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Krystal: Oh, Babe, I messed up. And I can't -- I can't make it right. How? How could I do something like that?

Marissa: Krystal. What did you do?

Krystal: I was just -- I was just talking, rambling. I do that. I come here and I talk to Babe.

Marissa: You're still upset.

Krystal: I -- seeing those pictures at Adam's. All those memories, the good and the bad. The mistakes I've made -- I just had to come and talk it over. But you know what? I have been here long enough. I think we should -- I think we should leave.

Marissa: April 10, 1983? Her birthday, Babe's birthday. It's the same as mine.

Erica: How's Little Adam? Did you kiss him good night for Adam?

Gayle: Of course.

Erica: Liar.

Zach: What's wrong?

David: Ask him.

Zach: I'm asking you. You cut my boy open. You put a valve in him. You said everything went well. What happened?

David: The valve is defective. And the Chandlers knew all about it.

Krystal: April 10 is your birthday? Wow, that -- how about that for a coincidence?

Marissa: No, you used to send me cards when I was little.

Krystal: Yes. You're right, I did. I guess I forgot.

Marissa: Or you just lied. Why? You know what I always thought was weird? You were such good friends with my parents, and I couldn't figure out why. You know, they wore sensible shoes and plaid shirts. You were all hoop earrings and jingly bracelets. You never lived near us. You were always coming from somewhere different. You would visit once, twice a year, sometimes more. But you never brought your little girl. Why? You'd always bring me a present, and you spent so much time with me. I remember feeling extra special. You know, a grownup paying me all that attention. You knew what was my favorite subject, what boys that I liked, what did I want to be when I grew up. What don't I know?

Krystal: Your parents never lied to you.

Marissa: No, but you are. Why? When we were in that jail cell, I asked you why you came looking for me, and you said you wanted to make sure that I was ok. But there's more, isn't there? You'd lost Babe, your baby, custody of your grandson. I'd lost my parents, and there you were. You were worried about me, wanting to make sure I was ok, offering to pay my tuition, almost like a -- are you my mother?

Gayle: I'm not a liar, Erica.

Erica: Oh, no? When you tucked Little Adam in, where you taking notes for his other grandfather?

Gayle: Dr. Hayward loves his grandson just as much as Mr. Chandler does.

Erica: You and Dr. Hayward are very close, aren't you?

Gayle: I told you -- he's an amazing doctor. I respect his work.

Erica: And he obviously respects yours. And I get the feeling that he is very well-informed about the comings-and-goings in this house.

Gayle: I protect my patients' privacy.

Erica: Well, when that great doctor, a rich doctor, asks you for special favors -- information, perhaps --

Gayle: My relationship with Dr. Hayward is completely professional.

Erica: I've seen the way you look at David, the way you talk about him, the way you talk to him. Oh, that must make you feel very special, to be able to help the great doctor. I'll be watching you, very closely.

Adam: You failed, Hayward. Admit it, face it. You made a mistake.

David: I was handed a defective valve in the OR. I attempted to fix it.

Adam: Fix it? You crowed to the media that that valve was a miracle. And then you gave Chandler credit for making it available for everyone. And then you were so confident about it, you tried to get your name put on it for about three weeks. Now, is this debacle still the valve's fault? If you ask me, folks, I think you've got a malpractice suit going here.

David: You son of a bitch.

Zach: Take it easy. It's Scott, right? Is that your name? You haven't been able to make eye contact with me since we got here. Why is that? You were talking about the valve, how good it is, out there celebrating. Now you -- now the guy who invented it goes and kills himself. Did he know it was defective? Did you know? I'm going to ask you one more time. Did you know? And did you know that it was defective?

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Ryan: Zach, don't --

Jesse: Zach, Zach --

Zach: That is my boy in there!

Jesse: Zach --

Zach: Dying because of your lies and your greed!

Jesse: Don't --

Zach: This is your miracle, your miracle valve. If my boy dies, I will kill you.

Jesse: Let's go.

Zach: Save my son.

