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Man: Miss Lavery, there's someone here to see you.

Annie: Thank God. It's like a sauna in here. Tell the repairman I'll give him an extra 100 bucks if he can fix this air conditioning within -- oh. I don't suppose you know how to fix an air conditioner, do you?

Ryan: Where do you get off calling Emma again?

Annie: Can you go find out what's keeping the repairman, please? It's not like I was sneaky about it, Ryan. I mean, I left a message on your machine, after all.

Ryan: The judge said no contact, Annie, none.

Annie: I just want to share the good news with my daughter. Mama is getting married.

[EKG beeping]

J.R.: How you feeling?

Marissa: Like I was hit by a truck but better now that I see you.

Woman: Dr. Bradley, 2744. Dr. Bradley, 2744.

David: Is she awake?

Scott: Yeah. J.R. is in there with her.

Woman: Dr. Stone, 45...

Krystal: Hey, hey, hey, you barge in there right now, and you're gonna regret it.

Woman: Dr. Roberts...

Adam: Oh, excuse me. Excuse me. I'm looking for Dr. Martin. He's not in his office.

Doctor: He could be anywhere. You could have him paged or -- is there something I could do for you? I'm the attending on call at the moment.

Adam: Oh, thank you, but no. No. This is a personal matter.

Doctor: I'll be glad to have him paged for you.

Adam: Ok. Thank you.

Woman: Dr. Meadow, 2945. Dr. Meadow.

Zach: Huh? What are you doing?

Erica: Calling Rachael. She's part of the boys' lives. Why disrupt their lives any further right now?

Zach: Hey, please hang up the phone.

Erica: Zach, you can't just do this all by yourself.

Zach: Please hang up the phone.

Erica: Zach, I'm -- ok. I was just trying to help.

Zach: Stop now, please.

David: I'm not gonna let J.R. get close to her like this. He's already cost us one daughter.

Krystal: Marissa is a grown woman. You don't have a right to say who she can or can't be friends with.

David: He's holding her hand.

Krystal: She just came through life-or-death surgery, David.

David: He's taking advantage of her condition.

Krystal: Ok. Stop it. If you go all proactive papa on her right now, you're just gonna team the both of them up against you. She is a big girl, and she knows full well how you feel about J.R., so just let her make up her own mind.

David: I can't believe that you're ok with this.

Krystal: Listen. I know that J.R. has made some horrible mistakes, and most of those were due to the booze, but I have seen the side that Babe fell in love with. He's not the purebred monster that you think he is.

David: Oh, you know, she needs her rest.

Krystal: Ok, ok. Just wait a minute now. Adam has tried to control J.R. his whole life. You tried to control Babe's life. Don't make the same mistake with Marissa.

J.R.: Then I guess Jake was able to locate where the bullet was lodged. Here you are.

Marissa: Oh. Poor Marian. You could see it when she testified. Her whole world just disappeared when Stuart died. I know how she feels. I nearly went crazy when I lost my mom and dad.

J.R.: Yeah. Don't worry. My father is gonna make sure that she's taken care of. Listen. I have to apologize. I was a jerk before the whole sentencing thing, and --

Marissa: Oh, I started it. I had no business telling you how you should feel about your family.

J.R.: I don't want to even talk about it, either, right now. I just want to concentrate on helping you get better, ok?

Marissa: You're not leaving, are you?

J.R.: No. I have to call Colby -- Little Adam is with him -- but I'll be back, ok?

Krystal: How's she doing?

J.R.: She's ok. She's tired. She needs some rest. She doesn't need to be agitated.

David: Well, then you should probably go home, Junior, leave the medical work to me.

J.R.: Ok.

Annie: What, no congratulations?

Ryan: I will send my condolences to Adam.

Annie: He loves me.

Ryan: He is in grief, Annie, after losing Stuart, but don't worry about it. He'll come to his senses. He knows how many lives you've wrecked.

Annie: I saved his life.

Ryan: Yes, and he paid you back very handsomely. He kept you out of Oak Haven. He paid for your attorneys. He might even keep you from having to pay for all the crap that you pulled. I'd say you guys are nice and even, but that's not enough for you, is it? Had to go for the whole thing -- the house, the money, the whole deal -- and if he lets you get away with that, then he is even more of an idiot than I thought he was.

