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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 6/2/09


Episode #10136

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Colby: "Kendall Hart Slater, accused of first-degree murder in the death of Stuart Chandler, was released on bail and will remain free until her trial. A date has not yet been set." It's crazy, huh?

Scott: Yeah.

Colby: She killed your dad, and she gets to walk around like nothing happened. Good news for Zach Slater, though, a get-out-of-jail-free card courtesy of his ex. Isn't it weird Kendall showed up at your dad's funeral, and she's the reason he's dead?

Scott: She's not the reason my dad's dead. I am.

David: Oh, huh, huh, huh. Well, well, well. If it ain't my long-lost, ever-loving daughter. No, wait a minute. Not so lost. Not so loving.

Marissa: Have you been drinking?

David: I'm out of orange juice.

Marissa: Ok, where's Krystal? I wanted to talk to her.

David: Uh, she's gone. She packed up and left.

Marissa: Wha -- she left you? What -- what happened?

David: Why don't you come on in and let dear, old dad tell you all about it? Come on.

Liza: Well, good morning, Erica.

Erica: Are you staying here?

Liza: Yes, it's -- it's lovely, isn't it?

Erica: It's lovely at the Valley Inn, as well. They have rooms.

Liza: Yeah, I like it here. So I guess you'll just have to get used to seeing me.

Erica: I'm warning you. If you dare to slap me again, I swear to you I will press charges.

Jack: Morning, ladies.

Erica: Jack, good morning. Well, I was just about to have breakfast. Would you like to join me?

Jack: Thank you, real nice offer. Unfortunately, I had plans already. Morning, Liza. Sorry I'm late.

Jesse: You wanted to see me.

Zach: Yes, I want to recant my confession.

Jesse: Finally, you make sense.

Zach: So what happens now?

Jesse: Well, the DA's here on another matter. Maybe I can set up a meeting.

Zach: Will they get me out?

Jesse: Depends on what you have to say.

Kendall: Good morning there, sweetness. Yeah, it's morning, sleepyhead. Pretty soon, you're going to be waking up at dawn and jumping on the bed, yeah.

Ryan: Hey.

Kendall: Hi.

Ryan: How's he doing?

Kendall: He's great, he's great. Look, his color is so much better. Yeah, he slept through the night.

Ryan: That's great. How about you? Did you get any sleep?

Kendall: Mm, not very much, but it's ok. I -- I don't care. As long as I can be with my boy, I don't care how much sleep I get. Thank God, Jackson arranged the bail.

Ryan: He needs his mommy.

Kendall: And he needs his daddy. Zach should be released soon, maybe even today.

Ryan: Hey, are you 100% positive that Zach didn't kill Stuart?

David: Babe left me. Now Krystal.

Marissa: Where did Krystal go?

David: Don't you want to know why?

Marissa: It's really none of my business.

David: What are you talking about? You're family, right?

Marissa: Ok, I should go.

David: No, wait a minute. No, no, wait. Listen, Krystal, she was right to leave me. She gave up so much to be with me, ok? Her friends, custody of Jenny. I mean, I -- honestly, I was -- I was surprised she stayed with me as long as she did, because I'm not an easy man, ok? And you were right. You were right to walk away. Why -- why the hell did you even think of coming back?

Marissa: This was a mistake.

David: No, you see -- ha ha, oh, that's funny because that's -- that's the smartest thing you've ever said. You know something? I think you got my brains, mm-hmm, because if you had Krystal's brains, you would just keep giving me one chance after the next till I did something so bad that you would be gone for good. The thing is I didn't mean to hurt her, you know? I love her, and I would do anything to have her walk back through that door.

Marissa: If you love her, then maybe you can work it out.

David: Right, right, right, yeah, yeah, maybe we can work it out. You're kidding, right? Yeah, kiss and make up, forgive and forget, it's all gone to hell. Stuart. Stuart is dead, not Adam, the person who should be in the grave.

