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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 6/24/09


Episode #10152

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Madison: If Henry's decided your wife's guilty, then a little secret meeting isn't going to make any difference. If she's smart, she'll take whatever deal my husband offered her.

Zach: Can I ask you a question, Madison? What deal did he cut with you to get you to marry him?

Madison: No deal at all. We married for love.

Zach: I know he did. Love of power and money. What do you get out of it, besides being ignored?

Madison: My husband is a very busy man.

Zach: Yeah. He's busy paying attention to my wife.

DA North: Take the deal or don't, Mrs. Slater. Either way, you're going to prison. And I look forward to that day.

Kendall: I don't hear you denying that you'd like to put your wife away. Did I hit a nerve?

DA North: This is about one thing and one thing only. A man is dead, Mrs. Slater. You killed him. Once you're locked up for life, then justice will be served.

Erica: I'd love to have dinner with you and Annie. I assume I can bring a date.

Adam: Well, I assumed you were going to trot out your trusty lap dog, Jackson.

Erica: Jackson is hardly a lap dog.

Adam: Well --

Erica: But, actually, I do have someone else in mind, somebody very entertaining in mind.

Adam: A new beau?

Erica: No, just a friend. I mean, I'll have to check with him, of course, but I'm sure he wouldn't miss this for the world.

Adam: Does your friend have a name?

Erica: Ryan Lavery.

[Adam chuckles]

Erica: Did I say something funny?

Adam: Oh, for God's sake, woman. I know -- I know you thrive on competition, but this is extreme, even for you.

Erica: What on earth are you talking about?

Adam: Well, you and your daughter Kendall are going to be sparring for the same man. That gives a whole new meaning to "keeping it in the family."

Erica: Ok, let's get one thing straight. I've never had to spar for any man's attention.

Adam: Yes, that's true. But, poor sap. Yes, he has no idea what he's getting into.

Ryan: You can throw all the money, all the power, all the cons you want at me. There is no chance you'll get my daughter.

Annie: Relax. I wasn't going to use it.

Ryan: Why not? I mean, it worked with Richie, right, and if it ain't broke --

Annie: I'm not the same person I was before, Ryan. Why can't you understand that? I've changed.

Ryan: Stop. The only thing that's changed with you is your obsession. It started with me and then it went to aidan and then Adam.

Annie: You're wrong. I didn't think it was possible, but I finally have it back.

Ryan: What, Annie, what? What do you have back?

Annie: The same thing you just lost, Ryan. Control.

Randi: Hey.

Frankie: Hey.

Randi: How you feeling?

Frankie: The same. No sensation, no movement.

Angie: Give it time, sweetie. Never have been one for much patience, have you? And you're a doctor -- an excellent one, I might add -- and you know it's going to take a while before the medication wears off. And you haven't had physical therapy yet.

Frankie: I know, Mom, but --

Angie: You will have the use of your hands, Frankie. I promise.

Nurse: Dr. Hubbard?

Angie: Yes?

Nurse: You're needed for a consult in 314. And those labs you were waiting for -- they've just come in.

Angie: All right, thank you. I'll be right there.

Frankie: If you're busy, you should go to work.

Angie: Well, I'm going to ignore that bitter sarcasm from my son, ok? And, you know, it has been crazy around here, so you get all the rest that you can, because you'll be back working these halls before you know it. I love you.

Zach: Can't be easy. Ambitious husband, high-profile job must make for a lonely marriage.

Madison: Hmm. As opposed to the love fest that you have with your wife? I do know the reason why you remarried her, so you can drop the pretense.

Zach: Fair enough.

Madison: You don't know anything about me or my life.

Zach: I know you don't walk away when you should. I've been guilty of that myself.

Madison: If you need the table, I'm happy to leave.

Zach: Uh-uh. Where you going to go? An empty house?

Madison: I have plenty to keep myself occupied at home.

Zach: You shouldn't be alone with your thoughts right now. Cut the deck.

