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Episode #10155

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David: My love hurts. It twists, takes. I pushed you away. I made Amanda's life a living hell. This baby's death is my punishment.

Krystal: God doesn't kill babies to punish fathers.

David: Then why am I forever burying my children?

Krystal: No, no, no. Don't -- don't do this to yourself.

David: I am sorry, Krystal, for everything I've put you through.

Jake: I really don't know how much longer we can keep this up.

Liza: Well, it's not like we can stop now.

Jake: No, because you made that choice for us, didn't you? Didn't you? Colby, what did I say? Please don't come down... Oh, hi. Hi. It's Amanda.

Liza: Ohh!

Jake: Oh, oh, ok, breathe, breathe. Ok, fine. Now you really should go up -- upstairs.

Amanda: Is she ok with the baby?

Jake: She's well. She's having some complications is what's happening. And I'm working her through it, but she just wants me here right now, and she doesn't want anybody else.

Liza: Jake...

Jake: Yes? Please, please, Amanda, please.

Amanda: Should she be at the hospital? Why did you bring her here?

Jake: Because the baby's coming fast and her water broke, and she's already eight centimeters dilated, and I didn't think she should have birth in a car. Yes, ok. Keep -- keep breathing. I -- I just brought her home, because I have a bag here that I keep with emergency medical supplies and sterile instruments and sutures and everything. But, you know, just because I always need them, and I don't know when I'm going to need them, and just let me get back to her, please.

Amanda: Ok, well, Liza, hang in there, ok? The paramedics are on their way. Colby called them.

Jake: Oh, that's good. Colby called the paramedics. That's fantastic, Liza.

Liza: Ohh...

Jake: Ok, all right.

Liza: They called the paramedics. What the hell are we going to do?

Jake: One thing at a time, one thing at a time.

Liza: Oh, what is that?

Jake: This is just my laundry bag of things that I had stashed away. I've got sheets, and I've got some fake blood from the gag shop and some spritz. There you go.

Liza: That's great. That's really great, but we're missing one very important cast member here. Where the hell is Tad with the baby?

Officer: May I see your license, registration, and insurance, please?

Tad: Uh, yep. Yes, sir.

Officer: You know why I pulled you over, sir?

Tad: Animal magnetism?

Officer: You swerved across the yellow line back there, Mr. Martin. May I ask if you've been drinking tonight?

Tad: Uh, no -- no. I could use one right about now, that's for sure.

Officer: Is that your baby?

Tad: Oh, yeah, yeah. That's my guy. That's my little guy, the old tiny sausage.

Officer: May I ask you to step out of the car, please?

Tad: Well, if it's all the same to you, Officer, I really think I should, you know --

officer: Out of the car, please.

Tad: I'm not kidding. I mean, it's really kind of --

Officer: Out of the car now.

Tad: Yeah.

[Door opening]

Adam: Annie?

Ryan: Annie, don't.

[Gun firing]

Ryan: Are you ok? Is everybody all right?

Erica: Call the police.

Annie: No, no, it was an accident.

Adam: What the hell are you doing, breaking into my house like this?

Erica: Adam, Annie was holding a gun on you.

Annie: No, I found the gun before Adam came in. It slipped out of my hands when you startled me. Adam, please don't let them call the police.

Adam: You have no right barging in here like this. What -- what are you lurking around my house for?

Erica: We were saving you from being killed by this crazy person. Ok, look, you won't call the police. I will.

Ryan: No, no, no, no.

Erica: What?

Ryan: No police.

Officer: All right, I want you to keep your head still and follow my finger.

Tad: [Laughs] Oh, no, you don't. I've got three doctors in my family. I know what comes next.

Tad: Look, you know, Officer Stroupe, the reason I went over the line, I just -- I wasn't paying attention, ok? The kid's colicky and the only thing that calms him down is just driving around in circles. That's exactly what I was doing, just driving around --

Officer: All right, all right. It'll be just a minute while I wait for a dispatch to run through your info.

[Phone ringing]

Tad: Ok, terrific.

Officer: You need to get that?

Tad: Uh -- no, no. It's just probably the ball and chain wondering where I am, you know? Nag, nag, nag. Can't live with 'em, can't get 'em to put on fishnets half the time.

