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Frankie: For now, Sponge Pants stays.

Randi: I love you.


Randi: Did you hear that? You're home, baby. You're home. And Mom and Dad are just gonna love you so much. So crazy.

Frankie: Or just crazy.

Randi: Frankie, everything is gonna be perfect now. Don't you see? We can forget about Henry, we can forget about our past. Just concentrate on our future.

Tad: So, did you come up with anything?

Jake: Ah, not -- not much. All we're doing is just watching and covering that payphone that David's been calling. But so far, no calls in or out.

Tad: Well, was there any sign of the delivery?

Jake: No, not even a -- not even a case of beer. Definitely not this so-called "package" that David's been talking about. Anything on your end?

Tad: No, not much. However, the Prince of Darkness just walked in. Tell you what -- I'll keep you posted, ok?

Tad: Liza. It's Tad. Listen, I want you to call me back, ok? No. Listen, scratch that. I want you to make a beeline down to ConFusion just as soon as you get this message, ok? It's important. Show up. Patrick. It's a little dead tonight, isn't it?

Patrick: Unfortunately.

Tad: Well, if it's ok with you, I think I know of a way to spice things up a little bit.

Krystal: Erica, wake up, damn it.

Erica: What? What? What? What? Why are you waking me up in the middle of the night? [Sigh] Oh, my God. [Gasp]

Krystal: What do I do? You gotta help me.

Erica: All right. I'll, uh...

Krystal: You'll what?

Erica: But then again, I'm just a spoiled celebrity. What would I know about killing scorpions?

Zach: Mm. Yeah.

Liza: [Giggles]

Zach: [Indistinct] That's right. Oh, my goodness.

Kendall: [Gasping with chest pains]

Zach: That's all these guys need -- some good food, some great pickups at the trade deadline.

Liza: [Chuckles] Guy thing, right?

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Liza: I've always planned on raising this little guy by myself. I know I can give him a great life. But every now and then, I think it wouldn't be so terrible to have a man in our life.

Zach: No, you don't want that. There's dirty socks everywhere, no more remote control for you. Right?

Liza: Maybe I ought to just get a man around the house, right? A manny? No complications, just a paycheck. Any suggestions?

Zach: Not right now, but I'll keep my eyes open. Oh, my goodness.

Liza: Ok, well, we better go. Yeah. Ok.

Zach: Aren't you forgetting something?

Liza: [Laughs] Maybe I ought to keep him strapped to my chest. Oh, yes. Come to Mama.

Zach: Oh, my goodness.

Liza: I know. Yeah.

Zach: Thanks for handling the loan.

Liza: Thanks for being so good with Stuart. Yeah, baby.

Zach: I got it.

Liza: Good night.

Zach: Good night.

Randi: You are gonna be so loved and so happy.

Frankie: Mom found Cass like that. Abandoned.

Randi: Anyone who just abandons a baby and walks away is not gonna come looking for him. And if they do, they don't deserve him. Frankie, I meant what I said before. I know that this is meant to be.

Frankie: Yeah, I'm starting to believe you, but it's not gonna be easy, Randi. Making this whole thing legal? I'm not even sure how we do that.

Randi: Just love him. And we just trust that -- [Sigh] Things will fall into place beautifully, just like the day that I found him.

Jake: Hey.

Bartender: Hey.

Jake: Two of whatever you got. Beer is fine.

Bartender: Great.

Jake: It's funny having a pay phone. They're like relics, you know.

Bartender: Yeah, tell me about it. The owner's the only one that uses it, so it stays.

Jake: You're not the owner?

Bartender: No. I just collect a paycheck.

Jake: You hear that? He's not the owner.

Amanda: The owner must be David's contact.

Jake: All we can do is wait now, I guess.

Amanda: What is it?

Jake: Don't look. Don't look. I think that's the owner. That's not just any owner. It's that nurse that helped Hayward drug Adam.