Annie: [Whispers] Hey.

Emma: Mommy?

Annie: Hi, it's ok. Go back to sleep. Go back to sleep. It's ok.

Krystal: You're my daughter. I wanted to tell you when we were in that jail cell. And since then, too, but you had parents who loved you, and you loved them. And I did not want to disrespect your memory of that.

Marissa: But they weren't my parents. You and -- and David are my parents. Babe was my sister.

Krystal: I'm sorry you -- I'm sorry you found out like this.

Marissa: Well, is there a good way? My parents adopted me and never said a word. They did lie to me.

Krystal: No, they loved you, and they struggled whether to tell you, when to tell you. And I'm sure they would have told you someday --

Marissa: Oh, so you all discussed it, then lied to me some more. Did you tell them not to tell me I was adopted so I wouldn't come dogging after you?

Krystal: Lydia and Roy did not know me as anything except a friend. They had no idea that -- that I am your birth mother.

Marissa: Oh, this is too weird.

Krystal: Listen to me. They adopted you through a broker, but I couldn't stand it. I had to know how you were, what you were doing. I tracked them down. You see, and I made friends with them. Lydia and Roy loved you to pieces, like you were their own blood.

Marissa: But I wasn't. I was yours. My sister, my twin sister -- you kept her. You gave me away. Why? Tell me. Why did you choose Babe? Why did you give me away?

J.R.: Just couldn't wait to play hero to the media. Businessman with a heart.

Scott: Oh, shut the hell up.

Adam: That's enough, both of you.

J.R.: No, if Kendall's son dies --

Adam: He isn't going to die, and this company isn't going to fold. So, no panic, no blame. We come together and we fight.

Scott: We pushed the valve ahead too fast. We don't have a defense.

Adam: So we'll come in on the offense. We'll take the offense. Surgical error, the will of God maybe, or terrible misadventures. But we have to keep our thoughts and prayers on the child.

Jesse: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Zach: They knew this whole time that there was something wrong with this valve, and now my boy could die.

Jesse: Zach, Zach -- listen, I know how hard this must be, man, but you got to keep your head on straight.

Zach: What should I do?

David: Obviously, that valve needs to be replaced. But Ian just underwent major surgery. He was weak then. He's even weaker now. So we need to give him some time so that he can regain his strength.

Kendall: Yeah, but you said there wasn't enough time.

David: I'm going to put him on ecmo. That stands for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. It's a machine that will function for Ian's heart and lungs. It will take the stress off his organs and give him the time that he needs to regain his strength. Once that happens, I will go back in there, I will replace that valve.

Nurse: The ecmo team is ready, Dr. Hayward.

David: I'll be right there. I saved your life, Kendall. I will do everything in my power to save your son's.

Ryan: He is Ian's best shot, ok?

Kendall: This is my fault.

Ryan: What? No, no, it's not. It's not your fault, Kendall.

Kendall: No, Ryan. Yes, I pushed for the valve. I didn't want to listen to Zach's doubts. I wanted what I wanted. I told Zach that he was wrong. I did this.

Ryan: No, you didn't. You were given wrong information.

Kendall: If my baby doesn't make it, if Ian dies, I will never forgive myself.

Zach: My boy is hooked up to machines that breathe for him, pump his blood for him, and we wait. We pray to God, we make our deals, and we wait. Seems to me I just did that. Sitting by machines, watching, and waiting, and making my deals with God just for anything. Just any sign -- twitch of your finger, anything -- just wanting your eyes to open. I can't do it again. I'm too tired. I can't sit there and wait, pray prayers that don't mean anything -- just words. Just waiting for my son to die. I can't do it.

Marissa: How do you do that? How do you pick one child to give away?

Krystal: I was young, desperate, and confused. I was alone.

Marissa: What, and you just looked at me and said take her?

Krystal: I poured myself into Babe. I poured the love I had for two babies into one, and I told myself that if I could just love her enough, give her the best life I could, that you would have the best life that you could.

Marissa: And that made sense to you?