Officer: Aren't you being a little hard on the woman who just gave birth to your kid?

Tad: Well, yeah, but then again, I'm an insensitive jerk. Just ask her.

Dispatch voice: No wants or warrants on Tad Martin.

Officer: All right, I'm going to give you a warning this time. Drive more carefully.

Tad: Yes, sir.

Officer: Especially when you've got a kid in your car.

Tad: Thank you, Officer.

Jake: Tad, pick up. Pick up, man. Where are you? Look, if you get this, just be careful. The house is full of people.

Tad: Perfect. Listen, how quiet can you be?

[Baby fussing]

Tad: Yeah, that's what I thought.

Marissa: I come out here for a little spiritual time with the sister I never knew and find you kissing the man you swore you were done with.

David: All right, Marissa, you don't understand.

Marissa: No, I don't. And I certainly don't want to hear it from you. You lie too easily. So what about all those warnings you gave me? How you had finally escaped from his twisted world, and I shouldn't make the same mistake getting pulled into it?

Krystal: Nobody's pulling me back into anything.

Marissa: That wasn't exactly a handshake I walked in on.

Krystal: No, it wasn't. It was two people who have been through a lot together, trying to take away some of the pain. We've brought the baby's ashes here. Buried David and Amanda's son here, next to Babe.

Colby: Finally you're here.

Pete: They're downstairs. She's in labor.

Amanda: There's a doctor with her, but he said there's complications.

Pete: It's locked. Jake! Jake, the paramedics are here.

Amanda: Jake? Open the door.

Pete: Jake, can you hear me?

Jake: Just a minute.

Liza: What are we going to do?

Jake: Let me think.

Colby: Jake? Mom?

Jake: All right. [Yelling] Hold on a second.

Liza: Make it fast. [Yelling] Ohh...

Jake: [Whispering] Tad.

Tad: Greetings, fellow innocents --

Jake: Yes, yes.

Tad: Careful. Really, really, careful.

Jake: Yes, yes.

[Tad hands Jake the baby through the basement window]

EMT: Dr. Martin?

Colby: Mom? Why did Jake lock the door?

Amanda: He said your mom didn't want anyone down there.

Colby: That doesn't include these guys. Break it down.

Pete: Me?

Colby: Anyone, break it down.

Pete: Stand back.

Amanda: Wait! Listen.

[Baby crying]

Liza: [Whispering] Oh, Jake, oh.

Jake: [Whispering] Ok.

Liza: Oh -- hi, hi. Oh, my God. Oh, Amanda's little boy.

Jake: It's your little boy now.

Liza: I know, I know.

Erica: Ryan, Annie was holding a gun on Adam. She's dangerous. She belongs back behind bars.

Ryan: No, Erica, I think it was a misunderstanding, I believe, and the gun just -- just went off by accident.

Adam: It's none of your business, either one of you, so just get out of my house.

Erica: Adam, I know what I saw. Annie was holding you at gunpoint in the very same room where your brother Stuart was just murdered.

Adam: Out!

Erica: Adam, why are you doing this? Why are you letting her get away with this?

Adam: Now -- out! Or I'll pull out my little security panic button and have both of you physically removed.

Ryan: Ok, Adam, well, regardless of your feelings about Annie, I would put this someplace safe if I were you. Come on, I think we should go.

Annie: Oh, God. It almost happened again. I swear. It's not the way Erica said. It's just, I -- I found the gun in the drawer. And I didn't mean to hold it like that on you. I was just thinking.

Adam: What were you thinking about?

Annie: I don't know, I was lost for a moment.

Adam: Annie, when I first saw you, you were staring at something. You were staring at the place Stuart was shot.

Annie: Was I?

Adam: Yes. Annie, is there anything you want to tell me?

Erica: Ok, Ryan, I can't believe that you'd let Annie get away with it. I mean, surely you can't believe that her holding the gun on Adam like that was an accident or coincidence?

Ryan: No, I don't. I was watching her, and I just saw that look in her eye when you mentioned Stuart.

Erica: Do you think that Annie would have killed Adam if we hadn't walked in like that?

Ryan: I don't know. I don't know what she would have done. I really don't. It doesn't make any sense that she would kill Adam now, not after he's gone out on such a limb to help her.

Erica: Then what do you think was going on in there tonight?

