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Amanda: It's him. That's my baby.

Jake: No, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Amanda: Jake, I gave up my son even when I didn't want to. I grieved him when it hurt like hell. Do not tell me that I can't see him.

Jake: I'm not. I'm not.

Amanda: I just need to hold him. I want to tell him how much I love him.

Jake: Shh.

[Door opens]

Jake: Go on. What's stopping you?

[Pop music plays at ConFusion]

Erica: Well, there better not be any vodka in there.

J.R.: Just club soda, but don't worry. I really spice things up by adding the lime.

Erica: Ha ha ha! A sparkling cider, please.

J.R.: Don't you miss it?

Erica: Miss what?

J.R.: The escape. No matter what kind of hell you're going through, you just drink enough, and it all just fades away.

Erica: Until you finally come to on the bathroom floor. You realize that hell is back with a vengeance.

J.R.: Ha ha! That and a killer headache.

Erica: Ha ha! Oh, thank you. Thank you. So, what brings on this hangover nostalgia, or should I say who? Ok. What has Adam done to you this time?

J.R.: It's not what he did. It's what he's about to do with Annie.

Erica: Oh, no. They're not -- he didn't ask her to marry him.

J.R.: Not yet, but if she has her way, he will and soon.

Annie: Chandler residence.

Emma: Mommy?

Annie: Emma? Hi. Hi, my sweetheart. It's so good to hear your voice. Are you all right?

Emma: Daddy doesn't believe me.

Annie: About what?

Emma: I saw...

Annie: Emma? Sweetheart, what? What did you see?

Ryan: Hey, sweets, who are you talking to?

Annie: Emma, talk to me.

Ryan: Is that your mom?

Annie: Emma? Tell me. Tell me what you saw.

[Dial tone]

Annie: Emma? Emma?

Adam: Ah, there you are. I've been waiting for you upstairs. I thought a crab had come to life and attacked you. Khh khh! What's the matter?

Annie: Emma just called. She sounded upset.

Adam: Did she say why?

Annie: No. She just stopped talking.

Adam: What are you doing?

Annie: I need to see her.

Adam: No, no. You step foot off this property, and the police will descend.

Annie: Well, let them. My daughter needs me.

Kendall: Emma is only saying this to keep her mom out of trouble. I mean, clearly, Annie just put these ideas in her head, probably the night of the murder.

Zach: Yeah? Threw out the same thing. Ryan is convinced that Emma believes every word she says.

Kendall: You believe it, too, don't you? You think I killed Stuart, after all. Silence. It's nice.

Zach: What? What do you want me to say?

Kendall: Oh, I don't know. How about, "Of course I know that you didn't kill Stuart. Why? Because you told me"?

Zach: Kendall --

Kendall: But why? Why believe your wife when you can take the word of a 7-year-old.

Zach: You know what? Maybe I should take the word of a 7-year-old, because she's making more sense than you right now.

Kendall: Uh!

[Kendall slaps Zach]

Zach: All right. Feeling better? You got it out of your system? You want to go again? No? Good because we got to work on a game plan.

Kendall: Are you serious?

Zach: A little girl just said that she saw you kill someone. Yes. I'm serious.

Kendall: Do you believe Emma? I mean, do you honestly think that I killed Stuart?

Zach: You gonna ask me again?

Kendall: Yeah, in fact. I need to know, ok? You know me better than anyone-- the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it. You've been with me through this from the very beginning.

Zach: Every step of the way.

Kendall: Right, so if you--my husband, of all people -- think that I'm capable of murder, then what chance do I have with 12 strangers? If you honestly believe I did it, I need to know. I'll have them lock me up right now.

J.R.: I still can't get her to own up, but it's just so obvious she wants my dad to put a ring on her finger.

Erica: Oh, now I know she's crazy. Being married to Adam Chandler isn't all it's cracked up to be.

J.R.: You would know. You married him...twice.

Erica: What?

J.R.: I don't know. I just thought you'd be a little more worked up about it.

Erica: Why would you think that?

J.R.: Because you and my dad were getting pretty close.

Erica: J.R., whatever I may have felt or not have felt for Adam, that has vanished. The Adam Chandler that I knew, admired even, was dashing and powerful. I mean, yes. Ok. He could be an egomaniacal pig at times...

J.R.: At times? Ha ha!

