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Episode #10156

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Tad: What are you doing here?


Liza: Oh, I'm so sorry. I was trying to be quiet. I broke a glass. Are you all right?

[Doorbell rings]

Ryan: Something happened.

Kendall: I just got a call from Jack. The D.A. has moved my trial up to next week.

Zach: That doesn't give us enough time to tear the case apart.

Ryan: I can -- I can help.

Kendall: How?

Ryan: I think I know who killed Stuart Chandler.

Adam: I got rid of the gun.

Annie: Because you thought I was going to use it on you?

Adam: No, I did not get rid of the gun, because I thought you were going to shoot me with it.

Annie: Yesterday, you found me with it, and you defended me against Ryan and Erica, but you saw me staring down at the spot where Stuart was shot, holding the gun in my hands, and what now? Now do you think I could actually be a murderer?

Adam: Well, I'd have to be blind and foolish not to have considered it.

Annie: I killed my brother, and I stabbed Erica. I did some horrible, horrible things when I was very, very sick, but you have to believe me. I did not kill Stuart. I care about you a lot, Adam, and you mean a lot to me, and I need you to believe in me.

Adam: I believe you. I know you didn't kill Stuart.

Annie: Thank you. Thank you.

J.R.: So when's the wedding? You two, you make an adorable couple.

Ryan: Annie was just standing there, holding a gun, pointing it at the place that Stuart died, and I'm telling you that the look in her eyes, all right, she's hiding something.

Kendall: Well, did Adam see this?

Ryan: He came in, and she turned the gun on him, and that's when Erica and I barged in. We thought she was going to kill him.

Kendall: And after all of this, Adam's still defending her?

Ryan: Maybe not for long, not once he figures out that she's using him. She used him in that drugged-up state to cover up her killing his brother.

Kendall: Well, it makes sense. She could have easily picked up the gun I dropped, and no one said they saw her during the time of the murder.

Ryan: I'm going to the D.A.

Zach: No, you're not!

Jake: Hey.

Amanda: Hey.

Jake: You ok?

Amanda: Yeah, I was just waiting for you to get off your shift.

Jake: Why? What's wrong?

Amanda: I couldn't stay at the house anymore, so I went for a drive, and I ended up here. I'm just so lost and wired. I can't -- I can't sleep anymore because of --

Jake: Because you held your baby, and then you saw Liza's baby.

Amanda: Yeah. Even when he's not around me, he's all I can think about.

Liza: Hey, hey, hey, you -- are you all right? What's going on?

Tad: Uh, no, I'm fine, I'm fine. Just there was a -- a bad dream. Oh, hey.

Liza: Here -- oh.

Tad: Come on, give me this. Did you cut yourself?

Liza: Yeah, no, no, no, I'm ok.

Tad: You sure?

Liza: I'm all right.

Tad: How's the baby?

Liza: Oh, he's good, he's good. He's just very, you know, hungry. I didn't get much more than an hour's sleep last night. I really forgot how exhausting those late-night feedings are.

Tad: Yeah, well, he's just getting used to his new surroundings. That's all.

Liza: Yeah, well, and his new mom.

Tad: Well, that won't take too long.

Liza: Yeah, I hope not. I hope not. I'm just, uh -- I'm so anxious. You know, that bonding thing. I mean, it's not just to convince everybody else that he's my child, but I just want him to love me as much as I love him. You know, I really -- I want to do this one right.

Tad: Liza, you're a terrific mom. You're going to do just great.

Liza: Thank you.

Tad: Yeah.

Liza: Thank you. You, you -- you don't look so good.

Tad: Oh, thank you.

Liza: You know, I really -- I got to get out of here. I got to get you -- let you have your life back.

Tad: No, no, no, no, I don't want you worried about me. Listen, listen, do me a favor.

[Door closes]

Tad: You stay as long as you need, ok?

Colby: Hi. Hey.

Tad: Hey, pretty.

Liza: Hey, you, nice surprise.

Colby: Oh, I couldn't stay away from you and the baby.

Liza: Oh, well, that's music to my ears.

Colby: God, you sure you feeling ok, to be up and around like this?

Liza: Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I'm running on pure joy. You kidding me? I want you to come on downstairs and see your brother.

Colby: Mm-hmm.

