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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 3/18/09


Episode #10083

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[Aidan walks into Ryan's bedroom and sees him in bed with Kendall]

Reese: I see it. I -- I see the light. So, what does it mean?

Angie: I'm not a specialist, but the new MRI shows a cyst is a possible cause of the blindness.

Zach: And what? Once they do this operation she would get her sight back?

Angie: Well, I can't make any promises, but it's possible. And that's good news.

Zach: You don't think that maybe somebody should have told her that? Give her some hope, maybe? What do you think?

Reese: Hey, it's ok, it's ok. I have hope now.

Pete: Whew!

Colby: Maybe you should sit down.

Pete: No, I'm -- I'm ok. It's just, you know, all the smoke inhalation from the fire.

Colby: So, you want to go another few miles?

Pete: Uh, I -- I would, but I have to go over to Tad's house. My mom and I are moving in there today.

J.R.: Yeah, well, I'd watch out for Amanda. She might try to stick a knife in your back.

Colby: I thought you guys were back together?

J.R.: Oh, we were, yeah, until I found out the baby she was carrying is Hayward's.

Colby: J.R., I'm so sorry. Do you want to talk?

J.R.: No, I don't. In fact --

[Door shuts]

J.R.: I don't ever want to hear Amanda Dillon's name, ever again.

Krystal: Well, that's too bad. I have news about Amanda. Big news.

Jake: Good morning. You want some co -- oh, you can't. You're pregnant.

Amanda: Oh, no. I didn't sleep at all last night.

[Doorbell rings]

Jake: Here you go.

Amanda: Thanks.

Jake: Why?

Amanda: Hey.

Tad: Ok, all right. There she is -- knock it off. There she is.

Jake: We're not doing anything.

Tad: Does everybody remember?

Jake: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Tad: Ok. Get the lead out. Come on.

Amanda: Aw.

Tad: Turn around, turn around.

Jake: No, it's good that way. I thought it was cute.

Kathy: Welcome home, Grandma!

Opal: Thank you, honey pie. Ciao.

Jesse: This better be important.

David: You remember George Clark, from the district attorney's office.

George: Chief Hubbard.

David: George here spoke to a judge about my missing grandson. The judge issued an order for Adam to appear in court and a search warrant for the mansion.

Jesse: Search for what?

David: Well, evidence as to where they took my grandson. You're to turn that mansion upside down. You find out where Adam is holding him, and you bring him back here immediately.

Jesse: How much is this guy paying you?

George: Not a cent.

Jesse: I'll execute the warrant. No guarantees on the arrest.

David: I'm sure J.R. is going to go ballistic. I wouldn't want to miss that for the world.

Kendall: What's wrong?

Ryan: I -- I thought I heard somebody in the room with us, that's all.

Kendall: I'm sure it was just the wind. Are you ok?

Ryan: No, I'm -- I'm not ok. Kendall, what happened last night was a huge mistake.

Kendall: I think you're wrong.

Angie: They're prepping the OR. I'll be back as soon as they're ready.

Reese: Thanks. The surgery, um, it's -- it's going to work, it will.

Zach: Yeah. And if something doesn't work, then we'll do something else. There's a million things --

Reese: Ok, ok, ok, you know what? Enough. Enough with the guilt. For the last time, you are not responsible. Blame the cyst. And you know what? Don't even say anything, because I heard enough last night about what a horrible person you are, or how -- how you ruin lives, how -- you know what? Frankly, I didn't really believe it last night, I don't believe it now. So get over it or go away.

Zach: All right. I mean, all right, no more guilt. I'm not leaving. I'm staying right here.

Reese: Good. Good, you know, because I have to admit, for a while there, I thought that I had lost my friend for good.

Zach: You haven't. You all right?

Reese: Yeah. Yeah, I just, um -- I hope I can work everything out with Bianca, but I'll figure it out.

Zach: Do you want me go? I'll step outside --

Reese: No, no, I don't -- I don't want you to go, ok? Because I'm afraid that when I wake up from the surgery, that everything you and I have worked through -- it's just going to vanish.

Zach: Why?

Reese: Kendall.

Ryan: How can I do this? I don't understand how I could do this. I still love Greenlee.

Kendall: Ryan, Ryan, I know you do. And I still love Zach. But the fact is, Greenlee is gone forever. And when something that huge sunk in, we -- we turned to each other.

Ryan: What? What does that -- what does that mean, that we can both jump into bed with each other? Is that --

Kendall: No. Ryan, no, no. We were grieving, ok? The helplessness that you feel and the ache that -- that rips you apart inside -- you can't go through that alone.

