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Episode #10106

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Adam: Colby? Colby -- oh.

Colby: I can't talk, got to go.

Adam: Uh, well, I told Little Adam you'd read him a story.

Colby: I'll read him a whole book tomorrow. It's a school thing I forgot. See you.

Adam: Colby, wait!

[Door shuts]

[Annie gasps]

Aidan: Don't panic. It's me.

Annie: Where am -- where am I?

Aidan: It's ok. You're safe.

Annie: This place --

Aidan: It's dingy, I know, but our -- you're camping out here till morning.

Annie: What's -- what's happening?

Aidan: We made a run for it, honey. I was wearing a paramedic uniform. You were in a wheelchair. It was chaos, but we pulled it off. You don't remember?

Annie: I remember being rolled down a hallway. There were faces over me.

Aidan: Listen, we still got miles to go. How do you feel about going red?

Kendall: Ian?

Ryan: Ian is sleeping. Go ahead, close your eyes. Close you eyes. I'll keep my eyes on Ian, ok?

[While Liza and Zach have sex on a gaming table at the casino, Jake is calling Liza's cell phone]


Jake: So I just need to touch base with you as soon as possible because the mom in this situation, um -- uh -- just needs some support, and, um -- you know, face to face would be great. I -- I'm sure that your life is crazy busy, but I am actually calling in a marker. Ok.

Amanda: That was the lawyer?

Jake: Uh -- yeah, well, voicemail.

Amanda: Oh, it -- it didn't sound like business. It sounded personal to me.

[Camera clicks as Aidan takes photos of Annie wearing a red wig]

Aidan: Try not to look so dazed.

Annie: How did we get here?

Aidan: Stole an ambulance, ditched it on the other side of town. No one tracked us. Look up. That's better.

Annie: Um -- why did you break me out?

Aidan: Because Ryan called your therapist, was going to have you transferred to a high-security facility, and I wasn't going to be able to see you.

Annie: So what happens now?

Aidan: Passport pictures, we hide out here till dawn, and then we fly to Nairobi, Melbourne, Montréal, your pick.

Annie: And -- and how do we pay for this plane, and what do we live on when we get there?

Aidan: Remember this? I used a bit of it to get into Oak Haven. This is what's left of Emma's ransom money.

Annie: Oh, my God, Emma. What will happen to my little girl?

Kendall: Ooh, that feels very good.

Ryan: You need to get some sleep, ok?

Kendall: Yeah, sleep. That's impossible.

Ryan: Why? You got about 20 minutes. You can get another 20.

Kendall: Yeah, but Ian, I mean --

Ryan: Ian is breathing easy, and the nurse checks something like every 42 seconds.

Kendall: Wait a minute. Is there any change? Did she say?

Ryan: His heartbeat is very strong.

Kendall: He's a tough little customer.

Ryan: Yeah, he is, just like his mom. You know, I got this vision of us out on a really sunny day in the middle of summer, Spike and Ian are playing catch, Ian breaking in his new mitt.

Kendall: Hmm. We'll get there, Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah, we will, and there's no pressure because we got a lifetime.

Jake: This, uh, this lawyer, we -- we -- we have a history. We were close friends. We were -- well, there's a history there.

Amanda: Look, I'm not trying to mix in your business, ok? But are you sure she hasn't got axes to grind?

Jake: Oh, she's got dozens of axes to grind. Just, thankfully, they're not pointed in my direction. No, I mean, she -- she had a tough go of it but, you know, she's cleaned up her life, which is why I thought she'd, you know, identify with you, know where you're coming from.

Amanda: She's not going to fall under David's spell and do a 180?

Jake: Well, no, no, no.

Amanda: Oh, my God. I am so paranoid. What are the chances that David and this lawyer would even meet? Just because he's all over me doesn't mean they'll ever connect.

Jake: But -- and if she did, you know, she'd see right through him. She -- she'd see right through his act. Trust me.

Amanda: I keep wanting this to be over, so many months to go. I keep dreaming about David snatching the baby and waking up in a sweat.

Jake: Well, all I can tell you is he's never going to get near you, ok? I can promise you that on my life.

Amanda: I try not to wonder what the baby will look like, you know? Where it'll live, in a city, on a lake.

Jake: I think all that matters is that it, you know, it's a warm, loving family. Don't you?

