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Tad: Uh, hey, stranger.

Jake: Hello. How are you? Stranger? I'm sure you've seen a lot stranger, trust me.

Tad: Uh-huh.

Jake: What's that? What's going on?

Tad: Oh, I had a little yard sale. I even managed to sell off that severed head you used to go crazy for every Halloween.

Jake: It was not my wish to part with that.

Tad: Yeah? Well, nonetheless, there was a bidding war, and I thought I would indulge in a little attitude adjustment. Care for a cold one? We can toast your return. As in, where the hell have you been lately?

Jake: Where I've -- I've had stuff to do.

Tad: Oh, stuff. Well, I hope it had something to do with the fact that David is after Amanda's baby.

Jake: David?

Tad: Oh, wait. Excuse me. Liza's baby.

Jake: No worries. He's not -- he's given up.

Tad: I don't believe it.

Jake: Didn't I tell you I had it all under control? I told you that.

Tad: Yeah. That's what you said after you blew up the garage with your chemistry set.

Jake: I was 7. I'd like to introduce you to somebody.

Amanda: Hi.

Jake: This is Trevor... Amanda's son.

Marian: What on earth possessed you to defend Stuart's killer?

Liza: Mother, Kendall is innocent.

Marian: You said she was taking a plea bargain. Why would an innocent woman volunteer to spend a decade in prison, huh?

Liza: She's got her reasons, Mother, but she's not gonna be spending a decade. Believe me, I'm gonna prove that Kendall did not do it, and when I do, my career's gonna be golden.

Marian: Oh, oh, oh, so this is about your career. Well, what about your family? What about justice?

Liza: Mother, Kendall is innocent.

Marian: You are paid to say that, Liza. Now, I am warning you that if you don't walk away from this case right now, I want nothing more to do with you.

Ryan: How are you?

Erica: Well, I wouldn't mind jumping into a boat and sailing off into the sunset away from all this horror.

Ryan: Something tells me you'd have your phone glued to your ear.

Erica: Ah.

Ryan: How's Kendall?

Erica: Well, I understand she -- she hasn't changed her mind. I'm gonna be meeting with her later, but actually, I came to check on Emma.

Ryan: You don't have to worry.

Erica: Well, Ryan, if anyone should get to Emma and find out that she's claiming that Kendall shot Stuart --

Ryan: They won't. They won't. I'm gonna keep Emma home today.

Emma: But I want to go to camp. Can't I, Dad? I promise I won't tell anyone.

Adam: I believe I've made it clear. Until you accept Annie as a part of my life, we have nothing more to discuss.

J.R.: I thought you'd like to know that Kendall's taking the plea deal.

Adam: Ah. Thank God. Finally admitted her guilt. Well, finally some justice.

J.R.: It's not justice. It's criminal. Your piece of arm candy should be going down, not Kendall. I don't know why the hell she's taking the plea deal.

Annie: Kendall's pleading guilty?

Kendall: Zach. This could be the last time that we're ever together like this.

Zach: We'll be together.

Kendall: I'm confessing to murder today. I'm gonna be sleeping in a cell tonight... every night. You know what? I should get ready. I want to look my best for the judge.

Tad: I just want to get this straight between you and me. She had -- she had the baby, and you pretended to give the baby to Liza.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Tad: But you didn't.

Jake: Uh-uh.

Tad: Somehow -- somehow you went and got another baby and you gave that kid to Liza...

Jake: That's right.

Tad: And the entire time, her kid, your kid, was somewhere out in the country in a house with a nanny?

Jake: That about sums it up.

Tad: You're giving me another in a long line of headaches, Jake. How could you do this to me? How could you do it? How could you make me jump through one hoop after another?

Jake: Ok --

Tad: If you knew you wanted her --

Jake: This is not about you, ok?

Tad: Why go through the entire charade if it's another baby in the first place?

Jake: What am I supposed to do? I'm supposed take her baby, and I'm supposed to hand the baby back anytime I want to? No, it doesn't work that way. Liza wanted a baby, I got her a baby. I made that happen. She's happy. We're happy. Everybody's happy except you. You're not happy.

Tad: Yeah, that about sums it up.

Jake: Why? It's not --

Tad: Well, at least it's nice to see her with a smile on her face again. Ok, fine. Oh, far be it for me to dump all over this little love fest, but what about David?

Jake: That's what you're doing.

