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Episode #10151

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Erica: Hi, I hope I'm not late.

Ryan: You are right on time. I really appreciate your help with this.

Erica: Ryan, I made you a promise. We are going to make sure that Annie is a never a threat to Emma again.

Ryan: Well, she is going to ride Adam's power all the way to an acquittal.

Erica: Well, we really have to expose Annie for the conniving manipulator that she is.

Ryan: Well, between Adam and his security, I can't get anywhere near Annie. We need to divide and conquer.

Adam: Annie's been in there for almost an hour. How long does this psychiatric evaluation take?

Liza: It's the first session. It's a little more complicated than ink blot flashcards/

Adam: I don't care if it's primal-scream therapy. It's critical that she prove that her mind is sound. That she's not a danger to anyone, including her child.

Liza: You doubt her sanity?

Adam: Oh, no, of course not. No, I'm quite confident. If you're going to start in on me about my relationship with Annie --

Liza: I could care less about your relationship with that woman. Adam, I'm thinking about Colby and how she's -- she's torn between us.

Adam: I don't think she's so much torn between us as equally angry at both of us.

Liza: Yes, well, it needs to stop. She needs to know that she can -- she can have us both.

Opal: Are you ready for some more tea, there?

Kathy: Yes, please, and cookies, too.

Opal: And cookies, too.

Tad: Oh, really? How about some sugar for that sugar, sugar?

[Opal chuckles]

Tad: That's my girl. Tell you what. There's one for you, and one for you.

Opal: I'll take one. Thank you very kindly.

Tad: And there's another one for my big girl.

Opal: Yes, yes. Oh --

Tad: Hey, Amanda. You, uh, want to join the party?

Amanda: Uh, no, thanks.

Opal: How was your nap, honeybunch?

Amanda: I'm good.

Jake: Hello.

Kathy: Uncle Jake!

[Door closes]

Jake: Hey! Look at you. Mwah, mwah! Oh, that's good. Ok, enough.

Kathy: Aren't I beautiful?

Jake: Yes, you're splendiferous and a little bit sticky, I might add. Why don't you go get some more sugar for yourself?

Kathy: Ok.

Amanda: Hey.

Jake: What? Tough day?

Amanda: I -- I can't do this anymore, Jake. I can't.

Jack: Well, well, Mr. North. You do like playing the odds, don't you?

D.A. North: My wife does. Uh, Madison, this is Jackson.

Madison: Pleasure.

Jack: The pleasure's mine.

D.A. North: I, on the other hand, prefer a sure bet like convicting your client of first-degree murder.

Jack: I think you're going to have more luck at the tables here. Kendall's innocent.

D.A. North: Well, you say that, but a smart attorney might advise his client to take a plea.

Jack: No dice.

D.A. North: So, you'll go to trial and gamble Ms. Slater's life even though we both know she'll lose?

Kendall: Come on, here we go. We're going to push your brother. Good job, good job. You know what, Spike? I think I want to go and play in the grass. Want to play in the grass? Come on. Yeah, let's leave these two alone, come on. Want to go look at the boats? Yeah? Let's go look at the boats. Oop, all right! That was good.

Spike: Yeah.

Kendall: That's a good pirate.

Spike: I want to go out there.

Kendall: Yeah, ok, and look at that. Look at that, right out there. Do you see that?

Spike: Yeah.

Kendall: Yeah, that boat can sail all the way to the moon, I think.

Zach: Why do you lie to your kids?

Kendall: I'm not lying to him. I really think it can.

Zach: Yeah?

Kendall: Yeah, I do. Why not? It's perfect.

Zach: Then it's perfect.

Tad: Ok, babies, head to the kitchen. Let's go.

Opal: All righty, oh.

Jake: That's nice. That's nice, a real nice look.

Tad: Yeah, Tad the hatter. Get it?

Jake: Yeah, I get it.

Opal: Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha

Jake: How's that, huh? Mah, mah, mah, ahem. Better? Huh?

Amanda: I know that I made the right decision, because it's the only way to keep my baby safe, but I -- I close my eyes, and I see him, and I dream about him, and I wake up, and I want to hold him, and he's not there.