Ryan: No. Kendall, no. We both have to be honest about what this was.

Kendall: I told you what it was, ok? If you want to go ahead and punish yourself, then fine, go ahead. But I will not apologize for looking for a little bit of comfort.

Ryan: Listen, you know that I want to take everything from Zach. You know that, right?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: But not like this. Not like this. I would never use you like this. I wanted you.

Kendall: You needed me, Ryan. I know you. You promised me that you wouldn't hurt me. I believe you.

Ryan: I would never. I would never, ever hurt you. You know that, right?

Kendall: Yeah, of course, I do.

Ryan: Ever since I lost Greenlee, I've been talking about needing something to kick start my life. I'm so confused, because after being with you last night I've got -- I've just got a lot of stuff coming up. I've got a lot of feelings coming up. I remember. I remember how much I cared about you.

J.R.: You know, you have got some nerve showing over here.

Krystal: I'm not here to fight, J.R. There's something you should know.

J.R.: That you're a traitor? I get it, leave.

Krystal: David signed legal documents saying that he won't pursue Amanda's child.

J.R.: So what?

Krystal: That means she doesn't have to worry about losing her baby.

J.R.: Look, I only cared about Amanda, because I thought the baby she was carrying was mine. Now I know that she's a lying whore. So she can take her devil baby, go straight to hell with it, and when Hayward gets there he can do whatever he wants with them.

Krystal: You don't mean that, J.R. I know you still care.

J.R.: Oh, give it up, Krystal. You didn't get that document to protect Amanda. You got it to protect your marriage. If David wants that kid, he'll drop you in a hot second. You needed a guarantee so he'd stick around.

Krystal: You are way off.

J.R.: And you're way off the map. First of all, you team up with him. Take my son away from me. Now you're trying to push his kid on me?

Krystal: Be honest, J.R. wouldn't Little A be better off with us while you get help with your drinking? And then -- and then when you're sober and back on track, we'll figure something else out. But in the meantime, Amanda will be ready to have the baby, and --

J.R.: And we'll be one big happy family. You're pathetic. You're playing me, just like Amanda.

Krystal: I care about you, J.R.

J.R.: You betrayed me. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though. "You're not the dad" is --

[Doorbell rings]

J.R.: your favorite game.

Krystal: J.R. --

J.R.: Look, you want to hold on to David -- keep him from running off with Amanda's bastard child, that's just fine. You leave me out of it.

Krystal: I'm just trying to help.

J.R.: You want to help me? You want to help me? You get David to sign a legal document that says he won't come after my son.

Opal: Oh, I'm so touched, honey. By all of you, really.

Amanda: How are you doing, Opal?

Opal: Well, I guess I'm sort of in shock. You know, one minute I'm living high off the hog, and the next, everything I own is in this bag, my house is up in flames, and I'm flat broke, so --

Kathy: You can have my allowance, Grandma.

Opal: Oh, you. Come here.

Tad: You hear that, Mama? You've got friends and family, and we're going to get through this together.

Opal: Well, you don't have to give me your allowance, ok? I'm going to be just fine. The part I don't understand, though, is how does all that moolah just evaporate? Where does it go?

Jake: It goes into the pocket of a very greedy, greedy, crooked business manager, that's where it goes.

Opal: Well, I don't know why I ever trusted Palmer's financial guide in the first place. Boy, I tell you, the minute that old kook gets back to town, he's going to have to --

Tad: Now, don't get started on that. Listen, Mama, cash and homes, they come and go all the time. As far as I'm concerned, I only have one mother.

Jake: Well --

Tad: Shut up, Jake. Nothing is more important to me than you. So I just want you to try to relax and make yourself feel right at home, ok?

Opal: Well, I'm not going to you know, just hang out and do nothing. No, I'm going to pull my weight. First of all, I can cook.

Jake: Opal makes a very mean chicken recipe.

Kathy: Mmm.

Opal: That's right. I make the best bird this side of the Mississippi, missy.

Jake: We got that. We got that going.

Opal: And did you know I used to have a beauty parlor?

Kathy: Really?

Opal: Yeah. It was called the Glamourama.

Tad: [Laughs]

Opal: I can do nails and hair, makeup -- everything. Oh, hey, and you, missy, are going to need a babysitter. Well, I'm primo, numero uno. Just ask Kathy.

Amanda: Oh, thanks, but I'm sure I can deal with it on my own.

