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All My Children Transcript Thursday 4/2/09


Episode #10094

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Krystal: What have you done?

David: Start packing. We're leaving.

Krystal: You snatched him?

David: Just hurry.

Krystal: We are not going anywhere with that child.

David: Hey, buddy, listen.  Why don't you do me a favor, all right? Why don't you take your new truck and go back into the play room with it? I'll come and get you as soon as we're ready to go. All right? Thanks.

Krystal: What in God's name are you thinking? You heard the judge. We're not supposed to have any contact with Little A while he's in foster care. Now you go and kidnap him? As soon as the police find out, the first place they're going to look is --

David: Well, I'm fairly certain the police already know.

Krystal: How?

David: Because Little Adam was living with Jesse and Angie.

Angie: I wasn't thinking. I mean, I did everything but shove this puppet I made for Little Adam in David's face. You know, he isn't stupid. He has to know by now that the child is staying with us.

Jesse: Calm down, baby.

Angie: You know, I can't believe that I forgot to wash this off before we left the loft.

Jesse: Don't upset yourself. The kid was placed with us by a court order. David is not going to jeopardize his custody case by defying a judge.

Angie: Well, I'm just worried about Little Adam.

Jesse: No, don't worry. Natalia's got everything under control.

Natalia: The kid was sitting right here. I went to the other room to get DVDs, and when I came back, he was gone. I looked everywhere. I searched the floor. Oh my -- we have to call the cops.

J.R.: No, no, no, no, no. I'm pretty sure I know where he is.

Natalia: What? You know where he is?

J.R.: Yeah, he didn't wander off. He went with someone he knew.

Natalia: And this someone couldn't be bothered to tell me where he went? I have been going crazy looking for him. He -- he could be in some kind of danger, J.R.

J.R.: He is in danger.

Natalia: Well, then we need to call the police.

J.R.: No. What we need to do is call your dad.

Kendall: I can't move in with you, Ryan. Please understand. I just -- I can't do that to the boys.

Ryan: Do what to the boys? I -- I'm Spike's dad, and you're their mom, so --

Kendall: No, I know. It's just now is not -- it's not the right time. I mean, not after everything they've been through. Look at all that's happened. They -- they've been through a tornado, and me in the coma, and now the divorce. If I packed up everything and moved in with you, it would only confuse them more, so they need some kind of stability in their lives.

Ryan: And you don't think I can provide that?

Kendall: No, it's not that. It's just I don't want to confuse them anymore, so Zach and I have decided to stay in the house together. We think it's the healthiest thing for Spike and Ian.

Erica: What is it, Zach?

Zach: He's not breathing.

Erica: All right. I'll call 911.

Zach: Come on. Stay with me. Come on, baby. It's ok.

Erica: Um, yes -- yes. This is Erica Kane. We have an emergency at 32 Pine Circle.

Zach: Tell them to hurry up.

Erica: The baby -- we need an ambulance right away for the baby.

Jesse: What happened?

Natalia: Oh my God. Dad, I am so sorry.

Jesse: How can he be gone?

Natalia: Look, I went to the other room to get a DVD, and when I came back he was just gone.

J.R.: Hayward has him.

Jesse: He can't be that crazy.

J.R.: He's done crazier.

Jesse: He'd be on the run for the rest of his life.

J.R.: He's already got what he wants. It's not that hard for him to change his identity, become someone else.

Jesse: Wait, wait, wait. Are you sure? Did you see Hayward take the boy?

Natalia: No, look, he was just gone when I came back.

Angie: Look, maybe he wandered outside. He could've just walked down to the park.

Jesse: I'll get my boys on it.

J.R.: He didn't wander off anywhere. He disappeared on your watch. The question is how far are you willing to go to get my son back?

Krystal: Oh, God. This is wrong. Please, let's talk about this.

David: The time for talking is over. There's no turning back. We need to get Little Adam out of the country tonight.

Krystal: I won't go.

David: Oh, Krystal. Please don't -- don't fight me on this.

