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Annie: Do you have soft-shell crabs tonight? Believe it or not, our chef just does not make them right. You do? Great. We will take half a dozen of those, please. Yes, and Mr. Chandler will be there himself to pick them up in a few minutes. Ok. Thank you.

Scott: Something special going on?

Annie: Yes. But it's just between Adam and me.

Liza: David was just here. How did you do it? How did you convince him that the baby isn't his?

Jake: It doesn't really matter how I did it. I made the switch and David bought the whole thing.

Liza: Well, you are a miracle worker.

Jake: Ok, thank you. I'll see -- I'll see you later.

Amanda: You lied to me. You lied to me. My baby is Liza's? You swore on our love. How could you do that? You lying bastard!

Jake: I didn't lie to you. I didn't lie to you. I didn't.

Amanda: I have to go to him.

Jake: Please. Just -- no. Wait a second. I'll tell you everything that happened. Please. Please?

[Knock on door]

Liza: Oh, thanks for coming. Come on in. You know, this case is getting more and more complicated by the minute. So you're interested, right?

Marissa: Yeah, I am. But Colby told me that you didn't trust me. What changed your mind?

Liza: David changed my mind.

A.D.A. Willis: Evening, Miss Kane. I'm Andrew Willis. I've taken over the prosecution of your daughter's murder trial.

Erica: Well, I've said everything I have to say to your predecessor.

A.D.A. Willis: Yes, well, unfortunately, his notes appear to be missing, and all I have to go on are the police reports. I'm having to go back and question everyone involved.

Erica: Well, then you should really start with questioning the woman who actually committed this murder -- Annie Lavery.

A.D.A. Willis: I intend to. We have to work on clearing Kendall first, though, don't we?

Erica: How can I help you? How can I help expedite that , Mr. Willis?

Kendall: So you think Emma saw something?

Zach: It's possible. Annie was alone when she found Adam, so Emma was somewhere, probably hiding in the house, maybe downstairs. It's dark, she was scared. Maybe she saw something. Maybe she saw who killed Stuart.

Emma: I saw Kendall shoot Stuart.

Ryan: You mean you saw Kendall holding a gun, right? A lot of people saw that.

Emma: She shot the gun, and it made a very loud noise.

Ryan: Is this something that you've known all this time, Emma, or are you just saying this now?

Emma: I just remembered. I saw Kendall shoot Stuart.

Erica: For some reason your predecessor chose to ignore the obvious. Annie Lavery has been in and out of Oak Haven. It's a fact that she is psychotic. She killed her own brother. She tried to kill me on at least two occasions. And she was in the Chandler house that night attempting to kidnap her daughter.

A.D.A. Willis: All very good points, but why would she kill Stuart Chandler?

Erica: Well, you know, maybe her bowl of cornflakes told her to do that in the morning. I don't know. Sometimes insane people don't have a rational reason. But, honestly, you should be over there grilling Annie Lavery right now. Actually, here's your perfect opportunity. Well, look who's here -- Adam Chandler, the man who is harboring the monster who killed his own brother!

Adam: Erica, Erica, what vicious lies are you spreading now? Hmm?

Annie: Giving Adam a beautiful dinner is the least I can do.

Scott: Even if you have to order out.

Annie: Well, I did try my hand at some canapés. Try one. let me know if it's Adam worthy.

Scott: You've really got a thing for Adam, don't you?

Annie: A thing? I guess that depends on what your definition of "a thing" is.

Scott: I thought this was all about him being grateful to you for saving his life that night.

Annie: I wish I could've saved your father's life that night, as well. I'm sorry. he was a really wonderful man. I was probably the last person to see him alive -- other than the killer, of course. He just seemed really excited that night to be doing business with Adam again on your behalf and -- you didn't comment on the canapé. Tasty?

Scott: Yes, they're good.

Annie: Good. Do you ever smile?

Scott: Not been very much to smile about lately.

Annie: Try -- for me. See? there, and it's such a nice smile. Listen, I'm sure things have been really horrible for you since your dad died, but you should try to smile more often. You don't want people in this town to get the wrong impression of you -- like they've gotten the wrong impression of me.

Scott: Have they?

Annie: Oh, yeah. they think I'm just trying to soak up Adam for all his money, which couldn't be further from the truth. I just want my freedom and I really enjoy his company. What's so wrong about that?