Ryan: Maybe it had more to do with the past than the present. I think there's a very strong chance that Annie is the one that killed Stuart.

Marissa: I'm sorry. What the two of you do is none of my business. I just -- it just caught me off guard to find you here, I guess. And I'm sorry about your baby.

David: Thank you.

J.R.: What are all you doing here?

Krystal: We came to bury the baby's ashes here next to Babe. We'd like to think that Babe will watch over him. I hope you don't have a problem with that.

J.R.: No. I don't have a problem. Surprised to see you here. Were you part of the ceremony?

Marissa: No, all I wanted was some time by myself.

J.R.: Is everything ok?

Marissa: Yeah, yeah, this is just -- I just wasn't expecting a crowd here, I guess.

David: What's going on between you two?

Marissa: What are you talking about?

David: Please don't tell me you gotten involved with this drunken train wreck.

Jake: All right, a healthy baby boy.

[Everyone sighing]

Jake: Mom's fine. She's great.

Colby: Thank God. Mom?

Jake: No, your mom is, uh -- cleaning up. She doesn't want to -- she just needs a moment with the baby, that's what she said. I found some sheets and stuff in a sort of laundry bag, but I could use some towels. So maybe you, Petey, you know, if you'd be so kind --

Pete: Yeah, sure.

Jake: Thanks, appreciate it. And guys, thank you very much. I'm really glad that you finally showed up, but everything's under control now.

EMT: That's great, Doc. We still need to check the mom and baby over, though.

Jake: Yeah, no, I got it. It's under control.

Tad: Hey, what is it? Is it Liza? The baby?

Jake: Yeah, they're good. They're both fine.

EMT: I'm afraid we'll still have to examine them both, Doc. If we don't, we'll get our heads handed to us on a --

Jake: I hear you.

Tad: [Groaning] God.

Amanda: Tad, what is it?

Tad: I just have a pain. I'm just having -- having trouble breathing. Oh, God.

Jake: Ok, ok.

Tad: Oh, man.

Jake: Let me see.

Tad: Is that you? Jake?

Jake: Yes. Yeah, his pulse is weak. Yep, going to have to get him to the ER. Get him there.

Pete: What's going on?

Amanda: Tad's having some kind of an attack.

Tad: I don't have to go to the ER.

Jake: Yes, you do.

Tad: No, I don't.

Jake: He has to go to the ER.

Pete: I'll go with him to the hospital.

Jake: No, that's ok, that's all right, thank you. I -- I've got a feeling he'll be fine.

J.R.: Why are you acting like you have some sort of say in what she does with her life?

David: The way you're defending her only confirms my suspicion. There's something going on between you two. Marissa, don't do it. All he wants to do is turn you into Babe and then he'll break your heart. Then he'll destroy you just like he did to Babe.

J.R.: Shut up.

David: I'm not going to lose another child to you, Junior. You've taken enough of my blood.

Marissa: Lose me? Who do you think you are? I'm not yours to lose in the first place.

Krystal: David.

J.R.: What and turn her into Babe? I'm not the sick jerk that dressed Amanda up like Babe in order to torture me.

David: Because you're a pathetic drunk.

Marissa: Stop it.

J.R.: Oh, this coming from the drunk who almost killed Krystal in a DUI.

Marissa: Stop it, both of you. J.R. is not a drunk, ok? There's a difference between a drunk and a recovering alcoholic. He understands his problem. He's trying to fix it.

David: Mm.

Marissa: What can you say about yourself?

David: Well, I see this has gotten serious.

Marissa: Oh, yeah, yeah, real serious. My God, I've even kissed him. Before you know it, we'll be running away and getting married. Maybe give you another baby to drag into court.

Krystal: All right, all right. Look, David, this is not doing anybody any good, and I need to get back to Jenny, so could you just please take me home?

Marissa: You and I should talk.

J.R.: I'm sorry. He just has a way of getting under my skin.

Marissa: Yeah, me, too, in case you didn't notice. But I didn't mean David. You and I were having such a nice time on the boardwalk. And you just up and left.

J.R.: When I kissed you, I was thinking of Babe.

Ryan: The way that she looked when you mentioned Stuart, it was like she was remembering something, like she was re-living it, and it was the same look that she had in her eye when she talked about the night she killed her brother.