Tad: Whoa.

Kathy: You're it.

Tad: Oh, Lord. Come here. Stop. Listen. Do me a favor, all right? I want you to take Emma and all of this play-date energy and go into the family room because your primary rental unit needs a nap, all right?

[Kathy giggles]

Kathy: Ok.

Tad: Ok, go, go ,go, go, go --

Kathy: Ok, come on, Emma.



Tad: What are you doing here?

Emma: I want my mommy.



Zach: What new evidence are you bringing to the D.A.? Annie had a funny look on her face?

Ryan: No, that she was holding a gun on Adam.

Zach: Well, Adam's going to deny it. He's on her side.

Ryan: Maybe not for long. After we left, he got very suspicious.

Zach: After you left? How would you know that?

Ryan: Because Aidan bugged the house.

Zach: Aidan bugged the house? Wiretapping? I'm sure that's admissible in court, good job.

Ryan: Of course, it's not admissible in court. I thought this would be right up your alley, Zach. The idea would be to put enough information in front of North, so he could follow up some other leads and not railroad Kendall the way he's been doing.

Zach: You're confusing the D.A. with someone who doesn't have an agenda.

Ryan: Well, then we'll do it ourselves, ok? We can prove that Annie killed Stuart ourselves.

Zach: North is not looking for other suspects. He wants Kendall to go down for this. Kendall, no one else, and now.

Kendall: Ok, well, then what do we do?

Zach: Well, we're going to find something on North, discredit him, and delay the trial. That's what I've been saying.

Ryan: That's something you do if Kendall is guilty, but she's not. She's innocent, and instead of following up on something that can prove that she's innocent, you want to, what, strong arm the D.A.? What is this? Vegas in the '60s? And you were worried about bugging the house?

[Phone rings]

Woman: It's me. Yeah, Madison North is back at it.

Zach: I'll be right there. Stay away from North.

Ryan: Welcome home.

[Door closes]

Kendall: Oh, Rachel.

Rachel: Yes?

Kendall: Um, could you do me a favor? If Zach comes back before I do, can you just tell him I went to the office? Thanks.

Adam: It was a rather rough evening here last night. We -- we're trying to comfort each other, each thinking about Stuart.

Scott: Most of my nights have been like that since he died.

Annie: I haven't had a chance to tell you how sorry I am about Stuart. He was a beautiful man.

Scott: Thank you.

J.R.: Yes, well, we have business to discuss. Shall we move this into the office?

Annie: Yeah, I know it. Go ahead. I will prepare a nice dinner for us. How's that?

Adam: That sounds wonderful, good idea.

Annie: And what would you like?

Adam: Well, uh, leave it you. Surprise me.

Annie: Ok.

J.R.: I'm not buying that act that she's putting on. She's trying to move in on you, Dad.

Adam: You wanted to talk business? Discussing Annie is none of your business.

J.R.: You kicked your grandson out of this house and me. Oh, I think I have a right to know the real reasons.

Adam: Well, I'm sure you do. I'm repaying a debt. Annie stays in this house until the court finishes its psychiatric evaluation. That's it. I miss you and Little Adam like crazy, but that's for a very short time. This woman's fate is at stake.

Scott: Yeah, give it a rest, ok, J.R.?

J.R.: No, no, the only fate that she has is a 10 x 10 cell. The only question is, padded walls or not?

Adam: You have no right to judge Annie. You've certainly had more than your share of criminal mistakes. Now, if you have some business, real business, to discuss, let's take it to the office.

Annie: And please tell Lucretia that Mr. Chandler and I would like to dine on the terrace. Oh, and don't forget about that peach ice cream that he likes.

Maid: Oh, yes, ma'am.

Annie: Thank you.

[Doorbell rings]

Annie: What are you doing here?

Kendall: I need your help.

Tad: Hey.

Ryan: Hey, hey, there they are. Hi, hi, hi.

Emma: Daddy?

Ryan: Yeah.

Emma: Can I stay longer, please? And there's a new baby downstairs.

Tad: Liza kind of, sort of, gave birth yesterday.

Emma: Can I stay with Kathy some more?

Ryan: Uh -- I have an idea. Why don't you guys go and play while I talk to Kathy's dad for a sec, ok?

Kathy: Yeah!