Kendall: Justice? That's what you call ripping an innocent mother away from her children?

DA North: You wanted to talk, you begged me to come over, so what do I do? I show up in good faith, expecting to cut some sort of deal, and instead you attempt to bribe me.

Kendall: What's the difference between a bribe and a deal?

DA North: I'm a busy man, Mrs. Slater. I don't enjoy having my time wasted.

Kendall: Ok, well, I'm so sorry if I'm boring you, but this is my life we're talking about. I will not confess to a crime I didn't commit.

DA North: Your husband did. He was willing to spend the rest of his life behind bars when he had no business being there. Now, why would he do that? To protect you, because he knew the truth. You pulled that trigger and lodged a bullet in a man's back.

Kendall: No, I did not fire that gun.

DA North: That's interesting considering your prints are all over the murder weapon, not to mention the numerous witnesses who can place you at the scene of the crime.

Kendall: Ok, the entire town was at the mansion that night.

DA North: No, the entire town wasn't holding the murder weapon.

Kendall: You're going to need a lot more than theories to convince the jury.

DA North: Sadly, most jurors don't even understand the concept of reasonable doubt. No, they see what I tell them to see, and that's you on the Chandler terrace with a smoking gun, the very same gun that killed Stuart Chandler.

Kendall: Get out of my house now.

DA North: Yeah. That should just about do it, shouldn't it? What? Oh, this isn't some last-ditch effort to try to get me to drop the charges. No, this is just you buying time.

Kendall: Time for what?

DA North: For your husband to work my wife. A word of caution, Mrs. Slater. I'm not someone you want to mess with. I'll see you in court.

Annie: Paranoia is a powerful thing, Ryan. It really messed with my head. It drove me insane.

Ryan: Really? Because that's really weird. I -- I thought I remembered you telling me that Richie did that.

Annie: I did whatever my emotions told me to do, and because of that, I made some -- some terrible mistakes, but I'm healthy now.

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, healthy and in control.

Annie: It took many months of therapy, but I made it. I'm really -- I'm really me again. Hey, maybe you should talk to somebody.

Ryan: I'm sorry?

Annie: About all this anger you're holding on to. You have to be careful, Ryan. If you don't deal with it, you could end up --

Ryan: Just like you?

Annie: I would just hate for Emma to lose another parent.

Ryan: It's not going to happen, trust me. And you're doing a good job here. This is great, a great act, but you and I both know that you can't keep it up, Annie. You can't, and when you drop that act, I'll be there.

Adam: This is fascinating. Have you told Kendall?

Erica: Told her what? Ryan and I are just friends. There's no need for you to be jealous, Adam.

Adam: I have no time to worry about you and your dalliances.

Erica: Oh, Adam, you always worry about me and my dalliances.

Adam: Maybe.

Erica: Speaking of which, you should probably run home and warn your latest dalliance -- the former Mrs. Lavery -- that you're having dinner guests tonight.

Adam: I'm sure she'll be thrilled.

Erica: Well, just do me a favor and tell Lucretia not to serve anything that requires knives, because we all know how possessive Annie can be, especially of Ryan.

Adam: Yes, well, she is sane, completely sane. And if you prefer to invite somebody else --

Erica: Oh, no, no. Ryan and I will be there.

Adam: Yeah. Fascinating. Well, let the fun begin.

Erica: I'm counting on it.

Ryan: Wow. You look incredible.

Erica: Well, thank you. I'll return the compliment after you change.

Ryan: Uh, into what?

Erica: Well, a jacket and tie at the very least. I mean, you can't go dressed like that.

Ryan: Um, what am I missing? Go where?

Erica: Adam Chandler is throwing a dinner party. You have to hurry or we'll be late.

Annie: Absolutely not!

Adam: Well, take some time, think about it.

Annie: There is no way I am going to dinner with Ryan and Erica. They want to keep Emma from me forever.

Adam: "Forever" is a very strong word.

Annie: They are convinced that I'm still crazy, Adam.

