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Marissa: Hello, I'm Marissa. I'll be helping you out today.

Aidan: Hey, Marissa. I just -- give me a couple of minutes to figure out what I want.

Marissa: No problem. You here on holiday or business?

Aidan: Neither, actually.

Marissa: Oh, my God. I just thought with the accent and all --

Aidan: I've lived here for over seven years.

Marissa: Oh, well, it's nice that you've never lost it then. I love a British accent. It's why James Bond is so popular no matter what Brit's playing him. I mean, even if it was like Brad Pitt saying, "Bond, James Bond" it just wouldn't do it for me the way Daniel Craig does. Sorry, rambling. What looks good?

Aidan: How are your bangers?

Marissa: Excuse me?

Aidan: I'm just messing around. It's British for sausages.

Marissa: Oh, ok. You mean the pasta and sausages. You are cute. Um, they're delish, one of my favorites.

Aidan: Sold.

Marissa: Ok. Be right back. Cheerio.

[Cell phone ringing]

Aidan: Hello? Annie.

Kendall: I can't get over how much better he looks already.

Zach: Well, I'm not a doctor, but I think it's probably because he doesn't have to work so hard to breathe anymore. Almost looks happy, right?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: He's going to smile or something. That's my boy. Hey.

Erica: Would you like some coffee?

Zach: No, thanks.

Erica: Have they told you yet when you can take him home?

Kendall: Pretty soon, I hope. This little one's been in the hospital way too long. It's high time he gets home and stays there for good.

Ryan: By the way they're talking outside, he's going to sprout wings and fly home soon.

Kendall: By the way, who's talking?

Ryan: David and Scott Chandler. I never thought I'd hear it, but David Hayward is making Chandler Enterprises sound like the second coming.

David: And again, it's important that you realize that a large share of the credit goes to Chandler Enterprises for stepping up to the plate and pushing forth with this new technology. They put their reputation on the line along with their money, and as a result, a young boy now has another chance at life. And I know I speak not just for my surgical team, but also for the parents of the boy when I express my heartfelt thanks to the Chandler family.

Adam: Ah, yes, yes, it'll be a very small group, but probably not more than 15 people. Yes, an assortment of hors d'oeuvres would be good. Charles, go ahead, you know I trust your taste implicitly. Yeah, I'll see you then.

J.R.: What was that all about?

Adam: It was just having a little celebration to salute our success. Thanks to our foray into med-tech business, Chandler Enterprises is on its way back to prosperity.

J.R.: Don't you think you're being a little premature?

Adam: No, I just checked in with the hospital. Ian Slater is doing amazingly well. And Scott is holding a press conference with Hayward who has no choice but to sing our praises. All in all that's, uh -- we're pretty much on a forward momentum.

J.R.: Did you ever think that you might be setting us up for an execution instead?

Adam: You're being paranoid.

J.R.: No, this is not paranoia. Ian Slater has a ticking time bomb in his chest. Don't brush this off. You heard what Chappell said. There's a 60% chance that this valve will fail, and when we have to rip open his chest and fix the mistake that has a Chandler logo stamped all over it, you're going to have more than a few stockholders screaming for your head. You're going to have Zach Slater over here with knives out, aimed for your neck.

Adam: All right! All right, if we had known that the problem existed, it would have stopped the operation, of course, but the child was on the operating table. So what's done is done. We just must keep a positive outlook and thank God for the good press.

J.R.: You're playing with a child's life. Do you have any idea what Zach will do if our valve kills his kid?

Adam: All right, enough. So we all keep our mouth shut and we wait. The longer that child lives, the better it is for our company, and simultaneously the better it is for our family.

J.R.: What about Ian's family? No parents should have to bury their child, especially over a stupid mistake that never had to be made.

Erica: Oh, he's going to be an amazing man when he grows up. Look at all the battles he's fought already and won in his short, little life. I mean, anything the world throws at him he's going to be able to handle. It's the Kane in him. But those eyes and that very disarming smile, that definitely, definitely comes from his daddy. Beautiful curly hair from you. I'd say he's the perfect mix of you and Zach.