Tad: No, no, no. Wait a minute. He's not gonna stay snowed out for too long, especially when he sees her pushing him on a tricycle, so what's the plan?

Jake: I have one. Thank you.

Tad: Well, I'm all ears.

Jake: I just wanted to get them together, and then get them out of town, but I can't do that right now --

Tad: No, no, you can't. That's the old plan. That would be exact -- that's the old plan. I'm talking about a new, new plan.

Jake: My plan is to keep them in town but keep it under wraps. That's why I came here, so I wanted to make sure that nobody was here.

Tad: You didn't have anything to do with it, Jake. I booted everybody out of here!

Jake: Oh, really? Why? Do you need some down time? Some alone time? Some tan time?

Tad: Actually --

Taylor: Hello? Your brunch date is here. Oh. Who's the baby?

Ryan: It's pretty amazing how cinnamon toast and milk can make everything right with the world.

Erica: Ah. Well, Ryan, I do hope, though, you haven't changed your mind about keeping Emma home from camp. I know that she means well, promising not to say anything to anyone, but she's just a little girl. And I mean, if anyone should get to her...

Ryan: I'm gonna keep her home, and I'm gonna talk to her. I want to find out why she's so sure that it's Kendall that shot Stuart.

Erica: Ok. You're gonna keep me in the loop?

Ryan: I will, absolutely, for sure.

Erica: Ryan, Kendall is innocent, I know that she is, and right now, she just needs all the support she can get.

Ryan: Everything's gonna be all right.

Erica: Well, I've been to prison. I certainly know what she's facing.

Ryan: She'll survive, Erica, she will. She's got way too much of you in her. She'll be home before you know it.

Erica: And with you on our side, I have complete faith.

Erica: And like you said, a little faith, anything can happen. Hey, you're not alone in this, ok? It's gonna be all right.

Erica: Thank you.

Liza: Mother, come on now, you don't mean that.

Marian: Oh, yes, I do. If you stay on this case, you're hardly better than the woman who killed Stuart.

Scott: Ok, Marian, if Kendall did shoot Dad, she didn't mean to. She was out of her head with grief. She thought her child was dead. She blamed Adam.

Marian: Look, that cannot change the fact that Stuart is still dead because of her. And my own daughter is far too interested in making money and her own career than taking care of her own family. How can you do this, Liza?

Liza: You know what, Mother? I got to go.

Marian: Yes, yes, of course. You should be at home with that son of yours, that baby you wanted so badly.

Liza: I'm doing this for him.

Marian: And what does that mean?

Liza: Listen, Mother, I've got to go, ok? I will talk to you later.

Marian: Oh... sometimes I think I don't know my own daughter at all. How can she be so callous?

Scott: Don't cut her off, Marian. Look, you need your family more than ever, and Liza loves you.

Marian: How are you doing, Scott?

Scott: Ha ha! I take it as it comes.

Marian: Yeah.

Scott: About Dad, that's why I tracked you down. All that stuff he had in storage, he wanted to donate it to charity. We got to pack it up.

Marian: Oh, ok. It's in Adam's attic. I'm sorry. I can't help you do that. I just can't set foot back in the house where Stuart was killed.

Scott: I'll take care of it.

Marian: Thank you. Thank you, Scott.

J.R.: Yeah, it's your lucky day. Kendall's taking the fall for killing Uncle Stuart, so now you're free to plan your next Chandler murder.

Adam: That's enough.

J.R.: Has she got a proposal out of you yet? No? Because you need to pop the question before she can pop you.

Adam: Shut your mouth.

J.R.: All those years you slammed me about being with Babe, that she was a gold-digging tramp. Well, look at you, you're completely sucked in by T&A. Man, you're really rocking the karma, Dad.

Adam: Out. Just get out.

J.R.: She killed your brother, and now she's using you for protection. You know, if you play it right, you won't have to be married to my dad very long. Just till death do you part.

Adam: Out!

Adam: I'm sorry about that.

Annie: I'm used to J.R. He doesn't understand us. It's Kendall. I can't believe it that she's ruined everything.

Kendall: Zach?

Zach: Mmm.

Kendall: Zach, you have to let me go. I'm taking the plea.

Zach: Well, I can't do that. I can't let you go. I need you here with me, and I'm gonna prove that you're innocent.

Kendall: I've wasted so much time, Zach, being stubborn and hurt, angry. I love you. You. I never stopped. You know, I spent the whole night just listening to you breathe and feeling your body against mine, and the whole time I just kept thinking how stupid I'd been. And then I realized that I fought you and us and what we have because...because sometimes it's just so intense that it scared me. So I pushed you away and I hurt you and attacked you.