Scott: Oh, I don't remember saying there was anything wrong with that.

Annie: Your father was a little misunderstood sometimes, too, wasn't he?

Scott: Until you got to know him.

Annie: People in this town can be so cruel, so judgmental. They do it to Adam, too, you know. Adam just wants his family close again -- I mean you, J.R., Colby, Little A. He just wants a real family. That's all I want, too. I just want to be close to my daughter, and I just want a real family again.

[Door closes]

Annie: Oh --

J.R.: Don't believe a word that she says.

Jake: I lied, I lied.

Amanda: Jake, let go of me.

Jake: Listen to me. I lied. I lied, but it was to protect your baby. Please. listen, do you remember? We were looking for the adoptive family, right? At the same time I needed to find a lawyer that we could trust. I reached out to Liza. I figured that she would be sympathetic with us, because she had gone through something similar with Colby. So I hired her. I hired her to find that family, some adoptive family that would do it quietly and -- and they would do it outside of legalities.

Amanda: That's the plan that I remember, but obviously something happened.

Jake: Yeah, something happened. She showed up and she was pregnant. And then she tells me she's gonna be the one that's gonna do the adopting, and I said, "Wait a second." I said to myself this is, you know, a recipe for disaster. I knew that David knew her, and she wanted to stay in town with this baby in Pine Valley. And I thought, no. I said, "Look, please. I'm gonna find some other adoptive family." And she got very persistent with me, and she threatened me, and she said she was gonna go to David and tell him the whole thing. And it wouldn't matter where the baby ended up or with what family, that she would tell him. He would find out.

Amanda: She was willing to sacrifice my son? She would have ruined everything. You never told me any of this?

Jake: No, I didn't tell you that. this is the hardest part -- I couldn't tell you. I didn't want to tell you who the baby was gonna be with or anything. That was part of deal, remember? You wanted it that way. And you had gone through so much up to that moment, and you wanted to give the baby up, and you were about to give up the baby. And I thought if you knew the baby was still in town with Liza, then David would see through that. Eventually, he'd see through that.

Amanda: So that is my baby? Liza has my son?

Jake: No. no, that is not -- that is not your baby. It is not.

Liza: So David came over here earlier, and he told me that he wasn't gonna obsess over my child anymore. But the funny thing is I just -- I believe him. And he gave you credit for opening up his eyes.

Marissa: Well, I may have helped with a little tough love.

Liza: Well, good job. It worked. All right, so I think we should jump right in. And we can talk about hours and salary later.

Marissa: Wow, it's true. What everyone's been saying -- North's case is all circumstantial. And with all these people there that night, a lot of whom had motive and opportunity, reasonable doubt shouldn't be tough to prove.

Liza: All right, I want you to add two more names to the list. I want you to add Little Adam and Emma Lavery.

Marissa: Oh, you can't possibly think one of those kids shot Stuart?

Liza: No, no. But Zach and I have discussed the possibility that one of them may have been a witness.

Kendall: So there may be a witness to this murder after all?

Zach: A witness who hasn't said anything until just now. Police talked to Emma, and she said she didn't see anything. But North is convinced that there is something. Otherwise, he wouldn't have talked to a professional about talking to the kid.

Kendall: What do you mean?

Zach: A psychiatrist down in D.C. -- Emma was supposed to meet with him.

Kendall: Well, if Emma did see anything happen, I mean, there's no way that she would say her mother shot Stuart. they would definitely need some professional's help to pull it out of her. God, can you imagine what that would do to a little girl to see her mother do something so horrible? She would bury it away forever if she could.

Zach: You know what I don't get? North was coming after you. He wasn't looking for any evidence against Annie. He wants Emma to testify against you.

Kendall: I -- I don't remember seeing anyone else there at that moment except you. I -- I was looking at Adam -- I mean Stuart -- realizing that I couldn't kill him, and I dropped the gun and I ran. I didn't see Emma at all.

Zach: Regardless, she could be the key to everything.

Ryan: Ok, let's go through this one more time. Ok, princess? You were up in the nursery watching a movie with Little A, and then the lights went out. You got a little bit scared, right, so you -- you went to look for someone to help?

Emma: Zach was there. Something was in his hand.

Ryan: Go on. Go on. What else did you see? Emma?