Kendall: Mom, Zach and I are not together anymore, and we're not getting back together, just in case that's where you're headed.

Erica: I was merely pointing out that I think this baby got the best of both of you.

Kendall: I know how your mind works. You see Zach and me being civil to one another, and you picture us back together.

Erica: Well, would that be the end of the world?

Kendall: It would involve two people who no longer exist. We've changed, both of us. I've moved on and so has Zach. And we've both accepted that, so I think you have to now. The only thing we share anymore are the boys.

[Erica remembers]

Zach: During this time she loved me and only me. And I loved her.

Erica: I think you still do. I certainly hope that your parents' pig-headed stubbornness skips a generation.

Ryan: Since when did your husband become Adam Chandler's PR agent?

Krystal: Well, he's chief of staff at the hospital. He just performed a ground-breaking surgery and it's his job to promote the hospital. Today that means cheerleading for Adam. I doubt it will become a habit.

David: All right, for now that's all the information I will be able to provide, so --

Reporter: Will both of the parents be making a statement, and can you give us any information on just who they are?

David: We maintain strict patient confidentiality here at PVH. The parents right now are focusing on their son's recovery. If and when they decide to come forward will be their decision entirely. But until then, I urge you to please respect their privacy and remember they're going through a difficult time right now. Now I'd like to hand this over to Mr. Chandler for any questions you might have as I have work to do. So thank you very much.

Reporter: Can you elaborate on what makes the Chandler valve so revolutionary?

David: Hey, have you been to see Ian?

Kendall: We just thought we'd see what the circus was all about.

Zach: We appreciate your discretion.

David: Oh, no, no, are you kidding? I mean, you've been through enough stress already with Ian's heart failing. The last thing you'd need is to get sucked into this mess, and we're not out of the woods yet.

Zach: What does that mean?

David: Look, Ian is doing fine, ok? But as I told you, the first three days following any valve replacement is most critical. I was just referring to the inevitable revelation that Ian is part of the Erica Kane clan, so that's going to open the press floodgates. Enjoy your quiet while you can.

Kendall: What'd he say? What's wrong?

Zach: I don't know. Something about David -- there's something he's not telling us.

Annie: I wish you were here with me in the island.

Aidan: Annie, don't say anything more about where you are. You've taken a big risk by calling me.

Annie: Well, are you sorry I did?

Aidan: No, I'm not. It's great to hear your voice. I miss you a lot. I'm sorry things didn't work out the way we'd planned, but we can't talk for long.

Annie: I just had to find out about Emma. Have you seen her?

Aidan: Not yet. I'm sure she's fine. How about you? How are you doing?

Annie: I miss you so much. I want to be holding you again so badly.

Aidan: Me too. We have to wait until the search for you dies down. Until then, be strong.

Annie: Ok, I will be. I would do anything to be with you right now.

Aidan: Listen, we have to hang up. Be safe.

Annie: I will be. I love you.

[Wearing a dark wig, Annie watches Aidan]

Kendall: Zach, I know David's not on your best-friend list, but he just saved our son's life. And he saved mine earlier this year, so why do you have to think the worst of him?

Zach: You're right. We shouldn't share our feelings anymore.

Ryan: Is everything ok?

Kendall: Zach thinks that David's not telling us --

Zach: Like I said, let's drop it.

Kendall: Well, Ian's going to be home soon and then it'll be like this nightmare never happened.

Erica: Listen, I just got a call from Adam, and he seems to be in a mood to want to celebrate little Ian's very successful surgery, and he'd like to do that tonight. Just going to have a small party at the mansion. He'd like us all to be there.

Zach: I'm going to stay with my boy.

Erica: I don't blame you for that.

Zach: But you guys go, have a good time.

Krystal: Do you want to tell me what that side show is all about?

David: What, the press conference? Not my idea.

