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Episode #10135

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Jesse: How are you holding up, Zach?

Zach: I miss my kids. How about you?

Jesse: Yeah, I miss my boy, too. Still living and breathing this murder, still looking for answers.

Zach: Why? You got the guy responsible behind bars. Close the case.

Jesse: I wish it was that simple. This thing just keeps getting more and more complicated.

Zach: Doesn't have to. Why don't you put an end to it?

Jesse: Because then somebody would be getting away with murder, wouldn't they, Zach? I've just arrested Kendall.

Kendall: We all had reasons to want Adam dead. That it turned out to be Stuart who was killed was -- was wrong. I mean, all of this is wrong. None of this should be happening. This is not right. And my children should be able to have their mother kiss them goodnight tonight.

Jack: Yes, they should and so they shall. I managed to have the process speed up a little bit. You, my dear, made bail a half-hour ago.

[Outside the door, Colby eavesdrops]

Liza: Colby would have been your daughter if Adam didn't decide to play God.

Jake: I can tell you a secret. Those first couple of months I thought that beautiful baby girl was mine was like the happiest, happiest time of my life.

Liza: What Adam did switching those sperm samples, it cheated all of us, and especially Colby.

Jake: Well, it was a long time ago.

Liza: Jake, I wanted so bad for you to be Colby's father, for her to start off with your compassion and your strength, and your kindness. Adam didn't care about any of that. All he wanted was me and another genetic heir.

Erica: So is this the part where I'm supposed to be all impressed? Swoon into your arms, maybe?

Adam: Or maybe admit that I'm a little more than an old friend and an ex-husband.

Erica: I am unlike any other woman who has ever been in your life.

Adam: On that we can agree.

Erica: And I don't need any man.

Adam: Need?

Erica: Even you, Adam Chandler.

Adam: No, no, no -- need? I don't want to be needed. No.

Erica: No. You want to be feared. You want to be respected and worshiped.

Adam: I think I'd prefer, um, challenged.

Erica: But that's so unfair to you. You're no match for me.

Adam: You care to put that to a test?

Erica: It's a known fact and I've proved it to myself years ago.

Adam: Really? Is that what's been happening between us lately? A game?

Erica: I do enjoy your company, and I find you witty.

Adam: Really? Let's see then. I don't believe you because when you heard I was dead, it broke your heart. You already were missing me desperately.

Erica: No. I pitied you.

Krystal: See how easy they came off? As if they were never there.

David: Krystal. Krystal, wait. Just -- can we at least talk this through?

Krystal: You say you believed in emotions instead of words. The kind of emotion that you see when you look in someone's eyes. I see nothing in your eyes anymore.

Liza: I thought I'd left all this behind me. Pine Valley and Adam and all these bad memories.

Jake: And I think about that for you, and I feel for you. I mean, it must be -- it's very difficult to watch her run back to Adam and not to you.

Liza: Yeah, well, it's like you failed the most important job of your life, and she doesn't hesitate to tell me what a rotten parent I am.

Jake: No, see, I don't think that you're a rotten parent. I think that you're just trying to protect her is all.

Liza: And now Adam has finally snatched her away from me.

Jake: Well, I get it. You're scared that David would do the same thing with this baby that Adam did with Colby?

Liza: Yeah, well, it's not just that. I'm afraid that Amanda will change her mind, or that you will. I mean, I see how much you two love each other, and I'm really happy for you. You deserve it, but what if one day David no longer poses a threat and you two decide you want this baby back?

Jake: Well, that's never going to happen.

Liza: Can you promise me? I mean, can you look me in the eye and swear to me that this baby will never be taken away from me? No, no, you can't.

David: Braxton Hicks, huh? Nature's way of playing "made you look."

Amanda: Get out.

David: Krystal left me.

Amanda: Took her long enough. Glad to hear she's finally come to her senses.

David: You're right. I didn't treat her very well. I haven't treated you very well either, have I?

Amanda: What's this all about?

David: I didn't mean to hurt you, Amanda.

Amanda: Hmm, you've been drinking.

David: Yeah, a little. Maybe just enough to help me find the courage to look in the mirror for a change.

Amanda: One more time -- what do you want?

David: How did we get here, Amanda? You and I?

Amanda: What?

David: I mean, we were kind of like friends once, right? This, this baby -- I mean, this baby was conceived by two people who actually liked each other. What happened?

Opal: Ah, how the heck did you do that?

Tad: This, Mama. I'm telling you, it's all spin.

Opal: Well, you are a cruel, mean son for whooping me like that.

