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David: What a good little man you are. Hmm? You're getting so big and strong.

Liza: Wow, you really do seem to have the touch.

David: Well, I'm available any time. No charge.

Liza: Uh, well, thank you. Thank you. Yeah.

[When Jake spies David holding Liza's baby, he has him paged]

Nurse's voice: Dr. Hayward. Dr. David Hayward, please contact the Cardiology desk.

David: Excuse me.

Liza: Yeah.

Jake: Are you out of your mind? You let him hold the baby like that?

Liza: Look, I am half asleep and completely a wreck, and he generously and surprisingly offered to help. What? What am I supposed to do, start screaming? What, you want me to pull a fire alarm?

Jake: Well, it's better than letting him hold the baby like that.

Liza: I don't think he's got any more suspicions. Really, after you did what you did with the DNA test.

Jake: Listen, listen. Just -- just keep your guard up, ok? Amanda let her guard down for a minute and almost ruined the whole thing.

Adam: I told you I didn't need an ambulance.

J.R.: I've almost lost you too many times. I'm not taking any chances. Wait here. I'll go get the paperwork.

Adam: I'm not an invalid.

J.R.: I know that. I'm just being nice to you.

Adam: I'm not used to that.

Emma: Mommy didn't hurt him.

Adam: Didn't hurt who? Stuart?

Emma: Mommy didn't shoot him and you know that, too.

Erica: Emma. What are you doing here? Nurse. Nurse, I think this little girl really should be back in her room resting.

Nurse: Yes, she should be. Come on, honey.

Adam: Erica, I owe you an apology.

Erica: A few dozen, actually. What's this one for?

Adam: Well, not believing you when you told me about Annie. I really thought there was more jealousy than friendship involved when you, uh -- when you warned me about her. But apparently she wants me dead, so thanks for letting me not believe you.

Erica: Well, you should have believed me.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Erica: You know, Adam, you used to be more clever than this. You know what? I think that we need to channel the real Adam Chandler. Come on. We need to channel the real Adam Chandler. The Adam Chandler who's smart and tough and powerful, because Annie Lavery never would have been a match for the real Adam Chandler. He's so arrogant, conceited, way too full of himself.

Adam: I got the message. I got it. Arrogant. Oh, no, no.

Erica: Good. For what it's worth, I'm really glad that Annie missed. I much prefer you alive.

Adam: Oh.

Ryan: Stop using our daughter to protect yourself. Stop using her to get back at Kendall.

Annie: Of course. Evil Annie railroading your sweet, innocent Kendall to the big house. I am not using our daughter. I did not kill Stuart, and I did not try to kill Adam.

Ryan: Annie --

Annie: Somebody is setting me up, Ryan. Somebody hates me and somebody wants me to go down. Come on. Half this town hates me as much as you do. Oh, my God, was it you? Were you in on it? Did you fire that shot?

Ryan: Wow, that -- that is a new low, even for you. Now you're pointing fingers at me?

Annie: Well, you could have done it. You could have easily done it. You're in love with Kendall. You'd do anything to save her.

Ryan: No, no. I am not in love with Kendall. I love our daughter, Annie. That's who I'm trying to protect here, but you're making it really, really hard. Because of you there's like a half-dozen vultures out there trying to tear her apart, and I'm having a tough time keeping them away. I mean, who does that? What kind of mother does that to their child? Uses her as a star witness in a murder trial?

Annie: I have done nothing to Emma except try to keep her safe. I didn't brainwash her, Ryan. Why would I do that? What would be my reasoning? To protect myself? What possible motive would I have to try to kill Adam?

Ryan: I don't know. Why did you try and kill Erica?

Annie: That is so unfair. I was not healthy back then. I was --

Ryan: Insane? Maybe you still are.

Annie: No. I got help, and I am better now.

Ryan: Or you're just better at hiding it.

Kendall: You did it, didn't you? You shot the gun, and you framed Annie.

