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Episode #10147

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Marissa: What are you doing here?

David: Getting drunk, as fast as possible.

Marissa: I thought you went flying off to find Jake and Amanda.

David: I did. My baby's dead.

Jake: All right. We convinced David the baby died -- we just have to convince everybody else. You ready?

Amanda: It's not like I have to pretend. I really did lose my son.

Jake: I know. Whew -- all right. Here we --

Amanda: Let's just get this over with.

Jake: Yeah, right here.

[Door closes]

Krystal: I am so, so sorry.

Tad: Liza told me all about it. I know all about your big plan.

Adam: Annie's kindness, her loyalty. She's the reason that I'm alive. She doesn't belong in prison.

Liza: You want me to defend a woman who is accused of a list of felonies a mile long?

Adam: All the crimes that she committed, she was ill.

Liza: She had the law enforcement chasing her around the world after she escaped from a mental institution. You expect me to convince a jury to just let her walk and welcome her back into society with open arms?

Adam: Precisely.

Liza: Hmm.

Adam: Will you take the case?

Liza: First, I want you to tell me what the real reason is you want me to defend Ryan's ex-wife.

Ryan: Erica. What brings you by?

Erica: Oh -- just in the neighborhood. I -- I thought I'd come by and just see how you were doing.

Ryan: Kendall told you we broke up, and you came by to see if it was true.

Erica: Ok, what gave me away?

[Ryan chuckles]

Ryan: Well, I know you pretty well by now.

Erica: Well, it's true that Kendall told me, but I did just want to see how you were doing.

Ryan: I'm good, I'm good. In fact, I have already fallen in love with another woman.

Erica: You have -- who?

Ryan: You.

[Ryan kisses Erica]

[Door closes]

Krystal: No, um, words can take away the pain of losing a child. But you have a very strong and loving husband, and he's going to help you get through this. And -- and you have tad and me. I mean, it -- it helps sometimes to let people in, people who understand.

Amanda: You lost David's baby, too.

Jake: Now, why would Liza tell you our plan?

Tad: Because she didn't have a choice, because I hit her in the stomach with a dart. Don't give me that stupid look, ok? It was just an accident. Mama brought all of these ridiculous toys, I was playing with the darts. Aidan and I used to play with them all the time.

Jake: Really? What, as -- as dartboards?

Tad: Don't crack wise with me, all right? I nearly had a heart attack, and you're largely to blame for it until Liza explained that all this is nothing but foam rubber. After that, I did drag the rest out of her. It's not like she could deny anything because I just got her to spill the beans. Obviously, you and I are going to talk about it later. Is Amanda ok?

Jake: Fine. She's going to be fine.

Tad: We'll see. You just answer one question -- you still love her, right? This isn't some --

Jake: What are we talking about?

Tad: Something about the baby?

Jake: This is my wife we're talking about, ok? I love her. She's everything to me, she's all I got.

Tad: Ok. Well, Mama took the kids and Pete out to that -- that Pizza King, so I'll tell you what. Me and Krystal, we're going to find an excuse to get out of here, and I'll give you a few minutes to get settled.

Jake: Thank --

[Door closes]

Jake: Thank -- thank you.

Marissa: Baby died? What did you do?

David: I'll tell you what I did not do -- I did not put Amanda on an airplane to some island at this stage of her pregnancy. I did not set her up in some clinic with substandard medical care. No -- that was all Jake's brilliant idea.

Marissa: They were running from you.

David: Stop.

Marissa: No, if you hadn't been hounding them, threatening to steal the baby from them, maybe it wouldn't have to come to --

David: My baby is dead! All I wanted to do was love him. Now I'll never get a chance to do that. So if you came here to tell me all the ways I screwed up, then just get the hell away, all right? Just leave me the hell alone. It's the way I'm supposed to end up anyway.

Marissa: You're not alone.

Erica: Ah -- bad boy.

Ryan: What? What? You said if I played my cards right, then, you know, maybe --

Erica: Well, I'm very glad to see that you have lightened up with your attitude towards women.

[Ryan chuckles]

Ryan: Yes, I have, and you don't have to worry about Kendall and me, ok?

Erica: She's moved back home?