Krystal: It's all that I had.

Krystal: When Babe cried, I wondered if you were crying. And when she laughed, I hoped you were happy, too. I would wake up at night, toss and turn, and wonder where you were, what you were dreaming.

Marissa: That's when you hunted down my parents, so you could get a good night's sleep.

Krystal: No, no, I did it -- I did it to see you, to love you without messing up your life. I couldn't bring Babe because I was afraid that the two of you would feel something, some connection. They say that twins have that sometimes, that bond. You might have figured it out, and I didn't want to take that chance.

Marissa: No, of course not.

Krystal: Marissa, I dragged Babe all the way across the country. Truck stops, trailer parks, one-horse town -- always looking for work, never able to stay in one place for very long. And then I would see you and Lydia and Roy. You lived in the same area your whole life. You had two parents who adored you. You grew up with the friends that you always loved. You went to school plays, dance classes. Remember that crazy cross-eyed cat that used to follow you around? I saw you. I watched you grow up settled and happy and loved.

Marissa: So, what, are you trying to tell me that I was better off without you?

Krystal: I'm just trying to tell you the way that it was.

Marissa: Then tell me why I was the one that you gave up. Was I the colicky baby? Did I cry too much or were my eyes the wrong color?

Krystal: I just pointed without looking. Marissa, I could barely take care of myself back then. Suddenly I had two babies and I couldn't afford one, and I needed the money and I --

Marissa: Oh, my God. You sold me.

Kendall: How long does this take?

Ryan: It's going to be all right. I'm going to go call and check in on Spike.

Kendall: Will you tell him I love him?

Kendall: How is he?

David: Ian is on the machine. He's tolerating it well.

Kendall: Ok, how soon until he's strong enough for the next surgery?

David: It's too soon to call. Right now we're just going day-to-day. We'll monitor him, we'll run some more tests, we'll -- I'm going to get Ian through this.

Kendall: That valve was supposed to be our miracle.

David: Yeah, the Chandlers lied to us all. But I'm going to make it right, Kendall. I promise you.

Adam: Right, Barry, I want maximum deniability. Ok, later. What do you want? The valve? If you were the surgeon genius that you say you are, we wouldn't even have this problem, would we?

David: Shut up! We had a deal, Adam. I operate with your precious valve, which turned out to be garbage, in exchange for visitation with my grandson.

Adam: And you have visited with him.

David: You're turning him against me, so he won't want to see me. And I will not be denied.

Adam: You lost, Hayward. Why don't you leave Little Adam alone and focus on your own child?

David: My own child? What the hell are you talking about?

Erica: Well, I've been very impressed by one of the nurses here recently -- Gayle Walker. Do you know her?

Nurse: She's one of the best. Completely dedicated, always willing to go the extra step.

Erica: Oh, well, she must be very popular with the doctors, then. Dr. Hayward, for example. Does he request her often?

Nurse: How did you know? Gayle is the chief's go-to girl.

Erica: Really?

Nurse: Patient Slater's on ecmo. He'll need to be monitored constantly.

Erica: Not Ian Slater? Is he all right? Ryan? Ryan, what happened? Is Ian all right?

Ryan: It's not great. The valve is failing.

Marissa: You sold me. You got the money. Why bother keeping tabs on me? Even when I grew up, why track me to Philadelphia?

Krystal: What I did was wrong. I know that. But it doesn't mean that I don't love you.

Marissa: Don't. David doesn't know anything, does he? That I'm his daughter. That you sold me.

Krystal: No.

Marissa: And you intend to keep it that way. When I showed up at your door and David invited me to move in, you must have flipped out. God, no wonder you were so freaked half the time.

Krystal: This has all gone so wrong. And I just wanted to spare you the pain, and David also.

Marissa: Then why the hell didn't you just stay away? I was doing fine without you, without this.

Krystal: I am so sorry. I am so sorry, but you have to believe me. I love you. From the day you were born, I love you as much as I ever loved Babe.

Marissa: The daughter you kept. Leave me the hell alone.