[Ryan chuckles]

Ryan: All right. Hey, I'm -- I'm sorry, man. I wouldn't have had her come over here and add to all the insanity.

Tad: No, no, no, it's not that. It's not that at all. Listen, they have so much fun together, I was going to ask you if I could take Emma out on loan. No, she's welcome to stay as long as she likes.

Ryan: All right.

Tad: Ugh.

Ryan: You ok?

Tad: Not sure. I've never really been able to remember that much about the night that I was shot, Stuart was murdered, and just now, and then, earlier, when I was taking a nap, I started getting these images, you know? I'm starting to remember things that happened.

Amanda: Ever since we left Barbados, you've seemed fine, and so, please, tell me how you do that. I mean, I -- is it easier for you, because you know he's not your son?

Jake: Wait a second. First of all, nothing could be further from the truth.

Amanda: Then --

Jake: It's hard for me. It isn't easy for me at all.

Amanda: Ok, then you tell me how you do it, then you tell me how you sleep at night, how you concentrate on work, how you do anything, knowing that we will never see him again.

Jake: I -- I -- I --

Amanda: I'm sorry. Please, don't -- I'm -- I'm sorry. I have no right to ask you that, because you've done everything for me and my baby, and -- and I'm sorry. I will never be able to thank you for that.

Jake: You don't have to thank me, and you don't have to apologize to me. I'm your husband, and this is just a, you know, a rough little time for us. I would do anything for you. I'd do anything for us, and I -- I promise you, from my heart --

Amanda: Please, I'm sorry. Please don't say that it's going to get easier with time, because it really doesn't help.

Jake: Ok, I'm sorry. Then -- then what? What would help?

Amanda: Do you really have to ask?

[Baby cries]

Colby: Oh, I think he might be hungry.

Liza: Yeah, yeah, listen, um -- honey, there's a bottle in the bathroom. It's being warmed. Will you go grab that for me?

Colby: Sure, sure.

[Baby cries]

Colby: How come you're not breast feeding?

Liza: Oh, I tried last night, but my milk didn't let down. We're going to go the formula route, huh?

Colby: All right, all right.

Liza: Yes, I know.

[Baby cries]

Liza: Oh, and would you grab me one of the diapers, too?

Colby: Ok. Oh. What's this?

Zach: Hello.

Madison: Maybe I should find somewhere else to gamble if you're going to show up here every time I'm here.

Zach: Why? Is our hospitality disappointing you?

Madison: No, but you are. You're just trying to dig up some sort of dirt on my husband.

Zach: I am?

Madison: Well, it's not going to work. Even if there was something, I wouldn't tell you. Damn it! Don't comp me any more chips. Don't need your handouts.

Zach: Then what do you need from me, Madison?

Madison: Absolutely nothing.

Zach: Really? Then why do you call me and hang up?

Madison: You're mistaken. I've never called you.

Zach: Well, you're looking for something. What is it?

Madison: You are desperate, aren't you? Desperate to save your wife.

Zach: Your husband is trying to crucify my wife, and I'm trying to figure out why. You know what I think? I think he holds a grudge, because Kendall, she's beautiful. She's smart, wealthy. She's got a sense of entitlement. Henry doesn't like that. Makes him feel small. Henry likes to control his women, so he wants to break Kendall, same way he broke you.

Annie: Why would you possibly want my help?

Kendall: Because you offered it, that night in jail, remember? You reached out to me, and I didn't forget that.

Annie: What do you want?

Kendall: The D.A. is moving my trial up to next week, and he is determined to convict me, and I'm running out of time.

Annie: I'm -- I'm very sorry.

Kendall: You know what it's like to have to fight for your freedom.

Annie: Yeah, um -- I still don't know what you want me to do.

Kendall: Annie, I didn't kill Stuart. Someone else here that night did, so I need you to help me piece everything together, step by step. Maybe -- maybe we can find out the truth. Maybe we can find that one clue, that one piece of evidence, that will prove my innocence. Please, please help me save myself.

J.R.: Obviously, I'm not going to be able to change your mind about Annie.

Adam: No, you're not.

J.R.: I hope it's worth it.

Adam: Drop the subject, all right?

J.R.: Scott's come up with a new plan for the company.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

J.R.: A "mission statement," he calls it.