Adam: All right, prove them wrong. Show Erica and Ryan how far you've come. Spending time with you, they'll have no choice but to see what I see.

Annie: And what's that?

Adam: A caring, strong, sane woman who's only driven by the love of her daughter.

Annie: Yeah. Either that or I'll be like some exhibit at the zoo. Throw the pellets at crazy Annie, she what she does next.

Adam: Nonsense. Come on, just be yourself. What's the worst that can happen?

Ryan: Why would Adam invite me to dinner?

Erica: He didn't. I did, as my guest.

Ryan: Well, Annie certainly isn't going to be very happy about it.

Erica: Ah, exactly. Can you imagine, Ryan, the two of us together all evening, simultaneously pushing her buttons? Hmm. She's not going to have any choice than to crumble.

Ryan: And I'll handle Adam when he steps in.

Erica: Adam's no match for me.

Ryan: Is anybody, really?

Erica: Uh, no, I haven't met them yet. But just listen to what I'm telling you -- by the end of dinner, Annie will no longer be an issue for you or for Emma.

Ryan: When do we eat?

Jesse: Can I get you guys anything? Coffee, magazines, food that doesn't taste like cardboard?

Randi: No, I'm good.

Frankie: Actually, I would love some music, but it's in the car.

Jesse: Well, where'd you park? I'll go get it.

Frankie: Ah, that was so early. Baby, you remember?

Randi: Um, yeah, by that really big tree. You know what? I'll just -- I'll go grab it.

Frankie: Thank you. Look, you got to deal with Mom. That woman is expecting a miracle. This hand surgery was good, but it's not --

Jesse: No, come on. She's just trying to be positive. It's not a bad attitude for you, Franklin. It got her through the last 20 years.

Frankie: Yeah, I know, but every time she starts talking about me getting better and going back to work, I look over to Randi and I can tell.

Jesse: You can tell what?

Frankie: That she's buying into a dream.

Jesse: So?

Frankie: So I don't want her to be disappointed.

Jesse: Frankie, your wife is a lot stronger than you give her credit for. There was no need for you to send her out of the room like that.

Frankie: I just need you to talk to Mom. Ok? Tell her to tone it down a couple of notches or two or three. God. Randi and I are just now getting to a good place, and I want to keep it that way.

DA North: You and your wife have this bribing thing down to a science, don't you?

Zach: I don't follow.

DA North: The hell you don't. This case is going to trial, Mr. Slater. All the chips in the world aren't going to change that.

Zach: Henry, I understand you got a job to do. So do I. This is my casino. I got to take care of people.

Madison: Whoo!

Zach: Look how happy she is.

DA North: She has a problem.

Zach: That's been established.

DA North: With gambling, and I don't need you making it worse.

Zach: I'm not the one that's alone at a casino, Hank. Just keeping her company.

DA North: Madison, it's time to go.

Madison: But I'm on a roll --

Zach: Hey, Madison? Any time you want, ok?

Madison: Yes, very -- very nice. Thank you.

DA North: Stay the hell away from my wife.

Zach: Or what, Henry?

[Zach dials his phone]

Zach: Hey, it's me.

Kendall: Zach, I am so sorry. I totally blew it with North. Is he at the casino? He knows what we're doing.

Zach: It's ok. I think I figured out a way to get to him.

Jesse: Here you are.

Angie: Part of me, anyway. I can't tell you how nice it'll be once Frankie gets back.

Jesse: Hmm.

Angie: We've been short-staffed ever since he was deployed. I'm not joking, honey. My caseload has tripled.

Jesse: Well, you do deserve a night off.

Angie: And I know exactly how I'd spend it.

Jesse: Really?

Angie: Yes -- me and you, you and me, some candles --

Jesse: Hmm.

Angie: Bubble bath.

Jesse: Hmm. I think I can manage that. But the Frankie-back-to-work part might be a bit of a fantasy.

Angie: Why would you say something like that?

