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Episode #10180

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[J.R. stumbles around a dark alley and almost falls over]

J.R.: Oh -- ugh.

Marissa: J.R., are you ok? What's wrong?

J.R.: I'm -- I'm fine. I just -- I just got dizzy.

Annie: I love you so much, Adam. Yes. Yes, I will be your wife.

Adam: Oop! Ha ha ha! Scott, Scott, come in. Come in. This exquisite woman has consented to be my wife.

Scott: Congratulations.

Annie: I'm gonna make your uncle the happiest man in the world.

Adam: Annie, there's -- in the kitchen, there's a bottle of champagne on ice. Could you check it?

Annie: I'll be right back.

Adam: Thank you. You think I've lost my mind, don't you?

Kendall: I did it. I did it! I shot him! I shot him! I murdered Stuart Chandler! It was me! It was me! I'm the one who did it. I'm guilty. I'm guilty! I killed him! I killed him!

Ryan: Jesse, I'll handle it. Ok? Please, please, please, please? Let me handle this, please. Please. Hey. Hey. It's ok. It's ok. Everything is gonna be ok.

Kendall: No, no, no, Ryan. Get him. Get -- get Jesse back here, please. Please? I'm the one who did it. I shot him. I killed Stuart.

Ryan: You really need to stop saying that. Ok? You do.

Kendall: Ryan, I need you to get Jesse back here. I need to talk to him, and I need to tell him what I did.

Ryan: Just listen to me for one second, ok, please? Just one second. Ok? Why would you confess?

Kendall: Because it's the right thing to do.

Ryan: But think about all the people that love you, Kendall, all the people that need you. Remember, you can't go down without a fight. Remember? You remember that.

Kendall: No, but, Ryan, I'm guilty.

Ryan: Even if you are, do you think that matters to Spike and Ian? You can be home with your boys in no time. All you got to do is get through this trial and just -- just don't say a word, please. Just don't say a word. Ok? Just stay strong, stay focused, and let Liza do her job.

Zach: You know the case. You know Kendall. You're a good lawyer. You can get this done. Tell me what you need me to do, and I'll do it. Stay on the case. Anything you want.

Liza: There's a million other lawyers out there, Zach. Go find yourself someone else to represent her.

Zach: I don't want another lawyer. I want you. You know what we've been through. You know what's at stake.

Liza: I wish I could.

Zach: Don't quit on her. Without you, Kendall doesn't stand a chance.

[Randi dreams]

D.A. North's voice: Say you want me. Say it!

Randi's voice: Don't come any closer. Henry, stop!

Randi: Jesse, I can't go to jail. I -- I can't go to jail. Not now.

Jesse: I understand. I --

Randi: No, you don't.

Jesse: You're afraid. You're scared --

Randi: I'm pregnant! Jesse, we're covering this up?

Jesse: Do you see any other options?

Frankie: And the baby is gonna be as beautiful and strong as you are, inside and out.

Randi: Ow!

Frankie: What --

Randi: Ow! Oh, God, Frankie! Ow! It hurts so much!

Frankie: Randi? Randi? Randi?

Frankie: Were you dreaming about the baby again? Ahh. Talk to me. Tell me what you feel.

Randi: Guilty.

Natalia: Whoa! Heads up. What's wrong? Something's wrong. What is it?

Jesse: Thompson? No interruptions: Very important phone call.

Officer Thompson: Yes, sir.

[Door closes]

Natalia: Something big is going on around here. Do you know what's up?

Officer Thompson: Just Kendall Slater. She's down in lockup losing it.

Natalia: Over what?

Officer Thompson: Your guess is as good as mine.

Marissa: Are you sure that you're ok?

J.R.: I'm just so hot right now. Maybe I'm dehydrated.

Marissa: Or exhausted from ripping into Scott.

J.R.: I haven't seen the guy in years. And every time I turn around, he's in my face. I went to ConFusion, and he shows up, and it just set me off.

Marissa: Because of what your dad did, not him.

J.R.: No, because Scott's annoying.

Marissa: What? What happened? You were so honest before, telling me how you're afraid to lose your father. That's why you went off on Scott. Your dad asked him to move into the mansion, and that really hurt.