Ryan: Yes, she has. She has and she says it's because of the kids, but you and I both know that Zach is going to need a lot more than that, and so if you want to worry, I would worry about that and about the rest of her future.

Erica: No, I am not going to worry about any of that -- no, no. Jackson is going to prove that Kendall is innocent because Kendall is innocent. Look. Ryan, I never, never wanted to see you hurt. It -- it's just that Kendall --

Ryan: I'm -- I'm ok, Erica, really. I'm good. It was a -- it was a very complicated situation and it was a tough decision, but this is -- this is better for everybody, ok?

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Ahem. Hello? Ok, thank you very much.

[Phone clicks]

Ryan: Annie is being released from the hospital today and going back to jail. That was fast.

Adam: The night my brother was killed, there was someone on this property hunting me down with a gun. I was drugged, disoriented, and Annie saw me. She realized she had a choice. Either she could take her daughter and run, or she could risk losing everything and save me. What she did was extraordinary.

Liza: That's quite a spin job.

Adam: Well, Annie has hurt a lot of people in her day, but she's also been hurt by a lot of people -- her family, the system, the Pine Valley chargers who won't give her a second chance.

Liza: Well, maybe society will give her a second chance once she's paid her debt. Listen, you've got Barry on retainer -- why don't you just call him?

Adam: No, no, no, no. It needs a woman, one who's smart enough to convince a judge and a jury that little Annie deserves a fresh start.

Liza: Well, it's not going to get that far until Annie is declared mentally competent.

Adam: Annie is no longer sick. I could get a sworn statement from her doctor confirming it.

Liza: It's not that easy. Adam, the court decides who's going to declare Annie competent and it is a serious process. Annie's victims will be lined up out the door to testify against her. Adam, I have better things to do.

Adam: Annie's first husband tried to steal her daughter. Annie grabbed Emma and ran. And then later on, she came to Pine Valley. Ryan has forbidden her to see her daughter. Now, you know what it's like to be kept from your child -- hell, I did that to you. Could you look at this possibly as my way of making amends?

Liza: I'm going to take the case under one condition.

Adam: Name it.

Liza: You help me get back on Colby's good side so I can be a real part of her life.

Adam: Done. It sounds crazy, me hiring you to defend Annie, but I have to help her. She deserves her freedom and her child.

J.R.: That doesn't sound crazy. That just is crazy. This Annie obsession is out of control.

Adam: We're having a -- a private conversation here, J.R.

J.R.: First you make a big stink at the hospital, how none of Annie's doctors are good enough. Now you're hiring a lawyer to get her off? She's a murderer, Dad.

Adam: Annie has a right to legal representation.

J.R.: Yeah, from a public defender, not your pocket.

Liza: It's a done deal.

J.R.: Why exactly are you doing this?

Liza: Well, I am intrigued by the emotional aspect of this case and your father's sudden bout of compassion. It's all highly unusual.

Adam: I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.

Liza: Well, you can show me. This is a list, for starters. I'm going to need an office, an assistant -- maybe two -- and I don't come cheap, but you know that already.

J.R.: Our company is on life support, and you're spending the rest of our cash to keep a killer out of jail. What's wrong with you?

Adam: Not a damn thing.

Amanda: You know, everyone always talks about that time when you look into your baby's eyes for the very first time. You know, this may sound incredibly stupid, but when I looked at his eyes, we connected. Our -- it was like our souls connected, and I'll never forget it.

Jake: I understand.

Amanda: And if I ever see him again, it could be 10, 20, 50 years from now. If I ever looked into his eyes again, I know I'd recognize him. So you and me, we could have, like, a million -- a million other kids, but they're never going to replace my baby boy.

Marissa: Come on, David. Let's go get some coffee.

David: I was too late. I never even got a chance to see him. But if I got there earlier, maybe -- maybe I could've done something.

[David sighs]

Marissa: What happened?

David: Ah. Early labor, complications -- the cord prolapsed. He died in childbirth.

Marissa: Amanda must be devastated.

David: Oh. No, she'll be fine. Jake will have her knocked up in no time. He knew, he knew. He knew she was having a hard pregnancy. She should've been home resting. He killed my child.

