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All My Children Transcript Monday 8/24/09


Episode #10193

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Jake: Listen to me. I just want you to let me handle this.

Amanda: But if it's really Trevor ...

Jake: I know. I just want us to be really careful. We have to handle this carefully.

Amanda: I can't think of anything right now except seeing him and just knowing that he's ok.

Jake: Honey, I just don't want us to blow it, ok? All right?

Amanda: Was a baby brought here last night? No identification, no parents? Please tell me that he's ok.

David: Well, your heart rate's a little slow.

Marissa: Really. I wonder why.

David: Could be the meds.

Marissa: I've been lying here for days doing nothing.

David: I seem to remember someone helping you do laps around the halls. Against my orders, I might add.

Marissa: If you don't let me out of here soon, my treatment won't matter. I'll die of boredom.

David: Too many hospitals release their patients before they're ready. I'm not about to let you, my daughter, become a casualty of the system.

Marissa: David, I'm fine. It's just...fill out whatever paperwork you have to, so I can get out of here.

David: You just take it easy, relax. I'll check on you later.

[Marissa makes a call]

Marissa: I need another favor.

Adam: Liza, aren't you lovely this morning?

Liza: Wow, you're in a good mood.

Adam: Yeah. Well, it's a beautiful day, the sun is shining...why shouldn't I be happy?

Liza: Well, I could think of a million and a half reasons why. Do you have the money for Zach?

Adam: All right. All business. Come, come here, come on in here.

Liza: I've never seen you so excited about parting with money. When did you become so charitable?

Adam: Well, this loan to Slater is more like an investment, one that's in line with our company's new mission statement.

Annie: Mm, yes, and what could be smarter than pouring cash into a struggling casino during a recession, right?

Adam: Chandler isn't just about the bottom line anymore. We want to net a profit, bu we want to make a difference. This seems like a golden opportunity.

Annie: Yes, opportunity to lose everything.

Adam: No. Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea?

Liza: No, thank you. Just the check.

Adam: Well, Scott's picking it up at the accountant's office. He should be back any minute. Oh, and you must try one of those scones. They are phenomenal. Would you, please?

[Annie picks up a scone and plops it onto a plate for Liza]

[Zach and Kendall sleep in the secret room]

Ryan: Zach. Zach, are you in here?

Jesse: Hey.

Ryan: Jesse, what's going on? What happened to the door? Did somebody break in?

Jesse: Uh, yeah. Me.

Marissa: Did anyone see you?

J.R.: Uh, I was careful. I came through the back stairs.

Marissa: What about in the hallway?

J.R.: I made sure the coast was clear before I came in.

Marissa: Just because you can't see David doesn't mean he's not there. He has eyes and ears all over this place.

J.R.: We're good. Trust me.

Marissa: If he finds out what we're doing --

J.R.: I'm not afraid of that jerk. I care about you. You sure you're up for this?

Marissa: It's now or never.

[Marissa gets out of bed]

Adam: There. Done. Ah, tch tch! Not so fast.

Liza: I knew it. I knew it. Listen, whatever ridiculous conditions you want to tack on at the last minute, you can forget it because it's too late.

Scott: Just hang on. It's a lot of money. My uncle is allowed to change his mind.

Liza: No, actually, he's not. We have a signed contract. If you try to back out now, you will end up paying twice what that check is made out for after I slap you with a lawsuit.

Adam: Oh. Oh, oh, take it easy, woman. Relax. You'll get the money. I just want to give this to him in person, that's all.

Liza: Well, no, that won't be necessary.

Adam: Well, part of Chandler's new mission is to bring back the personal touch, look somebody straight in the eye, shake their hand. It counts for a lot in business these days. I would like to have this deal settled as soon as possible.

Liza: Ok, then I will call Zach, and I'll see if he's available.

Adam: Splendid.

Liza: All right. Why don't we say the Yacht Club in about an hour?

Adam: Oh, there's no need to make it a formal meeting. I just, uh, just -- I'll go by his house. If you'll be so kind as to give me his address.

Annie: Or you can just follow Liza. I mean, she practically lives there now that Kendall's out of the way.

Liza: I'm her attorney. I'm trying to get her out of prison.

Annie: Oh. I knew there had to be some other reason that you dumped me for a client, for Kendall. So tell me, how many nights a week do you work with Zach, working long and hard on his wife's appeal?

