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Kendall: I'm turning myself in. This has to end tonight before Zach does something stupid to protect me.

Erica: You are leaving over my dead body.

Kendall: That's a dangerous thing to say to a killer.

Erica: Do you honestly think that I'm afraid of you?

Kendall: Get out of my way, Mom.

Erica: Kendall, you couldn't hurt me. You wouldn't hurt me, and you couldn't possibly commit murder.

Kendall: I wanted Adam dead. I went there to kill him -- his life for Ian's.

Erica: But you didn't. You didn't shoot. You couldn't pull the trigger.

Kendall: Well, that's what I thought. But Emma saw me.

Erica: Emma is a little girl, and she is very confused. Emma doesn't know what she really saw.

A.D.A. Willis: Your mom scared you? What did she do? Emma, do you -- do you just want your mom? Or is this about that night?

Ryan: You know what? You need to back off.

A.D.A. Willis: You can tell me, Emma.

Ryan: No, no, no, no.

A.D.A. Willis: I can help you. You just need to talk to me.

Ryan: You leave her alone.

A.D.A. Willis: You're obstructing justice.

Ryan: You are terrorizing my little girl.

A.D.A. Willis: I can still have you arrested.

Ryan: Well, then you can add assault to it, because I will stop you any way I have to.

Emma: I want to talk to Mommy.

[Object breaks]

Adam: Annie? Are you down here?



Guard: Freeze!

Annie: No, no -- but I didn't --

Second Guard: Don't move.

Guard: Mr. Chandler, you ok?

Adam: Yes, yes. I'm fine.

Annie: Adam, it's not -- it's not what you think. Get your hands off me. Tell him to get his hands off me. I swear, I can explain.

Adam: Explain what? That you botched another attempt on my life? Call the police. Tell them we have Stuart's murderer in custody.

Liza: Ok, ok. Shh. Oh, please.

Nurse: May I help you?

Liza: Yes, I -- I don't know what is wrong with him. He has been like this for hours. He won't stop crying.

Nurse: Ok, you can just have a seat right in here, and I'll page the on-call pediatrician.

Liza: Oh, would you please call Dr. Jake martin?

Nurse: Dr. Martin is with a patient right now, but I can let you know as soon as he's available.

Ryan: Ok, Annie gets nowhere near Emma.

A.D.A. Willis: Your child is terrified. If Annie can help, I don't see --

Ryan: If Annie can help? Annie's a big reason why she's in this condition to begin with, ok? I'm not letting her in there to do more damage. Not gonna do it.

A.D.A. Willis: Look, the subpoena is --

Ryan: The subpoena says that you can talk to Emma. It says nothing about Annie, ok? And I did. I let you talk to her. You're gonna have to arrest me if you think I'm gonna let Annie in there.

A.D.A. Willis: If that's how you want it, Annie will be brought here. She will see Emma, and I have no problem arresting you to make that happen.

Jake: What are you doing? You're not helping Emma. You behind bars? You think that's gonna help Emma?

Ryan: Yeah, well, Annie being in there isn't gonna help Emma either, all right? I mean, she's already convinced her that she saw something that she didn't see. Who does that to their child? Who messes with their kid's head like that?

Jake: I would just make sure the visit is monitored.

Ryan: No. No. I don't want Annie anywhere near Emma.

Annie: Adam, please. You have to listen to me.

Adam: So you can tell me you love me?

Annie: This -- this is not what it seems.

Adam: Yes. No, it seldom is. Take you, for instance. I called you "my angel." And the whole world wanted me dead. And you could have taken your daughter and fled the scene, or you could have stayed with me, which you did, and I take that as a sign that crazy Annie has a heart.

Annie: I do, Adam. I love you.

Adam: No, you just shot the wrong brother. Then you decided to stay with me to keep me alive and play the hero. What better cover for a murderer?

Annie: No, I did not kill Stuart.

Adam: You took me and little Emma to the attic, and you preyed on our vulnerability and told us a bunch of lies.

Annie: No. Adam, no.

Adam: What a fool I've been to welcome you into my house and into my bed.

Annie: Adam, I swear, you have to believe me. I did not fire that gun. I didn't try to shoot you. I swear. You have to believe me.

J.R.: Dad?

Scott: What happened?

Adam: You were right. Bringing Annie into my house was a big mistake. It practically cost me my life.

Annie: How many times do I have to tell you? I did not shoot at you.