Erica: But he was smart, and he was a shrewd judge of character.

J.R.: And now he thinks Annie is his guardian angel.

Erica: I know, and I can't believe it. I mean, I don't even recognize Adam anymore. I mean, you know that I stood by Adam when he was ailing. I even covered up for him, and I helped him save your son from David, and I even forgave him for that horrible heart valve debacle, and what does he do in return? He actually provides lodging for the maniac who killed his own brother, and he's urging the prosecution to go after my daughter.

J.R.: I know. It's sick, but, Erica, I was hoping --

Erica: Oh, no. No. I'm sorry, J.R. Your father has really crossed the line this time. You're gonna have to save him without my help.

Adam: Why don't you sit down and relax? I'm sure Emma will be fine.

Annie: You didn't hear her, Adam. She said that she saw something. What if she's talking about the night Stuart was shot?

Adam: Well, didn't you tell me that she was with Little Adam in the nursery that night? Isn't that what you said to me?

Annie: I left her there, yes, and I told her to stay put, but Emma was very scared and very confused. How do I know she didn't come downstairs looking for me or something? Oh, my God, she could've seen something. I need to find her. I need to find her and make sure she's ok.

Adam: Annie...

Annie: Get this thing off me now.

Emma: I want to see Mommy.

Ryan: I know. I know. I know. Ok, ok, ok, ok. Come on. Come sit with me for a second, ok, just for a little second, my princess. Ohh, I know that it doesn't seem fair, you know, that you can't see Mommy, but we can't, because the judge hasn't given us the ok yet.

Emma: I need to tell Mommy that Kendall shot Little A's uncle.

Ryan: I love you so much. I love you, and I will never, ever stop. You understand that, right? Yeah? Now, I know that you think that you saw Kendall.

Emma: I did see her.

Ryan: Ok. Ok, but it was dark that night, right, and maybe you were a little bit scared, and do you remember when I said sometimes about our mind playing tricks on us a little bit?

[Doorbell rings]

Emma: Mommy!

Ryan: Hey, hey, no. Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Emma.

Amanda: Hi. Oh, my God. Hi, little guy, my big man. Hi. Oh... [Sobs] Oh, my God, that baby smell. Oh, did I tell you I've been dreaming about that? Oh, you-- you're heavier. Your cheeks are fuller now. He looks just like I remember. Yes, you do. Do you remember me? I'm your mom.

[Baby cooing]

Amanda: Ha ha! Hi.

Jake: You know how long I've been waiting to hear you say that.

Amanda: You think you've been waiting.

[Baby cooing]

Amanda: Hi. Oh, you are -- Jake...

Jake: It's ok. It's Margaret. She's been looking after the baby.

Amanda: Oh, for the parents? Are they away or something?

Jake: No. There's no parents. She's been taking care of him for you. Margaret, heh, can you just give us a second?

Margaret: Of course.

Jake: Thanks.

Amanda: I don't understand. The couple that you told me about, the vet and the kindergarten teacher, you made them up? My son wasn't adopted?

Jake: No. Margaret has been taking care of him.

Amanda: But why? I mean, we had a plan. I mean --

Jake: Come here. Sit down.

Amanda: Hey.

Jake: I can only explain it like this. All through the pregnancy, I watched you. I saw everything. I saw every kick, every craving. I saw you falling in love with this baby, and I just took a gamble that the day was gonna come when you really wanted to be with him.

Amanda: Well, of course. That's every day. I mean, of course, I was gonna miss my son. I never wanted to give him up, but we decided that I had to.

Jake: Yeah, but then things got very complicated, right? Liza came into the picture, and she was trying to blackmail me, and -- I don't know -- it just seemed like everything was going wrong.

Amanda: So, you decided that lying to me was the answer?

Jake: No. I'd like to think of it as protecting you...and him, of course, and Liza, too, I guess, at the end of the day because she wanted her dream to have a baby, and she got it. I mean, does she really need to know that it's not yours? I don't think so. Look. I am so sorry. It was the hardest thing in the world for me to keep this from you. I really hope you can believe that.

Amanda: I don't know what to say.

Jake: Just say you understand.

Zach: [Exhales] Kendall... Kendall, hey, hi. How could you doubt for one second my belief in you? How?

Kendall: Because I've been asking you point blank, and you refuse to give me an answer.

Zach: Because it was a ridiculous question.