Marissa: What does his death have to do with Krystal leaving?

David: If she had just stayed away, you know? If she'd just not gotten in the middle of it, you know? Just let it be. Let it take its course. Now a good man is dead, and Adam's alive. I'm alive, and I'm not a good man, but you already know that, right?

Marissa: What are you talking about? What happened that night?

David: Stuart wasn't supposed to die. Adam was.

[David makes a shooting motion with his hand]

Scott: It doesn't matter who pulled the trigger. I loaded the gun.

Colby: Scott, you can't blame yourself.

Scott: I brought the valve to the company. I couldn't shut up about how many lives it could save, and it almost killed Ian Slater. Dr. Chappell committed suicide. My dad was murdered. Way to save the world.

Colby: You meant well. Things just got out of control.

Scott: Because I couldn't see past my ego. One of the reasons I came back was to spend more time with Dad, and, instead, I took all the time he had left. I should have never come back.

Colby: It's -- it's not your fault.

Scott: When I went to the hospital to stop the operation, I saw Zach and Kendall and the fear in their eyes. They were so worried. They were so fragile. I couldn't look them in the eyes. Imagine what they must have felt when they thought that their son had died.

Colby: I get the grief, but it doesn't give them the right to do this to our family.

Scott: I did this, Colby. I did this to our family, and I'll have to live with the guilt for the rest of my life.

Liza: You know, I can't tell you how terrible I feel about Kendall. I never meant to hurt her.

Jack: Yeah, well, you place somebody at the scene of a murder with a gun in their hand, and bad things happen every time.

Liza: I had no choice. Jesse wanted answers.

Jack: And you wanted to give him some, I'll bet, huh?

Liza: And he tagged me with motive.

Jack: Liza, you should probably know there are several people in this town who think you have every reason to want Adam dead.

Liza: Yes, well, that doesn't make me a murderer. I am so sorry that I saw Kendall. I wish I hadn't, but I did, and it's not exactly like I saw her shoot Stuart.

Jack: Because she didn't.

Liza: You are a fantastic lawyer, and I am sure that you will get her off, if it even gets that far. I mean, I -- I recanted, so that should help.

Jack: Liza, you're blowing smoke up my skirt. You know the prosecution is going to put you on that stand, and you know you're not going to risk disbarment by perjuring yourself. You got to tell the truth, that you saw Kendall on that terrace with a gun in her hand moments before Stuart was shot.

Mr. North: You didn't kill Stuart Chandler, and you want to recant your confession.

Zach: That's right.

Jesse: He confessed to protect his ex-wife.

Zach: I want to do whatever I can to get out of here and see my son in the hospital.

Mr. North: We'll have to go over the events of the night again. Uh, this time, what really happened. Did you go to the Chandler house to kill Adam?

Jesse: He went to stop Kendall.

Zach: I went to kill Adam.

Jesse: Because he thought his son was dead.

Mr. North: And your threats to Mr. Chandler were very public, very specific. Why didn't you follow through?

Zach: I saw my wife.

Mr. North: Where was she?

Zach: On the terrace.

Jesse: Did she have a gun?

Zach: Yes, but she didn't fire it.

Mr. North: How do you know that?

Zach: Because my -- my ex-wife is not capable of killing anybody.

Mr. North: That's an opinion. I need facts.

Zach: The fact, Mr. North, is that even though she thought that Ian was dead, she still had spike, and she wouldn't leave him without a mother.

Mr. North: This is your opportunity to recant your testimony, not to protect your ex-wife. That's what got you in here in the first place. So you saw Mrs. Slater on the terrace with a gun.

Zach: Which she didn't fire.

Mr. North: And you didn't kill Mr. Chandler, and you'll have us believe your ex-wife didn't kill Mr. Chandler. Then who the hell did?

Kendall: I am 100% sure that Zach did not kill Stuart. Are you disappointed?

Ryan: No, I just want whoever is the real killer to be caught, that's all. I feel like it's my fault that you're going on trial.

