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Krystal: Why didn't you tell me they were dead?

Scott: The meeting with Adam is critical if we're going to secure funding for the valve. The source of the money shouldn't factor into your decision.

Dr. Chappell: No, but it's well known the Chandlers are all about the financial bottom line. I'm sorry, Scott. I know that you're family, but I'd rather go with other funding.

Scott: What -- in this economy? Look, you don't have to like my uncle. Just thank him for the check and focus on the valve.

Dr. Chappell: I can't do it. Cancel the meeting. I don't believe it -- Erica Kane. The Erica Kane just came in. She's a walking dream. What are you doing?

Scott: Oh, didn't I mention that Erica will be working on this project with Adam?

Erica: Good morning, gentlemen.

Annie: Hi, there. Um, this is Corrina Gonzales. I drop Emma off at school sometimes. Mr. Lavery wanted me to call and tell you that Emma's not feeling well, so she won't be coming into school today.

Ryan: Oh, I'm sure you're going to ace your spelling test, unless of course, we miss the bus, because the bus is down there waiting right now. It's going to leave if we're late. You've got your bag. You've got your lunch. You've got your sweater. You've got everything you need. Uh-oh. Kiss and hug, hug and a kiss. And a hug. One more kiss. I'll see you after school, ok? Straight down to the bus. Straight down.

Annie: Hi, hey. Hi, sweetheart.

Brot: Hello, fellow vets. I -- uh -- oh, no. Hello, fellow vets. I'm --

[Phone rings]

Brot: Hello?

Taylor: How is the hottest motivational speaker in the greater Orlando area doing today?

Brot: That guy is sweating right now.

Taylor: Don't. You'll be great. I just called to wish you luck.

Brot: Oh, thank you. I'm sure going to need it, because I've been practicing my speech all morning in front of the mirror, and I still can't get the damn thing right.

Taylor: There's nothing to get right. Listen, that auditorium will be full of vets just like us. They will automatically love you.

Brot: So what are your plans for today?

Taylor: I don't know. I might go for a run.

Brot: Nice, sounds good, which reminds me. I actually have to run myself. So wish me luck. Love you.

Taylor: I love you, too. Good luck.

Erica: Adam is very interested in funding your heart valve, Dr. Chappell. May I call you Geoffrey?

Dr. Chappell: Yes, of course.

Erica: Well, Adam will tell you himself when you meet him.

Scott: Is he feeling all right?

Erica: Oh, yes, yes, yes, he's fine. Adam has had some health issues.

Dr. Chappell: Well, nothing serious, I hope.

Erica: Oh, no, no. Just -- you know what I think? I think that men like Adam just throw themselves so completely into their work that they tend to get a little rundown. From what I hear, I'm sure you're just as dedicated to your profession, although you don't look rundown at all. [Laughter]

Dr. Chappell: Well, creating a valve replacement that will help so many people, it's my life. That's why I'm so thrilled when I heard that Mr. Chandler's interested in funding my research.

Scott: Dr. Chappell was just sharing that with me when you joined us.

Erica: Well, I am sure that our meeting this morning is going to be a very, very productive one. Oh, good morning.

J.R.: Good morning. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Scott: J.R., Dr. Geoffrey Chappell. Doctor, J.R. Chandler.

Dr. Chappell: It's a pleasure. I hope we'll be working together in the near future.

J.R.: We haven't decided that yet.

Erica: Oh, I guess you haven't spoken with your father this morning. Adam is so enthusiastic. In fact, we are meeting on the project this morning.

Dr. Chappell: Is there a problem?

Erica: No, no problem at all.

Krystal: How could you do this to me? You're enjoying this.

Adam: Actually, I'm not. I have a meeting I have to attend, so if you wouldn't mind leaving --

Krystal: No, no, listen. No, you asked me to do something. I did what you wanted. I betrayed my husband. I lost my marriage. I'm not going anywhere until you tell me everything. You owe me that much.

Adam: Fine, fine. Ahem. For answers. As painful as your secrets have been to me, they do produce a certain fire in your eyes. Perhaps you'd like to get some new secrets?

David: What secret?

Krystal: David, what are you doing here?

David: What secret are you holding over my wife's head?

Adam: Well, if you really want to know --

Emma: I can't miss my bus.

Annie: Oh, that's ok, sweetheart. You won't -- you don't have to go to school today.

Emma: I have a spelling test.

