest, I don't know for sure, J.R. As I've said, it's a rare type of lymphoma, something I've had no experience with. You can get more answers from an oncologist.

J.R.: Right now I just want to hear it from you.

Angie: Well, standard types of lymphoma treatment varies. Chemotherapy, radiation, various drug combinations.

J.R.: Can you tell me what my odds are?

Angie: No. And you shouldn't look at it like that. It's not a gamble. It's a war. A war that you're going to have to fight one battle at a time.

J.R.: What if I...chose to ignore it? Didn't do anything?

Angie: Then you'll most likely die.

J.R.: I want to see my son grow up.

Angie: Then you have just won the first battle. Accepted that there's a reason to keep fighting. I'm sending you to see an oncologist over at Mercy Cancer Center. It's an outpatient facility and Dr. Kahn has an excellent reputation. I know that you don't want to be treated at the hospital David runs.

J.R.: I...I think I just need a little bit more time to think about everything.

Angie: Just don't take too long. Because the sooner you get treatment, the better. And if you need anything, anything, anything at all, I want you to call me. Because you do not have to fight this alone.

J.R.: Thanks.

Angie: You're welcome.

Adam: Well, J.R. keeps saying he wants to be a part of rebuilding this company, but he's never around when you need him.

Annie: Well, he's staying away because of me. He's made it very clear how he feels about our engagement.

Adam: Hmm. Well, if he's depending on me to make a decision between you and him, he's going to be very disappointed.

Annie: You know, we should take advantage of this loan to Zach.

Adam: How so?

Annie: Well, you told me you wanted to stick to a budget for the wedding. Why don't we have the reception at the casino? I'm sure we could get a good deal on it considering we might own the place soon.

Adam: [Laughs] That's my girl. Always thinking.


Liza: Zach, I'm removing myself from Kendall's case. And I've already spoken to Livia Frye about taking over the appeal. I really think that she's got a good shot at a diminished capacity defense, if she agrees to it.

Zach: What if I don't want Livia Frye?

Liza: Oh, well, that's -- that's completely your choice. But I just figured since she handled Kendall's defense in the murder of your brother, it was the natural choice, but either way, whoever you decide, I will make sure that Marissa and I get he or she up to speed. So the only thing they need to do is make sure they get...

Zach: It's not gonna happen. I'm not gonna let you go.

Frankie: Oh, I should grab another blanket. Ahh.

Randi: How is this gonna work?

Natalia: Well, first of all, we need to tell my dad everything, ok? He can get Child Services involved. We can get the details about when and where this baby was abandoned, and hopefully someone will come forward with some details.

Randi: You mean the parents.

Frankie: Well, if the parents haven't filed for a missing persons report, they probably won't now. The kid'll go to foster care before being declared abandoned.

Randi: Frankie.

Frankie: Then we can work on the adoption procedure.

Natalia: Exactly.

Randi: I should feed him first.

Frankie: Ok. Yeah, that's a good idea. There you go. I'll just pack all this up into the car.

Natalia: Let me give you a hand.

Frankie: Thanks.

[Baby fusses]

Natalia: You know giving her false hope like that is only gonna make it that much harder for her to take.

Frankie: It's not false hope. There's still a chance that we can adopt this boy.

Natalia: Oh, Frankie, she found the baby in an alley. She kept it for days without telling the police. There is no way in hell they're gonna let her adopt that baby.

David: Jake and Amanda showed up in Gloucester, and you're just now calling me?

Nurse Gayle: You said I was only supposed to call if it was an emergency with her. I wasn't sure if this fit that description. And it's getting more and more difficult, leaving her alone.

David: All right, listen to me. I don't want excuses, just explanations. What baby were they asking about?

Nurse Gayle: Amanda was looking for her baby.

David: Are you sure she said "her" baby?

Nurse Gayle: Absolutely. She was really upset. They thought that I was helping you hide her baby from her. Is there something I can do?

David: Yeah. Just keep doing the job I'm paying you for.

Zach: Kendall is not seeing any visitors. I'm not gonna talk to anybody. I can't get a new lawyer now.

Liza: Well, at some point, she's gonna want to fight.

Zach: She needs your help.

Liza: Listen, my son, he needs me. I've already broken way too many promises to him I swore that I would keep. I'm cutting back on my work schedule.

Zach: This is about last night, isn't it? Not about your boy. It's about you saying too much and dropping your guard.