Jake: I know, I know, I know. I'm sorry, I --

Amanda: And then there's Kathy and Jenny and -- and their giggles and their tea parties and their bedtime stories and baths, and that just makes it worse.

Jake: Yeah, I know, I know. I'm going to talk to them.

Amanda: And say what? "Hey, Tad, you need to keep the kids up in the attic because Auntie Amanda's a basket case." I just -- I just want to feel good again, normal, and I -- and I don't -- I don't know how. I feel like part of me was taken away with the baby, that I don't know how to get it back.

Jake: You know what we're going to do? We'll take a long walk, ok? A little sunshine, some seagulls, walk on the pier. What do you say?

Amanda: Ok, but I don't think I'm going to be very good company.

Jake: You're the only person on the planet I want to be with, so --

Amanda: Ok.

Jake: All right?

Amanda: Be right back.

Tad: You do know she's the one who needs her cha-cha back.

Jake: Yeah, I know.

Tad: Why don't you do something about it? Come on, do the right thing. Tell Amanda that you're giving Liza her baby, that at least somehow she'll be able to see him again.

Jack: It's going to be difficult because your physical evidence is very weak. For instance, you don't have powder burns. You don't have anyone, not one witness, saying they saw Kendall pull that trigger.

D.A. North: I have means, motive, and opportunity, and I can place Kendall at the scene of the crime with a gun in her hand.

Jack: The same can be said of the other six suspects. Why don't you do the right thing here? Why don't you go after the justice? Don't worry about this office being a stepping stone to the governor's mansion.

D.A. North: It must be tough, watching from the sidelines. Hell, you'd probably be governor right now if you didn't plant evidence to protect your stepdaughter a few years back. That's the story, isn't it? She killed a man, too, just like her sister. No, you were able to get her off, but the other sister won't be so lucky.

Jack: This seems to be a recurring problem with you, shooting your mouth off without knowing the facts.

D.A. North: I know better than to become emotionally involved.

Madison: Henry, you promised, no business.

D.A. North: I did, didn't I? Be right there. Prepare your client, Montgomery, not just for trial, for life in prison, no parole.

Kendall: God, for a minute I forgot about all the bad stuff. Yeah, you want to go over there and play with Spikey? Go play. I was just living my life, no murder charges, no hospitals, just in love with my boys.

Zach: You're going to be right here with the kids, summer, winter, whenever you want. You're not going to prison.

Kendall: God, I want to believe that.

Zach: You can. It's a promise from me to you.

[Phone rings]

Zach: Hello. Well, that's interesting, isn't it? All right. I got to go. Um -- I'll see you at home.

Kendall: Who was it? Is something wrong?

Erica: Oh, apparently, Annie has her first appointment with the court-appointed therapist this afternoon. She's probably going to try to fool him the way she's fooled everybody else.

Ryan: Which means we don't have a long time to prove that it's an act, and believe me. Annie is a very good actress, especially when she wants something.

Erica: Well, she's clever, but she's crazy, and we're smarter, and we're sane, and the most important thing is that when we're done, Emma is going to grow up safe and sound.

Ryan: You know, it's amazing. For so many years, I was sure that I didn't want to have kids, that I would be a horrible father, mostly because my old man was so screwed up.

Erica: Not Chris Stamp?

Ryan: Oh, no. No, but now my kids are my life, and I would protect them with my life.

Erica: I see that. Emma and Spike are very lucky to have you as a father. You love them so much. It's clear.

Ryan: Yeah, but I am very, very, very lucky to have you, but I'm afraid this is going to get messy, so if you want to back out, I would understand.

Erica: Back out? The scar Annie gave me when she stabbed me has yet to heal, and it's already interfering with my swimsuit shopping.

Ryan: Tick off Erica Kane, Annie is in trouble.

Erica: She is in big trouble.

[Ryan chuckles]

[Phone rings]

Erica: Oh, ok. It looks here like her appointment with the therapist is going to be over very, very soon, so you need to go to Adam's, and you can speak to Annie.

Ryan: Well, Adam's not going to let me anywhere near her.

Erica: Oh, you know what? It looks like Adam has some plans of his own, so he doesn't know it, but he's about to get some help from me.

