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Episode #10130

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Tad: Nurse Gayle, you are a total vision.

Gayle: Mr. Martin, this is not a good idea.

Tad: Not a good idea at all, just fun.

[Tad humming]

Tad: And now the dip.

Gayle: Mr. Martin, Mr. Martin? Mr. Martin?

Jake: What happened?

Gayle: We were just dancing.

Jake: Tad, can you hear me? Tad?

Colby: Scott. I'm so sorry.

Scott: Your dad, he's going to be ok. Mine's in the morgue. He looks like he's sleeping.

Colby: I love Uncle Stuart. Everybody did. I'm so sorry.

Scott: Why isn't sorry ever enough?

Adam: Stuart's gone. My brother -- my brother's dead.

J.R.: I'm so sorry.

Adam: No, no! No!

J.R.: I know.

Adam: No, you don't know. You don't know. It's my fault. It's all my fault.

Liza: Oh, my, if it isn't the ghost of Jesse Hubbard.

Jesse: Liza damn Colby. Plus one.

Liza: So how the hell are you?

Jesse: Busy with the Chandler murder case.

Liza: Yes, I know. My mother is in pieces.

Jesse: Adam was the likely target. It's funny, you just now hitting town. So why don't we just cut to the chase? Where were you when Stuart Chandler was shot?

Liza: Oh, the chief of police. Well, you really have come a long way since we were kids.

Jesse: Oh, yeah, the good old days, when you accused me of rape just to keep Greg thinking that you were always little miss sunshine. I remember that.

Liza: Listen, I am very sorry about that. I thought we had made peace.

Jesse: Mm.

Liza: Look, really, I've changed quite a bit since then.

Jesse: Yeah. At the time of Stuart's murder, where were you?

Liza: I was at the Chandler mansion.

Officer: The DA's on his way to take your statement.

Officer: All right, this way.

Officer: Sit tight and I'll be right back.

Zach: They caught you.

Annie: No, actually, I confessed. Turned myself in. Kidnapping, fleeing the country, murder -- it was time. It's funny, isn't it? Both of us sitting here. You wanted Adam dead. I saved his life.

Zach: What do you mean you saved his life?

Annie: I was at the mansion when it happened, the murder. I bumped into Adam, and he was all over the place and there were all the gunshots, all the people, all the cops, so I protected him and got him out of that house, but then he had a heart attack, the poor guy. But I revived him. Is it true you confessed to killing Stuart? Takes a lot of guts to confess to killing the most-loved man in town.

Kendall: You killed my son. You took him from me. You have to die. You have to die, Adam.

[Gun firing]

Kendall: How long have you been there?

Ryan: Long enough to know you were dreaming about the murder.

Tad: Is there anything wrong with me?

Jake: So far, no.

Tad: Ah hah!

Jake: But you are acting differently. You can see that, can't you? And I don't know if it's temporary. I don't know if it's permanent. But it concerns me. What concerns --

Tad: You know, would that be such a terrible thing? Would that be so awful? What is so against the law of nature and man that, you know, you can't have a good time? I mean, what's wrong with looking at the bright side, of seeing the cup half full to overflowing? If that's so wrong, cuff me now. Go ahead.

Jake: And I'm happy for you. It's fantastic. It's fantastic. I just, just --

Tad: It's killing me. It's fantastic, but --

Jake: You're making -- oh, now you're poking fun at me.

Tad: You want me to be miserable like you, that's what it is.

Jake: You're making fun of me.

Tad: No, I'm not. Just, come on, I like -- look, you're my kid brother. I adore you, but I look at you and you need a couple of volts of something, really. If I were you, I wouldn't be lecturing me. I would be learning from me, you know. Don't, don't wait to get a bullet in the head to find out what's important. Like the people you love, you know, and optimism, and hope. And yes, the occasional laugh. I mean, don't get me wrong. I adore you, but I look at you, and you are definitely a quart low on happy. As a matter of fact, you're the one should be making some changes, not me.

Liza: Yeah, I was at the Chandler mansion, but I never got past the front gate.

Jesse: Go on.

Liza: Well, Colby and I have been having difficult times. Ever since she moved in with Adam -- actually, even before that. I tried reaching out to her. You know, tell her about the pregnancy. Tried by the phone but she just wasn't having it. The long distance was not working for us, so I figured I would show up. Figured the element of surprise would be best. She couldn't deny me if I just showed up, right? So she met me at the gate, and I told her. I told her how much I loved her and how much I wanted us to be a family, especially with this one on the way, but she just wasn't having it. I mean, you know how teenagers can be. She wouldn't even let me on the property. So I left. Look, if you don't believe me, you can talk to Colby. She'll confirm everything I said.

