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Adam: Aidan won't be bothering you anymore.

Annie: I'm just freaked out. I feel like every time I turn around, someone's here taunting me or accusing me, and I've been having nightmares.

Adam: Well, you won't tonight, because tonight you're sleeping with me.

Annie: Adam, I know we've gotten close, but I --

Adam: No, no, no. I didn't mean it like that. The fact is, I haven't been sleeping very well myself lately, ever since Stuart died.

Annie: You miss him.

Adam: Well, of course, but it's more than that. I -- every time I close my eyes, I go right back to that night. Everything is so distorted. All the memories and the visions -- the images -- I can't seem to make any sense of it. So it seems the only time I can be calm is when you're close. So when I said what I said about -- I didn't mean in my bed. I meant in the same room. Ok?

Annie: I'd like that.

Adam: For some reason, I only feel good when you're close by. Maybe it's because you were with me that night -- the night Stuart was killed. You're the only person who knows what actually happened to me.

Annie: Well, not the only person. I told you everything.

Adam: Tell me again.

Annie: Why?

Adam: Because if I'm ever going to get rid of this jumble of emotions, I need -- I need to understand them. Will you help me?

Erica: Thank you. Ryan, I have spent months fighting with Kendall, trying to stay out of her life, but the thought that she wouldn't be in mine -- my God. I could lose another child.

Ryan: I will not let that happen. Do you trust me?

Erica: With my daughter's life.

Ryan: I'll find a way to get Kendall out of this. I will.

Erica: I believe you, and I can't say that about too many men I know. Thank you, Ryan.

Ryan: For what?

Erica: For being so strong.

Ryan: I'm not.

Erica: Oh, yes, you are. I trusted you, didn't I? Now it's your turn.

Frankie: Can I help you?

D.A. North: Actually, I was looking for your dad. Jesse around?

Frankie: I think he's out working on the Chandler case.

D.A. North: Oh, finally.

Frankie: And what does that mean?

D.A. North: Just that, you know, with everything going on with you, I think your dad's been a little overextended, but it's good to hear he's back out on the job, and that you're feeling better, of course.

Frankie: Well, I've had a lot of support. My family, my wife --

D.A. North: That's a beautiful woman, your wife. You really hit the jackpot, didn't you?

Zach: How do you know the D.A.?

Randi: What do you mean?

Zach: I saw him coming out of your apartment. You have nothing to do with the case, so what's the connection?

Randi: He was here looking for Jesse.

Zach: I have a better idea. Stop the bull. Tell me what happened, right now.

Tad: But I did see you that night in the foyer. Kendall? And again outside on the terrace. At least, I think I did.

Kendall: Tad, please. Please, you can't tell anyone that.

Jesse: Can't tell anyone what?

Kendall: North is so determined to see me fry. He's pitting everyone against me. You know, my friends and family -- I mean, who the hell is next? My drycleaner?

Jesse: Calm -- calm down.

Kendall: No, Jesse. Listen to me. He has moved my trial up.

Jesse: I know, and I've done everything I possibly can to take the heat off you, but this guy, North, he doesn't want to hear it.

Tad: Have you been subpoenaed, too?

Jesse: Yeah. I'm going to have to testify.

Kendall: Jesse, I told you I did not kill Stuart.

Jesse: And yet our good D.A. North won't look at any other suspects.

Kendall: Well, Ryan said that he saw Annie Lavery acting all weird right in the same place where Stuart was killed. I think it's completely obvious that she's using that mansion. She's hiding behind Adam as a shield.

Jesse: I don't suppose you have any proof of this.

Tad: We thought we did.

Jesse: We?

Tad: Kendall.

Jesse: We?

Tad: Honey.

Jesse: We?

Tad: Me and Ryan. I told him I started remembering things from the night Stuart was murdered, including seeing Annie running away from the house, and then this guy North starts on me.

Jesse: Wait a minute.

Tad: And the next thing I know, I --

Jesse: Wait, wait, wait. You talked to the D.A.?

Tad: It was Ryan's idea, and like I say, he completely got me screwed up, and the next thing I know, I'm kind of sort of convinced that maybe it wasn't Annie I saw running away.

Kendall: But me instead.

Jesse: And you said this out loud. Well, there goes another nail into your coffin.

Kendall: Great. You might as well just bury me now.

Jesse: You should have come to me with these Annie suspicions. And I assume North slapped you with a subpoena.