Krystal: I already spent time for kidnapping. I will not go back there again.

David: Well, look at the alternatives. Our grandson growing up in some foster home. He'd be the one going off to prison.

Krystal: You know, if he were with strangers, I might understand, but this is Angie and Jesse we're talking about. He couldn't be in better hands.

David: Oh, yes he could. He could be with us. We're the only people he's truly safe with.

Krystal: Angie is the most loving woman I know.

David: Oh, my --. The woman broke into our house. She stole your pills to set me up for dealing drugs, and when that didn't work, she had her husband blackmail me with planted evidence. Those are the loving people you want to raise our grandson?

Krystal: All right, all right. Look, kidnapping him, living on the run, that is not going to provide him with a better home.

David: Well, at least he'd be with the people that love him, ok? All Jesse and Angie care about is nailing me to the wall, and they're not going to stop until they do. You have to understand that, Krystal. If we don't get out tonight, we're going to never see Little Adam again.

Ryan: Are you sure that you want to do this? It's just -- it's a little confusing for me because, you know, you said you made your decision that you were going to move on and start a life with me, and then after one conversation with Zach you guys are getting back together again.

Kendall: No. No, we're not, Ryan. There is nothing left between Zach and me. We're still getting a divorce. That hasn't changed.

Ryan: Really?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: And you don't -- you don't see it?

Kendall: See what?

Ryan: How he's manipulating you.

Kendall: Please don't make this out to be something it's not, ok? This is -- this is difficult enough as it is.

Ryan: Kendall, he's moving back in to keep me away. Preventing you from being with me is what he cares most about.

Kendall: Funny. From the looks of your ridiculous poker game, the only thing he seems to care about is his precious casino.

Ryan: I know, Zach doesn't like to lose at anything, and you're at the top of that list. Look, he may not love you anymore, but he'll be damned if he let's anybody else have you.

Kendall: No, this isn't about me, ok? This is not about me. This is about two little boys who need their parents.

Ryan: Exactly, and I'm Spike's dad, not Zach.

EMT: What happened?

Zach: I don't know. He just stopped breathing.

EMT: Was he eating anything?

Zach: No.

EMT: Is he on any medication?

Zach: No.

EMT: This scar -- a surgery?

Zach: When he was premature, he had heart surgery.

EMT: He's got congestion in both lungs. His color's pale, pulse weak and thready. Do you want to tube him?

Zach: Can we go?

EMT: No, but we've got to get out of here now.

Erica: We have to call Kendall.

Zach: From the ambulance. Just stay with Spike, ok?

Pete: Hey.

Colby: Hi. What's up? You look worried.

Pete: I am. I came over to warn you that something ugly is about to happen.

Colby: Why? What's going on?

Pete: J.R. was over at Tad's earlier. I overheard a pretty heated conversation. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them kills David Hayward before the day is out.

Jesse: No, wait. Just -- just wait, ok? All right. Now, if Hayward actually did take your boy, it's over for him. He'll be thrown in jail so fast none of us will have to deal with him again.

J.R.: If you can find them.

Jesse: We will find them.

J.R.: Then make it happen. I don't care how many laws you have to break. Give me my son back.

Natalia: Wait, he can't break any laws. He'll lose his job. Look, we have to follow the rules.

J.R.: Oh, do we? Did you follow the rules when you let that bastard take my son?

Jesse: Oh, come on.

Angie: Ok, that's not fair, J.R.

Jesse: Listen. Ease up, Junior. This is not Natalia's fault.

J.R.: Yeah? Then who's is it? Yours? The court put my son here at your request to keep him safe, and she let Hayward snatch my son as soon as she turned her back.

Natalia: Dad, I'm so sorry.

J.R.: Not as sorry as Hayward's going to be.

Jesse: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. Where you going? What do you think you're going to do?

J.R.: To get my son back, and I don't have to follow any rules.

David: We just disappear. I can do it in a way that no one will ever be able to find us. We can start a whole new life.

Krystal: What about Jenny? Am I supposed to forget my own daughter, fly halfway around the world running from the law? I mean, leave my life here and never see my little girl again? I will not do that.