Kendall: No, it's not. Ryan, it's not your fault. Please blame Liza. You were just trying to protect me.

Ryan: You wouldn't even have ended up in handcuffs. I think we should have coordinated our stories beforehand.

Kendall: No, no, listen, Ryan. It's not your fault that I didn't have an alibi. It'll be ok. The police will figure out who killed Stuart. It's not as if there are any other suspects. If we're lucky, they'll discover that Liza was guilty, and she'll spend the rest of her days buried behind bars. That woman has no morals and no ethics.

Ryan: Wait a minute. Are you saying that she lied about seeing you?

Kendall: No, I'm saying that the woman can't be trusted. She's saying how she's all about coming back to town to bond with her daughter, spend quality time with her daughter. Well, she's been spending quality time on her back with Zach.

Ryan: And why do you care about that?

Krystal: I'd tell you what I wish for, but you say it out loud, it doesn't come true.

[Piano chords]

[Phone rings]

Krystal: Oh. Hello?

Marissa: Hey, Krystal.

Krystal: Marissa? I -- I was hoping you'd call. I mean, not in a pressure kind of way, but I -- I -- it's good to hear your voice.

Marissa: Yeah, you may not think so when you know why I called.

Krystal: Why? Why -- why are you whispering?

Marissa: It's David. He's totally flipping.

Krystal: Uh, you -- you're at Wildwind?

Marissa: He's out of his head. He's -- he's drinking. The place is a wreck. He keeps talking about Adam Chandler, how he should have died. Look, you've got to come over.

Krystal: I -- I can't.

Marissa: I know you left him. He told me, but he's lost it, ok? You have to come talk him down.

Krystal: Look, I can't do that, Marissa. It's over.

[David bangs loudly on his piano to end his playing]

Colby: I feel so torn. My mom needs me. My dad needs me. What am I supposed to do? Just seeing my mom and dad in the same room again, it's totally weird.

Pete: Yeah, I get that. I mean, my mom and dad are in different countries. But when I was little, I wanted them to get back together.

Colby: When I was really little, I did, too, but my mom and dad together? It's like mixing nitro and glycerin. They'd totally combust.

Pete: Oh, no, my parents are like hydrogen peroxide and acetone. Because it combusts the same way.

Colby: The weird thing was as much as they hate each other, they had this moment. They even smiled at each other.

Pete: Yeah, see, my dad hates my mom's tarot cards and tea leaves and wubba, wubba, wubba, and Mom's always complaining about what a strong-headed guy he is, but there's that thing, that connection.

Colby: All I know is all my life with my mom, she trashed my dad, told me how terrible he was, evil, but it didn't make me hate him. It made me curious, so I came back, and, yeah, my dad's not perfect, but he's not this monster my mom always said he was.

Pete: Whoa, no, Adam Chandler is a pretty scary guy. I mean, he's the kind of guy who says, "You're toast," and you're looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life.

Colby: The kind of guy who collects enemies. Kind of guy people want to kill.

Zach: I don't know who killed Stuart. I just know that Kendall didn't.

Mr. North: Except for that gun in her hand and all kinds of motive.

Jesse: Oh, trust me. There's plenty of motive to go around.

Mr. North: You lied to protect her. So did Ryan Lavery. That's a lot of covering up for a woman you both claim is innocent.

Zach: As I said before, Mr. North, my ex-wife doesn't have it in her to kill anybody.

Mr. North: And yet, immediately after Stuart Chandler was shot in cold blood, you confessed for one reason only. You believe that your ex-wife was not only capable of murder but guilty of it.

Erica: Jack, why on earth would you meet with the woman who had Kendall arrested?

Jack: For the record, Kendall had Kendall arrested. I'm trying to prove her innocent. I won't be able to do that without interviewing all the witnesses, now, will I?

Erica: Liza is not a witness. Liza is the killer. She's lied about Kendall to protect herself.