Opal: Oh, trust me. When that rugrat comes along, you're going to need all the help you can get.

David: Step aside, Junior. Chief Hubbard has work to do.

J.R.: You're taking orders from Hayward? That's fresh.

Jesse: You know better than that. This is from a judge in the DA's office. I don't like this any more than you do.

J.R.: Well, what am I supposed to do with this? My dad's not even here.

Jesse: Well, then I suggest you get in touch with him. Let him know that he has been ordered to appear in court.

J.R.: I don't even know where he is.

David: What a bunch of garbage. You helped him and Erica kidnap my grandson.

J.R.: All I know is that my dad took my son on vacation.

David: Oh, really? How convenient. Child Services was about to come here and pick Little Adam up. You knew that. Krystal and I were going to get him. That's why you rushed him out of the country.

Krystal: Honey, honey take it easy.

David: So you're not going to tell us where he is? Fine. These guys are going to search this place high and low. There is evidence here somewhere, and they're going to find it.

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Jesse: Mike, upstairs. Gary, come with me. You two, stay out of my way. Let me do my job.

Krystal: I should get going.

David: Yeah, that's a great idea. I'll see you back at the house and then we'll have a little chat, all right? You're going to tell me what you were doing here.

J.R.: You proud of yourself?

David: As a matter of fact, I am. As far as I'm concerned, I'm doing right by Babe.

J.R.: This isn't about Babe. This is about what you need.

Kendall: I care about you, too. And I needed you last night.

Ryan: Because we both lost Greenlee.

Kendall: Yeah. I also lost my husband.

Ryan: So you slept with me for revenge?

Kendall: Did a part of me want to hurt Zach? Maybe. But that's not why it happened. You said that making love stirred up something inside of you. Well, I know this -- this sounds crazy, and I don't even understand it, but you're not the only one.

Ryan: What are you saying?

Kendall: Well, just -- being this close to you and being together -- I had no idea how much I miss that. So if you feel sorry for what happened, and if you wish you could take it back, ok. But for right now, can you just hold me? Please?

Angie: You're in excellent hands.

Zach: Hey. Mine is going to be the first face you see when you open your eyes.

Reese: Wish me luck.

Angie: Ok, let's go.

[Ryan and Kendall make love]

Singer: All your life, they've been telling you, you were wrong and you tried, but you couldn't find where you belong do it this way, do it that way, because yours couldn't be the right way but you were right all along because you know what you feel and if it's true to you, that's the only way to keep it real and you know, in your heart, when it's true to you, that's who you really are because you're not the same as everybody else and it's hard when they're dissin' you, not to hurt like hell but it's your life, not their life, and you only got this one

Opal: Ok, all right, careful, careful! Swing it to the left.

Tad: Ow!

Opal: No, no, I mean the right. The -- no, that way.

Jake: I got a hernia now. That was my back.

Opal: Careful, careful.

Jake: I'm fine. Just let go.

Opal: This way, come this way. Come this -- ah, no there.

Jake: Stop. Just stop pushing me.

Tad: I'm not. Dude, I'm sorry.

Jake: Oh, Madonna. I need -- do you know your left from your right, Kathy? Can you show me where the stairs are, please? Because somebody doesn't know. Show me, go ahead.

Kathy: Forward march!

Opal: All right, all right, come on. Forward march.

Jake: I'm going in one direction. This way.

Opal: Be careful, watch out. That's it, right there. Be careful -- oh, I'm so glad you're here.

Pete: Can't breathe. Can't breathe.

Colby: What's going on?

Jake: Sorry.

Opal: Oh, Lord.

Tad: What's going on is apparently, we can't seem to find the right angle.

Pete: Well, I don't have my protractor on me, but I bet if you dip it at a 30 degree angle --

Jake: Protractor?

Pete: If you dip it at a 30 degree angle, you should be able to --

Opal: You're working that up there.

Jake: Shut up.

Pete: Ow!

Opal: Oh, my gosh, be careful.

Pete: Guys -- internal organs.

Opal: You pinched him.

Tad: All right. Enough is enough. Nobody panic. Just come back -- bring it down.

Colby: It's kind of tight in here. How are you all going to fit?

Amanda: Jake and Pete have bunk beds. They are going to be roomies.

Jake: Yeah, yeah. We need to talk about that. Because, you know --

Pete: I can't believe it. My house is just gone.

Colby: It must be weird for you, too. You're living in a mansion, then boom, you're kicked out.

Opal: Yeah, well, just a word to the wise, this one here snores like a buzz saw.

