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Episode #10091

Provided by Laurie R.

[Annie gasps]

Aidan: Are you all right?

Annie: What are you -- what are you doing here?

Aidan: I came to visit you, but I see you're resting, so -- so I'll go.

Annie: No, no, no, no, please, I don't want the nightmare to come back.

Jake: Mm-hmm, very nice. Come on, do it, ah.

Amanda: Let me see.

Jake: All right, that's good.

Amanda: Oh, you didn't get much of my baby bump.

Jake: Well, people who are adopting know that you're pregnant.

Amanda: Oh, well, isn't that enough then? Why do I have to fill out this stupid profile?

Jake: Well, you want to make a good impression, don't you?

Amanda: Oh, well, then I guess we shouldn't say my mom's in a psych ward or that I'm such a slut I didn't know who the daddy was at first. Guess we could say I like dogs.

Jake: Dogs, dogs, that's a good start. We'll say things like that. Ok, first question, "who is the father?" Who do you want to say?

David: Thanks to you two morons, Little Adam is still out there with God knows who.

J.R.: Oh, no, it was you. If you hadn't fought me for custody, my son would be at home right now.

Tad: It's just a temporary decision.

David: And what were you doing here, huh? You had to come here, open your big mouth? This has nothing to do with you. Well, I hope you're happy. Now we don't know where Little Adam is, or if he's ok.

J.R.: Well, wherever he is, I want to believe it's a million times better than he would be with you.

Man: Ms. Kane, welcome. May I take your coat?

Erica: Oh, thank you, thank you. Tell me, where can I find Mr. Slater?

Man: He's at the main bar.

Erica: Thank you.

Zach: How about a game of Texas Hold 'Em? It's still a casino, right?

Ryan: And what are the stakes?

Zach: The thing I love most.

Kendall: Are you insane? You can't win me in a poker game. I decide who I want to be with.

Ryan: The thing he loves most, Kendall, is the casino, not you.

Ryan: I put up the casinos. Those are the keys to this month's collateral. You put up the cash that you made from our deal.

Zach: It wasn't a deal. It was a hostile takeover.

Ryan: Well, it's still a very big check.

Zach: I don't care about the money.

Kendall: All right, this is really stupid. Can we please get out of here, now?

Dealer: Remember, gentlemen, no re-buy. When one of you has all the chips, we have a winner. Good luck.

Erica: What's going on?

Kendall: The cowboys are comparing their lassos.

Dealer: Quiet, please.

Ryan: All right, show them.

Dealer: Two pair.

Dealer: Three 10s, winner.

Zach: I need a drink.

Ryan: It's on me.

Zach: Excuse me. Excuse me, scotch, please.

Kendall: What are you doing?

Zach: You want a drink? Your boyfriend's buying.

Kendall: No, I want an answer.

Zach: He picked my pocket, and you helped him. You should know by now that no one steals from me and gets away with it.

Erica: Ryan, what are you doing? Is this another way for you to try to get Kendall back?

Ryan: This has absolutely nothing to do with Kendall, Erica. I really think you should stay out of it.

Erica: Oh, I see. Well, I would love to stay out of it. Believe me, I would love to stay out of it. I have so much going on in my life at the moment that I hardly have a moment to breathe, but my daughter is suffering, and I certainly cannot ignore that. Look, I think that you are taking advantage of Kendall's pain, and I would like you to stop right now, ok? Just, please, just walk away, Ryan. Walk away, and let my daughter get back to her -- her normal life.

Ryan: I -- I don't have control over your daughter, Erica. I don't have a gun to her head.

Erica: I ought to smack the smoke right off your face.

Ryan: Well, I know when I'm dreaming, so, um, so go ahead. Hit me.

Annie: What happened to your face?

Aidan: It's nothing, all right? I'm concerned about you and your nightmare.

Annie: I don't want to talk about it, ok? How was Emma's birthday? Did you -- did you give her my present?

Aidan: I think you got confused, Annie. It wasn't Emma's birthday.

Annie: What? No, of course, it was.

Aidan: No, I went to see Ryan, and, um -- he said it was your birthday. Is that right?