Zach: What difference does it make? Annie's behind bars and the guilty person is being punished.

Kendall: But she's not guilty. I'm the one who killed Stuart. I should be behind bars, not her.

Liza: I told you he has been crying for hours now. So what? David comes in, and he decides to help, and he was actually pretty amazing with him.

Jake: Look, the baby's colicky. The baby's colicky. That's it. It doesn't mean you let him hold the baby. It doesn't mean you let David get close to the baby. No. Listen. Go to the pediatrician, ok? In fact, ask the pediatrician about prune juice.

Liza: Prune juice.

Jake: Trust me. And maybe you want to get yourself a double duty nanny or something. Just don't bring the baby around here, and don't let the baby get near David. You want him to get suspicious again? Do you? Do you want him to think it's his son? I don't think so.

Liza: So, what am I supposed to do? Just run every time that he comes up to me? You think that's gonna bring up suspicion?

Jake: Just use your common sense.

Liza: Ok. Don't you think -- this baby means everything to me, Jake. You and Amanda -- you guys can have another child. I can't. So don't lecture me on keeping a secret from David.

David: Oh, hey. Well, I hope you're here to see me.

Marissa: No, actually, I'm looking for Liza.

David: Oh, I'm heartbroken.

Marissa: Don't be. I'm on the clock.

David: What, late developments in the case?

Marissa: Actually, yes. They've arrested Annie Lavery. Apparently she made another attempt at shooting Adam.

David: How's Adam?

Marissa: She missed.

David: Well, it looks like Kendall will be off the hook, then.

Marissa: Yeah, we'll see. But, yes, it's looking a whole lot better.

David: It seems like you really like this new job.

Marissa: Are you kidding? This is a law student's dream. And I really like working with Liza.

David: Well, that's great. Well, when the dust settles, I hope you'll have time for me to take you out to dinner again.

Marissa: As soon as the madness stops.

David: Come on. I was just with her. I'll walk you over.

Marissa: Ok.

Jesse: And what makes you think Annie used a cup and saucer grip?

Natalia: I don't know. I was just --

Jesse: Because most people, unless they're trained, would use the single grip or the double-hand grip.

Natalia: Would the outcome be the same?

Jesse: Not necessarily. What are you doing here anyway?

Natalia: Just curious.

Jesse: Really.

Natalia: I don't think the shooter was standing here.

Jesse: And why not?

Natalia: Because whatever grip he or she was using, there is no way they'd miss Adam by so much. Especially not from where he was standing.

Jesse: Interesting. There's a few factors you seem to be overlooking here. For one, lighting. Could have changed, both inside and out.

Natalia: And then there are the mullions. You know the night Stuart Chandler was killed, there was powder residue left on the window mullions here. Tonight -- none. Meaning the gun wasn't fired close enough to leave any.

Jesse: Or it was too close. I mean, check it out. If the barrel was up against the glass, there wouldn't be any residue spread there either. But I got to tell you, I like the way you're working that academy training.

Natalia: Thanks. But what about the question of motive? Look, Annie Lavery had no motive.

Jesse: Nobody knows what went down between those two. I mean, Annie asked him to marry her, and he said no. She's not exactly the poster child for sanity under pressure. There's your possible motive.

Natalia: Maybe. But that still doesn't quite work where Stuart Chandler's murder is concerned. Annie Lavery still had no motive to want to kill Adam or his brother.

Jesse: She's irrational, and she was here on that night. And she filled her daughter's head with all that nonsense. Who knows what might have set her off.

Natalia: What's got you so eager to pin this on Annie?

Ryan: If you think about it, you had a much more rational reason to go after Adam -- Emma. I mean, she's the reason that you were there that night, right? To kidnap her? And in your statement you said that Adam caught you in the nursery, and then he left, and you went after him.

Annie: He looked unwell. I just wanted to help him.

Ryan: Or you were afraid that he was gonna go to the police and keep you from getting your daughter back, which is a great reason to shoot anybody. Am I right?