Amanda: What? No way. The one who took the fall for David? She must be a head case.

Jake: Or worse. She must be in love with the guy.

Tad: Hey. Just what I need -- a friendly face.

David: Ha ha. Yeah, in what universe are we friends?

Tad: You know, I'm bombing already. Do you mind? I need a shot. Ahh. Whoo. Fruit first with just a hint of oak. Why am I not surprised?

David: What the hell are you doing?

Tad: You didn't know? It's open mic night here at ConFusion. I'm up first.

David: You're going to be singing? Well, it's a good thing I'm leaving.

Tad: Music's your thing, not mine. I'm Mr. Stand Up Comedy. As a matter of fact, you could do me a favor. Just heckle me a little bit. That way at least I know somebody's listening.

David: Ha ha. You know, as enjoyable as that sounds, I really have to leave soon.

Liza: Well, well, you two are out on the town together. Maybe I ought to take a picture.

Tad: Ha. Better idea. Join us.

David: Yes. Please.

Liza: Why not?

Jesse: That woman's everywhere. Smirking because she knows the truth. And you know what? It stops now.

Angie: Hey. Let me.

Madison: I'd buy you a drink, but I'm just leaving.

Angie: That doesn't work for me.

Madison: I don't really care what works for you.

Angie: You know, this thing you do, you show up, you stir it up, and then you run away. You don't get to run anymore. You want a fight? Then stay and fight.

Madison: Some other time, perhaps.

Angie: No, sweetheart. We're doing it now. You tell me what kind of game you're playing or you're gonna have a serious problem.

Krystal: This isn't funny.

Erica: It's deadly serious. It's just...what to do?

Krystal: I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry I called you spoiled. I'm sorry I gave you a h-hard time about being you. Erica!

Erica: Well, ok. The first thing that you need to do is you need to let go of your fear, because creatures like this, they feel that, and that's when they really go in for the kill.

Krystal: I'm begging you.

Erica: Oh, this is not good.

Krystal: I know that.

Erica: What I mean is you remember how the guide told us about all the different types of scorpions? This one is definitely poisonous. Well, obviously you don't know who you're dealing with, you ugly, little bug. I'm Erica Kane. And I have stared down grizzly bears and jealous husbands and ex-husbands and rabid producers and prison mobs and greedy CEOs. I have even pinned Adam Chandler to the mat a few times.

Krystal: My God, I swear it's listening to you.

Erica: Now, I don't want to resort to violence, ugly, little bug, but I will if I have to. So, if you want to ever see your ugly bug wife and your ugly bug children again, I'm telling you, you need to go. You need to run and hide now. Don't you raise your tail at me. I'm not afraid of you.

[Erica screams as Krystal pushes the scorpion off her chest and smashes it on the table]

Krystal: [Breathing heavily] That's how we do it in the trailer park.

Nurse Gayle: How's business?

Bartender: Same as always.

Nurse Gayle: Dr. Martin. What a surprise. Way up here.

Jake: Yeah, well, we were just driving through and saw the sign.

Amanda: Where the hell is my baby?

Randi: He is sleeping like an angel, and I'm finally gonna get some good night's rest tonight, too. You know, I hated not being able to tell you and Angie what happened with Henry in D.C.

Frankie: You and North? Never mind.

Randi: No, everything should be out in the open from now on. Look, Frankie, I was young, and I was working for Fletcher. Henry just came along, and he offered me more than money. He offered me a life. An escape.

Frankie: You loved him?

Randi: No. I tried to talk myself into loving him only because it offered me -- it offered me a way to get out of a life that I hated. I just loved the way he loved me. But I promise you there are no more secrets --

Frankie: Yeah, no more past. No more thinking about what's already done and over, ok? [Sigh]

Randi: Have you ever killed a man?

Frankie: No. I guess that's one of the pluses of being a medic in the Army. I got to focus on saving lives. But I have seen a man killed in front of me, though.