Annie: It's not -- my birthday. Oh, my God.

Aidan: It's all right. Come here.

Annie: Oh, my God.

Aidan: It's ok. Everything's going to be ok.

[Annie gasps]

Amanda: I'll just be honest about the father. I'll say we're no longer together, just leave it at that.

Jake: Right.

Amanda: Either they want to be parents, or they don't. If -- if it's all about whether the dad went to Harvard or had blond hair and blue eyes, then they don't deserve this child anyway.

Jake: Ok, ok. Just -- just take a deep breath. I mean, calm down. Just --

Amanda: Well, how come I don't get to see their profile? They need to prove that they want this child for the right reasons.

Jake: Uh, yes, they need to be great people. Just let's finish this thing, ok?

Amanda: Fine. I'll do the stupid profile.

Jake: Good.

Amanda: I don't know. Write that I'm outgoing, independent, like to have fun. Oh, this is so embarrassing.

Jake: No, that's good. No, that's good. These are hobbies and -- and interests. Give me some interests. They're asking for interests.

Amanda: Uh, shopping. I don't know, I don't --

Jake: No, I'm just saying -- look, just be specific, because the more specific you are, the more likely you are to find a perfect match. Ok?

Tad: Because --

J.R.: No.

Tad: Because you can't afford to make mistakes.

J.R.: I don't care, I don't care! The judge is wrong.

Tad: So we keep fighting. You can't go out there and do something that's going to make the situation any worse.

J.R.: Oh, really, really. So what am I supposed to do in the meantime? The longer that this stretches out, the more that my son suffers.

Jake: Oh, my God. Don't tell me Hayward got custody.

Amanda: I'm so sorry.

Tad: No, no, no. Listen, the judge just decided for now that Little Adam should stay in foster care, that that was the best place for him.

Jake: Well, that's better than being with David, right? That's good.

J.R.: Good? Good? My son's with strangers right now. I should be taking care of my child.

David: Damn it. I've got to find my grandson. Hubbard, Hubbard. I bet you damn well he knows where he is. I'll tap into his phone. I'll hack into his emails to find out where my grandson is.

Krystal: Look, my head is still spinning. I wish you would sit down with me and just explain what this all means.

David: Explain? You're kidding, right? Which part? The part where Tad accused me of wanting my grandson out of revenge? Or how about the part where J.R. said that my daughter hated me? I loved my daughter more than anything, and I was a damn good father, and now the chandlers stole her! They're trying to steal her son! Is that clear enough for you, Krystal?

Krystal: I just would like to know what happens next. Can we visit Little A, check on him? I -- I need to know if he's safe.

David: Of course he's not safe. He's never going to be safe unless he's with me.

Krystal: You mean unless he's with us. I think that judge was right. You shouldn't be anywhere near your grandson.

Annie: In the dream, I'm seven, and it's my birthday, and I'm having a birthday party, and there's -- there's kids, the singing, and there's cake, but I don't have any recollection of celebrating my birthday as a kid, so why am I dreaming about it?

Aidan: Well, you had a party with all your friends, singing, cake. Didn't sound so bad.

Annie: No, I didn't tell you the end. I'm about to blow out the candles, and suddenly, everything just goes dark, and -- and everything just stops, and there's this weird breathing, and all of a sudden, I hear a scream.

Aidan: And who screams?

Annie: I don't know. I don't know, but it's loud, and it's scary, and I'm --

Aidan: Annie, it's fine, all right? You can tell me. I'm right here.

Annie: What do you think it means?

Aidan: Maybe something happened on your birthday, you know? The memory is so painful that you self-consciously blocked it out, but there's an explanation, Annie. I'm sure of it. And we'll figure it out, and we'll do it together.

Kendall: Zach, I swear I didn't know about the hostile takeover, not -- not until I saw it on the newspaper headlines.

Zach: Did Ryan bring it to you in bed?

Kendall: No, I'm trying to explain.

Zach: Why? It's over. You went to him, you slept in his bed, and then you decided it was ok for him to take what was mine.

Kendall: The one thing you love most? Come on, this is not about the damn casino, and you know it.

Zach: No, it's not. It's about you. It's always about you.