Amanda: What kind of pet will it want? Will there be brothers or sisters? Will he or she know how to swim?

Jake: You know, it's a good idea if you have an open adoption. You get to visit once a year. What's wrong with that?

Amanda: If I visit this baby, David will find it.

Jake: All right, well, then, maybe you should just stop and ask yourself, you know, do I want to keep my baby?

Amanda: It breaks my heart when you call it "my baby." This kid can't be happy and be mine, too. David will never let up on us.

Jake: Well, you know, he's not a God. He just thinks he is. We'll fight him.

Amanda: And turn this baby into a victory prize in a tug-of-war that never ends? What kind of childhood is that?

Jake: I just don't want you to look back on this and have any regrets, you know?

Amanda: This child belongs to the lucky parents who can raise and love it in peace, in a home that it deserves.

Liza: Well, I've heard of complimentary bottles of champagne, but that was above and beyond the call.

Zach: Well, it's a full-service casino.

Liza: Oh, so you do this often.

Zach: No.

Liza: Well, I see you're not married.

Zach: No, not anymore.

Liza: You're still hot for your used-to-be wife, or you're crazy for somebody new.

Zach: Why do you say that?

Liza: All that heart-pounding heat was unforgettable, but it couldn't have been about me.

Zach: Why not?

Liza: It was too intense for a random encounter. You don't even know my name.

Zach: You don't know mine.

Liza: Trade?

Zach: What for?

Liza: Possible follow-up, completely optional. Yeah, cold day in hell.

Zach: If you want to gamble, I'll see you around, ok?

Liza: Well, I am a gambler, but you're not going to be seeing me around. I'm moving on soon.

Zach: You don't like the climate?

Liza: Yeah, I came to connect with someone, but that someone blew me off, big.

Zach: I'm sorry.

Liza: Yeah, me, too. You'll get over whomever you're missing, or the woman you miss will come back to you. It was lovely not knowing you.

Zach: Lovely not knowing you. It's too bad we didn't get to finish our game.

Liza: You think hitting on an 18 is going to beat my 20? And what?

[Zach holds up a three]

Liza: That was the queen of hearts.

Zach: How would you know what's in my deck?

Liza: Lucky at cards, unlucky at love. Do you believe that saying?

Zach: No, that's a myth, like the tooth fairy.

Liza: Yeah, I have to agree with you on that one.

Jake: Madam.

Amanda: Ooh, what'd you bring me tonight? Is this laughing tea, take-advantage-of-me tea?

Jake: No, that is your-baby's-going-to-have-a-wonderful-life tea.

Amanda: Oh.

Jake: It's my specialty.

Amanda: Oh, my God, you are a nerd.

[Doorbell rings]

Jake: Hold up.

[Jake opens the front door]

Jake: Hey. Hey. Are you all right?

Colby: Uh, not so much.

Jake: Come sit down. Take the chill off you.

Colby: Is, um, Pete around?

Jake: No, no, he went to the, uh -- what did he do?

Amanda: Uh, Green Lantern appreciation night. You could probably catch him.

Colby: I'm not really, uh -- up for seeing anybody. Um, just -- um -- I'm sorry I bothered you. Tell Pete to call me.

Jake: No, no don't go running off. Stay, stay, stay with us.

Colby: I'm -- I'm not good company.

Amanda: That's perfect. Neither am I. Back me up on this.

Jake: Oh, yeah, she's horrible company. Sit down. I'll -- I'll make you a cup of tea.

Amanda: What do you think? Maybe some laughing tea?

Jake: I choose the teas around here. Go on, sit down.

Amanda: Hey, I -- I thought your family would be celebrating with J.R. winning custody of Little A.

Colby: Yeah, uh -- we're -- we're all really glad, and -- and relieved.

Amanda: I'm really happy for your brother. You may not believe me, but I am.

Colby: No, yeah, everybody's fine at home. Uh, home is not the problem.

Amanda: What is? Oh, like you want to confide in me.

Colby: Actually, you might be one of the few people who would understand.

Annie: I can't believe you don't understand.

Aidan: I -- I do understand. I get you don't want to leave Emma. I know you love her a lot, but what else are we going to do?

Annie: I don't know.

Aidan: Look, whatever you think of Ryan, he -- he's a good dad, agreed?

