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Episode #10188

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[Tad remembers Amanda talking about her son]

Amanda: If David found out that Trevor is alive, he would do anything to get him back.

Tad: Cici?

Cici: Oh, hi, Mr. Martin.

Tad: Uh, I was wondering. Is David Hayward on duty?

Cici: Oh, do you want to page him?

Tad: No, no. Nothing like that. I was wondering, has he been on duty the entire afternoon? He hasn't been -- had to run out for an emergency or anything like that, has he?

Cici: Not that I'm aware of. I've seen him pass by here pretty regularly.

Joe: Hey, Tad? Tad, I was about to call you. Got a minute?

Tad: Yeah. Sure. Thanks, Cici.

Joe: Yeah, I've just been talking with Jamie and Jeff. The two of them have got together, and they're organizing a philanthropic endeavor. Mostly it involves helping to feed children throughout Africa.

Tad: That sounds terrific. I'm proud of them. What should I do to help? You want me to run a local food drive or convert a barn into a theater? Put on a one-man show, huh?

Joe: Ha ha!

David: I understand you've been looking for me. Is there a problem?

Marissa: Can you believe it? David and J.R. deciding my future like it was the Middle Ages and I was some piece of property to be bargained with. How dare they?

Krystal: I know, I know. I've been where you are, and I know how disappointed you can be in David.

Marissa: If you say "I told you so," you're going to get hit with a bedpan.

Krystal: David is who he is. The end justifies the means, and in his mind, you're all he has left. You know, J.R. is just -- he's always been one of David's least favorite people. Even before David knew that he was Babe's father, he and J.R. have always been at each other. I think it goes back to J.R.'s mother. David will never change, ok, no matter how hard he tries.

Marissa: You know, it's -- it's bad enough that David made the offer, that he'd stay away from Little Adam if J.R. stayed away from me. But it's -- it's the fact that J.R. agreed to it that I just really can't get over.

[Door closes]

J.R.: Hey. I just got your message. What's the emergency?

Adam: Yeah, I just wanted to share the good news with you. Chandler Enterprises is about to enjoy its first quarterly profit in over a year.

J.R.: Oh. Well, congratulations.

[Annie eavesdrops from the foyer]

Adam: Well, it's not much, but it's a start. Who would think that the market would be open to a more altruistic approach to a business like ours?

J.R.: So you're saying this is all because of Scott's save-the-world agenda?

Adam: Oh, no. Part of. Part of. Part of it's due to our aggressive overhead trimming. Mm-hmm.

J.R.: If you summoned me over here so Scott can brag, I think I'll head home back to my son.

Adam: Scott's not even here. And I'm sure if he were, he'd have more important things on his mind than rubbing his success in your face.

Scott: Hey.

Liza: Hey.

Scott: How's Marian doing?

Liza: She's, um...I tried to explain to her, you know, that she was going to Oak Haven, that she was gonna get help by some doctors. And she just -- now she's just staring at the wall. There's, like, no emotion there. There's -- there's nothing, like everything inside of her died when your father was killed. She's just this, um, empty shell. I don't know. Maybe she's, um, maybe she's just gone, you know? Maybe she just -- maybe she's just gone forever, you know? Maybe she just doesn't want to come back.

Scott: Come here.

[Liza sobs]

Liza: Maybe she just --

Zach: Hey.

Kendall: Hey.

Zach: Sorry it took so long. Spike just didn't want to go down. You haven't touched your food.

Kendall: I'm not really hungry.

Zach: You feeling ok?

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I just wish that I could spend more time with the boys, that's all.

Zach: I know. I'll tell you what. I'll get the room ready. You eat something, drink something. Then when we're done, playtime.

Kendall: Deal. I like that one. It's nice.

Zach: Which one?

Kendall: The second one in. I like it.

Zach: Really?

[Ian cries]

Zach: Ah.

Kendall: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. We had a deal: I drink my juice, you take care of the room. I take care of the boys.

Zach: Ok.