Kendall: Isn't it?

Zach: In my life, I thought there was two things that I could call my own, the casino that I built myself and my wife. Now it turns out only one of those things ever truly belonged to me. I'm ready to fight for that. Now you? You're irrelevant. Win or lose, we're done.

Ryan: Kendall makes her own choices, Erica. She's free to choose who she wants to be with, and you got to deal with that.

Erica: You know, Ryan, you are supposedly still grieving over Greenlee, so I will let that tone slide, but what I can't let slide is your continuing to hurt my daughter.

Ryan: I'm helping your daughter. I'm helping her deal with how Zach hurt her, ok? You should be grateful, right? We're talking about the man who killed your son, Erica.

Erica: Look, I don't want to talk about that. We're talking about you, Ryan, and the Ryan that I knew would never just break up a family.

Ryan: I don't have the power to do that. I don't have the power to break up a family, but if anybody knows what that power feels like, it's Zach when he took Greenlee from all of us. Now, Kendall chose to be with me, and you can either deal with that or not, but either way, I got a card game I'm going to win.

Erica: Oh, good. You do that. You go back to your card game. Just refuse to listen, refuse to come to your senses and realize you are making a huge mistake.

Ryan: Erica, stay out of this.

Angie: Little Adam's taking a nap.

Jesse: Oh, that's good.

Angie: Not really. He tired himself out from asking "can I go home?" So many times.

Jesse: Oh, that poor kid. First he loses his mother, and now this.

Jesse: Hey? What's this? You ok?

Angie: Before Adam fell asleep, he looked at me, just looked up at me with those eyes, and so full of hope like if he asked one more time, maybe my answer would be different, and just knowing that I had to break his heart took me back to when Frankie was that age. He looked at me that same way, right before I had to tell him that his daddy died.

Tad: J.R., you did great in that courtroom.

J.R.: No, I let Hayward get to me. Now my son is paying the price.

Amanda: Little A will be fine.

J.R.: He should be home with his friends, his family. You know, he's with some strangers. He's probably scared out of his mind. God, how could I let this happen?

Tad: You didn't let it happen. Your entire life got turned upside down. You made some mistakes. That's understandable. What's more important is you owned up to them in that courtroom, and that judge could see how much you love Little Adam. She knows what a good father you are.

J.R.: Then why don't I have Little Adam? I played everything by the book until David kept knocking me and babe. You know, if I would have just sat there, and kept my mouth shut, instead of insulting him, I might have custody of him. I just want to rip his head off.

Tad: You're not the only one.

Amanda: That's for sure.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Excuse me. Oh. Hi, ma. Are we still on for later? Yeah.

Amanda: Look, you're -- you're going to have Little A back before you know it.

J.R.: Hmm, well, be ready. Hayward's coming for your kid next. How could you go to bed with that slime?

Amanda: It was a mistake, but I'm making up for it. I'm taking charge of my life now.

Pete: We need to talk.

Jake: Can't it wait?

Pete: No. I heard you talking to Amanda about her profile.

David: I shouldn't be anywhere near our grandson?

Krystal: Acting like this? Hell, no! Ranting and raving? Is Little A with the Chandlers? No. Is there a good chance he's going to be here with us soon? Damn straight. So why aren't we celebrating? Because you want to throw a temper tantrum. No, I think that judge made the right call. You are in no condition to care for a child, and if you keep on obsessing, I don't think you ever will be. You know, I'm glad Tad was there, actually, because a lot of what he had to say was true.

David: Shut up! Shut up!

Krystal: You're hurting me.

David: Don't you ever say I shouldn't have him. Do you hear me? Do you hear me?


[Krystal gasps]

Pete: I totally get why Amanda's doing this.

Jake: You do.

Pete: Yeah, and I'm willing to help. I have what Amanda needs.

Jake: Right. What are we talking about?

Pete: Amanda's with child.

Jake: I'm pretty sure she knows that.

Pete: She wants to keep the baby, raise it on her own, but with no money, no job, no family? That's going to be tough. This baby needs to be legitimized, and nobody else is stepping up to the plate.

Jake: Mm, ok.