Kendall: But, Zach, you just said that Emma --

Zach: I said a 7-year-old makes more sense than you, and I meant that. Why would you think that -- I know you didn't kill Stuart because you told me, and I looked in your eyes, and I believed you. It's very simple. End of story.

Kendall: Then why do I still see flickers of doubt?

Zach: There's no doubt here. There's no doubt. It's flickers of fear. I'm scared. I don't want my kids growing up without a mother, and I'm afraid that I'm not doing enough to keep that from happening.

Kendall: I'm sorry. Sorry. You've been turning yourself inside out, and all I've been doing is just demanding more.

Zach: Ah, whatever. We got to focus, and we got to neutralize a threat. That's our job now.

Erica: Who's posing a threat now?

Ryan: I'll be up soon, ok? Go on now.

Liza: Tough being a single parent sometimes, huh?

Ryan: We're doing ok. Doing ok.

Liza: You sure, Ryan? She seemed a little upset.

Ryan: Um, yeah. She just had a bit of a nightmare earlier, you know, but we're fine, fine, just fine.

Liza: She having a lot of those nightmares? I mean, God, I can't imagine what it must be like for her to be stuck in that house when Stuart was shot.

Ryan: Zach mentioned that he got his hands on North's notes.

Liza: Right, so you know about "The Kid."

Ryan: Yeah. Is there something that you want to ask me?

Liza: Come on, Ryan. She was in the house, right? She's small. She's quick. I need to know if she said anything to you, huh? Did she see something? Did she hear something? I need to know. Is there any way that she can implicate Kendall?

Ryan: In every way, actually. Emma swears she saw Kendall shoot Stuart.

Jake: I wanted to tell you. I did, but if you knew the little guy was here --

Amanda: I'd be banging down the door.

Jake: Yeah, and Hayward would be right behind you. I'm sorry. From my heart, I'm sorry that you had to find out this way.

Amanda: Sorry? Jake, I should be bowing at your feet. You've given me everything that I've ever wanted, and I don't know how to thank you.

Jake: Seeing the two of you together is all I need.

Amanda: Thank you. Heh. Oh, so what now, huh? Where we gonna go, some deserted island or -- hey, big man here is gonna need a passport.

Jake: Well, yes, eventually, but right now, we go back to Pine Valley, ok?

Amanda: Oh, ok, and just show up with a baby? We can't. David would know.

Jake: And that's why the baby is staying here.

Amanda: No.

Jake: Yes. The baby is staying here. We're just gonna wait a couple of months, ok? David will get over. People will move on with their lives.

Amanda: Jake, things are different now.

Jake: I took a huge risk bringing you here. I didn't want to do it. I wasn't gonna do it, but I felt that I had to.

Amanda: I let my baby go once, Jake. There is no way that I'm gonna do that again.

Liza: So, I did some investigating, and one of the reasons why North went to D.C. is, he went to go see a psychiatrist, a child psychiatrist who specializes in repressed memories. Look, Ryan. I don't know how, but somehow, North was on to Emma, and he planned on using what she knows.

Ryan: The guy had no right to target my daughter.

Liza: Well, yes, he did, Ryan. He's the D.A., and if Emma really saw what she said she did, we're looking at the prosecution's star witness.

Ryan: Ok. My daughter has been scarred enough, ok? She has. I'm not gonna add being publicly grilled about a murder to that list, especially considering what it would do to Kendall.

Liza: Ryan, you might not have a choice. The new prosecution finds out about this, he will question Emma.

Emma: Somebody already asked me questions.

Ryan: Hey, Princess, you're supposed to be in bed.

Liza: Emma, somebody already asked you questions? Who?

Emma: A man.

Ryan: A man? What man? Where?

Emma: The one who was waiting for me after school.

Adam: Going after Emma is a mistake.

Annie: So, I'll take that as a no? You're not gonna help me?

Adam: No. Take it as I want you to be safe with me and not locked up in a jail cell somewhere. I'm sure Emma feels the same way.

Annie: No one is gonna lock me up. Remember, Aidan gave me that device that jams the signal from the monitor. I can take this thing on and off. The cops will never know.

Adam: Well, but what if something goes wrong?

Annie: It won't.

Adam: But what if?

Annie: Then at least, I will have seen my daughter.

Ryan: Ok, so you came out of school, and what happened? There was a man there, and he approached you?