Jack: Well, nobody saw Liza with a gun in her hand.

Erica: Oh, that means she didn't do it?

Jack: Liza seems very, very sorry that she even brought Kendall up.

Erica: Like hell she is.

Jack: Erica, I know you're upset about Kendall being arrested and all this, but please, please, if you want to help your daughter, stay the hell out of this.

Erica: Stay out of this? Oh, come on, Jack. You know me better than that. There's no way I'm going to stay out of this until my daughter's cleared.

David: Little Adam, he would be safe right now. He would be with people who love him right now if it wasn't for Adam.

Marissa: J.R. seems to love his son a lot.

David: J.R. is a drunk. I'm drunk right now. There's a difference.

Marissa: How about a shower maybe or sleep?

David: No, don't -- don't change the subject. Babe is dead. Little Adam is out of reach. Krystal is gone. Stuart is dead. I may as well be, but Adam, Adam just keeps on keeping on. What was I thinking? I should have killed him when I had the chance. I mean, he was supposed to die, not Stuart.

[David flings his glass against the wall]

Krystal: What the hell are you doing?

Marissa: Oh, thank you so much for coming.

David: Hey. What do you -- you called her?

Krystal: I'm sorry you had to see this.

David: So -- oh, did you -- you came here to sober me up. Is that it?

Krystal: No, I don't care if you drink yourself to hell, but this is not Marissa's problem, and shame on you for dragging her into this.

David: I -- I didn't drag her. She was knock -- you knocked on the door, right? I didn't drag her in here!

Krystal: Marissa, you should go.

David: Why? Why -- why should she go? You want her to her stay. I mean, you want us to be a family, right?

Krystal: I am so sorry. I'll call you later, ok?

Marissa: You sure?

Krystal: Go.

David: Hey, wait, wait a minute. What about my goodbye kiss?

[Door closes]

David: I knew you'd come back. I knew it. You still love me.

Ryan: Why -- why is Zach having a fling with Liza so hard for you to handle?

Kendall: Ryan, I can handle it. We're divorced. We're living our own lives.

Ryan: You just wish Zach wasn't living his with Liza.

Kendall: I don't care who Zach moves on with. It doesn't matter, and I'm hardly jealous of Liza Colby, please. Ok, you know, you want to know what it is? It's the whole pregnancy thing.

Ryan: What are you talking about?

Kendall: Well, I mean, what if -- you know? I mean, it's Zach and Liza, they -- they were sleeping together, so --

Ryan: Isn't Liza like seven months' pregnant?

Kendall: Yes, yes, she is, but you know what? Zach has a history of fathering children without telling me.

Ryan: Look, you said seven months, Kendall. That would have meant that they were together --

Kendall: Yeah, when I was in a coma.

Ryan: Well, that's crazy. You know that's crazy, right?

Kendall: Oh, is it, is it?

Ryan: Yes.

Kendall: No. Listen, I'm all for Zach moving on with whoever he wants, but the idea of him impregnating Liza when I had a tube stuck down my throat? It makes me want to throw something and kill people and beat people up and --

Ryan: Ok, well, before you start hurting people and destroying rooms and things like that, why don't you just ask him if the baby is his?

Kendall: No, Ryan. Zach was ready to throw away his whole life to protect me. It seemed a little tacky to ask him if he was the daddy of Liza's baby.

Erica: Don't tell me there's more bad news.

Ryan: That depends on who you ask.

Kendall: Zach's been sleeping with Liza Colby.

Zach: I'm cooperating. When can I be released?

Jesse: Well, the first time you cooperated, you gave a false confession to protect the ex-wife who is now being held for Stuart's murder, and I'm sure you can see how the DA might, I don't know, be a little leery of your new cooperation.

Zach: I told him the truth.

Jesse: Which didn't help Kendall's case. This guy North is ambitious. He's going to run with this until she's put away for life.