Krystal: Of course, it wasn't. It was Adam's, but you went along with it. Why would you of all people suddenly pour on the praise for the Chandlers?

David: Adam and I, we came to a little understanding. We agreed to put our personal feelings aside for Ian's sake.

Krystal: Ok, let me get this straight. You are burying the hatchet with Adam over Ian, but you are going to war with him over Little Adam? What's wrong with this picture?

David: You should know by now that everything I do is done with Little Adam foremost in my mind. This case was no different.

Adam: Will you stop being so dramatic? I'm in touch with the hospital on a regular basis. Little Ian is doing beautifully, all right? You're acting like a little old lady. How did the presser go? Did Hayward play ball?

Scott: Oh, yeah. He told them his patient was alive, thanks to us.

Adam: Ooh, I feel an imminent rise in Chandler stock.

J.R.: You didn't think that Hayward would tell the truth, did you? That he would put a child's life on the line in exchange for visitation rights of his grandson?

Adam: You know the floor is getting wet. Why don't you go rain on somebody else's parade? I think Dr. Chappell would like to hear this news. Why don't you fill him in? Give him this.

Scott: This is a lot of money.

Adam: Oh, yes, well, compared to the expected sales, that's just a little more than a rounding error. But tell him it is for a job well done and there will be more as our success continues.

J.R.: You know you can't just throw money at this in hopes that it goes away.

Adam: Oh, no. You're wrong about that. I expect you to know that money has a marvelous massaging effect on the guiltiest of consciences. Don't worry, Dr. Chappell won't be a problem for long.

Krystal: What kind of deal did you make with Adam?

David: The days of sneaking around the Chandler tunnels to see our grandson are over. From now on all we have to do is march right up to the front door and knock.

Krystal: I'm sorry, I just don't believe that. I don't believe that Adam or J.R. would give you free rein with Little Adam, I mean, just for talking up their company to the press.

David: Well, maybe not free rein, but close enough. In fact, you and I have a little invitation today for a celebration at the mansion.

Krystal: There's something you're not telling me.

David: What do you mean? Like a secret between us? Now why would I do something like that to you?

Man: Here you are. Everything's in order. All it needs are your signatures.

David: That's great, thank you.

Krystal: What is it?

David: Oh, just a little insurance policy, a legal guarantee regarding my visitation with my grandson. You see, unlike you, Krystal, I'm not holding onto secrets. I made a straight up deal with Adam to put the heart valve into little Ian in exchange for access to our grandson.

Krystal: You bargained with Ian's life? What if something happened?

David: But it didn't. And I satisfied my part of the bargain. This is going to guarantee that Adam holds up his.

Marissa: As promised, delicious-looking bangers.

Aidan: Thanks, the sausages look good, too.

Marissa: Let me know if you need anything else.

Aidan: I'm fine. This is great, thanks a lot.

Man: Marissa, could I see you a moment?

Aidan: Oh, I'm sorry if I got you into any trouble by chatting you up.

Marissa: No, no, no, not to worry. It's about a catering job today. Enjoy.

[Cell phone ringing]

Aidan: You can't keep calling me.

Man: It is Ghassan.

Aidan: Ghassan, I'm very disappointed in you. I'm paying you to keep an eye on Annie. She grabbed a cell phone, and she's called me. What if that call has been traced?

Ghassan: I'm afraid it's rather worse than that, my friend. She gave me the slip two days ago. I have been searching the islands and have come to the conclusion that she has left The Maldives.

Aidan: What about Interpol?

Ghassan: They have tracked her here. They're asking questions, but I'm not sure they know she's left as of yet.

Aidan: Delay them as much as you can.

Ghassan: You have my humblest apologies, my friend.

Aidan: That's fine. I have a good idea where she might be headed.

[Dr. Chappell watches TV]

David: And again, it's important that you realize that a large share of the credit goes to Chandler Enterprises for stepping up to the plate and pushing forth with this new technology.

