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Episode #10117

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David: You're moving out?

Marissa: It seemed like a good idea.

David: All right, look. I'm sorry for coming down on you at ConFusion. When J.R. is in the mix, I tend to overreact. But that's no reason to move out.

Marissa: I never should have come in the first place.

David: I asked you to stay, remember? Besides, you can't afford rent. What are you going to do, camp out in the park?

Marissa: I got a job at the Yacht Club. I work tables. I get room and board.

David: Does Krystal know this?

Marissa: Give her this for me?

David: You're not going to say goodbye?

Marissa: Thanks for the bed.

Krystal: What's that?

David: You tell me.

Adam: Oh, blast it.

Chandler's down 9%. What -- give me that back.

Gayle: No stress. Doctor's orders.

Adam: I feel fine.

Gayle: Mr. Chandler, if you don't take them, I'll have to report it to your doctors.

Adam: There, you satisfied? Ah. Yeah. Thank you. J.R., come in here.

J.R.: What's up?

Adam: Where is it?

J.R.: Where's what?

Adam: No, don't play games with me. Where's the file?

Ryan: Excuse me. Any word on Ian Slater?

Nurse: Are you family?

Ryan: Not exactly.

Nurse: I'm sorry. I can't give out any information.

Ryan: Joe --

Scott: Hey.

Jake: Hey.

Scott: I paged you a half an hour ago.

Jake: Ah, I'm sorry. I don't have my -- what is it? What's up?

Scott: We might have found someone who needs our valve. There's just one problem.

Joe: We're giving Ian medication to increase his cardiac output, but unfortunately, he has not responded the way we hoped.

Zach: What does that mean?

Joe: We need to replace his valve now, or he won't make it through the week.

Taylor: They say Frankie's missing. That's it. No further details at this time.

Angie: Then when? The ambush was yesterday. Don't they know that he has -- he has family? He has loved ones who are just worried sick about him. Or don't they even --

Jesse: Baby, baby. Here, here. Hey, I'll tell you what. Why don't I finish up breakfast.

Angie: I don't -- I don't want breakfast, Jesse! I don't want breakfast! I want answers! Answers!

[Phone rings]

Jesse: Jesse Hubbard.

Jesse: They want to talk to you.

Krystal: Where did you get this?

David: Marissa asked me to give it to you. She moved out.

Krystal: "Dear Krystal, thank you for everything you've done, but I've intruded long enough. I never meant to upset you or your husband. I promise I'll find a way to pay you back for everything you've done. Marissa."

David: Did something happen?

Krystal: I lost my temper. I -- she was only trying to help, and I told her to mind her own business. And she finds this in the fireplace. I can't even imagine what she must think.

David: To be honest, I'm a little curious myself. Why would you burn a picture of Marissa and her family?

Krystal: Because I didn't want anyone to know the truth.

J.R.: I didn't take any file.

Adam: Are you denying that you searched the entire house the moment after I left for the hospital in hopes of proving that I'm a cold-blooded killer?

J.R.: What is in this mystery file that's so important?

Adam: Well, it wasn't a confession, if that's what you're after. Do you really think that I could set up to kill Babe?

J.R.: You hated her. You hated my mother, too.

Adam: Well, if I killed everybody I didn't like, this would be a very small town.

J.R.: You were smiling.

Adam: What are you talking about?

J.R.: The day that my mother died. I saw you in the window. I lost my mother. And you were smiling.

Jake: Complete stenosis of the aorta, blood pressure's in the tank, vitals, they just suck. This baby needs a valve replacement. If he doesn't get one, his heart's going to give out.

Scott: So then he's a candidate for our valve.

Jake: Yeah, textbook.

Scott: We could save this little boy's life. The problem is Hayward doesn't think that I will convince the parents to take the risk.

Jake: Well, the thing that Hayward's forgetting is that parents -- most parents would do anything to save their children.

Zach: What options do we have?