Jesse: Well, that's exactly what I intend to do. Welcome home.

Liza: Thank you.

Annie: It's ironic, us here, both murderers. I always knew you had it in you, to kill someone. Just too bad you killed the wrong man.

Zach: Go to hell.

Annie: Something tells me you'll be there first.

Officer: Let's go.

Annie: Save me a spit next to yours.

Henry: Mr. Slater. Henry North, District Attorney.

Zach: I want to be arraigned.

Henry: All part of the process.

Zach: No, I want to be arraigned now.

Kendall: I was -- I was in the Chandler house, floating from room to room, and there were these flashes of light, and I kept saying "for Ian, I have to do this for Ian." And then I remember I was so angry. And then I was outside. I was on the terrace looking in, and I could see Adam and I had a gun on my hand. And I remember -- I remember that feeling of hate. I can feel how much I hated him. I remember wanting to kill him, wanting to pull the trigger, wanting him dead for my baby. And then the gun went off and there was a loud bang.

Ryan: It was just a dream. Ok, one you probably shouldn't be talking about.

Kendall: Well, I'm awake now. And Stuart is gone, and Zach's in jail, and I'm here.

Ryan: And Ian is alive.

Kendall: Yeah, he is. Oh, he is, he is. How's Emma?

Ryan: She's good. She's safe. She's home with Corrina. Annie turned herself in.

Kendall: Go be with her. Ryan, go be with your daughter right now.

Ryan: She's napping. I'll be there when she wakes up. I'll be there when she wakes up.

Kendall: I envy her. I do, being able to sleep. I'm afraid to close my eyes, afraid I'll dream that dream again.

Ryan: What are you so scared of?

Kendall: All of it. The look in Zach's eyes, the gunshot. And now Zach confessed.

Ryan: Hey, um -- if there's anything else that you need to tell me, I'm here.

Kendall: Of course. Well, actually, there is one thing I have to tell you. Um, Jake examined Ian earlier and said he's getting healthier by the minute.

Ryan: Oh, that's great. That's so amazing.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Go be with him, ok? And give him a kiss for me.

Kendall: I will.

Ryan: Ok.

Kendall: I will.

Liza: Colby, we have to --

Colby: What do you want?

Liza: Listen, we have to talk, all right? I need you to tell Jesse Hubbard that our conversation happened at the gates of the mansion and that it happened before Stuart was killed.

Colby: You want me to lie for you?

Liza: Jesse just asked me where I was when Stuart was murdered.

Colby: The truth didn't work?

Liza: I went for a walk. Nobody saw me. I have no alibis, no witnesses, I just -- I panicked.

Colby: You must suck as a lawyer.

Liza: Listen, the conversation's real. I just switched the time and the place.

Colby: Which is the same as lying.

Liza: Colby, if you could just back me up on this one thing --

Colby: Oh, God, did you do it? Is that why you came back? To kill Dad? But then you shot Uncle Stuart and now you want me to cover for you?

Liza: Colby, don't be ridiculous.

Colby: Then tell me the truth and spare me the "walk in the park" story.

Liza: I was in the mansion. Yeah, I was there when Stuart was killed.

Adam: I have to see my brother.

J.R.: You stay in bed. Those crazy pills made you sick.

Adam: I don't give a damn about those pills. I just want to see my brother. So many people wanted me dead. I made them all hate me. I didn't care. I didn't care. I dared them. But I was too strong and too silent and too powerful and too untouchable. How many times did Stuart beg me, beg me to be kind and generous, knowing, loving -- all things that came so easily to Stuart? What kind of a God would let me live and allow the murder of a man as pure and innocent as Stuart?

J.R.: Maybe so you could have a second chance. So you could take a look at your life and make changes. Hell, maybe even try some of that love and understanding that Stuart wanted for you so badly. Maybe so all of us not just remember but to live by it. Maybe that was Uncle Stuart's legacy.

Scott: Don't talk about my father's legacy. The wrong man is lying in the morgue.

[Tad humming]

Tad: Think fast. Oh, he's still got his reflexes.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Tad: Beautiful, come on.

Jake: I learned from the best, didn't I?

Tad: No, you lost to the best, repeatedly.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Tad: First one who drops it loses, ok?

Jake: And then you make me do something ridiculous like moon the old folks' home.

Tad: Hey, don't knock it, man, those women loved you. Along with that one guy from Illinois.

Jake: Now that I think about it, you really loved humiliating me, didn't you? Huh?