Annie: Sure, but --

Aidan: Look, Emma's happy where she is.

Annie: Emma's not happy. She's getting into fights at school. I can't be happy without Emma, and Emma can't be happy without me.

Aidan: Emma loves Ryan very much, and she loves her brother, too.

Annie: Listen, listen, Aidan, for the longest time, all I had was her, and all she had was me, ok? And she turned into the most beautiful little girl which is amazing considering the hell she had to go through. But she's a good kid, and she's a loving kid because I loved her. I need Emma the way that she is today.

Aidan: But Ryan knows Emma now, right? They're really close.

Annie: I'm sorry. I won't just leave her here. So they'll just have to throw me back in that padded cell.

Aidan: And how long are you going to spend in that padded cell? Tried and convicted, imprisoned for life.

Annie: Well, at least I get to see Emma. What? I mean, Ryan, I'm sure, will let her come visit eventually, maybe not tomorrow but in time.

Aidan: You really believe that?

Annie: Fine, well, then when Emma doesn't need to have Ryan's permission, she can come on her own when she's old enough, or -- or you can encourage her. You could bring her with you.

Aidan: And who's Emma going to believe, Ryan or me?

Annie: Fine, Aidan, you could pass on letters to Emma from me. Look, I don't care what happens to me, ok? I've done horrible things, but the worst thing in the world is abandoning your own child, so if I can't stay, we need to bring Emma with us.

Ryan: You can dim your searchlights, ok? Mommy's right there, and she's sleeping. You see here there? She's sleeping, yeah. She's --

Kendall: I'm really not sleeping. I'm not sleeping. What's wrong?

Ryan: Nothing. Nothing is wrong. He just made a little whimper, that's all.

Kendall: He did.

Ryan: Yeah.

Kendall: Is he feverish? Let's see. No, he's not.

Ryan: No, I think it was a dream. A little dream woke him up, right? Was it a dream?

Kendall: You think he had a nightmare?

Ryan: I don't know if it was a nightmare. Whatever it was, it's gone now.

Kendall: Did he cry?

Ryan: No, he didn't cry. It was just a -- it was like a little chirp, right? He's fine. Want to see for yourself?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: Ok, there he is. Yeah.

Kendall: You're good with him.

Ryan: Well, I had a little bit of practice with Spike. Right? That's your mommy, huh? What do you got there? Where did you get that toy car?

[Zach appears in the doorway]

Liza: Jake.

Jake: Thank you for calling me back so quickly.

Liza: So your baby mama's freaked?

Jake: Yeah, don't use that expression. I -- I -- I can't stand it. I just need for you to convince the mom that you will indeed find a great family.

Liza: Yeah, no problem. I'm all over it. The, uh -- perfect family is ready and waiting.

Jake: All right. Uh, great. We'll -- we'll jump on a plane.

Liza: No need, I'm nearby.

Jake: Nearby? Why?

Liza: Well, right now, I'm at the casino. I'll explain why later, but just keep this between us right now, all right?

Jake: Uh, sure, whatever you say.

Liza: I'm in the private gaming room. How fast can you get here?

Jake: I'm leaving right now.

[After staring at Kendall, Zach turns away]

Ryan: Where are you going?

Kendall: Uh -- I'm going to get some coffee.

Ryan: I'll have a coffee, too, please.

Kendall: Ok. Want a coffee? N -- no? Just for me. Ok.

Ryan: Ok. Zach. You weren't even going to speak to me?

Zach: There's nothing to say.

Kendall: So that's it?

Zach: The doctor told me that Ian's doing better all the time, and he seems comfortable, as comfortable with Ryan as he does with me, kind of like his mom.

Kendall: You're Ian's father, period. You will never have to fight for him. He will always be your son, and you will always be his dad.

Zach: Always, huh? I thought that went for us, too.

Kendall: See, this is what we do. This is why we don't work. I hurt you, and you hurt me.

Zach: I don't mean to hurt you. I came to relieve you, but, uh, you got relief already, so may I go now?

Kendall: No, not like this. Wait a minute. What have you been doing? What have you been fighting again?

Zach: What are you talking about?

Kendall: This. Wait a minute. What is that?

Zach: I think that's lipstick from the woman I just had sex with. Are we done?