J.R.: Bullet hole in the glass says otherwise. It's the same M.O. as Uncle Stuart. Very unoriginal.

Annie: But somebody else must have been on the terrace, then.

J.R.: Did you find anyone?

Guard: No, sir, but I did find this gun in the bushes.

Annie: This -- I didn't --

J.R.: Save it for the police.

Annie: Where would I get a gun? I can't even go to the pool without my ankle monitor going off.

Adam: Which you can take off any time you feel like it.

Annie: Adam, please. Somebody is setting me up.

J.R.: Hmm, that's funny. Same thing that Kendall said.

Kendall: I go to the police, I turn myself in before anyone else gets hurt, before Zach does God knows what to protect me. The truth is I'm the killer, so I need to end this.

Erica: You are not the killer. Kendall, are you ready to face a death sentence based on what a very confused, seven-year-old little girl is saying because she's been completely manipulated by her mother?

Kendall: Mom, I remember seeing Emma that night.

Erica: Yeah. So? Do you remember pulling the trigger?

Kendall: You can't stop me from doing this.

Erica: Kendall, you can't confess to something you didn't do, something you can't remember.

Kendall: That doesn't mean it didn't happen. You should know that better than anyone. Mom, I am proof that you were raped. Your mind blocked out that rape forever. You denied that I even existed for years. And I know why. It's because you weren't ready to accept what happened. You were attacked and brutalized and your mind just buried it until you were ready to accept it and strong enough to deal with it.

Erica: My mind protected me. Your mind is playing tricks on you, honey. Kendall, you're not capable of murder.

Kendall: That's what my head kept telling me. I blocked it out. I blocked out pointing a gun at a living, breathing man and pulling the trigger in cold blood.


J.R.: Looks like the jail cell instead of the honeymoon suite.

Scott: Did you ever think there's a chance Annie's telling the truth?

J.R.: No. Next question, and make it a smarter one this time.

Scott: All I'm saying is, at least since I've been here, no one's let her tell her side of the story.

J.R.: My father, Annie, and a gun -- enough said.

Scott: Uncle Adam, you're trying to be a fair man.

Adam: Yeah, look where it got me. I was almost killed by the woman who killed my brother.

Annie: I did not kill Stuart, and I did not try to kill you.

J.R.: Will you give it up? You're busted. It's about damn time.

Jesse: If you called me here to referee another family fight --

J.R.: Annie tried to kill my father...again.

Jesse: Gunshot, weapon.

J.R.: Yeah, so arrest her.

Jesse: What happened?

Adam: Annie and I argued. I came back down to apologize. That's when she fired the gun from the terrace.

Annie: No, no, I didn't.

Adam: I saw you.

Jesse: You saw her shoot.

Adam: I saw her just after she shot.

Annie: Because somebody is setting me up. I didn't do this.

Jesse: What was the argument about?

Adam: Annie asked me to marry her. I turned her down, said I wanted more time.

J.R.: Well, thank God for doubts.

Jesse: You don't strike me as a particularly cautious man when it comes to matrimony, Mr. Adam Chandler.

Adam: Perhaps I've learned my lesson, Jesse.

[Phone rings]

Jesse: Hubbard.

A.D.A. Willis: Hey, I need you to pick Annie Lavery.

Jesse: I'm on it. Getting ready to take her down to the station to question her right now.

A.D.A. Willis: She's already given her statement. Why are you questioning her again?

Jesse: Somebody just took a shot at Adam Chandler, and Adam Chandler claims it was Annie Lavery.

Jake: Look, I know how you feel about Annie. I do, and I don't blame you, but you --

Ryan: No, Jake, no.

Jake: Emma has done this to protect herself. She shut down. Too much noise, too much pressure, too much stress, too many adults coming at her. Maybe Annie is the one that she could talk to, feel safe enough to talk to, to break through to Emma.

Ryan: I can't -- I can't trust that she'll put Emma first, Jake. Not after everything that she's done. You got to remember she kidnapped Emma. She took her on the run. She used her to try and get me back. She's done all these things, and now this.

Jake: I understand. I understand.

Ryan: I can't trust her.

Jake: The visit would be monitored. Dr. Meyer will be there. We'll make sure of it.

[Liza motions for Jake to come to her]

Jake: Just think about it, ok? And I'll check back in with you.

[Baby crying]

Jake: What did you do to piss him off?

Liza: Oh, please, Jake, you have to help me. He's been like this for hours.