Liza: Ah, why don't we make the phone call from the car. Cars -- oh, you must miss those. Huh.

Annie: Oh, she's really got some nerve, you know that? Where the hell does she get off?

Scott: Uh, I really should get back to the office.

Annie: Wait, no. Please. Don't go.

Jesse: Somebody put in a 911 call from here last night.

Ryan: Why?

Jesse: I don't know. Phone call was disconnected before the operator figured out what the problem really was.

Ryan: And you're just getting to this now? Hey, Spike, why don't you go and play with that truck over there, ok, Boo, and stay where I can see you, all right? What is going on? What is going on? An emergency call to this house, and you know there's kids here, one of which has a heart condition.

Jesse: Relax, Ryan. Of course, a unit responded immediately.

Ryan: Ok, and?

Jesse: Apparently one of the boys was playing with the phone. Zach said everything was fine.

Ryan: So then why are you here and why did you break in the door?

Jesse: Been trying to reach Zach just to make sure everything was ok. I've been trying to call him on the cell phone and here -- no answer. I guess the father in me kind of overreacted.

Ryan: I don't know about that. I mean, Zach knew that I was coming by this morning to drop off Spike, so where is he?

Jesse: Took him to breakfast?

[Ian cries]

Zach: Whew.

Kendall: Mmm.

Zach: Morning.

Kendall: Morning.

Zach: You feel ok? No chest pains, anything?

Kendall: No, no. I -- I feel much better. The pills did the trick.

Zach: Good. Hey, no, no. Don't even think about...

Kendall: Zach, come on, I need to check on Ian.

Zach: I got it. You rest. I'll check on him.

[Over the intercom in Kendall's room]

Ryan: It's ok, Ian. It's ok. We're gonna find your daddy. Don't you worry about it. He's got to be around here somewheres, right? I'm sure he is.

[Kendall moves too fast and knocks over a lamp, making a loud sound]

Ryan: What was that?

Amanda: Why didn't she just let us have one look? Just one look. I would settle for that just to know.

Jake: Honey, they're just taking precautions. They don't have any idea who we are.

Amanda: You wouldn't let me say I was the mother.

Jake: Because that would open up a huge can of worms, too many questions.

Amanda: I saw your face when you got the call about the baby in the hospital. You think it's Trevor, too.

Jake: I hope so. I really hope so. Amanda there's a good chance.

Jake: Yeah, yeah. Come here. There is a chance, ok? And if it is our baby, then we just have to just come up with an amazing cover story to get him out of here.

Amanda: Well, you were really smooth with the nurse. You are a doctor from Pine Valley Hospital.

Jake: Yes.

Amanda: Ok, you have no reason to lie.

Jake: But just because I'm a doctor that doesn't mean they're gonna hand us a baby and let us walk out of here.

Amanda: Do you think she's onto me? Did I ruin everything?

Jake: You didn't do anything wrong. Honey, somebody took our child. They took the baby. Hopefully they had the good sense to bring the baby to a hospital and hopefully it's this hospital.

Amanda: Or Trevor just got so sick that they didn't have a choice but to bring him here.

Jake: Can we -- will you do me a favor? Can we just focus on the good things, ok? Please?

Amanda: Can you remind me what that is again, please?

Jake: Yeah, absolutely. That child, if it's him, it's him; if it isn't, listen, he's ok. I mean, he's not in surgery. He's not critical. And from what the nurse is saying -- or from what she isn't saying -- he's gonna be fine.

Amanda: Any pain is too much for a young, innocent boy like that away from everything, everyone that he knows. I mean, what does he know about this life, moving around like that? Ok, we're -- back to the good one. Please tell me what is good about this.

Jake: I would be delighted to. You know what else is good? This is a great hospital. It's -- if he ended up here, this is a great hospital. Emergency, amazing. The doctors, fantastic. I mean, imagine if they'd have dropped him off at Pine Valley, we'd never would have gotten him away from David.

David: Ahh. Where is Marissa Tasker?

Nurse: She may have been sent to the lab for more tests.

David: I'm her doctor. I didn't order any damn tests. She's not even supposed to be out of bed.

Nurse: Well, I'm sorry, Dr. Hayward. Is there something I can do?

David: Yeah, you can start by helping me find my daughter.

Marissa: Put me down! People are staring.