Randi: What I did, killing Henry. That's never gonna be over for me.

[Kendall lies in her secret room unconscious]

Zach: All right, Ian. It's ok. It just was a bad dream. You're gonna be just fine. Everything's gonna be just fine. Hey, Kendall. Why don't you come in here, give your boy a kiss good night? Liza's gone. It's safe. Kendall. [Door opens] Hey, what's going on? What are you -- [Telephone ringing] 911 operator: 911 emergency assistance --

Kendall: [Exhales]

Zach: You ok? What do you need? What do you need?

Kendall: I need my pills. My pills.

[Pills rattling]

Zach: It's gonna be ok. It's gonna be just fine. Have some water. It's gonna be just fine. It's gonna be ok.

Erica: Oh, no. Oh, no. It's too soon. We're taping this morning. I don't have a word written, thanks to you.

Krystal: It's not my fault you tore up what you wrote.

Erica: Well, maybe I can piece it back together.

Krystal: Here's a thought -- why don't you just let the words come naturally?

Erica: I need to have something written. This is way too important to wing it.

Krystal: Since when is sharing what you feel "winging it"? Listen, if you really want to make an impact on these people, give them something they'll never forget. Share yourself. But hey, that's just the opinion of a trailer trash mortal.

Erica: No, I like it.

Krystal: Good. Good. Maybe I can finally get a little sleep.

Angie: Get over here. You are done harassing my family. You understand me?

Madison: I don't believe you're in a position to tell me what I should or shouldn't do.

Angie: What -- is it fun for you? Baiting my husband, torturing my daughter-in-law, skulking after my son?

Madison: Skulking? I prefer to think of it as keeping on top of things. Your son should thank me. I told him the truth about his wife.

Angie: It could have destroyed his marriage.

Madison: A hunk like Frankie could do so much better than a homicidal hooker. Oh, as it happens, I'm available.

Angie: Listen, you stay away from Frankie, from Randi, from Jesse.

Madison: Not your call.

Angie: What possible reason could you have for harassing my family?

Madison: Your daughter-in-law murdered my husband. Your husband covered it up. I'm a victim.

Jesse: Who's about to receive a $10 million insurance payout for the death of a man you hated. So if you ever want to see that money, stop the games.

Madison: I would have already had my check if your wife hadn't been so nosy about Henry's autopsy.

Jesse: I told you I'll take care of it.

Madison: Well, you better. Because if those cops down in Washington dig too deep, I might have to wait a little bit longer for my money. Inconvenient, but you and your daughter-in-law? Bye-bye freedom.

Jesse: If you don't keep your mouth shut and stay away from my family, you can say bye-bye to your freedom, too.

Madison: You seem to forget that I'm the one with all the cards. So we might all just want to get along. Hmm?

Manager: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to ConFusion's first open mic comedy night. Our first brave soul...Mr. Tad Martin.


Tad: Thank you. It's nice to be here. Such an auspicious and very, very attractive crowd, I might add. Couple of friendly faces. For instance, our very own Dr. David Hayward, chief of staff at our very own Pine Valley Hospital. He's a world-renowned cardiologist. And he's drinking and on a date. So, are you operating later? I mean, besides on the redhead, because as hard as it is being a woman at your table, it's gotta suck being a guy under your knife. Like a do-it-yourself Japanese steakhouse, huh?

Nurse Gayle: I don't know anything about a baby.

Jake: Yeah, but you have been expecting some sort of a package from David, right? You've been talking to him a lot lately.

Nurse Gayle: We keep in touch.

Jake: Why? Why?

Nurse Gayle: He's grateful I came forward and admitted I drugged Mr. Chandler.

Jake: Well, how did you end up here?

Nurse Gayle: I lost my nursing license and David felt badly, so he gave me the money to start this place.

Amanda: He paid you off.

Nurse Gayle: He helped me. Business has been slow, so he offered a cash infusion. It came today.