Tad: It's on its way.

Jesse: Yeah, well, you add that to me, Ryan, and I'm sure Erica is next. These people -- your friends, family -- they're going to have to get on the stand and tell the truth.

[Kendall daydreams]

D.A. North: I'll ask you again, Mr. Martin. Who did you see running from the Chandler Mansion?

Tad: Kendall Slater.

D.A. North: And was this before or after you heard the gun go off?

Tad: After.

D.A. North: So Stuart Chandler had just been shot when you witnessed Mrs. Slater fleeing the scene. Can you tell me how she looked? Calm? Nervous?

Tad: She looked like she was running for her life. I'm sorry, Kendall.

Jesse: I understand how difficult this is for you and for Tad, and if there was any way I could possibly get out of testifying, you know I would.

Jesse: Kendall snuck out of the hospital, and when she got back, she lied.

D.A. North: What can you tell me about her behavior?

Jesse: She was agitated, on edge. Clearly, she was covering something up.

D.A. North: You were with Mrs. Slater as she watched her son die, or so she thought.

Jesse: Yeah, I was.

D.A. North: Did you feel, in that moment, she was capable of murder?

Jesse: At that moment, I felt she was capable of almost anything. Hey, you all right?

Kendall: Everything they've been doing -- my mom and Zach and Ryan -- it's all for nothing. I'm going to be convicted.

Erica: Is something wrong?

Ryan: I'm just -- I'm just kind of thinking about, you know, how can I protect Kendall and Emma, if I used to say the same thing to Greenlee? I used to say that I'll always keep her safe, and look how that turned out. And, you know, am I going to fail my daughter, too?

Erica: Ryan, first of all, you did not fail. What happened to Greenlee, that was a horrible accident.

Ryan: Well, I should have been there. I should have stopped her.

Erica: And why weren't you there? Because you were home, sitting on the couch, eating potato chips? No. You were being held at gunpoint.

Ryan: By Annie.

Erica: Yes, by Annie, and this time she will be punished for all her crimes.

Ryan: How? I mean, how? She's got Adam on her side now, who's building a friggin' fortress around them.

Erica: No. Just do not get me started on Adam at this very moment. I mean, my goodness, the man used to eat corporations for breakfast, for heaven's sakes. How could he not see that Annie is pulling the wool over his eyes?

Ryan: I wish I knew.

Erica: I mean, because Adam is Adam, and he is inherently devilish enough to certainly realize when somebody is playing him.

Ryan: So what is it between you guys? I mean, is it love, or --

Erica: It could be. It probably would be, if I didn't hate him so much.

Annie: I found you in the downstairs corridor. You were out of it and confused, and you asked for my help, so I took you up to the attic with Emma. I wasn't sure if you would make it. Thank God you did.

Adam: What about Stuart? You didn't see Stuart get shot?

Annie: No. I was with you when the gunshot went off. That's why I took us all up to the attic. I'm telling you everything. Please, you have to believe me.

Adam: Well, I have no choice, with those drugs that Hayward gave me. But yes, I believe you.

Annie: Thank you.

Adam: I just don't understand why I can't let it go.

Annie: It'll be ok. I promise.

[Door closes]

Aidan: Get off of me. You have no right grabbing me like this.

First Guard: Found this guy parked across the street.

Second Guard: He had recording equipment set up. There's a bug in here.

D.A. North: So, how long you been married?

Frankie: A few months.

D.A. North: Ah, still in the honeymoon phase.

Frankie: Trust me, we've had our ups and downs. How about you? How long you been with your wife?

D.A. North: A few years. Pledging your life to one person -- it sure takes a hell of a lot of faith.

Frankie: Well, it wasn't a big leap for me. With Randi, I just -- I knew.

D.A. North: Well, that's we tell ourselves so we don't panic. But, I mean, come on. Do you ever really know? There are times I look in my wife's eyes, and I know there are secrets hiding in there. I'm just saying, you know, it's impossible to know absolutely everything about a person.

Frankie: Well, Randi and I happen to share everything.

D.A. North: You're very trusting.

Frankie: You're not. I bet you question everyone and everything.

D.A. North: I guess that's why I became a lawyer.

Frankie: Hmm.

D.A. North: Hmm.

Jesse: Hey, Frankie. How you doing?

Frankie: Hey. Good, I guess.

