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All My Children Transcript Monday 3/23/09


Episode #10086

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Frankie: Hey, foul, technical.

Randi: You can't leave. You're my hostage.

Frankie: Oh, my gosh. What am I going to do with you, huh?

Randi: Well, you've got 22 days, 2 hours, and 45 minutes to figure that one out.

[Knock on door]

Frankie and Randi: Uh-uh.

[Frankie chuckles]

[Knock on door]

Frankie: I have to.

Randi: No.

Frankie: Yes.

[Randi groans]

Frankie: We don't want Mrs. Schwartz using her key to get in here again, right?

[Knock on door]

Randi: True.

Frankie: True, true.

Angie: What? You're not even dressed yet? Well, listen, snap to it because we've got a wedding to plan.

David: Where the hell have you been?

Jay: I got here as soon as I got your message.

David: Ok, listen to me. Erica does not fall easily. We're going to have to push her out of her comfort zone to make her bring our grandson back, our grandson back to his rightful place, with Krystal and me.

J.R.: That'll never happen.

Colby: In your dreams.

David: Listen, get in there and amp up the pressure.

Jay: Look, I -- I can't just stroll into a police interrogation.

David: What the hell am I paying you for? You boneless sponge.

Jesse: What the hell's the matter with you?

David: This isn't that complicated. Where the hell did Adam take my grandson?

Jesse: Who is also, may I remind you, Adam's grandson.

Erica: I am far too busy to be involved in the Chandler affairs. I have my own family to take care of.

Kendall: What did I miss? Did we not make payroll or something?

Ryan: Oh, um -- productivity workshop seminar offsite. If you want to hit it --

Kendall: Oh, no, no, no. I'll -- I'll pass. Don't feel too productive this morning.

Kendall: I'm sorry last night was -- was chaos. I'm just glad you and Zach didn't come to blows. My mom thinks I'm -- I'm being self-destructive and ruining my marriage, blah, blah, blah. Hello?

Ryan: Sorry.

Kendall: My mom thinks that me sleeping with you makes a bad situation even worse. What do you think?

Ryan: You tell me.

Man: I will see you later.

Reese: Ok, thank you.

Zach: Well, that looked like good news.

Reese: Yes, it was. My vision is almost all the way back. It will be 100% in a couple of days.

Zach: Way to go.

[Reese laughs]

Reese: Guess what? They're springing me today.

Zach: All right, then we've got to get you a corner suite in the hotel, sunlight all day long. What floor?

Reese: Um, Zach, no, no, no. This -- no, no. This has to stop.

Zach: No corner suite?

Reese: It's tempting, but I have to stop leaning on you if I'm ever going to get where I want to be.

Zach: With Bianca.

Reese: And my girls. Like, if I want to get back to my family, I need to stop leaning on you. I've taken the easy route too many times. Now I need to take the hard one on my own now.

Zach: Ok.

Reese: And you, don't think that I don't see you distracting yourself by always taking care of me. I think you and Kendall have some things you need to work on. Right? Some decisions you need to make? Like when and the where and how you're going to deal with all of this?

Zach: All those decisions have been made. When, where, and how.

Kendall: My life is a complete disaster area. But for some reason, being with you feels right.

Ryan: So, you don't want to rewind the tape and delete the -- the lovemaking part?

Kendall: No. I lost my best friend, and now you're my best friend. You're my very best friend in the whole world.

Ryan: Friend.

Kendall: Wrong word? Should I -- I mean, do you have a better one?

Ryan: No, no, no, no. Friend is good. Friend is good. It's good. It says a lot, you know, but it's just kind of confusing because it sort of says nothing at the same time. You know what I mean? And I just don't know exactly what it -- well, what it says about us.

Kendall: Well, some things can't be defined.

Ryan: Most things can.

[Kendall sighs]

Ryan: I'm just -- I'm just really confused, Kendall. That's all, and I thought maybe you could help me a little bit, like where -- like where's your head at right now? Who -- who do you see me as now?

Kendall: You're the father of my child. You're the man that I care about, a man I trust.

Ryan: Right, but I'm also the man that you cheated on Zach with. I mean the man that kissed you right in front of Zach, right? That wasn't really part of the feel-good picture, was it?

Kendall: Well, how could I feel good about anything that happened last night? Zach saw us together, and then Zach walked out. He never looked back. I mean, my -- my nerves are shot. I've got this -- this -- this lump in my throat. I -- I wanted to call Zach last night, but I couldn't, because, deep down, I knew that he was with Reese.