Pete: Tell Amanda there's no need to fill out that internet dating form. I know there's a slight age difference between us, but I'm ready to give this baby my name, and that's what's important.

Jake: So you want to marry Amanda.

Pete: You know, give the baby my name.

Jake: Wow, that's a hell of an offer. I'll run that by her.

Pete: Really? Today?

Jake: First chance I get.

Pete: I wonder what she'll say.

Jake: Yeah, so do I. So do I.

Amanda: I'll testify, tell them what an amazing father you are. I know first-hand.

J.R.: You know, I wouldn't even be going through this if you weren't doing David Hayward's dirty work, spending all that time pushing booze on me. Well, you know what? Thank you for the offer, but I'm going to have to pass.

Amanda: J.R., please listen. I know. I've said it a million times, and it'll never be enough, but I really am sorry.

J.R.: Yeah, you really are sorry, because every time I look at you carrying David Hayward's baby, I think about you working me and my son for a paycheck. You make me sick.

Tad: Where did J.R. go?

Amanda: Where he doesn't have to see me.

Tad: Ah.

Amanda: I hate seeing him go through this, but there's nothing I can do. He won't talk to me. He's still too angry.

Tad: Can you blame him?

Amanda: I made a mistake, but I did care about J.R., and I still do.

Tad: Yeah, I know. Listen, he's just not in a place where he can feel that right now. The only thing he thinks about is getting his son back. Nothing could possibly be more important. I should know. I've been there. Not knowing where your child is or who they're with, it's hell on earth, and at least it's something that you'll never have to go through.

David: Krystal, can you hear me?

Krystal: Don't --

David: Answer me.

Krystal: Don't touch me!

David: Oh, my God. Are -- are you dizzy? Do you -- do you have any double vision?

Krystal: I said don't!

David: I am so sorry. I was angry because of the hearing, and then -- and then you mentioned Tad, and I just -- I just lost it. I know. Look, that's -- that's not an excuse, all right? I never should have grabbed you, but you have to know that I -- I didn't mean to hurt you. You do know that, don't you?

David: Krystal. Oh, my gosh.

[Door closes]

David: Oh, my God.

Kendall: You're just saying these things to hurt me.

Zach: Ah, no, I'm trying to win my casino back. If your ego can't take it, cry on his shoulder, not mine.

Kendall: Does it make you feel better insulting me?

Zach: Insult? And I didn't mean to insult you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, no, no, no. I -- I'm proud of you. You made a choice, and you didn't run it past Erica. You didn't waste anybody's time. You didn't go back and forth for weeks, trying to annoy everybody. No, Greenlee was gone, and you went for it.

Kendall: Greenlee was my best friend. Every day hurts like hell.

Zach: Well, at least you have Ryan to ease the pain. What about him? What is he going to do when he finds out that he killed Greenlee?

Kendall: Ok, Zach, you were the one who was making out with Reese. You were making out with her.

Zach: It was a meaningless kiss.

Kendall: That -- that's right.

Zach: Meaningless. But Ryan, he made it sound like an affair, and that's why Greenlee got on the motorcycle, to find me and prove him wrong.

Kendall: You admitted that you had feelings for Reese. You -- you said you wanted to have sex with her. So don't tell me what Ryan saw was meaningless.

Zach: You're right. You're right, it wasn't meaningless. It was -- I did what I did because I was sick and tired of banging my head against the wall, trying to reach my wife, so I found someone who didn't see me as some monster that has to be locked out of his own bedroom. I lost control, but never, even when we were at our worst, did I sleep with another woman. Never cared for anyone enough. It's always, always only you, ever since our vows. And Greenlee knew that. She knew how much I loved you. It's a real shame you didn't.

Erica: Ryan, this is not going to be settled in a poker game. You and Zach, you're -- you're at war. By now I'm sure you realize that lives are lost in war. Please end this. Please just end this now.

Zach: Ah. All right, I'm good to go. Unless you've changed your mind.

Aidan: How long have you been having this dream?

Annie: Um, since the last time I saw Tori.

Aidan: Annie, we spoke about this, all right? You have to be careful what you talk to Tori about.