Marissa: Jake must be in pain, too.

David: Oh, are you kidding me? I mean, this is all a game to him. He didn't lose a damn thing.

Marissa: That's not fair.

David: "Not fair"? That's a joke, right? "Not fair" is seeing your infant daughter dead on an operating table. "Not fair" is burying another daughter you hardly got to know, having one doctor tell you your wife is infertile, another one telling you that your son is dead.

Marissa: You need time to grieve, so do Jake and Amanda. That's all I'm saying.

David: All right, you know, so what -- what is this? What is this? What, did -- did Krystal tell you to come here to lecture me? Or is this some cry for attention?

Marissa: Ok, let's not do this here.

David: I mean, well, is this your plan? I mean, you just keep showing up and acting all sympathetic and I'm supposed to what? Huh, what -- what, like, bond with you? I mean, come out of the darkness and into the light? Oh, "forget all your other children, Daddy. I'm the only one you need. Take me, Daddy. Love me." Well, is that what this is, huh? Some pathetic attempt at trying to get me to care about you?

[David slams glass on table]

[David sighs]

Marissa: Yep. That's exactly what this is.

J.R.: I'm just trying to understand what this is all about.

Adam: I won't explain it to you again now.

J.R.: Look, you have been under an incredible amount of stress.

Adam: Hmm.

J.R.: The company, the custody case, Hayward poisoning you with those pills. Then you lost Uncle Stuart. Now, the drugs are out of your system, but that doesn't mean that you're not confused. And -- and it's ok if you are, Dad, because I'll help you. I'll get somebody for you to talk to.

Adam: I don't need a shrink -- I don't need a shrink. My head is clearer now than it has been in ages.

J.R.: All right, then tell me why you're going so far out on a limb for some woman that you barely know. I need you, Dad. The company needs you. But all you really care about is this Annie.

Adam: Before I buried my brother, I made him a promise. I promised him that I would try to be more like him -- more understanding, more generous to those in need. I gave him my word, and I intend to keep it. And I'm hoping Annie will just be the first of many.

J.R.: All right. Well, then let's just slow down and discuss this.

Adam: I'm going to leave Chandler Enterprises in your and Scott's capable hands. I have much more important things to do.

Liza: Hi.

Annie: Who are you?

Liza: It's all right. Annie, I'm Liza Colby -- I'm an attorney. I've been hired to represent you.

Annie: Oh, it -- I thought it was time to leave. They're taking me back to jail today.

Liza: Didn't another inmate stab you there?

Annie: Yep, but apparently the doctors think I'm well enough to go back.

Liza: Huh. Well, first thing we do is get that changed.

Annie: You're Colby's mom, right? And apparently, you're going to be somebody else's mom soon, too. Congratulations. When are you due?

Liza: Just a few weeks.

Annie: Wow. I loved being pregnant. Isn't it the most amazing feeling, having a little person growing inside you?

Liza: Hmm. So Adam Chandler hired me to represent you.

Annie: Oh. He really does want to help me.

Liza: Yes, well, he made a very passionate plea on your behalf, but I'd like to hear your story from you.

Annie: Whew. Well, um -- let's see. From the time we were kids, little kids, my brother Richie made my life a living hell. When I was 7 years old, he killed my best friend with a baseball bat and made me think that I did it.

Liza: My God.

Annie: That's just the beginning. My brother was a very sick, very dangerous, dangerous man. If I didn't stop him, nobody would, but I tried to help him first.

[Annie sighs]

Annie: When we were younger, I lied on a witness stand to have him convicted for a crime he didn't commit, but the DA told me that he would be sent to a psychiatric institution.

Liza: But he was sent to prison instead?

Annie: Maximum security for seven years. So Richie spent every single day there plotting his revenge against me, and when he got out, my nightmares started all over again. Every day was torture, and it wasn't going to end. And then finally, I really couldn't take it anymore and -- and I killed him, in self-defense.

Liza: Yes, but he attacked you.

Annie: Well, I mean, there was never a time that Richie wasn't attacking me. I mean -- if I hadn't fought back that night, I would be dead.

Liza: Hmm, yeah, but it didn't stop there, and actually it got worse. Why?