Kendall: And what are you doing up? What are you doing up, mister, huh? You're supposed to be sleeping.

Zach: Hey, you woke up the other one?

Kendall: Uh, he -- he was awake. Wait a minute. Hold on, hold on. Wait a minute. What are you doing here? You are supposed to be taking care of the room.

Zach: I want to do something first.

Kendall: Oh, yeah? Yeah, yeah? Ha ha ha! Do you want the truck? You can have the truck.

[Knock on door]


Erica: Zach, open up! It's Erica!

Zach: I'll let you know when it's safe.

Kendall: Ok, Spike, you're gonna get up, ok? I know, I know. It's ok, honey. I'm gonna be back before you know it, ok? Mama's gonna be right back, all right? Ok? Be right back, ok? Ok?

Spike: No, Mommy.

[Knock on door]

Erica: Zach, I need to talk to Kendall.

Tad: You know, I can't even think of a reason why I would be looking for you. I mean, I haven't had a myocardial infarction all day.

David: Yeah, that's funny because one of the nurses was saying that you were asking if I had been here all day. Now, why would you want to know that, Tad?

Tad: Come to think of it, for something so serious, that is the most ridiculous word: "Infarction". I mean, is that really the best you could do? I mean, think about it. It sounds like, "I'm in the middle of an infarction over here." Or better yet, what about this one? "Ere, Margaret, I'll have the Easter Bunny, the lawn chair, and, of course, the infarction."

David: All right, all right, enough with the infarction nonsense, Tad. Why are you looking for me?

Joe: Actually, he wasn't, I was. Jamie and Jeff have come up with a new idea, a humanitarian gesture in Africa, and they asked me if I could find volunteers that would be willing to go over there and help out. And I was thinking that maybe you would like to --

David: Hmm. Yeah, I bet you would love to see me halfway around the world, wouldn't you, Joe?

Joe: Well, the more volunteers the better.

David: Yeah, right, right, right. I leave town for a while, I come back, only to find that you've convinced the Board of Directors to make you chief of staff again in my place. Right?

Joe: Well, believe it or not, I don't miss all that paperwork and the politics involved in that job. But in any case, in any case, I was hoping that you'd have a heart and show an interest in a humanitarian project.

David: Hmm. You know, I've got so much on my plate right now. I just don't think I could find the time. But thanks, really. And besides, if you ask around here, anyone will tell you I don't have a heart.

Tad: Thanks for the cover, Pop.

Joe: Well, maybe you'll tell me now why you're so interested in David's whereabouts today.

Marissa: This is my fault. I let my guard down. When I moved here I was -- I was still dealing with my parents' death. And then I found out about you and David and I just -- I just didn't see J.R. coming. So I believed him when he told me that he wasn't the person everyone painted him to be. And then -- then he turns around and pulls something like this.

Krystal: Look, I'm not disagreeing with you, but maybe you should look at this from J.R.'s perspective. David has been obsessed with Little Adam ever since Babe died. I mean, maybe you don't realize all the things he was doing to try to tear Little Adam away from J.R.

Marissa: No, I've heard about David using Amanda and getting J.R. to start drinking again.

Krystal: Well, then you should understand why David's offer would give J.R. pause. It was finally a chance to get David out of Little Adam's life for good.

Marissa: Yeah, by kicking me to the curb. And, I mean, is J.R. really that naive to think that David would ever keep up with his side of the deal?

Krystal: Little A is his -- it's his boy. He -- he's J.R.'s life.

Marissa: Why are you defending him like this? J.R. sent you here to talk to me, didn't he?

Adam: It's a good start, but we have a long ways to go before we make the kind of profits we were 10 years ago.

J.R.: Yeah, well, I'm sure you and Scott can handle that, huh?

Adam: Come on, J.R., your skin is tougher than that. We're a family company. Hmm? What you and Scott have done bringing this company back together, it's remarkable, and we can all enjoy the benefits.

