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Ryan: Annie, why does David remind you of the night of the murder? There's got to be something there. I think we should talk about that night one more time.

Annie: Ryan, please -- I'm so tired, and that night was so horrible.

Ryan: Just one more time, please. You were there and the power went off at Chandler's.

Adam: Back off, Lavery. Leave the woman alone. She didn't murder my brother.

Ryan: I was just trying to figure out what happened that night.

Adam: Oh, I know exactly what happened that night. You better go back and set up someone else for Stuart's murder. Annie's the only person in the house that didn't want to kill me.

Scott: Well, I don't see how it's possible.

J.R.: You're new to the biz. You need the ups and downs.

Scott: Come on, how can we possibly pull Chandler out of this tailspin? It was already circling the drain before the heart valve mess ever hit.

J.R.: It ain't over till it's over.

Scott: Yeah, well, the publicity has been way too harsh. That one article practically accused us of being attempted baby-killers.

J.R.: And if you've noticed, over the last couple days, the story's evolved into the arrest of Kendall Slater for committing murder.

Scott: Yeah, and they're saying she did it because of a valve I pushed on their little boy.

J.R.: Don't. Don't go there. Uncle Stuart didn't die because of something that you did. It was either Kendall or someone else who was there that night. So many people that could be responsible. Now, do you want to hear how we're going to pull this company back from the brink?

Scott: Find a cure for the common cold?

J.R.: No, we're going to change focus. P.R. matters as much as profit and loss at this stage. We're going to turn the spotlight on the man who's really responsible for all of our misery.

Marissa: And who would that be?

J.R.: Your father.

David: He's looking good. Getting stronger every day. We'll be able to put that new valve in him soon. Silent treatment, huh? Is this because of your arraignment?

Kendall: No. The night of the murder, where exactly were you when the gunshot rang out?

David: Don't tell me you're on the same page with Ryan, trying to build a case against me? Well, it's not going to work. We're not going there.

Zach: That's exactly where we're going. There's no way I'm going to let my wife take the fall for you, David.

Randi: I don't believe this. Angie decided she's not coming. She thinks this is -- this is something that I need to do on my own --

[Siren in background]

Randi: That if I work hard enough -- but -- I don't know, Brot. I just, I -- I -- I don't know.

Brot: Hey, it's ok.

[As his monitor beeps, Frankie watches his wife and Brot hugging]

Randi: I'm sorry.

Brot: For what? For being human?

Randi: For not being stronger for Frankie. You know, he was just starting to tell me things. He was just starting to tell me how he felt, what he was thinking. It's so hard being so close to him and not being able to reach him right now. He doesn't even want to see me.

Brot: But it's not your fault, Randi. Frankie's like that because all he can see -- because he -- he put up those walls on his own.

Randi: What am I supposed to do?

Brot: There are two choices, ok? One, you walk back into that door and you keep pushing, and you keep fighting, arguing, and yelling at the top of your lungs until he's too damn tired to fight you anymore. Or -- just get on a plane and go home. Either way, Frankie's going to resent the hell out of you.

[Marissa sets J.R.'s glass down hard and splashes ice tea on him]

J.R.: Hey!

Marissa: David happens to be suffering enough without you adding to it. His wife's left him, my sister is dead, so why don't you just leave him the hell alone?

J.R.: Did you bring your violin? Neither did I. You see, you're not going to get any sympathy here. Your father's a scum-sucking slimeball who has not suffered as much as he's made me suffer.

Marissa: Oh, you call this suffering? Running your big family company over ice teas, watching the yachts go in and out?

J.R.: You don't know half the things that your father's done to me. Did you hear about how he dressed Amanda up in Babe's clothes in an attempt to torture me? Or how about -- how about when he paid her to get me drunk to take me off my one-year sobriety? All of this so he could drag me into court to call me an unfit parent in an attempt to take my son from me.

Marissa: Yeah, well, maybe if you hadn't kept his grandson from him in the first place, he wouldn't have come after you like he did.