Ryan: Well, Reese can have him.

Kendall: It's very generous of you, handing over my husband to Reese.

Ryan: Sorry. I'm sorry. Well, at least you're still calling him your husband, right? So what does that make me, exactly? That makes me the other man?

Kendall: I don't know what that makes you. I don't know.

Ryan: All right, come on. I was just -- I was just kidding. Look, if you want to be with Zach, if you want to go back to your husband, then go back. I mean, if that's what you want, you know? If that works for you. Because honestly, Kendall, whatever works for you, works for me. Speaking of work --

Jesse: You better back the hell up out of here, Hayward. This ain't no conference room.

J.R.: Wait a second. You haven't even booked him yet for breaking into my house and poisoning me?

David: So this is how you repay me for saving your daughter's life? Thank you, Erica.

Erica: As I have told Jesse exhaustively, I have no idea where Adam is.

Jesse: Get the hell out of here.

Krystal: So -- so you just happened to leave Pine Valley on the same night that Adam leaves with Little A.

Erica: Yeah, along with dozens, maybe hundreds of others, Krystal. Are you going to arrest them all?

Jesse: You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to give you a 10 count. Nine, eight --

Krystal: Wait, Erica told me, bold as day, that she was never going to let me see Little A again.

Jesse: Six, five --

Erica: I said no such thing.

Jesse: Four, three --

Krystal: Oh, you are -- you're a liar.

Jesse: Two -- you know what? I will throw the three of you in the smallest jail cell I have, and guess what? That would be such a pleasure.

Angie: Oops, well, looks like I came at a bad time. Again. I'm sorry.

Frankie: Don't be. Maybe now, Randi can give me my shirt back. Mm-hmm.

Angie: Uh, look. I got good news. Someone cancelled a party at ConFusion, so I booked it for your reception.

[Randi gasps]

Randi: That's perfect. I love ConFusion. When?

Angie: One week from now.

Frankie: A week.

Randi: Just a week?

Angie: Uh -- well, I also booked the church. I -- I could cancel.

Randi: No, no, no, no, no, no way. I am totally on board. I don't know where my head's been.

Angie: Well, I can guess.

Randi: Ok, I'm going to go get dressed.

Frankie: Uh.

Angie: All righty, so let's see here. Uh, we have guest list, flowers, menu, uh, invitations, music, wedding party, and minister. Did I leave anything out?

Frankie: Like I'd know.

Angie: Good point.

David: You're looking a little peaked there, Junior. Can I get you a glass of club soda?

J.R.: Yeah, do that. Pour a tall glass of poison club soda, drink it yourself, and drop dead.

Jesse: Obstruction of justice is a serious charge that could land you in jail, again. Now, really, is prison the place you want to be, again?

Erica: Oh, yes, absolutely. If I'm not sent up on obstruction charges, I'm thinking of robbing a convenience store.

Jesse: Look, I don't mean to be patronizing here.

Erica: Well, you're doing a pretty good job of it, Jesse. Jack, will you give me a moment with Jesse?

Jack: I wouldn't advise that at all.

Erica: Indulge me.

Erica: Jesse, J.R. is not perfect, but Little Adam belongs with his father. He belongs with his family in his own home.

Jesse: Well, that's for Social Services and the judge to decide.

Erica: Jesse, I once knew a pair of teenagers. A beautiful young girl, an impulsive young man. They were madly in love with each other, but they happened to have been way in over their heads.

Jesse: I know this story.

Erica: They had a baby boy, but the young girl's father decided to take that baby away.

Jesse: Erica, I said I know this story. I even know how it ends.

Erica: Yeah, well, I bet nobody's told you this story for a very, very long time. The grandfather arranged for an adoption, put that baby in the arms of a competent pair, and I know I don't need to tell you who that baby grew up to be.

Jesse: Frankie. Can we move on?

Erica: He thought that the baby would be better off in the arms of strangers.

Jesse: But he was wrong. Can we get back to the point?

Erica: The point is that David Hayward is every bit as toxic as Les Baxter was. Please, Jesse, imagine for a moment that Little Adam is your Frankie, your precious baby. Please think of -- of your baby Frankie's best interests. Where would Frankie belong?

Angie: Sweetheart, every little girl dreams of a beautiful, white dress, a church filled with flowers, champagne toast, cutting the cake, the first dance, throwing the bouquet --

Frankie: Ok, ok. I won't step on Randi's lifelong dream, which she has never mentioned to me once.

Angie: It's a woman thing, but trust me, you'll be happy you did this.