J.R.: Yeah, it did. Because Scott's everything that I'm not. He's everything that Uncle Stuart was. And that makes me angry, and it makes me jealous, and it makes me frustrated as hell. The way that my father looks at Scott -- I've waited my whole life for him to look at me like that.

Marissa: You told me that your father has his own way of showing love.

J.R.: Yeah, and I've tried to prove it to him. I've tried to prove that I could be good. Scott -- he doesn't have to try. He just goes with his gut instinct. I mean, he generally wants to make the world a better place. I generally just want to make the world a better place for myself.

Marissa: That's not true. You love Little Adam more than anything. I've seen how much you do for him.

J.R.: Look, I don't need your sympathy. Ok? I know exactly who I am. I'm selfish. I'm impulsive. I don't have any discipline. I don't have any direction. I'm constantly bitching and moaning about how my father's trying to mold me into him. Well, thank God for that, because if I wasn't Adam Chandler, Jr., I'd have nothing.

Marissa: You've done plenty independent of your father.

J.R.: The one truly brilliant plan that I had to start over in San Diego with Babe and my son -- that went bust, too.

Marissa: That wasn't your fault. Have you been drinking?

J.R.: I wanted to. There's nobody here to stop me. But I didn't. Huh. I guess I'm not a complete lost cause, huh?

Marissa: No, you're not. But you're gonna need as many people in your corner as you can get, including Scott. Look, if Scott decides to move into the mansion, just don't give him a hard time, or your dad. Take it from me. You need your family.

Scott: I'm really happy for you, Uncle Adam. I don't think the rest of Pine Valley is gonna feel that way.

Adam: Well, they made their positions quite clear when they invaded my house and tried to kill me. So their opinions are of no concern to me.

Scott: Good. Forget them. You do what's right for you.

Adam: What's right for me is to marry Annie and rebuild this family around her.

Scott: So you, your fiancée, and your nephew? Yeah, three is definitely a crowd in that scenario.

Adam: Nonsense. I'm completely serious about you helping me protect Annie. With that ogre Slater out there running around? No. And I'm gonna need some advice on how to work for the betterment of humankind.

Scott: Ok. Now you're laying it on a little thick.

Adam: Well, no, no, no. I'm just -- I've been reading your new mission statement for the company.

Scott: You already rejected it once.

Adam: Well, I've revised my thinking. What you have outlined is exactly what I think the company should be. Yes. Not to mention the most important thing: Having it reflect your father's spirit and values.

Scott: I'm glad you changed your mind.

Adam: Before Stuart died, I thought that the noblest thing I could do was to acquire power. But now I believe that it's to build more hope. That's what my brother would've wanted: To build more hope, to have all of the people he loves work together to make --

Annie: Who wants to pop the cork?

Adam: Ha ha ha ha!

[Adam applauds]

Liza: Temporary insanity.

Zach: Why not?

Liza: Because I can't convince a jury.

Zach: Sure you can.

Liza: No, I can't, Zach. Because she just had a psychiatric evaluation, and Kendall was declared sane.

Zach: Get a second opinion. People do it all the time.

Liza: Zach, can't sell it.

Zach: You can't sell it? You gave birth to somebody else's baby. You can sell anything.

Liza: Zach --

Zach: Hey, I'm not -- I'm just saying that if you put your mind to things, you can make things happen.

Liza: Not this one. This one is actually too tough, even for me.

Zach: Yeah? What happened? A couple of days ago, you said you had this in the bag.

Liza: Well, that was before Kendall tried to escape.

Zach: And now what? You're giving up?

Liza: Kendall's the one who gave up. She gave up. She turned herself in. She obviously wants to serve time.

Zach: I will have Kendall say and do anything you want her to say or do, but you got to be there to make the case.

Liza: Even if I do, even if I stay on this, she is never gonna make it through the trial. She's gonna get on that stand, and she's gonna hear all the testimony about how she brutally gunned down the nicest man on the planet, and she is gonna crack.

Zach: You got to prep her.

Liza: No. It's not gonna work. And we have no evidence against any other suspect.

Zach: Well, we have Annie. Annie killed Stuart.

Liza: We can't prove it.

Zach: Put her on the stand, and we'll prove it.