J.R.: Wow, you are really selling his PR, aren't you? You know, you're lucky that Krystal kept you away from him for so many years so you didn't end up warped just like he did.

Marissa: Lucky? You think what she did to me makes me lucky? I spent my life as an only child only to find out that I have a twin sister who I never knew and never will know. As for parents, my mom and dad died a few months ago. They're the only people who I've ever cared about and they're gone, so don't you dare just stand there and tell me that I've been lucky. I'm just as alone as David is right now.

J.R.: Well, better alone than mixed up with him, I say.

Scott: You don't get it, do you? You've always had family. Whether it be your mom or your dad, there's always been someone there for you. You have no idea what it's like to really feel alone in the world.

J.R.: Her dad may have murdered your dad. Don't be so quick to defend. Now, if you're really pals with her, tell her to run away from here as fast as she can before she ends up the same way.

Ryan: I wasn't trying to set anybody up. I'm trying to figure out who is responsible for your brother's death before anybody else gets hurt.

Adam: You mean before your precious Kendall gets locked up. You mean if you were smart you'd be thanking Annie, not harassing her. She's the one person who kept your daughter safe from whoever is trying to kill me.

Annie: The newspaper says all the evidence points towards Kendall.

Ryan: She didn't do it. She didn't do it. Neither did Zach, but whoever did can't be feeling very satisfied, not with Adam still alive and well, and thanks to you.

Adam: Do you think that's why Annie was attacked? That someone stabbed her in jail?

Ryan: No, but it might have something to do with why David Hayward was here earlier.

Adam: Ah, yes, yes, Little Adam told me that Grandpa David was in the mansion -- looking for me.

Ryan: Annie, did you see David anytime that night?

Annie: I was hiding at the window about to take Emma out of the nursery, and yeah, yeah, David came in with Little Adam.

Ryan: Why didn't you tell me this before?

Annie: Ryan, you really have no idea how traumatic that night was for me, do you? I was in a house with no lights, a murderer, and our daughter. Ah --

Adam: Have some compassion.

Ryan: Ok, Adam, all right. How -- how much time between when you saw David and when you heard the gun go off?

Annie: It was before Adam even came into the nursery. I -- 15, 20 minutes? I can't be sure.

Ryan: So he had plenty of time to get outside and get to the terrace?

Annie: Definitely.

Jesse: I wouldn't get my hopes up. Been over this area before.

Jack: Using this equipment?

Jesse: Yeah, we're trying a new model of electrostatic lifter on the terrace itself. So far, nothing new. Nothing to exonerate Kendall.

Jack: But that doesn't mean what she needs isn't still out here somewhere.

Jesse: To be honest with you, I hope we do find something. I'd love to be proven wrong about her.

Zach: What's going on here, David, those pills weren't working fast enough? You just wanted to get rid of Adam once and for all?

David: It's no secret I wanted Adam dead, same as you. Only someone beat us to it.

Kendall: I did not shoot Stuart.

David: No, you shot at someone you thought was Adam. Tragically, it turned out to be Stuart.

Zach: That's enough talk like that, huh? There was a lot of people on the property that night willing and ready to shoot somebody -- you, me, not Kendall.

David: You can't shoot a man if you don't have a gun. I had one when I showed up to the grounds, but Junior, weasel that he is, snuck up on me with a rock. He knocked me out and disarmed me before I even left the gate.

Zach: You still haven't answered the question. Where were you when the gun went off?

David: I was not out on the terrace.

Kendall: I saw you.

Zach: You did? Where?

Kendall: Outside, on the grounds, after I dropped the gun, after I started running. It was you. It had to be you. It was you that I tripped over. You were on your way back to the terrace to kill Stuart.

[Monitor beeping]

Randi: I know that you don't want to see me right now.

Frankie: Then you should probably get out and -- and leave me alone.

Randi: I'm your wife.

Frankie: I didn't ask you to fly all the way down here, did I?

Randi: I'm your wife.

Frankie: So? What can you do? Can you -- give me my hands back, make them the way they were?

Randi: No.

Frankie: Then -- I don't need you.

Randi: Maybe I need you. Have you ever thought about that?