Tad: Somebody had to, you were way too cool.

Jake: Because I was very young and impressionable. No, the truth is that I really respected you. You knew how to live. No doubts, no looking back, no regrets. You know, they should call that "mojo." In the dictionary, looking it up, that should be called "mojo."

Tad: It doesn't matter if you scare it away. It's just as well. I can get it back.

Liza: I was so desperate to just talk with you, Colby, so I went into the house.

Colby: You broke in?

Liza: Well, it's not exactly like your father would have welcomed me, and I didn't want to see him. I just wanted to talk with you.

Colby: So you broke in?

Liza: I went around the terrace, but I couldn't go in the terrace, because your father was in the parlor talking with J.R., so I went to the back door and it was open. I went inside. I went upstairs and I saw you. You were sleeping.

Colby: I only conked out for a few minutes. You didn't wake me?

Liza: No, because somebody was coming. I heard them so I left.

Colby: Did you shoot my father?

Liza: Don't be ridiculous. Colby, I wouldn't shoot anyone. I am not a murderer.

Colby: If you're so innocent, why not just tell the cops what you told me?

Liza: You don't believe me. You think the chief of police is going to believe me? Colby, I did not come here to start trouble, and I certainly didn't come here to upset you. I came here so that you and I can have a second chance. We could be a family, but if I'm going to get railroaded for murder, because I don't have an alibi, I'm never going to get that opportunity to be the mother that I've -- to be the mother I always wanted to be with you. Colby, honey, I have real dreams for us. You, me, and your little brother or your little sister, happy, you know, like we were before I messed everything up.

Colby: But you need me to lie so that we can have all this happiness?

Liza: I know you're angry at me, but I also know that deep down inside that you do love me, and the only reason that I'm coming to you with all of our differences is because you really are the only one that I can truly trust. Please help me.

Colby: I -- I love my dad. I need to see him.

Liza: Please, Colby.

Jake: Hey, what was that all about?

Adam: I don't know what to say. I don't know how this could happen.

Scott: My father was dressed in your clothes. Why?

Adam: That was Stuart's idea.

Scott: Dad never wore suits.

Adam: No, when I told him that I was transferring Chandler to you, I wanted him to witness my new will. He thought he should wear a suit at such an important event.

Scott: So my father was dressed like you, mistaken for you, and shot because of your idea of putting me in charge? This is insane. My dad is in the morgue because of your greed and your ego and your game playing.

J.R.: He's just trying to make sense of all this, Dad.

Adam: No, he has every right to blame me. I might as well have pulled the trigger myself.

Colby: Dad.

Adam: Colby, Colby.

Colby: I'm so sorry about Uncle Stuart. I'm so glad you're all right.

Ryan: How's Annie?

Jesse: Still being processed, and after that, she'll be transferred to a psychiatric facility.

Ryan: Thank you. How did -- how did she seem?

Jesse: Well, not exactly the poster child for sanity, but seemed lucid, rational. I mean, hell, she saved Adam Chandler's life. On second thought, maybe she is still crazy. So, um, how's Kendall holding up?

Ryan: She's struggling a little bit, but I think Ian getting stronger, that's helping. Thanks for asking.

Jesse: You know, Zach is pushing for an immediate arraignment.

Ryan: Yeah, well, he confessed. It makes sense he'd want to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Jesse: Well, it's not quite that simple.

Ryan: Why? You got a confession.

Jesse: Well, Forensics is still analyzing the bullet to see if it came from Zach's gun, and if I don't have a match -- we've got a whole new suspect list.

Jesse: Ryan? Something you want to tell me?

Ryan: No, I was just, um... I was just thinking about how crazy that night was, you know?

Jesse: Yeah, well, crazy ain't over yet, kid. I've got a ton of questions and not half the answers I need.

Ryan: What does that mean? The investigation is still open?

Jesse: It's a formality, mostly. There's just one answer that just doesn't fit, one witness that has a different story.

Ryan: Whole new case. Thing is, it doesn't make any sense that Zach would confess if he actually didn't do it.

Jesse: Confession means prison. Prison takes Zach away from Ian. And the way I see it, that kid is the center of Zach's life. He wouldn't give that up unless he had a damn good reason to.

Zach: My boy was dead, or so I thought. I blamed Adam. I went to his house. It's a big place, but I tracked him down. I lined him up, then fired, but it wasn't Adam. It was Stuart.

Henry: Murder was premeditated.

Zach: Yeah. I went to his house prior, threatened him, told him if anything happens to my son, I will kill him. There were witnesses.

Henry: I'll get their statements.