Joe: There are two kinds of valves, mechanical and biological. The biological ones are made of tissue from humans or animals.

Kendall: Which one is the best?

Joe: Mechanical ones are stronger, and they last longer. But they're more susceptible to clotting, which can result in stroke or death, so Ian would have to be on anti-coagulants for the rest of his life, and those drugs, of course, carry some risks of their own such as increased bleeding from minor injuries.

Zach: Well, then it's biological.

Joe: The biological ones have less risk of clotting, but they break down much faster.

Kendall: Break down?

Joe: Yeah.

Kendall: So he'd have to go through these surgeries again?

Joe: In all probability, yes, maybe several times.

Erica: There has to be another option.

Joe: Wish there were. Technology just isn't there.

Erica: Oh, excuse me. I have to make a phone call. I forgot. Adam, it's Erica again. I need to talk to you. I need to know more about that heart valve -- for Ian.

Kendall: What kind of a choice is this? Medication that could make a simple nosebleed fatal or surgery after surgery, and no  matter which one we choose, Ian could still die.

Zach: Well, we'll make the right choice. We'll manage.

Kendall: I don't want to manage, ok? I don't. I want him happy and safe and -- and good. I got to get some air. I got to get out of here.

[Zach watches as Ryan comforts a weeping Kendall.]

Randi: Ok. Yeah, I understand. Thank you.

Frankie's been wounded.

Jesse: How bad is it?

Angie: Is -- is he stable?

Natalia: Where is he?

Randi: They're flying him to Germany for treatment.

Brot: To Landstuhl.

Randi: Yeah.

Angie: Well, what did they say about his wounds? Is he conscious? Is it critical?

Randi: They just said he's wounded and that they'll call us when they know more.

Angie: Well, they knew enough to put him on a plane.

Jesse: Well, that's a start.

Natalia: Germany? Why would they fly him there? Why didn't they just treat him where he was?

Taylor: Because -- because Landstuhl is where he'll receive the best care.

Randi: So he's going to be ok, right? He's going to be fine, Taylor, right?

Krystal: You know -- you know how it's been for me since Babe died. I lost our baby, and there's no chance of me ever giving you another child. And then I learned that Marissa's parents had been killed and -- it's just as if I'm being punished, as if God is punishing me.

David: No, Krystal. I don't believe God is in the practice of punishing women as loving as you.

Krystal: But if I'd only done things differently.

David: Krystal, you have to stop blaming yourself for any of it.

Krystal: I know how much you wanted another child, David.

David: Yeah, I would have loved to have had another daughter or son with you. But it didn't happen, and that is not your fault.

Krystal: I am so sorry.

David: Oh, all right, enough. None of that, ok? But I would still like to know why you burned that picture.

Krystal: I -- I was just going through some old pictures, and it was just --  it was too much. And so I just thought if I burned them, I would burn away the pain. The pain's still here. All I did was hurt Marissa. You know what? She's probably better off this way, as far away from me as she could possibly get.

David: You are the closest thing to family that Marissa has. Why do you think she came here in the first place? That girl is aching for family, for connection, and you're it. You may not believe this right now, but you're good for her. That big heart of yours? You can give Marissa the family she needs. So talk to her, Krystal. Trust me. Nobody should be alone in this world, ok?

Adam: So I smiled in a reflection, and now I'm a murderer?

J.R.: Then why the smile? Did you think you'd get away with it?

Adam: This is -- this is ridiculous. It's not even happening. It's not happening. Tad Martin put you up to this, didn't he? He's twisted you against me.

J.R.: No, he hasn't.

Adam: No, he's -- he wants to -- he's been doing it for years! Now he's making you doubt me at the moment I need you most.

J.R.: No, you have Scott for that.

Adam: But you're my son.

J.R.: Then why the competition, Dad? If you trust me, why not give me what I've earned? Put me in charge.