Frankie: I don't think much about anything these days, except what I don't have anymore.

Randi: Maybe you should think about what you still have.

Frankie: Oh, Father, stop doing this to me, just stop.

Randi: To you? Do you think I enjoy this -- coming here and watching you give up on life? Give up on us? I guess you and I only worked when you could save me. So, now that your whole world has come crashing down, you're just going to toss me to the side like every other guy did? Is that how it is, Frankie? Is that really how you feel about us?

Jack: Jesse, here's the problem. No matter what we might find, the prosecution is going to claim it came from a tainted evidence field, that too much much time has passed.

Jesse: Well, they can try, but I've had this area sealed off since the night of the murder. And it's been under 24-hour surveillance.

Jack: Good.

Jesse: And let's not forget -- the intended victim is still alive. This psychopath could try again.

Jack: But if Kendall is guilty as you claim, her motive no longer exists. Her son didn't die.

Jesse: Let's just say I like to keep my bases covered.

Jack: Hmm.

Officer: We found a footprint next to the bushes where Miss Hart says she tripped. We're making a casting now.

Jesse: Does it match either prints we found in the mud the night of the crime?

Officer: No, this one looks like a man's dress shoe, size 11D.

Jesse: Well done, thanks.

Jack: Well, this might be what Kendall needs.

Jesse: Well, right now it's just a footprint.

Jack: Yeah, speaking of footprints, what about these other footprints?

Jesse: Yeah, those footprints, they're not going to help us. They were made by Kendall and Ryan.

J.R.: What's going on out here? How come all the cops are back?

Jesse: We are looking at a new lead in the case. Could I ask the two of you a question?

Scott: Yeah, anything we can do to help.

Jesse: What size shoe do you two wear?

David: Look, I don't blame you both for wanting to find a way out of this, but you're not going to do it at my expense.

Kendall: I know what I saw, David.

David: Oh, really? And how convenient that you just now remembered it. And how do you plan on explaining that to a jury? Repressed memory? Good luck with that. The jury will tear it apart and so will the prosecutor.

Zach: She's not lying.

David: Maybe, maybe not. But she sure as hell did not see me there. Who is your attorney? Montgomery, right? Now, I'm sure he's had you go over and over and over that night in your head until you finally saw something that just wasn't there, but something that helped you get off the hook and would help you get back home with your kids.

[Kendall recalls]

Jack: What happened the night of the murder?

Kendall: I think we went over this like 20 times already.

Jack: We'll go over it 20 more and 20 more after that until you remember everything that you left out.

David: And you can both try and pin this on me all you want. It's not going to work. If one of us goes to jail, Kendall, it's not gonna be me. Now, I think it's best that we find another surgeon to handle your son's case.

Kendall: You believe me, don't you?

Zach: The only thing that matters is that a jury believes you. It's just your word against his.

Ryan: Not anymore. We've got another witness.

Randi: Look at me, damn it. Stop shutting me out. Oh! You know what? I thought that you were special. That no matter what challenges we faced, as long as we had each other, as long as we had each other's love, we could make it through anything. But obviously love is just not enough. I've told you how I feel, about you and about what's happened. But you don't even want to listen to me. So I'm not going to bother anymore. I am done begging and pleading with you to let me in. What's the point? Like you said, Frankie, you don't need me.

Brot: Hey.

Randi: I'm going to count to 10 and if he doesn't get out of that bed, I'm going home. One -- two -- three -- four -- five -- six -- seven -- eight -- nine --

[Randi turns and leaves]

Annie: Thank you.

Adam: That is one thing you never need say to me again. You saved my life that night.

Annie: I never told you how sorry I am about your brother.

Adam: Thank you. How are you feeling?

Annie: I'm ok, I think. It hurts, but I'm ok. What about you, are you doing better?

Adam: About -- what about, um --

Annie: With, I mean, Dr. Hayward, drugging you.

Adam: Oh, yes, yes.

Annie: That night when I found you, you were really pretty out of it.