Annie: Oh, and I'm sure you know every single word, but it's just so beautiful out. I thought that we could go to the park and have a picnic lunch like we used to.

Emma: I don't think Daddy would like that.

Annie: Oh, Daddy won't mind. I'll tell you what. I'll test you on all your words at our picnic, ok, and I will give you a big gold star just for being you. I would give you a whole galaxy of stars if I could. Ok, let's go. Ready? Come on.

Ryan: Hey, Jesse, what's up? What do you mean, "she escaped"? Emma!

Man: Ladies and gentlemen, it is an extreme privilege for me to be able to bring to the stage a very close friend and someone whose own road to recovery has overcome amazing leaps and bounds. If I can bring my friend to the stage -- Brot Monroe.

Brot: Good morning, or should I say "Good afternoon" now? You know, it's a pleasure to be here today, and it's a great honor for me to be able to share my story with all you guys here this evening. To be amongst so many veterans and so many men and women that have paid such a price for the thing we love to call freedom. I proudly enlisted in the United States Army in September of 2002. No different than every single one of you in this room, you proudly joined your respective branches. You courageously took that oath to wear a uniform and to fight for other people's freedom. In April 2003, I was driving a Humvee through the city called Karbala when my front-left tire ran over a landmine. I was trapped inside the vehicle. I remember thinking to myself, "My mother, they're going to hand her a flag. My friends, my family -- is this where my life ends?" And thinking to myself, "I don't want to lose that. I've got to get back, and I've got to hang in. I've got to fight just a little bit more. Fight, that's all I got to do. I got to hang in there and believe in the guys who are going to come and save me." I spent 34 months in a hospital and underwent 32 surgeries which consisted of skin graphs and plastic surgery, and it was painful. And I questioned it all the time, whether I needed to have more and more and more. It was difficult for me to be in a hospital and to have people look at me, to have children run away from me and be afraid of me for what -- like, I felt I wasn't a normal person. You know, the thing that I learned in that 34 months of my recovery is that you can't push people away. There's people that love you. There's people that care about you. There's people that are willing to embrace you no matter what your appearance may be, no matter what your physical disability may be. They want to love you. They want to help you. They want to take that road with you. People love you, people appreciate you, and there's one thing that I've learned. Now that you leave the military, leave the same way you came in -- proud and courageous. Because there's not many people that can do what you've done. There's not many families that can go through what you guys have gone through. Understand that, know that, own it, be proud of it, because you've done a great service to this country. My story is your story. Your story is my story. And I carry it with me every single day, and it motivates me to live my life because veterans motivate me. Thank you very much for this opportunity to speak to you, and God bless every single one of you. Thank you again. It was a pleasure.


Erica: Why don't you and I head over to Adam's, and he can tell you himself? Ok.

Scott: I expect a call with good news later.

J.R.: Nice meeting you.

Dr. Chappell: You, too.

J.R.: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Scott: I'm getting funding for my project.

J.R.: I told you I would take care of that.

Scott: Yeah, well, you didn't. At least not fast enough.

J.R.: So you went behind my back?

Scott: Well, your father sees an opportunity he's smart enough to go for. That's why he's a success. You could learn something.

J.R.: I'm not the one who needs a lesson in business. You tanked your production company. Why should we even give you another dime?

Scott: I don't know -- save lives maybe.

J.R.: Nah, you know what? I'm going to advise my father not to invest.

Scott: What is your problem? People are dying. The sooner we get funding, the sooner this goes public.

J.R.: Oh, you're good, really. Real freaking sincere, too. You know, I don't know what's going on with you, but I'm going to get to the bottom of it.

Scott: It must be hell to be you. Convinced everybody's working an angle, everybody's out to get you. Well, here's something to think about. There's always the possibility that I just so happen to be "freaking sincere" because I believe in this device. So sniff around all you want. I got nothing to hide.

J.R.: You're broke. This project is to put money in your pockets as fast as you can.

Scott: My pockets? If this valve replacement is approved, Chandler Enterprises will make millions. You -- oh, that's it. You're pissed because you wanted to be the golden boy who saved Big Daddy's company, and it's killing you that you need me to do it.

Krystal: There's nothing to tell.

David: I distinctly heard the word "secret." I want to know what it is.

Adam: Well, Krystal, he's got us. We might as well confess. Krystal and I slept together.

Krystal: Adam.

Adam: It was a very brief affair before I left town.

Krystal: How could you do this?

Adam: Oh -- well, you should know better than anyone. Krystal is famous for spreading her love.