Zach: I did what I did so I could get out of here and find the real killer before Kendall's trial starts.

Jesse: I don't need any more trouble from you, Slater.

Zach: More trouble? The headlines say they got their perp. So as far as police is concerned, this case is closed.

Jesse: This case is closed after I've run down every possible lead and spoke to everybody that was on that property that night.

Jesse: Thank you. Well, you're a lucky man. You are free to go.

Pete: So you and your mom, what's that like?

Colby: Beyond bizarre. She's, like, totally ignored me forever, then she shows up out of nowhere, pregnant, and wants us to be this happy family, like throwing a baby into the mix makes everything all better.

Pete: A baby? When my parents were having their trouble, Mom just got me a cat.

Colby: And I found out that my mom didn't even want my dad to be my dad. She used a sperm donor.

Pete: Whoa. Do I really want to hear this?

Colby: The donor was Jake Martin.

Pete: Jake? Oh, my God.

Colby: It didn't turn out how my mom planned, because my dad found out and made sure he was the donor.

Pete: So -- so Jake is not your dad. Adam is your dad.

Colby: Exactly.

Pete: Oh, thank God.

Colby: So chill with the kinky dreams. But what kind of people have a kid as a power play? Aren't you supposed to have kids because you love each other?

Pete: Well, your dad is a power-play kind of guy. I mean, well, he must have really loved your mom to go to that extreme.

Colby: I'm tired of extreme. I want normal.

Pete: Normal? I don't think our family can do normal, but that doesn't mean that you can't get along with your dad and your mom.

Colby: It's just she's lied to me so much, and now she wants to be best friends?

Pete: She knows she screwed up. Maybe she's just trying to make things right. You should give here a chance.

Colby: I did promise to have lunch sometime.

Pete: See. There you go. That's a start.

Colby: You're pretty smart at this stuff.

Pete: Well -- really? I've been kind of studying relationships -- familial, paternal, maternal, and romantic.

Colby: Pete --

Pete: No, listen. It's -- it's like this. It really is like chemistry. You get two chemicals together and kaboom! It's --

Colby: There's no kaboom.

Pete: No, there is, given the right circumstances. Music, stars, getting struck by lighting --

Colby: Cut it out, Pete.

Pete: Never.

Krystal: I came because of Marissa, not you. I am trying my damnedest to make a connection with our daughter, and then you treat her to this? And why the hell are you going on and on about Adam and Stuart and murder?

David: No, Krystal. It wasn't murder. It was a mistake, a terrible, terrible mistake. Why does everything have to go so wrong? I mean, so many good people are gone, and Adam, that bastard, he just keeps on living.

Krystal: Ok, you know what? You really do need some coffee.

David: I came back for Babe, and I lost her because of Adam. I lost Little A because of Adam. I lost you.

Krystal: You did that all by yourself, so would you just stop with the drinking and the self-pity, because it really is pathetic? It really is.

David: Ok, ok, ok, wait. Don't -- don't go. Don't go. Come on.

Krystal: I have got to get back.

David: What? Where? Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. What -- where have you been staying?

Krystal: That is none of your business.

David: Oh, jeez, you went running straight back to Tad, didn't you? I don't believe it!

Krystal: All right, you know what? Why don't you just curl up with that?

[Glass breaks]

David: There's no way in hell you're walking out on me again. Do you hear me?

Scott: Marissa.

Marissa: Hi. I hope you don't mind me just stopping by. I just -- I just wanted you to know. I probably shouldn't even be here. I'm sorry.

Scott: No, no, come in.

Marissa: I was just with David, and he was drunk and crazed, and he started going off about how he wanted to kill Adam and how your dad died instead. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. The last thing you need is to be reminded about it.

Scott: It's not like I can forget. What did David say exactly?

Marissa: He -- he hardly even made sense. David blames Adam for everything that's gone wrong in his life, and he just kept going on and on about how Adam deserved to die and how everything got messed up, and the wrong man was killed. It was so bizarre, and, from what I heard, I think my father killed your father.