Zach: I hurt you, too, and I pushed you away.

Kendall: Well, I'm not afraid anymore, Zach, I'm not. And when I get out of that place and when I come home again, and I will, I promise I will love you with everything I have. No more fighting, no more pushing, no more running. Just us. Because with you is the only place I ever want to be.

Ryan: Hey. What's this? I told you, sweetie, no -- no camp today.

Emma: It's not fair, Daddy. I told you I won't tell anyone.

Ryan: That's the thing, Ems, we need to -- we need to talk about this secret of yours.

Annie: You heard Mr. Willis. The charges against me only go away if Kendall is convicted of first degree murder. If she pleads guilty to a lesser charge, the information I told him is useless. He won't drop the charges against me. I will be in a cell right next to Kendall's.

Adam: Kendall in prison will make him happy...even happier. I'm sure he'll drop the charges.

Annie: And what if he doesn't? I can't -- I can't do it, Adam. I cannot -- I cannot go back to Oak Haven. I cannot go back to prison. You have given me so much.

Adam: Well, it's easy to get spoiled when you get thousand-count sheets and a chef. Ha ha!

Annie: I'm not talking about the sheets. I'm not talking about the cook. I'm not talking about any of this. I'm talking about you. Before you, I had no hope in the world or in myself. But now I look into your eyes, and I believe that things can be good again. I believe that I can be good again. And I'm -- I'm excited about tomorrow and the day after that, because I know you'll be a part of it. And when you hold me at night, I feel loved and safe, and the only thing better than falling asleep in your arms is knowing that when I wake up, you'll be there.

Adam: Oh. Oh ho ho.

Annie: If I lose you, I will die.

Liza: We are due in Willis' office. You ready to go?

Zach: What's an extra 5 minutes?

Liza: Hi. Morning.

Kendall: I just checked on the boys. They're still sleeping. I kept them up all night. One more song, one more kiss, one more story. I don't know how to say good-bye. So will you just -- will you explain to them when I don't come home?

Liza: Kendall, we don't have to do this. You know, we can call, take this deal off the table. We can fight.

Kendall: How do we fight an eyewitness?

Liza: Who is lying. But listen to me, put Emma on the stand. Let me prove to them that she's lying, that she's been manipulated by Annie. Listen, you know, Emma is as big a victim of Annie's as you are. We could actually be helping that little girl.

Kendall: No. Emma loves her mother, and if Annie told her that I was the one who shot Stuart, then it's as real to Emma as if it really happened. All we end up doing is breaking a little girl on the stand, and then the jury ends up convicting me anyway. No. This is -- this is for the best. Plead, do the time, get out. Let's get dressed, be done with this.

Amanda: I'm sorry I'm so paranoid. It's just... Opal. You know, I love her, but if she sees Trevor, everyone in Pine Valley is gonna know by dinner. And Pete and Krystal, you know, Krystal, my God, she could go straight to David.

Tad: You can relax. Krystal's not gonna go to anybody. I made sure that nobody's gonna stop by unannounced. I made it perfectly clear that I wanted the place to myself for a while.

Jake: 'Cause I didn't -- I didn't realize that the two of you were --

Tad and Taylor: We're not.

Tad: It's just --

Taylor: Brunch.

Tad: Food.

Jake: No Brot?

Taylor: We broke up.

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Jake: Yeah, I'm sorry. You never mentioned anything about --

Tad: Yeah, well, you never mentioned the baby, so we're even.

Jake: Which is why I have a plan "C." Um, the plan is to keep them together but to keep them in town. And obviously we can't do that in this house because it's like open door policy around here. We can't do it at our apartment because David's probably got some huge binoculars trained on our place 24 hours a day, so...ahem. I'm kind of -- we're searching for -- we needed a place, so if anybody, you know, has any ideas. Anybody?

Taylor: Me. I'm in. I mean, you teach me how to change a diaper, and I'm in.

Ryan: You know, sometimes keeping secrets can hurt people, and sometimes it can actually help people, which is -- which is why I'm keeping you home from camp, because if you tell somebody that secret, somebody might get hurt.

Emma: I don't have to tell now.

Ryan: What do you mean?

Emma: Someone else is gonna make sure everything works out.

Ryan: Who? Emma? Did you talk to Mommy again?