Liza: Did the man tell you what his name was?

Emma: Henry.

Liza: Henry, huh? Um, is this the man?

North: Must've been scary when the lights went out. Did you stay in your friend's room the whole time? It's ok to talk to me, Emma. I promise I won't hurt you. I just want to know what you saw that night, a woman maybe? Your daddy's friend Kendall?

Emma: I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

North: I'm not a stranger, remember? I'm Henry.

Emma: I see my bus. Did I do something wrong, Daddy?

Ryan: No, sweetheart. Oh, no, no. You didn't. You did everything absolutely right. I'm very, very proud of you.

Liza: Emma, did you ever see that man again?

Ryan: Ok. Why don't we get to bed, ok? It is so late, I can't even believe how late it is. Come on. I'll walk you up, ok? In fact, I'll even carry you up, even though you're so heavy. Ok. Here we go. Oh, my goodness gracious! Oh, my goodness, here we go. Let's go upstairs.

Erica: Oh, let me guess. The big threat is Liza Colby. Well, what did you think was going to happen, hiring her to be your lawyer?

Kendall: Mom... all right. You know what? Forget it. I'm gonna go check on the boys.

Zach: Yeah. Thanks.

Erica: Zach, I--

Zach: No, no. No Zach. No. I'm not sure what we need to work through here, but Liza is a good lawyer. End of story.

Erica: No. It's not the end of story. You used the word "threats," Zach. I mean, if there's a threat to my daughter, I need to know that.

Zach: Emma claims she saw Kendall kill Stuart.

Erica: But Emma is just a little girl. I mean, she must be confused.

Zach: Maybe she is confused, but Ryan is convinced that she is telling what she feels is the truth.

Erica: Annie. Her mother, Annie. I'm sure she convinced Emma that that's the truth.

Zach: Maybe so, but right now, we need Ryan to take Emma out of town, just till after the trial, because, I mean, she's a kid. I don't want her talking to anybody.

Erica: That makes perfect sense to me.

Zach: Not to Ryan.

Erica: He refused? Ok. I'll talk to him.

Zach: Knock yourself out. He's not gonna budge.

Ryan: The thought of North showing up at my girl's school and scaring her like that...

Liza: Look. At least she didn't say anything to him.

Ryan: He shouldn't have put her in the position in the first place, Liza. If they make her take the stand... she's very fragile, ok, and she misses her mom like crazy.

Liza: Hey, when was the last time that Emma spoke to Annie?

Ryan: Tonight, actually.

Liza: Wait. What?

Ryan: Yeah. Emma called Chandler's tonight to talk to her mom and tell her about what she saw, or what she thinks that she saw, and I got to her in time before she could say anything. What?

Liza: I don't know. It's just, that's -- it's interesting, huh, that she calls her mom.

Ryan: And why is that interesting? I mean, they were together the night of the murder?

Liza: Yes, but maybe it doesn't stop there. Maybe Emma saw Annie shoot Stuart and not Kendall and this is Emma's subconscious that's reaching out.

Ryan: Emma swears that she saw Kendall.

Liza: So? What? North could've planted those seeds when he was questioning her. Can't imagine how emotionally beaten, right? You see your mother commit a murder, but you insert Kendall for your mom, look, it's not as difficult, right, Ryan? Come on. You're a smart guy. Tell me you didn't think about this.

Ryan: I am not putting Emma through this, ok? I'm not doing it, all the psychological evaluations and God knows what else.

Liza: Well, maybe we won't have to.

Ryan: I am not taking my daughter and hiding out or going on the run or something.

Liza: No. I'm not asking you to.

Ryan: Where are you going?

Liza: Well, I'm gonna go get some answers, because if I'm right, and I usually am, Annie is the key to this.

Amanda: Why can't we just take him and run?

Jake: Because David would find him in a nanosecond. Honey, we're going home, ok, and, as hard as it might be, you're gonna act like today never happened.

Amanda: But it did happen, Jake, and now that I know where Trevor is, how am I supposed to go on and just --

Jake: Know who?

Amanda: Trevor, after my dad.

Jake: Trevor. I like it. Well, Margaret will be taking care of Trevor, ok? She's, like, a super nanny, I swear to you. She's fantastic, and we're gonna get to see him.

Amanda: I can visit?