Jesse: Excellent. Looking for me?

D.A. North: A question with an easy answer -- yeah. Um, outside? Good to see you again, Frankie.

Frankie: Mm-hmm.

Zach: Henry North holds Kendall's life in his hands. He's made it personal.

Randi: I'm sorry.

Zach: What are you sorry about? It's not over yet. Tell me everything you know about the guy.

Randi: I hate his guts. There's really nothing else to say.

Zach: There has got to be more than that. He came out of your apartment. He came to see you, so obviously you guys know each other.

Randi: We used to.

Zach: Used to when? When --

Randi: When I was a hooker. Yeah.

Zach: And when he was a paying customer?

Randi: It was different.

Zach: Different how?

Randi: Henry was in love with me. Henry and I -- we got close. He was so into me. He wanted to save me from a life of selling my body -- my soul.

Zach: That's not a bad option.

Randi: I couldn't do it. I mean, here was this big time lawyer, like, wanting to get into politics. I had no business being with a guy like that. So I walked away.

Zach: And he was broken up by it.

Randi: I cut off all contact. I don't know, but what I can tell you, is the man who was in here tonight -- definitely not the same Henry I knew.

Zach: Why was he here?

Randi: He wants us to start over. He even asked me to go away this weekend.

Zach: And the fact that you're married is --

Randi: No big deal to him. Of course, I told him no, but then --

Zach: But then what?

[Randi sighs]

Zach: Hey, don't do it. You stay away from him. You understand?

Randi: But what if I can help?

Zach: What if you what? If you can fix him? Heal him? You can't. The man is dangerous.

Randi: I can't stand what he's doing to Kendall and to Jesse. I mean, I know he's not Jesse's boss, but he can still mess with his job. It just makes me sick. It's so typical. I'm finally happy. I finally stopped running. I have a husband that is amazing, a family that's supportive, and now Henry decides to come into my life?

Zach: Just so you know, this conversation never happened.

Randi: Thank you. I just wish there was something else that I could do.

Zach: There is. Live your life. I'll take care of the rest.

D.A. North: Here I am, thinking the day's a complete bust, when Ryan Lavery and his good buddy Tad Martin waltz into my office.

Jesse: Yeah, I heard.

D.A. North: So, another witness to put on the stand. The jury is going to eat this up. Watching the anguish on these people's faces as they're forced to sell Kendall down the river --

Jesse: Well, from what I understand, Tad Martin isn't entirely clear on what he saw. He now seems to think that the woman in question could have been Annie Lavery.

D.A. North: So let him go there. I'll get what I want regardless.

Jesse: Annie was in the house the night of the murder. Don't you --

D.A. North: Did you, or did you not rule her out as a suspect?

Jesse: This is before Tad remembered seeing her.

D.A. North: Remembered what? Seeing a woman with dark, maybe straight, maybe curly hair? I mean, come on. Annie Lavery moved in with the grieving brother. Not to mention the fact that no one saw her anywhere near the victim. No. Investigating her is a complete waste of time.

Jesse: You really think this is a slam dunk, don't you?

D.A. North: It's pretty damn close. Of course, it would be nice to have some direct evidence. Wait a minute. That's your job, isn't it? Well, maybe if you could pry yourself away from your family --

[Footsteps approach]

D.A. North: Perfect timing. Here comes one of them now. Randi, isn't it?

Erica: And I'm fine without a man in my life. I am. Actually, it's very nice to kind of take a break.

Ryan: Take a break from what? From true love?

Erica: Ah, the elusive true love. But a man like Adam, I mean, ok. Yes. He's really fun to spar with, and he's deliciously witty and delightfully wicked, but --

Ryan: But?

Erica: No. There was -- there has never been that deep, undeniable connection between us. Um, no. He is definitely not true love, or soul mate material.

Ryan: Ah, well, if anyone deserves a soul mate, it's you, Erica. It is. Who's it going to be? Who's going to be the lucky guy that gets to break down that wall?

Erica: Well, if and when he shows his face, you'll be the first to know.

Ryan: Ok.

Erica: Well, I should go.

Ryan: All right. Oh, hey, don't forget this -- a little breezy out there.

Erica: Oh, thank you.

Ryan: Let's see if I can figure it out.

Erica: Thank you.

Ryan: Goodnight.

Erica: Goodnight.

Erica: Oh, Kendall. What? What happened? What is it?