Pete: Mom.

Tad: That's ok, so does Jake.

Jake: Mom. I've got an idea. Why don't you give me your big fat room, and you can have the bunk bed with this one.

Tad: I've got a better idea. Why don't we get the damn thing upstairs, then we can decide who sleeps where, ok?

Jake: I'm trying to get the thing up the stairs.

Tad: Let's just --

Opal: All right.

Kathy: Daddy, I'm hungry.

Opal: Yeah.

Tad: Honey, look I'm busy. You're just going to have to give me a minute, ok?

Amanda: I'll get some oh --

Tad: Ow!

Jake: Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Opal: You know something? I think this is all just way too inconvenient. We'll just head out to the Pine Cone. Really, it's fine.

Tad: No, no. Look, Mama -- Mama, look at me, ok? Look at me. I want you to be here. I promise you, we are going to work this out.

Opal: [Sighs]

Tad: I would be glad to sleep with Petey, ok? Now Amanda, would you -- would you do me the honors?

Amanda: Oh.

Tad: Here you go. Problem solved, huh?

J.R.: Don't ever say Babe's name ever again. You're coming after my son for you, because you're desperate. You're desperate to hold on to someone.

David: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm desperate. You're the one that went after Amanda while the dirt was still fresh on Babe's grave.

J.R.: Shut up.

David: A piece of trash like that. And you actually fell for her. I'm surprised you had the stones to kick her out, even if she is carrying my child.

J.R.: The only child I ever cared about was my son.

David: Oh, yeah.

J.R.: So search this house. Search the damn planet. I don't care, because you're never going to get your hands on my son.

David: What, are you going to hide him forever? Give me a break. You know something? If you weren't so woefully pathetic as a parent, we wouldn't have had to go to court. You left us no choice, Junior. And if this was a safe place for Little Adam, a stable, peaceful home -- hey, I would have been happy for the occasional visit, which you also denied me.

J.R.: And if you were a stable, safe grandfather, instead of a psychopath, I might have just invited you.

David: [Sighs] You know, you're an ungrateful punk. You should be kissing my feet.

J.R.: For what?

David: For my incredible generosity.

J.R.: Oh.

David: You know, for some reason I will never fully understand, Babe loved you. She wanted to be with you, and I allowed it.

J.R.: How kind to give your daughter permission to live her life.

David: And how predictable of you to end it. 3,000 miles away, you still couldn't say no to Daddy. You dragged Babe back here just in time to crush her to death.

J.R.: You know damn well the tornadoes did that.

David: No, no, no, no. For once in your pathetic life, Junior, face it. You killed Babe. Well, I'm not going to let you kill her son, too. And neither is the judge who signed those papers that are going to lead us right to him.

[Phone rings]

David: Are you going to answer that?

Tad: Come here. Come here. Just give me an answer. That's all. Just a simple answer. How long does Amanda intend to stay here?

Jake: I don't know. Until she gets on her feet?

Tad: Define "gets on her feet."

Jake: Look, it's not a big -- it's crowded. I get that, ok? But we're not putting the girl out in the street.

Tad: Let's not forget she lied to J.R. about being the father of her child.

Jake: Well, let's not forget that I went along with that lie.

Tad: Which is another thing I'd like to discuss with you, actually.

Jake: Well, I'd like to discuss it with you. Ok?

Tad: What?

Jake: Is that all right?

Tad: What?

Jake: She had a couple of questionable moves. It was to get rid of Hayward -- to get him off her tail. Come on. If anyone should understand that, it should be you.

Tad: Point taken.

Jake: Thank you.

Tad: What are we going to do when the baby arrives, and we've got Dr. Doom banging down our door every day?

Jake: Well, I guess we'll figure that out when the baby arrives.

Tad: I ought to smack you into tomorrow.

Amanda: [Sighs]

Jake: He's like my mom. It's like --

Amanda: Make her stop before I hurl myself out of a window.

Jake: Who? What?

Amanda: Opal. She's going on and on about the joys of motherhood. If she says "blooming flower" one more time, I'm --

Jake: Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy.

Amanda: I'm not having second thoughts, if that's what you're thinking.

Jake: No, I just, you know -- I want you to be sure. Whatever you decide, I just -- I just want you to be sure.

Amanda: I want this baby to have a happy, safe, normal life, and the only way that that can happen is if I put it up for adoption. So don't question me.

Jake: I'm --

Opal: Now here is one for you. Do you go formula, or mother's milk? Personally, you know, I think that the au naturel route is the best.