Annie: I was afraid if I lost Ryan, I would lose Emma, and I had come so close to losing her before, the thought of losing her again, I couldn't even -- I couldn't even bear it, and it would be possibly forever this time.

Psychiatrist: Are you still afraid of losing your daughter?

Annie: Yeah. The sad part about it is if I lose her this time, it's going to be all my fault. Everything I did to hold on to Emma, the kidnapping, the lies, the using people, everything I did to prove how much I loved her, is now the reason I might lose her. I was wrong, and I hurt so many people, but everything I did, I did because I was just desperate to hold on to my little girl.

Adam: Colby needs both of us? Are you -- are you suggesting that we get back together?

Liza: No.

Adam: No, no.

Liza: No, no.

Adam: Yeah.

Liza: No, I'm saying that she needs to know that we're not putting her in the middle. Adam, she's an adult now, and she's making her own decisions, and she should decide to be with us, not run away from us because the two of us are at each other's throats.

Adam: Well, how do we arrive at this parental nirvana?

Liza: Well, we put our daughter first. We're responsible, mature adults.

Adam: Well, I was a mature adult.

Liza: You see, that's what I'm talking about. That's got to stop. Adam, please, no more. No more attacking, no more blaming, no more working angles.

Adam: So our deal is off?

Liza: No, no, it's not, because Annie deserves a good lawyer, and you're paying me a fortune to make sure she gets the very best. So? Can we be parents, working together?

Adam: Well, it's a daunting proposition, but, um -- I'm willing to try if you are. But if you turn on me --

Liza: I won't turn on you unless you turn on me first. Agreed?

Adam: Agreed. When's the baby due?

Liza: He'll come when he's ready.

Jake: You know what I'm going to tell Amanda? Exactly nothing, that's what I'm going to tell her.

Tad: Jake, she's a mess.

Jake: I'll get her through this.

Tad: Yeah, with walks on the beach.

Jake: You know, I liked it better when you told really stupid, lame-ass jokes. I really did.

Tad: Yeah, well, so did I, but it's getting kind of hard coming up with, you know, snappy punch lines with her walking around the house looking like that. You know, all you would have to say is, "Guess what? I decided Liza should adopt your baby."

Jake: Really, Tad, and how would that work out exactly?

Tad: What do you mean "how would that work out."

Jake: She's not able to acknowledge that it's her son, seeing the little one run after Liza saying, "Mommy, Mommy," whatever, "Mommy, kiss my boo-boo." No, it's better this way. You rip the bandage off, and you let it heal.

Tad: There's got to be some kind of way that Liza and Amanda could work out an arrangement.

Jake: An arrangement. You know, you're a genius. An arrangement, no.

Tad: Yes, a -- child visitation.

Jake: Hayward would be all over that. The whole point was to keep the child safe in the first place. Look, she struggles with this. She knew what was at stake. This is better. She -- she knows she's doing the right thing.

Tad: Oh, you're great. The right thing. There you go. That's all you need. That's something you can tuck into bed at night. That's somebody you can sing lullabies to.

Jake: I am so sorry that Liza told you about this, because I ain't going to listen to you when I'm trying to deal with --

Tad: Make no mistake, little brother. I am, too.

Jake: Stick to tea parties. Just do that for me, ok? I'll handle this.

Amanda: Hey, is everything ok?

Tad: Yeah, yeah, yeah, Jake was just giving me some fashion pointers. Matter of fact, this probably would look a lot better on you than it does on me. You know that? Come over here. Look at you. You go ahead. You guys knock yourself out.

Jake: Okey-doke, let's go.

Tad: Jake? Take care of her.

Jake: I got it.

Annie: What did Dr. Nolan say? Does he think I'm better?

Liza: Well, it'll be in the report. That's all he could tell me.

Annie: Oh. Well, I have a few more sessions to impress him. I will do my best.

Liza: Just be yourself.

Annie: I'm not sure that's such a good idea.

Adam: It's obvious to everyone that you are hardly a danger to society. You'll pass with flying colors.

Annie: Yeah, but is that good or bad? I mean, if I'm declared competent, that means I go to trial.

Adam: And Liza will get you off.