Kendall: Who is she?

Zach: Who is who?

Kendall: The woman.

Zach: I don't know.

Kendall: Well, what's her name?

Zach: She didn't tell me her name.

Kendall: Oh, you picked up some tramp?

Zach: No, she was more like an MBA.

Kendall: Oh, so -- so how did it work? You -- you walked into a bar?

Zach: I own a bar. I walk into it all the time.

Kendall: So you -- you flirt a little, buy a woman a drink, and then --

Zach: It doesn't have to be complicated. Although she seemed to feel that it was.

Kendall: I don't -- I don't understand. What are you saying?

Zach: Nothing.

Kendall: No, go on. I want to know. What -- what made it so complicated? Tell me.

Zach: Well, she said it was, uh, too intense to be random.

Kendall: Nice. You mean like, uh, instant connection, soul mates from another life?

Zach: I don't believe in soul mates. I think what she meant was that I was probably thinking about you when I was having sex with her.

Liza: Thank you. Mm.  Mm, oh, that is delicious.

Francesca: Will you be, um, needing the room for the rest of the night?

Liza: Mm, I'm not sure yet, but would you bring me a bottle of champagne and two chilled flutes right away, if that's all right?

Francesca: Of course.

Liza: I'm expecting a dear, longtime friend any minute now. I haven't seen him in years. Is -- is there a problem?

Francesca: Not at all.

[Liza chuckles]

Jake: Liza Colby. I never really thought I'd see you again.

Liza: I fooled you. I'm back.

[Liza and Jake hug]

Kendall: Are you happy now?

Zach: Yeah, I'm all right.

Kendall: You like hurting me while our son is sick?

Zach: Our son will be fine, as will you.

Kendall: Then why do I feel like I've just been slapped?

Zach: That's how it feels when a piece of your heart crawls into bed with someone else.

Kendall: You wanted the divorce. Obviously, this is you paying me back.

Zach: No. It's a single man living his life.

Kendall: A single man who is looking to even the score.

Zach: You asked me a question. I answered you. You don't want to hear it? Don't ask me.

Kendall: I'll see you tomorrow, when I bring our son home, unless you have other plans.

Zach: Tomorrow is good.

Ryan: Hey.

Kendall: Hey.

Ryan: Where's the coffee?

Kendall: Oh, uh, the machine was broken.

Ryan: Ah.

Annie: You and me and Emma, where could we go?

Aidan: To an English-speaking country where we'll get you a shrink that will help you fully recover.

Annie: Right, and while I'm on my way to getting all the way better, what would Emma do?

Aidan: She'd -- she'd go to school.

Annie: Right. And have to use a different name, like back in the old days? Missing her home and her friends and her new kitten and mostly missing her dad.

Aidan: You can't have it both ways.

Annie: Emma would be disoriented, and Ryan would be a mess. I can't do it. Not to Emma, not even to Ryan.

Aidan: Look, Ryan didn't even cross your mind a couple of weeks ago. You have empathy for the man that betrayed you. That just shows you how far you've come.

Annie: Well, London, Glasgow, Sydney. Where can we go without being caught.

Aidan: Not getting caught is my specialty. Trust me. I'll sort this out.

Jake: Liza Colby. Welcome home.

Liza: Uh, welcome back. Actually, I'm just passing through.

Jake: Hmm now, you know, I was prepared to do this whole thing by e-mail.

Liza: Oh, come on. What? You didn't have the urge to see me in the flesh?

Jake: No, no, I'm thrilled to see you. I am, but we would have gone to see you. You know, we would have flown anywhere, but you were so nice, going to so much trouble.

Liza: Well, I cannot tell a lie.

Jake: Really? When did that start?

[Liza chuckles]

Liza: Yeah, I came to connect with Colby.

Jake: Uh-huh. And how's that going?

Liza: Yeah, not so well.

[Liza recalls a phone conversation]

Liza: You sound good.

Colby: Give me a break. I'm amazed you even know my voice.

Liza: That's something a mother never forgets.

Colby: A mother? Excuse me. Would that be you?

Liza: I know it's been a long time.

Colby: More like forever. Why are you calling me?

Liza: I'm coming to Pine Valley.

Colby: Call someone who cares.

Colby: What was I supposed to say? You get it, right? I mean, your mother's kind of a nightmare. No offense.