Annie: Well, the guilt that I had, carrying around for all those years, thinking that I had killed a child? It -- it made me do horrible things. And it's taken a lot of -- a lot of therapy and a lot of time to really understand that and really accept that but I do now, and now I'm really better. I really am, but now that I'm better, they want to ship me off to jail for the rest of my life.

Liza: Well, you ran from the police -- never looks good.

Annie: I have made some very bad decisions. And I've told some lies, and I've even manipulated some people. But everything I did, I did for Emma -- to keep her safe. I mean, you understand that, don't you? How far a mother will go to protect her child?

Amanda: Tell me again that my baby is in a great home, with people that will give him everything that he needs.

Jake: He is, he's -- he's going to be cherished and loved and -- and protected.

Amanda: We need to be super careful from now on. I mean, if we slip up even once, David will know we lied, and he'll go after the baby.

Jake: David is never, ever going to know about this baby. Ok?

David: At least you're honest. That's a step above everyone else in this town.

Marissa: I thought I could help you, we could help each other.

David: Huh. Haven't you heard? I'm beyond repair.

Marissa: I refuse to believe that. I thought maybe if we spent some time together, you would be less sad, less lonely.

David: Here it is -- my long-lost daughter to the rescue. You shouldn't flatter yourself, Marissa. You're a stranger.

Marissa: I may be a stranger, but I understand you. I know that your pain is real because I feel it, too.

David: How could you possibly understand me?

Marissa: I miss Babe. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. You know, at least you had some time with her -- I mean, some memories. I'm mourning a woman, a twin sister I never even met. And I hate it because there's nothing I can do. I can't bring her back, can't replace all the years we lost.

David: And I guess that's my fault, too, huh?

Marissa: Yeah, damn right it is. I was going along fine. I had school, work. Then all of a sudden, I get sucked into playing David Hayward's daughter.

David: All right, look, why don't I just make this easy for you, ok? And for me. And I'll just -- I'll just disappear.

Marissa: No, you're wasted. Either I drive or you call a cab.

David: All right, Marissa, give me the keys, come on.

Marissa: No, no.

David: Marissa, give me the keys.

Marissa: No!

Krystal: Hey, hey! Get your hands off my daughter! 

Marissa: Amanda lost the baby.

Krystal: Yeah, we know.

Tad: Marissa, you ok?

Marissa: Yep. But David's not. I was pretty harsh. I keep expecting to wake up and find out that this is all just a dream. I can't believe that those two people are my biological parents.

David: Whatever you have to say, I've already heard it.

Krystal: I'm sorry you lost the baby. I know how much you wanted another child.

David: You're sorry. Hmm.

Krystal: I was right there with you. When I lost the baby that we were going to have, and we found out that we couldn't have another, that's when we started falling apart. And for this to be happening to you all over again --

David: Oh, Krystal, come on. You were so threatened by the baby I was having with Amanda that you didn't even want me to know it was mine.

Krystal: That is not true.

David: The only reason you got pregnant was so that I would forget the other child. Come on. Where was all that sympathy before, huh? It's easy now, right? I mean, you got what you wished for. My baby's dead.

Krystal: You -- you're afraid to show your real feelings because it's too painful, so you're lashing out. And that is ok. But don't lash out at Marissa. She doesn't know you well enough to understand that you don't want to hurt her. Listen, I know that this is your way of dealing with your grief. You want to yell. You want to scream. You want to curse the universe. Well, do it. Just do it with me.

David: You're the only one I can do that with that would understand. Krystal, being here with you, right now -- I just think -- oh. I think I have to go home.

Krystal: I'll give you a lift, all right?

David: Ok. Yeah.

Krystal: I -- I'm going to give David a lift home, ok?

Tad: Well, isn't that just the way? You ask a pretty woman out to get something to eat, and she leaves with a drunk guy.

Marissa: How are Jake and Amanda?

Tad: They're hanging in there.

Marissa: At least they have each other.

Tad: Yeah. You know what? Now that the drama's over, I think I'm going to call home, check up on them, ok?