Jesse: Because we don't know how this is going to play out, baby.

Angie: But I do know. Dr. Wexler. We heard the surgery went well.

Dr. Wexler: Yes. I was just about to go check on the patient.

Angie: Do you have a prognosis?

Dr. Wexler: Well, the -- the damage to Frankie's hands was severe, but not as extensive as we first thought, so --

Angie: So he could regain full range of motion?

Dr. Wexler: It's really too early to say for certain, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Jesse: Hey, hey.

Adam: I am so pleased you could make it.

Ryan: Thank you so much for the invitation.

Adam: Uh, yeah, good for you. Uh -- canapé? Hmm?

Erica: Uh, no, thank you.

Ryan: I'm fine, too, as well. Thank you for asking.

Adam: Mm-hmm. How about a drink? A sparkling cider?

Erica: Thank you, yes.

Ryan: I'll take a beer, please.

Adam: Oh, well, I wish I'd known. I would've rolled in a keg.

Erica: So tell me, Adam, how did Annie take the news? Thank you.

Adam: The news?

Erica: Yes, that Ryan and I are joining you for dinner.

Adam: Just as I thought. She was thrilled.

Ryan: Really?

Adam: Really.

Annie: Yeah. I think it's a wonderful idea.

[Adam laughs]

Adam: You look positively stunning.

Annie: Well, thanks to you, the dress was a perfect fit.

Adam: Yes, I can see that.

Erica: Oh, yes, the -- the cut, the color. The black is perfect with your ankle bracelet. Isn't it, Ryan?

Jesse: I'll meet you in Frankie's room, ok? Something I can do for you?

Kendall: Well, we went to the police station, they said you were here.

Zach: How's Frankie?

Jesse: We don't really know yet. What's going on?

Zach: I need you to do something for me. I need you to look into the DA's past.

Jesse: Why?

Zach: Well, I want to see if there's any history of violence or abuse.

Jesse: Ok, where is this coming from?

Kendall: Well, you should've seen the way that he spoke to me and the way he looked at me at the house. The guy clearly has personal space issues.

Jesse: Wait a minute, hold up. Back up. You were with the DA tonight, alone?

Kendall: Yes, I was. I was. I wanted to deal with North on my own.

Jesse: Unbelievable. And you were onboard with this, Zach?

Zach: She can take care of herself.

Jesse: When are you two going to learn that taking the law into your own hands is just going to make things harder for everybody, except the DA? Everything you said to this man is admissible in court. Zach, come on.

Kendall: No, it's ok. Jesse, it's fine. He did most of the talking. And the guy doesn't really think much of his wife, does he?

Jesse: You start digging around this guy's personal life, it's going to piss him off. An angry DA is a dangerous DA. He'll be out for your blood.

Zach: And he isn't already? He's trying to nail Kendall for something she didn't do. Have we all forgotten that?

Jesse: Nobody's forgotten anything. And you know I'm working my butt off to find out what really happened that night.

Zach: Well, you're going to have to work harder, Jesse.

Kendall: All right, ok. So all of the evidence still points to me.

Jesse: At this time, yes, but it's all circumstantial. He needs to prove that you're guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Kendall: Yeah, well, he didn't seem too worried about that.

Jesse: Well, that's because he's so full of himself. But the odds are in your favor. Don't do anything to change that.

Zach: Sorry, Jesse. Sorry we kept you from your son. Come on.

Jesse: That's not exactly an "Ok, Chief, we'll back off."

Annie: There you go.

Adam: Ah, yes -- what was I saying?

Erica: Boy, you're easily distracted. I think, Adam, maybe you shouldn't be drinking.

Adam: No, no, nonsense. Ever since Hayward tried to drug me into submission, I plan to make the most of my life.

Annie: Well, I think that is a lovely plan.

Adam: Yes, and one you share.

Annie: Hmm.

Adam: All that time you were locked in Oak Haven, mistreated for months.

Ryan: She did have a few breathers in there.