Liza: Annie isn't gonna crack under pressure. Kendall will. I told you to get the best lawyer that money can buy. But between you and me, no attorney in their right mind would defend Kendall.

Kendall: I've seen Stuart, Ryan. I saw his ghost. Don't look at me like that. It was my guilty conscience haunting me.

Ryan: Ok. Ok. So just tell me what happened. He spoke to you?

Kendall: He helped me remember what happened the night that he died. I killed him, Ryan. I -- I killed him, and I have to pay.

Ryan: More than you already have, Kendall? Look at what you're putting yourself through.

Kendall: No, Ryan. Ryan, I deserve this. Ok? I murdered a man. A kind, gentle, loving man who never hurt anyone. His blood is on my hands.

Ryan: Listen to me. None of this is your fault.

Kendall: Ryan, he is dead. He's dead. And even if I didn't mean to do it, I did it! I still did it. I will not sit in the courtroom and let Liza argue that I'm innocent.

Ryan: You don't have to suffer more than you already have, Kendall. That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Kendall: Ok. But Stuart's family has to suffer for the rest of their lives? No, no, Ryan. What kind of a person, what kind of a mother would I be if I didn't own up to what I did? Get Jesse back here right now. I want to finish what we started. I'm ready to confess.

Annie: Cheers.

Scott: Cheers to the happy couple.

J.R.: Are we celebrating?

Adam: Annie has agreed to be my wife.

Annie: It's official. I'm gonna be a Chandler.

Zach: Now, I'm sure you're aware how far I will go to get Kendall off, how far I've already gone.

Liza: Yeah, yeah, Zach, I am. You framed Annie. You tried to get Kendall out of the country. You got Jesse to turn the other way. I mean, I knew he was on our side, but he's really gone above and beyond the line, hasn't he? Uh, on second thought, don't -- don't tell me. Don't.

Zach: Kendall is innocent. There's a lot of people who want to see her go free.

Liza: You know, Zach, that's nice. It is. But loving friends and family -- that's not gonna mitigate the fact that she's on the verge of confessing to the whole world that she's guilty. I got to go.

Zach: Friends and family, huh? What does that mean, exactly? Friends, family -- what is that? This woman went to hell and back, tornadoes and hospitals and surgeries, to get back here to her friends and family. This is justice? Not to me. Justice means she should be with her kids, and you know what that means. You're a mother. Think of all the stuff you've done, all the things you have done, you will do, just to keep Colby. And you wake up one morning, everything's changed. Hopes, dreams, everything's gone. That's where Kendall is right now. She's got one more shot, and that shot is you. She needs your help. What do you say?

Liza: Ok. I will stay on the case.

Zach: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Zach: Slater.

Jesse: Zach, I need you down at the station now.

Zach: What happened?

Jesse: Your wife. She's telling the whole damn world that she's guilty.

[Natalia eavesdrops]

Ryan: You don't want to do this.

Kendall: Ryan, stop. Would you please stop it? Ok? Stop trying to talk me out of it, please.

Ryan: Ok. Ok. Ok. You're right. Let's just -- let's just talk.

Kendall: I don't want to talk. I don't want to talk. Ok? I want to confess. Now, get -- get someone down here. Get Jesse, the D.A., a judge -- I don't care.

Ryan: No, no, Kendall. No. We need to talk this through first. Let's just talk. Ok?

Kendall: Oh, God. Why? Why? So you can try to convince me to just keep my mouth shut? That it's best that I forget about it and just move on? You don't believe that, Ryan. If you were in my shoes, there is no way you could ever swallow something like this. Zach could. He would just pour himself a scotch and keep on living. But you? You're like me. You can't pretend. You can't keep it in.

Ryan: If you go and talk to the police, it's over. Everything will be lost.

Kendall: Ryan, if I don't, this guilt will eat me alive. I have to get it out. You understand that. I know you do.

Ryan: It's difficult now, Kendall, but it will get easier.

Kendall: It didn't with Greenlee. When she died, we turned to each other. Yes, there was love there and there was a connection. But no matter what, we knew that it was wrong, and we had to come clean with each other, just like I have to come clean with the police. I have no choice, Ryan. It's who we are.