Tad: What are you talking about?

Opal: Ohh.

Tad: This is -- this is the first game I've won since we started. You're five games up.

Opal: Yeah, well, I'm officially too pooped to participate. I'm finito.

Tad: You ok?

Opal: No, nothing that my little blue pills, my little allergy pills --

Tad: I know, I know where to find it. I'll get it. You just relax. And by the way, I owned you during that last game.

Opal: Oh, you did, did you? Well --

Tad: Oh, my God.

[Doorbell chimes]

Opal: Krystal.

Krystal: I left David.

Opal: And what do you expect from Tad?

Krystal: I just came by to tell him he was right.

Kendall: Thank you, thank you. How did you do that? How did you get that done?

Jack: I called in a judge, then I called in a favor. You have to remember I used to be a big-shot DA around here, so --

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, until you came to my sister's rescue which cost you your job.

Jack: Well, you know, I've got this soft spot in my heart and in my head I think as well for you Kane women. Plus, I happen to think you're innocent.

Kendall: Thank you.

Jack: You're welcome.

Zach: Kendall didn't shoot Stuart.

Jesse: I've got to say this is pretty impressive, Zach. You taking a murder rap for somebody like this, the whole "far, far better thing."

Zach: Did she tell you she took a shot at somebody?

Jesse: Ok, she's the mother of your kid, but you're not even together anymore.

Zach: Did she confess, Jesse?

Jesse: I was forced to lock you up for a crime I know damn well you didn't commit and now she's locked up, too. The question is, who does that leave to take care of your little boy? Ryan?

Zach: She didn't confess anything, did she? You got me here to push my buttons so I'd give you some kind of answer for something. It's not going to work. You've got nothing. You don't have enough to convict Kendall for anything.

Jesse: I had enough to make this arrest, and if Forensics proves out, there will be enough for a conviction, too.

Zach: You know what that is? That's desperation and it shows. As far as my son, he's going to be just fine. How about yours? I understand he got hurt.

Jesse: Yeah.

Zach: What's the prognosis?

Jesse: His hands are kind of messed up, but he's going to live. And he might have to stay in Germany for awhile.

Zach: Well, I hope it's going to work out, but maybe you should go see him, spend some time with him instead of wasting your time here with me.

Adam: I don't want to be pitied either alive or dead.

Erica: Adam, you asked me how I felt when I found out and I told you. You have unfinished business in this world, things that you've only just begun to accept about yourself, things concerning your family, and I began to see some regret in your eyes.

Adam: What do you think, I'm turning into some kind of sentimental sap?

Erica: No, of course -- no. But you're also not a cold-hearted ogre who would want to profit from a faulty heart valve. You and I have one very strong passion in common -- our families, and I know the pain you're going through over Stuart's death. And what I see is that you are genuinely trying to live up to all that Stuart represented for you and your family.

Adam: Well, I will admit that there are a few things that I'm reevaluating in my life.

Erica: Good.

Adam: But that brings us back to you and me. Erica, where do we stand?

Erica: The one thing that is certain between you and me, Adam, is that you will never know what's really on my mind.

Colby: Ahem.

Adam: Colby.

Colby: I need to speak to my father alone.

Erica: It's all right. I really was just on my way out.

Adam: Yeah, but please don't. Stay. You can use my study to handle your business calls.

Erica: All right.

Adam: I don't appreciate rude behavior like that, young lady.

Colby: I just overheard mom and Jake Martin talking at the hospital. Was he really supposed to be my father?

Adam: What did Liza tell you?

Colby: She doesn't know I heard anything. Neither does Jake. Everything she's ever told me about you is true, isn't it?

Adam: No, you don't understand.

Colby: For years I've blamed her. I was so sure nobody could possibly be as cruel as she said you were, and no matter what you did, I've always told myself you're my father.

Adam: Yes, oh, yes, I am your father.

Colby: Because you what? Broke into a sperm bank?

Adam: Sweetheart, you have to understand the complexity, the circumstances of what was going on there then.

Colby: What circumstances? You had to be in control, just like always, and I was a tool to help you get what you wanted. So you made sure you ended up being my father instead of Jake. You wanted control over her, and you used me to do it.

Liza: See, I can't afford to get attached to another child and then lose it. No, Jake, this is my last chance to make up for all those mistakes that I've made with Colby. I am going to give this child the love that it deserves and not use it as some sick game between two people.

Jake: Look, if we do this thing, and trust me, I've had my reservations, but if we do this thing, the baby is yours. Yours, period.