Erica: Zach and Liza?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Now this makes perfect sense. Obviously, that's why Liza had you arrested.

Ryan: I think that's a little bit of a stretch.

Erica: Hardly. Liza lied to the police to get Kendall out of the way, so that she could have Zach all to herself.

Kendall: Well, I'm not stopping her.

Erica: But, obviously, there is a connection between you and Zach, and she sees that.

Ryan: I've got a meeting. I'm going to get going. I'll call you later, ok?

Kendall: Ryan, we're ok, aren't we?

Ryan: Yeah, we're good. We're good. I'm glad he's feeling better.

Erica: Look, it can't possibly be a coincidence that Liza Colby just happened to pop back into town just exactly when someone tries to kill Adam.

Kendall: Mom, I just don't see Liza as a killer.

Erica: Are you kidding? Of course, she's the killer. Look, she lost her daughter Colby to Adam, which means that Adam won, and Liza hates it when Adam wins. All that has to be done is that a gun has to be put in Liza Colby's hand.

Kendall: Ok. Well, how do we do that?

Erica: Well, you are not going to do anything, honey. You have got your hands full here. You got plenty to do right here, but I am going to do what the police obviously can't do. I'm going to find the evidence that really nails Liza as the killer.

Liza: Ahem. Excuse me, hi. I'm looking for Dr. Jake Martin. He's not in his office.

Woman: I believe he's somewhere on this floor.

Liza: Ok. Thank you. Oh, you're out.

Zach: Your eyewitness account got Kendall arrested.

Liza: Listen, I recanted my statement. I didn't think that they would arrest her.

Zach: Don't worry. I'm not going to expose your belly to the world.

Liza: Thank you. Listen, if there's anything that I can do for you --

Zach: You've done enough, I think.

Kendall: Zach.

Zach: I'm here, son. I'm never going to leave you.

Krystal: Let me go.

David: Why, why? So you could leave me again, huh? Run back to Tad?

Krystal: Sleep it off, David.

David: Krystal, I love you, ok? I need you. My life doesn't make sense without you. You got to come back. You got to!

Krystal: Oh, I will burn in hell first.

David: Look, I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry for everything I've done. I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry for anything else that bothers you.

Krystal: No, you know what? You opened up my eyes to the truth, and I can finally see now. You never loved me. You were using me.

David: Oh, no.

Krystal: So that you could get Little A and so that you could get back at Tad like everybody said.

David: No! Stop listening to everybody! Listen to me!

Krystal: I listened to you enough, and because of that, I lost everything. I lost my friends. I lost my family. I lost Jenny because I listened to all --

David: Ah, Krystal, listen to me. Listen, you know I love you. You know I love you. I love you.

Krystal: You know what? Maybe you were telling yourself that so that you could make this farce of a marriage work. I've been loved. I've been with a man who embraced me, who understood me, and who protected me!

David: You're kidding, right? You're kidding, right? No, wait a second! You walked away from that safe, neat little love! You chose me! You chose passion, our kind of love!

Krystal: I chose wrong! I chose wrong. I gave you every little bit of me. I listened to every word that you said, and when I couldn't give you a child, and when you lost Little A because of me, then, suddenly, I wasn't enough for you anymore.

David: That is not true. You -- you're my wife, ok?

Krystal: Let me go, let me go.

David: You're my wife.

Krystal: No, let me --

David: Now, look at this. This is your ring, all right? Your wedding ring. Put it on.

Krystal: No, no, I won't do it.

David: Krystal, we said vows right here in this very room --

Krystal: Stop it! What -- are you out of your mind?

David: You're my wife, damn it! Now, put the freaking ring on! Put it on!

Erica: Oh, hello. I wonder if you could help me.

Woman: Ms. Kane, I'm such a fan. Anything.

Erica: Well, thank you so much. I seemed to have misplaced my key, and I wonder if you would be so kind as to let me into my room?