David: Oh, shut your mouth.

Adam: Oh, do you really care for her?

David: Krystal and I love each other, and she would never cheat on me, especially not with a man she hates.

Adam: Ooh, or love/hate, you know, it's a fine line.

David: Whatever you're holding over my wife, I will find out. But you should know, Adam, you've made a big mistake.

Annie: Here we go. Oh, what a beautiful day, huh? It's so nice out. Want to unlock it? You're a big girl. Thank you. Guess what I brought. Your favorite cookies.

Emma: Macadamia chocolate chip?

Annie: Um, no, I'm sorry. I brought lemon drops. But I did bring you apple juice.

Emma: Do you have any chocolate milk?

Annie: Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry. I guess I've been gone so long I don't know what you like anymore.

Emma: I still like lemon drops, Mom, and apple juice. It's just I'm a big kid now.

Annie: Here. Dig in. Very good. Oh, and I know what you definitely still like. Books.

Emma: A new book?

Annie: I made this for you. Like it?

Emma: Your books are my most favorite thing.

Annie: So sweet.

Ryan: Annie was here, Jesse. She was here, and she took Emma.

Jesse: Did you talk to the school?

Ryan: Annie called the school, said that she was Corrina and that Emma wouldn't be coming in, which is confusing to me because the school knows that Annie is a threat. Why wouldn't they call me to verify?

Jesse: Damn good question. I have no idea.

Ryan: Three times she has escaped Oak Haven. Three times.

Jesse: She escaped during transfer to the new facility.

Ryan: Exactly. Why would they take her out of maximum security? I don't understand that. Ok, how am I supposed to keep my daughter safe when Annie is out there, ok? And she can't be stopped.

Jesse: She'll be stopped.

Ryan: Jesse, the last time that she kidnapped Emma, my daughter ended up in a burning church.

Jesse: I was there.

Ryan: She almost died.

Jesse: She didn't die.

Ryan: You got to find Aidan. Ok, you find Aidan -- you find Aidan, and you're going to be halfway to --

Jesse: I know, I know we have to find Aidan. We're on it.

Ryan: They're out of control.

Jesse: We're doing everything humanly possible!

Ryan: They got to be stopped. Please, you got to stop them. If you can't, I'll do it myself.

[Knock on door]

Brot: Who is it?

Woman: Room service.

Brot: I didn't, uh, order any room --

Taylor: Surprise! You were amazing!

Brot: Whoa -- what are you -- what are you doing here?

Taylor: They loved you, and I'm not just saying that because I am crazy about you. You had them from the first words out of your mouth. It's so hot here.

Brot: I didn't want you to come.

Taylor: How could I miss it? Seeing the man that I am crazy about knocking them dead? I couldn't have missed that. And you were great. I told you you'd be great. You were great.

Brot: I didn't want you to be here. If you love me so much, why can't you just respect that?

Adam: We really must remember to lock our doors.

David: Yeah, well, that won't change a damn thing, because I'll still get to you whenever I want to.

[Doorbell rings]

Adam: Ah.

Erica: Oh, I hope we're not late.

Adam: No, right on time. Dr. Hayward was just leaving.

Dr. Chappell: Hayward? You told Scott you were also working on a valve -- you want to look at my plans.

David: As a professional courtesy. My input could be invaluable.

Dr. Chappell: Or you have nothing. And you hope to steal my work and stamp your name on it.

Adam: Ooh, I think we're going to work very well together.

David: If you're thinking of using him as an investor, you better hope his company doesn't go belly-up before you get to use your valve.

Erica: Interesting how the air always gets so warm after David leaves.

Man: Can I help you?

Krystal: Um, I'm looking for Marissa Tasker.

Man: She's with a client, but Serene is available. I'm sure she can work out your particular kinks.

Krystal: I -- I think I'll wait for Marissa.

Man: She just started -- 90 minutes.

Krystal: Ok. Um, do you have a restroom I could borrow?

Man: All the way to the back. Usually it's only for customers, but I'll make an exception.

Krystal: Thank you. I'm sorry. Sorry, wrong room.

Woman: Hey, lady, this room is --

Krystal: Marissa.

Marissa: Yeah --

Man: Hey! I still got one more itch to scratch.

Annie: "The little flower had no mommy and no daddy. So princess Emmaline took the little flower home. She watered it every single day until it grew as strong and beautiful as Emmaline. The end."