Emma: Kendall shot him, then she ran away. Do you believe me, Daddy?

Erica: So how do you explain it, Adam? Is it mind control? Annie is capable of that. You certainly haven't been yourself lately. I'm sure she's put your brain through a wash-and-dry cycle several times.

A.D.A. Willis: I'm Andrew Willis. I'm the new prosecutor in your brother's murder trial.

Adam: Yes, Mr. Willis. I hope you can ignore Erica's inane blathering and pursue this case against Kendall as vigilantly as the late D.A. did.

A.D.A. Willis: Justice is all I'm looking for.

Adam: Yes. Well, did -- ahem -- Kendall's new attorney send you here to work on the new prosecutor?

Erica: What are you talking about?

Adam: Jackson Montgomery washed his hands of the whole thing. He didn't feel it was a very good career move to lose such a high-profile case. And with Liza as Kendall's new attorney --

Erica: Excuse me.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Well, in case you haven't noticed, you just inherited a nightmare.

A.D.A. Willis: Mind if I follow you home? I have a few questions for you and Mrs. Lavery.

Adam: Do I have any choice?

A.D.A. Willis: Not really.

J.R.: She's just trying to suck up to you. You know that? She's trying to pull as many Chandlers close to her as she can before she cons my father into marrying her. Now, I don't know if she's doing it for the money or if she's just strictly doing it for the street cred.

Annie: What did I do to deserve all these insults, J.R.?

J.R.: I don't know, Annie. You killed my Uncle Stuart maybe?

Annie: You are treading on dangerous ground, J.R. Don't forget Adam chose me over you and your son.

J.R.: Yeah. So much for keeping family close. Hey, Scott, did you ever check these out over here? These wedding albums? they're...marked in gold leaf on the side here. There's Liza one, Liza two, Erica, and -- there's no Dixie. Well, I guess after he kills them, he just gets rid of their memories.

Annie: "Kills them"?

J.R.: Yeah. You didn't know? Old man Cambias says he didn't poison my mom after all. Tad was ready to take my dad down to the police station for questioning. That was before he got shot. Now Tad's on this "live and let live" kick. Cambias is probably just after, you know, some attention. But I don't know. My dad's been acting crazy. Almost as crazy when you bashed your brother's skull in.

Scott: Ok. Why don't you dial it down before things get ugly?

Annie: Uh-uh. too late, Scott. It got ugly the second J.R. walked through that door.

Ryan: honey, I believe that you think that you saw those things, ok? But sometimes -- sometimes your mind can play tricks on you.

Emma: But I saw Kendall shoot Stuart.

Ryan: You don't want your mommy to get in trouble, do you? Is that why you're saying those things? Because you don't want Mommy to get in trouble?

Emma: You don't love Mommy anymore. You love Kendall.

Ryan: Kendall is just a friend, ok? She's -- well, she's Spike and Ian's mommy. You know what? We've had a really, really big day, haven't we? So I don't think we're gonna talk about this anymore tonight. I promise you, I promise we'll talk more about it tomorrow, ok? Ok, come here.

[Emma recoils from Ryan's hug and runs upstairs]

[Knock on door]

Ryan: I assume this has to do with Kendall's visit earlier?

Zach: No. This has to do with Emma.

Jake: Please listen. I'm gonna tell you something now that I haven't told a soul. Nobody. Liza -- nobody. She backed me into a corner. I knew that with one tiny little slip, she would ruin all of your hopes and your dreams for your baby's future. So at this moment, I really need her to believe that she's got your child. I also know that David -- in his craziness he's gonna poke around and dig around with his suspicion, ok? So I go and find another child, a beautiful little unborn baby boy whose mother just wants the best for him -- best life, best dreams, best everything -- and I make a deal with her. We make an agreement, no questions asked, and I let Liza think that that little boy is yours. Now Liza thinks I'm some sort of miracle worker, that I switched a DNA test, which David pulls off covertly, which I knew that he would do. But I didn't need to switch any DNA test because Liza never had your baby.

Amanda: Where is my son?

Jake: In a little house in the country -- I told you that. I told you that.

Amanda: I don't believe you. I don't trust you anymore.

Jake: I m telling you the truth. This is the truth.

Amanda: No, no. I'm gonna get my own DNA test. I will go to Liza. I will go to the police -- David if I have to, but I have to know the truth. All I hear from you are lies, Jake.