Annie: Insult me all you want, but watch your mouth about Adam. I love him, not that you would know anything about love. I mean, you were married to me and chasing after Greenlee, but now Greenlee is dead, and Kendall is gone, and, wow, karma is a bitch, isn't it, Ryan? Anyway, I have a wedding to be planning, so I'll be sending an adorable flower girl dress over for Emma to try on, ok?

Ryan: Ha ha! Hey, are you serious? You actually think that I'd let Emma go anywhere near your little wedding?

Annie: You can't keep her away from me forever, Ryan. I'm gonna beat these charges, and I'm gonna get custody back.

Ryan: And you don't think that you've hurt her enough? I mean, do you think about that? She barely survived the murder interrogation that you subjected her to, and now you're gonna have a custody battle? What do you think that's gonna do?

Annie: You are the one causing this battle. I offered to come up with an arrangement with you.

Ryan: I would love to have an arrangement, Annie. I can't trust you. After everything you pulled, how can I possibly trust you? And if keeping her away from you is what's best for Emma, then that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Scott: It's time for you to get out, Ryan.

Ryan: You may have gotten away with murdering your brother and many other things, but you're not getting away with taking my daughter.

Scott: It's ok. He's gone. I'll make sure he stays away.

Woman: Dr. Flores, dial 118, please.

J.R.: Dad?

Adam: Oh.

J.R.: What are you doing here?

Adam: Well, nothing. It's just a routine heart checkup, you know?

J.R.: What's wrong? You having pains?

Adam: Uh-uh.

J.R.: Excuse me. My father has something going on with him. I think it's his heart.

Doctor: Mr. Chandler, you should've said something. I didn't think it was an emergency.

Adam: No. It's not an emergency. It's just a follow-up with Joe. Thank you, though, and what are you doing here? Is Little Adam all right?

J.R.: Oh, no. He's fine. He's fine. I'm here for Marissa.

Adam: What is her status?

J.R.: She was very lucky. The bullet missed her heart.

Adam: Oh.

J.R.: Have you heard anything about Marian?

Adam: Yes, only she's under observation.

J.R.: Ok. Well, I'm gonna get back to Marissa, then. You sure you're ok?

Adam: Yeah. I'm fine. Fine. Go. Go. Go. Get.

Joe: Hello, Adam. Looking for me?

Adam: Yes. Yes. I was. Go on. Go on, then.

J.R.: Ok.

Adam: Get. Get. Heh heh.

Joe: So, what can I do for you?

Adam: Joe, I think I have a small problem.

Zach: The kids lost their mother. They don't want a nanny right now, they want their dad, and you know what? If it gets too much, I'll get someone in here for an hour. Normalcy for these boys. That's what I got to work on, you know, focus on them.

Erica: And what about the appeal?

Zach: Keep working on that, but right now, I got to be here for these guys. I talked to Kendall about it, and that's what she wants.

Erica: Kendall needs to know that we're here for her, working for her to try to clear her name. That's very important, Zach. We have to keep reassuring her of that.

Zach: Yeah.

Erica: Look. Why don't you let me stay with the boys for a little while while you go see Kendall?

Zach: Why? Because life is not what it was, and it won't be until we get her out of prison. Kendall put herself there. She pled guilty to something that she didn't do. Now she's sitting in a cell not wanting to see anyone, and we're gonna have to accept that.

Erica: I'm never gonna give up on my daughter.

Zach: I'm never gonna give up on my wife. I got to raise two kids.

Liza: Maybe I should come back.

Erica: No. Don't bother. I was just leaving.

Ian: [Crying]

Scott: Hey.

Annie: Thank you.

Scott: Yeah.

Annie: Thanks not just for the water, but for sticking up for me with Ryan. He can be such a bully.

Scott: What was that all about, anyway?

Annie: I told him about the engagement, and he went all ballistic. You know, I don't understand him. It's like he can parade woman after woman through Emma's life, but when I try to move on with my life and tell him I've fallen in love with an incredible man, he makes me feel like I'm the worst mother in the world.

Scott: No, no, no, no, no. I've heard you talk about Emma, and it is so obvious how much you love her.

Annie: She really does mean the world to me. I can't imagine my life never seeing her again, but that is what Ryan is trying to do.

Scott: Have you talked to Adam about this? I mean, there's get to be something that he and his lawyers can make happen.

Annie: He's been so busy with business and the whole tragedy with your dad, I don't want to burden him and add this extra pressure.