Adam: J.R., I have complete confidence in you. I know you have a very, very good business mind. It's just -- it's just you need to be pushed a little bit to make you fulfill your potential.

J.R.: So you put me up against a guy who knows nothing about business. Look, I don't need Scott coming in here and telling me what to do.

Scott: Yeah, but I need you. How well do you know Zach and Kendall Slater?

Erica: Is Kendall all right?

Zach: Yeah, Ryan's with her.

Kendall: Will you check on Spike? I just -- I need to know one of my boys is healthy.

Ryan: I will. I'll tell him that you love him and that you'll see him real, real soon, ok?

Kendall: Thank you for being here. Ok, I'm going to go splash my face because I'm a wreck, and I don't want my child to see me like this. So thank you.

Ryan: Ok.

Joe: Time is critical, so let me know your decision as soon as you make it.

Zach: We will.

Erica: Thank you, Joe, for everything.

Joe: We're going to get him through this.

Ryan: I'm on my way to see Spike. I'm going to get him a change of clothes and toys from your place. Is there anything that I can get for you?

Zach: No, I'm good. Hey, Ryan. Give Spike a hug for me, please.

Ryan: I will.

Angie: So we know Frankie's wounded, and he's being airlifted to Germany. Now what?

Brot: Well, it depends on his injuries. If they're extensive, once he's stabilized, then they'll bring him back to the US.

Randi: So then he'll be closer.

Natalia: But in worse condition?

Brot: That's where we just have to wait and see.

Jesse: This is -- this is bad, isn't it?

Taylor: They don't fly you out of Iraq unless it's serious. But, Chief --

Jesse: Yeah, yeah.

Taylor: Whatever it is, you'll get through it.

Jesse: Yeah. Yeah.

Marissa: What can I get you -- coffee, juice?

Krystal: I was hoping we could talk.

Marissa: I meant what I said in the note. Ok, I'll pay you back. I couldn't get a refund on the tuition, but as soon as this semester's over, I'm going back to Philly. I will work and send you a check.

Krystal: I don't want you to leave.

Marissa: I made a mess of things. You offered tuition, and I moved in. You tried to help me, and I just ticked you off -- and David and J.R. Chandler.

Krystal: I overreacted.

Marissa: You were right. It's none of my business.

Krystal: You were trying to help J.R., and I flashed to Babe. You know, all the times she was trying to help him, you know, get sober, stay strong -- stand by her man no matter what. And in a way, it cost her her life.

Marissa: I just stopped J.R. from throwing some scotch down his throat. I wasn't exactly putting my life on the line.

Krystal: I know it doesn't make sense. But you know, not much does since Babe died. So much grief, the fear of losing even more. I just don't know how to make it go away. How to protect the people that I love. And to get over the mistakes that I made. That's probably why I burned that picture. You know, turn the pain to ashes, and maybe I'll forget. And I know you're not going to understand.

Marissa: I do. Ok, it's another reason why I don't belong here. You look at me. I'm just a reminder of everything you're trying so hard to forget.

J.R.: This is your genius idea to save Chandler Enterprises? To experiment on a child? And not just any child, Zach and Kendall's son. No, forget it.

Scott: This little boy will die without a new valve.

J.R.: No, no, no, no, there are plenty of valves that have been tested and proven. He will not die. Instead, you want to take a fresh-out-of-the-box prototype and stick it into a toddler.

Scott: If his parents approve. This valve could change Ian Slater's life. No more operations, no more anti-coagulants --

J.R.: What if it doesn't work?

Scott: We have a chance to save a life!

J.R.: You know, you like to throw that flag around. "I want to save lives, save the world." Well, Kendall happens to be a dear friend of mine who I care about very much, and I'm not going to take any chances with her son's life.

Adam: You're letting your personal feelings interfere with business.

J.R.: Oh, come on, Dad. Tell me you're not going along with this. What if something goes wrong? How are you going to face Erica if Ian dies, and you're responsible?