Marissa: Thinking about a bloody Mary?

J.R.: You know, it sounds weird but sometimes it helps just to stare at the bottles or the swivel sticks or the lemon wedges or those little umbrellas.

Marissa: Perpetual happy hour. Or not.

J.R.: Aren't you supposed to be at the courthouse? Liza's sidekick, that thing?

Marissa: The plea is practically a done deal. No trial. There's nothing for me to do. My job might be over before it got started.

J.R.: So Kendall goes to prison, Annie plans for her wedding to my dad.

Marissa: Has he proposed?

J.R.: Any minute. Yeah, she's dragging him down the aisle, and he thinks it's his idea. That psycho killer is totally controlling him.

Marissa: You're just ticked Annie's taking over your job.

Adam: I will not leave Willis' office until he gives me his word that he will honor his deal and get the charges against you dropped.

Annie: Ha!

Adam: Ha ha!

Annie: I owe you so much. I don't know how I ever lived without you.

Adam: You are radiant.

Annie: I'm in love.

Adam: Oh, ho! Me, too.

Annie: See ya.

Adam: Yeah.

Annie: Bye.

Annie: Huh.

Annie: Oh.

Annie: Aha. So, if that idiot A.D.A. throws Kendall in jail today and gets to work on my charges, I should be free no later than September. Proposal soon to follow. About two months to plan. Huh.

Annie: Thanksgiving wedding.

Adam: I, Adam Chandler, do hereby pledge my love, my power, and my millions to you.

Justice of the peace: If anyone can show just cause why this couple may not lawfully be married, speak now or else forever hold your peace.

Kendall: I object! She's a liar! You know I didn't kill Stuart. Tell him. Tell him the truth!

Scott: Annie? What's going on?

Erica: Are you sure you want to do this?

Kendall: Yeah.

Liza: So my client would like to get this over with as soon as possible. If the documentation is ready, she's prepared to sign and go before the judge.

ADA Willis: The deal's off the table.

Liza: Uh, you've already agreed to the terms.

ADA Willis: That was before new information came to light. As I'm sure you're aware, I have an eyewitness, which means I have enough for murder one. Prepare your client, Miss Colby. We're going to trial.

Liza: Wait, Zach.

Kendall: Zach, come on, Zach! Don't do that, Zach!

Liza: No, come on, stop it, please! Come on!

ADA Willis: Assault, battery, is that what you want, Mr. Slater? Serve time along with your wife?

Liza: Look, my client is a little overwrought. You can understand.

Zach: You're going back on your word, Willis.

Kendall: Come on, Zach, listen, the boys need you.

ADA Willis: Listen to your wife, Mr. Slater.

Liza: Ok, would you and Kendall please go outside and let me conference here, let me see where we're at. Zach.

Zach: Ok.

Liza: Listen, you can still take this deal.

ADA Willis: Not with what's come to light.

Liza: What, just because you have a child who thinks she saw a woman --

ADA Willis: Apparently Emma Lavery's very confident --

Liza: No. What you have is a witness who's been manipulated by a mother who's guilty of murder, assault, kidnapping --

ADA Willis: We're going to trial, Miss Colby. I suggest you take all that admirable energy and use it to defend your clients.

Erica: This isn't over. We are gonna make it all right. Don't you worry. Ryan and I are going to take care of Emma.

[Liza sighs]

Liza: He's determined to go for murder one.

Zach: We'll fight like hell and fight to win.

Liza: Mother, what are you doing here?

Marian: Murderer!

Ryan: If you did see Mommy again, I'm not mad at you. Ok, I'm really not, and you're not in trouble, not at all. Now, did Mommy come to your bedroom last night? Is that why your door was locked?

Emma: She told me not to tell.

Ryan: I see. And you told her about Kendall, right? And Mommy said that she would take care of it? Ok. Look, I know how much you miss your mom, I really do, but if you see her again, you have to tell me, ok?

Annie: Sorry. I heard a noise. In this place with the tunnels and people always coming in and out, I overreacted.

Scott: I should have knocked.

Annie: What's with all the boxes?

Scott: Dad wanted some things donated to charity. They're up in the attic.

Annie: No, you can't go up there.

Scott: Why?

Annie: I mean...just the memories of that horrible night. That's where I took Adam to protect him. I haven't been able to go up there since.

Scott: Well, the killer's confessed. I think it's safe.

Annie: I'm sorry. I shouldn't bring up that night to you.