Emma: It's sad. The little flower had no mommy and daddy.

Annie: Well, it didn't need its mommy and daddy to grow up strong and beautiful.

Emma: I'll always need you and Daddy.

Annie: I know, sweetie, I know. But Mommy and Daddy might not always be able to be with you.

Emma: You're going away.

Annie: You really are so smart and such a big girl. Sweetie, you're right. I have to go away. I don't want to, but I have to. And it's not going to be forever, but I don't know when I'm going to be able to see you again.

Emma: Can I come with you?

Annie: I wish you could. I really wish you could. I love you so much. But you have to stay with your daddy. Ok? Will you be all right?

Emma: Will you?

Annie: Oh, come here. Hey.

Jesse: I want you to issue an Amber Alert for Emma Lavery. Well, I just faxed the picture and description. I need you to alert every cop in the state. Keep them on alert, and keep me posted.

[Doorbell rings]

Ryan: Where the hell is my daughter? 

Taylor: Well, I certainly didn't mean to upset you.

Brot: No, but it's like you have to hold my hand every step of the way. You -- you just need to let me breathe, Taylor.

Taylor: What happened to the part of your speech about not pushing away the people who love you -- about appreciating those that are there to support you? Were those just words coming out of your mouth?

Brot: No, no, no, they weren't. But what -- you think I can't do it on my own? You have to be there just in case I screw things up?

Taylor: That's not true.

Brot: How many times did you try to get me a job?

Taylor: I was helping you.

Brot: Why? Because you think I couldn't do it, right?

Taylor: No, because I am proud of your accomplishment. Ok, and I want to be a part of that. I want to be a part of your life. Isn't that what we're building towards here -- that life? You know what? Don't answer that. I'm sorry.

Brot: Where's the food?

Taylor: What food?

Brot: I heard "room service," and I am kind of hungry. We might need some champagne, you know, to celebrate.

Taylor: Are you sure?

Brot: I kicked ass today. And the fact that you were there makes it that much more special. Now, I think that calls for a celebration. Don't you?

Brot: I'm sorry I went off on you.

Taylor: That's what I was waiting to hear. Sure, I can find a way for you to make it up to me.

Brot: Hmm, I'm sure you can. I like that idea, but, as you can see, I have a full schedule.

Taylor: Oh.

Brot: Round-table discussion, which is followed by "snowboarding and rock climbing," as it says here.

Taylor: Snowboarding in Florida?

Brot: See for yourself.

Krystal: I guess I should have called. He -- he left.

Marissa: Great. I could lose my job over this.

Krystal: So what kind of itches get scratched here?

Marissa: I don't do that. Ok, why are you here?

Krystal: I heard about your parents. What happened?

Marissa: They were just driving home after a church potluck. The car went off the road. Police think my dad fell asleep.

Krystal: I am so sorry. I wish you had gotten in touch. Your mother was an amazing friend. Life got in the way for both of us, but the love was always there.

Marissa: You're right. I should have tracked you down.

Krystal: No, I'm not here to throw around should-haves. I'm -- I'm just here to see you -- to see how you're doing.

Marissa: I'm not quite what you expected, but it's not what you think. I'm strictly legit -- well, except for faking my license. Which is why I'm here and not some platinum-card spa.

Krystal: Why are you doing this?

Marissa: Mom and Dad always told me the Lord would provide. Too bad for me Dad let his life insurance lapse. The Lord didn't exactly step up. So I'm working my way through law school. The ambience might suck, but the tips are great. How about you and your daughter? Mom said she had a little boy.

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah, Little Adam. He's -- he's 5. Babe died last year.

Marissa: I'm so sorry.

Krystal: Yeah, those -- those tornadoes. She -- she gave her life to save her son.

Marissa: I wish I could've met her.

Krystal: So do I.

Dr. Chappell: Bio-design is the future, and this heart valve will provide the best of both worlds.

Adam: I'm impressed.

Dr. Chappell: Thank you. Impressed enough to underwrite the project?

Adam: I'll have the paperwork drawn up immediately.

Dr. Chappell: Good. You have no idea. What you're doing is going to help so many people.

Erica: Oh, Dr. Chappell, you're the genius whose device is going to change the lives of thousands of patients and their families. Adam's just helping you get that device to the people who need it.

Dr. Chappell: Well, your support means the world to me.

Erica: So your car is waiting to take you back to your hotel.

Dr. Chappell: Thank you.