Jake: Well, I worked all night. This is what pediatricians are for.

Liza: No, no, no. You. You, Jake. He knows you.

Jake: Just because Stuie and I are on a first name basis does not give you the right. You don't have the right.

Liza: But he's comfortable with your voice. Jake, you talked to him all the time he was in Amanda's belly. You told him stories.

Jake: But you feed him, and feeding a baby trumps telling fairy tales every day of the week. Unless, of course, it's that fairy tale about the hot princess and that centaur, which is the half-man, half-horse situation.

Liza: Oh, my God, Jake, help me. Please. I haven't slept in 24 hours. I have barely eaten.

Jake: Or combed your hair.

Liza: Look, I can sweet talk any judge. I can out argue any prosecution. I can make a jury weep, but I can't make my baby stops crying. Please, Jake, please. You are so good with babies. You're amazing with kids. Right? Probably because you're just a big kid right underneath these scrubs, huh? I need you right now to be amazing with my baby. Right now, be amazing. Jake.

Jake: I'll help you when I get off duty, ok? When I get off --

Liza: Jake, please, please be quick.

Ryan: You think my daughter is traumatized now? Wait till she sees me being carried off in handcuffs.

A.D.A. Willis: The only person going to jail is your ex-wife.

Ryan: What? All of a sudden you think Annie killed Stuart?

A.D.A. Willis: Well, I don't know about that, but apparently she just tried to kill Adam Chandler.

Kendall: These candles will help.

Erica: Kendall, do you remember the night you found me in my car outside the police station after I had seen Michael Cambias? That storm --

Kendall: You were terrified.

Erica: Well, the thunder and the lightning and so much rain -- it was just -- just like the night I was raped. And you stayed with me, because I just relived every single moment of it, you know? The fear and the anger and the shame. But you stayed with me, and you got me home and you took care of me. You took care of me right down to the warm tea and the fuzzy slippers. And all you got was a cut lip in return.

Kendall: You were consumed by all those horrible memories.

Erica: Hmm, yes. But you told me the one thing I needed to hear: "It's not your fault."


Erica: And you need to hear that, Kendall. Honey, you need to hear that whatever happened at Adam Chandler's house that night was not your fault.

Kendall: Mom, I shot a man.

Erica: It's not your fault.

Kendall: Mom, that -- the night that I helped you through, do you remember what else I said about my father? I said that Richard Fields should have been shot.

Erica: That has nothing to do with this.

Kendall: Doesn't it? Mom, I hated my father for what he had done to you. And I hated Adam because I had believed that he had taken my child from me. I pulled that trigger. I did it to kill a man for stealing innocence and for causing fear and pain and grief.

Erica: Kendall, you don't remember pulling that trigger.

Kendall: An innocent man is dead, Mom. A kind, decent man who was nothing but good to me and my children. And it'll haunt me for the rest of my life.

Zach: No, it won't. Nightmare's over.

Annie's voice: You have to forget what you saw. Do you understand? If you love me, you have to forget.

[Sound of gunshot]

Ryan: Hey. Hey, it's ok. Did you have a little bad dream? It's ok. Daddy's here. Daddy's here. I'm gonna keep you safe, all right? Ok. Whatever it is that you saw, and I know that you don't want to talk about it, all right, and I promise you that I am gonna do everything that I possibly can do so that you'll never have to say a word, ok?

Jesse: So, is this yours?

Adam: No, no. Never seen it before.

Jesse: There tends to be a lot of guns around this joint. Are you sure?

Adam: There's one gun in this house, and that isn't it.

Jesse: Mind telling me where Annie got this gun, then?

Adam: I have no idea.

Jesse: Let's see -- buying a gun. It's quite a stunt for a woman with an ankle monitor strapped to her.

Adam: I have no idea how she got that blasted gun.

J.R.: Why don't you stop badgering my father and ask Annie yourself.

Jesse: I'm just trying to establish what happened here.

J.R.: What more do you need? She killed my uncle by mistake. She waited for her second chance to kill my father, and she took it.

Scott: There's always a chance that there is more to this story.

J.R.: What? Scott, why are you defending Annie? She murdered your father.

Scott: I don't see the proof. And all I'm saying is that maybe we shouldn't come down so hard until we hear what she has to say.

Adam: She tried to kill me just the way she killed my brother.

Annie: This is wrong.

Cop: Save it for the chief.

Annie: Wait. I get a phone call. I want to talk to my lawyer.