J.R.: At a beautiful woman, and who wouldn't?

Marissa: Ok, so we're supposed to be laying low.

J.R.: I doubt Hayward planted spies on the off chance that we escaped here. Look, there's a table over there.

Marissa: Can we walk for a bit first?

J.R.: All right.

[J.R. feels dizzy]

Marissa: Ok. Oh, oh! That settles it. No dessert for me.

J.R.: I slipped.

Marissa: Aw, still I think I'll just stick with a salad.

J.R.: I didn't bust you out of the hospital for rabbit food. The whole idea is to splurge. I say double sundaes, extra whipped cream, extra chocolate sauce.

Marissa: Oh, yes. All I've eaten for days is applesauce and mystery meat.

J.R.: Then that settles it. I'll have to get you an extra sundae for when we sneak you back into the hospital.

Marissa: No, I'm not going back in. I'm all healed. David just wants to keep an eye on me.

J.R.: Right. That's how it starts. He plays the good guy, tries to bond with you, next thing you know, he's controlling your life.

Marissa: I have an idea. Let's forget about David for the rest of the day.

J.R.: For the rest of the day, forever. I'm game.

Marissa: Seriously, let's not worry about anyone else...and just focus on us.

[Marissa and J.R. kiss at the Yacht Club]

J.R.: How's that?

Marissa: I don't know. I think you'll have to run that by me again.

Kendall: Oh, God, God, Ryan is in the nursery. He can hear us. What are we gonna do?

Zach: Well, we're not gonna panic.

Kendall: Well, see, I knew that this would never work. This was a terrible idea. We -- maybe we should just go out there and tell him the truth.

Zach: No. Uh-uh.

Kendall: Why? Zach, if Ryan's on our side, he'll understand. We'll just explain to him that this is only temporary until you and Jesse prove that I'm innocent.

Zach: And what if somebody else finds out? And you, me, Jesse, we all go to prison. Our kid's not gonna have a family. Is that what you want?

Kendall: No, of course not, but I don't think we have a choice. Ryan heard the lamp fall down, and he found Ian alone in the nursery. He's not gonna let this go.

Zach: Jesse will think of something.

Jesse: Oh, man, that's gonna hurt.

Ryan: Got anything?

Jesse: Well, no sign of a struggle or a forced entry. Well, except for mine.

Ryan: So then where is he? Where is Zach?

Jesse: I don't know. He must have stepped out for a little while thinking he'd get back before Ian woke up.

Ryan: No. There's no possible way he would leave Ian alone in the house. You got to call this in. Something is definitely wrong here, Jesse. Get your guys out looking for him.

Jesse: Since when did you care about Zach? I thought the two of you hated each other.

Ryan: I care as long as the boys are involved, all right? Spike could have just as easily been here. At least Ian is in the crib. Spike could have been wandering getting into anything.

Jesse: Try this.

Ryan: Zach, if you can hear us, come to the nursery now.


Ryan: Be right back. Be right back.

Scott: Make it quick.

Annie: You're angry with me. I don't blame you. I haven't been very nice lately. Arguing with you over Adam's money, questioning your principles, refusing to give you that DVD of us --

Scott: Can we not?

Annie: I'm sorry. I just want to apologize for my actions lately, and if you'd just let me explain a few things...

Scott: Don't worry about it.

Annie: Ok, just -- you live here now. We're gonna be family soon. I don't want things to be weird between us, ok? So...will you just hear me out?

Scott: Fine.

Annie: See, every man that I've ever been close to in my life, they pretend to be something and then they turn into something else. So I think that's why whenever I'm actually happy in my life, I'm always panicked that it's all gonna fall apart.

Scott: Adam's not pretending. The good and the bad, he's the real deal.

Annie: I know, but I can't trust it. I think that's why I have this big problem with this loan. It's like I've convinced myself that my happiness is slowly gonna slip away, so I pout and sulk and throw temper tantrums. But really that's the only way I feel that I can stay in control. Instead, I end up looking like a spoiled brat. You have to understand it comes from a place of fear, that what's mine really isn't or things I have I don't really have.

Scott: Yesterday when Adam said he paid off a judge just to make sure everything goes your way, you were all smiles, and now suddenly you're afraid he'll dump you?

Annie: I care a lot about Adam. I have to stop acting this way for him. I mean, he's trying so hard to be this great man to honor his brother's memory.