David: All right, then we'll take Jenny with us.

Krystal: Oh my God. And now you really are crazy. Oh my -- what are you going to do? Sneak over to Tad's and snatch her, too? Forget about what the law would do to you. Do you really think Tad would allow that, not to mention he has got half his family living in there, and you would never get past the front door.

David: Don't worry about it. I'll figure something out.

Krystal: Oh, God. Stop it, stop it. No. No, I -- don't even think about that. I would never do that to Tad, especially not after what he's gone through with Kathy. No. No, Jenny stays here and so should we.

David: All right. Listen to me. I understand the idea of you leaving this place is difficult for you, but I can't stay for Jenny. I have to think what's best for Little Adam, and -- and foster care is just not acceptable.

Krystal: Foster care with Angie and Jesse, and it's just temporary.

David: Until a judge decides that it should be permanent. Between the Chandlers and the Hubbards, we're being set up to lose our grandson. What are we going to do then, Krystal? We're just going to sit back and watch Jesse raise Little Adam. Well, I will not let that happen.

Kendall: No one is trying to take your place in Spike's life.

Ryan: So your marriage is over, and -- and yet still I only get to see my son on weekends and on holidays, but Zach, who your marriage is over with, gets to play Daddy the rest of the time.

Kendall: No -- ok. Listen, no one has said that you can only Spike specific times. You can see him anytime you want. You know that.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Things are going to be different now, Kendall. You know that.

Kendall: I'm only thinking of the boys. They're used to Zach, and that home is a safe spot for them, and Zach loves Spike, too. Both of the boys need him right now. I think it's what's best for them.

Ryan: Can you explain to me how living in -- in a home with a man who hates me more than anything in the world is best for my son?

[Phone rings]

Ryan: You should probably answer that. It's the second time it's gone off.

Kendall: Whoever it is can wait. This is more important.

Kendall's voice: Hi, this is Kendall. I can't come to the phone right -- hi, this is Kendall. I can't come --

Zach: She's not picking up.

Joe: Who's covering Pediatrics today?

Nurse: Dr. Bonner.

Joe: All right, page him stat.

Kendall: Whatever his faults, Zach has always been a wonderful father to both those boys. The two of you are a lot alike that way.

Ryan: Well, you'll forgive me if I'm not flattered by the comparison.

Kendall: Do you remember everything you did for Emma? I mean, how long it took for you to -- to get close with Greenlee and really commit yourself? If it wasn't for your little girl, you would've left Annie long ago.

Ryan: It was a lot more complicated than that, Kendall.

Kendall: Yes, but the overwhelming reason that you stayed, Ryan, was because of Emma. Now how is that any different from what I'm doing? I'm there for the boys. Zach is there for the boys. Listen. This has nothing to do with me trying to -- to make our marriage work. I've made my choice. I choose you. I want to be with you, ok? But I'm not ready to make this next step, not -- not now. I mean, the boys just got me back from a coma. I can't just tear them away from Zach so quickly.

Ryan: No, that's not what you would tell them.

Kendall: Yeah, but it's -- but it's how they perceive it. I mean, they're too young to understand it any other way. They need time. We all need time, time to figure out what's best for the boys. I know I'm asking a lot of you, I know, but --

[Phone rings]

Ryan: It's Erica.

Kendall: Mom, what is it?

Erica: Oh, Kendall. Thank God. Why haven't you been answering your phone? Zach's been trying to reach you.

Kendall: Why? What is it? What's wrong?

Erica: It's -- it's Ian, honey. He -- you have to get to the hospital now.

Joe: Code blue. Get a crash cart in here now. Find Dr. Hayward. The boy's heart is failing.

Kendall: Where is he? Where is he? How is he?

Zach: Joe and the pediatrician are in there now. It's serious, but they're working on him.

Kendall: Oh my God. I have to -- I have to see him. I need to see him, I --

Zach: You need to stay here. Let him work. If there's something we could do, I'd be in there now.