Scott: It's all right.

Annie: You know, the more time I've been spending with Adam, the more he talks about Stuart, and the more I wish I'd gotten to know him.

Scott: He was amazing.

Annie: Well, it must be really hard to pack up your dad's stuff. Why don't I help you?

Scott: You don't have to do that.

Annie: You know what? It's the least I can do.

J.R.: So I have a small control issue. Ok, a large control issue. It's what I know. The thing is -- thanks.

Marissa: Thank you.

J.R.: I really do love the man, but this whole Annie insanity, I'm just trying to protect him.

Marissa: With a chokehold.

J.R.: We call that a hug. Ha ha. My father's my worst enemy and my life raft. It's just what it is. It's sick, and I know, and I just don't think it's ever gonna change.

Marissa: It's weird how Scott and his dad seem to have had a totally different relationship.

J.R.: Well, Scott and Stuart? They were golden. Optimistic, loyal, they're straight up. When I was a kid, I used to look at them, and I wanted to have that same thing with my dad.

Marissa: Well, maybe you can't have what they had, but you seem to be pretty straight up yourself.

J.R.: I don't know. Well, don't trust it. Don't trust me. I'm my father's son to the bone.

Adam: So your deal with Annie stands?

ADA Willis: I'm a man of my word. I rejected Mrs. Slater's plea. We're going to trial. I get the murder one conviction, the charges against Mrs. Lavery go away.

Adam: Good. Get it done.

ADA Willis: Mr. Chandler... I reviewed the case against Mrs. Lavery, and I have to admit in light of what I've learned, I don't feel good about this deal.

Adam: Well, you don't have to feel. Just do your job.

ADA Willis: I will. But I have to encourage you to...encourage Mrs. Lavery to continue with therapy.

Adam: She's made a great deal of progress. What is this?

ADA Willis: Reports, evaluations, a copy of a journal she kept when she was in the psychiatric facility.

Adam: Well, I hardly have to read up on the woman I love.

ADA Willis: Love is a wonderful thing, but you need to be fully aware of what she's capable of. This woman...has some serious issues.

Annie: You're lucky, you know. I always wanted my dad to love me, wanted him to spend time with me. I just wondered why he didn't. I always wondered what was wrong with me.

Scott: You were a little girl. I'm sorry.

Annie: You just lost your dad. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make it about myself. I think these boxes have Stuart's name on them.

Adam: [Sobbing] Why?

Scott: Annie? Annie? Hey, Adam's downstairs. He's calling for you.

Adam: Annie! Where are you?

Tad: You know, after jumping through hoops for you for the last couple weeks, I got to say, that idea sounds fairly inspired.

Taylor: Thank you.

Tad: Nobody, including Hayward, is gonna think to look at her house for that kid.

Jake: Exactly.

Tad: But you have to be sure. I mean, they're a lot of work.

Taylor: And adults aren't?

Amanda: I don't know. I mean, you really don't know how to change a diaper?

Jake: Anybody can learn to change a diaper. It's not a big deal. Let her hold him right now. Come on, go ahead.

Amanda: Ok.

Taylor: Oh, boy.

Jake: Ready?

Amanda: All right.

Taylor: Wait, wait. Which side is up? I'm just kidding. I'm good, I'm good. Here.

Jake: She's joking.

Amanda: Oh. Ha ha!

Jake: Ok, come on. Remember the baby's head. Yep, that's right. Take it easy. There you go. Relax.

Taylor: I have to hold and feed?

Tad: Just relax, he's not gonna explode.

Taylor: I got it, I got it.

Jake: There you go.

Tad: See, you're a natural. She's hired.

Taylor: Ha ha.

Amanda: Well, I don't -- maybe we should just explore all our options first.

Jake: Listen, Taylor just needs a little baby boot camp, that's all.

Taylor: Mmm, might want to start with that diaper change. Ooh!

Zach: What do you say we let Rachel go home...go upstairs, play with the boys. They'll be happy to see you.

Kendall: For how long? I just -- I can't believe this is happening. Annie murdered Stuart and now she's completely gutting my life.

Zach: We're not giving up. Time to find Evan. Now Erica and Ryan, they're gonna take Emma somewhere and just hide her for a while.

Kendall: Willis is already onto them, and when he gets to her, and I know that he will... I could get the death penalty.

Zach: You're not getting convicted.

Kendall: What kind of a woman uses her child? And twists her child's brain to protect herself?