Scott: In his own way, he thinks that's just what he's doing.

Annie: Yeah, but I'm gonna be his wife soon. I have to be supportive. I have to stop being selfish and making it all about me. It's so strange. Years ago Emma was having this problem sharing. So I would have all these talks with her about generosity and giving and how important those things are. And now, I've forgotten all the lessons. I have to reteach myself.

Scott: Huh. That sounds like a great topic for your next therapy session.

Annie: Please. Everyone in this town keeps accusing me of being selfish. They say that I'm using Adam, that I'm taking advantage of him. I don't want to prove them right. I don't want to be that person.

Scott: So don't be.

Annie: I want to change, but I can't do it by myself. I need help. And I think you're just the man to do that job.

Ryan: What the hell is wrong --

Liza: We were hoping you could tell us.

Jesse: Long story.

Zach: I have time. Why don't you guys start by telling me what happened to my door?

Marissa: I can't believe we ordered all this. I'm so glad that we did.

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Marissa: Are you ok?

J.R.: Yeah. I should be asking you that question. You took a bullet.

Marissa: I'm good as new. Can't you tell from the way I'm inhaling these fries?

J.R.: I'm just glad to see you smile again.

Marissa: Mmm. Wait'll they bring out that hot fudge sundae. You'll still talk to me when I'm triple my size, right?

J.R.: Ooh, triple? Double, maybe. Triple, no way. Ha! Hey!

Marissa: Don't do it. I'm injured, remember?

J.R.: You're as good as new, and you're in serious trouble.

Marissa: Oh, you are so gonna regret that.

J.R.: All right, you know, Marissa, this is a new shirt.

Marissa: Oh, yeah?

J.R.: Yeah. You know what?

Marissa: Oh, you wouldn't.

J.R.: Wouldn't I?

Marissa: Ah! Ha ha! That's it!

J.R.: All right. Come on.

Marissa: You're wasting a perfectly good meal.

J.R.: No, I'm not. Seeing ketchup on your nose is worth every penny.

Marissa: Ok, I give.

J.R.: All right. Let's see your napkin.

[J.R. kisses Marissa]

David: Didn't anyone ever teach you not to play with your food?

Ryan: Where the hell were you, Zach?

Zach: In the basement. Ok with you?

Ryan: Huh. 'Cause Jesse and I were up in the nursery. Didn't hear us on that thing?

Zach: Probably out of range. What happened to my door?

Ryan: You're worried about your door? What about your kid? Zach, what if something happened to him?

Zach: Don't tell me how to take care of my son. Jesse --

Ryan: Well, I'm here dropping off my son. Maybe both the boys should be with me at my place. Is that the only way to keep them safe? You tell me --

Jesse: Hey, I broke down the door.

Zach: You did? My money was on those guys.

Adam: On, no, no. We just came by to drop off your check.

Ryan: Of course, you did. Of course, you did. You can't get rid of your money quick enough, right? I mean, first Annie and now Zach. Soon the whole town's gonna be in your debt. Is that the plan, Adam?

Adam: I'm not giving Slater anything. It's a debt that he will pay back in full and with interest. Annie, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. I'm the one in her debt.

Ryan: Yeah, I know, Adam. I've heard, like, a million times already, she saved your life.

Adam: Damn right, damn right, and I'm going to return the favor by giving her back her life.

Ryan: And that's probably not gonna happen.

Adam: Oh, I think it might happen just far sooner than you think. Annie has a competency hearing this afternoon, and once she's declared fit, they'll give her a trial date, and she will be found innocent of all charges, and she and I will begin our lives together as husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Chandler.

Ryan: Liza, the hearing is today? Any particular reason you didn't share that information with me?

Liza: You should ask Jackson. I'm no longer Annie's attorney.

Adam: Yes, she's being represented by Barry Shire. I wanted someone that my fiancée could feel was totally unbiased in making her case.

Ryan: No. You wanted somebody who wasn't afraid to bend the laws, Adam. That's what you wanted.

Adam: Let us not be impolite. There's a little girl involved here -- Emma. Would you want her involved in a nasty custody battle?

[Ryan goes for Zach's throat]

Jesse: Now, come on, hey, hey!

Ryan: That's not gonna happen. Do you understand me? Is that clear? Is that clear?