Annie: My daughter is my world. Everyone thinks I did what I did to hang on to Ryan, but that's not true. I did it to hang on to Emma. I mean, you're a mother. You can understand. When somebody threatens to take your child, you do things that -- you do things that you can't even imagine.

Liza: You know, you're story is very, very compelling. But is it true? I mean, you have manipulated a lot of people. How do I know that you're not manipulating me now?

Annie: You don't. You have absolutely no reason to believe me, but I'm telling you that I'm sane. Then again, I thought I was sane when I put on a wedding dress and stabbed Erica Kane.

Liza: You seem very comfortable talking about all of this.

Annie: Well, I'm kind of used to it. My sanity's been a hot topic for quite some time now. "Is she? Isn't she?"

[Annie sighs]

Annie: You don't know about Dr. Sinclair, do you?

Liza: Yes, your psychiatrist.

Annie: Yeah, but first she was Richie's psychiatrist at his prison in Chicago. She was treating him and then they fell in love.

Liza: Well, that is a conflict of interest.

Annie: Yeah, and when she found out that I killed my brother, she wanted revenge. So she got herself a job at Oak Haven specifically to take on my case. Her main goal was to prove that I was faking my insanity so I'd be sent away for murder forever.

Liza: Your own doctor was working against you.

Annie: Yeah. She put a hidden camera in my room. She interrogated me constantly, trying to trip me up. She showed me pictures of Richie with a cracked skull to try to get me to confess. And finally she tried to kill me.

Liza: Listen, Annie, I am so very sorry about what happened to you. But thank you for sharing this with me. It's going to go a long way in your defense.

Annie: So does this mean you'll take my case?

Liza: Yeah, I think I can help you.

Annie: Thank you. Thank you, Liza. Thank you.

Liza: Well, don't thank me. Thank Adam. He's the reason that I'm here.

Annie: I will. And if there's anything else you need to know --

Liza: Well, first thing we got to do is make sure that they keep you here.

Annie: Ok. A question. Your baby -- is it a boy or a girl?

Liza: It's a boy. I just found out a few days ago. Hmm. Thank you.

Ryan: Hey.

Liza: Hi.

Ryan: What were you doing in Annie's room?

Liza: I'm representing her.

Ryan: Why?

Liza: Did you think I got my law degree just for the fun of it?

Ryan: Liza, did you know that she kidnapped my daughter, like, a couple times?

Liza: Emma is also Annie's daughter.

Ryan: Adam. Adam put you up to this. Didn't he?

Liza: No, no. Actually nobody put me up to this. I'm just -- I'm very intrigued by this case.

Ryan: Annie is sick, ok. She needs a psychiatric institution.

Liza: What, like Oak Haven, where her doctor tortured her?

Ryan: Annie can get the help that she needs, Liza, she can.

Liza: I know. That's what I'm doing. That's why I'm here to represent her, because I'm going to prove to everyone that she deserves a second chance.

Ryan: Every chance the woman gets, she hurts my daughter. Ok, every time.

Liza: Well, we're going to see just what the doctors have to say about that, because no mother should ever be kept from her child.

Ryan: You mean like Colby did to you. I mean, that's what this is really about, right? The fact that Colby chose her dad instead of you. Now you want to make single dads pay, even if it means handing an innocent 7-year-old over to a crazy woman.

Liza: I'm simply looking at the facts. They tell me that Annie has a shot at being a free woman. You see, you are the one that is spinning this nightmare scenario about her little girl. Excuse me.  

Officer: Mr. Martin?

Tad: Huh?

Officer: Are you Tad Martin?

Tad: Yeah, that's right. What's wrong?

Officer: There's been an accident. Krystal Carey's at the hospital.

Singer: Come on, baby boy I ain't got all night don't keep me waiting because I want you by my side I want you by my side  

Marissa: Hey, did you hear about Amanda?

J.R.: She had the baby?

Marissa: No, she and Jake were in Barbados. Amanda went into early labor, and the baby didn't make it.

J.R.: She had a couple early scares. Oh, man.

Marissa: Sit.

J.R.: Have you talked to her? Is she ok? That's a dumb question. Of course, she's not ok. Oh, God, I feel so bad for her.

Marissa: Really?

J.R.: For a while there I thought that kid could have been mine.