Annie: That is not how it happened.

Ryan: Well, whatever happened, you ended up in the attic with our daughter, filling her head with lies, Annie. And because of that she's gone through hell the last few weeks, and it's your fault. And you're not gonna get another chance. Not after what you've done. And truthfully, I'm not gonna feel that guilty telling her that her mom is gone.

Annie: It was Zach.

Ryan: What? What do you mean?

Annie: It was Zach that fired that shot through the window at Adam to set me up and to save Kendall. Oh, my God. I thought -- I thought that it was you, but it must have been Zach.

Ryan: You done? I mean, that was a little bit subpar. Usually you come up with a more original story than that. But just, "It was Zach." Come on.

Annie: You don't believe me? Go ask him.

Zach: You got to stop doing this. You didn't kill Stuart. See what you do? You're trying to remember things that didn't happen, just like Emma.

Kendall: Zach, you don't understand. You don't see what I see in my head. Looking in that window, pointing the gun at him, knowing how it felt.

Zach: I know how it felt. I was there. And we both wanted to kill someone that night, and we didn't.

Kendall: You just can't accept it, but I have. I have. I don't know what to do. What do I do?

Zach: I'll tell you what you do. Just stop talking like that. Think about your boys in there. They need their mother. They lost you once when you were in the coma. They're not gonna get through it again. So stop. Don't -- don't admit to a crime you didn't commit.

Kendall: I just -- my head is spinning.

Zach: Yeah, my head is spinning, too, because you're trying to fill your head with something that didn't happen. You didn't kill Stuart. Let it go.

Erica: What did the doctor say about you?

Adam: Oh, just an irregular heartbeat. That's all. It's nothing. I'll be fine. It was a shock, though, hearing gunshots in that house again, reliving Stuart's death. But it opened my eyes. Annie -- I don't know why Emma said that.

Erica: I didn't hear her. What did she say?

Adam: She -- she said that her mommy didn't kill Stuart. But I already knew that, she said.

Erica: Well, Annie has that little girl so confused. I mean, Emma has just found herself in the middle of this enormous mess. But anyway, you know what? It doesn't matter what Emma says. Annie's behind bars.

Adam: I know. It just -- it just doesn't sound right.

Erica: Adam, Emma knows that Annie is the one who killed Stuart. She knows that. Annie made Emma lie about it. And now Emma -- Emma is seeking out anybody who has ever shown any sympathy towards her mother at all to try to get them to help. I mean, that's why Emma came to see you.

Adam: Children don't really think that way, do they?

Erica: Well, Annie has completely brainwashed Emma. Look, don't let that upset you. Why don't you go home? Why don't you get some rest?

Adam: Yeah.

Erica: Ok.

Kendall's voice: I did it, Mom. I shot Stuart.

Erica: Kendall would never believe any of Annie's lies.

Zach: I'll take care of this tonight.

Erica: What do you mean? Where are you going?

Zach: Make sure Kendall stays here and doesn't answer the phone.

Erica: Zach.

David: Good, you're still here. Found a legal assistant in search of a mentor.

Marissa: Hey, boss.

Liza: Hey. You just caught me. What's up?

David: Did Jake help any?

Liza: He did, he did. He explained to me about colic and what I need to talk to my pediatrician about. But he hasn't -- he hasn't been this quiet in a really long time, so thank you.

David: Happy to help. Well, it's always good to see you two. Don't forget.

Marissa: Dinner soon. I promise.

David: Take care.

Marissa: Wow, you two seem to be on better terms these days.

Liza: Well. What, it's better than being at each other's throat, right?

Marissa: Yeah, yeah. I just mean, considering what he'd been accusing you of, with the baby being his. That's --

Liza: I think he finally realized what a wild story that is, right? DNA tests -- they don't lie. Well, what is it? You wanted to talk to me.

Marissa: You haven't checked your messages, have you?