Annie: You really think it's possible?

Liza: I'll do my best. I will call you tomorrow.

Annie: Ok.

Liza: Adam.

Adam: My pleasure.

Annie: You really have been so good to me. I feel so taken care of. I really don't know how I can thank you.

Adam: Just be yourself and enjoy it, ok?

Annie: Everybody says you're this big, bad wolf. I think you're the most generous man I've ever met.

Adam: Well, this most generous man you ever met is going to have to -- you're going to have to do without me for a while this afternoon, because I have an errand to run.

Annie: Oh, well, it's not like I could really go with you anyway. Or anywhere, for that matter.

Adam: I'm going to have Lucretia make a really special dinner tonight.

Annie: Ok, you're the best.

Adam: I'll be home soon.

Annie: Ok. [Annie squeals with joy]

[Door closes]

[Hip-hop music plays]

Singer: Uh-uh oh, no some girls like it hot they start a fire and they like a room with big shots private kind of millionaires some girls cool you down sexy and natural

[Door closes and Annie begins to dance around Adam's living room]

Singer: She likes it on her big couch doesn't like to go outside to uh-uh, oh, no

[Ryan walks in]

D.A. North: You're done.

Madison: We just got here.

Man: Ma'am?

Madison: I'm in.

D.A. North: She's out.

Madison: You said we could enjoy ourselves.

D.A. North: It's been a long day.

Madison: This is the first night we've been out without press crews in forever.

Zach: Well, you know what I think? Champagne is in order, on the house.

D.A. North: Now, that's not necessary.

Madison: Thank you very much.

Zach: You're welcome. Don't let me distract you.

D.A. North: You think a cheap bottle of champagne's going to make me forget about the charges against your wife?

Zach: It's not cheap.

D.A. North: No, the gracious, anything-they-want host. It's not going to work.

Zach: You came to me. I'm just doing my job.

D.A. North: I think you wanting to be spending as much time as possible with your family before your wife goes to prison.

Zach: Kendall isn't going anywhere.

[Phone rings]

D.A. North: Excuse me. Henry North.

Kendall: Mr. North, it's Kendall Slater. I was hoping we could talk.

D.A. North: I don't think your counsel would approve of this call.

Kendall: Well, he doesn't know. Neither does my husband.

D.A. North: What do you want?

Kendall: Like I said, I just want to talk, just the two of us.

D.A. North: I have to go.

Madison: Why don't you turn it off, for once?

D.A. North: It's important.

Madison: It always is.

D.A. North: Here, stay, have fun.

Madison: Hit me.

Zach: She's counting cards.

Francesca: Well, she's not very good. She's been losing half the night. Do you want me to escort her from the table?

Zach: Uh-uh, I got it. Hey. You having a good time?

Madison: Losing is not my idea of fun.

Zach: Well, I want you to have fun, so let's try something else. Give me a deck. All right, one deck. Just you and me. I'll take this one. Ok?

Madison: I'm feeling happier already.

Zach: All right. Hmm, look at that. Your husband leaves, and your luck changes.

Liza: Is Jake here?

Tad: No.

Liza: Do you know where he is?

Tad: He's out.

Liza: He keeps putting me off. He won't give me any concrete information, a solid due date. Tad, my baby is out there being taken care of by strangers, and I can't even get Jake to tell me what's going on or when my baby will be here?

Tad: Amanda's baby.

Liza: You know I have a birth to plan and a baby to prepare for. There's a million details that have to be taken care of.

Tad: You do know that Amanda's miserable, right?

Liza: Yeah, I'm -- I feel for her. I'm sorry, but this was her idea.

Tad: No. No, Liza, it wasn't her idea. Her idea was actually to have her baby adopted by strangers, preferably as far away from Hayward as she could possible get. She did not know about this, and you should know she cries herself to sleep every single night about that kid.

Liza: I don't want to know that.

Tad: You don't have a choice. You could change it. Matter of fact, you're the only person who can change it.

Store clerk: May I help you?

Adam: Yes, yes, I would like, um -- that.

Erica: Adam? Are you all right? Oh, you looked so flushed. Is it your heart?