Erica: We are very excited about this project. We're so looking forward to working with you.

Dr. Chappell: Is it possible -- is there any chance that we might have dinner together, perhaps the next time I'm in town?

Erica: I think that can be arranged.

Dr. Chappell: Well, until then. Thank you again.

Erica: You're welcome.

Erica: That went very well. [Erica chuckles]

Scott: Thank you for the support, Uncle Adam.

J.R.: Are you crazy? It could take forever for a valve like that to get onto the market. You threw money at Fusion. That was a loss. You threw money at Scott's production company. That was a loss.

Erica: Fusion is not a loss.

J.R.: Oh, keep on listening to her, Dad. You're going to be next in line for a bailout.

Adam: All right, enough of this. Chappell's valve replacement is remarkable. It's life-altering.

J.R.: When did you go soft? This is one of Scott's fantasies. Going to Hollywood, making movies -- that didn't work out for him. So now he wants to save the world. Do me a favor, Dad. Don't waste your money on his daydreams.

Scott: At least I have dreams. What's yours? Getting through the day without reaching for a bottle?

J.R.: Oh, you son of a --

Erica: Oh, J.R.

J.R.: I helped Chandler. I helped my dad build it up.

Scott: Yeah, you snatched it out from under him a couple of times, too.

J.R.: I pulled my weight. I helped him when he couldn't run the company. You -- you just want a handout.

Scott: Investing in a life-saving medical device is hardly a handout.

[Adam feels dizzy]

Erica: Adam, are you all right?

Adam: I'm fine. I'm fine.

Jesse: Where's Emma?

Aidan: I don't know.

Ryan: Tell us where she is, Aidan.

Jesse: Aidan, you can do better than "I don't know."

Aidan: I heard Annie was missing, all right? So I came over here to see if you had any news. That's it.

Ryan: Are you kidding me? Every time she escapes that place, you are in the picture, Aidan.

Jesse: She escaped on her own the last time.

Ryan: She's got my daughter, ok, again. And the last time she kidnapped my daughter, you were in the thick of things. So you have 30 seconds, right now, to tell me where she is.

Aidan: I told you, Ryan. I don't know.

Ryan: You know he's lying, right? You know that.

Jesse: Do you have any idea where she might go?

Aidan: Dr. Burke has been working with Annie on her memories. You know, they keep coming up, of her past. Right, this regression therapy. Maybe she went back to her parents' old home in Glen View.

Ryan: With Emma?

Jesse: I'm going to expand the alert across state lines.

Ryan: You see this, right? You see now that Annie is not getting better. She's using you, Aidan, just like she's using everybody else, to get what she wants.

Aidan: Maybe you're right. Maybe I don't know Annie at all.

Brot: I remember looking into the mirror. And I paused for a couple seconds just to look at myself and analyze this new face, this new head, and I remember pushing the mirror away and thinking to myself, "This is not what I want," you know? It's no different than what you guys have felt at some point in time in your life and -- when you noticed your injury and noticed what you were going to be going through for the rest of your life. This is where I feel comfortable talking to you guys, you know, because I think you guys are the only ones that understand me of what it's like to go through something like this. I was angry at the world. I didn't want this. You know, it's a great feeling now when I'm able to accept me and accept who I am, because I have the right pieces of people around me to love me and support me. And I know that I can be loved no matter how different I may look. I can be loved for who I am as a person. And I've learned that, because people have had patience with me. And the right people have had the patience with me. And that's a beautiful thing, you know?

[Music plays]

Singer:  We need heroes in the world. How about you be a hero to your girl? That's love that's love that's love. Be a soldier for them. I know you had a long day working 9:00 To 5:00 and didn't take a break, yeah. You don't feel appreciated. I'm here you can't escape. With a little touch of love in this world, it's all we have. I believe in you so don't turn away, because when this life gets too tough, when your days come so rough, I'll protect you from this world. I'll be your shield I'll be your sword. When you're cold need the sun, I'll wrap my arms around the one 'cause I'll protect you from this war. I'll be your shield I'll be your sword 'cause I'm your soldier. I'm your soldier. I'm your soldier. I'm your solider for love, so here's my Purple Heart   

Marissa: How's your husband?

Krystal: Well, uh, actually --

Man: I totally had to refund Mr. Corzo's money. It's coming out of your tips.

Marissa: Fine by me. The guy is a pig.

Man: Don't get all sensitive. Mr. Jenks is in room five. Don't keep him waiting.