Kendall: Well, what happened? I mean, did -- did he choke on something?

Zach: I know, it's something with his heart. I don't know.

Kendall: Oh my God.

Ryan: Ian is in the best place possible right now. They're going to keep him safe.

Kendall: You -- you don't know that. Oh, Joe.

Erica: How is he?

Joe: We've got him stabilized, and we have a ventilator breathing for him.

Kendall: A ventilator?

Zach: What's wrong with him?

Joe: He is showing signs of congestive heart failure. Now, that could be caused by any number of things. It could be, you know, a virus, an infection, and we really can't speculate until we get some test results back.

Kendall: But you -- but you can fix it, right?

Joe: We'll see. In any case, he's stabilized, and I've put a call out for Dr. Hayward to consult.

Zach: Hayward?

Joe: Yes. We all know what we think of him as a human being, but the fact is he's a top notch cardiologist, and he really is the best man for Ian.

Erica: Ok, then so where is he?

Joe: I don't know. He's not answering his pages.

Pete: I guess David smacked Krystal or pushed her or something. I'm not sure.

Colby: Oh my God. What did Krystal do?

Pete: She was really freaked out last night, but by the time morning rolled around she was ready to forget the whole thing.

Colby: That's just not right.

Pete: I don't get it either. Why is it that women always want a guy who will respect them, treat them the way they want to be treated, and then they end up picking a jerk, and then staying with him even after they know he's a jerk?

Colby: I don't know. I don't get it.

Pete: I guess it's just further proof that nice guys finish last.

Krystal: I really want to believe that you love me, that you care about having a life with me.

David: Of course, I do.

Krystal: Then prove it. Don't do this. Stay.

David: They backed us into a corner, Krystal. We're going to lose our grandson.

Krystal: You don't know that for sure. Anyway, I would rather take that chance than risk losing what we have. If you walk out that door, you are going to prove Tad and everybody else right. You don't really care about me. This marriage was only a way for you to get Little A.

David: No, no. I did this for us, for our family.

Krystal: There won't be an "us" or a "family" if you walk out. If you don't do it for me, do it for Little A, ok? Think about him. His life will be torn upside down. He's already lost so much. Don't take away everything he has left.

David: What am I supposed to do? It's too late. I can't just bring him back.

Krystal: Well, I can. Your name doesn't even have to come up.

David: Little A already knows who picked him up.

Krystal: What -- what exactly did you tell him?

David: That I was going to take him for a play date.

Krystal: Ok, ok. I'll handle it.

[Banging on door]

David: That would be the police.

Krystal: Ok, honey. You're coming with me now, ok? Hop on it. Let's go.

[Banging on door]

Erica: Oh, David. You're not answering your phone. I need you.

Jesse: Keep looking. You -- don't do anything stupid. Don't you even think of trying to take the law into your own hands. The court may never let you see your son again. Just let the police handle Hayward, all right? Get me Morales.

J.R.: Look, you need to wake up, Jesse. Hayward doesn't play by the rules, so why should I?

Angie: Because your son needs you. You know, you can still get custody back legally, but if you go after David all that changes. You'll be the one in prison, J.R., and Little Adam, he will be in foster care until he's an adult. Now, that's not what you want. That's not what Babe would want.

J.R.: I promised Babe that I would take care of my son, that I'd keep him safe. I messed that up every possible way, and I just -- I've got to find a way to make it right, to keep those promises. I can't lose my son. I -- I can't.

Jesse: You're not going to lose him. We're going to find him.

J.R.: How?

Jesse: I need you to put an APB on Dr. David Hayward. Suspicion of kidnapping. So we start by bringing his ass in right now.

David: What do you want, Erica?

Erica: Your help.

David: My help? I already helped you by saving Kendall's life, and how did you repay me? By siding with the Chandlers against me and my grandson. Why would I even think --

Erica: This has nothing to do with Adam or J.R. or your grandson. This has to do with a little boy who needs your talents to stay alive. It's -- it's -- it's Ian. He's in the hospital. It's his heart, and -- and we need you to fix it.