Liza: I kissed you.

Zach: And that was last night. It's over. It's done with.

Liza: It's not that simple.

Zach: [Sigh] I need your help with this. You're the only one I trust. Do me a favor -- just think about it. Go home. Think about it. Kendall needs you. I need you.

Annie: What aren't you telling Adam?

Scott: What are you talking about?

Annie: He asked you a simple question: If you think this loan is on the up and up. If you think Zach is really that desperate for cash. Instead of a "yes," you said "it appears that way." What -- you think Zach is hiding something?

Scott: Let me give you a little business tip: Never go with an absolute unless you're absolutely certain. The gambling business is notorious for juggling cash around. Zach's casino is no different. From what I read in these papers, he's in trouble. He needs the loan. If he is being devious, I didn't see it in there.

Annie: Well, do you want me to look over the paperwork? See if there are any discrepancies?

Scott: Don't you have a wedding to plan?

Annie: I'm a multitasker. And since J.R.'s not pulling his weight around here, maybe I could help pick up the slack.

Adam: Ah. So you've decided to make an appearance. Well, the meeting's over. Where have you been, anyway? J.R., what is it? What's wrong? And what excuse do you have for yourself this time? Are you upset about the loan to Slater? Or angry about my wedding? Or did you decide to take a drink and one led to a dozen?

J.R.: I haven't been drinking.

Adam: You look like hell.

J.R.: I haven't been drinking.

Adam: What about Little Adam? You want to throw your life away, that's fine, that's your decision. But I'm not gonna let you do that to my grandson.

J.R.: Really, Dad? What are you gonna do about it? You already traded us for her. Unless you intend to swap her out again.

Adam: Once Annie's been cleared, I want Little Adam back in this house.

J.R.: So you and Annie can raise him? I don't think so.

Adam: He needs -- he needs some balance in his life. Somebody who's sober at the very least. Someone who can act like a mother for him.

J.R.: He had a mother. She's dead.

Adam: Yeah. You keep drinking, you'll be joining her.

J.R.: You know what? This is the last thing I needed.

[Door opens and closes as J.R. leaves]

Natalia: Look, somebody has to be realistic.

Frankie: Look, if she's gonna be disappointed, I'd rather it be later than now. Just let her enjoy the baby for the time that she has left. Hey, we both want Matthew to be a part of this family. So until we're told differently, don't take that dream away from either one of us. Ok?

Natalia: Fine.

Frankie: Ahem. Randi. It's time to go. They're gone.

Angie: Hey.

Jesse: Hey.

Angie: I didn't expect to find you here already. What's all this?

Jesse: You sounded like you had a pretty rough shift this morning, so I figured a little picnic in the park, or fire escape. Your choice. I figured we would... leave a little bit of our troubles behind, huh?

Angie: You know you're absolutely amazing? What would I do without you?

Jesse: That's exactly what I was thinking about you.


[Knocking on door]

Angie: Let's just ignore it. Maybe they'll go away.


[Knocking on door]

Jesse: Why does this always happen?

Randi: I need your help.


Zach: Hey. How's everybody?

Rachael: Great. Contractor came, put in a new jamb and hinges. Spike was fascinated, so I pulled out that old tool bench of his.

Zach: Well, thanks for coming on such short notice. What are you making?

Rachael: I was hoping you'd call at some time. I've been missing them. If you ever need a break, I'm here.

Zach: I'll keep it in mind. For now, these guys need to go down for a nap.

Rachael: All right. See you, guys. Can I have a kiss? Mwah. Bye-bye.

Zach: Bye. Thanks again. What are you making?

Kendall: God, I thought she'd never leave.

Zach: Maybe you can at least wait until she's out of the driveway. If anybody sees you, this is done.

Kendall: Zach, how long can we keep this up?

Zach: Hopefully long enough to get you acquitted.

Kendall: How realistic is that? How many times have I told you I did it, ok? I'm guilty. And Liza is not a miracle worker.

Zach: Well, she also may not be your lawyer anymore. She wants off the case.

Kendall: So? Let her.

Zach: I can't do that. I can't let her go.

Liza: Hi. I just got your text. Are you sure you should be coming back to work so soon?

Marissa: Yeah, yeah. I just got my follow-up exam, and I'm doing well. I mean, I'm supposed to take it easy, but I could really use the distraction.