J.R.: Yes. Some more than others. Isn't that right, Annie? That's what this is all about, isn't it? A few years of marital bliss under the belt. Once my dad's income's back to the good old days, then you nail him with divorce papers.

Annie: Might I remind you that I fell in love with your father when he was in dire straits?

J.R.: Yeah, "dire straits" being the relative term with Adam Chandler. There still was the house, his servants, and the good life.

Annie: I love Adam regardless of his bank account.

J.R.: Oh, that's great. So you'll sign a prenup, right?

Adam: We've not discussed the legal matters yet. Regardless, it's none of your business.

J.R.: If you're crazy enough to give her a chunk of the company after inevitable divorce, it sure as hell is my business.

Adam: Well, so much for us having your blessing.

J.R.: Oh, get married. Sure, it's your life. That's fine by me, but use a little common sense. Put a cap on how much she can con you out of just in case this romantic match of the century goes down the toilet!

Scott: You're gonna be ok.

Liza: Yeah, I don't have any choice in this. I have to sign my mother away. I mean, I guess this is better than her being at the state pen. It just doesn't make it any easier.

Scott: No, it doesn't. And you're right: We don't have any choice but to move on.

Liza: Is that what you're doing?

Scott: I'm trying.

Liza: Then what are you doing in that house?

Scott: I went by the gatehouse this morning to pick up some things for your mom, and there is still so much of my dad in there. There's paintings, clothes that the shelter hasn't picked up yet. I feel him there, and he's all over that estate. And, yeah, I know it'll dim eventually, but for right now, it gives me some peace.

Liza: And what about Annie? How's it going with her?

Scott: What's that supposed to mean?

Liza: Well, you're in that house. She's marrying Adam. I know J.R. isn't happy about him. What about you?

Scott: Oh, I, um, ahem. I don't deal much with her. It's a big house. I'm at work a lot. To be honest, it feels like everyone has forgotten about my dad, like his death didn't mean anything.

Liza: Nobody is ever gonna forget Stuart.

Erica: I really want what's best for Kendall. But how can I give her that if I'm being kept in the dark like this?

Zach: I'm not sure what you mean.

Erica: Fusion. I'm doing everything I can to keep that company afloat. But there are crucial decisions that need to be made, and I really would like to have Kendall's input on this. But how can I if she's refusing to see me? So I need your help.

Zach: She's refusing to see everybody. There's nothing I can do.

Erica: Of course, there is. You can give her this.

Zach: She's refusing to see everybody, including me. I can't get this to her.

Erica: Of course, you can. You just need to go there and tell her that you need to see her because of the boys. I know it's just a little white lie. It's not a big deal. And I'm so worried about her. I mean, I really -- I really want to help her and do everything for her. I know -- I know that she wants to pay for her crime. I've accepted that. I felt the same way, which is why I also know firsthand what being kept away from everybody like this is doing to her mind. I mean, she can't just stay shut away from us forever.

Zach: I'll do what I can.

Erica: Well, I was hoping to see the boys.

Zach: They're having a nap.

Erica: Spike, honey, hi! Hi...

Zach: He didn't sleep well last night. He's tired. I don't know.

Erica: Oh. Why don't I tuck you back in...

[Spike babbles]

Erica: Yeah. Why don't I go and tuck you back in? We can read you a story.

Zach: You don't have to do that. I'll do it. It's ok.

Erica: No, no, it's the least I can do. I'm sure I'm the one who woke him up, because I was knocking so much.

Spike: Take me over there.

Erica: Ok. We're gonna go over there in a minute. First, we can go this way, because I have something for you. Ok? So what book would you like me to read to you, huh? Do you want to hear your train story?

[Spike babbles]

Zach: Yeah, I don't know where that train book is. It's, um, oh, no, I know. Ryan took it last time he was here to his house.

Erica: Would you like to read one of these books over here? No. I can tell you. I think that you're a little bit too tired for those books. So why don't you -- oh, why don't you play with your train?

Spike: Yeah?

Erica: Yes.

Spike: Ok.

Erica: Oh, he really needs his mommy.