Kendall: I just -- I need to see Ryan.

Erica: Oh, well, tell me. What is it?

[Kendall imagines her trial again]

D.A. North: Did you ever hear your daughter say she wanted Adam dead?

Erica: In those exact words?

D.A. North: In any words.

Erica: I don't remember.

D.A. North: Do I need to remind you you're under oath, Ms. Kane?

Erica: All right. Well, Kendall said that she wanted Adam dead, but that doesn't mean that she --

D.A. North: Thank you. No further questions.

Erica: I'm sorry, Kendall. I'm so sorry. Kendall?

Kendall: You don't have to be sorry, Mom.

Erica: What?

Kendall: Everything is going to work out just fine.

[Door closes]

Ryan: Hey. Hey, hey, hey. What is this all about?

Kendall: Everything's falling apart.

D.A. North: Just wanted to let you know I'm going out of town.

Jesse: Now?

D.A. North: Is that a problem?

Jesse: Well, it's just that you've been living and breathing this Chandler murder case.

D.A. North: Which, let's face it, is pretty much open and shut, or at least it will be once you get some solid direct evidence against the defendant. So get to work.

Jesse: I've been at work.

D.A. North: I'll be staying at the Memorial Hotel in D.C. Give me a call when you find something.

Jesse: How's Frankie doing?

Randi: Oh, he's doing great.

Jesse: Good. Give him my love, will you?

Randi: Yeah, of course, I will.

D.A. North: Good to see you again, Randi. I'll be in the Jefferson Suite when you change your mind.

Zach: You seen Mrs. North anywhere?

Francesca: No, she left about 10 minutes ago.

Zach: If you hear from her, give me a call on my cell phone. Please.

Francesca: No problem.

Erica: Zach, thank heavens you're here.

Zach: Is there a problem?

Erica: Well, I just saw Kendall. She's at Ryan's, and she seems very upset. What do you think we should do?

Zach: I don't know.

Erica: Annie killed Stuart. I know that.

Zach: Well, even if we could prove it, there's not enough time.

Erica: Well, you're not giving up, are you?

Zach: No, no. I'm not giving up. I'd just like to know what Kendall's going to do next.

Kendall: Everyone -- my family, my friends -- they're all being forced to testify against me.

Ryan: You're forgetting the most important thing here is that you're innocent, ok? No matter what North tries to get us to say up on that stand, you didn't kill him. You didn't kill Stuart Chandler -- bottom line.

Kendall: You think that will be enough to keep me warm in my cell? Ok, Ryan, this is the part where you tell me I'm being ridiculous and that I'm not going to go to prison. But you can't, can you?

Ryan: We still have time to get you out of this, Kendall. We do.

Kendall: Yeah, right. Your subpoena.

Ryan: I'll lie.

Kendall: No, you can't do that. And what, leave Emma with no parents? Ryan, the truth is, you're North's star witness.

[Kendall thinks about her trial]

D.A. North: Why were you on the grounds that night?

Ryan: I was looking for Kendall. I wanted to make sure that she didn't do anything crazy.

D.A. North: And when you finally found Mrs. Slater, how would you describe her state of mind?

Ryan: She was upset. She thought her son had just died.

D.A. North: Was this before or after the gun went off?

Ryan: It was after. It was after the gun went off. I'm sorry, Kendall.

First Guard: Should we call the police?

Adam: Why don't we start with an apology and go from there?

Aidan: An apology? Are you kidding me? I defended you, Annie, when no one else would, because I loved you. I'm not about to apologize for that.

Adam: You have absolutely no right harassing Annie.

Aidan: I want the truth. Don't you want to know what really happened to your brother?

Adam: Kendall Slater killed him.

Aidan: And what if she didn't? What if the wrong person is tried and convicted?

Adam: All right, that's it. Get Jesse Hubbard. Arrest this man immediately.

Annie: Adam, no. Just let Aidan go.

Adam: The man -- he spied on you. Illegally, I might add.

Annie: Ok, please. I know you're angry. Just do this for me, ok?

Adam: All right. All right, let him go. But I'm warning you. You so much as throw a stone on my property, and I'll --

Aidan: I'm out of here.

[Door slams shut]

Adam: I know women are complicated, but you -- he's trying to frame you for a crime that you didn't commit.

Annie: Like Aidan said, he just wants the truth, like we all do.