Annie: What are you doing here? Is it Emma? Is she ok?

Ryan: Emma's fine. She's fine. She knows you're staying here now, but that doesn't mean you can manipulate your way into a visit.

Annie: Oh, that's the last thing I want. You have to keep Emma away from me.

Kendall: Come in.

D.A. North: This was supposed to be a private meeting.

Kendall: I wasn't expecting Jack.

Jack: Well, you have a lot of brass. I'll say that for you.

D.A. North: She called this meeting, not me.

Jack: Kendall, everything about this stinks. Don't do it.

Kendall: Jackson, listen, I appreciate your advice, I do, but I can handle this, ok? You can see yourself out.

D.A. North: I must say a call from you was the last thing I expected.

Kendall: Well, I'm not exactly known for doing the expected.

D.A. North: What was it you wanted to discuss?

Kendall: I don't want to go to prison for life.

D.A. North: You're ready to deal? Ok. Plead guilty, and you'll be out before your boys graduate high school.

Kendall: I think you and I can do much better than that.

Jake: Have I told you today that I love you? Have I said it?

Amanda: I love you. You know, I knew it was going to be tough, but I didn't think it was going to be this hard. I feel like a black cloud in the house.

Jake: In the house. Well, what if were to tell you that we don't have to go back to that house anymore and that Greenlee's old penthouse, remember that, is now our new penthouse?

Amanda: Really?

Jake: Really. I signed the lease today. So we don't have to share the couch or the remote or the bathroom with anybody but ourselves. It'll be great. It's going to be great.

Amanda: Stop it, Jake. Please. Just stop lying to me.

Adam: What are you doing here?

Erica: Adam, what are you doing here?

Adam: Well, I'm just picking up some things. Yes, uh, miss -- miss? Ahem. I'd like that dress, please.

Erica: I doubt they have that in your size, Adam.

Adam: Are you enjoying yourself?

Erica: Oh, well, not half as much as I guess you're planning to. I don't believe this dress is for your daughter, Colby.

Store clerk: What size would you like?

Adam: Um, well, um -- um -- uh -- um -- about -- about that size.

Erica: Oh, Adam, this would look just lovely on Annie. Perfect color for her.

Adam: What are you up to?

Erica: What am I up to? I'm not up to anything, although that crazy woman who's living under your roof, she's up to quite a lot, so she might as well be better dressed.

Adam: You hate Annie. You hate me taking her in. Why are you helping me?

Erica: You know me. I can't resist a makeover, and Annie can use all the help she can get.

Adam: She's beautiful.

Erica: Well, I'm just going to give her a chance to express her true self, you know, her real inner-self, and I think she's going to surprise us all, especially you.

Ryan: Ok, so you've kidnapped her. You've ambushed her. You've played every trick in the book to get, like, five minutes with her, and now you're telling that you don't want to see her? I mean, come on.

Annie: I was wrong. I was selfish. I was so desperate to spend time with Emma, I wasn't thinking about what it would do to her. I mean, what? She'll spend a few minutes in my arms and then be pulled away, sad and confused? I -- I don't want that for her anymore.

Ryan: Are you rehearsing right now for the evaluation? Because if you are, I'm telling you right now, you're doing a great job, like you've nailed it.

Annie: No. I'm trying to do what's best for Emma. I have to complete my evaluation, and after that, I either go back to Oak Haven, or I start some nasty trial. Either way, it is painful, and it is complicated, and I don't want to expose Emma to that, so until all this is over, I have to accept that I just can't see her.

Ryan: Hmm, and when it is all over?

Annie: Well, I'm hoping that, you know -- I know I can't get full custody, but maybe you'll allow me to see her every once in a while or -- why are you -- why are you looking at me like that? I thought you'd be happy about all this.

Ryan: Really have changed. Really. You have. I mean, everything that you said makes perfect sense. It's rational. It's sane. It's in control and more dangerous than ever.

Zach: You're good.

Madison: Just lucky.

Zach: That's not your first time playing though, is it?

Madison: Grew up with it. My father -- horses, cards, football games -- wherever there was an over/under and a long shot, he was in.

Zach: That's a real gambler for you.