Cop: Knock yourself out.

Liza: Oh, please stop crying. Oh, it's ok.

[Baby cries]

Liza: I know.

[Liza doesn't answer her phone]

Annie: Liza? It's Annie. I need your help. I've been arrested. The police think I tried to kill Adam, but I didn't. Someone's setting me up.

Kendall: What did you do?

Zach: Doesn't matter.

Kendall: Like hell it doesn't, Zach. If you did something, I need to know.

Zach: Things always work out. It's done already.

Kendall: No, no, Zach. You don't get to just blow me off like that.

Erica: Honey, maybe you should just let this one go. Maybe you should just trust Zach.

Zach: Listen to your mother.

Kendall: Oh, so that's it? You went somewhere, you did something, so everything's ok, I should just go along with it?

Zach: Yeah, pretty much.

Kendall: No, no, Zach. It does not work that way. I killed a man.

Erica: Will you stop saying that?

Kendall: Why, because it makes you uncomfortable? Do you think I like saying it? Do you think I want it to be the truth? You can't just hide from the truth. I have to face what's happened. I have to end this right now.

Erica: Kendall, I am not gonna let you volunteer for a death sentence.

Kendall: Mom, I'm not volunteering. I'm guilty.

Zach: You're not guilty of anything. You didn't kill Stuart. Annie did.

Kendall: I know you want to believe that.

Zach: And I do. Truth always comes out. Mark my words.

Kendall: Whatever you've done --

Zach: I've done for my family. These boys have lost you once. They're not gonna lose you again.

Kendall: Zach, you can't fix this.

Zach: I have fixed it.

Zach: How's Ian?

Kendall: Well, he couldn't sleep. He lost his teddy, but once I put it back in his arms, he was fine.

Zach: Good.

Kendall: Where's my mom?

Zach: She left. She went to the hospital to check on Emma.

Kendall: Zach, I have to confess. I can't do this. This guilt is killing me.

Zach: I know. But the guilt you're feeling has nothing to do with Stuart. It's the guilt you're feeling about Ian. I feel the same way. Not being able to do anything -- that's what led up to that whole thing with Adam. The thing about the little boy in the room, watching him slip away, and there's nothing we can do to save him.

Kendall: I should have stayed with Ian longer. I should have held his hand longer -- been with him. And then none of this would be happening.

Zach: They told us he was gone. Weren't that many choices. We picked a good one. Stop punishing yourself.

Kendall: I gave up on my son. I should be punished.

Zach: By lethal injection? Really? What did you do? You walked out of a room, and not because you didn't love your son, but because you loved him so much you wanted to do something. He's up there. He's here. He's getting stronger all the time. It's a miracle. Hold onto that and let go of the guilt. Hold onto your boys. They need you. And in a way I need you, too.

Erica: How is she?

Ryan: She had another nightmare.

Erica: Looks like you've had a few yourself.

Ryan: The kind you can't wake up from.

Erica: Well, I see Mr. Willis is gone.

Ryan: He did manage to get something out of Emma, though.

Erica: Emma spoke to him? Did she say anything about Kendall?

Ryan: No. No, she didn't say anything about Kendall. She just made it clear that she wants her mom, you know, which is a bit of a -- bit of a surprise to me, you know. Annie's the reason that she's here, the reason that she shut down, the reason she's having nightmares, all of it. And yet the only person Emma wants to comfort her is her mom. Although she did let me hold her after one of her nightmares, which was kind of nice, you know? I guess I should be happy.

Erica: You're not thinking of letting Annie see Emma, are you?

Ryan: Even if I agreed to it, she couldn't. Annie's been arrested.

Erica: What?

Ryan: Attempted murder. Apparently she took a shot at Adam.

Erica: Oh, my God. Oh, thank God. Then he was right. It really is over.

Ryan: Who was right? What -- what's over?

Erica: J.R., J.R. He was so afraid that Annie was a threat to Adam, and he was right. And, of course, so was I. Oh, that must be such a relief, because now -- I mean, now the judge is never gonna let Annie near Emma.

Ryan: Which totally works for me. It obviously completely works for me, but it just doesn't make any sense. I don't -- I don't get it. I don't. I mean, Adam has been Annie's safety net through all this. He's -- he's her best shot at staying out of prison. Why would she want him dead? Why? She's been far too calculated with everything, you know, to kill off her best chance at freedom.