Annie: I didn't tell her anything about us or anything about our plan to get me out of here, ok? We just talk about Emma and birthdays and -- you know what? I don't want to talk about this stuff anymore. What I want to do is this. What's wrong?

Aidan: We can't do that.

Annie: Yes, we can do this. Aidan, it's the -- I need this. I need you.

Aidan: Annie, you have me, but there's a reason why you're having this dream, and we have to figure out what it is.

Annie: Why? Why can't we just forget about it?

Aidan: Because it's not going to work, all right? Ignoring what scares you is not going to make it go away. It's just going to keep coming back until you deal with it. Listen, we can take a break. Then we have to try again.

Annie: I don't want to.

Aidan: You have to.

Annie: Why are you doing this? Why are you pushing me?

Aidan: Because if I don't, right, you might end up doing something bad again.

Ryan: You think I want to back out?

Zach: Well, there's still a lot of companies to steal. I just didn't know if you had the time, that's all.

Ryan: To take every last dime of yours? I have the time, absolutely.

Zach: It could take all night. Why don't you ask your girlfriend if that's ok with her?

Ryan: Why don't you ask her?

Singer: Why do you treat me this way? You drew some fine ones such a shame that you threw them away always something better waiting in the cards for you so you bet it on on a fantasy that never comes true   

Dealer: It's your bet, Mr. Slater.

Kendall: Will you hurry up and kick his ass, so we can just get out of her, please?

Erica: You want Zach to lose?

Kendall: This is all just a stupid macho show. What difference does it make who wins?

Zach: Well, at this casino everybody wants to win, but most people don't know when to stop.

Ryan: We'll be done soon, Zach. Don't worry. Spike and Ian will be very well taken care of.

Zach: Spike and Ian. You're going to take care of Ian too, now?

Ryan: Call.

Zach: What's going on? You don't want to claim the kids' college fund, or -- are you bluffing right now?

Zach: Ah. It's not over.

Ryan: No, it's far from over.

Jesse: Ok, Junior, Junior. Here's the thing about daddies. Sometimes they have to take care of grown-up business, and that can sometimes take them away from their little boys, all right? But no matter where your daddy goes or is, he's never going to stop loving you, and you know why? Because it's like he's got a walkie-talkie in his heart, which is completely connected to the walkie-talkie in your heart.

Little Adam: My daddy is in here.

Jesse: Who's the man?

Angie: Oh, exactly.

Jesse: You've got it.

Angie: Forever and ever.

Jesse: Yeah.

Angie: Hey, what do you say we go back and play with your blocks? Would you like that? Ok, let's go.

Jesse: All right, kid.

Angie: Alrighty.

Jesse: I'll see you in a bit, huh?

Angie: Come on, whoo, whoo.

Jesse: All right, man. Yeah.

Angie: We're going to do that --

[Knock on door]

Jesse: J.R., hey.

J.R.: Hi. I'm sorry to just show up like this, but these are Little Adam's, and they help him fall asleep. Maybe you can give them to the foster family for me?

[Door opens]

Jake: Oh, there you are. I was looking for you. I was afraid you ran away.

Amanda: Maybe I should. Maybe then it wouldn't be so damn hard.

[Jake sighs]

Jake: I'm very proud of you. I think you're -- I think you're very brave.

Amanda: Giving my baby away? Yeah, yeah, I'm a real hero.

Jake: No, I think -- I think you're doing it for all the right reasons, you know? You want to keep the baby safe, and make sure that -- make sure the baby has a great life.

Amanda: Well, just -- just promise me that no matter what I say, no matter how much I beg, when this baby is born, you cannot let me see it. No, promise that you will just take it away because as soon as I look at that little face or hold one of those tiny little hands, I won't want to let go, and I have to. I have to let go of my baby.

Jake: I think you're going to be all right, and you need to know that you're not going through this alone, ok? You've got me. And Petey.

Amanda: Petey?

Jake: He wants to marry you.

Tad: I'm sorry, Mama. Major drama at the house. Hey, Sam. Just let me have a beer, ok?

Sam: Sure.

Opal: How is J.R.?

Tad: I'm afraid this custody thing is going to push him right back over the edge.