Scott: Business. You mean, Chandler business?

Annie: Yeah. I assume that's what it is. He said he had to go to the office early this morning, said he had something important he had to take care of.

Joe: Heart and lungs sound fine.

Adam: Yeah.

Joe: Any more dizzy spells, you know, any memory lapses?

Adam: No, no, no, nothing like that. I just want to make sure that everything is working well.

Joe: Yeah. Well, far as I can tell, you're in good shape, particularly all that you've been through lately. Well, I'll tell you what. Let me get these blood samples to the lab. You get dressed, and we'll talk some more then, ok?

Adam: Yeah, sure.

Joe: All right. Uh, just in case you're feeling modest.

Adam: Oh. Ha ha ha!

Nurse: Dr. Martin, please come quickly. Mrs. Sanderson is having another seizure.

Joe: Ok. I'll be there right -- oh, David...

David: Yeah?

Joe: This is Adam Chandler's chart. Would you take a look at it and see if you notice any change since the last time you treated him?

David: Absolutely.

Joe: Oh, thanks.

Adam: What I'm trying to say, Joe, is, I'm marrying again, heh, to a much younger woman, and we both know that men half our age would have to struggle keeping up with that one, heh heh, but, well, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'll stand -- I'll hold up, but somewhere down the road, I might need some stamina insurance, you understand?

David: Ahem, yeah, of course.

Adam: Ha ha! Yeah. Think of it as my own personal stimulus package. Ha ha ha! You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

David: Yeah. I certainly do, and these ought to do the trick.

Adam: Where's Joe?

David: He had an emergency, apparently a lot more important than you. Oh, those'll do it, but you really should be careful with those pills.

Adam: You think I would ever take a prescription that came out of you? No. You practically fried my brain with that last concoction.

David: I don't care. You can throw it out if you want, but it will come in a sealed bottle from the Mr. Happy Factory. You know, as your cardiologist, I need to warn you that you have to be careful. With your heart history and these pills, a much younger woman could very well kill you, but, hey, at least you go out with a big smile on your clock, right? Ha ha ha! Go get 'em, tiger.

Ryan: What? What is it?

Erica: Oh, you would think he'd know her better than that by now. She's afraid, and she doesn't want to admit it, and if anybody should know that, it's him.

Ryan: Ok. Whoa, slow down. Take a breath. What's going on? What happened?

Erica: Zach. He is shutting everyone out. He's fired Rachael. He says that he can raise those boys by himself, but he needs help, and he won't listen. Please, please, Ryan, you've got to do something, please.

Ryan: Erica, I have gotten in the middle of Zach and Kendall's marriage enough, and I am not gonna do it anymore.

Erica: Ryan, as I was leaving, Liza walked in.

Liza: How they doing?

Zach: They're napping. They miss their mom.

Liza: And hopefully, it won't be for very long. So I got a couple of ideas for this appeal. Obviously, our biggest hurdle is gonna be that confession because even if she recants, it's still admissible.

Zach: Why are you telling me all this?

Liza: I was hoping we would work on this together.

Zach: That's not why you're here.

Liza: What, you think that I waited for your wife to be hauled off to prison so I could throw myself at you? Why would I go for an appeal, or, better yet, why would I save her from that bullet that would've really cinched the deal?

Zach: What I meant was, you didn't come here because you need my help, but because you want to get me out of this rut I'm in. I can't help you with the appeal. Got to focus on these boys right now.

Liza: You serious?

Zach: Yeah. I'm serious.

Liza: I don't believe you. It's a cop-out, and you know it.

Ryan: Erica, I know that you're upset, ok? I know you're worried about Kendall, and you got every right to be -- you really do -- but there's nothing I can do to make Zach go and talk to her, nothing. The guy does whatever he wants, and to hell with everybody else.

Erica: Ryan, you have a bigger stake in this than anyone. Zach is pushing everybody away. It's just him and those two little boys, one of whom is your son. I mean, everything Zach does has a huge effect on those two children. I mean, what's gonna happen if Zach keeps isolating himself like this? What's gonna happen to your little boy Spike? What's gonna happen if Zach takes your son down with him?

Liza: Zach, you're using the kids as an excuse to protect yourself. You're afraid to get involved in this appeal because if it doesn't work, you're gonna take another emotional hit.