Randi: Oh, he better be happy.

[Randi chuckles]

Randi: Unless of course, you are having second thoughts about marrying me.

Frankie: Uh, baby, it's not the marrying part. It's just a big event we're hashing out here, and I want to give you the wedding you dreamed of.

Randi: Well, I dream of marrying you. Everything else is negotiable.

Zach: Hey. I'm looking for a package. Anything been dropped off for me?

Woman: Uh, not yet, Mr. Slater.

Zach: Let me know when it gets here.

Woman: Ok.

Kendall: Ok. You know what? I can't think anymore. I really can't. I can't, uh , I can't breathe either, so I need to go outside and take a nice walk and get some air. Uh, I won't be long, promise. Wow, no dog, no cane, guess you can see.

Reese: I can. Do you have a minute?

Kendall: For you? No.

Reese: I'd like to talk to you. It's about Zach and me.

Kendall: You're engaged?

Reese: We're friends. It's all we ever were. It's all we will ever be.

Kendall: Friends. Well, friends, that's a very broad category. There's friends with benefits, friends without --

Reese: No benefits. I am gay. I am in love with your sister.

Kendall: Yeah, well, being gay and in love with my sister didn't stop you from sucking Zach's face.

Reese: Look, I'm sorry that happened, and if I could change it I would.

Ryan: You know that air you were talking about getting? I think I might go get some myself.

Kendall: Actually, why don't you stay, Ryan, and finish your work. This won't take long. I promise.

Reese: Look, Kendall. Kissing Zach, it never had anything to do with wanting him. You know, this town, the people, everyone doubting me. I started to doubt myself.

Kendall: Oh, spare me, spare me. Come on.

Reese: Come on, look, it is so clear that he loves you.

Kendall: Yeah, well, his desire is another issue.

Reese: Well, I hope you can forgive him, and that's really what I came here to say.

Myrtle's voice: Darling, you're in charge of your own life.

Myrtle: You decided what you're life was going to be. You're not going to hurt Kendall. You don't want to hurt her. Sweetheart, you ought to be happy. You ought to have happiness. You ought to have rainbows. You ought to -- well, the works. And so should Kendall.

Woman: I think is what you've been waiting for.

Zach: Yep.

Angie: A string quartet.

Frankie: Oh, you cannot be serious.

Angie: No, it's just a couple of students from Pine Valley University and maybe a dance band and, oh, the groom and his party in white tie and tails.

Frankie: Well, I draw the line at the penguin suit. I promise you.

Angie: Oh, sweetheart, just think of Fred and Ginger. Well, you know what? I take that back. Think Lena Horne and Cab Calloway.

Randi: Mmm, oh, I love Cab Calloway.

Frankie: Who's Cab Calloway?

Angie: And you know what, Randi? I have this vision of you in this beautiful, ivory chiffon, flowing --

Randi: You must be psychic. I picked up the most beautiful chiffon dress, and I put it in the back of my closet.

Angie: Oh, well, go put it on.

Frankie: Yes, yes, model for us, please.

Angie and Randi: Not you!

Angie: Look, shouldn't you be getting to the hospital?

Frankie: Yes, as a matter of fact, I should, but what happened to you keeping me hostage.

Randi: Your mother happened, and I have to plan the biggest event of our lives.

Frankie: Well, I think I should be around for a little bit. I need a say, don't I?

Angie: You know, you just need to go to the hospital.

Randi: You need to get to work. Have a nice day.

Frankie: Ok, baby, all right, all right -- ow!

Randi: Bye, love you, bye.

Angie: Have fun, work hard.

Frankie: Ouch.

David: Did you get a confession?

Jesse: She doesn't know where Adam is.

David: Please tell me you're not releasing her.

Jesse: I don't have anything to hold her on.

David: This is completely incompetent.

Jesse: Oh, it -- file a complaint! Damn it, I don't care.

Jack: You listen to me. Next time Adam decides to pull one of his little capers, you keep Erica the hell out of it. You understand me?

J.R.: Haven't you heard anything that Erica said? She's not involved in any way.

David: This isn't over, Erica. You have to know that.

Jesse: You know what? I am done with your huffing and puffing. Get out of here.

Krystal: Big, bad Erica Kane. I know what this is about.

Erica: You poor, deluded woman. Do you even know your name?

Krystal: I remember what it was like to love Adam Chandler and lose all sense of yourself.

Erica: Well, you have certainly lost all sense of yourself in your current relationship. Tell me something. When you look in the mirror, is there anybody there? Jack. Thank you for standing by me.