Jesse: Natalia, I need you to go down to the evidence room. Make a list of everything that's gonna come into play at Kendall Slater's trial. Ok?

Natalia: Wait. There's not gonna be a trial.

Jesse: Excuse me?

Natalia: Kendall Slater is going to confess. I heard her down in lockup. She admitted to killing Stuart Chandler, and you're trying to cover it up. That important phone call you had to make? That was to her husband. Am I wrong? You two are working together?

Jesse: You know what? You need to stop trying to play detective. Follow your orders, or you're gonna have the shortest career in department history.

Natalia: Oh. So I'm supposed to go along with this cover-up?

Jesse: You are jumping to a major conclusion off a few observations. Cops don't work like that. We investigate. We cover every angle. You're seeing this from one side only.

Natalia: So I'm wrong? You didn't call Zach Slater?

Jesse: Yes, I did. Kendall is obviously a wreck. He should be here. She's about to say something that could ruin her life, destroy her entire family.

Natalia: Wasn't a family destroyed when Stuart Chandler was killed? Look, I may be new, but I have learned a couple of things. Murderers should be punished, and you should not be playing God.

Jesse: Police work is not black and white -- the way it is in your textbooks. There are a lot of gray areas.

Natalia: Crime, confession. Where is this gray area?

Jesse: It's not that simple.

Natalia: You still think she's innocent?

Jesse: Yeah, I do.

Natalia: She says she did it. She wants to take responsibility! Why do you keep getting in the way?

Jesse: Why do you keep interrogating me?

Natalia: What do you expect? You're bending the law to protect the Slaters?

Jesse: It's not just about them. It's about protecting other people, including our family.

Natalia: "Our family"? What does that mean?

Jesse: It means that cops sometimes have to make extremely difficult choices. It is not our job to decide who is innocent or guilty. We leave that up to the courts. Our job is to uphold the law, and sometimes you have to make judgment calls. This is one of those times! I don't expect you to understand this now, but I expect you to trust me.

Natalia: Trust you? Why should I trust you? You know, I trusted you my whole life, and everything you said, everything you were, was a lie!

Jesse: Natalia --

Natalia: I idolized you. I wore this uniform so I could be like you! That was before I found out who you really are. You know what? I could never lie like you.

Frankie: Losing the baby is no one's fault.

Randi: Before you, I lived a horrible life. I don't deserve to be a mother. No, not after the things that I've done.

Frankie: You want answers, an explanation, reasons. So do I, but there are none. It just happened. But it has nothing to do with your past or anything either one of us has done.

Marissa: Well, it's a gorgeous ring.

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Only the best for my beautiful bride.

J.R.: In this economy, shouldn't you have gone for something a little more understated? Maybe something in plastic to go along with the matching ankle bracelet.

Marissa: J.R., don't.

J.R.: Or you could've saved money on the dress, got a straitjacket. They come in white, don't they?

Scott: Seriously, man, lay off. Ok?

J.R.: What? I can't help with the wedding plans? Come on, when's the big day?

Annie: I'm hoping for a Thanksgiving wedding.

J.R.: And since you can't leave the house without the cops wrestling you to the ground, I suppose it's gonna be right here.

Annie: Here's fine. Anywhere's fine, as long as you are there. Ha ha ha!

J.R.: So this is the real deal, huh?

Annie: I love your father with all my heart.

Adam: And I love Annie.

Marissa: You need your family.

J.R.: So should I start calling you "Mom"?

Annie: That's not necessary.

J.R.: Well, congratulations. You're good.

Adam: Ah. A family is on the mend. Stuart, you hear that? You've inspired us all.

Marissa: J.R.?

J.R.: Relax. I just want to wish the happy couple the best of luck. Hmm?

Frankie: No way.

Natalia: Yes way. Kendall Slater confessed, and Dad is trying to cover this up.

Frankie: Dad would never let somebody get away with a murder. You must've heard wrong.

Natalia: You know what? I heard right. She was screaming at Ryan Lavery, saying that she is sick of people trying to cover this thing up.

Frankie: Her friends, her family maybe, but not Dad.

Natalia: Dad. Dad has been breaking the rules all over the place. Blind to some things, deaf to others. It's just -- it's not right.