Jesse: Ho, ho, it's time to go. I got to escort Annie to the hearing. I don't want to be late.

Ryan: Taking a loan from Adam is one thing, Zach. But helping him take my daughter from me is a line you do not want to cross, all right? You want payback with me? You leave them out of this and you deal with me, man to man.

Annie: The new mission statement you wrote for Chandler Enterprises is incredible. The entire company is being reborn.

Scott: We still have a long way to go. What does this have to do with me helping you?

Annie: Because of your vision, this company is going in an entirely different direction, a positive direction, and it's all because of you, Scott. And I was hoping you could do the same thing for me.

Scott: Write you a new mission statement?

Annie: Help me redefine myself. My goals, my priorities, my purpose. That way, when I get the stupid ankle monitor off, I will be reborn, too. What do you say?

Scott: I -- I'm committed to helping Chandler and Uncle Adam in any way that I can --

Annie: Yes! Oh, thank you! Ah! Thank you. You won't regret this.

[Annie hugs Scott]

Scott: Ok, ok, ok, ok. I care about Uncle Adam, I do, and -- and I want him to be happy, but, ahem, you and me, this -- this cannot happen, ok? We're roomies, that's it.

Annie: I never thought of us as anything else.

Scott: That right there. If you want to become a better person, step one, stop with all the games.

Annie: I gave you a hug, Scott. I hug all my friends. What is it that you are so afraid of?

[Annie gets real close to Scott and almost kisses him]

Adam: Shouldn't you be at the office?

David: You can't just leave the hospital without telling anyone.

Marissa: If I were any other patient, I'd have been released by now.

David: You're not any other patient. You're my daughter.

Marissa: I'm an adult.

David: Who just underwent major surgery.

J.R.: Well, then maybe we should be speaking to the doctor who actually performed the surgery. You freaked out in the operating room. Jake had to save her life.

Marissa: J.R., don't. Look, David, please just leave us alone.

David: All right, look, if you're not gonna listen to me as your father, then at least listen to me as a doctor. You should be resting, not running around town with this jackass.

Marissa: You've kept me prisoner in the hospital long enough. I'm done.

David: All right, ok, fine, then come home with me.

Marissa: Thanks, but I have my own place right here at the Yacht Club.

David: What if you wake up in pain in the middle of the night? Who's gonna take care of you?

J.R.: Uh, I will.

David: Ha ha. You know, Marissa needs someone who has her best interests at heart, not a moron who removes her from critical care, so he can have someone to party with. Tell me, Junior, how many have you tossed back so far today?

Marissa: J.R. is sober.

David: Come on. Give me a break. Look at him. He's breaking into a sweat just sitting here. That's called withdrawal, Marissa. Now, come on, you're just dying for a drink, aren't you, Junior?

J.R.: No, you know what I'm dying to do is crack you in the face, and if you don't get the hell out of here, I will.

[J.R. sways as he stands]

David: Ha ha. Look at you. You can't even stand let alone throw a punch.

J.R.: You want to bet?

Marissa: Ok, you two want what's best for me? Then stop before I bust my stitches strangling you both.

Annie: And we were just brainstorming ways, now that, you know, the company's back on track, to keep the good momentum going, you know.

Adam: Yes, the quarterlies are quite encouraging.

Annie: Yeah. And I mean, everyone else is pitching in, I thought it was time for me to do my part, so we were, you know, thinking of utilizing ways to utilize our time and our resources and all that.

Adam: You probably both think I'm insane for sinking a small fortune into a casino, but it's paying off even as we speak.

Scott: You just gave Slater the money. How could you be seeing a return so fast?

Adam: Slater and Lavery are at each other's throats. That gives me the upper hand. Haven't even cashed the check yet. And that loan is going to put us back into a position of power.

Annie: I thought the new Chandler Enterprises was about helping people, hope for the future. I thought it wasn't about greed and power.

Adam: You sound like Scott.

Annie: Well, I take that as a compliment.

Adam: Ha ha.

Annie: He's a smart man. I'm sure there are many things Scott could teach me.

Adam: Well, perhaps you two should put your heads together more often.

Annie: I'd like that.

Scott: Well, Adam's right, I should be back at the office.

Zach: I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Ryan: Kendall and I slept together, and you are out for revenge.

Zach: If I'd wanted revenge, I'd already have it.