Krystal: You don't have to do this.

Marissa: Yeah, I do. That thing called money.

Krystal: What would your mother say?

Marissa: Well, you know, she didn't say, "Roy, look out for that tree." Or, "Hey, Roy, you should renew your life insurance." So it doesn't really matter what she would say about this.

Man: You are working my last nerve, girl. Get in that room now or you're fired.

Krystal: All right, listen. You don't have to talk to her like that.

Man: Who are you, bitch, the etiquette police? You, now.

Krystal: Leave her the hell alone.

Erica: Just stop it, both of you. You're upsetting Adam.

Adam: Will you stop acting like you're my nursemaid? Look, I don't care if you're onboard or not. I want you to take over supervision of this project for Chandler Enterprises. Make sure Chappell and Scott have everything they need.

J.R.: For a device that's never going to make it past the guinea-pig stage. This is unbelievable, Dad.

Adam: Well, instead of throwing a tantrum, you ought to show some gratitude. Your son is in this house because of me.

J.R.: I'm 100% behind getting Chandler back on track, but this is not the way.

Adam: Well, I say it is. While you had your head in a bottle, your cousin here oversaw a project that will not only benefit mankind, but also benefits Chandler Enterprises. So it might even be someday you can have something for your son to inherit. Work with him. Don't fight with him.  For God's sake, you should thank him.

Ryan: I'm confused about something, Aidan If you care so much about Annie, then what are you doing here right now? I mean, why aren't you out doing your Special-Ops things that you do? Calling your network and playing with your spy toys and all that.

Aidan: I keep telling you, Ryan. I don't know where Annie is.

Ryan: Because you're so close, right? I mean, you care for her so much. I mean, maybe you're as crazy as she is.

Aidan: I've just been trying to help her, that's it.

Ryan: And all I've been trying to do is hurt her? Maybe I made her crazy -- got her locked up? I'm the reason that Annie is insane? Is that what you're saying?

Jesse: Hey, hey, hey, hey. I just got a report of a woman and a child fitting their description in Memorial Park.

Ryan: Let's go. Emma! Oh, my goodness. You're ok. Thank goodness. Hey.

Jesse: No sign of Annie.

Ryan: Are you -- are you ok?

Emma: Mommy brought me a new book.

Ryan: She did, huh? What did she say? Where did she go? Do you know where she is?

Emma: She wanted to say goodbye.

Jesse: But did she say where she was going, sweetheart?

Emma: No.

Ryan: Oh, I don't care. I just thank God you're ok. Thank God you're ok. Come here.

Jesse: Well, looks like we have other problems -- Aidan's gone.

Erica: Adam, you were a little hard on J.R.

Adam: He needs to grow up.

Erica: So you praise Scott to the heavens? Come on. How did you expect J.R. to react?

Adam: I know what I'm doing, Erica. I know. What's this?

Erica: You had a seizure when J.R. and Scott were arguing.

Adam: No, I got a little lightheaded. It's from all the dead air in this room.

Erica: Adam, you had a seizure. Come on, take your medication. That's it. It's the only way you're going to get better.

Adam: Hmm.

[David smiles as he holds Adam's prescription bottle]

Man: I am so done with you. Your fancy, too-good-for-us attitude. And this beyotch. You're fired.

Marissa: No, you can't fire me.

Man: I just did, sweet cheeks.

Marissa: Thanks a lot.

Krystal: Listen. Like I said, you do not need this job.

Marissa: The hell I don't. Look, I hate it, but I need it. These fat, sweaty, clammy-skinned men pay a hell of a lot for a pretty, young thing to just put her hands on them. Now I've got nothing.

Krystal: Marissa, Marissa --

Marissa: Look, next time you want to look me up, don't.

Officer: You're not going anywhere. This is a raid.

Annie: Oh. Hi. I'm so glad you're here. I thought you had changed your mind.

Aidan: I wouldn't do that.

Annie: Is Emma ok?

Aidan: Emma's fine. Ryan's a bit amped up, but we're clear.

Annie: Thank you for giving me the time to say goodbye to her.

Aidan: Listen, you're going to see Emma again, all right, but we've got to get a move on. You got your tickets and your passport ready?

Annie: Yeah, right here,  Mr. Matthews. You?

Aidan: Yep, right here, Mrs. Matthews. Are you ready for your brand-new life? Are you ready --

[Ryan barges into the motel room brandishing a gun]

Ryan: You guys are both going to prison.

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