Adam: We have the truth. The truth is --

Annie: The truth is that your brother is dead, and just like you thought, Kendall stood on that terrace, aimed her gun, and shot him.

Ryan: We still have a chance to prove that Annie did it.

Kendall: A chance that gets smaller every second.

Ryan: Yeah, you're right. We're running out of time. That's true, but you've got a lot of people working for you, ok? A lot. And we're doing everything we possibly can do.

Kendall: I know, but what if everything's not enough? 

Frankie: Sounds like it doesn't even matter whether Kendall did it or not. This North guy -- he's going to toast her anyway. He came by here earlier.

Randi: What? Why?

Frankie: He was looking for my dad. I feel bad for him, you know?

Randi: Jesse, I hope you mean.

Frankie: He thinks Kendall's innocent, and this D.A. -- he won't hear it. And from what I understand, he's making my dad's life a living hell. He's trying to turn the whole force against him.

Randi: That sucks.

Frankie: Yeah, can you imagine what Zach must be going through right now? I know he and Kendall have had their issues, but if I knew that you were getting tried for something you didn't do, I'd lose my mind.

Randi: Yeah. But, I mean, it's not over yet. Something could change between now and --

Frankie: What, Monday? Yeah, it would take a miracle. Someone would have to come forth with something new, and no one's had the guts to do that yet.

Randi: I've got to go out of town.

Frankie: What? Since when?

Randi: It's just for a weekend. There's this conference, and Fusion needs someone to represent the company, so, you know, it's time I stepped up.

Frankie: Ah, look at you stepping up. You know what? You're going to be running that company before you know it.

Randi: Yeah, I wouldn't know. I wouldn't push it that far, baby.

Frankie: Hey, I'm proud of you.

Randi: Don't be. I'm just doing what's best for everybody.

Frankie: Like I said, I'm proud of you.

Randi: Frankie, I love you.

Frankie: I love you, too.

Erica: Aidan. Shouldn't you be outside the Chandler Mansion, waiting for little miss tire iron to incriminate herself?

Aidan: Hmm. Security busted me. They found the bug.

Erica: Oh, no. What now?

Aidan: Well, I think we've hit a dead end as far as Annie's concerned.

Erica: Well, I'm sorry, but that's just unacceptable. Annie killed Stuart. I mean, there has to be some way to prove that.

Aidan: Not without an admission. And now that Adam and Annie know what we're up to, we can forget it.

Erica: No, Annie can't stay protected in that fortress forever.

Aidan: She's not stupid, Erica. She'll go deep underground.

Erica: She'll go deep under Adam's sheets is where she'll go.

Aidan: Whew, that's a visual I can do without. Thank you.

Erica: That makes two of us.

Ryan: Worst-case scenario is you get convicted, but that doesn't mean Jack's work is done, because he can still file for an appeal, and you can get another trial. And in the meantime --

Erica: In the meantime, I could go to death row, Ryan. And then there will be Annie, surrounded by Adam and all of his bodyguards, and she'll be sitting pretty in a cushy mansion.

Ryan: Not going to happen.

Kendall: Why not? The case will be closed. It's not like Jesse will keep looking for the real killer.

Ryan: No, he won't, but I will, and so will Zach, and so will Erica. Ok, we are not going to give up, and neither should you. The trial hasn't even started yet.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I can tell you how it's going to end.

Ryan: Hey! What's going on? I mean, since when do you give up a fight?

Kendall: This is not a fight. This is an ambush.

Ryan: Hey, so what? You are innocent, ok? So start acting like you're innocent. A jury sees you like this, you might as well just admit that you're guilty.

Kendall: I am guilty. Not of murder. My God, Ryan, look at what I did. I turned my back on my family, my husband, my boys. I got so caught up with us.

Ryan: Yeah, well, you weren't alone in that.

Kendall: It wasn't fair. Not to them, and definitely not to you.

Ryan: Hey, Kendall -- Kendall. I don't blame you.

Kendall: Of course, you don't. Thank you, Ryan. Thank you for everything.

Ryan: Kendall...

Zach: Where's Kendall?

Ryan: I have no idea where she is.

Zach: Erica said she was here with you.

Ryan: She was here with me. She left.

Zach: You let her leave?

Ryan: What did you want me to do, chain her to the couch?

Zach: Yeah, maybe. Anything, but don't get her involved in your Annie mess.