Adam: You should share some of our optimism.

J.R.: Optimism? Would you be so optimistic if Little Adam needed the valve transplant?

Adam: Fortunately, my grandson is healthy.

J.R.: But because it's Ian Slater and has no Chandler blood, who cares, right?

Adam: It could save his life.

J.R.: The company. That's what this is about. Saving the company. No, find someone else, an adult who can weigh the decision based upon the risks.

Scott: I've already run this by Jake. He thinks the prototype is perfect for Ian. He is talking to Zach and Kendall now.

J.R.: Then find another candidate. Call them up.

Adam: Put the phone down.

J.R.: Look, I will not go along with this.

Adam: We don't have time for this now. No time. Have you seen the numbers? Chandler Enterprises is on a crash course. This is a chance for us to save the company and Ian. Both of them, both worlds, best thing. We need to make this happen.

J.R.: No, no, I think that this is a mistake.

Gayle: I'd appreciate it if you'd control your temper. Mr. Chandler needs peace and quiet. Perhaps you'd like to rest?

Adam: Actually, there's something that I need to take care of.

Kendall: I hope you're having good dreams, baby boy.

Jake: Hey. I'm sorry for interrupting.

Zach: Whatever it is can wait.

Jake: I have an option for Ian that I think might interest you.

Zach: We've discussed the options with your dad.

Jake: Well, my dad isn't familiar with this particular option. There is a prototype that has the longevity of a mechanical valve minus the risk of clotting.

Kendall: So Ian wouldn't need more operations or medication?

Jake: That's -- well, yeah, that's the idea.

Zach: Why wouldn't Joe know about that?

David: Because the device hasn't been approved yet. I'm guessing Dr. Martin hasn't gotten to the part where your son would be used as a guinea pig for a valve that has yet to be tried on human beings.

Taylor: Hey.

Brot: Hey.

Taylor: Germany?

Brot: Listen, I've got something to say. I'm sorry.

Taylor: For what?

Brot: For everything I put you through. You know, at first I didn't understand it, but now it makes complete sense. You know, when that phone rings -- the worry, the tears. All the questions and not having one answer. I'm sorry for what I put you through.

Taylor: You know what. When they told me that you were dead -- hell, I didn't like the answer, but at least I had one. But this -- this waiting and wondering about Frankie. I think this might be worse in some ways.

Brot: You know, they deserve better.

Taylor: Where are you going?

Brot: I'm going to get some answers.

Krystal: Thank you.

Marissa: I've got to look like I'm doing my job or the manager will boot me before I get started.

Krystal: You don't have to do this, ok? You can come back to Wildwind.

Marissa: I get it, all right? My mom was your close friend. She died. You think that you have to help me, but you don't.

Krystal: I want to.

Marissa: No, I was doing fine without you. Ok, we should have just left it at hi and goodbye.

Krystal: Marissa, you didn't do anything wrong. This is all my fault, ok? I handled everything so badly all these years, but I never wanted my problems to affect you.

Marissa: "All these years"?

Adam: I hope I'm not interrupting. I don't believe we've met. I'm Adam Chandler. You would be?

Ryan: Hey. What are you doing here?

Erica: Kendall needs a change of clothes. Ryan, you understand that Ian's condition is very grave. I mean, there's a chance that he won't make it.

Ryan: I know.

Erica: Kendall and Zach are both going to be devastated by this. Kendall will turn to you, and she'll find comfort in you, and in Spike, and in your family. Zach won't have anybody. Zach will be all alone.

Ryan: So are you saying that Kendall should stay with Zach because of this? What about what she needs?

Erica: Ryan, Kendall belongs with Zach. And you and I both know that.

Zach: You want to use our son as a guinea pig?

Jake: It's not quite as extreme as Dr. Hayward here would have you believe. This valve has been developed for years. It just hasn't made it to the marketplace because of a lack of funding.