Jake: Please don't do that. You can't do that. You will ruin everything.

Amanda: Get your hands off of me.

Annie: If you don't mind, this dinner party is by invitation only.

Adam: Food's here -- and, unfortunately, company. this is Mr. Willis. Mr. Willis is taking over for D.A. North.

Annie: Mr. Willis.

Adam: This is my son J.R. and my nephew Scott.

A.D.A. Willis: Gentlemen. In the next day or two, I'm gonna want to talk to both of you about the night of the murder. But for now, I'd like to interview Mr. Chandler and Mrs. Lavery in private.

J.R.: Oh. that's all right. this atmosphere was getting a bit stale for me anyhow.

Annie: Canapé?

A.D.A. Willis: No, thank you.

Annie: Yeah.

Adam: Hmm. hmm. Very, um, intriguing.

Annie: Um, if you don't mind, we're actually just about to have dinner. So --

A.D.A. Willis: I'll try not to take up too much of your time, then. I've been going over all of the police interviews in preparation for the trial.

Annie: Well, um, my testimony hasn't changed one bit.

A.D.A. Willis: Take me through what happened the night of the murder, Annie. You entered the nursery upstairs?

Annie: Well, yes. I climbed the trellis to the balcony. I waited until I thought the coast was clear, and I went in to get Emma, my daughter. But Adam entered the room. He seemed He saw me, and he ran. So I told Emma to stay put, and I chased after Adam because I thought he seemed ill. But that's when I bumped into J.R., who was really, really drunk, by the way.

A.D.A. Willis: You had a gun?

Annie: Uh, I did for protection. So I got away from J.R., and that's when I found Adam again. he was shaking and he was white with fear, and he kept going on and on about how he thought someone was trying to kill him. I thought he was delusional at first, but then we heard the gunshot. So I took Adam and I took Emma up to the attic, and that's when Adam passed out. We didn't come down for several hours.

A.D.A. Willis: The whole reason you came here in the first place was to kidnap your daughter, yet you decided to hide up in the attic with her and Adam. Why didn't you get out when you had the chance?

Annie: I stayed because of this man.

Erica: Liza? Liza? You have engaged Liza as your only hope for freedom?

Kendall: Zach thought it would be the best move once Jackson dropped out.

Erica: Jackson I will deal with later.

Kendall: Mom, listen to me. Liza and I had a long talk, and she admitted that she wants to win for her own selfish career moves. But she also genuinely wants to make a fresh start. She wants to make up for the sordid way she came back to town. She had a baby. She wants to start new.

Erica: Oh, I bet she wants to start new, all right -- with your husband. And the best way for her to claim Zach is to send you to prison.

Liza: Liza Colby.

Man: Ms. Colby, this is Dr. White returning your call.

Liza: Oh, yes, Doctor. Thank you for getting back to me. I am representing Kendall Slater in a criminal matter. I understand that D.A. North had an appointment with you before he died?

Dr. White: Yes. We were supposed to meet that day.

Liza: May I ask you what it was regarding?

Dr. White: It was something about a child he might want to have testify. That's about all I know.

Liza: Do you specialize in any particular area?

Dr. White: Oh, a lot of clinical work involving repressed memory usually from some traumatic experience.

Liza: Did Mr. North say anything else?

Dr. White: Well, he did ask one very interesting question.

Liza: Well, what was that?

Dr. White: He asked if a child could inherit a parent's insanity.

Liza: And what did you tell him?

Dr. White: Well, I told him, of course, it was possible, depending upon the underlying disorders that led to the parent's mental instability.

Liza: Um, thank you. Thank you very much, Doctor. I may need to call you for some further questions, if that's all right?

Dr. White: Certainly. Any time.

Liza: Thanks.

Marissa: Well?

Liza: Underline Emma's name on that board and add a couple of exclamation points.

Zach: I obtained these notes. They belong to North, and they tell us exactly how he's gonna proceed during the trial. Don't ask where I got them. Anyway, it says exactly how he's gonna go against Kendall, and we were right. It was mostly just circumstantial evidence.

Ryan: Well, he had to have something else up his sleeve.

Zach: Yeah. I gave everything to Liza, and she found something on a piece of paper. It's small. Just a scribble on a piece of paper. It said, "The Kid." Well, Liza and I are both convinced that the kid is Emma. did she see anything else that night?