Erica: Because I bet that Adam finally remembered what really happened the night of Stuart's murder. And I bet he remembered that the real reason that Annie took him up to the attic was not to protect him, but was to keep him quiet. Remember all those pill bottles you found up there? What if she drugged Adam, just the way David did, to keep Adam in a fog?

Ryan: And the only thing Adam remembers is Annie saving his life.

Erica: It's no wonder Annie tried to kill Adam. She would have gotten away with murder unless Adam remembered what really happened the night of Stuart's murder.

[While Erica and Ryan talk, Emma sneaks out of her room]

J.R.: What's that?

Adam: It's a calendar she's had setting up a wedding for this fall. I believe she's, uh -- Thanksgiving Day, to be exact. You warned me. You could see what I couldn't see. All I saw were the dark eyes and those ever-ready lips, and her gratitude and love. But you saw the act. The real Annie. God, I feel like such a fool.

J.R.: Annie got to you when you were vulnerable, when you were drugged. She knew that, so she used it. Scott -- I don't know why he's defending her. She killed his father, and yet he's still giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Adam: Stuart -- well, I can still see him dressed like me. I told him, I insisted that he witness my will, witness me giving the company to Scott. Now Stuart's dead. I, uh -- you warned me against putting the two of you -- pitting the two of you against each other for the company. But if I'd listened to you, Stuart would still be alive.

J.R.: Don't, Dad. You can't go back there. You can't beat yourself up.

Adam: I traded my brother's life for a signature. But it didn't stop there. I traded my whole family for Annie. My God, can you ever forgive me?

J.R.: There's nothing to forgive.

Adam: All my talk about family. I sacrificed every one of you for what I wanted, what I thought I needed. Can you ever forgive --

J.R.: Dad?

Adam: I --

J.R.: Dad! Max! Max, call an ambulance!

Annie: What are you doing here and why are you pretending to be my lawyer?

Scott: It was the only way that they'd let me see you, hear your side of the story.

Annie: Why?

Scott: Because my father won't be at peace if the wrong person is punished for his murder.

Annie: I didn't kill your father. And I didn't try to kill Adam tonight. Adam is my best chance at getting my daughter back and getting these charges against me dropped. Why would I want to kill him?

Scott: Ok. So what happened tonight?

Annie: I was in the parlor and I heard a noise out on the terrace. So I just went outside, and I saw a broken flowerpot, so I kneeled down to it and there was a gunshot. I looked up and I saw Adam staring at me through a broken window.

Scott: The guards didn't find anyone else on the grounds.

Annie: The guards were too busy wasting their time with me.

Scott: And then the gun. You claim that you didn't have access to the gun because of your ankle monitor, you know? The same one that you slipped out of when you went to go visit Emma.

Annie: I did go visit Emma.

Scott: Well, you asked me to keep that a secret. You can see how there could be doubts.

Annie: I don't expect you to believe me.

Scott: Funny thing is I think I do. So, what you told Jesse -- you think you were set up?

Annie: Yes. But I'm never gonna be able to prove it.

Scott: That's what your lawyer's for.

Annie: I don't suppose you have a law degree, do you? I could really use a lawyer right now who believes in me.

Scott: Sorry. You'll have to settle for a friend that believes in you. But don't worry. Liza's got your back.

Annie: See, I'm not -- I'm not so sure. I just called her, and it went to voicemail.

Scott: She's busy.

Annie: Or Adam's gotten to her. Adam writes her checks. He's probably paying her double right now to ignore me.

David: Close your eyes for a second, someone could walk off with your baby.

Liza: No, leave my son alone.

David: Hey, it's all right. Take it easy. The days of me trying to steal your baby, or anyone else's for that matter, are long behind me. Well, maybe not long, but behind me.

Liza: I'm sorry. I didn't -- I didn't mean to snap at you like that. It's just I've got a very big caseload and, well, Stuart's got colic.

David: Hmm. And lack of sleep.

Liza: Sleep. Yeah, no, I've heard of it.

David: Well, you have Marissa, you have Colby. Why don't you share the joy?

Liza: Because Marissa is up to her elbows in legal research, and Colby is -- well, I think she went over to Corrina's. Oh, my God, my son has got a set of lungs on him.

David: Yeah, so I've heard.

Liza: I'm sorry. You know, Jake said that he was gonna come as soon as he finished. It's starting to feel like that's never gonna happen.

David: Why do you need Jake's help?

Liza: Because he said that he was gonna babysit, and now it's his turn.