David: And lucky for no one, Adam Chandler bought the patent. Infused just enough money into the lab so they could finish the prototype. Now he's desperate for FDA approval, so he can start making money.

Kendall: Is this true?

Jake: I'm sure that Adam would like to make a return on his investment --

Zach: Make sure that he didn't make any shortcuts either.

Jake: I'm just telling you that according to Dr. Chappell's test results and all the documentation from the Chandlers, this valve is little Ian's best chance at a full recovery.

David: No, I wouldn't go that far, not with you holding the scalpel.

Jake: I've done plenty of valve replacements. I'm more than qualified.

Zach: You almost killed my wife. Stay away from my son.

Brot: Colonel Nolan, I want to thank you for taking the time to see me.

Col. Nolan: I was going to call you. We've received dozens of e-mails from the men and women who attended the wounded-soldiers conference. You were a true inspiration.

Brot: Oh, thank you, sir, but I must confess that I was the one that was inspired that day.

Col. Nolan: Our soldiers in need could use more men like you.

Brot: Thank you, but right now there's only one soldier and one soldier only on my mind. That's Captain Franklin Hubbard. He's a medic over in Iraq, and we just received word that his convoy was ambushed. Now, he's been wounded, and he was airlifted out to Landstuhl, but the family doesn't have any updates on his condition. Sir, I'm asking you to please -- please make a phone call.

Marissa: Marissa Tasker. Chandler -- you're J.R.'s father?

Adam: Oh, yes. Yes, my son the social butterfly, yes. Where do you and Krystal know each other from?

Marissa: She and my mom were friends since before I can remember.

Adam: Oh, isn't that nice? Are you new to Pine Valley?

Marissa: Yeah, thanks to Krystal. I better get to work. It was nice to meet you.

Adam: Yes, my pleasure. You, here. Get yourself some breakfast. And eat it somewhere else, so I can breathe.

Gayle: Of course, Mr. Chandler.

Adam: Ah. Um --

Krystal: Don't.

Adam: You're not going to deny a famished man sustenance, are you?

Krystal: You stay away from her.

Adam: She's very attractive. She doesn't look anything like Babe.

Krystal: Would you keep your voice down?

Adam: Hmm. You're very lucky that they were fraternal twins. That way, Hayward probably won't figure it out.

Krystal: Stop it.

Adam: Krystal, relax. No one's ever going to find out from me that you sold your daughter when she was born.

Marissa: Are you ready to order?

J.R.: Whoa, isn't that your tooth fairy money? Why are you putting it in Grandpa Adam's briefcase?

Little Adam: So he won't have to go back to the hospital.

J.R.: Grandpa's fine. That's why the nurse is here to make sure that he's ok. Now, what gave you that idea?

Little Adam: Grandpa can't get better if he's worried about money.

J.R.: Grandpa's not going anywhere. We don't have to worry about money.

Little Adam: Do we have to move?

J.R.: No. No, this is our home. I grew up here. You're going to grow up here. Your son's going to grow up here. One day, it's going to be your house. And you're going to have the company. And no one's ever going to take that away from you.

Scott: Hey. I never would. You know that, don't you? If it played out that way.

J.R.: Why don't you grab your piggy bank and go back upstairs, ok? If Ian Slater dies, there'll be nothing left to pass on.

Jake: So listen, the prototype is yours. I will gladly step aside. You can get another doctor.

David: Really? So you'd give up the bright lights, the interviews, the write-ups in the medical journals?

Jake: That's ego stroking, and that's more your thing.

[Pager beeps]

Jake: I got to get upstairs. We should decide quickly, so let me know.

Kendall: Ok. So what do you really think? Is this prototype Ian's best chance?

David: With the right doctor, it could be.

Kendall: Transplanting a heart into a coma patient was a big risk, too. I mean, every other doctor had written me off. But you did it. You saved my life. Please, please, David, save my son's.