Jake: Mmm.

Opal: I mean, you'll see. It's such a bonding experience. Petey, I nursed him until he was three.

Jake: I agree.

Amanda: [Coughs]

Kendall: We can go back and forth about what this means and why it happened, but I know in my heart, I need this. We both do, right?

Ryan: I could say no, but I'd be lying. I could fight it, but after what I went through with Greenlee, I'm never going to do that again.

Kendall: But Ryan, we have to promise each other that this is about us. It's about us, for us. It's not about getting back at Zach.

Ryan: That's a promise.

Angie: The surgery's going well. I'll keep you posted, ok?

Zach: Thanks.

Angie: You know, it seems like yesterday you were standing in this same corridor waiting for news on your wife.

Aidan: I have an update on Ryan.

Jesse: Somebody going to get that?

David: Yeah, no kidding. Phone's been ringing off the hook. Someone obviously wants to talk to Junior, but for some reason, he refuses to answer.

Jesse: Could it be Daddy? Pick up the phone, J.R. Pick up the damn phone, or I will arrest you for obstruction.

[Phone continues ringing]

J.R.: Hi, Dad.

David: You bring my grandson back right now, you hear me? I have a court order, and there are cops crawling all over this place.

Jesse: This is Hubbard. I need you to get back here. She'll get back to you. That was Corrina calling for Colby.

[J.R. laughs]

David: You think this is funny?

J.R.: I think it's hilarious.

David: You know something? I was hoping we could deal with this like mature adults, but obviously you're incapable of that. So from now on, anything goes.

Jesse: You know what? You two have wasted enough of my time. Any more threats like that, I'm throwing both your asses in jail.

Opal: Whose turn is it?

Everyone: Yours!

Opal: Well, tar and feather me, why don't you?

Jake: Throw the dice.

Opal: Here, sugarplum. Oh, she wants to give you five.

Amanda: All right.

Jake: Throw the dice!

Opal: Come on, blow on them. Just for good luck. Oh, forget it. What did I get, nine?

Jake: Nine.

Opal: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

Jake: Right there, nothing.

Opal: I'll buy it.

Tad: You can't buy it. Perfect.

Jake: That's what I'm talking about. That's my hotel, baby.

Amanda: Wait, did we skip?

Opal: Uh-oh.

Tad: Easy for you to say, you didn't get held up by Tony's Pizzeria.

Jake: He is so cheap. You are so cheap.

Tad: I am not cheap.

Jake: This is not real money. Do I have to remind you?

Tad: You didn't have to go into your daughter's college fund to pay for two meat-lovers --

Opal: Man, oh, man. I mean, can you believe it? I used to be hosting big, fancy catered events, and now I can't even pop for the tab on a pie. Terrible.

Colby: Whoa, that's real.

Opal: Did you rob a bank?

Pete: Dinner's on me. No, I got a promotion.

Colby: You did?

Pete: Yeah, Kendall put me on staff at Fusion.

Jake: Wow, that's fantastic. Congratulations.

Opal: Congratulations, honey.

Amanda: What does Kendall have you doing, exactly?

Jake: Concentrate on the game. Let's get going, let's go.

Pete: Actually, your old job.

[Doorbell rings]

Pete: I'll get it.

Krystal: Oh, Petey, hey. I am so sorry about the fire.

Pete: It happens.

Krystal: Is your mama here?

Pete: Come on in.

Tad: So, where were we?

Zach: So, what's the news on Ryan?

Aidan: Emails. I found a long trail of messages, and they're very interesting.

Zach: What kind of messages?

Aidan: I don't have all the details yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Zach: That's it?

Aidan: Well, you wanted me to keep you updated on everything.

Zach: Everything that's important.

Aidan: Well, I can tell you this. The threat against you is very real. Ryan wants to take everything.

Ryan: Where is Jesse? There you are.

Jesse: Sorry I'm late. I had a situation.

Ryan: We've got to take care of this as quick as we can, ok?

Jesse: This is not going to be easy, Ryan. We're going to have to follow procedure.

Ryan: Just tell me when I can get Greenlee out of here, please.

Kendall: Ok, Jesse -- Jesse will take care of this as quick as he can. 

Tad: Ok, back to the game. Somebody roll the dice.

Pete: Guys, Krystal's here.

Opal: Well, she shouldn't be.

Krystal: How are you, Opal?

Opal: I was fine until you walked in.