Zach: Ok, Doctor. What should I do, just lie down on the couch so I can talk about my mother?

Liza: Are you afraid she's not gonna get out?

Zach: Hey, I'm afraid of a lot of things. I'm afraid she's not gonna get out. I'm afraid that my family is gone. I'm afraid for those two little boys up there, that they can sense how much fear is in me. You wouldn't understand that.

Liza: Yes, I would. I got that same fear. Zach, every time I hold my son, I'm afraid. Did I do the right thing keeping him away from his father?

Zach: At least you have a choice. You can always tell the truth.

Liza: No. I don't. Because being alone with me is better than living a life with David Hayward.

David: Now, I want you to take it real easy for the next few days, all right? You body has been through hell. You need your rest, and once you get out of here, I want you to ease into things like work very slowly.

Marissa: Are those doctor's orders or father's?

David: Both. You really scared the hell out of me. I thought I was gonna lose you.

Marissa: Yeah. I vaguely remember part of the ambulance ride, thinking that if I closed my eyes, I'd never open them again.

David: Yeah. There was a moment there in the operating room when I felt like it was happening all over again. Instead of Leora on the table, it was you, and all those years gone by, and I didn't even know about you, I wish I could've been there for you, Marissa.

Marissa: I know you do.

David: Now, I know that I haven't handled things very well since you've come to town, as a dad, I mean. I want you to know I meant every word. You're all I care about now, and I'm gonna do everything within my power to make you happy, to be a real father for you. I just hope it isn't too late.

Marissa: Of course, it's not too late. I mean, we just proved that a bullet can't take me down, right, so we should have a lot more time together.

David: Now, there's one thing I need you to promise me. Promise that you'll stay away from J.R. from now on.

Scott: Adam is not at the office.

Annie: He's probably in a meeting or something.

Scott: I wonder why he wouldn't tell me about something going on at work. I would've handled it for him. I mean, the last thing he needs is business headaches.

Annie: Well, he probably figured you were at the hospital with Marissa. Why aren't you at the hospital with Marissa?

Scott: Because she doesn't need me there.

Annie: Of course, she does. She's had a really traumatic experience. A friendly face can be very helpful, kind of like the way you were with Ryan, walking in here. He was starting to get under my skin, but then there you were, Scott to the rescue.

Scott: All I did was ask him to leave.

Annie: You stood up for me. That means a lot to a woman, and I really appreciate it. Not many people in this town stand up for me anymore, so you're one of the good guys, Scott. That's all I'm saying.

Scott: I think that right there has been my problem most of my life, being a good guy. You know, in business, you're treated as a sucker, and in life, it only leads to, uh --

Annie: What?

Scott: I'm just venting.

Annie: That's ok. I'm your roommate. That's what roomies do. Vent away.

Scott: Oh, it's complicated. It -- no, actually. It isn't. Good guys finish last, and the girls always go for the bad boys. Yeah.

Annie: Listen to me. You stayed with Marissa until the paramedics got there. She's not gonna forget that. That's how Adam and I got so close. I wouldn't leave him on that horrible night. You should go to the hospital, be the first person Marissa sees when she wakes up.

Scott: Too late. Somebody already beat me to it.

J.R.: He's in there with her? [Sighs] You know, looking in there, I can't help but think somebody must've been horribly wrong about inherited DNA, because how can two women like Babe and Marissa result from someone like David? Oh, I'm sorry.

Krystal: No. No. Listen.

J.R.: You were in that equation, too.

Krystal: I cannot take credit for Marissa. She was raised by two very, very special people, and they are the reason why she is who she is.

J.R.: And yet they're so much alike in so many ways. Yeah. I didn't want to think so at first, but sometimes if I just close my eyes and listen, I swear --

Krystal: I know. It's a very seductive trap to fall into, and I fight it all the time. You know, I try not to compare them, but it's not easy. They were twins, after all, even if they aren't identical. I try to focus on their differences.

J.R.: For instance?

Krystal: Oh, Babe was impulsive, you know? She survived on instinct -- again, her upbringing -- and Marissa, she's more thoughtful, methodical. She likes to think things through twice before she acts.

J.R.: Ah, sort of like you.

Krystal: Ha! Yeah, right. Like me. Yeah. Miss look before I leap, not. No. I made a lot of the same mistakes Babe made. Problem is, I never learn my lesson. If Marissa has inherited anything from David, it's to always think a few steps ahead and weigh the consequences.