Reporter: That was chief-of-staff, Dr. David Hayward, a short time ago at Pine Valley Hospital describing a revolutionary new heart valve implanted in a young boy only 21 months of age.

Dr. Chappell: Why didn't you say anything? You could have stopped this before it got this far.

Scott: Look, I tried. But by the time I heard the prototype was defective, it was already too late.

Dr. Chappell: Yeah, well, we have to do something. We have to make this right.

Scott: Maybe you're wrong about it. I mean, all this time you have been so positive.

Dr. Chappell: No, I never expected it to move this fast. When I heard your initial press conference, I stayed up all night going over my calculations. Now the mechanics that ensure that there's no backflow on the valve are too restrictive. It could lead to the valve not opening fully.

Scott: But isn't that something that Dr. Hayward would be able to recognize before he closed?

Dr. Chappell: Yes, but even if it doesn't show up then when he puts the valve in, it doesn't mean it can't happen later.

Scott: No, I think -- I think you're being over-cautious.

Dr. Chappell: This is a child's life we're talking about. There's no such thing as being overly cautious. All right, look, before you put this valve in another patient, there need to be some adjustments. Now get these to engineering. I've made some notes on what needs to be altered. They'll know what to do.

Scott: All right, I'll get them there right away. Oh -- here.

Dr. Chappell: What's this?

Scott: We wanted to make sure that you were properly compensated for all your hard work.

[Dr. Chappell rips up the check]

Dr. Chappell: And I thought you were different. Get out. You're no better than your greedy uncle. Go on, get out.

Kendall: Hey.

Zach: Hey. You're not going to Adam's celebration party?

Kendall: No, no way. I can't celebrate, not until Ian's home safely. What is it you saw in David's eyes that made you feel so uneasy?

Zach: I saw lies.

J.R.: Marissa, you're catering.

Marissa: Good guess. Where do I set up?

J.R.: In the parlor. The kitchen's this way.

Marissa: So what's the big occasion?

J.R.: You haven't heard? Hayward performed the surgery on Ian Slater using my family company's valve.

Marissa: And the little boy is ok?

J.R.: So far.

Marissa: That's wonderful. I know how concerned you were. Congratulations. And David was the hero?

J.R.: Not quite. He didn't do this out of the goodness of his heart. He did it in exchange for visitation rights of my son. David used a dying child as a bargaining chip.

Marissa: Well, maybe it wouldn't have come to that if you'd have let him see his grandson in the first place.

J.R.: You don't know squat about David Hayward.

Marissa: I know that he's a brilliant surgeon and that he loves his grandson, that's what counts, right?

J.R.: No, the man destroys lives. Women are his specialty, starting with my late mother, and then a long line of women right up until Krystal. Did you know that David got her addicted to pills? Right after Babe died, she became completely dependent on them. He used them to brainwash her, and then he busted up her marriage, and then married her himself in order to get custody of my son. So, yeah, I've got a big chip on my shoulder about it.

Marissa: Well, if all this is true, then why is your dad allowing David to visit Little A?

J.R.: My father saw it as a fair corporate move in order to score a profit.

Marissa: Well, I'll say your dad behaves just as badly as David. Something about glass houses and throwing stones comes to mind.

J.R.: Well, you're absolutely right. My father's no better than Hayward. If I had my way, they'd both crash and burn for what they've done.

Gayle: This party is not a good idea. You're supposed to be resting.

Adam: Did I ask for your advice?

Gayle: I'm getting paid for it.

Adam: Well, I'm not getting paid to take it.

Erica: But Adam, Adam, she makes a very good point. You shouldn't be overdoing it.

Adam: Would you relax? I'm fine. I feel great. I feel stupendous. All around me companies are folding and my company is up 15%, so I'm going to celebrate and I don't care. You can't stop me. I don't care who you are. Oh -- well, you're early. The party hasn't started yet.

David: I realize that, but there's some business we need to take care of.

Adam: Not that I'm aware of.