Liza: Yeah? From what?

Marissa: Oh, David. The guy just doesn't make it easy. You let him into your life and suddenly he wants to run it for you.

Liza: Yeah, no kidding. He was all up in my business last night.

Marissa: Over what?

Liza: Well, I, um, kind of got hit silly over at Zach's, and that's why he brought me over here, but he was trying to convince me that Zach was the one that hit me.

Marissa: Oh, come on. He didn't, though, did he?

Liza: No. It was a door. But then he started calling me out on my feelings...

Marissa: About Zach?

Liza: Yeah. I went over there to just put it out in the open. I got whacked with a door. Got a concussion. If that's not a sign to stay away, I don't know what is.

Marissa: I'm sorry.

Liza: Me, too, because it means you're out of a job. I took myself off of Kendall's case.

Marissa: What did Zach say?

Liza: Oh, well, he didn't want to hear anything about it. He just brushed it off as a temporary lapse in judgment and practically begged me to stay on the case.

Marissa: But you're having second thoughts?

Liza: It's so hard to say no to that man.

Marissa: Well, maybe you saying yes to staying on the case is how you can say no to Zach. I mean, if you get Kendall off the hook and then she's back with Zach...

Liza: So there'd be no more temptation for me?

Marissa: Yeah, that's one way of getting there.

Liza: Well, I was looking for a semi-rational reason to stay on.

Marissa: So I'm still employed?

Liza: For now. Listen, I will go tell Zach, and you start pulling some precedents. But please, take it easy on yourself.

Marissa: You bet, Chief.

Liza: Ok. [Sigh]

[Someone grabs Liza from behind, putting his hand over her mouth]

Liza: [Muffled yell]

Kendall: I knew it. You thought I was overreacting when I popped Liza with that laptop, but you know what? She means something to you.

Zach: No.

Kendall: She does, Zach. It was more than just a one-night stand. It was the beginning of something. I know it.

Zach: Stop. Stop. Think about what you're saying. You want to get a new lawyer, ok. Let's say we get Livia Frye. What's she gonna have to do? She's gonna have to interview you, and she can't do that. She can't see you in prison. Liza's aware of that. She respects your privacy, and she's willing to work with it.

Kendall: Oh, oK. If she respected my privacy, then why is she throwing herself at my husband?

Zach: Stop. I'm trying to keep you out of prison. And Liza's the woman to help me with that. I need time to draw Annie out.

Kendall: I don't see how you or Liza or anyone can prove to some jury that Annie killed Stuart.

Zach: I'm gonna have to prove it to you first. Then I'll worry about the jury.

Randi: So then I went to a motel to figure out what I should do. And Natalia found me there the next day.

Jesse: Natalia knew about the baby?

Randi: Yeah, but, Jesse, don't be mad at her. She was the one who convinced me to talk to Frankie. [Sigh] She wanted to go to the police right away, but... I just -- I couldn't do it. He's so beautiful.

Angie: Yes, he is. Hi, gorgeous. Hey. Listen, I don't want you to worry, ok? No one's mad at you.

Randi: Frankie's gonna be mad. We were on our way to the police station. We were gonna take him in, but -- but then I heard them talking. Frankie and Natalia said that there was no way of ever adopting him, that even if the parents never came forward, I'd never be able to have this baby.

Angie: Randi, there is nothing wrong about falling in love with a baby. It's how Cass came into my life. And I know how you're feeling, that he was meant to be your child, right?

Frankie: Dad, we -- don't ever scare me like that again, ok?

Scott: Something's not right.

Adam: Exactly. As soon as J.R. pops back in the bottle, you can't pop him out again.

Scott: I don't know if that's it.

Adam: I've seen him. He's been like this for ages. I've seen all the signs. The vacant look, the sweating, the -- irritable as hell. Well, enough is enough. As soon as the court lifts its restrictions, I want Little Adam back in this house.

Annie: Taking away his son is not gonna make him stop drinking. I mean, losing Emma did not solve my problems. It just made everything worse.

Adam: I have to be responsible for Little Adam's well-being. J.R. is gonna travel down this road, then Hayward is gonna pounce. And I won't let that happen. I'm not gonna let that creep anywhere near my grandson.

[David takes Liza to Wildwind and holds her at gunpoint]

Liza: Are you out of your mind? You're kidnapping me? Do you have any idea what you are doing?