[Baby crying]

Zach: I'll go check on him.

Erica: Willis took the deal off the table. He says he has an eyewitness.

Ryan: Well, we know who tipped him off.

[Telephone ringing]

Ryan: It's Willis.

Erica: He wants to question Emma. Ryan, we've got to get her out of here now.

Scott: Just before Dad died we talked about going fishing.

Adam: Ah, well, you and I will go in honor of Stuart. I must confess that I never learned how to tie all those little lures like he did, but, mmm...ha ha.

Scott: Ha ha! I'll come back later for the rest of his stuff, all right?

Adam: Yeah. Good.

Scott: Thanks for your help.

Adam: He's an amazing young man. He's very strong.

Annie: Yeah, he is. That was very, very sweet of you to offer to take him fishing.

Adam: Well, usually it's sort of male-only sort of situation, but I don't see a reason in the world that you couldn't go with us.

Annie: What do you -- you mean I'll be free?

Adam: Ha ha. Your deal is safe.

Annie: Ah!

Adam: Willis rejected Kendall's plea bargain. She's gonna stand trial for Stuart's murder.

Annie: So you'll get justice for Stuart!

Adam: Yes, yes, and you'll be right there by my side.

Annie: Ah! Oh, my God! This is really happening, isn't it?

Adam: Oh, yes.

Annie: I'll be free. I'll be free.

Amanda: Are you sure about this babysitting thing?

Taylor: Yeah, I'm good, I'm good. I'm telling you, I can do this. I just need some tips.

Jake: Here you go. You'll need this.

Tad: Oh, it's a good thing you got an expert. You ready for the faux baby fake handoff? Ha ha! I'm just kidding, ok? It's a joke. Relax. Here we go, let's try this again. Remember the head, take the head. There you go, little monkey cheeks. Get the bottle.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Oh, my...

Jake: Get lost. Go over this way. Get out of here. Get out.

Tad: Jake!

Taylor: Get my -- purse! Purse!

Jake: Give me that, give me that, give me that! Go on!

Tad: Hi.

Liza: Hey. Hi. I need your help.

Tad: And you couldn't call?

Liza: Uh, listen, Willis is out for Kendall's blood, and you've gone on record with those recovered memories of yours, so I need to know more.

Tad: Now?

Liza: Listen, you saw Emma on the foyer stairs. If I'm gonna win this case, I need to know more. I need to know everything that you remember.

[Baby crying]

Liza: Is that a baby?

J.R.: [Sighs] Hey. Thanks for coming.

Scott: What's up?

J.R.: You. Can I get you a drink, some lunch? Look, I was an ass yesterday. I wanted to apologize.

Scott: Flowers are always nice.

J.R.: Look, I'm just pissed that Annie's gonna get away with murder, and I took it out on you. I miss him. I miss him, too, every single day.

Marissa: I just got a message from Liza. Willis denied the plea, but the trial's back on. And Emma Lavery is his star witness.

J.R.: Emma?

Marissa: Yes. She swears she saw Kendall shoot Stuart.

J.R.: Damn it. Annie got to her own daughter. You see, that just proves it. She'll do anything to protect herself.

Adam's voice: [Sobbing] Why?

Annie: Here, you need to take more of your medicine, ok? Ok?

Emma: Mommy? I saw, Mommy, I saw.

Annie: You have to forget what you saw. Do you understand? If you love me, you have to forget. Ok?


ADA Willis: Mr. Lavery? Open up!

Erica: Emma's gonna be just fine here.

Ryan: There she is! How do you like your room?

[Door opens]

Kendall: Guys, please let me in. It's Kendall.

Ryan: Kendall?

Kendall: Please. I threw them off. You have to tell the truth, Emma, ok? What you really saw. I didn't shoot Stuart. Your mother did.

[Adam reads Annie's diary]

Annie's voice: No one understands. I strike out because I have to. [Thud] Because I'm alone, and I have to protect myself. People hate me. They want to hurt me, take from me, destroy me. That's why they want Emma, why they keep her from me, but I will fight back, and I will win. What I have had to do is nothing compared to what I will do to get my daughter back in my arms.

Adam: What in blazes are you doing?

Zach: What is that? Panic button? That's cute.

Adam: What do you want?

Zach: Where's Annie?

Adam: As if I'd tell you.

Zach: Is Kendall here?

Adam: No. But if she does show up, I'll string up your murdering wife personally.

Zach: The only person that's gonna get strung up is Annie.

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