Liza: Ok, promise me.

Jake: I promise.

Liza: Jake, I am warning you. If you try to trick me, as far as we have come, I will make sure that you not only lose this baby but you will lose Amanda, too.

Opal: Tad is healing right now and not only from getting shot in the head.

Krystal: I didn't come by here to try to steal Tad's heart back, opal. I just came by to talk to him. You have every right to trash me, especially after what I did to Tad. I made a major mistake with David, no excuses. The only finger I'm pointing is in the mirror. I know I'm not much to be proud of, but there is some good left in me, and a lot of that is because of Tad and what he gave me. Before we were parents or partners or husband and wife, he was my friend, and I need that friend tonight.

Tad: Hi.

Krystal: Hey.

Tad: Welcome back.

Jesse: You need to consider what we talked about.

Zach: I did and you got my answer. How is Ian?

Kendall: He's doing all right. I'm on my way to see him, but I had to see you first. I need to know, Zach. Did you kill Stuart?

Tad: Come on in, come on in. So is this, this is the -- it's true, right? Are you and David, you know, you're really kaput? Or is this as in everybody still in a relationship taking one big step forward -- not so fast, Krystal.

Krystal: Yeah, it's -- it's really over.

Tad: Ah. So, I mean, where are you going to stay?

Krystal: I haven't gotten that far yet.

Tad: Well, I have, baby. You're staying here.

Opal: What?

Tad: Oh, yeah -- oh, yeah.

Krystal: No, no, no, listen. That's not why I came here tonight.

Opal: Tad, we have been down this road before, you know. She swears she has given up Dr. D. and then she's back by his side quicker than you can say Jack Robinson.

Krystal: She's right, you know. I don't blame you for, you know, taking this into consideration, considering my track record.

Tad: Would you two cut it out? You're giving me a headache. What a couple of cynics. You were outside. See, it's a beautiful spring evening. It's an evening to celebrate. You know what we should do? We should wake up the girls, take them outside. We'll have a picnic, crack open a couple of juice boxes, and we'll toast to your big return, how's that, huh?

Opal: Hey, listen, Kathy has school tomorrow morning. We are not waking her up. I just barely got her down to begin with.

Tad: Ok, what about Jenny? Is Jenny all right? Come on, Mama, it's a night to party.

Krystal: Tad, I don't think you understand.

Tad: Oh, come on, sweetheart. Of course, I understand. You're not back here for me, leastways not like that. I mean I get it. Your daughter's here and you need a safe place to stay. You know, and despite the fact Mama's going to be running around here giving you the fish eye for 24 hours a day you can be safe here. I hope you know that. More than anything you're safe in my house. I don't care what road life takes us down. You and me are friends.

Krystal: I guess you do understand.

David: Tell me, what is it about me that you hate so much?

Amanda: You want to take my baby.

David: Fair enough. So is that it? Is that the extent of my sins?

Amanda: You hurt people. You like to hurt people.

David: No, you see -- now see, that's not quite true. I'm no sadist. There's no satisfaction, no pleasure involved. But you're right, you're right. I do hurt people. I remember when I was just a boy, I went on this backpacking trip into the forest, and there was some person who had set some coyote traps around. I remember seeing this one trap that had been sprung with this animal paw severed and in it. The animal had chewed off its own paw just to escape the trap. And I remember thinking, what a horrible, horrible thing, to have to do something like that. But as my life went on, I kept finding myself stepping into one trap after the next, and every time I did, I just kept losing something, you know? Another part of myself, and then I finally realized in this life you've got to set your own traps before walking into someone else's.

Tad: Hey.

Jake: What's going on?

Tad: Join the celebration.

Opal: Yeah, the Martin Clubhouse just took in another stray.

Jake: You're kidding me, right?

Krystal: I -- I'm going to get Jenny some more juice. I'll be right back.

Opal: Mom's going to get you some more juicee. Juicee, that's right.

Jake: What?

Tad: What?

Jake: What do you mean "what?"

Tad: What? It doesn't mean anything, ok? It's not a big deal. Krystal and David had a fight. She needs a place to stay. I invited her to stay here for a little while.

Jake: She needs a place to stay?

Tad: Ok, like I said, it doesn't mean anything. Except, of course, to Jenny. Look at her.

Jake: I saw her.

Tad: No, go ahead. Look at her. Jake, come on. What little girl doesn't want both her parents under the same roof, ok? Relax. It's a good thing.

