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All My Children Transcript Monday 3/16/09


Episode #10081

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Frankie: I signed a contract, Randi. There are no options. When the Army calls, you go.

Randi: I tried so hard not to fall in love with you.

Frankie: I remember.

Randi: I learned at such an early age never to get attached to anybody, ever, because this is all that happens at the end anyway. They just end up walking out on you.

Frankie: Not by choice.

Randi: But you -- I couldn't help myself. I let you in, Frankie. I fell in love with you. I lived with you. I slept each night by your side. I became a part of you, your family.

Frankie: Hey, you still are.

Randi: You're my entire life, Frankie, but if you're not here, if you go to Iraq, I'm sorry. We're over.

Jake: Listen, I'm going to do whatever I have to do to keep you safe, ok?

Amanda: Do you mean that?

Jake: Yes.

Amanda: Because I need to get rid of this baby, and I can't do it with out your help.

Jake: Well, hold on a second. Get rid of the baby? What are you -- what are you saying?

Amanda: I have the perfect plan.

Jake: You don't want to get an abortion, do you?

Amanda: Just -- just listen, ok? I need your help, and you're the only one that can make it happen.

Pete: Computer basics, photoshopping, word processing, control-alt-delete stuff, that's --

Aidan: Don't be modest, Pete. I heard you can hack with the best of them.

Pete: Oh, no, sir. See, that would be illegal. I think my date's missing me. If you'll just excuse me, I -- Aidan: I know for a fact that you used Kendall's computer to hack into the Cambias system for Ryan.


[Door closes]

Ryan: Oh, you scared me. I thought -- I'm sorry. I thought -- I thought I was alone.

Kendall: What are you hiding from me?

Ryan: I'm not hiding anything from you, Kendall. I'm getting ready for the meeting tomorrow with the advertisers, and I was just going over some numbers. I wanted to be able to present some numbers to them to -- to help reassure them. That's all.

Kendall: Ok, but you're doing it on my computer again?

Ryan: I'm not on the network yet with my computer. I didn't know it was a problem. I'm sorry.

Kendall: It's not. Of course, it's not. I'm -- I'm sorry.

Ryan: No, don't you dare apologize, ok? You're stressed. You got tons on your mind.

Kendall: No, don't make excuses for me. I can come up with them all by myself.

Ryan: Anything from Zach?

Kendall: No, why would I hear from him? He walked out. I didn't stop him. Hell, I pushed him. What is wrong with me, Ryan? I don't give up. I fight. So why won't I fight for my marriage? Why won't I fight for Zach?

Zach: "Good luck. Get well. Au revoir.

Bianca." Reese: Um, can I -- can you just leave me alone, just -- just for a minute?

Zach: Well, as a matter of fact, I can't. Hey.

Reese: You know, but I -- but I -- I want -- I want Bianca. I want my family.

Zach: I know. I know.

Reese: Zach.

Frankie: We are not over. We're solid. You knew this day would come. I made a commitment to the military, to the people I serve with, to this country.

Randi: What about your commitment to us?

Frankie: Me going to Iraq doesn't change that.

Randi: It changes everything. I can't live every day wondering, worrying when I'm going to get that knock on the door, the news that you've been hurt or worse, you've been killed.

Frankie: You can't think like that. You have to have some faith.

Randi: Faith? Look what faith did to Taylor and Brot. I've seen what the war does to a man honoring his commitment, Frankie, honoring his duty. It blew up his entire life, and it did it to Taylor, too. I don't want that to happen to us.

Frankie: It won't.

Randi: You can't promise me that.

Frankie: I will put in my time, and I will come back to you.

Randi: Stop acting like you're going on vacation.

Frankie: Fine, you're right. It is dangerous, scary as hell, people getting injured and killed every single day, but as sure as I'm standing here loving you, and I'm standing right here loving you, I will come back. You still love me, right?

Randi: That's the problem. I love you so much. How am I supposed to wake up every day and not wonder and not worry?

Angie: He told you?

Randi: How can you be ok with this? How come you guys are just going to let him go?

Angie: This is the last thing that we want, Randi. We can't stop Frankie from doing what he needs to do.

Randi: There has to be something we can do.

Jesse: We let him go.

Randi: I hate this.

David: So how long before we can get Little Adam from the Chandlers?

Jay: Well, first we have to get Adam Chandler to bring the child back into the country.

David: Can't we get to our friendly judge on this? I don't care that J.R. gave his permission. As far as I'm concerned, Little A has been kidnapped.

Jay: Not in the eyes of the law.

David: Wouldn't putting the word out there, you know, floating the possibility, help us with the courts?

Jay: Well, I'll make your fears of kidnapping known to the judge.

Krystal: But wait a minute. Adam didn't kidnap Little A.

David: He took him to push us. So we have to push even harder. All right, what else do we have?

Jay: Well, Krystal's testimony about finding Little Adam intoxicated is our ace in the hole, and we have plenty of witnesses to J.R.'s alcoholism.