Adam: Yeah, much better, much better, I'm -- now that I've gotten Hayward's nurse to stop pushing pills down my throat every day, I'm fine. I feel -- my head, everything is much clearer, no seizures, no confusion, nothing.

Annie: And your memory?

Adam: I know why you're asking. You asked me a question that night and got a promise from me, and I promised that I would do everything in my power to, um -- get all your charges dropped and get your daughter back. You got her. [Laughs] Ok?

J.R.: Hayward -- I've been saying it since the night I saw him at the gate. I took his gun. He must have found Kendall, grabbed her gun, then killed your dad. That footprint outside is his. I can guarantee it, but that jerk's just going to get away with it again, you watch.

Scott: You heard Jesse. If the cops get the evidence --

J.R.: He's just going to find another way around it. That man has been coming after my family over and over again. What have the cops done about it? Nothing.

Scott: Listen to me. Nobody agrees with you more than I do about what a bad guy he is, but it is not going to do you any good to blow a gasket right now. All we can do is wait for the cops to pull the evidence together.

J.R.: You're wrong.

Scott: Oh, man. Ok, J.R., wait.

Marissa: What are you doing?

David: Leaving.

Marissa: Why?

David: Because I refuse to sit around and wait for the villagers to show up and storm the castle.

Marissa: Who's coming after you? Does this have anything to do with all the things you've done to J.R.?

David: You've been talking to him, haven't you? And I'm sure he's told you all sorts of horrible stories about me.

Marissa: The things he said you did to gain custody of Little Adam, paying Amanda Dillon to make J.R. drink, dressing her up in Babe's clothes to freak him out? Are they true?

David: Yes, every single one of them, because I was not about to allow my grandson to be raised by some angry, pathetic drunk. Babe's son, your nephew, deserves a lot better.

Marissa: Well, so, if you feel that way, why are you leaving now? Why are you running?

David: Because they turned the tables on me, Marissa. They're out for revenge. Any moment now the cops are going to come walking through that door, and they're going to arrest me for a murder I did not commit.

Marissa: Well, if you're innocent, why run? I mean, if you didn't do it, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

David: You know something? You're a sweet kid, but you have a lot to learn about the upstanding citizens of Pine Valley. The people in this town want my head, and they're working overtime to manufacture evidence to use against me, including the chief of police, whom I've pissed off on more than one occasion. Hubbard has planted evidence on me in the past, trying to bring me down, and I can guarantee you that's exactly what he's doing right now.

Marissa: But you've got the truth, you have the law.

David: Ha ha ha! Huh. The law. Wow, that's pretty funny. [Sighs] The law and I, we haven't exactly had the most honest relationship in the past. I'm afraid I've broken it a few too many times. Look, what I did to J.R. is nothing compared to my sins of the past. I have seduced men's wives, destroyed marriages. I have developed exotic drugs and used them on people. I have set up others to go to jail in order to get them out of the way. I have lied, cheated, used people, usually vulnerable women. I have manipulated a lot of people's lives in this town, Marissa, and I have dashed many a dream. So it's all right. If you feel like running out the door screaming, go right ahead. You wouldn't be the first. If you time it right, you can run into that angry mob, and you can borrow one of their pitchforks.

Marissa: I'm not going anywhere.

Ryan: Annie remembers seeing Hayward in the Chandler nursery the night of the murder. She says he had plenty of time to get outside, get to the terrace, pick up the gun that you dropped there, and kill Stuart.

Kendall: Ok, well, Annie's not exactly a reliable witness. She just escaped from a mental institution. Now she's going to trial for a list of her own crimes. I mean, do either of you honestly think that she can help out?

Ryan: Maybe not on her own.

Zach: What do you mean?

Ryan: Jackson's going to need to get Jake Martin up on the stand, too.

Kendall: Why Jake?

Ryan: Because he was here earlier when we found David standing over Annie's bed. Look, Jake told me that David was drugging Adam. David wanted Adam dead because he was keeping Little A from him.

Zach: But no one's believing that Hayward could drug Adam?