Adam: Annie's very eager to get her life back on track.

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Yes, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. I mean, at the moment Annie is pretty limited to just laps around the terrace.

Adam: Well, when that ridiculous bracelet comes off, I mean -- Annie, what did you miss the most?

Annie: Ah. Well, Emma, of course. So now I can't wait to brush her hair and read her a story and tuck her in at night. It's going to be great.

Adam: The simple pleasures.

Annie: Exactly, exactly. You don't get many of those when you're stashed away at a sanitarium.

Ryan: No, you don't. You get psychological help.

Erica: And don't expect things to get better behind bars, believe me.

Annie: Oh, that's right. You're a convicted felon while I'm still innocent till proven guilty.

Adam: Yes. Erica, um, tell us about your prison experience.

Erica: Well, I tried to make the most of my stay.

Annie: Every time?

Erica: I certainly hope that Annie will do the same.

Adam: Whatever happened to not getting ahead of ourselves?

Erica: Well, it certainly can't help to be prepared. I mean, after all, I just served a meager four months, but Annie's looking at 20 to life.

[Annie hurts her hand with her glass]

Annie: Oh! Ah!

Erica: Oh, my goodness. Is it something I said? 

Adam: Annie, I'm so sorry.

Annie: It was my fault.

Erica: Well, Annie, maybe you would like to take a moment to collect yourself.

Adam: No, no, that's completely unnecessary. She was a victim of faulty manufacturing. They just don't make things to last anymore. I'm going to tell Lucretia to order new glassware immediately.

Erica: Adam, I don't think glassware was the problem.

Annie: You're so sweet. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Adam: You saved my life, remember? The least I can do is patch you up.

Ryan: Is this seriously happening right now?

[Cell phone rings]

Ryan: Corrina, what's going on?

Annie: Corrina?

Adam: There, you see? Good as new.

Annie: Thank you.

Adam: Can I get you another drink?

Erica: Maybe you should serve it in a plastic cup this time.

Adam: Annie?

Annie: I'm sorry, what?

Erica: Oh, I understand completely. You're concerned about Emma, but you don't need to be. You don't need to worry at all, because Ryan and I are taking such good care of her.

Dr. Wexler: Try to move your fingers for me.

Frankie: I can't. What does that mean?

Dr. Wexler: At this stage, nothing. The nerves in your hand are still healing. We'll try again tomorrow.

Angie: And what about physical therapy?

Frankie: Mom.

Angie: I'm just wondering when you're going to start, that's all.

Frankie: Yeah, but I can't wiggle my pinky, so physical therapy will have to wait.

Angie: Sweetheart, there are exercises.

Frankie: Stop. Thank you, Doctor.

Dr. Wexler: It's my pleasure. We'll talk PT later. Just get some rest, ok? Doctor's orders.

Angie: Frankie, I know this is difficult, but if you want to get better --

Frankie: If I want? What I want is to spend the rest of my life in this bed. Have you guys dress me, feed me, wash my hair.

Randi: Frankie.

Frankie: Who needs two pair of hands, right? It's totally overrated.

Angie: Franklin Hubbard.

Frankie: What? What? You act like I'm enjoying this. I'm not. I hate it. I've never felt this useless in my entire life.

Randi: Angie, why don't you come back a little bit later?

Angie: Yeah, I have rounds anyway.

Randi: Your mom is just trying to help.

Frankie: Yeah, but she can't help. Don't you get it? No one can help me.

Randi: Because you won't let us.

Frankie: Oh, I'm sorry I didn't give you what you needed.

Randi: I didn't mean it like that, Frankie.

Frankie: One stupid little finger. I can't even get it to twitch.

Randi: The doctor said it's going to take time.

Frankie: Leave me alone, ok? I'm tired.

Randi: Ok. I love you.

Jesse: I've got every available detective working the Chandler murder case. When I find something new on Kendall, you will be the first to know.

DA North: I'm here about her husband. Where do we stand on the case against Zach Slater?