David: My grandson almost drowned several years ago when he was supposed to be taken care of by J.R. Now, can we bring that up? Ok, show a pattern of neglect?

Krystal: Honey, that -- that was an accident.

David: I want to give J.R. zero wiggle room to get out of this, which means we have to show that he's a threat to our grandson and always has been.

Jay: I'll do an ex parte and ask the court for a hearing date. Now, once the order is in process, Chandler Senior will have no choice but to return with the child.

David: Or face criminal charges?

[David chuckles]

David: Great. That's great. All right, so we have witnesses of negligence, a drunken father, an aging grandfather who absconded with the child to circumvent due process, and we have two loving, responsible grandparents who want to give their grandson a stable, loving home.

Jay: That is what you want, isn't it?

Krystal: You know, thinking about my grandson in life-threatening situations does not put a smile on my face, but I want him safe, and that means being with us.

Jay: So we're all on the same page then, whatever it takes?

David: Absolutely.

Pete: I would never hack into a company's files. You've got the wrong guy.

Aidan: I've got the right guy, Pete. Did you notice the last time you hacked into the Cambias system, there were new firewalls?

Pete: That was you?

Listen, I was just helping Ryan.

Aidan: Pete, no way.

Pete: Yeah, I will never do it again. I swear. I just press the buttons. I don't -- I've never even looked at the screen. I don't know what he was looking for --

Aidan: Listen Pete, I want you to look.

Pete: Excuse me?

Aidan: I want you to carry on helping Ryan get into the Cambias data and report back to me.

Pete: Corporate espionage, yeah, I tried that once. Got my butt served to me. I'm just going to back away slowly.

Aidan: Are you sure you want to do that? Because if you do, I'll just tell Kendall and Zach what it is you're up to.

Pete: You'd do that?

Aidan: Does Fusion pay much?

Pete: Not right now, but I --

Aidan: Because I'm offering cash on a regular basis and lots of it.

Pete: Thanks, but I -- I --

Aidan: See, a pretty girl like Colby Chandler, she's going to soon get tired of little weenies.

Pete: Our relationship isn't based on money.

Aidan: Of course not. But listen, man. It doesn't hurt. What I'm asking you to do is keep me informed. No paper trail, no cyber trail, just you to me. That's it, every step.

Pete: I guess then I'll consider it as a waste of time?

Aidan: You're already on the payroll. Why don't you take Colby out for a little bit of lobster?

Pete: Yeah, how do I reach you? Like, when?

Aidan: I'll find you.

Colby: Look at these cute little hot dogs.

Pete: Forget it. We're going out for lobster.

Kendall: Ryan, I push too hard.

Ryan: Zach chose to leave, Kendall. He chose to leave. He'll come back if that's what you both want.

Kendall: Wanting it and getting it seem to be two different things. When I woke up from that coma, I should've just run and jumped in to Zach's arms and held onto him forever. I should've told him exactly how I felt about Gaby and what he did for Bianca, but instead, I played -- I played mind games.

Ryan: You said it yourself that there was already trouble in the marriage before you went into the coma, ok? It's not your fault. You're not to blame, to wake up into so much insanity.

Kendall: Ryan, I wanted life to be exactly the way it was before the tornado, before my coma. I wanted everything the way that it was, everyone else be damned, and I was wrong. I know that I was wrong, and I -- I should've just accepted that Zach lived his life and went on without me.

Ryan: You were angry, and you were hurt, Kendall. It's not your fault.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I could have handled it differently. That's for sure.

Ryan: No, no, Zach could have handled it differently. All right, I know that you love him, but Zach loves on his terms, all right? The same way he lives his life on his terms, and if anybody else gets in his way, then there's hell to pay. Do you understand? And he can deny it all he wants. He can -- he can hate it all he wants, but he is a Cambias at heart. That's who he is. Absolute power, absolutely ruthless.

Kendall: God, you really hate him, don't you?

Ryan: Kendall, the man hurts people. I just don't want him to hurt you.

Zach: Any news on Lavery?

Aidan: As a matter of fact.

Zach: Let's hear it.

Aidan: I got confirmation that Ryan's using Kendall's computer and passwords to access Cambias data.

Zach: Well, that's -- that's the plan, bring me down.

Aidan: It won't happen because we're one step ahead of him.

Zach: Can I have a Scotch, please? What made you fall in bed with my wife?

Aidan: Not one for subtle conversation, are you?

Zach: What was it? Love, lust, convenience? And who made the very first move?

Aidan: You still think that's part of Ryan's plan, making a move for Kendall?

Zach: You're avoiding my question. Thank you.

Aidan: I'm trying to give you the right answer.

Zach: All right, so how long did it take before you actually --

Aidan: If you really think that Ryan's making a move on Kendall --

Zach: You're still not answering my question.

Jesse: Randi, we don't want Frankie to go anymore than you do, but we are counting on him being safe.