Amanda: None taken. It's true.

Colby: So how do you, like, deal with that?

Amanda: By making all the wrong choices.

Colby: No, I'm serious.

Amanda: Yeah, well, I -- so am I. Bad choices are my only talent. Whatever I've done, don't try.

Colby: I used be crushed when my birthday came and all I got was a phone call from my mom, and then, the calls stopped coming.

Amanda: My problem was so the opposite. Everywhere I turned, there was my mother.

Colby: Little by little, her face started fading, like maybe she died when I was young, and after a while, I erased her from my mind.

Amanda: How did you manage that?

Colby: It's hard, but I worked at blotting her features totally out of my brain, morphed her into this faceless stranger, like a mother who gives you up at birth, and now, suddenly, she's calling me? And the sound of her voice? It hurts.

Amanda: You love her, and you're angry.

Colby: Angry, for sure.

[Back to the phone call]

Liza: I'd really like to see you.

Colby: Why?

Liza: I miss you.

Colby: Yeah, I -- I can tell.

Liza: You're still my daughter, Colby, and I love you.

Colby: Invisible love, it's a neat trick.

Liza: You're the one that ran away from me.

Colby: I thought it might be nice to have a father. Oh, and thanks for making me feel like a reject. It turns out Dad did want me, and you lied.

Liza: Ok. Colby, you've got to give me a chance to explain.

Colby: Explain, or tell me more lies?

Liza: Can we just sit down and talk about this?

Colby: Why are you suddenly on my case? You've been fine without me for years.

Liza: No, I haven't been fine. I've missed you every single minute of every single day, but you went to great lengths to escape from me, so I just figured I would give you your space.

Colby: Thanks for the space. I'm -- I'm loving it. Too late to take it back now.

Liza: She refuses to see me, doesn't want to talk to me. She wants me to leave her alone.

Jake: Well, I'm sure she's just saying that. Just give her time.

Liza: Yeah. Time is what got us to where we are.

Jake: You need to know that she's a terrific kid. She really is. She's sweet and spunky, and she's generous and she's -- she's really everything that you would want her to be.

Liza: Yeah, except open to me.

Jake: Well, I'm sure that'll change.

Liza: Yeah. You know what I'll do? I'll show her my spanking new law degree. I'll tell her how I got it to upgrade our lives from those sad jobs that I could get with -- without my real resume, and she'll come running into my arms. She'll forgive me, and everything will be fine.

Jake: You know, good things, great things, don't happen overnight. For example, how long did it take you to get that law degree? Exactly. So if you want to be in Colby's life, you know, you're going to have to sign up for the long haul.

Liza: Jake, don't do it. Don't give up your baby, hmm? I know you. You will regret it.

Jake: Well, it's -- it's not my baby.

Liza: Wait, I -- I thought that's why --

Jake: I wish that it was, but it's not.

Liza: So who's the father?

Jake: David Hayward.

Liza: Why isn't David Hayward on death row yet?

Jake: Because sociopaths tend to be very bright.

Liza: Young girls are still taken in by him?

Jake: Well, you know, you don't have to be in love to make a baby. Dogs can do it in a field.

Liza: David Hayward, the father.

Jake: Yeah. Look at that. Drank the whole thing.

[Liza laughs]

Jake: What you've got to do is picture the grim reaper rocking his own baby.

Liza: You know, I plunged my life into chaos to get Colby away from Adam's grip. Yeah, next to David Hayward, Adam's like Mr. Mom.

Jake: Now, you know that he had an older daughter, right?

Liza: Yeah, yeah, Babe. Pretty girl.

Jake: Well, she died in the tornado.

Liza: Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, really, no one should ever have to bury a child.

Jake: Actually, that's three for him, because he had an infant daughter that died in surgery, and there was an ectopic pregnancy a couple of weeks ago.

Liza: Ok. I get it, I get it. So David Hayward is spawn-hungry. No wonder the mother-to-be is in a panic.

Jake: Well, that's why Amanda wanted to place the baby as far away from him as possible, so discretion, you know, the utmost discretion is what we need here.

Liza: No, I get it. I -- I get it.

Jake: Now, you said that you found the perfect family?

Liza: Yeah. Charles and Nancy Farmer from South Field, Michigan.