Erica: If she did do it, then why didn't she just take Emma and run that night? Why did she pretend to rescue Adam by taking him up to the attic, away from some unknown killer?

Ryan: Maybe when she realized it was Stuart that she murdered, maybe it snapped her back into reality, and self-preservation kicked in, you know? Like she used rescuing Adam to cover up what she did, pretend to help him and get the spotlight off her and put it onto Kendall.

Erica: And she will continue to play Adam for all she can.

Ryan: I don't know why he's falling for it, but he is.

Erica: Look, Adam has been a little off for a while.

Ryan: And he wouldn't help Stuart's killer, obviously, so he clearly thinks that she's innocent.

Erica: Well, I think he's going to continue to help her, just blindly help her. Get her exonerated for his brother's murder, for her brother's murder, for stabbing me. And when she's ready, I think she'll kill Adam as easily as she killed Stuart.

Annie: What are you saying?

Adam: You tell me. Before Lavery blew through those doors, I came in here. I saw you standing with this gun in your hand, staring at the spot where my brother died.

Annie: Ok, you know what? Stop this. Stop this right now. This is crazy talk. I saved you that night. I saved your life. I -- I took you up to the attic to take care of you. I gave you CPR. Why would I do that if I wanted you dead?

Adam: I don't know. I have no idea.

Annie: I didn't shoot Stuart. I didn't.

Adam: I'm not saying that you did. I'm just saying that you were staring right at the place where he died, and I remember. I -- I remember that -- that -- damn! Damn, those drugs of Hayward's.

Annie: Listen, listen. You remember waking up, don't you?

Adam: Yes, yes, in the attic.

Annie: Yes, exactly, so you remember that I saved your life. I saved your life. Why would I -- if I wanted to kill you, I would have done it then and there.

Adam: Yes, I suppose so. It's this damn room. Every time I come in here, I think about my brother. I should have it burned down or bricked up or torn apart.

Annie: Adam, I'm so sorry. I wish there were something I could do to take away the pain.

Jake: Ok, Tad bought us a little time.

Liza: Jake, he's so beautiful. He's just perfect.

Jake: Yes, he is. He's perfect. Ok. All the blankets and sheets in here. Leave that one out for effect. Here, a binky in case you need it. All right, what else? I need to get some formulas and bottles and some diapers and, uh, this thing -- I've got to -- we don't need this thing anymore. That's good. Ok, all right. Colby's getting a little anxious up there, so, uh --

Liza: It's all right, it's time for her to meet her little brother. I'm just going to swaddle him up nice and tight, so she doesn't see he's a little big for a newborn. Don't you worry. Everything's going to be just perfect.

Jake: Amanda's up there, and she's -- you know, she's going to want to see the baby as well.

Liza: No, if she looks into his eyes, she will recognize him.

Jake: Yeah, I don't know what to do about that.

Liza: Well, I do. You have to stop her. 

J.R.: For a moment when we were there by the water -- you know, Little A was playing in the sand, the sky was behind you... I saw Babe in your eyes. And I wanted to know what it was like to kiss her, one last time. It was stupid. Because you're not Babe, and it wasn't fair to do that to you. So, look, I'm -- I'm sorry. It was a selfish thing to do. And it was an ugly thing to do.

Marissa: Look, don't be so hard on yourself. I'm her twin sister. It's not so weird to imagine something like that. It's just -- I mean, I guess I just hoped that you kissed me because you wanted to kiss me. Not because I was Babe's sister.

Tad: Would you guys please -- slow down, ok? I'm fine, seriously.

Pete: Angie! Tad's having a heart attack!

Tad: I'm not having a heart attack. Would you knock it off?

Angie: Let's get him in a cubicle.

Tad: If I was having a heart attack, could I do this? Huh?

Angie: Look, stop it. Stop it, Tad. Listen, get him hooked up to an ECG and draw some blood. Hurry up, let's go.

Pete: How does he do that?

Taylor: What's wrong with Tad?

Pete: Heart attack.

Colby: I was so worried about you.

Liza: I know. I was, too, for a moment there. Thank God for Jake.

Colby: I -- I wish you'd have let me be here to help you.