Zach: So how long before I can be arraigned?

Henry: Well, I'm waiting for the ballistics.

Zach: Why? There are powder burns on my hands and then the bullet's going to match the gun, so there's --

Henry: Well, I'm impressed by your eagerness, but there are steps to be taken.

Zach: Why, why is that? Huh? I confessed. Open and shut, right?

Henry: I'll get this transcribed, get your signature, and schedule your arraignment for this afternoon.

Zach: Good, let's get this over with.

J.R.: We didn't know that Uncle Stuart was in the house.

Scott: What?

J.R.: And his clothes, they didn't look like his. We just didn't know. We didn't know.

Scott: Dad. Damn it, no. No! No! Marian?

Marian: Oh, Scott. Oh, Scott. Oh, God.

Colby: I'm so sorry.

Adam: I need to see Stuart.

J.R.: Not without the doctor's approval. You don't get out of the bed without it.

Adam: I don't care. I need to see him. I need to see my brother.

Colby: Dad?

J.R.: Dad, you need to relax.

Colby: I am getting a nurse.

Adam: I need to see him.

Colby: Excuse me. My dad, Adam Chandler -- he's having trouble breathing. He's upset.

Nurse: Ok, I'll take care of it.

Colby: Ok.

Jesse: Just the person I was looking for.

Colby: Me?

Jesse: Yeah, I thought we might have a little chat about your mother.

Liza: Colby just hates me. Doesn't matter what I say to her, she just doesn't want to listen.

Jake: Oh, I'm sorry. Were you looking for sympathy from the person you're trying to blackmail?

Liza: Jake, this baby, Amanda's baby, it could be the key to rebuilding my relationship with Colby.

Jake: And what happens when that doesn't work?

Liza: I want a child, Jake. I've made so many mistakes with Colby, and this is my chance to do it right.

Jake: Stop. The deal --

[Cart rolling]

Jake: The deal was that you find an anonymous couple that live far, far away so that they would take the baby and keep it away from Hayward. That was the deal.

Liza: I'm going to keep this baby safe from David.

Jake: Uh-huh. But you wouldn't mind giving up the baby to David, if I don't go along with your plan, right?

Liza: Jake, I just want a family. I want a second chance.

Jake: Ok. And you will do, obviously, anything to get it.

Liza: Yes.

Jake: You know Amanda's never going to go along with something like this, so ...

Liza: Well, Amanda doesn't have to know, if you just keep your mouth shut.

Jake: I'm suddenly remembering why I haven't really missed you in several years.

Liza: I really am sorry that you are uncomfortable with this arrangement. Look, I just want to be a mother to Colby and to Amanda's baby.

Jake: I don't know if you've noticed, but Colby's very fond of her father. I mean, when she looks at Adam, she doesn't see a pitchfork or a tail or little horns. No. And I think he really loves her. He loves her just as much as he loves Stuart. So my suggestion to you would be, if you'd like to have a fresh start, I would give Colby a little space, and I'd return that fat suit to wherever you got it from.

Liza: You're bitter because Colby isn't yours.

Jake: Oh?

Liza: Oh, yeah. You had daddy fantasies that were destroyed when Adam switched his vial for yours.

Jake: No, no, no, no. I'm not going to lie to you. I would've loved to have been Colby's dad. Loved it. The truth is I don't live in the land of what could've been or should've been. I live in the land of what really is right now.

Liza: So you're going to keep my secret?

Jake: You really just take extreme to a whole new level, honey.

Liza: I'll do whatever it takes to get whatever I want.

Jake: Hmm. Does that include killing Adam?

Nurse: You have to relax, Mr. Chandler.

Adam: Yes, thank you. Sorry.

Nurse: Ok, now don't get too comfortable. We still have some more tests scheduled.

Adam: All right.

J.R.: I want a guard at the door. Zach Slater might have been arrested for Stuart's murder, but there's still way too many people that want you dead.

Adam: A guard isn't going to stop Hayward.

J.R.: Yeah, well, I'm willing to take whatever steps necessary to protect you.

Adam: Even though you wanted me dead? Take me to Stuart.

J.R.: All right.

Henry: Sign here. And here.

Zach: Ok, we're done?

Henry: See you in court?

Zach: Mm-hmm. Hey. Thanks for coming. How's Ian?

Ryan: He's doing really, really good. He's getting stronger by the hour.

Zach: I'm being arraigned this afternoon.

Ryan: This afternoon? Well, you're going to need to call Kendall.

Zach: I don't want to talk to her.

Ryan: She's going to want to be there for you.