J.R.: Uh-uh. Marissa is nothing like David.

Krystal: I'm talking about the David that you don't know, the David that very few people saw, the man that I fell in love with and married, and I know he is one big walking contradiction, but if you take away all that bad stuff, the scheming and the obsessing, you'll find that the two of them are a lot alike.

Ryan: Come on, Zach. Open the door.

[Pounding on door]

Ryan: Zach!

Zach: What do you want?

Ryan: My son.

Zach: Oh, I was right. The kids were asleep.

Ryan: They're asleep, and I didn't wake them up.

Zach: What do you want?

Ryan: He's my son.

Zach: I know. Kendall is gone now. You want to take him, you can. I don't think it's a great idea. Just lost their mother, you know, and he likes being a big brother to Ian. That's what Kendall wants.

Ryan: I agree. I agree he should be here with Ian, and he should be here with you, I think.

Zach: You think?

Ryan: What's going on, man? What's going on? Erica comes to see me. She's not happy at all. She believes that you --

Zach: No. I know what Erica believes. I should go to prison and see Kendall and maybe even break her out. That's what she believes.

Ryan: I'm confused because right up until the sentencing, you were sure that Kendall was innocent, and now you won't even make an attempt to go and see her. What is this?

Zach: Thank you for your concern for my marriage. This is what Kendall wants.

Ryan: I don't buy it. I don't buy it. If you still believed that Kendall was innocent, you wouldn't be doing this, so what happened? What changed?

Erica: Liza?

Liza: Erica. Well, Zach is determined to keep his distance from Kendall.

Erica: Zach was fighting so hard for Kendall, even after she said that she was guilty...

Liza: Yeah.

Erica: And now, all of a sudden, he just stops?

Liza: It'll be ok.

Erica: Well, maybe it'll be ok for you, but it won't be ok for Kendall. Kendall is locked away in her prison cell. She's away from her home. She's away from her boys. Why in the world would Zach just all of a sudden do this to her?

Liza: Maybe he's doing it for her. Maybe he thinks that seeing him or talking with the boys would be harder on her. Maybe that's why he's giving in so easily.

Erica: How could it be harder on her? Solitary confinement is as hard as it gets, and why is she even in solitary confinement at this stage, Liza?

Liza: Well, maybe it has something to do with her attempting to escape.

Erica: Oh, guard, guard, excuse me. What's taking so long? I have been waiting, oh, over 20 minutes to see my daughter.

Guard: She's refusing to see anyone, even you.

Marissa: Do you realize that that goes against everything in that sweet speech that you just gave me, like the part about wanting me to be happy?

David: No, it doesn't because I want your happiness, but J.R. cannot make you happy. He'll only bring you misery, just like he hurt Babe over and over again.

Marissa: I'm not Babe.

David: I know that, but you need to look at the man's history, realize the traps that he lays, the same ones that Babe fell into time and time again. I'm telling you, Marissa, he's got his act down pat -- the poor, misunderstood, unloved, rich boy. It's very slick, but it's all a bunch of noise. I'm telling you he's way too messed up for anyone to fix, so please don't make the mistake of trying.

Marissa: You know what? You're right about one thing. I need some rest.

David: [Sighs] Don't ignore my advice, Marissa. If you fall for J.R., you're gonna end up just like Babe.

Annie: Just because J.R. is interested in Marissa, doesn't mean you should roll over and give up. Have you ever thought about why he might be interested in her? Maybe it's some sick, unhealthy infatuation with his dead wife's sister.

Scott: She seems to be more interested in him. He's --

Annie: He was married to the sister she never knew. She probably just wants to know more about Babe. That's all that's in it for her. Trust me, you are 10 times the guy that J.R. is. He's damaged goods. Adam has been cleaning up after him for years. I mean it. He definitely sees more promise in you than he does in J.R.

Scott: Oh, I don't know about that.

Annie: It's true. I mean, think about it. Why else would he have you move in here? Why else would he have you, you know, work at Chandler? It's because you get things done, Scott. The only problem is, you don't jump at an opportunity when you see it. You overthink things. Am I right?

Scott: Well, yeah. I mean, maybe to a certain degree.

Annie: Maybe to a certain degree. You just have to take a leap, like you did when you came in here and gave Ryan a verbal smackdown. Sometimes people just need to be fought for. Maybe Marissa needs to see that side to you. Maybe you should go. Go to the hospital and fight for her.