Madison: And those mainline bluebloods who needed more action than canasta and croquet. For years, I thought his bookie was my uncle.

Zach: Well, whenever you want to come down here, you're welcome. You give the place some class.

Madison: You're very kind.

Zach: And you're giving my casino a run for its money.

Madison: Well, then lets go big. All in.

Zach: Are you sure?

Madison: Like I said, I'm feeling lucky.

Zach: All right. 21.

Madison: Oh, my God. Oh, God. Henry's going to kill me. You have to promise you won't tell him, please. Oh, maybe you can extend a marker. I could win it back.

Zach: Never happened. Nothing for your husband to worry about.

Madison: You can do that?

Zach: It's my casino. I can do whatever I want. You're a winner.

Kendall: I understand what you want and what this trial means to you -- respect, power, the governorship -- and I'm in a position where I can help you.

D.A. North: Pleading guilty would help me.

Kendall: Well, this trial is a gamble. You don't have an airtight case against me, and if you lose, it's back to the linoleum trenches.

D.A. North: I'll take my chances.

Kendall: Or -- or you can drop the charges against me, and I guarantee the full support of my husband and my mother when you run for office. A few years from now, we could all be dancing at your inaugural ball.

D.A. North: I was expecting a bribe offer a little earlier in the game.

Kendall: Oh, this is no bribe. I'm offering friendship with benefits guaranteed.

Tad: Just tell Jake you changed your mind, ok? You can always adopt another baby.

Liza: I never should've told you the truth. I knew you were going to be a problem.

Tad: I'm not the problem. Taking Amanda's baby, that's the problem. Deciding to raise Amanda's baby right under his father's nose, that's the problem. If you're so determined to go through with it, you should do it as far away as possible.

Liza: Tad, I am not leaving Colby, all right? I am going to make this work.

Tad: That's just so you. You know, the whole mistress-of-the-universe thing. "I can handle anything," but you know what? You can't handle this, and neither can Jake.

Liza: Well, not if you open your mouth and blow this all to hell.

Tad: I'm not going to do anything of the sort. I'm not the only one you have to worry about. There is Jake. He loves Amanda, which means he wants Amanda happy, which means, eventually, he will do anything he has to make it happen, and I'm not talking about extra desserts or foot massages. I'm talking about taking that baby and putting him right back in her arms.

Liza: What do mean "back in her arms"? Amanda held the baby?

Adam: You're just jealous that I have Annie in my life.

Erica: Actually, Adam, I'm relieved. You were far too needy.

Adam: Oh, you -- you love the attention. You're only helping me now so you can sabotage my relationship with Annie.

Erica: Adam, Annie's main charms seem to involve her dexterity with tire irons and knives. Any relationship with her will sabotage itself.

Store clerk: Here's the dress, Mr. Chandler.

Adam: Ah, yes. Thank you.

Erica: It's a little dressy for lounging around the house in an ankle monitor, no?

Adam: Well, actually, I'm having a celebratory dinner for Annie.

Erica: Really?

Adam: Yes, tonight, as a matter of fact.

Erica: Oh, and who exactly is attending this little soiree of yours?

Adam: If you're free, I'd love it if you could join us. Annie would love it, too.

Annie: How can you say I'm more dangerous? I've worked so hard for so long to get better. I mean, I've turned myself in. I've been cooperating with the police. I'm willing to accept my punishment.

Ryan: Which is easy for you to say now that you've conned Adam Chandler into buying your freedom.

Annie: He's not buying me anything.

Ryan: Are you sure about that?

Annie: Adam is my friend.

Ryan: Who you are going to work until you get what you want, and what you want is Emma.

Annie: Have you not been listening to a thing I've been saying? I'm not ready to see Emma. When I am, it will be at your discretion.

Ryan: You know, you can play this sincerity with Adam if you want, but not with me. When you were out of control, I actually felt sorry for you. I wanted to help you, but now that you're rational, I mean, look out. You're going to work Adam. You're going to work Liza. You're going to work the system, but not me, Annie.

Annie: Oh, dear, Ryan, this is how it started with me, too. The paranoia.

Ryan: I'm not paranoid.