Ryan: You moved out, man. Your marriage was over, all right? You did God knows what with Reese, and the idea that Kendall did anything but sit in a corner and cry over you -- it kills you, man. It kills you to know that what she needed was me.

Zach: Are you done? I'm gonna check on the boys.

Ryan: What's worse, Zach? Knowing that I helped Kendall through something that you couldn't or knowing that you will never get over it?

Liza: All right, guys, why don't we just leave all this in the past where it belongs?

Ryan: Are you kidding me, Liza? Zach lives in the past. His grudges last a lifetime. Now, what's the deal with Adam? The deal is, what, he bankrolls the casino and then you help Annie get my daughter? Is that what happens?

Zach: No.

Ryan: Well, then why else would you take a loan from Adam, Zach? I mean, you wanted the man dead.

Zach: He borrowed money from me before, a lot of money, so I figured he couldn't say no.

Ryan: And I don't believe that.

Liza: Why don't you just tell him why you're doing this?

Zach: I think kids should be with their mother.

Ryan: And you get to try and play God one more time and teach me a lesson at the same time.

Zach: No, that's not it. I'm doing what Kendall wants, and I'm not living in the past, you are. I'm looking to the future, and so is Annie. I want to make sure she has all the happiness she deserves.

[Ryan punches Zach then leaves while Kendall silently listens]

Amanda: What is taking so long? Something could really be wrong. He's so defenseless. Any little thing could hurt him.

Jake: I really -- I really need you to stop talking like that, ok?

Amanda: Please help me think of something else.

Jake: All right, ok, let's play a word association game, cool? Here, I'll start. Fashion. Bubbles. Baseball. No? Ok, forget that. Hey, what's the name of our favorite TV show?

Amanda: "Todos Los Niños."

Jake: "Todos Los Niños." I'm glad you brought that up. Could you have a seat, ma'am, please? "Todos Los Niños." Funny story. I was checking out at the supermarket. I was in line there, and I saw one of those soap opera magazines. Actually, it was a telenovela magazine. And I see this story, they're telling me that there's gonna be a brand-new character introduced. She's this hot, fiery, smoking, gorgeous, chocolate-blondish, sort of filthy blond hair, and, oh, she's got this gorgeous new little handsome baby boy, too. That's the other character. And you know what her character's name is? Amarantha.

Amanda: And her son's name is Trevorio?

Jake: You read the magazine? That's, uh, that's a shocker. Well, anyway, the one that I was reading, it says that she's not gonna have this, you know, sort of typical story lines that they have in the soap operas. No, not like the, you know, a gun in her face or getting her heart broken at the altar, no evil twin showing up. None of that crud, no. In this story, in this story, this is a very special story, she's gonna have happiness, nothing but happiness. In fact, every single episode ends with a big fat smile. It's true.

Nurse: Dr. Martin?

Jake: Yeah.

Amanda: Not him.

Jake: How do you know? You didn't even look at him yet.

Amanda: It's not him.

Jake: Ok. Ok.

David: You don't know how this man operates, Marissa. I do.

Marissa: Look, I don't want to hear it.

David: He's gonna go off on one of his famous benders, he's gonna get wasted, and he's gonna forget you even exist.

Marissa: We're having a great time. He hasn't done anything wrong.

David: Oh, right, he just kidnapped you from the hospital.

Marissa: Breaking out was my idea.

David: You never would have come up with that idea if you hadn't been hanging out with J.R. It's his bad influence that's rubbing off on you.

Marissa: Ok, can we just -- just give us a minute.

J.R.: Sure. I'll be at the bar.

David: Huh. Well, now there's a shocker.

Marissa: Ok, you need to back off.

David: I can't.

Marissa: It's not optional.

David: Marissa, you were lying on an operating table with a bullet in your chest. J.R.'s right. I did freeze in the operating room. Just the thought of losing you just -- ahh...

Marissa: I made it, David. You don't have to worry.

David: That gunshot may not have destroyed your heart, but J.R. certainly will, and I can't just stand by and watch that happen.

Marissa: You need to stop treating me like a fragile little girl. I've been out in the world protecting myself from all kinds of men.

David: I'm sure you have, but J.R. Chandler is different.

Marissa: Maybe, but I want to give him a chance.

David: Babe already gave him a chance. She gave him a million chances, and look how that turned out.