Ryan: No, we don't have enough to nail him in court, no, because the nurse that took the fall for Hayward has conveniently disappeared. But I mean, come on. Given Hayward's past, it's not hard to imagine that he was drugging Adam, it's just that the drugs weren't working fast enough.

Kendall: I don't understand. What does all of this have to do with Annie?

Ryan: Because Annie had Adam up in the attic that night, right? Before the killer could correct his mistake in killing Stuart. So if it is Hayward, he can't be very happy with Annie right now. In fact, maybe he's angry enough to make her pay for it. And she's been locked up this entire time until today. She was brought here because she was injured in jail. She's here like five minutes and Hayward was standing over her bed, I mean, come on, it's a little bit suspicious. I know it's not proof positive, but it's a case we can start with to try and prove later.

Zach: It's a lot of what ifs.

Kendall: Well, it does kind of make sense. I mean, it's not like this is the first time David has drugged people in this town.

Zach: We need something more concrete.

Jesse: Hey, just checked out Kendall's story about where she was when somebody tripped over her. We found a footprint.

Kendall: Do you know who it belongs to?

Jesse: Well, that's what I'm working on now. What size shoe do you two wear?

Ryan: 10 1/2.

Zach: Same here.

Jesse: Well, so far that rules out J.R., Adam, Scott, and Stuart, and the two of you.

Ryan: Where does that leave Hayward?

Jesse: That's my next stop. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't even think about it, Zach. Nobody plays hero. This time I'm doing things my way. Listen -- this is complicated as hell. I need facts to lead me, not your emotions.

Ryan: You want some facts? Well, I'll give you some facts. I mean, David wanted Adam dead. According to Jake, David was drugging Adam, with a very steady, very lethal dose of pills that he mixed up. On top of that, J.R. said that he caught Hayward trying to break into the Chandler property with a gun, Jesse. Now, Krystal says that he never actually made it onto the property, but I have two witnesses that say he did. Kendall and Annie both saw him there. Now you tell me you found a footprint right where Kendall said she tripped over David, I mean, right before the murder happened.

Jesse: There is no proof that whoever left this footprint killed Stuart. It only proves that they were there, along with the rest of the town. Ok, now listen. I know that you all want to help Kendall. We all do. The best way to do that is back off and let me do my job. I will be in touch.

David: Look, the only reason I told you all of this is so that you would understand I cannot defend myself here in Pine Valley, not with the past I've had, not with these people involved.

Marissa: Look, I heard you admit to a lot of ugly things, but you never once mentioned murder.

David: Yes, that's right, because I did not kill Stuart.

Marissa: Then stay. Let me help you prove it.

David: You would just be wasting your time. And you'd be gaining a lot of enemies in the process. If you want to help me, just give me a head start before you call the cops.

Marissa: Why should I call the cops?

David: Because you don't want anyone to think that you're on my side. And I do not want you caught up in the middle of this. So you dial 911 after I've left. And you make sure that nobody drags you in there as an accomplice after the fact.

Marissa: You shouldn't have to run, not if you're innocent.

David: Ha ha. You know, you're right about that, darlin'. But this is Pine Valley. You'll understand that someday. Thank you. Thank you for offering to help.

[Marissa hugs her father]

Marissa: Be careful. Take care of yourself.

David: I wish things had been different.

Marissa: I do, too.

J.R.: You going somewhere? Aah! Ohh... Uhh!

[When J.R. tries to stop him from leaving, David throws him against the wall and runs]

Scott: What happened?

Adam: You came to me that night like a guardian angel. I was -- I was confused and frightened. Really frightened. But you -- took my hand and led me to safety.

Annie: I couldn't just leave you there, not in that state.

Adam: You came to my house to steal your daughter back, didn't you?

Annie: Yes.

Adam: Yeah. But you didn't. You saved me. Why?

Annie: Well, if you remember correctly, you took me once into your home before when nobody else would.

Adam: Well, I have to be honest about that. Um -- a certain amount of pressure from my son J.R. and his late wife.

Annie: Yeah, but you still let me stay -- with Emma. And I've never forgotten that.

Adam: Lucky for me.