Jesse: Slater's protected by spousal privileges. Confessions are inadmissible.

DA North: What about the fact that he assaulted one of your men?

Jesse: I must have missed when that happened.

DA North: Chief Hubbard, on the night of the murder he fired his gun, with intent to kill, at one of your officers. Why isn't he in jail awaiting trial?

Jesse: Hey, here's a better question. Why are you all of a sudden bringing this up now? According to Zach, he only fired that gun to get his prints on the murder weapon and powder burns on his clothing. The shot was nowhere near my man.

DA North: Key words in that statement -- "according to Zach." After all the times he's lied to the authorities, why should you believe his statement?

Jesse: Because it checked out. Ballistics found the bullet lodged in a tree 15 yards from where my guy was standing.

DA North: So Slater's a lousy shot. That's no reason he should get a free pass. I want him locked up again now.

Jesse: Forget it.

DA North: Are you refusing to do your job?

Jesse: Last time I checked my job description, there was nothing in it that said I had to arrest every person who upset you.

DA North: What about your boys in blue? How do you think they're going to feel when word gets out?

Jesse: When word gets out about what?

DA North: You. Turning a blind eye when someone clearly took a shot at one of their brothers.

Jesse: Key word in that statement -- "clearly." There's no "clearly" about it.

DA North: Those guys are pretty loyal. I'd be surprised if they didn't turn against you. Can't work for a chief who won't protect his own.

Jesse: This little vendetta you've got against Slater has nothing to do with the Chandler murder, right? I think you're bent out of shape because this guy's all up in your business, your personal life, huh? So what's the matter, Hank? Afraid of what he might find?

DA North: I'm not afraid of Zach Slater.

Jesse: Well, you, of all people, should be. The man's got power, money, connections, not to mention Erica Kane as a mother-in-law. You've heard of her.

DA North: Who hasn't?

Jesse: Well, unless you want your dirty laundry aired all over her talk show, I suggest you back off.

DA North: Thanks for the warning.

Jesse: You're welcome. Here's another one. I don't do your dirty work ever. If you try this again, you will have a lot more than a dirty little secret haunting your wannabe ass. Hey there.

Randi: Hey.

Jesse: How's Frankie holding up?

Randi: He's good. I decided to give him some space.

Jesse: Good girl.

Randi: So what's up with you?

Jesse: I don't know. Had better days.

Randi: You and that DA guy looked like you were having a pretty intense conversation. What are you guys fighting about?

Jesse: Don't sweat your pretty little head about it. Nothing that concerns you, ok?

Randi: Yeah.

Kendall: Ok, it is official. Boats plus boardwalk equals two little boys who can't keep their eyes open. Zach, we have discovered the secret to future nap times. You don't care?

Zach: I'm sorry, what?

Kendall: You still thinking about North?

Zach: No, I'm thinking about Madison. The way she talked about her husband -- I didn't believe any of it. What about you? When you brought up Madison to him, what did he do? How did he act?

Kendall: Honestly, like he couldn't stand her.

Zach: Turn the camera on and they're the perfect campaign couple.

Kendall: Well, they have to be with the press following their every move. It's exhausting. Ask my mom.

Zach: Erica Kane? She loves every minute of it.

Kendall: Yeah, that's true. I mean, she might deny it, but fame doesn't come without a price.

Zach: Yeah, maybe Madison's sick of paying it.

Kendall: So, what, you think she would just turn on her husband?

Zach: With a little help from a friend, maybe.

Kendall: Just remember what Jesse said. Don't push North too far.

Zach: You know what Jesse needs to worry about, what North needs to worry about? It's pushing me too far. I'm taking care of the DA myself.

[Cell phone rings]

Zach: Excuse me. Hello? Anybody there? Madison, if this is you, say something, anything.

[Madison holds her phone, crying]

Erica: Emma really is the sweetest little girl.

Annie: I know. I raised her.