Liza: No, I have not. The baby did not stop crying till just a little bit ago. What is it?

Marissa: It looks like Kendall may have scored a break.

Kendall: So you framed Annie. You shot the gun, you made it look like she took another shot at Adam. Now, did you -- did you do this alone, or was Jesse in on this as well?

Zach: I don't think it makes any difference.

Kendall: It does to me, Zach. I hate when you do that. You pat me on the head like some idiot and you say, "Don't worry. I'll take care of everything." And then you go and you do something completely crazy like this.

Zach: Sorry for interrupting you. Are you defending Annie now?

Kendall: No. No, I'm not defending anyone. I just don't like when you control people's lives.

Zach: I'm not controlling anything. And what's this? Annie is a nutcase. She killed Richie, almost killed your mother. What am I controlling, really? How? Make sure that Spike and Ian are ok, that they don't end up like Emma, walking to school, thinking about how their mother killed somebody.

Kendall: But I did.

Zach: You did not. And that's the last we're gonna talk about it.

Marissa: So Annie is desperate to talk to you. She wants you there as her lawyer.

Liza: Well, I can't. I mean, now that Annie might be charged for Stuart's murder. I'm still representing Kendall. That is a serious conflict of interest.

Marissa: Yeah, you're gonna have to give up one or the other, aren't you?

Liza: Yeah, probably. Listen, would you go over to Annie and would you explain to her the situation? And tell her if she still wants me to represent her in her past crimes that I can do that, but I cannot represent her in the Chandler murder.

Marissa: How long do you think you can keep that balancing act going?

Liza: Well, hopefully long enough for you to get some information for me that I -- I probably can't get. I want you to find out what she has said to the police about her latest arrest, her attempted murder on Adam, what she said about Stuart's murder, and if she plans on changing her story now that she's under arrest.

Marissa: But if I'm working for you, isn't that the same conflict of interest?

Liza: You're right. You're fired. But just until you get the information from Annie. What? What is it?

Marissa: I -- I just have this flash of falling into some John Grisham novel like Alice down the rabbit hole.

Liza: Right. This law stuff, right? Curiouser and curiouser. Excuse me. Just make sure that you bring back something useful.

Jesse: Listen, I admire your tenacity, but don't start trying to second-guess your superiors, even if you are related to them.

Natalia: I can't even comment on the contradictions I may see?

Jesse: Baby, I'm trying to give you some advice here on how to rise through the ranks without stepping on toes. Now you ask me if I'm out to nail Annie. That is a suggestion of impropriety, ok? Any other cop would hammer you hard. You understand?

Natalia: Yes, oh wise teacher. So what do you do about the discrepancies?

Jesse: I take you off the case.

Natalia: What? Are you serious?

Jesse: As a heart attack.

Natalia: Why?

Jesse: Because you need to be focusing on your exams, not on stuff that is above and beyond your pay grade.

Natalia: Dad --

Jesse: No. You know what? Go on now. Take your grown ass home and hit the books.

Natalia: Fine.

Jake: Hey, Amanda, it's me.

Amanda: Hi. What's up?

Jake: I just got a message from Tad. You're over with the baby at Taylor's?

Amanda: Yeah, I couldn't stay away. He needs me.

Jake: Well, I need you, too. I -- I'd love to talk to you. I just got off work. Maybe you can meet me at ConFusion.

Amanda: Sure. What's going on?

Jake: Nothing. It's important, but, you know, I'll just see you in a bit, ok?

Adam: Um, excuse me. Could you tell me where Emma Lavery's room is?

Nurse: I'm sorry. I just came on duty. You'll have to go to the nurse's station.

J.R.: There you are. I've been looking for you. You're all checked out, so let's get you home.

Adam: Uh, not --

J.R.: What, you got something else you need to do here?

Adam: No, not quite yet. No. Let's go.

J.R.: Ok.

Liza: Good news. Annie Lavery was just arrested for attempting to kill Adam tonight.