Zach: I thought I had all the answers I needed in life. Then you and Spike showed up. With that, a whole new set of questions. A whole new level of loving somebody. I know you and Spike had to fight a lot. You're going to have to keep fighting now. I'll help you any way I can. You've got a choice to make. They're saying you're too small to make it yourself, so it's -- it's up to me and your mom. We just don't want to make a mistake.

Erica: Ryan. The kind of love that Kendall and Zach have doesn't stop just because they signed divorce papers.

Ryan: Is this where you hit me with the destiny speech, that they were fated to be together? Because that is exactly what I thought I had with Greenlee until I lost her, because of Zach.

Erica: Ryan, it was an accident.

Ryan: Kendall brought me back, Erica, to life. Really, she showed me that it was ok to live and to feel again, and we're going to have a future together. We're going to have a life together, and there really isn't very much you can do about it.

Erica: Ryan, I just don't recognize you anymore.

Ryan: Erica, you're talking like I swooped in, and I stole Kendall from a happy marriage. That's not what happened. I didn't steal her from Zach. Your daughter made a choice to be with me.

Erica: You know what? If you want to make this mistake, as you said, I can't stop you.

Jesse: How you doing?

Angie: Trying not to play worst-case scenarios in my head.

Jesse: Well, you know that Frankie's being taken care of by the best doctors around, right? You know that.

Angie: I'm a good doctor, Jesse. I've lost patients.

Jesse: He's coming home. Baby, he's coming home.

Angie: What if he doesn't?

Randi: Frankie's going to be fine. I can feel it. Everything is going to be ok, and he's going to come back, and we're going to go on our honeymoon just as we planned, and we'll get to go to Hawaii or maybe even Mexico. Right? What do you think?

Taylor: I think -- I think he's wounded. He's hurt, you know. And he's going to come back different. Physically, emotionally -- something. You know what I mean?

Randi: Because that's how Brot came back. Well, whatever Frankie needs, I'm here, and I'm ready. As long as my husband is home with me, I am ready for anything.

Brot: Sir, are you sure?

Col. Nolan: I'm sorry.

Brot: How -- how am I supposed to tell Frankie's family?

Adam: Would you give us a few more minutes, please?

Marissa: Yeah, just flag me down when you're ready.

Adam: Yeah, sure. Thank you.

Krystal: Are you having fun?

Adam: Yes, I am.

Krystal: I don't give a damn what happens to me in this, but Marissa is just getting her life back on track, ok? She does not -- she does not need to know that the parents that she loves adopted her.

Adam: And the parent that she doesn't know sold her.

Krystal: You're a bastard.

Adam: I'm a man of my word. You helped J.R. get custody of Little A. And in return, your sordid secret is safe with me.

Krystal: Well, it better be. Because if you tell anyone, I will kill you.

J.R.: You know, my father wouldn't be pushing this valve surgery if he was 100%.

Scott: Why not? We're going to save a life. Probably hundreds of lives.

J.R.: Look, Scott, I'm onboard about saving lives. This is not the way. If it works, everybody wins. But if it fails, a child dies. And I can't live with that. Can you?

Kendall: Please tell me you'll do it, David. Please tell me you'll save Ian's life with this new valve.

Zach: Our son is no guinea pig. I think I made that clear.

Kendall: Ok, Zach, you're being unreasonable. Look, look. Look, there's articles on the valve and what a huge medical advance it is. It could be his best option.

Zach: His best option is to use something that's already been proven in the market.

Kendall: I understand that, but if we use those, he'll have to go through more operations and he'll need more medication. David, please talk to him.

David: Kendall, I'm sorry. It's not my place, nor my decision.

Kendall: All right. I know it's a big risk, but the Chandlers wouldn't be offering the prototype unless they're sure that it's viable. Plus, we'll be having one of the best cardio surgeons in the world doing the operation. Right?

David: There's no doubt I'm the most qualified surgeon you'll find around here. But that doesn't mean I'll operate on your son.

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