Zach: Yeah.

Erica: How's the appeal going?

Zach: Liza's working on it.

Erica: You really trust Liza? I mean, we -- we both know very well that she puts her own interests ahead of anything else.

Spike: I'm thirsty.

Erica: Would you like to finish your juice?

Spike: It's Mommy's juice.

Annie: I'm really sorry that J.R. feels the way he does. I -- I do love you. You know that?

Adam: Oh, yes, yes.

Annie: So things are really turning around?

Adam: Oh, yes. Yes, slowly. But we just have to be a bit frugal, that's all.

Annie: What do you mean?

Adam: I don't think J.R. realizes just how close I came to losing everything. So we're gonna have to be a little careful in building it all back up. Now, what I want more than anything else in the world is for you to be happy and for you to have the wedding of your dreams. But it has to be within reason. I'm gonna ask you to stick to a reasonable budget for the wedding.

Annie: Of course. I don't need a big wedding, Adam. All I need is you.

Adam: Aw.

J.R.: Well, well. If it isn't the savior of Chandler Enterprises.

Scott: What are you talking about?

J.R.: Oh, my dad couldn't wait to brag about how you single-handedly saved the company from extinction.

Scott: Anything that I have done has been for the family's sake.

J.R.: I bet. You better watch out, though. Now that you've proven that you're the genius behind the outfit, Annie might want to trade my dad in for a younger model. Isn't that what that kiss was all about?

Scott: Grow up. Instead of picking playground fights with me, maybe you should be making up for your screw-ups with Marissa.

J.R.: Already working on that, Scotty boy.

Scott: Hard to do it from here.

J.R.: Not really. Krystal's laying some groundwork for me right now.

Scott: You're not serious? You sent Mommy in to soften her up for you? You really are a piece of work.

[David overhears the conversation]

Marissa: I don't understand. Just a few weeks ago you were waving a big, fat warning flag about J.R. and all his flaws.

Krystal: I think -- I think you misunderstood me then. What I said was that J.R. comes with baggage. But when he's away from his father's influence, and he's strong enough to keep the alcohol at bay, J.R. can be amazing. And he's trying. He's moved out. He's sober.

Marissa: No, J.R. is a coward who would rather make a deal behind my back than tell me face-to-face he wasn't interested in me.

J.R.: You're right about one thing: I am a coward. But that doesn't mean I'm not interested in you.

Zach: He's been missing his mom a lot. He asked me to set a place at the dinner table, and that's what this is. He -- he thinks the juice belongs to his mother.

Erica: Do you think he needs to talk to someone? A professional, I mean?

Zach: I've thought about that. Let's just see what the next few days bring.

Erica: And what about you? How are you coping?

Zach: Me? I -- hey, I'm good. Just one day at a time.

Erica: Well, as long as you keep that place at the table for Kendall and only Kendall. Look, you and I both know that there is someone else who wouldn't mind sitting there in her place.

Zach: Ok, good-bye, Erica.

[Front door closes]

Zach: I'm supposed to give you this.

Spike: This one...

Zach: Hey...

Kendall: Zach, she's begging me to quit shutting her out. What am I supposed to do?

Zach: Uh, write her back. And I'll tell her that I saw you.

Kendall: And then what? It's just a matter of time before people eventually start catching on. If not my mother, well, then the -- the guard at the prison.

Zach: That's not gonna happen.

Kendall: And this woman that you have in there -- who's to say she's not gonna talk?

Zach: She's not gonna talk, not for the money I'm paying her.

Kendall: Ok. What about when her price goes up? When she threatens to expose everything if you don't pay her more? And we're not exactly rolling in money these days. Fusion is just breaking even. The casino's barely making a profit.

Zach: I'm gonna fix all of that.

Kendall: How?

Zach: I'll explain. Right now, I'm running late.

Joe: Listen, why don't you go in over there?

Tad: What, to Africa?

Joe: Yes, Africa. I mean, you've been there before.