Zach: Yeah, we heard about that. So how long before they're gonna drop the charges against Kendall?

Liza: Well, not until she's officially charged with murdering Stuart. But right now she's arrested for her latest attempt.

Zach: They'll link it back to Stuart. It's just a matter of time.

Liza: Well, they're gonna need a little more information than they got. Ah, but dropping the charges on Kendall is gonna mean such egg on Willis' face. Even though he inherited the case from North, he's been pushing hard.

Zach: Well, Adam's not protecting Annie anymore. That's for sure. She will get charged.

Liza: But, Kendall, what's wrong? Annie's behind bars finally. You have a chance to be free. I thought you'd be doing somersaults.

Zach: She's just taking it all in.

Kendall: Yeah, I'm -- I am. I'm actually thrilled. It's just -- you know, it's just a lot to deal with. Excuse me. I have to go check on the boys.

Zach: Women. She doesn't want to get her hopes up.

Liza: Right.

Ryan: How is Emma?

Erica: She's still sleeping. Listen, have you heard from Kendall at all? Have they dropped the charges?

Ryan: No, I haven't heard anything. I've been with Annie.

Erica: Well, she didn't decide to do us all a big favor, did she, and confess to Stuart's killing?

Ryan: No. No. In fact, she insists that she was set up tonight.

Erica: Oh, of course, Annie would insist such a thing. Who is it this time that she's trying to blame? The CIA? The mob? Mystery man on the grassy knoll?

Ryan: Zach.

Erica: Zach?

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Well, I would have thought she'd try to palm this off on Kendall again. Of course, she no longer has her precious little Emma there to set up her alibi.

Ryan: That's actually a pretty good point. I mean, if she's accusing somebody, why not Kendall?

Erica: Yeah, but now, you see, I think we're trying to understand the workings of Annie's very demented mind. And you know very well that's futile.

Ryan: It is something that Zach would pull, though, don't you think?

Erica: What are you talking about? You're not starting to believe Annie, are you?

Ryan: I don't know. I don't know.

Erica: Look, the important thing is that Kendall is free, and Annie is gonna be out of your life and Emma's for good.

Ryan: You forgot something.

Erica: What do you mean?

Ryan: Well, you didn't say anything about Stuart's killer being behind bars. Why is that?

Erica: That Annie is Stuart's killer goes without saying. So of course, Annie is going to be behind bars. And she won't get away with the insanity plea either, because she spent all this time trying to convince everyone that's she is quite sane, so nobody's gonna believe that this wasn't cold and premeditated.

Ryan: Well, they still have to tie her to Stuart's murder even if they nail her on this attempt on Adam's life.

Erica: Don't worry. Jesse will take care of that. And everyone is gonna turn out to be the winner -- except Annie.

Annie: Why hasn't Jesse been in here yet? And where's my lawyer?

Natalia: Answer to both questions? I have no idea.

Marissa: Hey. What are you doing here?

Scott: Hey. Trying to find out what's going on with Annie.

Marissa: But from what I understand she was arrested for trying to kill your Uncle Adam.

Scott: Yeah.

Marissa: Look, Scott, I know that you want justice for your dad, but if you're waiting here, hoping to take things into your own hands --

Scott: No, no, no, no, no. That's not why I'm here. I don't think she did this.

Marissa: How come?

Scott: Because she says she was set up. And I don't have any proof one way or another, but, I don't know, something telling me she might be right.

Marissa: Well, look. Just take my advice. You're not gonna find out anything here. It'll only annoy the cops, which is never a good thing.

Scott: Ok. Um, if you can, will you let me know if you find out anything?

Marissa: Yeah, sure.

Scott: Thanks.

Marissa: Hi. I work for Liza Colby.

Natalia: Sure. Come in. I'll be right outside.

Annie: Um, where's Liza?

Marissa: She can't come.

Annie: Why?

Marissa: Conflict of interest. If what happened tonight leads to you being charged with Stuart's murder, Liza already represents Kendall in that case. She won't be able to represent you as well.