Adam: Oh, yeah?

J.R.: Mm.

Adam: You're on board with it?

J.R.: Well, I haven't heard it yet. Scott? The floor is yours.

Scott: Thanks. Ok. We all know that Chandler needs to change direction. We need to become a company that gives back to the customers, to the community, to the environment, and we do this by refocusing our efforts on products that are beneficial as opposed to just profitable, and we need to sell off any company that doesn't meet this criteria and fund or purchase those that do, green companies, companies that show a profit morally as well as financially. We need to get to the point that when people hear the name "Chandler," they equate it not with greed but with giving. So what do you think?

Adam: A "give back" conglomerate.

Scott: Exactly.

Adam: But all the money we give back generally is money to our stockholders as profit. Our mission statement, the new mission statement, will be pretty much like the old mission statement. "Make more money."

J.R.: Yeah, that's really what we should be focusing on, Scott. Maybe when our company becomes flush again.

Scott: Wow. I was really hoping that the two of you might be looking at things just a little bit differently now. I guess I was wrong, and you were just lying.

Adam: Well, what are you -- what are you talking about?

Scott: When you swore to my father, your brother, that his death wouldn't be in vain.

Tad: I'm telling you, Ryan, Emma was on those stairs, saying she wanted her mommy. These are just -- they're like flashes. I couldn't tell you what order they go in or what they mean, but I'm -- I'm remembering these things. They -- they really happened.

Ryan: Tell me again about you remembering the figure that was running outside on the terrace.

Tad: There's not a whole lot to say. I mean, it was dark. I couldn't tell who it was.

Ryan: But do you remember if it was a man or a woman?

Tad: It was a woman, I think.

Ryan: Do you think it could've been Annie? I mean, that would make sense, you know, with you remembering Emma on the stairs, asking for her mom.



Tad: It was a woman -- with long hair.

Ryan: Do you think maybe it was Annie? Did you see her face? By any chance, could it have been Annie?

Tad: Yeah. It could've been Annie.

Zach: I seem to have offended you. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I'm sure Henry's done worse than that.

Madison: Shut up. You're just trying to get a rise out of me to get me to turn against Henry. It doesn't quite work. You need to understand something. Nothing can possibly save your wife now.

[Banging on door]

D.A. North: Yeah. Ugh, not now. I'm a busy man.

Ryan: You're going to want to hear this. You remember Tad Martin, right?

D.A. North: Indeed, I do. You survived our trigger-happy police chief.

Tad: Oh, well, Jesse was doing his job. It was an innocent mistake.

D.A. North: I'm glad you're so understanding. I'd have had the man's badge.

Ryan: Yeah, well, because of what happened that night, Tad didn't remember much of what he saw.

D.A. North: Yeah, I know.

Ryan: But his memory's coming back, and he remembers seeing Annie at the Chandler Mansion that night, running from the terrace after the gunshot.

Madison: Henry has decided that Kendall is guilty. He's going to make sure that the jury agrees with him.

Zach: He doesn't have enough evidence.

Madison: He doesn't need any more evidence. He's brilliant in the courtroom. You know the old saying "any good prosecutor could indict a bologna sandwich." He can not only convict it. He can put it to death.

D.A. North: Well, if you don't need a lawyer, have a seat, Mr. Martin, and tell me exactly what you remember from that night.

Scott: My father loved you, and he never stopped believing that one day you would change, that you would stop taking from people, and you would start giving back, and he wanted the same for you, too, and the last time I saw him, we talked about how you were going to bring me into the company, and I promised him that I would do everything I could to help change things, and I keep my promises, and I cannot work at Chandler unless I can do what I told him that I would do. I'm sorry.

Adam: Well, he's got a good heart -- soft heart, but a good one, but you are the businessman here, so save our company, all right? But I do hope that we can keep Scott as part of it. Would you go after him? Do the best you can, for Stuart's sake?

Liza: Oh, that. That is a cushion that I was using during the last few months of my pregnancy. You know, my back was killing me, and then I used it again the last few minutes of birthing. It didn't help much, though it did keep me from scratching Jake's eyes out.

Colby: Was this birth tougher than when you had me?

Liza: Yes, actually, it really was. It was a lot more difficult than I expected. Oh, here you go.