David: Look, I'll recommend a pediatric cardiologist.

Erica: No. We need you David, please? Please go over there. We need you right now, today, to go over there and just -- just see him, please? See him and go over his tests. You saved Kendall's life. Please save her baby's life, too.

David: Erica -- Erica, you don't understand.

Erica: I -- I think I do. I remember how difficult it was for you. I know what you went through with Leora, and I know how difficult this would be for you, David. Believe me, I do, but please, please. This baby needs you. We need you. Please?

Kendall: How much can his little body take?

Zach: Oh, a lot. He's -- he's tough like his mom.

Kendall: He's been fighting for his life ever since he was born. First the hole in his heart, then the brain hemorrhage, and now this. It's not fair.

Zach: Well, he made it through, and he's -- he's bigger now and stronger. He'll be all right.

Kendall: If he has any fight left in him.

Zach: You beat the odds.

Kendall: What if he doesn't? What if we lose him?

Zach: Don't talk like that. He's going to be fine.

Kendall: I just -- I just feel so helpless. We're supposed to be able to do something for him, and here he is. He's laying here, and he's got these needles and these tubes and he has no idea why. And I have no idea why. Why does he have to go through this again?

Zach: I don't know. I remember sitting by your bedside when you were in the coma. And all I wanted was a miracle. And doubt started creeping in and when -- and I remember when that started, this machine breathing for you, I tried to hold you and I couldn't -- of course, you couldn't hold me back and... But, hey, through all of that there was a miracle, because you're here. Let's hold onto that, ok?

Kendall: Thank you?

Zach: What?

Kendall: For understanding.

Colby: I could never stay with a man who hurt me.

Pete: My mom did. For years -- that was before I was born, but maybe she thought she could change him. Or she was just scared.

Colby: Or maybe out of some warped sense of obligation, mistaking that for love. I bet that's what Krystal's story is. I mean, why else would she stay with David Hayward? The guy is walking bad news. Look what he's done to his own family, not to mention what he's done to mine. My dad's gone, my brother is in deep trouble, none of us are allowed to see Little Adam. If anyone deserves what's coming to them, it's David Hayward.

Little Adam: Daddy!

J.R.: Oh, thank God. You had us so worried.

Krystal: I'm -- I'm sorry if I upset anyone.

Jesse: You took him?

Krystal: Yes, I -- I took him for a play date. I know I should have let somebody know.

J.R.: That's a load, and you know it.

Krystal: Ask Little A.

Natalia: I love trucks. Hey, why don't we go back in the bedroom and you can show me how it works, ok? Come here. Oh, you heavy boy. Ugh!

J.R.: Where was David taking him, Krystal? Mexico, back to Malaysia?

Krystal: This doesn't have anything to do with David. I was missing my grandson. I took him on a play date.

Jesse: How did you find him?

Krystal: Well, it was a coincidence. I came to talk to Angie.

Angie: Stop playing, Krystal. Are we even speaking?

Krystal: No. And I wanted to patch things up. I came over here and Little A answered the door. I was shocked. And then I was thrilled, so I asked him to come with me for a while. I didn't think it was a big deal, especially since I found out that you were letting J.R. spend time with him.

J.R.: You're not actually buying this crap? She's covering for Hayward. I want that son of a bitch in jail.

Krystal: Are you prepared to be thrown into the cell next to him, then?

J.R.: Is that a threat?

Krystal: Just the facts. Everyone here has violated the judge's orders about who's supposed to visit Little A, including Jesse and Angie. Now, either we can forget about all of this or everybody pays, especially Little A. Your call, Chief.

Pete: Wow, it's really quiet in here.

Colby: I even miss my father screaming about the stock market.

Pete: Well, you could always come hang out with us. I mean, we do have a screeching toddler and a pregnant woman addicted to telenovelas. And then there's my mom cursing my dad around the house, and then there's -- there's Tad with his awful jokes, which is probably not the best selling point.

Colby: No, no, sign me up. I'll take it. Have you heard anything from your dad?