Annie: Liza probably assumes that I'm guilty, right? Just like everybody else in this town who wants to see me vanish.

Marissa: No, there's no presumption of anything. Just lawyer rules.

Annie: You didn't answer my question. Does Liza assume that I'm guilty?

Marissa: Neither Liza nor I have any facts yet, Annie. Therefore, there's always the presumption of innocence. Did you do it?

Annie: No. But I've been set up by Zach Slater. He's trying to get Kendall off the hook for murder, so he took that shot himself and tried to make it seem like I did it. Please. You have to believe me. Liza has to believe me. People need to be questioned, just like Emma saw Kendall kill Stuart. Maybe somebody was around the Chandler Mansion that saw Zach tonight. Zach and Kendall -- you have to get them back in here, and you have to question them. I can't let these people continue to destroy my life. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Marissa: Well, you know that there's really not much that I can do at the moment, but I'll be sure to fill Liza in.

Annie: No, no, no, no.

Marissa: It's ok.

Annie: Please. You have to believe me.

Marissa: It doesn't matter what I believe, Annie. In the end it's gonna be up to the judge and jury.

Amanda: Hey.

Jake: Hi.

Amanda: Ok, so you got my attention. What did you need to see me so fast for?

Jake: Right. Well, you've been going over to Taylor's condo, right?

Amanda: And?

Jake: Babe, you can't do that. You can't do it like this. You can't just go and see the baby anytime you feel like it.

Amanda: That's it? That's why you had me race over here? I was freaking out, Jake. I was wondering who figured out what. I was thinking all kinds of scary stuff.

Jake: Well, good, good. I want you to memorize that feeling, because if David finds out the truth, you keep rolling the dice like that, eventually this is exactly what's gonna happen. He's gonna find out the truth.

Jesse: Look, I assume Liza understands the conflict issues?

Marissa: Yes. That's what I was just telling Annie.

Jesse: Good. Thank you. You're not gonna want to be a part of this. Annie made a huge mistake tonight. Thank God nobody else was killed. It's gonna be really tough for her to wiggle out of this one this time.

Ryan: Kendall here?

Zach: She's upstairs. She's resting.

Kendall: No, I'm right here. What's going on?

Ryan: Well, I heard the news. I wanted to come over and celebrate.

Zach: Well, we're not quite ready yet.

Ryan: No, but it's only a matter of time, right? I mean, Annie obviously snapped, which all seems a little bit surprising to me. She seemed like she really had it together, you know? She had you teed up for murder. She had Adam wrapped around her finger. It even looked like she was gonna get off on Richie's murder charges. It really screwed things up tonight. What do you think happened?

Zach: Am I detecting some sarcasm in your voice? Or am I reading into stuff?

Ryan: I just came from seeing her.

Zach: Yeah, I thought you'd be with Emma.

Ryan: I have been with Emma every second I possibly can. You have no idea. Annie's got a theory. Do you want to hear it?

Zach: No. Not really.

Kendall: I do. Please tell me.

Liza: There's something else.

Marissa: Hmm?

Liza: Well, you've told me what Annie has said, and you told me what Jesse said. And you even told me what Scott said, but there is something else.

Marissa: I don't know if I'm cut out for criminal law. I mean, maybe torts is more up my alley. Or entertainment law. I get to hobnob with the Hollywood elite. I mean, here Annie is pretty much handed us a victory in Kendall's case. Even if she isn't charged for Stuart's murder, the reasonable doubt for Kendall is through the roof now. And yet, part of me believed Annie's story tonight, that she was set up.

Liza: Uh, if you're going after the truth and nothing but the truth, then yeah, criminal law is not for you. Listen, our job is to get our client off, or get the most lenient sentence possible. It's not thinking about the greater good or right and wrong. Listen, you a football fan?

Marissa: Not really.

Liza: There's a colorful character by the name of Al Davis. He had a very appropriate saying. "Just win, baby."