Frankie: Wait a second. Wait a second. How long has this been going on? Natalia?

Natalia: Ever since the D.A. died, Dad has been a different person. He is distracted, secretive, always in a bad mood. And then when I ask him about it, he jumps all over me.

Frankie: Sounds to me like he's stressed.

Natalia: This is way more than stress. The other day I was working at the Chandler Mansion on a crime scene. I proved that there was no way that Annie Lavery could've taken that shot at Adam Chandler. I even pulled out my laser and started measuring angles, and Dad paid me no mind.

Frankie: Why would he do that?

Natalia: It all comes back down to Kendall. He is on a mission to protect her, won't even let her go to jail. I even think that he's working with her husband.

Frankie: Look, I think if Dad is willing to go that far out on a limb, then he must have an explanation.

Natalia: Well, he does keep telling me to trust him, but he won't tell me why.

Frankie: I hear you. I do. But I can't believe that, because it doesn't sound like my dad.

Zach: Who else heard Kendall besides you?

Ryan: I tried. She won't budge.

Jesse: Maybe he'll have better luck.

Ryan: Well, you honestly think this is what we should do? We should just completely ignore what she's saying?

Liza: She's not thinking straight.

Ryan: Actually, she is. If anybody bothered to listen to her, you guys would know that. You know what I think? I think Zach should just leave it alone.

Jesse: The man's trying to hold on to his family. His wife does not belong in jail.

Liza: Oh. You -- you don't agree, Ryan?

Ryan: You know what? What I think, what I want, what anybody wants doesn't make any difference. This should be what she wants, what Kendall wants. It's her life.

[Zach walks into Kendall's cell and hugs her]

Adam: It makes me very happy that you're going along with this. I -- of course, I would've married Annie anyway. But it's important to me to have your final approval. Maybe you heard me tell your cousin that I plan to rebuild this family.

J.R.: Like I said, best of luck. Hmm?

Marissa: Sorry to interrupt, but I have to get going.

Adam: Oh. I'm glad you could join our celebration.

J.R.: Yes, I should head out, too. I have to go get Little Adam.

Annie: Oh. Be sure to give him a hug for me.

J.R.: Oh. You know, before long, he's gonna be calling you "Grandma." Dad, Scott, see you later.

Marissa: Bye.

Annie: Bye.

Marissa: That was impressive.

J.R.: If my father marries that psycho, she's gonna destroy him and this family.

Frankie: Dad would never cover up a confession. Right? I mean, it makes no sense.

Natalia: If it was someone close to him who was in trouble -- you, Angie, Tad -- I'd understand. But Kendall Slater? Come on, would he really risk his career, his reputation for her? Something just doesn't feel right, and it's really bothering me.

Randi: Yeah, well, maybe he's just protecting someone really close to him.

Frankie: Who? And for what?

Natalia: He did say something about protecting our family.

Frankie: Oh. So -- so somebody committed a murder that I don't know about? Get out of here.

Kendall: When you hold me like that, I'm not afraid. I feel your strength. I know that I can keep on going. When I'm alone, it's -- it's hard.

Zach: Well, then you won't be alone.

Kendall: You understand what I'm doing, right?

Zach: I understand what you're trying to do.

Kendall: Zach, when you -- when we got married the first time, you promised that you would spend a lifetime trying to understand my heart. Well, in my heart, I am sure this is the right thing to do. It is, and I need you to accept that. I'm not being rash or hysterical. I've thought about this long and hard. This is my only option. So if you meant that vow, you won't try to stop me.

Zach: What about your kids? What about our boys? Spike and Ian need their mother.

Kendall: I know, Zach. Don't you understand? They won't have me. They'll have someone who's drowning in guilt and torture. I couldn't live like that. I can't do that. I'm sorry.

Frankie: You know what? I wouldn't even sweat it. Dad is just overworked. It'll all blow over soon.

Natalia: I don't think so.

Frankie: You're just starting the force. Maybe there's some stuff you don't know yet.

Natalia: You mean stuff I don't want to know.

Frankie: Look, you got to carve out your own place, your own identity, just like I did when I was a doctor. At the hospital, I couldn't worry about what my mom was doing or saying. I had to do my thing. And you got to do yours.