Annie: Yeah, that's what I said, too, but you have to be careful, Ryan. If the paranoia takes over, it'll -- it will ruin your life.

Zach: Here you go. Congratulations. If you want to come gamble again, give me a call.

Madison: I know what you're doing. You think if you can make the DA's stupid, little wife happy, I'll convince him to drop the charges against your wife.

Zach: A couple of things. Number one, I don't think you're stupid, Madison, and number two, my wife is innocent.

Madison: Henry wouldn't go after an innocent woman. He believes in justice.

Zach: He believes in conviction and his career.

Madison: He's a good man.

Zach: No, he's not.

Madison: You don't know him.

Zach: I know what he did tonight. You deserve better.

Madison: Perhaps you should worry about your own wife. I saw the caller ID on Henry's phone before. She was the last caller, the reason why he ran out of here. Why would your wife be setting up a private rendezvous with my husband?

D.A. North: Friends with benefits.

Kendall: Political benefits, guaranteed.

D.A. North: Ah, as generous as that offer is, you obviously haven't considered today's political climate. The voters don't tolerate that kind of relationship anymore, and since I'll need those voters to put me in governor's seat, I'm afraid I'm going to have to turn you down.

Kendall: Ok, well, there must be something that we can work out.

D.A. North: Oh, there is. Take the plea or go to trial.

Kendall: All right. This is ridiculous. I didn't kill Stuart Chandler. There were tons of other people there that night with guns and motive. I don't understand. Why are you so dead set on -- on putting me away for life when you should be focused on the real killer?

D.A. North: I'm looking at her.

Kendall: You're going to regret this. You have no idea who you're dealing with.

D.A. North: I know exactly what I'm dealing with. I married one of you. The money, the family name, the connections. You think it makes you special, better, above the law. Well, it doesn't, and I'm not afraid to prove it.

Erica: I'd love to have dinner with you and Annie. I assume I can bring a date.

Adam: I assumed you were going to trot out your trusty lapdog, Jackson.

Erica: Jackson is hardly a lapdog, but, actually, I do have someone else in mind, somebody very entertaining in mind.

Adam: A new beau?

Erica: No, just a friend. I mean, I'll have to check with him, of course, but I'm sure he wouldn't miss this for the world.

Annie: My paranoia, it started with Greenlee. I was convinced she was out to steal you, and it ate at me. It festered, and, eventually, it threw me over the edge. Please, Ryan, don't let that happen to you.

Ryan: The paranoid ex-husband, huh? Is this like a strategy that you worked out with Adam? Is it? Because it's not going to work. You can throw all the money, all the power, at me that you want. None of it is going to work. You will not take my daughter.

[Annie sighs then angrily stares at the fireplace implements]

Liza: I can't believe that Jake let Amanda hold the baby. That was not part of the deal.

Tad: He's not a deal. He's a baby. He's a little boy that Amanda fell in love with as she carried him to term. You would know that if you'd pull your head out of that throw pillow you've got stuck in your pants.

Liza: You don't understand. If she saw him, she looked into his eyes. She's going to know him. She's going to recognize him. Tad, she's going to want him back.

Jake: Amanda, Amanda!

Amanda: I'm so sick of the lies. Jake, I'm tired of hearing that everything is going to be all right, that we'll get through it together, and I'll get over it, the sun will come out, and everything will be fine. It's not going to be fine, Jake. It can't. I held my baby. I know what he feels like. I know what he smells like. His eyes, when he looks at me -- I'm never going to get see him look at me again. I'm never going to get to hold him. So you tell me how anything's ever going to be all right anymore.

[Jake kisses Amanda and holds her while she cries]

Jake: All right, all right.

Zach: My wife keeps a very busy schedule.

Madison: Hmm, if Henry's decided that your wife's guilty, a little secret meeting isn't going to make any difference. If she's smart, she'll take whatever deal my husband offered her.

Zach: Can I ask you a question, Madison? What deal did he cut with you to get you to marry him?

Kendall: Ouch. Hmm, it seems like someone has wife issues. Now, I get what the added bonus is. If you put me away, it'll be like putting away your wife.

D.A. North: Take the deal or don't, Mrs. Slater. Either way, you're going to prison. I look forward to that day.

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