David: That's so funny. You using that word "kidnapping." Kind of like what you and Jake and Amanda did with my son? Leading me to believe he was dead?

Liza: You listen to me. If you've got a problem with Jake, you take it up with him. I have not done anything.

David: No, you didn't do anything. Just faked a pregnancy.

Liza: That's what this is about. God, David, how many DNA tests do you need for them to prove that he is not your son?

David: None! Because I know now for a fact he isn't. Jake and Amanda wouldn't be searching for a baby in Gloucester if they knew he was here with you! That was the original plan, now, wasn't it? You take my baby, you claim him as your own, nobody asks any questions. But someone, I'm assuming it was Jake, changed the rules on you, didn't he?

Liza: I have no idea what you're talking about.

David: You know something? This isn't the time to start lying to me, sweetheart. Don't you think I noticed how freaked out you got anytime I was within a few feet of your son? You thought he was mine. And then everything changed all of a sudden. You were fine having me around. I thought you were starting to warm up to me. But the reality was that somebody finally told you the truth about Amanda's baby. Now it's time for you to start talking.

Liza: You're talking crazy. The only reason that you saw me grow more comfortable with you around Stuart was because I thought you had changed, became a good guy. God, I was wrong. All I did was see you in a better light, and you get all paranoid... on me. You kidnap me and you -- you pull a gun on me. No wonder you are so alone in life.

David: You better start telling me everything you know right now, or so help me God, little Stuart's gonna be the one ending up all alone in life.

Jesse: Want you to see if there are any identifying marks on the baby for the report. Birthmarks, scars.

Angie: Here. Let me take a look. Hey, handsome. Hey. Hey. Let's take a little peeky, ok?

Randi: [Sigh] Look, I'm sorry I panicked and I ran off like that. Frankie, I love him so much.

Frankie: I know. And it's ok. But you have to promise me that from here on out, we're in this thing together. No one gets to run out on anyone.

Randi: It's so hard.

Frankie: I know, but you -- you brought him to the right place. My mom and dad will know how to help him now.

Randi: They already have.

Kendall: All right. "You did a great job helping us pull Pluto's squeaky blue ball out of the handy-dandy machine using the giant pair of tweezers. Now all the handy helpers are working together again." Yes, they're working together again.

Ian: Yay!

Kendall: Yay! That's kind of like us, isn't it, guys?

Ian: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Yeah, it is. We try to do something all on our own and we'll get stuck, won't we? Yes, we'll get stuck. But, we work together...

Ian: Yay!

Kendall: Yes, you're so excited. Team Slater can do anything. Anything. [Sigh] Kind of helps to have someone you love believing in you.

Ian: [Baby talk]

Zach: Gentlemen.

Scott: If you came to collect your casino books, I just messengered them back to Francesca.

Zach: I appreciate that. No, I'm here to see Annie.

Adam: About what?

Zach: The message you left. Gonna have your reception in the casino.

Adam: Oh. All right. Yes.

Zach: It's not gonna be a problem, but we need a head count and maybe a date.

Adam: Good. She'll be glad to hear that. She's upstairs. I'll get her.

Zach: Scott, right? I assume everything's in order?

Scott: Ah, yeah, for the most part. I did have one question, though, about a $100,000 payment you made last month. The vendor was unspecified.

Zach: I know about that.

Scott: Well, we need to know who it was, whether or not it is something to be depreciated or --

Zach: It wasn't a vendor.

Scott: But that's what your books said.

Zach: I know.

Scott: Is there something sneaky going on that we need to know about?

Zach: Sneaky? No, I don't know about sneaky, but it was a 78-year-old widow. She hit the jackpot. Slots.

Scott: So then it should be re-journaled as winnings paid.

Zach: I know, I know, but I promised her I wouldn't do that. She and her late husband, they lost all their money. Swindled out of it. So I thought she'd have a better shot not giving half of it to the government.

Scott: Well, that's very generous of you and very illegal. Is this how you normally run your business?

Zach: No. Well, not anymore. I can't, you know. I can't afford to be that generous anymore. Any other questions, son?

Scott: No. That was all. Thank you.

[At Babe's gravesite]

J.R.: Come sit down for a second. You know why we come here?

Little Adam: To talk to Mama.

J.R.: That's right. Tell her that we miss her and that we love her.

Little Adam: I wish we could see Mama again.