[Door opens]

[Monitor beeping]

Brot: Nope, not Randi. Just Brot. Oh, you don't want to hear from me, do you? Hey, what's wrong with you, man? You really blew it this time. Are you -- are you dumb? I mean, what's wrong with you? I've watched you push this woman away for weeks now, and you finally pushed her right outside of that door. You happy with that, Frankie? It's funny, because you don't really look too damn happy right now. You know what? Come on, get your lazy ass out of bed. Because you don't have that much time, I mean, she's probably halfway to the airport by now. So -- let's go.

Frankie: Well, good, let her go.

Brot: You don't mean that, man.

Frankie: Yes, I do.

Brot: She's an amazing woman, Frankie. She's smart, she's beautiful, she's fun. And for some reason, she's crazy in love with you. You don't just let a woman like that walk out of your life.

Frankie: What life?

Brot: Oh. Let's not go down this self-pity road again. Yeah, it sucks your hands are messed up, and you'll never be that brilliant surgeon you always dreamed of. It's not half as bad as burning alive, but you know what? That still sucks, too. Frankie, we are lucky that we made it home. And you know how many guys didn't get a chance to even come close to saying that.

Frankie: I warned her. I did -- before I left. I told her, if I came back, I'd be different.

Brot: You know what, Frankie? Don't think you can tell the future just because you predicted it. It's no secret that everyone that goes over there is going to come back different one way or another.

Frankie: And she thought she could handle it.

Brot: And who the hell are you to say that she can't? Huh? I -- I -- I know how much she loves you, and I've seen in her how determined she is to help you get better. But you won't give her the time of day.

Frankie: Look, just stop quoting back to me all the things I said to you about Taylor.

Brot: Oh, ok. And how is this different?

Frankie: Because Taylor was there, Randi wasn't. So just drop it, ok? It's better off this way.

Brot: For who? Definitely not her. And it isn't going to get any easier for you. Frankie, I've never lied to you, so take this to heart. If you do this, you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

J.R.: Son of a -- you call the cops yet?

Scott: No, not yet.

J.R.: What the hell are you waiting for?

Jesse: Marissa, is Dr. Hayward home?

J.R.: You just missed him.

Jesse: What happened to you?

J.R.: Hayward. He must have felt the noose tightening. I was on my way in here, he was on his way out. He was carrying a bag. He must be leaving town or something.

Jesse: Yeah, this is Hubbard. I need to put an APB out on Dr. -- never mind, cancel that.

[David walks back into Wildwind]

Brot: Frankie, listen up and learn well. I thought everyone would be better off if I was dead, because I didn't want to burden them with this. So I chose to deal with it on my own, and what happened? I failed. Because it was too much. And most of those days all I did was think about that explosion, the fire, even about dying. And I blamed you.

Frankie: What are you talking about?

Brot: I blamed you, Frankie, because you were the one who pulled me out of that vehicle. You saved my life. Why did you do that, anyway? So I could come back to some hospital, be a glorified janitor? Or so I could entertain people every now and then with my story on how I cheated death? No, Frankie. You did that for one reason, and that was so one day I could return the favor and keep you from making the biggest mistake of your life. Now, you can live without your job. You can even live without your hands. But answer this -- honestly, truthfully. Can you live without Randi?

[P.A. announcement in German]

P.A.: This is the final boarding call for Flight 1-5-0-0 to Philadelphia with a connection to New York City.

Aidan: I just heard about what happened. How is she?

Adam: Not to worry. She couldn't be in better hands.

Kendall: Maybe this is it. I mean, maybe this is the break that I need. I know it's not the concrete evidence that you were talking about, but it could still give me the reasonable doubt that I need, couldn't it?

Ryan: Yeah, it could. I mean, we all think David did it, we just gotta keep on digging until we can actually prove it.

Kendall: And if the footprint doesn't match, if we can't find anything on David at all --

Zach: Then you're still the prime suspect, and you will go to trial.

Marissa: Why did you come back?

David: You. I made the mistake of letting them run me out of Babe's life. I refuse to let them do the same thing to you and me.

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