Adam: I'm not going to lie to you. All of the things, the details surrounding your conception... Tricking Liza like I did, that was all part and parcel of wanting to get Liza back in my life again. What can I say? I was a man madly in love and people like that do strange things. But I always wanted you. You are everything to me, Colby. You have to know that.

Colby: But why did you keep this from me? Why did I have to find out now? Like this?

Adam: You will have to ask your mother about that. She stole you away from me. I didn't know where you were for years.

Colby: But I came back.

Adam: Yes. Yes, despite all the poisons that Liza poured into your ears about me, you came back. And I look forward now and all I can see is a wonderful, wonderful future with you, not a past filled with recriminations. There was no need to burden you with what happened back then when all that I needed to know is how much I need you right now.

Colby: I don't know what to do.

Adam: Well, maybe you could start by forgiving me. I wanted to make sure you were my daughter, not Jake Martin's.

Liza: Oh, my God. So you told her?

Colby: He didn't have to. I overheard you and Jake talking at the hospital.

Liza: Colby, I... I am sorry.

Adam: Colby. Please forgive me.

Kendall: Zach, what happened was a horrible mistake. You thought Stuart was Adam, but you can't do this to yourself. You can't rot away in here. Not if it's just to keep me from being involved as some accomplice. You have to fight. Maybe you can get a lesser charge.

Zach: Hey, hey, hey. We both wanted the same thing. And now all I want is for you to be out there. I saw you standing there holding the gun.

Kendall: Right, right, and I saw you with a gun. You were in the house. But I didn't do it. I -- I couldn't do it. I got freaked out. I dropped the gun, and I ran. And that is when I heard the gun shot go off. So I thought you did it.

Zach: He was shot from the terrace.

Kendall: Well, I thought maybe you came after me and ended up shooting from the terrace.

Zach: I was still inside when Stuart was killed. I didn't shoot anyone, and we both know that.

Kendall: You didn't shoot him?

Zach: I was about to pull the trigger when I heard the gun go off. I was looking right at Adam. Stuart. And I saw him fall. And then I checked his pulse. He was gone. So I went out on the terrace looking for you. You were gone. But the gun you dropped was right there. I picked it up, fired a shot to get some powder residue on my hands, and fingerprints on the weapon.

Kendall: You did all that to cover for me? To -- to protect me?

Zach: Spike needs his mom. And now with Ian -- well, those boys need you more than they need me. So now all we have to do is create some reasonable doubt for your case.

Kendall: Reasonable doubt? Zach, I told you I didn't do it.

Zach: Stop it. If we're going to pull through this, we have to be straight with each other.

Kendall: Oh, my God. You don't believe me. You still think I killed Stuart.

Amanda: I didn't set any trap for you, David. I didn't plan on having this baby.

David: No, of course not. I know that.

Amanda: But I've also seen first hand how ruthless you can be, how you tried to tear Little Adam away from his father.

David: No, wait a minute. That was different, ok? That's my grandson. I was just trying to see him.

Amanda: Why don't you get back together with Krystal, ok? You guys are perfect for each other. And it's not like you don't have any children. You have Marissa. Bring her into your life. Just please leave my baby alone. Promise me that you won't try and take my baby, and we will work something out, ok? I swear we will.

Jake: David sent you here, didn't he? What, are you spying on Amanda?

Krystal: No. I've left him.

Jake: Well, I don't believe you.

Krystal: Are you kidding me? You saw him. He tried to buy Amanda's baby with a big fat check. You think I would stay with him after that? That I would forgive something like that?

Jake: I think you'd probably forgive him for just about anything, yeah.

Krystal: I don't blame you for thinking like that. I've done some pretty awful things for him, but it's over, and I am away from him for good. And if you really love Amanda, then, yes, you should stay suspicious of everyone and everything. Because, I'm telling you something, he is never ever going to give up.

Jake: Krystal, this is not your house anymore, and I don't like you here. So if you hurt my brother or you go near Amanda at all, you're going to find that Hayward is not the only doctor you need to be afraid of.

Colby: We've lost too much around here already. Yes, I can forgive you.

Liza: Colby, and me? Please, do you forgive me for not telling you?

Colby: He wasn't raising me, spending every day with me. How could you never say a word?

Liza: I wanted to. I was so close a few times. But I just figured it wasn't the right thing to do. I figured what was done was done, and I didn't want to see you hurt.

Colby: But this would've proven your case all those times you were telling me what a monster my father was.

Liza: No, no. Because what he did, he didn't do for an ugly reason. Yeah, he tricked me into having his baby, but the reason he did it was because he just wanted me. And with you, it was making us a real family. Honey, despite everything I have said about your father, at one time I did love him. Hell, I married him three times.