Marissa: I just thought all the stuff Amanda pulled -- I mean, you almost lost custody of Little A because of her.

J.R.: Amanda may not be the most stable woman in the world, but nobody deserves to lose a child. Besides, she was just a victim in all this, anyway -- a victim of your father.

Ryan: Adam.

Adam: Oh, no, no, not now. I don't have time to discuss gossip about me and your ex-wife.

Ryan: I don't give a damn what you're doing or what you're not doing with Annie. You hired Liza to be her lawyer. And if you think there's a chance that she's going to get Emma back, you're wrong.

Adam: Oh, no, no, no. You're wrong. If Annie is exonerated in court, there's nothing to keep her from getting her child back.

Ryan: You can spend all the money you want. You can collect evidence. You can get witnesses. Everything you come at me with, I will shut down. You don't stand a chance.

[Phone rings]

Adam: Yeah, Adam Chandler. What? Why in the hell would she -- Erica.

Liza: Jesse.

Jesse: No time, Liza.

Liza: Well, make time. I'm representing Annie Lavery.

Jesse: Oh, first Hayward. Now Annie Lavery. You're really racking up the A-list clients, huh?

Liza: Girl's got to eat.

Jesse: And a chief's got to work, so --

Liza: So Annie Lavery is not to be removed from the hospital until she undergoes further treatment for her injuries.

Jesse: Oh, really? Well, I have a court order to take her back to jail. Judge's orders.

Liza: Well, my judge got your judge to change his mind. The paperwork is in the mail.

Jesse: Ain't you the slick one?

Liza: Don't I need to be?

David: Come on. Tell this goon to take his hands off me! Boy, you were actually chasing the ambulance?

Liza: So what happened to you?

Officer: Drove into a guardrail. Breathalyzer had him over the legal limit. The lady who was with him is in the hospital.

Jesse: What lady?

David: Krystal's fine. I'm the one who lost everything. You still have your baby. Mine's dead.

Marissa: Look, David's a wreck. Losing that baby destroyed him.

J.R.: If there's an upside to this, that's it.

Marissa: How can you be so cruel?

J.R.: Hayward may be your father, but I've known him a lot longer than you. I've watched him destroy families, including mine. So call it justice or karma or whatever. That bastard deserves everything he gets.

Marissa: Well, if you believe in karma, you should learn to cut people a break. You might need someone to go easy on you one day.

[J.R. sighs]

J.R.: You're right. Instead of slamming Hayward, I should be focusing on Jake and Amanda -- seeing if there's anything I can do to help.

Marissa: You're the one who might need help.

J.R.: Me?

Marissa: David lost his son. He's going to be coming after yours again.

Adam: You had no right.

Erica: What? What did I do?

Adam: I just talked to Liza. You're the one that's been pulling the strings to get Annie back in jail.

Erica: Oh, that. Well, maybe you need to give Annie a smarter lawyer.

Adam: You can't send her back to that hellhole. That's where she got stabbed.

Erica: Yeah, like me. Like she stabbed me. That woman is deeply disturbed, Adam. She should be behind bars for the rest of her life. And I'm going to do everything I possibly can to make sure that she is.

Jesse: You got some pretty rough news. You wanted to drown your sorrows. That I get. But drunk driving, man, there's no excuse.

David: Fine. I'll take a cab home, ok?

Jesse: Put him in a cell until he sobers up. You need a lawyer?

[David chuckles]

David: No, Ms. Colby already offered me her services once before. That didn't go exactly very well, now, did it?

Liza: Sleep it off, David.

David: You wouldn't want me near you, anyway. I have been known for stealing babies.

Jake: I hope you know how much I love you. And don't worry about your baby. I've got it covered.

Tad: Krystal, what's up?

Krystal: Oh, just a bump on the head. I shouldn't even had the cop call you.

Tad: A bump on the head -- what happened?

Krystal: David grabbed the car keys, and he pushed me away, and I just couldn't let him drive off.

Tad: Wait a minute. You let him drive? Honey, you could have been killed.

Krystal: Tell me about it. He was driving like a maniac, weaving all over the place. Thank God nobody was hurt when he plowed --

Tad: Honey? Krystal?

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