Ryan: She saw Kendall shoot Stuart.

Zach: Well, Emma's wrong. She's a kid.

Ryan: She's "The Kid." That's what North's note meant, Zach.

Zach: When did she say this?

Ryan: She said it a few minutes ago, right before you got here.

Zach: And before that, she said nothing?

Ryan: No. Nothing.

Zach: Well, then North must've talked to her. Someone else must've talked to her.

Ryan: That doesn't change what Emma says she saw.

Zach: What she thinks she saw, Ryan. What she thinks she saw. how about this? Emma sees her own mother shoot Stuart. Now, Annie takes her up to the attic. She says, "Hey, we'll just talk this over." And it's dark and she's scared and she's just a kid. It's easy to brainwash a kid. And Annie just keeps going. Keeps going and convinces her that it's Kendall that did it.

Ryan: I saw the look in my daughter's eyes. Emma honestly believes that she saw Kendall shoot Stuart.

Zach: And so do you, don't you? You believe she did that, too?

Erica: Kendall, you can't trust Liza. She's like a shark at feeding time.

Kendall: All right, Mom, I know where you're coming from, trust me, and I -- I do not like the woman at all. But she's a really good lawyer. So you're not gonna change my mind.

Erica: Ok. Then maybe your mind is not the one to change.

Jake: I'm telling you the truth. Ok, please, we have come so far. We have gone through so much. Don't ruin it all.

Amanda: I don't trust you anymore. I can't just accept that my baby is safe. I have to know. I have to find him.

Jake: Come outside and get in the car.

Amanda: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Jake: I will show you where your son is. I'll take you to him, all right?

J.R.: You know, when I walked in here, you had that warm, fuzzy look on your face. Don't go there. She's like a trap-door spider. She'll suck you right on in.

Marissa: Hey, guys. I saw you come in. I wondered if I could ask you a couple of questions.

J.R.: About?

Marissa: I'm on Kendall's defense team now, working for Liza.

J.R.: Well, ask away.

Marissa: You saw Annie that night, right? You struggled with her over the gun that she had?

J.R.: Yeah. I was pretty drunk. I don't really remember too much. I know that I fell down, and she got away.

Marissa: She had a chance to run away with her daughter, but she didn't. If she was the killer, that doesn't make sense.

J.R.: You don't know Annie. Her history may say that she's a pure psycho, but she's more like a smart psycho. She gets away with a lot more, slips through the cracks. I tell you what. If Liza needs me, I'm available at any time. Ok?

Marissa: Thanks. What do you think?

Scott: I think, um, I think all this talk about Annie -- my father has become a footnote. You want to be a good lawyer? You want to help people? Don't ever forget about the victim.

Annie: I couldn't desert Adam in his time of need. not only was someone out to kill him, but he was in no shape to be left alone. A lot of people think that I did it, Mr. Willis. I mean, who else but crazy Annie could do such a horrible, horrible thing? But the one question that none of them can answer, however, is why. Why would I want to kill Adam? I've acted irrationally before in my life, and I've been compelled to do some horrible things. But that was a long time ago. Not now, and not that night. Do I appear insane to you, Mr. Willis?

A.D.A. Willis: No, ma'am.

Annie: And yet I am...insanely in love with this man.

Adam: Heh heh heh! She has proven that to me. And I feel the same about her.

A.D.A. Willis: There is another theory, of course -- that you might've realized you'd get more out of the deal if you married Adam Chandler instead of killing him. But that's just people talking. You have your dinner to get to. I thank you both for your time. I'll most likely be in touch soon.

Adam: Yes.

Annie: Did you mean that? That you love me, too?

Adam: I meant every single word.

Annie: But you've had so many loves. Am I just another on that list?

Adam: No. You are the end of that list. Because you're the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I think maybe the soft-shell crabs are getting cold. Yeah. then again, well, they might have had time to get the champagne nice and cold by now. So maybe I should take a nice cold bottle of that champagne and go up to the bedroom.

Annie: I think that's a lovely idea. Why don't I put these soft-shells on ice, and I will meet you up there.

Adam: Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Ah -- oh. I did tell you one lie.

Annie: You did?

Adam: The canapés -- they were dreadful. Ooh! Ha ha ha ha!