Jake: Well, no. I was thinking more along the lines of a webcam, all right? We could see his little face, and we could sing songs to him and watch his little, goofy reactions.

Amanda: Oh, it's not enough.

Jake: Well, babe, it's gonna have to be, just for a little while.

Amanda: [Sobs] [Sighs] How long? How long till I can hold my son again?

Annie: Oh...ok. I have to go.

Adam: Be careful.

Annie: I will. I will.

Adam: And hurry back.

Annie: Hey, you are adorable when you're worried, you know that? I'll be back soon. Got to go.

Adam: Well--

[Doorbell rings]

Adam: Oh.

[Door closes]

Adam: Ahem. Oh. I don't recall saying, "Come in."

Liza: I'm here to see Annie. Is she here? Of course, she's here. She's chained to the property.

Adam: Well, you're going to have to come up with a more appropriate time. You see, Annie is asleep.

Liza: What is she, 9?

Adam: No. She's had a very hard day, and I can arrange to pass on a message for you.

Liza: No, thank you. I'd like to speak with your new girlfriend myself. I'll just go look upstairs, huh?

Adam: No, no, no, no. I'm afraid that's not possible. Annie has had trouble sleeping lately. She's been taking some sleep medication to help her rest.

Liza: Uh-huh, and it would be rude to wake her up?

Adam: Uh, yes. Yes. I'm glad we agree.

[Door closes]

Ryan: Erica.

Erica: Ryan, pack your things, Emma's, too.

Ryan: Obviously, you have talked to Zach.

Erica: Ryan, I know a perfect place for you to hide. No one will ever find you.

Ryan: Emma and I are not going anywhere.

Erica: Ryan, you're keeping her in the line of fire. Emma will be forced to take the stand, Ryan, and if she gets up there and she tells a lie, then Kendall is finished.

Ryan: Erica, Emma believes that it's the truth.

Erica: What are you saying, Ryan? Are you saying that now you think that Kendall shot Stuart?

Ryan: No. I'm not. I'm saying that I love my daughter, ok, and I will do anything I have to do to keep her safe.

Erica: My thoughts exactly.

Kendall: Do you remember-- well, that's that. We're gonna have to get that later.

Ian: Uh-oh.

Kendall: Uh-oh is right. Remember the first time we dyed Easter eggs? Remember that? Yeah. Yeah. You, buddy -- you just thought you would put dye all over your face. You did, you little worm. Let me tell you, orange is not your color, not at all. And, Spikey, you thought it was so funny. Remember that? Yeah. You thought it was so funny, you wanted to get in on the action, so what'd you do?

Spike: I ruined everything.

Kendall: No. You picked up the raw egg, remember? You picked up the raw egg, and you threw it on my head. Remember you threw it on my head?

Spike: Yeah.

Kendall: I know. It was crazy.

Spike: You got it, though.

Kendall: I know. I am, and I had it running all over my face, and then, of course, what happened? Daddy Zach walked in, yeah, and that was it. I think we laughed for hours and hours. We did. We laughed for hours. Say, you know what? You know what? I want for you guys to remember that day. Whenever you get sad or upset, just remember how much we laughed, ok? Remember how much Mama loves you. Mama loves you. Mama loves you both very much. Spike, Spikey, Mama will always love you. Yeah.

Amanda: I have to say good-bye to you now, Trevor. You know what? Let's make it adios, all right, because I think it sounds better, right?

Jake: I think so.

Amanda: Oh, I know. I hate it, too, but you know what? It's not forever, ok, which is really amazing because the last time you and I did this, I thought I'd never see you again -- your big, beautiful eyes and that precious, cute, little nose, and those lips. You are gonna be a real lady-killer. You are -- ha ha ha! And, you know, the best part is that I'm gonna be there for every bit of it, yeah -- your first date and your first dance, first time you try and sneak a girl into your room.

Jake: I can help with that. I'm an expert.

Amanda: Aww. You know, I'm gonna be there throughout every single bit of it. Yes, I am because I am your mom, and I love you so much, and I hear people say that all the time, that they love someone, and I have to wonder if they really mean it or if they even know. Well, I know, and I have never meant anything more in my whole life.

J.R.: All right. I've been thinking about it, and I've been thinking about it, and you need to deal with yourself, Dad.

Adam: Hello to you, too.

J.R.: This situation with Annie, it's just so messed up, and it's definitely headed for disaster.