Tad: Yeah, Pop, and it cost me my marriage. Remember? Look, don't get me wrong, ok? I'm all for feeding starving children. I'll do whatever I can on this end, but I can't go. I mean, not right now. I got child problems of my own.

Joe: No. Right. You -- you do? Is it Kathy or Jenny?

Tad: No, no, it's -- no. They're fine. It's part of that long story I was telling you about. Listen, just out of curiosity, how busy is Hayward these days? I mean, would he be able to take off for an afternoon and have nobody know about it?

Joe: Well, I'm sure he could. I just don't think he would. He really hates having someone else in charge. But why do you keep asking about him and his schedule?

Tad: Oh, well, believe me, Pop, the way things are going, you're gonna know about it sooner rather than later. And in the meantime, I'll see what I can do about rounding up some volunteers for Africa.

Joe: Yeah.

Krystal: Africa?

Tad: Oh, there you go. See? It's perfect. Krystal is absolutely perfect.

Krystal: What? What did I walk into? What am I perfect for?

Tad: Africa. See, Jeff and Jamie are heading up this humanitarian effort -- you know, feeding the kids and stuff? Dad needs an envoy, and you're ideal. You'll love it. I mean, you've never been there before. They got the lions and tigers and bears, oh, my. Actually, I'm not quite so sure about the bears.

Joe: Yeah, you really wouldn't have to be there all that long, and they really could use your help. And in the end, I think you'd make a huge difference in the lives of all those children, really.

Krystal: Are you serious?

Joe: Yeah, yeah.

Krystal: I don't know. I don't -- what about Jenny and Kathy?

Tad: You know, they'll -- they'll be fine. And like Dad said, you know, you'd be making a big difference in other kids' lives.

Krystal: Wow, I -- I would love to do that! Who else is going?

Joe: Well, people from all over, but you'd be first one from Pine Valley.

Tad: You know, Pop, why don't you get some celebrities on board? It'd be a big draw for both volunteers and donations.

Joe: That's a good idea. Yeah.

Tad: Lately I'm full of them. For my next trick, I think I'm gonna check up on Opal. Is she ok?

Joe: Oh, yes. Her heart's still racing a bit, but soon as it calms down, I'll let her go. Listen, you come with me. I'm gonna show you some brochures and look at the paperwork. You'll really be interested.

Krystal: Sounds great.

Joe: Yes...

David: Boy, J.R.'s something else, isn't he? Hmm. Acts like he cares so much for Marissa, but he doesn't think twice about dropping her just to keep me out of his hair.

Scott: I'm not in the mood, David.

David: And I'll bet that if it were you in his place, you would've told me to shove it, that Marissa's her own woman and that she doesn't deserve to have her emotions bargained with like that.

Scott: Probably. Yeah.

David: Now, you see, that is the kind of man she deserves to have in her life: A man with integrity. Not some sorry, poor, drunken excuse for a human being.

Scott: Just stay out of her life, ok? Like you said, she is her own woman. And if she wants to be with J.R., there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

David: We'll see.

J.R.: Please, just hear me out. If you're still pissed at me, I'll leave. But I just need to say this. I was wrong. I made a mistake by not telling you David's plan. I made a bigger mistake by not popping him in the nose when he made the offer in the first place. I'm not perfect. I never will be. But it doesn't mean that I stop trying. For months after Babe died, I was just -- I was a wreck. I was lost. I was not caring. And then I met you. You gave me hope, Marissa. You made me realize that life is still moving forward, that I'm not stuck with what was or what could've been, that I could change, and that I could be a better person.

Marissa: Ever since I met him, David's been saying that he wants to change. Has he? No. So why should I believe that you're any different?

J.R.: That's David. We are nothing alike. Look, I'm not asking you for a second chance, especially with all your potential choices out there. But I do want to make sure that you understand that I appreciate everything that you've done for me. Thank you for helping me get my life back. I just hope that maybe I'll be able to find a way to repay you.

Marissa: Wait.

Guard: Mr. Chandler will be down in a moment.