Jake: Hey.

Liza: Well, hi.

Jake: Hi.

Liza: Hi, wow. I just didn't expect you guys back so soon. There we go.

Amanda: Can I hold him?

Liza: Of course.

Amanda: Hey. Come here. Hey. Hi. Oh. Hey. How is my wonderful baby boy? Hey. It -- it was just baby talk.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: I know he's not my little baby boy. Can -- can you excuse me for just a second?

Liza: Yes, mm-hmm.

Amanda: Sorry.

Colby: Why don't I go make sure she's ok?

Jake: Yeah.

Liza: Mm-hmm. What were you doing bringing her here so fast?

Jake: Don't worry about it. She's not going to recognize him.

Liza: How can you be so casual? You're so certain that nothing is going to go wrong.

Jake: Hey, babe. So the baby's eating up a storm, then he's going to need a nap, right?

Liza: Mm-hmm.

Jake: So we should probably -- we should probably split.

[Jake chuckles]

Scott: Thanks.

Man: You need anything else?

Scott: I'm good, thanks.

J.R.: I'd join you for a drink, but I'm a drunk. I just don't think it would end up well.

Scott: You'll have my resignation in your office first thing in the morning, and I probably won't be around Pine Valley much longer either. I guess you got what you wanted.

J.R.: What are you talking about?

Scott: You and Uncle Adam have the most intense father-son dynamic that I have ever seen, and throwing me into the mix as male Chandler heir number two, it doesn't help things, and don't try to deny it.

J.R.: Ok, I won't. Yeah, I wasn't happy when he handed control off to someone other than me, but I also don't enjoy feeling like this. We're family. You're Uncle Stuart's son. I miss your dad more than I ever thought I could. I also see a lot of him in you. I don't want you leaving Pine Valley. I don't want you leaving Chandler, and neither does my dad. I'd like to find a way to work past this. You think that's possible?

Madison: Henry doesn't just question witnesses. He molds them. He twists them around until they're saying exactly what he wants them to. It's like he casts some sort of spell over them, but all within the rules. The defense doesn't stand a chance.

D.A. North: So you say you heard a gunshot.

Tad: Yeah.

D.A. North: Did you see who was shot?

Tad: Oh, no. I mean, I found out about Stuart later, but no.

D.A. North: Did you see someone holding a gun, pulling the trigger?

Tad: Oh, God, no.

Ryan: Tell him about Emma. Tell him about the woman that you saw running from the terrace.

Tad: No, I mean, I -- what I was telling Ryan is I distinctly remember seeing Emma on the stairs of the foyer. I asked her what she was doing there. She said she was looking for her mommy, and then I remember seeing a woman on the terrace, running away from the house.

D.A. North: These are two separate memories, correct?

Tad: Yeah, absolutely.

D.A. North: Now, this incident with Emma, was this before or after the gunshot?

Tad: Well, before.

D.A. North: And when you saw the woman running away?

Tad: It was after.

D.A. North: Now, what happened in between?

Tad: Well, that I don't remember.

D.A. North: So you were in the foyer before the gunshot, and where were you when you saw the woman running away?

Tad: I was outside. I mean, I was on the terrace. There's a -- a door, kind of a portal, from the tunnels that leads out there.

D.A. North: But you have no idea how you got there?

Tad: No. No, that I don't recall.

D.A. North: So there's no connection between Emma Lavery asking for her mother and this woman you saw running away?

Tad: Like I say, not that I recall.

Ryan: Well, that doesn't mean that Emma wasn't with her mom directly before that.

D.A. North: Please. So did you get a good look at the woman you saw running away?

Tad: Well, it was dark, but she was running away from the terrace towards the front of the house.

D.A. North: What was she wearing?

Tad: It was dark.

D.A. North: Well, can you describe her features?

Tad: Her hair was long -- long and brown. I know because I saw it in a flash of lightning, and I saw her face for a moment.

D.A. North: Ahem, so what makes you think it was Annie Lavery? Did you see her eyes?

Tad: Not clearly.

D.A. North: Or her mouth?

Tad: No.

D.A. North: But you saw her hair, right, long and brown?

Tad: Yeah. Most definitely. It was hair just like Annie's.

D.A. North: Was it straight, or was it curly?