Woman: You're even more beautiful in person and so gracious.

Erica: Thank you. Thank you very much. I would really appreciate it if you could help me.

Woman: Aren't you in the penthouse?

Erica: Oh, well, I changed because of a privacy issue. So, really, I would appreciate this so much if you keep it just between us because, you know, one word and the paparazzi are going to be all over this hallway.

Woman: You can count on me, Ms. Kane.

Erica: Thank you.

Woman: Ms. Kane?

Erica: Yes?

Woman: It would really mean a lot to me if you wouldn't mind a picture.

Erica: Oh, of course, of course. Ok. Ok.

Woman: My friends are so not going to believe this. We never miss your show.

Erica: Oh, well, then, you know what? I'll make sure that you and your friends, you all get tickets for my show.

Woman: I've died and gone to heaven.

Erica: Thank you. Ok, then, the key?

Woman: Oh, yes, of course.

Erica: Yes. Not a word then.

Woman: You can count on me.

Erica: Thank you.

Ryan: I heard that Liza recanted all the incriminating stuff that she said about Kendall.

Jack: Yes, but, unfortunately she had said it already.

Ryan: So where does that leave me?

Jack: Well, you lied to protect Kendall, but Kendall admitted you were with her when the shots were fired.

Ryan: So that makes her look even more guilty?

Jack: Yes.

Ryan: Jack, they can't put me on the stand, ok?

Jack: Sure they can, and they will. I guarantee it.

Ryan: There's got to be another way. I have to be able to protect her, which is why I need to do something, why I can't just sit back and watch, ok, and feel helpless again. Even if I have to lie, Jack --

Jack: No, no, no, Ryan. Perjury is not the answer in this.

Ryan: Finding the real killer is the answer.

Jack: Yeah, and you better pray find whoever it is in a hurry.

Ryan: I'm going to do a lot more than pray.

Jack: Ok, I'm going to tell you two things. I want you to listen to me. Number one, don't do anything crazy. But, number two, if we don't find whoever killed Stuart, Kendall can go to prison.

Zach: You look good. You've grown. I'm going to let you sleep. I'll read to you later.

Kendall: I'm glad you're out.

Zach: I'm going to find whoever killed Stuart. I won't let you go to prison.

Kendall: I was so close to pulling that trigger.

Zach: But you didn't.

Kendall: If I do go to prison --

Zach: You won't. Ian needs his mom.


[Erica gasps]

Colby: What the hell are you doing?

Krystal: Let me go.

David: You're my wife, damn it. Look, this is your ring. Just put it on.

Krystal: No, you know what? You're hurting me, you're --

David: Put the ring on, ok? Stop fighting me! Why do you keep fighting me? Why did you have to get in the middle of it? Why did you have to interfere? Stuart is dead because of you.

Krystal: Let me go.

David: It's your fault he's gone! Do you hear me? It's your fault!

Scott: Get the hell off of her!

David: What the hell? She's my wife. She --

[Krystal gasps as Scott punches David's lights out]

Ryan: Is the baby Zach's?

Liza: No, any other questions?

Ryan: Yeah, I do, actually. Why did you give up Kendall like that?

Liza: I told the truth, and, listen, I never meant to hurt Kendall, and I would do anything to avoid testifying, but what am I going to do, huh? Leave town? That would only make things worse.

Ryan: Things can't get much worse right now. Kendall is innocent, and you and I are both lined to testify against her.

Liza: And it's killing you that you can't do anything about it.

Kendall: The district attorney is convinced that I killed Stuart.

Zach: I'm going to un-convince him.

Kendall: Well, what if you can't, Zach? What if they never find out who really killed Stuart? You're going to have to testify against me. You are. The pact that we made to kill Adam and you seeing me with the gun pointed at him --

Ryan: There's a way around that to protect you. Spouses can't testify against each other.

Kendall: What are you talking about?

Ryan: Marry Zach.

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