David: I don't have any other children, unless you're talking about the baby Amanda's carrying.

Adam: Or maybe you'd like to be playing daddy without waiting for those nine months, because of me.

David: I swear I will stick this right into your carotid artery.

Adam: Aren't you just mildly curious about what I have on your wife? What would be so huge that she would betray your love and your trust, hmm? Rather than let anyone else know her secret? There's a young woman that's come recently to Pine Valley. She's the daughter of two of Krystal's good friends.

David: Marissa is Krystal's daughter?

Adam: Well, I think you should ask Krystal about that. But she would be about the same age as Babe, wouldn't she?

David: You son of a bitch.

Adam: Oh, just trying to help.

David: If this turns out to be true --

Adam: You'll thank me.

David: No, I will kill you, Adam.

Adam: I was hoping for a cigar.

David: You are through messing with my life, hurting the people I love, destroying lives. I promise you, Adam, I will come to you in the dead of the night, and I will slit your throat. And you will go to hell with my smile burned into your eyes. Do you understand that?

Erica: David, what are you doing? Adam, are you all right?

Adam: Take me home.

Ryan: Your mom came by. She was looking for you. I thought you'd be in there with Ian.

Kendall: I can't go in there. Zach is with him. I have to do more. I have to protect him. I have to find a way to help him through this.

Ryan: Kendall, you're doing everything you possibly can do for Ian.

Kendall: No -- no, for Zach.

Adam: It's all gone to hell. Young Ian -- I'm so sorry.

Erica: No, you have nothing to be sorry for.

Adam: I was so desperate to save the company, so I put the company ahead of the child. And now the child's life hangs in the balance because of me.

Erica: No, you had no way to know that that valve was defective. No -- Adam, no. No, you couldn't have known that that valve was defective. There's no way that you would have risked Ian's life. No, you would never sacrifice the life of any child. I came to you for help, Adam. I asked you to help me. I asked you to help my family. You told me that that valve was the best possible choice.

Adam: I had no idea the valve was faulted. And when I found out, it was too late.

Erica: And you said nothing?

Adam: I couldn't lose my company. I had to save it.

Erica: You knew that that valve could cause the death of Ian, and you gave a party. You gave a victory party for your damn company. And you knew that baby was fighting for his life. All these weeks I stuck by your side. I kept your secrets. I helped you. I trusted you.

Adam: Erica, just try to understand the complexity --

Erica: No, you go to hell!

Adam: Erica, please wait. Erica, you're all I have left.

J.R.: There's no way to fix it. A child could die. The doctor who invented the heart valve committed suicide.

Barry: That's hardly the Chandler way.

J.R.: I can't stomach the Chandler way right now. I would settle for saving one life.

Barry: Look, I'm sorry about the child, but we've got a company to rescue. We'll issue a press release, downplay the defect. I'm thinking we lay the blame squarely on Hayward. A mistake during surgery.

Scott: Hayward saved Ian's life.

Barry: You want to save Chandler or stroke Hayward's ego? Now, the next point of business is to spin the inventor's suicide. I have some ideas.

Scott: Yeah, I got one, too. We tell the truth. Or do you want to spin a man's suicide?

J.R.: I think the truth isn't sounding so bad right now.

Man: You're not scheduled until tomorrow. And you might want to wash your face.

Marissa: I quit.

Man: You can't quit. Customers already love you.

Marissa: Look, I just need my check from the catering gig at the Chandlers'. I'm leaving town.

J.R.: You're leaving? You just got here. What happened?

Marissa: Just a bad night.

J.R.: Bad night? I bet you I got you beat. Chandlers hit a new low. Everybody talks up their family -- you know, the family thing. My family, they'd offer a knife, and they'd just know where to stick it for maximum pain.

Marissa: Your dad?

J.R.: Yeah. Everything is a test. Most of it's a lie, and there's no way to win. I just hope to God I don't rip my son the way my father ripped me.

Marissa: Just don't sell him out. Any parent who sells out their own kid is a monster.