Natalia: Anyway, you know, I came in here blabbing about my problems. I didn't even ask how you're doing. How are you?

Randi: I'm ok.

Natalia: If you ever want to talk, I'm here for you, ok?

Randi: Yeah.

Frankie: Look, maybe Dad's jealous. You have your whole career ahead of you, and he's headed toward his golden years.

Natalia: Dude, Dad is not even close to hanging it up.

Frankie: Then maybe he's being hard on you, because you're his daughter, because he cares so much for you that he doesn't want to see one mistake kill your dreams.

[Randi sighs]

Zach: Liza, you should talk to Kendall.

Jesse: I'll take you down.

Ryan: Look, I know you're trying to protect her --

Zach: You know what? I don't need your advice on how to deal with my wife. She's not going down for murder.

[Kendall's confession is being recorded]

Kendall: Zach and I thought we lost our son. Ian was dead, and the person responsible had to pay. So I went to the Chandler Mansion to kill Adam. I -- I stood on the terrace, and I pointed the gun at him, and I fired. But -- but the person I shot was Stuart.

Jesse: You need a minute?

Kendall: No. Um, no one forced me into doing this. I acted purely on my own. I -- I blew a tiny family apart, and so I'm not asking for pity. I just -- I just want everyone to know why this horrible thing happened. When your -- when your child is hurt, in pain, or -- or taken away forever, this force just takes over you. And it's something that's so strong, it's like nothing you've ever felt in your life. And it forces you to do things that you never thought you were capable of. It forces you to go to places you never thought that you would go. And I'm not -- I'm not -- I'm not making excuses. I'm just -- I'm just trying to get everyone to understand how I got to this horrible moment. And this is a moment that I will pay for with the rest of my life.

Liza: I think we've heard enough.

Kendall: Wait a minute. Um, I want to apologize to Stuart's wife and son. Um, I just -- I hope that -- that them knowing that I'm here in jail will bring them peace. And I hope it brings Stuart peace, too. He needs the rest, and so do I.

Frankie: Look, uh, I know it's not gonna be easy, but we got to put this behind us. And I think I know the way: Let's make another baby.

Randi: Is that really what you want?

Frankie: When you first told me that you were pregnant, I was surprised. I was terrified, actually. I didn't think it would happen so soon, but I'm glad it did. You, me, our child -- what could be better than that? You are gonna be an incredible mother.

Randi: Frankie, I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm not ready.

Frankie: You don't think that trying again would help?

Randi: I'm still grieving the baby that I just lost. I'm sorry. I'm just not ready.

Adam: I'm off to bed.

Annie: I'll be right up. I'm just gonna let it sink in. All my dreams are coming true.

Adam: I'm thrilled that you're planning to move in with us.

Scott: I'll bring my stuff over in the morning.

Adam: Excellent. Don't be long, my love.

Annie: Your toast was lovely. Adam was touched, and so was I. I'm glad you're moving in. I know Adam made it seem like it's to protect me from Zach Slater. But to be honest with you, I'm more worried about J.R.

Scott: He congratulated you guys.

Annie: Oh, please. I didn't buy that for a second. J.R. hates me. He's gonna do anything he can to ruin this. And you know what? Adam has been through a lot. You would think that selfish jerk would be happy for his own father.

Scott: I'm -- I'm sure he'll come around.

Annie: Having you in the house feels right. I look forward to having you here all the time. Good night.

Scott: Good night.

Ryan: Kendall confessed?

Liza: There's not gonna be a trial, just sentencing.

Ryan: Best guess, what are we looking at here?

Liza: Well, I doubt that any judge is going to sentence Kendall to death row. I mean, she thought her baby was dead. But there's no guarantees.

Stuart: You did the right thing.

Kendall: Stuart?

Stuart: I accept your apology.

Kendall: Thank you for showing me what I had to do. I'm going to prison now, but with the weight off of my shoulders, I'm also free.

Stuart: Oh, you're gonna be fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. Things worked out real well.

Kendall: How have things worked out well for you?

Stuart: Well, because I can go to a better place now. And how do I look? I want to look really sharp for my big arrival.

Kendall: You look wonderful. They're gonna love you up there.

[Stuart disappears]

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