Jake: I didn't realize he was such a generous person.

Nurse Gayle: David is an amazing man. He keeps promising to visit, but he's so busy at the hospital.

Jake: Yeah, he's a saint.

Nurse Gayle: You won't tell him that you saw me, right? He was very specific. No one's supposed to know about this place. Money. They wouldn't understand.

Jake: Your secret's safe with us.

Frankie: If you hadn't defended yourself, God only knows what he would've done to you.

[Knocking on door]

Natalia: What's up? Did I hear a rumor about your mama's lasagna landing around here somewhere?

Frankie: Look, it's not a good time. Randi has a headache and she was just about to go to bed.

Randi: Yeah, it's been a really long day.

Natalia: Whispering. The baby's still here, isn't he?

Zach: What happened?

Kendall: Well, I was at the computer...deleting. I was so frustrated. Everything with you is so absolute. And the way you shut down -- sorry. Sorry. I know it's not your fault. I, um, I was having a hard time breathing and my chest was hurting, and I was having -- my heart was beating really fast. And then I tried to reach for my phone, but the next thing I you.

Zach: We should have you checked out.

Kendall: Yeah, well, that's kind of impossible, don't you think? Besides, I'm sure it's just because I forgot to take my heart medication.

Zach: Well, you can't forget to take your heart medication. It regulates your heartbeat.

Kendall: Yes. I know that. Lesson learned. [Beeping] Ok, I swear to God, if that is Liza, I'm gonna kill somebody. I'm gonna throw something.

Zach: It's the police. I called 911. They're probably just checking it out.

Kendall: Well, ignore it.

Zach: They know I'm here. I can't ignore it. [Door opens] Officer, good evening.

Officer: Did you call 911, sir?

Zach: I did not. My boy did. He was playing with the phone.

Officer: If you don't mind, I need to look around.

Zach: Ok. There is no emergency here.

Officer: Standard procedure. Where's your son?

Zach: He's asleep.

Officer: You alone?

Zach: I'm alone with my son, yes. My wife's not here.

Officer: Everybody knows about Mrs. Slater. 15 to life. I really do need to speak to your son. To verify.

Zach: To verify. You want to go wake up a toddler to verify? You want to do that? Well, maybe you should call Jesse, ask his opinion.

Officer: Not necessary. Kids need their sleep. But please explain to your son that when we waste our time on false alarms, we're not available for people who need us.

Zach: I'll explain it to him. Thank you. [Sigh] What are you doing down here? You should be off your feet.

Kendall: I know. I feel better.

Zach: I'd be more comfortable if you had somebody look at you.

Kendall: That's funny. For the first time, I am comfortable. With all of this.

Tad: So, you're obviously on a first date, because you're not ignoring one another. There's no food flying. In fact, there's no food, so we know he's a cheap date. But you guys make an attractive couple. You really -- I mean, your very own summer of love. What am I saying? Dating myself. Which isn't half bad, because it's dating somebody I like. Yeah, well, that's -- that's -- that's it for me tonight. That's all I got, ladies and gentlemen, so thank -- thank -- thank you for your time. Thank you.

Manager: Ok, that concludes ConFusion's first open mic comedy night.

David: Well, I guess that was the big joke, huh? The fact that that was your idea of a comedy routine?

Tad: No, no, that was more wit and wisdom. What'd you think?

Liza: You killed.

Tad: That's one way of putting it. That's a friend. So at least after that, you could buy her dinner.

David: You know something? If I didn't realize how much you hated me, I would swear that you were trying to play matchmaker here. What's going on, Tad?

Tad: Well, you see, David, it's like this. I figure if you two guys get together, and you like each other enough to -- amounts to some mattress time, you'd be so thankful for a little attention from somebody this stunning, you'd open up and tell her all your secrets. That way, she could tell me. But that would imply that I actually give a crap about what you do. So, what are you gonna say, you know? I'll -- I guess I'll see you around later on, whether I like to or not.