Liza: Thank you.

Zach: Thank you. Draw up the paperwork as fast as you can.

Liza: You're getting a little ahead of yourself.

Zach: No, no, no. He'll give us a loan. He wouldn't pass up the opportunity to have me in his debt.

Liza: I just don't think he might be as liquid as you think.

Zach: Chandler's doing fine. He will give me the loan. It's just a matter of getting the right terms.

Liza: Right. And then, uh, you will have more access to Annie. Listen, Zach, is getting a confession out of Annie really the only reason you're asking for the money?

Zach: Why else would I ask for money?

Liza: Your casino's in trouble.

Zach: Who told you that?

Liza: Come on, we're in a recession. People are getting laid off all over the country. Vegas is hurting pretty bad. I figured you were, too.

Zach: It's all about helping Kendall. It's nothing to do with my business.

Adam: What do you want?

Zach: A loan.

Annie: You can't be serious? You set me up and made it look like I killed Stuart. Now you have the nerve to ask --

Adam: How much?

Annie: Adam, the man put a target on your forehead. He would've killed you that night if I hadn't saved you.

Zach: A million and a half.

Adam: I'm gonna need some information before I make my decision, starting with what you intend to do with it. And just how does Kendall fit into all this? I have no intention of funding an appeal for the woman who murdered my brother. So if this is for Kendall's defense --

Zach: It's for the casino. I'm trying to make payroll, and the economy hit us pretty hard.

Adam: Don't tell me you've already spent all the profits from Lavery's hostile takeover?

Zach: No. Those funds are frozen by the Feds.

Adam: Ah. So that's why me? Why not go to a bank?

Zach: Well, it turns out, Adam, that banks want more than a smile and a handshake, and they don't want to help casinos out at all these days. Time is of the essence.

Adam: Collateral?

Zach: My house and my business.

Adam: Ooh. You're in worse shape than I thought. Yes, well, you're gonna have to open your books for me. And how do I know I'll get my money back?

Zach: Well, the loan will carry us through until the Feds unfreeze my accounts, or until people start spending money.

Adam: Ah. And if they don't?

Zach: Then we're both in trouble, aren't we?

Liza: Adam, Zach's got two young children, a wife that -- that won't even talk with him. He wants to keep his business afloat. He wants to keep his home so they can be safe, put this whole tragedy behind them.

Adam: All right, draw up the paperwork.

Producer: We're already behind schedule, Erica.

Erica: I know. But I have to pay attention to Fusion. Please, just -- just be sure that I have a few hours free in my schedule every day. Ok?

Producer: I'll do what I can. Here. It's the guest list for next week. We got that mom with the nine kids.

Erica: Oh, no. Are you kidding? We're giving that woman more publicity? I mean, shouldn't she be home looking after her children?

Producer: Ratings gold. I got to run. Call me with any ideas about that, and I'll see you back at the studio.

[Erica sighs]

Krystal: You're right. Those kids have had enough publicity. Why don't you feature these children instead?

J.R.: You sure you're supposed to be doing this?

Marissa: Yeah, yeah. Exercise is a good thing, so they told me. It gets me out of that room. That place is just driving me crazy, almost as much as the food. I would kill for a cheeseburger like the ones the Yacht Club makes.

J.R.: Oh, yeah. I can sneak one in for you. Put the burger under a sheet on a gurney, shoot right past the nurses' desk. "Incoming!"

Marissa: Ah -- hmm. God, don't make me laugh: The stitches hurt.

David: Well, looks like all is forgiven. Does that mean I'm off the hook, as well?

Tad: Mama? Mama, you're making it worse for yourself. You got to try and calm down.

Opal: Calm down? Calm down? You lose Amanda's baby. You tell me to calm down!

Tad: We didn't lose the baby. We misplaced the baby, and we're gonna get him back.

Opal: It's not like it's a set of car keys. You know that baby was kidnapped.