David: Well, if you need a hand, I'd be happy to help out.

Liza: Well, I mean, that workload looks pretty demanding.

David: Nah. One of the perks of being boss -- you can take a break whenever you want. I've been told I'm really good with the whole rocking thing. My grandson will vouch for me.

Liza: Ok. Why not?

[Liza allows David to hold and soothe her son]

Ryan: You saw Annie?

Scott: Yeah, I figured she could use a friend.

Ryan: Really? Well, Adam made that mistake and look how she expressed her gratitude.

Scott: Annie says she was set up.

Ryan: Of course, she does. She's a sociopath. She lies. That's what she does. She's good at it.

Scott: She still deserves to be heard.

Ryan: Well, you can listen all you want, but I'd be careful if I were you.

Annie: What?

Ryan: I just saw Scott. You lining up your next victim?

Annie: Why are you here?

Ryan: Well, I came to you and I told you that our daughter needed help, right? And so this is how you choose to help her? Like this?

Annie: Ryan, I didn't do this.

Ryan: Emma is very confused. She's so confused that she has totally shut down and the only person that she wants to talk to is you.

Annie: Emma said that? She wants to see me?

Ryan: How do I tell her that she can't? How do I tell her that she can't talk to Mommy, because Mommy tried to kill somebody else?

Kendall: I'm glad you're here.

Jesse: Really? Why is that?

Zach: Well, because we're assuming that means that Emma finally told you the truth.

Jesse: Well, it doesn't really matter what Emma says now.

Kendall: Why not?

Jesse: It's over. Annie was just arrested for trying to kill Adam...again.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Is Adam ok?

Jesse: She missed. But she took the same shot through the same terrace door.

Zach: So does that mean that Annie's gonna get charged for Stuart's murder?

Jesse: It depends on the D.A., but given the similarities between the crimes, it looks like there's a pretty solid case against her.

Kendall: Is -- is that why you're here?

Jesse: I just thought you'd like to know. It could have a big impact on your own case.

Zach: Thanks for coming by. We appreciate it.

Kendall: Yes, thank you so much.

Zach: I'll walk you out. So, Jesse, I got to ask you. What is it that you didn't want to say in front of my wife?

Jesse: Annie trying to kill Adam. What do you think really happened?

Dr. Meyer: I'll check on Emma tomorrow.

Erica: Thank you. Thank you so much, Dr. Meyer.

Jake: I'm, uh -- I'm gonna -- I'm gonna punch out the clock before I pass out. If anybody needs anything, just page me.

Erica: Thank you. Thank you so much for everything.

Jake: Of course.

Erica: Ok.

Jake: I just wish we could have been more helpful to Emma than, you know, helping her with her coloring skills.

Erica: Oh, we will.

Jake: Bye.

Erica: Bye.

[Jake is surprised to see David holding Liza's baby]

David: What a good little man you are. Hmm? You're getting so big and strong.

Adam: I told you I didn't need an ambulance.

J.R.: I've almost lost you too many times. I'm not taking any chances. Wait here. I'll go get the paperwork.

Adam: I'm not an invalid.

J.R.: I know that. Just being nice to you.

Adam: I'm not used to that.

Emma: Mommy didn't hurt him.

Adam: Didn't hurt who? Stuart?

Emma: Mommy didn't shoot him, and you know that, too.

Erica: Emma. What are you doing here?

Annie: I didn't shoot at Adam.

Ryan: Right. Just like you didn't fill our daughter's head with lies and give her nightmares.

Annie: She's having nightmares?

Ryan: You got to stop this. Annie, you got to stop using Emma to protect yourself and to get back at Kendall. You need to stop.

Annie: Of course. Evil Annie railroading your sweet, innocent Kendall to the big house. I am not using our daughter. I did not kill Stuart, and I did not try to kill Adam tonight.

Ryan: Annie.

Annie: Ryan, I am being set up. Somebody wants to bring me down. Somebody hates me. Come on. Half the people in this town hate me as much as you do. Was it you? Were you in on it? Did you fire that shot?

Zach: What do you think happened?

Jesse: I think someone who loves that woman in there very much, would stop the world for her if he could, took a shot at Adam.

Zach: And I think we're not that different, you and I.

Jesse: No, we're not.

Kendall: You did it, didn't you? You shot the gun, and you framed Annie.

Zach: What difference does it make? Annie's behind bars and the guilty person is being punished.

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