David: Well, just a few loose ends before the other guests show up. I'd like you to put your signature on these.

Erica: Oh, no, I don't think so. Adam is not signing anything.

David: We had a deal, Adam.

Adam: Oh, yes, yes. That's something I need to talk to my lawyer about.

David: Fine. We'll be upstairs visiting our grandson in the meantime.

Krystal: I'll -- I'll be up in a second, ok?

David: Sure.

Erica: Now just what do you think you're doing? What kind of a contract do you have with David?

Adam: You were the one who was begging me to help Ian.

Erica: So you made a deal with the devil?

Krystal: Easy now. David saved Ian's life.

Adam: Something for which you still have to speak to me. I hope we're to speak in private sometime very soon.

Krystal: Yeah, even though he did use his grandson as a bargaining chip.

Adam: You make it sound so distasteful. I merely arranged visitation between a grandfather and his grandson. It's not as if I put him up for sale.

Krystal: Excuse me.

Erica: You really did that for Ian?

Adam: You were very persuasive, as only you can be. And I did have the ulterior motive of wanting to put the valve to work.

Erica: And what did J.R. have to say about it?

Adam: Hmm.

Marissa: I know families have their dynamics, but it sounds like World War III around here.

J.R.: Well, these personalities, it's like putting matter and antimatter together. You risk the whole universe imploding.

Marissa: But still, it all comes down to your son, right? And how he has all these people who love him? I mean, I wish I still had that. All my family is gone.

J.R.: I'm so sorry.

Krystal: You've still got me.

J.R.: Your husband isn't here, is he?

Krystal: Yeah. He's upstairs with Little A.

J.R.: Alone?

Marissa: Some group of people you've got yourself mixed up with here.

Zach: You were at the press conference. Who was that? What happened to David, self-confident and arrogant? What happened to him? I didn't know who that was talking out there, mentioning Chandler I don't know how many times. Something is wrong.

Kendall: No, I can't think that way, Zach. I can't. Not when Ian is alive and that valve is why.

Zach: Yeah, you want to celebrate. I get that. I want to celebrate, too. It's all I want to do is celebrate. But I've got this feeling, and I don't know what to do with it.

Kendall: Ok, well, I think right now we need to just concentrate on Ian, and getting him home safely, and keeping him healthy.

Zach: Oh, he'll stay healthy. God help them all, if he doesn't.

Ryan: Hey, guys. How are we doing? Everything ok?

Corrina: Yeah, she was a dream, as usual.

Ryan: Oh, good. Of course, she was a dream. She's my little girl. Hey, listen, can you stay a little bit longer? I've got to run to a reception at the Chandlers'. I just came by to get my jacket, kiss my girl.

Corrina: Yeah, no problem.

Emma: Can I come?

Ryan: Um, you know what? Yeah, you can come. You can come and play with Little A. How about that?

Emma: Yay!

Ryan: Yay! Well, there you go. I guess you're officially relieved, huh?

Corrina: All right. Have fun, Emma.

Ryan: We'll walk you out. Ok, come on. I've got my jacket. I got my girl. I'm all set. Let's do it. Give me one second. One second. All right.

[Aidan picks the lock at Ryan's penthouse and lets himself in]

David: Oh, that was a good shot.


David: It's good to see you again, buddy. I missed you so much. And look at you, look at you. You're getting so big. Every single day you're getting bigger. I know it's been tough lately. Everybody fighting and you having to move in with the Hubbards for a while. All of that is over, ok? I promise you. And you're going to get to see your Granddaddy David a lot more often now. I love you so much, buddy. So, so much, ok?

[Door opening]

J.R.: Get out.

Little Adam: What's the matter, Daddy?

J.R.: Nothing, son. I just need to have a word with your grandfather.

David: See you later. If you're having a problem with the deal your daddy made, take it up with him. Right now I'm just trying to make up for some lost time with my grandson.