J.R.: I do, too. You know, before Mama went to be with the angels, she asked me if I could take care of you, keep you safe. I've tried to be a good dad. I know that I haven't always...

Marissa: You're a wonderful dad. Your son is lucky to have you.

Annie: Thinking about what went wrong? With your plan to frame me for Stuart's murder?

Zach: I was thinking about how soon autumn is gonna be here. Kendall's favorite time of year.

Annie: You didn't come over to discuss wedding details.

Zach: No. I came to apologize.

Annie: This is an admission? That you set me up?

Zach: I wanted very much to believe that you shot Stuart. Especially after Kendall confessed. I know guilt, I guess. You know, I'm the one that told her to be here that night, she's in there serving the time. It should be me.

Annie: So what? An admission and an apology and now everything is supposed to be ok?

Zach: [Sigh] No, I -- I just wanted you to know that I misjudged you, that's all.

Annie: Really. How?

Zach: Well, when you said you're getting your life back together after your breakdown, I thought it was all an act. Now I see you here and... I get it. It gives me hope that maybe Kendall can one day come back to her family I don't know. Um...Francesca's gonna make sure that everything goes well with your reception.

[Door closes]

Ian: [Baby talk]

[While she naps, Kendall hears a knocking at the door, sees a man enter, then holds up a gun as she hears a heartbeat. When she awakens, she hears floorboards creaking outside the children's room.]

Marissa: These flowers are beautiful. I'm sure your mom loves them. Are you sure you don't want some alone time with your son?

J.R.: No. It's ok. Just surprised us, that's all.

Marissa: I've...I've been coming here a lot lately. Just to think and sort things out. It helps, somehow. It just makes me feel closer to her.

Little Adam: I wish Mama could come back.

Marissa: I know you do. I do, too. I'd love to have known her. But you know what? You have your daddy, and he is going to be there for you always.

Angie: Maybe it might be best for you to stay here while we take him to the police station.

Randi: Why? Why? You said you understood, Angie. You said you understood the connection that I had with him.

Angie: Sweetheart, I do, but even with Cass, I had to go through all of the legal stuff. I mean, checking to make sure that she really had been abandoned. Meeting with Social Services. Look, it's not easy, and I had to stay strong. Now, right now, you may not be in the best shape to do that.

Angie: Hey. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, you. Hey, you. Hey. Hey, you.

Randi: Wait, Angie, please. There's gotta be another way.

Jesse: Randi, we can't keep this a secret anymore. You know that doesn't work.

Randi: No, please. [Sobbing]

Frankie: Come on. We agreed.

Randi: No, you can't. You can't.

Frankie: Hey, we have to.

Randi: No. If you take that baby, I swear...I swear I'll tell everybody. I'll tell them what I did.

Jesse: Randi.

Randi: I will, Jesse. I'll tell everybody that I killed Henry North.

Natalia: What? What do you mean? You killed North?

Randi: Yes. And your father helped me cover it up.

Liza: Please, please let me go home to my son.

David: What a wonderful option to have, huh? Going home to your son. You sat and watched me suffer at my son's memorial, knowing the truth. Think of this -- your son -- your flesh and blood -- dead. Try to imagine that.

Liza: Ok, stop it. Just please stop it. I was -- I was miserable, ok? I tried to get pregnant with in vitro. It didn't work. I was waiting for adopting a real baby, but it takes years. So Jake calls me out of the blue, and he wants me to handle a private adoption for Amanda's baby to make sure that she -- she was safe. Had a good home away from you.

David: So you were in it from the beginning?

Liza: All I wanted to do was help. I just wanted to help, and I wanted my son. And all I remembered about you was that you were lying, and you were scheming, and I never thought you could be a good father. And then, of course, I come back to Pine Valley and I see that... what Babe's death has done to you...that you've changed. And I see you with Marissa and I figured, you know, how badly you really do want a child.

David: Then why didn't you come forward? Stop what they were doing? How could you lead me to believe that my son was dead?

Liza: I was scared of losing my son.

David: You should be. You should be scared of a hell of a lot more than that.

Liza: No. Please. Please.

David: Now, keep talking.

Liza: Ok. Ok. I promise. I'll tell you everything that I know about your son. Please.

[Breathing heavily]

Liza: I thought that -- that Stuart was yours just up until a few days ago.

David: Why would Jake lie to you?

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