Scott: Ohh...

Annie: Go on. Go.

Scott: All right.

Annie: Hey, wait. Hello? Don 't I get a thank-you or something? "Thank you, Annie." Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!

Scott: Thank you.

Adam: Am I interrupting something?

Scott: Ahem. Hey, your own kazoo. That's fun.

Annie: Scott actually shooed away Ryan for me. He was wonderful.

Adam: Yeah. Well, they haven't fixed the damn air conditioning yet.

Annie: Not yet.

Scott: How was the meeting?

Adam: Uh, what meeting?

Scott: Annie said you had some business to take care of.

Adam: Oh. Oh, yes. Of course. The lunch at the Yacht Club, one of the accountants. That's all.

Scott: Any problems?

Adam: No, no, no, no. I just wanted to get an update from Finance how we're doing.

Scott: Ok. Well, I'm off to the hospital. Thanks.

Annie: So, everything is all right?

Adam: Yes. Business is performing as expected.

Annie: Good. That means you'll have enough time to go for a swim with me. I tested this ankle monitor to see how far it'll reach and how deep I can go, and it was just so, so hot.

Adam: It is hot.

Annie: Yeah.

Adam: I'm gonna have to find that repairman and see what's taking him so long. Just, uh --

Krystal: Do you mind if we have a few minutes alone?

David: Not at all.

Krystal: He was wrong to say what he did.

Marissa: He genuinely believes that being with J.R. could kill me.

Krystal: Don't let him upset you.

Marissa: He's just so intense. I mean, nothing is ever easy with him. He's always got to be in your face, always drilling his point home.

Krystal: I know. I know, but just don't let him get to you.

Marissa: I know. It's not that. It's just I see a lot of myself in him, and I don't like what I see at all. He never lets up. He doesn't stop until he's got what he wants.

Krystal: Determination is a good thing. You need it in life to survive, to succeed. David's problem is, he lets that determination take an ugly step towards obsession, but that is him, not you. That's his flaw.

J.R.: I appreciate it, Colby. I know. I know. You're taking care if Liza's baby, too. Just tell him that I'm gonna be there in a bit, ok? Thanks.

David: I'll make you a deal, Junior. I'll keep my distance from Little Adam from now on if you stay away from Marissa.

J.R.: Why would you do that?

David: She's all I have left. I'm sure you can relate.

Zach: Maybe you should stop listening to what Erica tells you and listen to Kendall, what she wants. Respect that. Why'd you come over here, just to give me grief?

Ryan: Your marriage. I guess it's your business.

Zach: It is my marriage, and I don't need anyone, especially you, telling me what to do. And you know what else? I know Spike is your son. You can always come over here to see him, but do me a favor. Call first. I don't like surprises, never have.

[Door opens]

[Birds chirping]

[Door slams]

Scott: Hey.

Marissa: Scott, what is it? What are you doing?

Scott: What I've wanted to do since the day we met.

Marissa: Scott...

[Music playing]

Ryan: Hey, sweets, can I talk to you for a sec?

[Music stops]

Ryan: Um, hey, do you remember when I told you about the judge and how the judge was maybe gonna want to talk to you about what happened at Chandler's that night? Well, he doesn't need to talk to you anymore.

Emma: How come?

Ryan: Well, because Kendall told the judge that she shot Stuart by accident, just like you said, and I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am that I didn't believe you. We all should've believed you.

Emma: Mommy believed me.

Ryan: Emma?

[Door slams]

Ryan: Oh...

[Telephone rings]

Emma: Mommy?

Annie: Oh, hi, sweetheart. It's so good to hear your voice. You haven't told anybody about our secret phone, have you?

Emma: No. Daddy said I don't have to talk to the judge.

Annie: That's right, baby. You don't have to talk to anyone about that night ever again.

Emma: So, can I stop lying to Daddy now that Kendall has gone away?

Erica: Did you tell her that her visitor was her mother?

Guard: Yes, ma'am.

Erica: And what did she say exactly?

Guard: She said she didn't want to talk to anyone. I'm sorry, Ms. Kane.

Erica: I need a pen and some paper. Oh, I have a pen. Thank you.

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Here you go. Please give this to her. I think she'll change her mind.

[Door closes]

Zach: Welcome home.

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