Scott: The wrong man died that night. It was supposed to be Adam and not my dad. Nobody even talks about that anymore. My father lived and died in Adam's shadow.

Marissa: No. No. Not in your eyes. I heard the way you talked about him at the funeral. To you, he was a giant compared to Adam. And isn't that what mattered to Stuart? That the people he loved loved him for who he was?

Scott: I just don't want him to be forgotten. Whoever is responsible for this, I hope you uncover the truth. I do. Just don't let people forget who this is really all about.

Liza: I just wish I could stay with you all day long, huh? All day. Hey, you want to come to court with me? Yeah? I'm telling you, one look in those big eyes, big, beautiful eyes of yours, it'd be all over. It would. The jury would take a look at you -- forget about it. hmm.

[Stuart fusses]

Liza: Oh, baby. Yeah, I know. I know. Oh, these eyes of yours. Yeah, they're not too David and they're not too Amanda. Yeah. You are safe, baby. You're safe. All mine. Oh. And I promise I'm gonna do it right this time. Yes.

[Knock on door]

Liza: Hmm. Who's that, huh? Who's that? Oh. uh, hello, Erica.

Erica: I know what you're up to, and you are not going to get away with it.

Ryan: You once believed that Kendall was guilty, Zach. You were willing to spend your life in prison for her. That sounds a lot like a man who's very convinced.

Zach: Well, she talked to me. I listened to her, saw that look in her eyes...

Ryan: And I saw the look in my daughter's eyes.

Zach: Well, Annie put that look in her eyes, and I'm gonna talk to Emma.

Ryan: No, no, you're not gonna talk to my daughter. We're leaving my daughter out of this. You are not messing with her head.

Zach: If we can convince a jury that Annie did this to Emma, not only is Kendall off the hook, but we can go after Annie.

Ryan: We leave Emma out of this.

Zach: If Emma says anything to anybody, it's over. Kendall's done.

Ryan: She won't say anything to anyone. She said to me, that's it.

Zach: She must've said something to somebody else because North would not put his reputation on the line! Not for this! Get Emma out of town. Get her out of town tonight.

Ryan: Or what?

Liza: Then why is it that I once again feel like I've walked right into the middle of an Erica Kane production? What tragedy am I responsible for this time?

Erica: I am looking at the tragedy that you are responsible for. And I am hoping that there isn't gonna be any further tragedy. I want you to leave my daughter out of your path of destruction.

Liza: Oh, ok. So this is about me representing Kendall, being her attorney?

Erica: You bet it is. What you're doing is you're trying to sabotage her case from the inside. You're trying to guarantee that she gets a guilty verdict and a really long prison sentence.

Liza: You're right, because that would look so impressive on my legal resume.

Erica: Well, this may come as a huge surprise to you, Liza, but I couldn't care less about your legal resume. The only thing I care about is that you slept with my daughter's husband, and now you're trying to get Zach all for yourself -- by setting up Kendall.

Liza: Ok, you got me. You got me, Erica. You're right. I went to law school specifically so I could imprison wives and steal their husband.

Erica: I couldn't care less why you went to law school. You're just a spoiled brat, Liza, and you always were. You need to find somebody else to play Daddy to your baby, because my daughter's husband, Zach, is off the market.

Kendall: What did you find out? Zach, did you talk to Emma?

Zach: Emma. Emma says she saw you kill Stuart.

Kendall: What? That -- that's crazy. You don't believe her, do you?

Zach: Ryan does.

Kendall: Well, I don't care what Ryan believes. Emma is only saying this to keep her mom out of trouble. I mean, clearly Annie just put these ideas in her head, probably the night of the murder.

Zach: Yeah. I threw out the same thing. Ryan is convinced that Emma believes every word she says.

Kendall: You believe it, too, don't you? You think I killed Stuart after all.

[Telephone rings]

Annie: Chandler residence.

Emma: Mommy?

Annie: Emma? Hi! Hi, my sweetheart. It's so good to hear your voice. Are you all right?

Emma: Daddy doesn't believe me.

Annie: About what?

Emma: I saw --

Annie: Emma? Sweetheart, what? What did you see?

Ryan: Hey, sweets. Who you talking to?

Annie: Emma? Talk to me.

Ryan: Is that your mom?

Annie: Emma? Tell me. Tell me what you saw.

Amanda: It's him. That's my baby.

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