Tad: I suppose it might have been.

D.A. North: Now, both Annie Lavery and Kendall Slater have long, brown hair. Annie's is straight, Kendall's is curly, and you can't be sure. Is that what you're saying? Why, it could have been either woman.

Tad: Yeah. I guess it could have been.

Madison: I could bet money on him. I'd take the odds on Henry every time. He'll work his magic on every witness that gets up on that stand. And if he gets Kendall up there, God help her. He'll tear her apart.

D.A. North: Well, I appreciate you coming in, Mr. Martin.

Ryan: It was Annie, ok?

D.A. North: Well, unfortunately, I have other witnesses who can place Kendall running away from the terrace, and none of them saw Annie. In all likelihood, it was Kendall he saw that night.

Madison: You need to accept the inevitable. Henry will turn the jury in his favor. He will win this case, and he will send Kendall away for life, if she's lucky, and he doesn't go for the death penalty.

[Phone rings]

Zach: Yeah. Who's he with?

Kendall: And I thought it was Adam, but I couldn't do it. I couldn't pull the trigger, even though I believed that Ian was dead because of him. I couldn't stop thinking about Spike and what he'd do without his mother. So I dropped the gun, and I ran, and then I heard the gunshot. Do you remember seeing me at any time, I mean?

Annie: No. I'm sorry. I don't.

Kendall: I don't remember seeing you either. I mean, I didn't even know you were here until I found out about you taking Adam up to the attic. Didn't J.R. say something about you struggling with him over a gun?

Annie: Why are you asking me about what I was doing?

Kendall: I'm just trying to get a bigger picture of things, trying to figure out where everyone was.

Annie: Right. Yeah, I fought with J.R. over a gun, but then I gave that one up, because I found another one on the terrace, and that's the one I used to kill Stuart. Does that help you at all, Kendall?

J.R.: So how do we work this thing out so you stick around?

Scott: Take Chandler in the direction that I pitched.

J.R.: Let's just be real about this for one minute. We've got to get Chandler out of the intensive-care unit before we get it flying high again, ok?

Scott: Ok. We'll make a deal then. We get Chandler out of the red, all right? But once it's on its feet, a percentage of the profits go towards what I pitched -- charities, green projects, community services. We'll work out the amount.

J.R.: On one condition. We put it in Uncle Stuart's name. What do you say?

Colby: You are going to have your hands full with this little guy.

Liza: Yes. I will manage.

Colby: Are you thinking of getting a live-in nanny or something?

Liza: Yeah, probably.

Colby: I just -- I don't like the idea of a stranger raising him.

Liza: Oh, honey, I'm going to be raising him with your help, of course.

Colby: I've, um, I've changed my mind.

Liza: Yeah? About what?

Colby: About your offer for me to move in with you. I'd like that, if we do it here in Pine Valley, and if the offer is still open.

Liza: Yes, of course, yes. Oh, honey, yes. Oh.

[Colby giggles]

Colby: Could we get a house?

Liza: Yes. We could get a big house with a yard and a swing set.

Colby: How about a dog?

Liza: Ok, you're pushing it now.

Colby: Oh, what's wrong?

Liza: I'm just really happy.

Colby: Yeah.

Liza: Yeah.

[Baby cries]

Colby: Oh, oh, there he goes. Yeah. It's ok. All right. Yeah.

Jake: You don't like the salad?

Amanda: I guess I'm just not that hungry.

Jake: I wish I could make it better for you somehow.

Amanda: You can.

Jake: Really? What? Name it.

Amanda: Tell me who has my baby.

Kendall: You're serious. You're admitting it, that you killed Stuart.

Annie: Oh, please. Of course, I'm not serious. Now stop insulting my intelligence. You were not after my help. You were after my confession. You think I killed Stuart, don't you?

Ryan: You twisted everything he said to make it fit your case against Kendall.

D.A. North: Yeah, it's well known that you'd like to see your ex-wife locked up anywhere, Mr. Lavery, but isn't it a little pitiful to try to hang Stuart Chandler's murder on her?

Ryan: That's not what I'm doing.

D.A. North: No. No, you're not. You're trying to get your lover off scot-free. Well, I'm afraid it's not going to work.

[Door opens]

[Zach sighs]

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