Liza: Oh, baby, I know. Please understand. I was -- I was just -- just panicked there for a moment. Only one I could really deal with was Jake. But the most important thing now is that you're going to be there in the future to help raise this little guy. He's going to need his big sister.

Colby: I like the sound of that. Can I hold him?

Liza: Yeah.

[Baby cooing]

Colby: He's so beautiful.

[Liza laughing]

Colby: Oh, have you thought of a name?

Liza: I'm going to call him Stuart.

Amanda: So should we call another ambulance for Liza and the baby?

Jake: No, no, no, no, no, no. She's -- it's fine.

Amanda: So it worked out? No problems at all?

Jake: Well, it was a little rough there, but she's good. She's -- she was great.

Amanda: And -- and the baby? Healthy boy?

Jake: Yeah.

Amanda: I'd really like to see him.

Jake: Do you think that's a good idea? I don't think that's the best idea. Do you?

Amanda: You're probably right.

[Stuart crying]

Amanda: Is it going to be like this every single time that I hear a baby crying? I'm going to walk down the street, see one on television -- am I always going to have this empty feeling inside?

Jake: It's going to be ok. I promise you.

[Doorbell ringing]

Ryan: What is it?

Aidan: I've been listening. I heard everything that went down between you and Erica, and since then. After you left, Adam confronted Annie about what she's doing. He's suspicious, all right? He has his doubts.

Ryan: Good, we'll use that.

Aidan: Now, Ryan, I don't understand, all right? Why didn't you call his bluff? Why didn't you get the cops in there? Annie was holding a gun. It went off. They would have revoked her bail, sent her back to Oak Haven. Why didn't you get Jesse over there tonight?

Ryan: Because, Aidan, Adam would never have let that happen, ok? And Erica and I would have spent the night in jail just for being there. Besides, I'm hoping Annie makes a much bigger mistake.

[Doorbell ringing]

Adam: Oh. I thought I got rid of you. What do you want?

Erica: To talk to an old friend.

Adam: Oh. Your buddy Lavery didn't come along? He figures he's done enough breaking and entering for one night?

Erica: I'm alone, Adam. And, please, I really would like to talk to you.

Adam: Well, I'm afraid that's not possible. You see, you have stated your position extremely clearly.

Erica: Annie is dangerous.

Adam: No, no, she's not. Quite the contrary. She's extremely grateful.

Erica: Annie's grateful to you. You're grateful to her. You tell me, Adam, just exactly what is "grateful" a euphemism for these days?

Adam: You must be going out of your mind. I'm here in this house with this attractive woman who just can't stop telling me how grateful she is for everything I've done.

Erica: Adam, please -- please, can you park your ego for just a moment? This really has nothing to do with jealousy.

Adam: Really? Then why are you sniffing around, spying on me?

Erica: Adam, no one can understand why you're doing what you're doing. How in the world you could throw your own son and your little grandson out in favor of a woman who could slit your throat while you sleep?

Adam: You really just don't get me, do you? I have you completely baffled.

Erica: Well, yes, you do.

[Adam chuckling]

Adam: Yes. Well, maybe that's why I'm doing this. Or maybe it's just none of your damn business and why don't you go home and leave me alone?

Erica: Ok, Adam, you know something? Annie is playing you for a fool. She killed your brother Stuart. And when she's ready, she's going to kill you.

[Stuart crying]

Krystal: You've got to let go of your anger toward J.R. And if you keep on butting into Marissa's life, you're going to push everybody away, and make yourself even more miserable.

Amanda: Hey.

Krystal: Hey. Have you heard from Liza?

Amanda: Liza -- Liza had the baby here in the basement.

[Stuart crying]

Krystal: Is everything ok?

Amanda: Liza and the baby are fine.

David: That can't be easy for you, having to listen to that.

Amanda: It's killing me.

Krystal: Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.

[Stuart crying]

J.R.: I miss you so much right now. God, I'd give anything to have you back. Sometimes it's like I can actually see you. I can see those beautiful eyes. I can feel your smile. But would you? Be smiling? After everything I've done since I lost you? First there was that whole mess with Amanda. I tricked myself into believing that I actually had real feelings for her. And now this... You should have been able to meet Marissa. She should have been able to meet you. I love you so much. I don't think I'll ever be able to feel that kind of love ever again. Not even close. Would you even let me try?