Pete: Only texts, once in a while. My mom's not supposed to know about it. He's trying to get back the family fortune.

Colby: At least you hear something from him. My dad hasn't even been texting. Not even a TTYL.

Pete: Hey, I'll "talk to you later."

[Both laugh]

Colby: Oh, thanks, but you've put in your time. There's only so much anyone can hear me rag on David Hayward. Oh, I should do something. Cut him off at the knees. Or higher.

Pete: Ouch.

Colby: But what can I do? I'm sure J.R. and Dad have tried all the usual Chandler tricks -- blackmail, bribery. I need inspiration. You read those comic books. Is there anything in them I can use? Some mastermind plot to nail David?

Pete: Ha ha, well, unfortunately Hayward's not from another planet, hence no toxic reactions to meteorites.

Colby: Yeah, yeah, I was thinking something a little less interplanetary. It's ridiculous, I know. I just want to be able to contribute in some way.

Pete: Sorry, I'm no help. But if you do think about something, let me know. I'll give you an alibi. Or bust you out of jail.

Colby: Why do I believe you'd actually try that?

Pete: Because I would.

Krystal: Now I think we can all agree that what's most important is that Little Adam is with people that he knows and he's comfortable with. Listen, I -- I was so happy that he's here with you and Jesse, but if the judge finds out about J.R.'s visits or my play date, she is going to yank him out of here and into God knows where. None of us can let that happen. We've got to act together.

Angie: So what are you suggesting?

Krystal: I am saying that from now on, me, J.R., anybody who has been restricted by the courts has got to stay as far away from Little Adam as possible.

J.R.: No. No way. I'm not letting Hayward get away with this.

Jesse: Now you might want to -- you might want to think about this, J.R.

Angie: You know I'm no fan of David's either, but at some point you're going to have to consider what's more important, getting even or keeping your son safe.

Jesse: Yeah, this is Hubbard again. I need you to cancel that APB on Dr. David Hayward. Yeah, it was all a big misunderstanding.

David: All right, we have a clearer picture of what's going on. The ECG indicates there's a severe stenosis, a narrowing in Ian's aortic valve. Now this is reducing the flow of blood between the left ventricle and the aorta. It appears this has been going on for some time now, which means that his heart has had to work overtime to compensate for the defect. As he's gotten older, it's become more taxing on his heart. He has a cold right now and it seems that the extra stress the rhinovirus put on his heart has finally tipped the scales.

Kendall: Is he going to be ok?

David: With proper care, he can be, but it's important for you to realize this.  It is very serious. He is in congestive heart failure, which means that his heart is slowly wearing down. There's always the possibility that it could shut down out of sheer exhaustion.

Zach: How do we fix it?

David: We're going to need to repair that valve.

Zach: Um, what are the risks?

David: All right, we're getting ahead of ourselves. At the moment, surgery is not even an option.

Zach: Why not? What are you --

Kendall: What -- I don't understand. You just said that his heart could fail if he doesn't get any help.

David: That's a possibility, yes. But at the moment, his system is too weak to even consider the possibility of surgery. If we put him under anesthesia right now, the odds of his survival are not good. I mean, his lungs have already been compromised with fluid build-up. His heart rate is dangerously low. We have him on medication to try to get his heart rate up, but until that improves, we cannot operate.

Erica: But he's going to improve.

David: If it doesn't, he might need a heart transplant.

Kendall: Oh, my God.

David: That is the least desirable, last possible option.

Kendall: No. No, I know what that's like. I can't put my baby through that. I cannot.

Angie: Not sure you're doing the right thing?

Jesse: There you go again, getting inside my head.

Angie: It's such a lovely place.

Jesse: [Sighs] I'm just worried about keeping the boy here now. I mean, if Hayward got to him once, he could get to him again.

Angie: So I gather that you didn't buy Krystal's story any more than J.R. did, or me, for that matter.

Jesse: No, but you know what? She did have a valid point. I mean, we're all just as guilty as Hayward. Me even more. I mean, I was sworn in to uphold the law and here I am, breaking it again.