David: Hear, hear.

Liza: Yeah. Well, that was -- quite a performance, huh?

David: Tad is an idiot.

Liza: Well, I -- I should probably be going and take Stuart home.

David: No, wait a minute. He looks like he's sleeping soundly, and I would guess that you haven't had dinner yet, so, why don't you let me buy you one?

Natalia: It's official. You two have totally jumped off the cliff and into the deep end. Insanity. You can't just take a baby off the street and keep him.

Frankie: Yeah, I know it's out there, Nat, but maybe Randi's right -- she found him for a reason.

Natalia: Maybe that reason is to get that baby back to his parents. That baby did not just fall from the sky, Randi. He belongs somewhere.

Randi: Well, are there any missing baby reports?

Natalia: No. But that does not mean that some freaked-out parent isn't looking for their son. Come on. You've gotta do the right thing.

Frankie: Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing for the right reasons.

Natalia: Now you sound like Dad.

Randi: Natalia, look, ok? Yes, that baby did not fall from the sky. But timing. I was on my way to church to ask for forgiveness.

Natalia: Randi, do you really think God gave you that baby?

Randi: He gave me hope. I can make up for all of the horrible things that I have done by pouring all of my love into this child. Into my family. I found that baby. But he saved me.

[Baby crying]

Natalia: I get the "meant to be" thing from Randi. She miscarried. She's been through hell. She needs something. But you? Come on, Frankie. You know this is wrong. You have to tell Randi that this is wrong.

Frankie: Yeah, I know this is crazy, ok? But that baby is Randi's only lifeline. I can't just -- I can't just yank it away.

Jesse: Right now, my priority is keeping Randi safe. And I need you to get on the phone to the D.C. police. Tell them that you were wrong about Henry North's autopsy report. You need to make them believe that his death was accidental.

Angie: I lie.

Jesse: You lie. For Randi. For Frankie. For me. For us.

Angie: A lie isn't a lie if it saves a person you love.

Jesse: Nothing in life that's worth having is easy.

Erica: Ok. Let's do it.

Producer: We can cue card your notes.

Erica: No notes.

Producer: None?

Erica: I'm just gonna talk. I promise I'll do it in one take.

Krystal: She's Erica Kane, for Pete's sake. Roll 'em, already.

Producer: If you're ready.

Erica: I was asked to come here and join this cause because my celebrity could help bring awareness to the plight of these children. And I came to lend my name and to provide some photo ops and hopefully to raise some awareness. But a funny thing happened as I talked to these children and played with them and held them. It was a real eye-opener for me. I realized how very lucky I am. I've spent so much of my life focused on having it all, and these children, they -- they -- they have so little. I mean, really, so little. Often they go to bed hungry. They have one outfit for school, if there is a school close enough for them to attend. I came here to -- to give them hope. I mean, it's fine to -- to lend your name, and -- and writing a check is always welcome, but sharing ourselves with these children, trying to understand their world, listening to their dreams -- that's where the real hope lies for the future, for them and for us. I came hopefully and in some small way to -- to change their lives, but they changed mine. And I know they can change yours. Let them change your life, too.

Frankie: Randi has been through hell. You've seen her since she first found this little boy. It's like the light came back in her eyes. Hope.

Natalia: And what am I supposed to do, Frankie? Just forget some baby's been abandoned?

Frankie: You said it yourself. No reports, no inquiries. Nobody's missing a baby.

Natalia: Yes, there are. They just haven't come forward yet.

Frankie: Maybe they will never come forward. We can give this kid everything he needs -- love, security, a great home.

Natalia: I am so sure that baby's had that. Did you take a good look at this child? It's not just some newborn who's been dumped and abandoned somewhere. This child has been well taken care of -- bathed, fed, loved.

Frankie: And abandoned.