Adam: Strange, I seem to have heard all this before.

J.R.: Yeah, and you're gonna keep hearing it till you realize that that psycho is using you for protection, for power, for -- I don't even want to know what else.

Adam: We're in love.

J.R.: You can't be serious. Annie tried to kill you.

Adam: On the contrary, she tried to save my life. She did sa -- as a matter of fact, she saved my soul.

J.R.: Oh, my God.

Adam: If Annie had not been with me in the wake of Stuart's death, I would never have made it.

J.R.: Wow. You should see if she qualifies for sainthood.

Adam: All right. Scoff all you want, but Annie and I, what we have is real. She sacrificed her future, her freedom, and her daughter, all to save me. Now, that's not love, I don't know what is.

Ryan: I'm sorry, Erica. I know that you're worried about Kendall. I know that.

Erica: Well, you used to be, too.

Ryan: I still am. I am, but my daughter has to take precedence with me.

Erica: Well, what about my daughter? I mean, Kendall is about to go on trial for murder, Ryan. That's a capital offense, and with a potential eyewitness, you know what that means.

Ryan: But you just said it-- "potential eyewitness." Why don't we just leave Emma out of this?

Erica: Exactly. Why don't we just get Emma out of town?

Ryan: Erica --

Erica: Ryan, the thought of my child being sent to prison or worse, I couldn't take that.

[Telephone rings]

Erica: Mm...

Ryan: Hello?

Liza: Hey, Ryan, it's Liza. I just came from the Chandler Mansion, and something is off.

Ryan: What do you mean off?

Liza: Well, I asked Adam to see Annie, and he gave me this whole dance. I have a feeling she wasn't there.

Ryan: And she knows how to take off her monitor.

Liza: Yeah. I would be very aware, Ryan, because if she took off, she's headed to one of two people, hmm -- Kendall...

Ryan: Or Emma.

Annie: Psst.

Emma: Mommy!

Annie: Come here, baby. Hi. Oh, hi, my sweetheart. Oh, I've missed you so much.

Kendall: Did my mom leave? I've made a decision. I'm turning myself in.

Zach: No, you're not.

Kendall: Zach, when North originally put the deal on the table, Jackson said I would only get 5 years, maybe 10 at the most. It's a good plan.

Zach: It's a terrible plan.

Kendall: It'll give you time, plenty of time to get a confession out of Annie.

Zach: You're admitting to something you didn't do.

Kendall: Zach, it's the only way.

Zach: It's the only way? Since when?

Kendall: Since Emma Lavery became an eyewitness to murder. I could get the death penalty. This is it. This is better for everyone -- for Emma, for me.

Zach: Yeah? Is it better for the boys, better for me, for that matter? No. It's not. Deal is off.

Margaret: [Humming]

Jake: We should go.

Amanda: [Sobbing]

Jake: Honey, we should go.

Amanda: [Sobs] I can't. Jake, I know I said I would, but I can't. I cannot leave my son again. I won't.

J.R.: So, you're really serious about this. You love Annie.

Adam: Yes. I do.

J.R.: And you think that she loves you.

Adam: I know she does.

J.R.: Ugh. Man, I need a drink.

Annie: What did you want to tell me, sweetheart? What did you see?

Emma: I saw who shot Little A's uncle.

Annie: Ok. Um, Emma, sweetheart, you have to promise me that you will never tell anyone what you saw that night, ok? Do you understand?

Emma: But I already told Daddy.

Annie: You did?

Emma: I told him Kendall did it.

Annie: You -- you saw Kendall with the gun?

Emma: She shot Stuart. Mommy, am I in trouble?

Annie: No. No, my sweetheart. You've done nothing wrong.

[Knocks on door]

Ryan: Emma? Emma, why is the door locked?

Kendall: There's tons of evidence against me, and now there's an eyewitness.

Zach: An eyewitness that nobody knows about.

Kendall: But they will.

Zach: They won't if you get Emma and Ryan to take off for a while.

Kendall: No. No. I don't want that for them.

Zach: Well, I don't want this for you.

Kendall: Just please, please promise me that you'll keep on Annie and you'll keep on her till she admits to killing Stuart.

Zach: Kendall, don't do this.

[Liza knocks on the door]

Kendall: I already did.

Zach: You did what, call the D.A.'s office? Kendall!

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