Angie: No, the difference is you are the only one putting Little Adam's interest above your own, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, if there is such a thing, it makes me love you that much more.

David: How did it go with Jesse?

Krystal: Jesse won't be giving you a problem, at least not about Little A.

David: How did you manage that?

Krystal: Well, Jesse and Angie are reasonable, decent people. It didn't take much convincing.

Jesse: Hey, you.

[Natalia plops her cadet badge on the kitchen counter]

Jesse: What's this?

Natalia: My cadet badge.

Jesse: I know it's your cadet badge. What's it doing in front of me?

Natalia: Dad, a little boy went missing on my watch. How am I going to handle perps with guns if I can't even keep my eye on a five-year-old with a yellow crayon? I can't -- I quit.

Jesse: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Back it up there a little bit, Sparky. Quit?

Natalia: I mean, you don't have to be nice about this one, ok? I know I blew it.

Jesse: You didn't blow anything. You were not outsmarted by a five-year-old with a crayon. This was David Hayward. He was behind all this madness, all right? The man is sick, he's twisted, and on top of all of that, he's pretty slick. I should have had his ass in jail a long time ago, and as much as I hate to admit it, he outslicked me, too.

Natalia: But that doesn't change the fact that I made a huge mistake.

Jesse: Oh, mistake, schmistake. Come on, it's a hazard of the trade. Don't even get me started on how many mistakes I made when I first started. Anyway, mistakes are made. And it is the police academy's job to knock the worse ones out of you, all right? So you had a lesson today. Carpe diem, baby.

Natalia: Ugh.

Jesse: Learn from it, grow from it, take this back, you ain't quittin' nothin'. Get over here and give Daddy a hug.

Natalia: Ohh.

David: Jesse and Angie didn't just roll over and decide to give me, of all people, a break. Are you sure Jesse's not on his way over here with a billy club to throw me in the slammer?

Krystal: You're not going to jail.

David: Ok, well, then, you pulled something. What did you do?

Krystal: I didn't pull anything. I just made an arrangement.

David: An arrangement where I get off scot-free for stealing my grandson from the home of the chief of police. Come on. Krystal, I'm not a Martin or a Hubbard. I'm not going to hold it against you no matter what leverage you used. In fact, I'd love you even more for doing it.

Krystal: I did it for the sake of Little A.

David: Well, of course. I know that.

Krystal: Well, Little A is going to stay safe where he is with Jesse and Angie until the judge makes her decision.

David: Ok. We're not that different, you and I, Krystal. Yes, the rest of the world may think what we do is wrong sometimes, but when it comes to the people we love, we have very few limits.

Krystal: Well, there are limits.

David: Yes, of course, there are. And we'll push them when we need to.

Colby: I heard David Hayward gave Krystal a big bruise on her face. It has to be enough to keep them from getting Little Adam.

J.R.: Don't count on it. Krystal's denying it, and David always finds a way to come out on top.

[Phone ringing]

J.R: Today proved that to me. J.R. Chandler. What? When? All right, all right, call me when you know more.

Colby: What is it?

J.R.: That was the hospital in Philadelphia. Dad disappeared and apparently nobody knows where he is.

Erica: Ryan, why don't you go home now? I'll call you if there's any change.

Ryan: No, I -- I'd like to stay here. I'd like to be here for Kendall and -- and for Ian.

Erica: Well, you heard what David said. There's nothing to do now but wait. There's no point for you to be here all night. Kendall's not going to leave Ian's side, and neither is Zach. Why don't you go pick up your son, take him to your place, be with him and Emma? They need you more than Kendall does now.

Kendall: I know you're tired, baby. You have to keep fighting. You've got to keep fighting and show those doctors just how strong you really are. And that way they can make you better.

Zach: You listen to your mom. Playoffs are coming up and the Wings got a couple of problems in the blue line. I think they'll figure it out, but they really need you cheering for them. And we need you. See, Mom and I, we'd be nothing without you.

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