Marissa: For the last time, I'm not Babe.

David: I'm very well aware of that, ok? But J.R. is still J.R. He's reckless, he's destructive, he's deadly. I'm not gonna lose another daughter to that bastard.

Marissa: Well, that's exactly what's gonna happen if you don't stop interfering.

David: Marissa, please, no ultimatums. I want to be in your life.

Marissa: I want that, too, but there have to be guidelines. I make my own decisions, and you need to trust that I can make good ones. Being with J.R. feels right, and I want to see where it goes.

David: Ha ha. Ok, all right, at least meet me halfway.

Marissa: Meaning?

David: I will release you from the hospital if you come back to Wildwind with me. Just for a few days, at least until I can see that you're ok.

Marissa: All right.

David: Ok.

J.R.: Do you have an aspirin?

Scott: You got a headache? Maybe you should lay off the vodka.

J.R.: No, actually, I think I'm just gonna go home and go to sleep.

Scott: You want a lift?

J.R.: No. I'm gonna call a cab, but there is something that you could do for me, Scott. Have dessert with Marissa. She's dying for a chocolate sundae.

Liza: I don't understand men. Look, all you had to do was tell Ryan the real reason for the loan. You wouldn't have gotten a busted lip.

Zach: It's all right. It goes with my door.

Liza: Look, you are doing it to get access to Annie to prove that she actually killed Stuart. Ryan wants the same thing. Why don't you guys work together for the greater good.

Zach: Erica, Ryan, Aidan -- it didn't work, and you know what? Bottom line is I don't play well with others. It's too complicated, too many people.

Liza: So Annie has managed to elude Oak Haven security, police, FBI, and Interpol. But you alone, you're gonna get a confession?

Zach: Yeah, that's the plan.

Liza: And Ryan? What about him? You just gonna let him suffer, thinking that he might actually lose his daughter?

Zach: I don't really care what Ryan thinks. If he's smart, he's gonna stay out of my way.

Adam: I talked to Robbie -- Judge Robinson. Called in a few favors. You're not gonna have to do anything this afternoon except sit around and collect that fat retainer I pay you.

Barry: If only I could handle all my cases on the back nine.

Adam: Oh, there she comes. Well, we're not going to a funeral, sweetheart. In a few hours, we'll be celebrating.

Annie: We don't know that. Look at the things I've done over the past few months. The escape attempts, the arrests. What if the judge finds me incompetent and sends me back to Oak Haven?

Adam: You have nothing to worry about.

Annie: Will you wait for me? Will you ride it out while your crazy fiancée rots away in a padded cell? I can't go back there, Adam. Please, you can't let them send me back there.

Adam: The judge will declare you fit. Barry will push for the earliest possible trial date. We will get out of here before you know it. Ok? You're gonna make a beautiful bride.

Jesse: Ready to go?

Scott: Here we are.

Marissa: Hey. Where's J.R.?

Scott: Uh, he had to go. Something came up.

David: Ha. Yeah, right. Something came up. You mean the liquor cabinet called, right? Aren't you supposed to be the good Chandler, the one who's different from the rest? And here you are making excuses for Junior while he run off getting wasted.

Marissa: I have to go find him.

David: No, no. Wait a minute. We had a deal. You want out of the hospital? You come home with me.

Scott: Hey, just enjoy your sundae, ok? I'll go check on J.R.

J.R.: Hi. Is Dr. Joe Martin in?

Nurse: Dr. Martin left for the day. Is there something I can help you with?

J.R.: Uh, no thanks. I'll just come back another time.

[J.R. feels faint and falls down]

Jesse: Annie's not to leave this courthouse without a police escort.

Barry: Yes, Chief.

Jesse: Officer Guest will be waiting right here until the end of the hearing.

Judge Robinson: Please come in. We'll be starting shortly.

Adam: What the devil are you doing here?

Annie: Isn't it obvious? He came to make sure I rot in prison.

Liza: I have filed a notice for appeal and started on the brief, but I can't go any further until I talk to Kendall. She's still refusing to see me. How about you? Any luck?

Zach: Erica wrote her a letter. She wants me to deliver it, but she's --

Liza: So she's still not seeing any visitors? Look, um, I know I said this before, but I just -- I know how hard this is for you, taking care of the two kids and, well, not having Kendall here.

Spike: Mommy! Mom, come back to my room.

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