Erica: Ryan has really done such a wonderful job. And I know that it's not easy being a single father, so that's why I try to spend as much time as I possibly can over there with them. I think it's really important for a little girl to have a positive female role model.

Annie: I'm sorry. Then what does that make me?

Adam: Could I get someone another drink?

Erica: Oh, I'm sorry, I should have said a stable female role model.

Adam: Erica, those comments are completely uncalled for.

Annie: Actually, Emma has told me several times that she wants to grow up to be just like me.

Erica: A homicidal maniac?

Adam: Erica.

Erica: Well, Emma must have changed her mind because now, I mean, she tells me that she wants to grow up and have her own talk show.

Annie: What?

Erica: Yes. So I was thinking of taking her to New Beginnings for "bring your daughter to work" day.

Annie: You stay away from Emma.

Erica: But Emma wants to go with me. I'm just trying to help.

Annie: She doesn't need your kind of help. My God, you gave your daughter away, for God's sakes! At least I'm fighting for mine.

Adam: It's ok, Annie.

Annie: No, it's not ok! You will not replace me -- not in Emma's heart, not in her soul. I am her mother, for God's sakes!

Ryan: What the hell is going on in here?

Erica: Annie, would you like to explain?

Zach: Trying to call the number back. It's blocked.

Kendall: Well, how do you know it's Madison?

Zach: I just know. I gave her my card at the casino, and I told her to call me if she needed anything.

Kendall: All right, well, Zach, what if she's really in trouble? I think you should call Jesse.

Zach: No.

Kendall: Why? He's the chief of police.

Zach: Yes, he's the chief of police, but he's not an expert on this. Her marriage is broken. She should have gotten out of it a long time ago, but she didn't.

Kendall: Why?

Zach: Because sometimes it's easier to stay than to go.

DA North: Wrong room. Your husband's is down the hall.

Randi: What happened with you and Jesse?

DA North: Your father-in-law thinks I'm an unfeeling, backstabbing SOB just like the rest of them.

Randi: The rest of who?

DA North: My wife, her family. I don't know. Maybe they're right.

Randi: The Henry that I knew was a kind and decent man.

DA North: You're the only one who ever saw the good in me, who loved me for who I am. Why did you have to leave?

[Frankie is happy that his fingers are finally moving, but there's no one to celebrate with him]

Erica: Did you see her face? Annie's eyes were practically bulging out of the sockets.

Ryan: What did you say to make her finally lose it?

Erica: Oh, well, I think I said something about Emma. And about New Beginnings, and taking Emma to "take your daughter to work" day.

Ryan: I thought she was going to hit me with a fireplace poker when I mentioned Emma. If Annie ever lost it like that in front of Emma --

Erica: No, no, she won't. She won't. She won't be allowed to. All we have to do is get Annie to show that violent side in public or in front of a judge. I know, I know you hate doing this, Ryan.

Ryan: I have to do it. I have to do it to keep Emma safe.

Erica: I know. I know you do, of course, and I completely understand. And, Ryan, Emma will be safe. That's the whole point. I mean, once Annie shows her true colors, she's not going to be allowed anywhere near your little girl.

Ryan: Thank you, Erica, for helping me set this whole thing up.

Erica: You're welcome.

Ryan: We should do it again. You know, without Adam and Annie.

Erica: It's a date. Well, I should probably be going.

Ryan: Yeah. Good night.

[Ryan kisses Erica on the cheek]

Erica: Good night.

Annie: I did exactly what Ryan and Erica wanted me to do. How I am supposed to prove that I'm sane now if I lash out like that? It was so stupid.

Adam: No, you lashed out, because you were provoked. It proves that you're paying attention.

Annie: So you really don't think it looked like I completely lost my mind?

Adam: No, it looked like you were brilliant. Brilliant. You were attacked by Erica Kane. And look at you. You're still intact.

Annie: You really believe in me, don't you?

Adam: Oh, yes. Yes, I do. 

[Adam and Annie hug and kiss]

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