J.R.: I think you're both heartless bastards for using my son in your twisted deal. I'm warning you, you even think about taking my son out of this house --

David: Relax, Junior. As long and you and your daddy keep up with your end of the bargain, everything is fine. We'll call it a ceasefire. But if you try to keep me from my grandson again, the gloves come off. Understood?

J.R.: Excuse me.

David: Hey, what's up?

Gayle: I thought you might want to know. Mr. Chandler seems to be doing better lately, much more lucid.

David: Has he been taking his pills?

Gayle: As prescribed.

David: Well, all right. I think we should up the dosage. I'm concerned he might be having a relapse.

Erica: Hello. Hi.

Adam: What do you want?

Gayle: Time for medication.

Adam: Oh, come on. Can't you see I'm having a party here?

Gayle: Stop behaving like a child and take your pills.

Adam: Ok.

Gayle: Thank you.

Adam: You're welcome. Well?

Scott: He wouldn't take the money. He tore up the check.

Adam: How much does the good doctor want? What's it going to take to keep his mouth shut?

Scott: So that's why you sent me over there, to pay him for his silence.

Adam: No, I sent you to buy Girl Scout cookies from him. Of course, that's why I sent you. We can't have Chappell shooting his mouth off. Everybody has a price. What's his?

Scott: It's not like that. All he cares about is saving lives. He was pretty upset it was rushed the way that it was.

Adam: Oh, great. A bleeding-heart brainiac with an overblown conscience. Well, we're going to have to think this through again. I'll let you know.

[Phone ringing]

Aidan: Annie.

David: You seem a bit preoccupied. You should lighten up. It's supposed to be a celebration.

Scott: I'm just kind of overwhelmed, that's all. You know, after months of planning and suddenly the valve is actually inside a human being. I never thought I'd see the day.

David: You almost didn't.

Scott: What do you mean?

David: If I had installed that valve per standard procedure, Ian Slater never would've made off the operating table. You guys were sloppy with the anchoring system. If I had sutured the device as designed, you would've got backflow problems right from the get-go. I had to improvise to fix your company's screw-up. So I suggest you go back to the drawing board. Fix it before you use it again.

Scott: But Ian's going to be all right, though, isn't he?

David: Yeah, thanks to me and the fact that I know what I'm doing. Because, if anything ever happened to Zach Slater's kid, we'd all end up in the desert somewhere after an unfortunate accident with a wood-chipper. So, again, I suggest you get your R&D act together. Fix that valve. But be quiet about it.

Scott: We have a problem. Chappell was right. There was a problem with the valve. Hayward just told me that he had to improvise in the OR.

J.R.: Does my dad know?

Scott: No, not yet. But he is so paranoid at the possibility that he tried to bribe Chappell.

J.R.: All right, well, you haven't seen anything yet. My father will stop at nothing to keep his company from going under. My advice, keep your head down and your mouth shut. Understood?

Scott: Yeah. All right.

[Phone ringing]

[Knock at door]

Dr. Chappell: Coming.

[Phone continues ringing as Dr. Chappell answers the door]

Opal: Oh, you scared the living daylights out of me. Oh, took a year --

[Opal screams when she sees Annie standing on the balcony with her hand up to the door]

Adam: Yes, I want to thank you all for coming here today to celebrate this -- um... What has happened has happened for a -- a reason. It -- it's right on target.

Erica: You know, I think that Adam is having a little difficulty making a sincere thank-you to David Hayward. So I will. You saved little Ian's life, Dr. Hayward. And we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

All: Here, here.

Erica: And I know that J.R. has a few words of his own to say. J.R.?

J.R.: This is Chandler's first foray into the med-tech field. And we're just all very grateful for its resounding success.

Woman: Here, here.

[Knock at door]

Scott: Dr. Chappell?

[Knock at door]

Scott: Dr. Chappell, you...

[Scott opens the door and finds the doctor hanging from the ceiling]

Kendall: I think it's time for a little coffee. Do you want some?

Zach: Ian? Ian?

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