Ryan: You're right, I am a complete bastard for trying to give the woman some hope. I take it you haven't found the D.A.'s Achilles heel?

Zach: No, I'm working on it.

Ryan: What if we can't do it, Zach? What if we can't save her?

Zach: We will. Let me know if you hear something.

Ryan: What are you going to do?

Zach: I'm going to find Kendall before it's too late.

[Kendall imagines her trial again]

D.A. North: Out of all the witnesses I've questioned up here, not one of them has corroborated your story -- not your ex-lover, not your mother, not your good friend, Tad Martin.

Kendall: Because none of them were with me when Stuart was shot. If any of them had been, they would tell you that I didn't do it.

D.A. North: And yet you've admitted outright to wanting to.

Kendall: Yes, I wanted Adam dead -- for my son, for Zach, for all of us. But when the moment came, I froze. I did not pull that trigger, no matter how badly you wish I did.

D.A. North: The prosecution rests.

Rachael: Are you ok?

Kendall: Yeah, yeah. I'm good. Rachael, do you mind, actually, if I have a second alone with the boys?

Rachael: Of course.

Kendall: All right, here. You know what? I'm going to sit right here and take this one. And then I'll take this one -- number one. Yes, keep your ball. And number two. Thank you.

Rachael: Sure.

Kendall: Hey, guys. Hey, guys. Hi. I bet you're wondering why Mama has that sappy look on her face, right? Well, it's because I have something very important to tell you. I do. I know. [Laughs]

[Alarm sounds]

Erica: Oh, don't lay a hand on me. You'll be sorry.

Guard: Somehow I don't see you as proficient in martial arts.

Erica: No, but I speak lawsuit very well. Oh -- oh, how cozy.

Adam: What are you doing back here? That blasted alarm! Didn't it occur to anyone to turn the damn thing off?

Guard: You have the code, sir.

Adam: Yes.

[Alarm continues]

Erica: Sorry if I woke you.

Annie: Oh, that's ok. We weren't sleeping. Adam was just showing me how beautiful the grounds look at night from his bedroom.

Erica: Yes, yes, I'm sure it's very difficult for him to come up with ways to entertain you, because you are so limited. I mean, you obviously cannot leave the house with that ankle bracelet.

Annie: That's sweet of you to worry, but we manage just fine. Has Adam ever shared with you his reserve label brandy?

[Erica laughs]

Annie: Oh, duh, what am I saying? You're an alcoholic, sorry.

Erica: No offense taken.

Annie: Anyway, the warmth of the drink and the glow of the moon -- have you seen it tonight? God, it's just -- it really made for an incredible evening.

Erica: I didn't come here to discuss the moon, but I bet you knew that, didn't you?

[Knock on door]

D.A. North: Please, come in. My God, you are beautiful.

Randi: It's time for you to hold up to your end of the deal.

D.A. North: What deal?

Randi: The deal where you lay off Kendall and you leave Jesse alone.

D.A. North: Ah, right -- that deal. You know, now that I think about it, it's kind of a lot to ask. I mean, all you did was make a quick little trip.

Randi: What do you want?

D.A. North: You know what I want -- you. Be with me, Randi, for old time's sake. And I'll give you anything you want.

Zach: Kendall? Oh, there you are. Hey, Rachael.

Rachael: Hey. I just put the boys down.

Zach: Ok, where's Kendall?

Rachael: I don't know. She was here with Spike and Ian, but then she --

Zach: But then she what?

Rachael: She disappeared.

Kendall's voice: Hey, it's Kendall. Leave me a message, and I'll get back to you.

[Tone sounds]

Ryan: Damn it, Kendall. Where are you? Where the hell are you?

Erica: Look at you. So coy in your silk robe, fawning all over Adam, and standing in the exact room where Stuart drew his last breath. You are disgusting.

Annie: It was horrible what happened to Stuart.

Erica: Made all the worse by this horrible charade that you are trying to get away with. Well, you may fool Adam, but you won't be so lucky with me. So you can sound the alarms, and you can hide behind Adam's hired muscle. I will get past them all, and I will come at you when you least expect it. I will come at you with everything I've got until you have no choice but to tell the truth that my daughter Kendall did not kill Stuart -- you did.

[Erica screams as Annie chokes her]

[Erica struggles to breathe]

[Pounding on door]

Annie: No more! Do you understand me? No more!

[Pounding on door continues]

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