Tad: I know. I know! Would you control yourself? We are all working on it, all right? Taylor, me. That's why I'm here. I'm keeping an eye on Hayward. Hell, Jake and Amanda are up in Gloucester following a lead.

Opal: Gloucester? What's up in Gloucester?

Tad: A phone number. A phone number that Hayward's been calling an awful lot lately. Hopefully it's where this package he's been talking about is gonna be delivered.

Opal: Oh, this is a disaster. Disaster!

Tad: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

[Phone rings]

Tad: See? It's Jake, hopefully with some good news.

Zach: Thanks for your help in there.

Liza: Yeah. I think we make a pretty good team.

Zach: Yeah. No, I, uh, yeah. It was easy enough. Now we got to try and get a confession out of Annie.

Liza: Yeah, well, why don't we jump into a strategy first thing in the morning and tonight, let's go celebrate, huh? Come on, let me go buy you dinner.

Zach: No, I -- I got to go check on the kids. Some other time, though.

Liza: Ok.

Annie: So I am under orders to stick to a strict budget for our wedding, yet you can afford to throw $1.5 million at Zach Slater? Adam, he's one of the people who wanted you dead.

Adam: He's having to admit the truth.

Annie: What are you talking about?

Adam: His wife doesn't want to see him or the children. He's having to admit finally that she's guilty.

Annie: But what does that have to do with giving him this money? Adam, how is, um, throwing $1.5 million into his dying casino a smart business move?

Adam: This isn't about business, Annie. I'm doing it for you.

Krystal: Now, Tad says the best thing that we can do is to get celebrities involved. And what bigger celebrity than you?

Erica: Are you suggesting that I go to Africa with you?

Krystal: And a whole bunch of other volunteers. Listen, I overheard your producer saying that you were behind schedule. Why not shoot this trip? You, you'd get a whole week's worth of shows out of it, and you'd be giving this cause the attention that it deserves. Erica, I did not realize until I read this material just how many children are hungry and dying over there.

Erica: Oh, my God.

Krystal: Yeah, I know. That's what I thought when I read that, too. So are you interested?

Erica: I just might be.

Opal: Well?

Tad: Well, the -- the number that's been calling David comes from a pay phone in a bar that's up there. So Amanda and Jake have checked into a hotel room nearby.

Opal: What, they're just gonna sit up there?

Tad: Mama, it's all they can do right now: Wait for that package to be delivered.

[Opal sighs]

Marissa: I don't have the energy to take you on. I just used it all up.

David: Great. So why don't you let me take you back to your room?

J.R.: That's all right. I got her.

David: You don't have a clue as to what she needs, Junior.

J.R.: You know what, David? You need to back off, or not. Come after Little Adam. I dare you. You'll end up regretting it.

David: I just might do that.

J.R.: You think that's gonna keep me away from Marissa? Because it won't. You see, I care about her, maybe even fallen in love. So you better get used to seeing us together. You ok?

Marissa: Depends. Did you mean that? The "maybe falling in love" part?

[J.R. kisses Marissa]

Adam: Zach finally realizes that Kendall is guilty. He's not gonna try to pin the crime on you anymore. And with him deep in our debt, well, that will only tend to assure us of that fact. So from now on, we can concentrate on getting you a new trial date, we can get you exonerated, and you and I can be together like we've planned.

Annie: I should've known you were being clever. Ha ha! You're so good to me.

Adam: Yes, yes. I need to make some phone calls. I'll be back soon.

Annie: Ok. Ooh! Ugh! Thank God you're here. I need your help.

Scott: Yeah, if you've got a problem, maybe you should be asking Adam now.

Annie: The problem is Adam. He's really starting to lose his mind.

Zach: What are you doing? I told you to stay out of sight.

Kendall: I took all the necessary precautions. Don't worry. I closed all the blinds. Hope you're hungry. I just put a tenderloin under the broiler.

Zach: What is this all about?

Kendall: Well, you've done so much for me, so I just -- I wanted to do something nice for you.

[Liza rings the doorbell as Kendall stands in the living room a few feet away]

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