[Babe places her hand on J.R.'s cheek, then disappears]

Jake: What's going on?

Krystal: Amanda is having a hard time listening to the baby cry.

Amanda: I'm -- I'm fine. Any word on Tad?

Jake: No -- hmm, no, not yet.

Krystal: Tad? What -- what's wrong with Tad?

Amanda: He might have had a heart attack.

Krystal: What?

Jake: Gah -- ah, no. He's fine, I'm sure. Just the paramedics took him down to the hospital as a precaution.

Krystal: I'm going to go down there.

Jake: You don't need to do that.

Krystal: No. I -- I -- I need to go.

David: All right, come on. I'll take you.

Krystal: Thank you.

Jake: All right, suit yourself.

Krystal: Excuse me.

Jake: Sure.

[Basement door closing]

Jake: Amanda's coming down!

Amanda: No, Jake, it's ok. I can't -- I can't go through life breaking down at the sight of every baby that I see.

Jake: Ok.

Amanda: Hey, how are you holding up?

Liza: A little tired.

Amanda: So do you mind if I see the little guy?

[Stuart fussing]

Liza: Oh. Yeah.

Amanda: Wow, he's really beautiful. Liza, congratulations.

Angie: Everything seems ok. No changes in ECG. Blood gases within normal limits. Triglycerides are a bit high, but nothing to indicate why you'd be having chest pains.

Tad: I don't know. Probably sympathetic labor pains. Having to listen to Liza give birth.

Angie: I kind of doubt it. Heartburn makes more sense. I want you to get your butt back in here, though, if they come back.

Tad: Yes, ma'am.

Pete: So how bad is it?

Tad: Wait 'till I get you home. My insurance company is going to be really ticked off. Other than that, I'm just peachy.

Angie: He's absolutely fine. Nothing to worry about. No heart attack.

Pete: Oh, thank God. I'm going to go call the house.

Angie: You be good.

Tad: Love you.

Angie: Love you, too.

Tad: What are you doing here? Did somebody call you when they wheeled me in?

Taylor: No, no. I came with Brot. He just needed to grab something.

Tad: Oh.

Taylor: I gave him back the ring.

Tad: I'm sorry.

Taylor: No, don't be. It's for the best. It really is. I'm glad you didn't have a heart attack.

Tad: You're glad I didn't have a heart attack? No, it was just probably something I ate. You know, speaking of which, it's a strange request. I mean, it's really a bummer. You seem like you could use some cheering up. I was wondering if I'd be a complete vulture if I asked you out to dinner.

[Adam puts the gun in his coat pocket instead of the desk drawer]

Annie: I was on my way to bed, but I wanted to see you first.

Adam: Everything all right?

Annie: Yes, better than all right. Instead of being in some cramped cell, I'm in this beautiful house, in a spectacular bedroom all my own, with delicious food to eat and beautiful things to wear. I don't think you know how much it means to me to have someone believe in me again.

Adam: I'm glad you're happy.

[Noise clattering]

Annie: What was that?

Adam: Oh, nothing, nothing. Probably just a small animal.

Annie: Well, anyway, I just -- I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to repay you.

[Annie giggles as she hugs and kisses Adam while Erica lurks on the terrace]

Aidan: I never thought I'd be comparing notes on Annie over a couple of beers with you.

Ryan: We both want the same thing, right?

Aidan: I know. To keep Emma safe.

Ryan: So what if Annie killed Stuart?

Aidan: Are you saying that because you believe it? Or because you think it could get Kendall off the hook?

Ryan: Ok, first of all, Kendall is innocent. She did not kill Stuart.

Aidan: Evidence is piling up against her.

Ryan: Second of all, I'm not protecting Kendall out of love, ok? I'm not trying to get her off for a crime that she may have committed. I sincerely believe she did not do this.

Aidan: Would you have any proof that Annie did?

Ryan: You weren't there, Aidan. I mean, yeah, you were listening, right? But you didn't see that look in her eyes. I mean, you know the look, though. Whenever Annie is lying about something and the stakes are life and death. You've seen it.

[Bottle slamming down]

[Bottle cap rattling]

Ryan: Look, if you going to fight me on this --

Aidan: I'm not. Ever since Stuart was killed, I thought it was Annie. And it's up to us to prove it. 

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