Jack: You know, I've made it clear to you how I feel about you coming back here without Adam and trying to get your hands of Ryan's shares of Fusion.

Erica: Jack, I told you that's just crazy.

Jack: So where are you headed right now?

Erica: I happen to be headed to Fusion.

Jack: Hmm.

Erica: It's very important to me. I am very invested in my daughter's success.

Jack: I'll tell you what. Next time you need a lawyer, do us both a favor and call somebody else, huh?

Erica: J.R., could I have a moment with you?

J.R.: After what you've done for me? Yeah. Listen, Colby. I'll catch up with you.

Colby: Sure.

Erica: So, I'm sure you remember what day this is.

J.R.: It's Little Adam's birthday.

Erica: And it's Miranda's, too. Now, I can't celebrate with Bianca's little girl today, but you can certainly give Little Adam a special gift.

J.R.: Is this what I think it is?

Erica: I think so.

J.R.: I'll never be able to thank you enough.

Erica: Of course, you will. You know me. I'll think of something.

Jesse: If I catch you shadowing Erica Kane, I will pull your butt in here quick and in a hurry on a stalking charge.

David: You're threatening me? The woman abetted a kidnapping!

Jesse: Adam Chandler took his grandson on a trip.

David: How much are they paying you to parrot the party line?

Jesse: Don't push it, Hayward. I'm still gunning to nail you for poisoning J.R.

David: Oh, yeah. You don't have the chops or the evidence.

Jesse: I got chops in spades, and evidence has a funny way of cropping up when you least expect it.

David: Yeah, no kidding. Sometimes there's even real evidence, like what I have against your beloved son for falsifying medical records to help a friend?

Jesse: Is that a threat? You really want to go there with me? Your ass is mine. You hear me?

Kendall: Thank you so much for the tip. That was nice, but you know what? My marriage is over, and you and Bianca are finished.

Reese: I don't accept that. Neither should you. I'm fighting for Bianca, and you should be fighting for your marriage, too.

Kendall: Don't tell me what to do.

Reese: All right, that's fair enough, but I will prove to Bianca she can trust me.

[Elevator sounds]

Kendall: Your chances are slim to none. Trust me.

Erica: Is there no getting rid of you?

Reese: Erica, I have something I'd like to say to you.

Erica: Well, I have no desire to listen to anything you have to say. Go away.

Reese: No matter what it takes or how long it takes, I will be your daughter-in-law.

Aidan: Hey. Ryan's quit hacking into Cambias files.

Zach: Well, he probably has everything he needs. He's lucky that way.

Aidan: His luck's run out. I'm blocking his every move.

Zach: Not every move.

Aidan: I'm sorry?

Zach: So am I, on so many levels. You betrayed me again.

Erica: Bianca's moving on.

Reese: Well, I'll catch up with her. She had a head start. She has a mother who loves and accepts her for who and what she is.

Erica: Oh, that's a lot of transparent kissing up. Did you really think I'd fall for that?

Reese: Look, my mother tried to reform me. She -- she drove her beliefs into my head, and I carried shame with me all the way to the wedding. I carried her shame with me always, and it's what sabotaged my relationship with Bianca.

Erica: So you're blaming your mommy?

Reese: No. My shame burned through all of our lives. But it's gone now, Erica. I'm free of it.

Erica: Well, if that's true, that -- that your shame is gone, I'm -- I'm happy for you, truly. But are we just supposed to accept your word for that?

Reese: Oh, no, don't you accept anything. Just wait and see. I'll prove that I am the woman your daughter deserves.

Zach: That trip to Connecticut, Kendall and Ryan's little getaway.

Aidan: Getaway, that's an odd way to describe a trip to the morgue, isn't it?

Zach: Oh, it's not that. It's afterwards. You didn't tell me what they did after hours.

Aidan: What Kendall and Ryan do in their private time is none of my damn business.

Zach: Well, you made it your business, and then you covered for Ryan. Why?

Aidan: I didn't cover up for Ryan. I covered for your wife. Kendall's grieving, and Ryan milked that for all he could get.

Zach: I'm paying you to keep me informed. Don't censor information.

Aidan: I'm covering Ryan's business moves. You want his personal moves, you find another guy.

Reese: If you could try and keep an open mind, that would be more than enough for me.

Erica: An open mind? I'll see what I can do.

Reese: Thank you.

Kendall: Perfect distraction from saving my company, the woman who tanked my marriage.