Jake: Seven. Krystal, I'm sorry. We're in the middle of a family game here, so --

Krystal: I -- I'm very sorry for interrupting. I just -- I brought these over, some clothes that -- you know, they're fine, I just don't wear them much anymore, and I just thought after the fire --

Opal: Oh, well, hand-me-downs from Mrs. Hayward. How thoughtful. Did you put any pills in there, too?

Colby: So, who needs a soda?

Amanda: I do.

Colby: Caffeine's bad for the baby.

Krystal: I'll take her.

Tad: No, no, no, no. I got her. Everything's fine, ok? Listen, why don't you go help -- you all right, honey? Go help Colby with the soda, all right? There you go. What do you want?

Krystal: I want to say hello to Jenny.

Tad: Well, you heard Jake. Now's not a very good time.

Krystal: Again, I'm sorry for interrupting, but I have some news for Amanda. Some good news. Actually, David has agreed to --

Jake: Just stop right there, ok? We don't say his name in this house.

Amanda: Hold on, just let her finish.

Krystal: David has signed legal documents saying that he will not pursue custody of your baby. It's a done deal. Isn't that great?

Amanda: Uh, I'm not sure.

Krystal: Well, I don't understand. I thought you wanted to raise your baby on your own.

Tad: Enough is enough, here. Do me a favor, would you take her a second?

Jake: Hi.

Tad: Excuse us, Amanda. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Krystal: I thought that Amanda would want to know right away.

Tad: Bull. Something went wrong with David, isn't that it? You're afraid the honeymoon's over, so you come running back here with some good news and some charity, and you think you can wedge your toe in the door of this family? Forget it.

Krystal: That's not what I want.

Tad: Good. Because if you're sniffing around for a second chance, you don't get one.

Kendall: Why don't you get started with Jesse, and I'll get us some coffee?

Ryan: Ok.

Kendall: Ok.

Zach: Hey.

Kendall: What are you doing here?

Zach: Reese is in surgery.

Kendall: Oh. Ryan and I just got back from Connecticut. They found a body in the river. It was decomposed. They weren't sure if we could identify her, but at the morgue, she was wearing her moonstone engagement ring. It was Greenlee.

Aidan: So she's really gone.

Kendall: I didn't mean to drop it on both of you like this, but I thought that you should know. Zach, it was awful. The whole thing -- the whole thing was awful.

Zach: Hey, at least you had Ryan.

David: The legal system in this town is a freakin' joke.

Krystal: Why are you so upset?

David: Because J.R., the drunken spoiled brat, is getting away with this. Well, not again. He's going to learn his lesson the hard way.

Krystal: Meaning what?

David: Meaning I'm going to force Adam to bring our grandson back to Pine Valley.

Krystal: Force him how? David, answer me. What are you going to do?

David: I have to go. And when I get back, we're going to have that chat about your little visit to the enemy camp. Loyalty is very important, Krystal. I hope you're not getting confused as to where yours lies.

Opal: I mean, talk about adding insult to injury. Does she really think I would ever wear something as tacky as this? Look, I am on the cutting edge of fashion.

Jake: Well, you can take it from here.

Jake: How are you doing?

Amanda: Fantastic. I got good news, remember?

Jake: Well, it could be good news, I mean, if David's out of the picture. Maybe you could keep the baby. Maybe you could show the baby a great life.

Amanda: If David wants my baby, do you really think a piece of paper would stop him?

Jake: Well, a judge could stop him. You could fight it. We could fight it.

Amanda: We'd lose. Look, I don't care what David signed, ok? I've made my decision. Nothing's changed.

Jake: Ok.

[While J.R. makes himself a drink, David sneaks out of the tunnel and puts something in the glass]

Zach: Hey. How is she? How did it go?

Angie: Groggy. She's just coming out of the anesthesia.

Zach: So can she see?

Angie: We won't know until the bandages come off. She needs to rest.

Zach: But I could maybe just sit here and just sit with her for a little while, right? I can do that.

Reese: Bianca?

Zach: It's Zach.

Kendall: Ryan, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bail on you. I just had to get out of there.

Ryan: It's ok. It's fine, I'm done. I'm done -- I just left the paperwork with Jesse. He knows. I told Aidan and Zach about Greenlee.

Ryan: What was Zach doing here?

Kendall: Reese was in surgery, so he was in there with her. I have to get to Fusion, so I'll talk to you later.

Aidan: So, you went to the morgue, huh? Must have been tough.

Ryan: Yeah, it was very tough.

Aidan: Well, I was there, too. I saw.

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