Zach: I said no. Just keep her away from me, please. And do me a favor. Tell her to tell the kids I love them, please.

Kendall: Your daddy and I love you so much.

Nurse: Mrs. Slater? I didn't expect to see you here. I just heard on the news, they're arraigning Mr. Slater today.

Scott: And then he put on a suit. Dad.

Marian: I guess he wanted to celebrate the news.

Scott: Yeah. He wanted to look good for the meeting with the lawyer.

Marian: Yeah.

Scott: If I hadn't have gotten caught up in Chandler Enterprises, this would've never happened.

Marian: Stuart was so proud of you. He called me after Adam told him the news. Oh, he was a little concerned about the responsibility -- and of Adam's influence. He knew you had the strength to make the right decisions.

Scott: Agreeing to the competition for Chandler, putting a new heart valve inside of a child, these aren't the things that dad would be proud of.

Marian: Oh, stop that. Just stop it. Stuart loved you. The boy you were, the man you grew into, your heart, your passion. I see so much of Stuart in you.

Scott: Just before he died, I told him that I wanted to go fishing. I wanted to learn how to tie those lures of his. I should've come home more, Marian. I should've spent more time with him. I should've told him that I loved him. How grateful that I am that he raised me as his own son.

Marian: Stuart knew all that. You know? I think he put that suit on because after Adam told him that you were going to be heading Chandler Enterprises, Stuart felt equal to Adam for the first time in his life. His son, the child that he raised, was going to carry on the family company. So, no matter what one thinks of Adam, that is quite an accomplishment. It is something you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

Scott: I'd trade it all to have him back.

Marian: I know. I know.

Jesse: So according to your mother, you wouldn't let her past the gate, you spoke, didn't go well, she split. Is that pretty much how it happened?

Colby: Yes, it is. Kind of.

[Unintelligible chatter]

Reporter: Is it true that you meant to shoot Adam Chandler?

Second reporter: Did you confess?

First reporter: Did you threaten Adam Chandler prior to shooting his brother?

Second reporter: Did you shoot at police?

Reporter: How's your son?

Officer: Let's go, come on.

Reporter: Are you sorry you shot the wrong man?

Second reporter: Will you ask for leniency?

Zach: You shouldn't be here.

Kendall: I'm not going anywhere.

J.R.: I thought you'd be at Slater's arraignment. Face the man who killed your father.

Scott: I'm looking at him.

Adam: Stuart, I spent the better part of my life believing that I took care of you. You were the slower brother, the simple brother. Well, nothing could be further from the truth, because you took care of me. I should've listened to you, Stuart. So, so many things. But I just pushed you aside and left you to your plants and your flowers and your painting and... I still have that painting, the last one you gave me. It's in my study. It's the sunrise at the cove. It's a place that you wanted to take me to see so many times, but I was always too busy to go. But I loved that painting. It -- it's -- the strokes are so gentle and so rich. And you painted exactly as you lived... Gently and richly. What talent you had for living and for loving. You loved me every day of my life. And I failed you. I failed to love you as you should've been loved. I failed to protect you. I am -- I am so sorry. I am so sorry.

Jesse: Got a minute?

Liza: I need to see my mother.

Jesse: Yeah. I spoke with Colby.

Liza: Well, of course, you did.

Jesse: You lied. You and Colby didn't talk at the gate. As a matter of fact, you didn't speak at all last night before the murder, but you were at the Chandlers' inside at the time of the murder. Oh, don't take it so hard, sweetheart. At least you got an honest daughter. Most parents would be pleased with that.

Liza: I was in the house.

Jesse: To kill Adam?

Liza: I did not kill Stuart, but I know who did.

Reporter: Mr. Slater, just one question.

Second reporter: You didn't answer our question.

Zach: Get back to the hospital. Take care of Ian.

Kendall: Ian is fine. So is Spike. You are not.

Zach: Forget about me.

Kendall: What are you talking about?

Zach: Just walk away.

Kendall: No, I will not.

Zach: Walk away. Have a family with Ryan. Raise our kids together. He's their father now, not me.

Kendall: Why are you being like this?

Zach: I don't have a choice.

Kendall: Of course, you do.

Officer: Come on, let's go.

Kendall: No, Zach, wait a minute.

Zach: Do what I said. Stay away from me.

Kendall: I don't understand. Zach just told me to stay away from him for good, to just forget about him.

Ryan: He's trying to protect you, Kendall.

Kendall: Why would he have to protect me? He's the one who needs protecting. I mean, he's the one who... He confessed. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Zach confessed because he thinks I killed Stuart. You think I killed him, too?

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