Erica: Reese never had the power to tank your marriage, all by herself.

Kendall: Fine. Fine, go ahead and blame the victim.

Erica: No, you're not the victim type, but if you wanted to be with Zach, you would be with Zach. Look, every marriage has rough spots. You just -- you just work through them.

Ryan: Rough spots? I'm really sorry to interrupt you, but rough spots? Your son-in-law is a walking black hole, Erica.

Erica: Ryan, I -- look, I understand that you're grieving, but your bitterness is not helping Kendall right now, and I know that Greenlee is dead, but Zach is alive.

Ryan: And it should be the other way around.

Kendall: Ryan don't.

Ryan: Don't what, Kendall?

Kendall: Come on.

Ryan: What, what? Hit you with some reality? Ok. Ok, I'm gone.

Kendall: Ok, Ryan, come on. Ryan, this -- this is ridiculous. Come on, Ryan.

Erica: No, leave him alone.

Krystal: Oh, come on, now. You can't just leave him here like this.

Jesse: Well, he's welcome to a cell. He wants to be formally charged.

David: Oh, you're a regular riot. You know that, Chief?

Jesse: And you're not too smart, are you? And, wow, you're a doctor.

Jay: My client is too distraught to know what he's saying.

Jesse: He's also under investigation for putting J.R. Chandler in the hospital. Check it out. Prisons are desperate for doctors these days. Think about it. You can be big man on campus, or should I say Cell Block A?

David: Ah, ha, ha, that's funny, so funny. Get me the hell out of here.

Jay: What were you thinking? Threatening the chief?

David: Just go get Judge Salke. Just do it. Go.

Krystal: Um, I got an eyeful of Erica and J.R. head-to-head out there. Erica handed J.R. a note, and he walked off with a smile on his face.

David: Which means he's going to see Little A as we speak.

J.R.: Yeah, um, I'm Little A's father.

Woman: Yes, I know.

Little Adam: Daddy!

J.R.: Hey. How's my big man? Happy birthday.

Frankie: Hey. Where's Ms. Shafer?

Brot: Patient in this room? Mr. Skeffington got released about an hour ago.

[Frankie sighs]

Brot: What? Wrong room?

Frankie: Wrong floor. It's pure luck I'm even in the right hospital, I swear.

Brot: Stressed out, huh? Get any sleep, man?

Frankie: No, not much, but I can't complain since Randi hasn't gotten much either.

Brot: Say no more. Three weeks till deployment. I definitely know what that's like.

Frankie: Yeah.

Brot: You got time for a nap?

Frankie: No, not this week. The wedding's in seven days.

Brot: Wedding?

Frankie: Yeah, man.

Brot: Aw, congratulations, man.

Frankie: Thank you.

Brot: I'm proud of you, man, definitely proud of you.

Frankie: Well, you know, I'm just taking the advice of my favorite all-knowing sergeant.

Brot: Favorite sergeant? So what does this favorite sergeant have to do to get a wedding invitation?

Frankie: Sign up for duty, best man.

Brot: Man, I'm there.

Frankie: All right, all right. Well, you say that, but I warn you. My mother and Randi are losing their minds. Brother, are you ready for the penguin suit?

Brot: Penguin suit?

Frankie: Penguin.

Brot: Man, I'd come as a turkey. You know it.

Frankie: Well, gobble, gobble then.

Angie: Oh, Randi.

Randi: I know it's too long, but I figure --

Angie: You are going to be the most exquisite bride anyone has ever seen.

Jesse: Oh, whoa, whoa. Man, you ok?

Frankie: Yeah, sorry.

Jesse: Hey, sorry, man. You look like you -- running on fumes.

Frankie: I just hit empty. You mind if I crash on my old bed for a few hours?

Jesse: You and Randi having problems?

Frankie: No, just one. I report for duty in less than a month, and mom's in like wedding overdrive. I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, peacocks, rose pedals, harps, ice sculptures, maybe even shaped like you.

Jesse: Oh, wait now.

Frankie: All this in a week.

Jesse: Yeah, um, Randi is cool with all of this?

Frankie: She wasn't until Mom started weaving her magic spell.

Jesse: Go home, all right? No, trust me. It's safe. Just go.

Frankie: You don't understand how determined your wife is.

Jesse: No, no, no, no, you don't understand. Wait, wait, let me just explain something to you. Most people, you know, they get off on mind-altering drugs. For your mother, it's weddings.

Frankie: Ok --

Jesse: Oh, just -- just go. I'll take care of Miss Angela. You go do what you've got to do, ok?