Opal: Oh, damn that David Hayward.

Sam: Hey, what can I get you?

Krystal: A double vodka.

Sam: Sure.

Tad: Krystal? What happened to your face?

Krystal: What? It's -- this? It's -- it's nothing.

Tad: He hit you. That son of a bitch hit you?

Krystal: What? No, no. It was -- it was an accident, ok? I -- I tripped. Ok, look, we had an argument, and I yanked away too fast. It was silly. Tad, wait. Tad.

Erica: Well, you have chosen the wrong man. Zach is the one you should be rooting for.

Kendall: You told me to make a choice, so I did. I'm sorry it's not the one that you wanted, but it's the right one.

Erica: Zach is your husband.

Kendall: Not for long, mom. Zach wants a divorce. Don't be discouraged. He went ahead, and he took your advice. The most important thing in his life is a freaking casino.

Kendall: Can I have something strong, please?

Ryan: You must have had a real nice chat with Erica, huh?

Kendall: Well, she's right about one thing. What you and Zach are doing is completely crazy, so you need to acknowledge that and say good night now, before I completely lose my mind.

Ryan: Me taking what means most to Zach, that's not crazy. Kendall, it makes prefect sense to me, and it happens to be exactly what I'm going to do.

Zach: Let me guess. You want me to wave the white flag and make nice with Lavery?

Erica: Oh, on the contrary. I don't want you to just beat Ryan Lavery. I want you to teach him a lesson that he will never forget.

Singer:  See how you run see how you hide from me whatever it is baby, it's history I know that shadow that --  

Ryan: Zach, if you back out now, I honestly won't think any less of you.

Zach: I think I'm good.

Ryan: Ok, try.

Zach: When you own casinos, you learn to read people. You see things.

Ryan: And when you run cons, you learn to make people believe they see things that don't actually exist.

Kendall: Can we just get on with this, please?

Zach: I'm ready.

Ryan: Are you sure? I'm just saying, because if you lose this, you'll be left with absolutely nothing, and what will the great Zach Slater do then, with nothing? You can always reinvent yourself. You're very good at that. Or you could just go back to being Alexander Cambias, Jr.

Zach: I'm all in.

Ryan: All in.

Dealer: All players are all in.

Zach: Oh, hang on one second.

Singer:  There are scars that won't heal you're afraid to reveal yourself to me don't you see there'll be damage  

Jake: See, now, Petey misunderstood. He thought the thing we were talking about, the profile, was for an internet profile-dating thing and that you were actually looking for a husband.

Amanda: So he doesn't know about the adoption?

Jake: No, he doesn't, but that was a pretty close call, so we -- we really got to be careful.

Krystal: Would you quit staring at me? I'd like to have my drink in peace.

Opal: You know, it helps to talk, Krystal.

Krystal: There is nothing to talk about. It was an accident. I should go find Tad.

Opal: Oh, no, no, no, you're not going anywhere.

David: Krystal?

Tad: Nope, not Krystal. I just saw Krystal, and I swear if you every hurt her again, I'm going to come back and see you.

J.R.: I'm really sorry. It's -- it's been a rough day for me today.

Jesse: It's ok, man. I understand. Why don't you just go home, get some rest? Your boy is fine. I promise you. And I'll make sure he gets these before he goes to bed, huh?

J.R.: Yeah, thank you. He's a great kid, you know? It's all I got left.

Little Adam: Daddy!

J.R.: Oh.

Man: Annie? Annie?

[Annie gasps]

Singer: There are scars that won't heal you're afraid to reveal

Dealer: Gentlemen, showdown, please.

Singer: Yourself to me don't you see? I'm just like you, like you underneath this weathered skin stripped away of all our sins we rise and fall you know we're all a little bit damaged there are scars that won't heal you're afraid to reveal yourself to me don't you see? I'm just like you  

Dealer: Four queens, it beats your full house.

Singer: Underneath this weathered skin stripped away of all our sins  

Ryan: Congratulations. I wouldn't get too comfortable, as I will be taking it back soon enough.

Erica: Zach? Aren't you forgetting something?

Zach: No.

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