Man: Your check won't be ready until tomorrow.

Marissa: I'll come back.

Man: Like I said, you've got the job here any time.

J.R.: You're really leaving?

Marissa: Yeah. First I got to do something. A family thing.

Krystal: David? What's wrong? Is it Ian?

David: He might die.

Krystal: I am so sorry.

David: It makes me want to grab hold of Little Adam and just hold him really tight. But I can't. Because Adam has poisoned my grandson. My own grandson is afraid of me. And all I wanted to do was love him. But thank God for you, right? A woman who loves me, a woman I can trust. You'll always be there for me, won't you?

Krystal: Of course.

David: My loyal, loving wife. The mother of my children. That's right, Krystal. I know.

Gayle: Mr. Lavery.

Ryan: Hi. I'm obviously here to pick up Emma.

Gayle: Great. I'll be in the kitchen if you need anything.

Ryan: Thank you. Come up here. Come up here on your big day. Hey, sleepyhead.

Emma: Hi, Daddy.

Ryan: Hi, hi. You ready to go home?

Emma: Is Mommy coming?

Krystal: I'm so sorry. I should have told you. I should have told you a long time ago, all of it. But I just -- I couldn't -- I couldn't find the right time, the right words. The shame -- I just -- I'm glad it's out. I'm glad Marissa told you.

David: Marissa knows we're her parents? When did that happen?

Krystal: Tonight. She found me at Babe's grave, and it came out.

David: Oh, God. Babe's twin. I have another daughter. And you were never going to tell me, were you? When you lost our baby, I grieved that child, the children we would never have together. You held me. You cried with me. You said that you wished that you could make it right -- that we could have children together, have that dream. All this time? All this time, we did have a child? And you said nothing. God, Krystal! How the hell could you do something like this?

Krystal: Go ahead and do it. Go ahead and kill me. I know you want to, and I deserve it. I deserve to die!

Marissa: No, David, don't.

Adam: I've finally gone too far. J.R. hates me again. Scott, too. I was just trying to do what's best for my family.

Erica: You love them until they break.

Adam: Yes, you're right. I break people. Several of them want to kill me. Slater, Hayward. Krystal will dance on my grave after what I've done to her. You understand.

Erica: No, I don't. Not anymore. I would never sacrifice the life of a child.

Adam: I know you hate me. And this won't affect anything I've done, but I've changed my will.

Erica: Given your long list of enemies, you should keep it readily available.

Adam: Yes, well, I've set aside a good deal of my estate for you, named you as executor.

Erica: Of an estate full of debts and liabilities and lawsuits?

Adam: I trust you to do what's right.

Erica: You have dragged me into your mess of a world, and now you want to make me the one who has to fix it after you're gone? Well, you change it, Adam. I don't want anything to do with you.

Adam: Wait, Erica.

Gayle: Ms. Kane.

Erica: No, don't touch those pills.

Barry: You gentlemen are making a big mistake.

Scott: Just set up the press conference.

J.R.: We'll take care of the rest. You're kicking yourself, aren't you? Bringing the valve to our family. If you would have gotten the funding somewhere else, this wouldn't be happening.

Scott: We all screwed up. So we'll fix it together.

J.R.: If I were you, I'd bail.

Scott: Good or bad, it's the only family I got.

J.R.: Yeah, your lucky day when Uncle Stuart adopted you, huh?

Scott: Yes, it was.

J.R.: If you're crazy enough to stick around, it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Scott: Well, like I said, we're in it together. So we'll see it through to the end. Whatever the hell that is.

Kendall: Where's my husband -- my ex-husband? Where is Ian's father?

Nurse: You just missed him.

Kendall: Where did he go? Did he say?

Nurse: No. It was the oddest thing. He was holding your son's hand, almost willing the little boy to jump out of bed, and then a strange look came across his face, and he just walked out.

Kendall: He didn't say where?

Nurse: He didn't. But I don't think I want to be the person he was going to see.

Kendall: Oh, my God.

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