Frankie: You said it. I didn't.

Jesse: All right now.

Angie: You're exquisite. Beautiful dress. Beautiful girl. Just -- just beautiful everything. What did I say?

Randi: Nothing. It's just -- I can't explain it.

Angie: Try.

Randi: I used to see little girls with their moms fussing over party dresses and their mothers patting down their hair, and I guess I knew I -- I'd never have those moments with my mom.

Angie: If you need a mom, I'm applying for the job.

Randi: When can you start?

[Angie laughs]

Angie: I thought I had, and if you think I'm fussing now, you just wait. You haven't seen fussing yet. Wait till you start having some babies, but you have some time for that. Listen, um, I'll tell you what. Get me your sewing kit, and we'll be in business.

Randi: Oh. Kind of ashamed to admit this, but, um --

Angie: Uh, no sewing kit? That's fine. I can just deal with a needle and thread.

Randi: I can hardly keep up with the laundry here, but I promise I'm going to get better.

[Angie laughs]

Angie: Ok. Listen, I'll run to the mall, and I will get a kit, and, um, you know what? I'll also look for some sort of veil thing for your head.

Randi: Whatever you say. You're mom in charge.

Angie: Ok. And listen, I don't want you to sit in that dress either, because I don't want you to rumple the back.

Randi: Ok. I'll just stand.

Angie: Yeah, stand. I'll be right back.

Randi: Stand. I'll stand.

[Randi sighs]

[Randi hums "Here Comes the Bride"]

[Door opening]

Randi: Angie? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Frankie: Oh, my eyes --

Randi: Cover your eyes.

Frankie: All right, I won't look at the dress. I won't look at the dress.

Randi: What are you doing here?

Frankie: I won't, I won't, I won't, I won't.

Randi: What? Where are we going?

Frankie: Up.

Randi: Frankie, put me down.

Frankie: Ok, the first rule. Our gift, our time, us.

Randi: Frankie, what?

Angie: Randi, you left the door open. Randi, are you in there? Randi?

Jesse: Uh, don't bother looking for them. They're gone.

Angie: Baby, what do you mean they're gone? Gone where?

Jesse: They ran, for their lives.

Man: Dr. Hubbard.

Jesse: Hey.

Man: Soon-to-be Mrs. Hubbard.

Jesse: Yes, thanks for squeezing us in.

Man: Mm-hmm

Randi: Can you marry us?

Frankie: Right now.

David: I want to press abuse charges against the chief, the department, the works.

Man: Don't get carried away. Your position is weak.

David: Would you two give me some time alone with the judge, please? Scandal sells. You do know that, right? A judge addicted to cocaine, overdosing in a night club, revived at a local hospital by a world-renowned cardio man. I could have you on the cover of "Tempo" magazine by tomorrow morning.

Judge: You got what you wanted, the summons for Chandler, the order for the return of the boy. What are you demanding now?

David: Kidnapping charges against Adam Chandler and his son.

Little Adam: A car!

J.R.: That's right. It's a remote-controlled car. Want me to show you how to use it?

[Knock on door]

J.R.: Careful.

Woman: I know who it is.

Erica: Hi. Happy birthday Little A. Hi. Ooh, what a good-looking car.

J.R.: I didn't realize you were so close.

Erica: Yeah, nobody else does either. Sometimes it's really smart to hide in plain sight.

J.R.: Where's my father? I assumed that he would be here.

Erica: Uh, he was for a while. Um, look, J.R. I'm -- I'm afraid there's some bad news.

Reese's voice: My darling Miranda, another birthday. It seems like the last one just passed. Oh, I hope you're having a wonderful time with Gaby and Mommy. I think of you, all the time, and I wish I was there to give you a big birthday hug. Even though we aren't together right now, you are always in my heart. Happy birthday, my beautiful girl. Je t'aime toujours.

Ryan: Where's your boss?

Aidan: I only watch him on Wednesdays.

Ryan: Well, I have a message for him. I'm ready to put everything that I own on the line and take him down, man to man, winner takes all.

Aidan: That's a bold move.

Ryan: Yeah, well, another thing. That winner is going to be me.

Reese's voice: It is so clear that he loves you.

Reese: Well, I hope you can forgive him, and that's really what I came here to say.

Erica: Reese never had the power to tank your marriage all by herself.

[Elevator door opens]

Kendall: I wanted to call you last night. I -- I couldn't sleep. But, um, here you are now. Zach, I want you to know that -- what is that?

Zach: Petition for divorce.

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