Natalia: Look, I love you, ok? And I love Randi. And there's nothing I want more than for you guys to have your family. But I promise you, I am not gonna stop looking for this baby's parents, ok?

Frankie: Unless they don't want to be found.

Natalia: I'm not gonna stop, Frankie, ok? There is somebody out there looking for this baby.

David: Would you like a refill?

Liza: Oh, you know, that's probably my cue to get going.

David: No, wait a minute. Do you mind if I hold him?

Liza: Yeah. Go ahead.

[Tad watches as David picks up Stuart]

David: Hey. Come on. Look at you. What's the matter? Did that bad comic scare you? Yeah, I know the feeling. It's all right. He's gone now. You have nothing to worry about.

Liza: I think he likes you.

David: You think so? Maybe he can convince his mother that I'm not so bad.

Liza: Well, there's no food thrown, so I guess that's a start.

David: Yeah, that's a good sign. Maybe we should do this again sometime.

Liza: Why not?

[Cell phone ringing]

David: Looks like it's back to the hospital grind with me. This was great.

[David hands Liza a flower before he leaves]

David: Here you go.

Tad: Well. You were excellent. As a matter of fact, if I didn't know better, I'd swear you liked him.

Zach: You shouldn't be down here.

Kendall: I had to. I had to know everything would be ok. As soon as I heard the doorbell ring, I was so afraid that -- that that was it, it would be over. The police would figure everything out and then find me and take me back to prison.

Zach: Not gonna happen. Not with me here.

Kendall: For so long, that's where I thought I belonged -- prison. But I don't feel that way anymore. I mean, as crazy as this whole thing is, to be here with our boys and you, it's what I want. It's all I want.

Zach: We'll make it work.

Kendall: We have to. Because if I had to live without my boys... and without you... I would die.

Zach: Come on.

Kendall: Where?

Zach: I'm taking you to bed.

Krystal: What you said on camera. I was wrong about you. There's a gonzo heart behind all that...

Erica: Attitude?

Krystal: Yeah.

Erica: Well, you're the one who made me trust it. You're the one who made me realize that it was sharing myself, not my name, that would help those children. Thank you very much. Thank you. [Speaking Swahili]

Krystal: Well, that's the first time I've heard those words out of your mouth in any language.

Angie: That's right. I reviewed the autopsy report again, and I jumped to an incorrect conclusion. Yes, I believe cause of death was based on the impact of the car crash. You're welcome. That was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Jesse: It's not easy for anyone.

Angie: Jesse, I owe you an apology.

Jesse: No, baby.

Angie: No. I understand your commitment to protecting this family even if it means going against what you believe in. Oh, sweetheart.

Angie: I guess the higher the principles, the harder the fall.

Jesse: Yeah.

Tad: So, Hayward got to you.

Liza: No.

Tad: Yes.

Liza: Look, you know, it's different now. Look, I know that Stuart isn't his son, so I can relax and enjoy him.

Tad: Yeah, if you call having a glass of wine with Dracula enjoyable. One thing is for sure, though -- the way he was looking at Stuart -- he still thinks he's his. So there'd be no reason for him to snatch Trevor.

[Cell phone ringing]

Tad: It's probably Jake. Yup.

Jake: So it turns out that that package from David was a cash infusion to the nurse who had helped him drug Adam in the first place.

Tad: Nurse Gayle?

Jake: Yeah. He's funding her life as a bar owner. I guess that's gratitude with a beer chaser. Do you have any good news on your end? Anything at all?

Tad: I'm afraid I can't. I think David still thinks that Stuart is his.

Jake: [Sigh] Damn.

Nurse Gayle: Doctor's increased the dose.

[Nurse Gayle prepares to give someone an injection]

Zach: How are you feeling? Are those meds working? You need more? Less? What?

Kendall: I'm ok.

Zach: Yeah? Your heart isn't racing.

Kendall: Maybe you should listen to it, just to make sure.

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