J.R.: Are you hungry, Dad? Can I get you anything?

Adam: Uh, no, no.

J.R.: I'll get rid of that. And the rest of her stuff, too. This is your house, not hers anymore. And hopefully Little Adam and mine, too.

Adam: Yes, of course.

J.R.: Your grandson missed you. So did I.

Scott: I just came from the police station. Annie's denying everything.

J.R.: Well, of course, she is. She's a pathological liar. That's what pathological liars do. They lie.

Scott: Doesn't she at least deserve a fair hearing?

J.R.: Hell, no. She killed your father. She tried to kill mine. She fooled Dad into believing that she loved him. No, the only date that woman deserves is a date with a needle.

Scott: What about you, Uncle Adam? You still think she lied about falling in love with you? Did she try to kill you?

Annie: And then a shot came from behind me. Don't you get it? He has set this whole thing up. The broken flower pot to get me out there. The gunshot over my head. Zach is out to save Kendall's life by burying mine.

Jesse: Please.

Jesse: Look, there are a number of things in your statement that kind of make sense to me. There is a major flaw in your story.

Annie: What?

Jesse: You. Your history. Come on, Annie. You admitted to killing your brother. You've been accused of attempted murder, kidnapping, unlawful flight. You have repeatedly lied on a whole range of issues. Come on. You put all that on the scales of justice and they tip way out of your favor.

Annie: So -- so what? You're not even gonna investigate Zach or reexamine the evidence? Something?

Jesse: My job is to put criminals behind bars, and as far as I'm concerned, my job is done.

Annie: Oh, my God. You're working with them. You're in on it with Zach.

Marissa: So what you're saying is I just have to find a way to shove aside this feeling in my gut?

Liza: Come on. Do you really believe that Annie Lavery is innocent?

Marissa: I don't know. I mean, "innocent" might be carrying it too far, but maybe she hasn't done everything she's been accused of.

Liza: Annie Lavery's going down for the attempted murder of Adam Chandler, whether she's guilty or not.

Marissa: And that doesn't bother you?

Amanda: I know how much you've risked and all you've sacrificed and -- just because I get impatient or upset sometimes, it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate you and all you've --

Jake: You don't have to say that. You're my -- you're my wife. I freakin' love you.

Amanda: I love you, too.

Jake: And seeing the look in your eyes when you're with Trevor -- I mean, I get it. That's all the appreciation I need, ok? I know you want to be with him. Believe me, I feel exactly the same way. I cannot wait till it's you and Trevor and me at home. I cannot wait.

Amanda: You -- you say that like there's some happy ending in sight.

Jake: Well, I'm working on it.

[David walks into ConFusion and bellies up to the bar]

Jake: But we're only gonna get one shot.

Adam: Annie never loved me. She just wanted my money.

J.R.: What's the matter with you? Why are you suddenly so hot on defending Annie?

Scott: Because something about this smells wrong. That's all. Everyone was trying to convince us that she killed my dad, even though she was the last person to have a reason to. And now, after getting so close to Uncle Adam, this happens? No. It just doesn't feel right.

J.R.: Well, then, Scott, maybe you should keep your feelings to yourself.

Scott: Am I out of line? Is J.R. right?

Adam: Frankly, I miss her.

Jesse: Conspiracy theories are not gonna help you now, Annie.

Annie: How else could Zach have gotten away with this? Is he bribing you? Blackmailing you? Or are you willing to sell your soul to keep Kendall free?

Ryan: Annie thinks that you set her up, Zach. She thinks that you tricked her, that you kind of lured her out onto the terrace, and then you took a shot at Adam obviously to get Kendall off the murder charges.

Kendall: Tell him.

Zach: Kendall.

Kendall: Tell him the truth. Fine. I will. Everything Emma said is true. I killed Stuart. And Zach set up Annie to get me off the charges.

Zach: And you're not going to repeat any of it.

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