Jake: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you -- what are you doing?

Liza: Oh, Charles and Nancy are lovely people. Really, they are, but I have a better idea. Yeah. Really, this one's genius. Trust me.

Jake: I, actually -- I do trust you, Liza, but when I hear those words come out of your mouth, I get a little, you know, nervous.

Liza: Look, if you didn't trust me deep down inside, you wouldn't have asked me to handle this adoption.

Jake: Actually, deep down, I do trust you. It's all the pesky layers that make me -- make me nervous.

Liza: No, this one is perfect. It's inspired, really, and David Hayward will never find out, ever. We are going to give Amanda's baby a magical life.

Adam: Ah, you look like you just escaped from a burning building. What -- what's going on?

Colby: A school project. It slipped my mind.

Adam: Now, this is not about school. What's going on?

Colby: It's nothing I can't handle.

Adam: Oh, that's a -- famous last words. Uh, let me fix it?

Colby: I'm fine, Dad. Really, I -- I am.

Adam: Really? Well, will you make me a promise?

Colby: Anything.

Adam: If it doesn't turn out fine for you in the end, you'll let me know about it?

Colby: Deal.

Adam: Good.

Colby: There is one thing you can do for me.

Adam: Oh, name it.

Colby: Give me a big, fat hug.

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: Oh, I think I can arrange that.

Annie: Hope Matthews. I am Hope Matthews from Madison, Wisconsin.

Aidan: I am Tom Matthews, originally from Brighton, married to Hope for five years.

Annie: A make-believe life.

Aidan: Make-believe for now, but soon we'll make it real.

Annie: You're turning your back on everything. You're throwing away your life for me.

Aidan: I'm not. You are my life. You're all that matters to me, and I want to give you everything that you deserve, ok?

Annie: But you are.

Aidan: No, I'm not. You deserve to be acquitted, not guilty due to temporary insanity, but the chances of that happening are slim to none, and I can't let you take that -- that risk.

Annie: I murdered my brother, Aidan.

Aidan: He's been killing people since you were kids. I mean, how many lives do you suppose he took?

Annie: What about Di? She didn't hurt anybody.

Aidan: You lost your mind. I mean, who wouldn't have? After so many blows to the heart, it's amazing how you found yourself again.

Annie: Because of you. I would still be out of my mind if it wasn't for you, and I'd be living the rest of my life behind bars if you hadn't saved me. The rest of my life belongs to you. I feel so safe when I'm with you.

Aidan: You're always going to be safe from now on.

Annie: I was just so confused before. It was like I was living in a fog.

Aidan: Annie, you are the strongest woman I have ever known.

Annie: Only when I'm with you.

Aidan: Look, we need to get some rest. We've got to leave early in the morning.

Annie: Ok, listen, there's one thing I need though, first, ok? Emma.

Aidan: But you said --

Annie: No, I know we can't take her with us. That would be cruel to her and to Ryan, but I need to see her one more time, Aidan. I need to spend one last day with her. Please.

Zach: Any luck?

Francesca: I asked everyone who was on duty during the time she was here, and nobody knows who she is.

Zach: Ah, it doesn't matter.

Jake: Ok, so I talked to the lawyer, and she's in 100%. She says that she can find a great family.

Amanda: You know what? Colby was freaked. Her mother decided to show up suddenly, out of nowhere, after God knows how long. My mom is no prize, but she's mentally ill. Liza Colby must be carved out of ice.

Jake: Well, you know, she has some good points.

Amanda: Not in the mom department. What if this baby gets stuck with a cold-hearted mother?

Jake: That's not going to happen.

Amanda: How do we know that?

Jake: Because, well, she said you get to meet the mom.

Amanda: Then I would know how to find them, and I know myself. I -- I would track them down. I could see myself hiding behind the bushes, starring in their windows at night, and looking at my baby with the mother that I chose, dying to get my baby back.

Adam: Ah.

Colby: You made this? With you're very own two hands?

Adam: Don't get too excited. It's -- it's hot chocolate. It's not deep-dish soufflé or anything.

Colby: But still, you never make anything.

Adam: I used to make a great deal of money.

Colby: You will again, but you know what?

Adam: What?

Colby: I would trade all the money in the world for you to make me hot chocolate every night.

Adam: Oh.

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