Adam: We did one thing incredibly well. You. I can't take much credit for raising her, because Liza did that. And she's certainly responsible for your beauty.

Colby: [Mouthing] Thank you. [Normal voice] If you loved each other, what happened?

Liza: Well, we both wanted to be in control. I think we were just too much alike. Wouldn't you say?

Adam: Although I wouldn't have admitted this then, I must admit that your running off with her wasn't the worst thing that could happen. I'm sure you're aware of J.R.'s opinion of my propensity for meddling in my children's lives.

Liza: Not just your children's lives.

Adam: I think I've mellowed.

Liza: As much as I hate admitting this, you know, you have done a wonderful job with Colby since she's been back.

Adam: [Mouthing] Thank you.

Erica: Well, isn't this a happy family gathering?

Jake: Hey. What are you doing home? I -- I thought you were going to stay overnight. I was going to come over. I was getting ready.

Amanda: I was, but I freaked. I thought I'd come home, but now I'm even more freaked that there's a picnic going on out there with Krystal.

Jake: Yeah, well, see, Tad invited Krystal to move back into the house. She says that she broke up with David.

Amanda: That's why I freaked at the hospital. He paid me a visit.

Jake: David? Really? What did he say? What did he do?

Amanda: Noth--

Jake: No, come here. Come here, come here.

Amanda: Nothing. He's just -- he was just really weird. And he told me that Krystal left him, and then he started talking about himself. I've never seen him that vulnerable before. He reminded me of the man I first met after Babe died.

Jake: Hmm. Well, vulnerable? I'm not so sure. But I think what he's trying to do is keep you off your game. You got to remember everything with this guy is a trick.

Amanda: I don't know. He seemed really genuine. It's all so surreal. The doctor keeps telling me to not stress out. And then everywhere I go, I hit something.

Jake: It's going to be ok, ok?

Amanda: I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm just -- I'm worried this plan, something's going to go wrong.

Jake: Well, I have a sneaking suspicion everything is just going to be perfect. It's going to be fine, ok?

Amanda: I know I can't keep this baby, but we just have to make sure the wrong person doesn't take him.

Jake: The right person's going to get this baby. I promise. I promise.

Kendall: I did not kill Stuart. Even though I thought it was Adam standing there, I still couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger. Zach, I know you and I have grown apart, and the trust we had isn't there anymore. But you have got to believe me now. I swear on the lives of our children, I did not do this. Do you believe me?

Zach: Yeah. I didn't kill him either. The only reason I confessed was to protect you.

Kendall: What are we going to do now? So neither on of us did it. But you did a hell of a job making yourself look guilty.

Zach: Well, I'll have to do what I can to undo what I did, and to clear you. We're going to have to work together on this.

Kendall: Yeah. There were a lot of people there that night. I mean, any one of them could have picked up the gun and shot Stuart.

Zach: And any one of them had a reason to want Adam dead.

Liza: I should go. Colby, you still didn't answer my question. Have you forgiven me for not telling you?

Colby: There are a lot of things I can't forgive you for. Not yet, at least. But this isn't one of them.

Liza: Well, good. Maybe we can work the rest of them out sometime. Perhaps over some lunch?

Colby: Yeah. That would be nice.

Liza: I would like that.

Erica: I'll show you out.

Liza: Well, Erica, you are acting like quite the lady of the house around here these days. Is there anything I should know about -- about you and Adam?

Erica: Liza, if there were anything you should know about anything, I certainly wouldn't tell you.

Liza: Well, my interests are only in regards to Colby.

Erica: Yes, that was quite a touching family tableau back there. I don't buy your contrition act for one minute. A snake might shed her skin, but underneath she's just a snake.

Jake: You have to believe that I am going to take care of this, ok? It's all going to work out. It's all going to work out.

Amanda: I want to so bad. Oh, I am going to go upstairs and take a very long bath.

Jake: Ah, sounds nice. Go ahead. I'll come up and bring you some tea.

Amanda: [Giggling] Ok.

Krystal: Do you see your star?

Tad: Huh?

Krystal: Your star?

Tad: Oh, yeah. It's there. Nice and bright tonight. I think Dixie wants me to make a wish. I just can't figure out what it is. You know what? Come to think of it, why can't you make a wish?

Krystal: I don't know. I don't think I want to push my luck. Just being able to be here right now? That's enough.

Jenny: [Babbling]

[David sits on the windowsill at Wildwind holding Krystal's ring with tears in his eyes]

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