Randi: How many people say that about their sons, their daughters, their wives, their husbands, and then they end up coming home in a body bag? And I don't understand, because the last time this happened, you were all for whatever it took to keep Frankie safe, and now you're just going to let him go.

Frankie: Randi, you're overreacting.

Randi: Because you might die. This is crazy. All of you are crazy for thinking that this is ok.

Frankie: Let's not do this here.

Randi: Yeah, I'm out of here.

Frankie: Randi, wait.

Amanda: I want to give the baby up for adoption to great parents who will love this child to pieces, and they have dinner together, and maybe even a yard, a farm, you know? I have -- I have it all planned.

Jake: Amanda, you -- you can put this child as far away as you want to, in the middle of the heartland, David will find it, or whatever way he does it, blackmail, torture, bribery. He'll find the child.

Amanda: But he won't look for the baby if it's dead.

Jake: What are you -- what are you saying, that --

Amanda: Ok, you deliver my baby, and you fake the death certificate. We show it to David. The baby's free. I'm free. He's screwed.

Jake: Listen, I sympathize with everything you are going through --

Amanda: Just listen, ok? Listen, one month before it's due, we leave town.

Jake: We?

Amanda: Ok, we go some place in the middle of nowhere, all right? You induce labor. I have the baby. We go to a clinic. We get the paperwork, birth certificate, death certificate. The baby died at birth. Then we give the child to the adoptive parents, who vanish.

Jake: And we come back to town, just pretend the baby died, and expect David to -- to believe that?

Amanda: He'll check. He'll check. We'll even tell him where we went, ok? He'll go. He'll look at the records. He'll talk to people, but he'll find nothing, ok? He'll have to believe us, and the baby will be safe. Come on, please, Jake. Just, please, just tell me that you'll help me.

Jake: Yeah, this is never going to work.

Aidan: So that's it?

Zach: Keep me posted. What are you doing here?

Reese: Um, you left and I wanted to talk to you, where I was --

Zach: Ok, hey, this is not -- this is not the place. Come on.

Aidan: You see that?

Kendall: It's true, isn't it? Zach and Reese are having an affair.

Jesse: Randi will come around.

Frankie: What if she doesn't?

Jesse: She will.

Frankie: Maybe we should end things just like she said.

Angie: You don't mean that. You love each other.

Frankie: Mom, I have to go. Randi should think about what's best for her.

Angie: Wait a minute. Will you -- you would really lose Randi because of this? Isn't it enough that you're risking your life? You have to sacrifice your relationship, too?

Frankie: No, I -- I want her to have a normal life.

Jesse: She has a normal life, Frank, because of you. I mean, you helped her get back on her feet. You boosted her confidence. You gave her love. Come on, man.

Angie: I'll be right back.

Frankie: I sure know how to clear a table.

Jesse: You'd be making a huge mistake if you turn your back on what you got going with Randi. You hear me?

Frankie: You turned your back on me and Mom.

Jesse: Boy -- I didn't have a choice. You do.

David: Please tell me that you don't actually believe Little A is better off with his drunken father and his heartless grandfather.

Krystal: No, I don't.

David: All right, then what's with the lack of enthusiasm? J.R. is the last person deserving of your sympathy. Babe is dead because of the Chandlers, and I refuse to risk leaving him, our grandson, in their care one more day.

Krystal: So, whatever it takes?

David: For Little Adam's sake, absolutely.

Krystal: And what about Amanda's baby?

David: Not this again.

Krystal: Yes, this again.

David: I told you. I do not care about that baby.

Krystal: You say that now, but what about in a few weeks, huh? A year? When that baby is real, you're not going to be able to sit back and do nothing, to watch your own flesh and blood being raised by somebody else. You're going to follow Amanda's every move, and let me tell you something. The first time that baby sneezes, and she doesn't blow his nose, you're going to have stark rip it right away from her.

David: I told you repeatedly. I have no interest in Amanda's baby, not now, not after it's born. What do I have to do to prove that to you?

Krystal: I want it in writing.

David: You're kidding, right?

Krystal: I want a legal document, signed by you, stating that you will not pursue custody of that child.

David: And what if I don't?

Krystal: Then I might just decide that Little A belongs with the Chandlers.

Kendall: Are Zach and Reese sleeping together?

Aidan: I don't know.

Kendall: Hmm, spoken like a loyal and well-paid employee.

Kendall: It started in Marseilles, the night that Zach agreed to father Gaby. And I helped it along, pushing him and slamming her right into each other's arms.

Aidan: You still love him.

Kendall: Zach told me when we first met that I shouldn't trust him. All these years, and he's the only man, the only person, that I could trust absolutely. Aidan, I have trusted him with my life, my love, our boys, our family. I have these words on my wedding ring. They're great. "Always only you." "Always only you." Words that I could trust to keep me grounded and on track, safe, even when things go wrong, but somehow, I don't know. Somehow, since even before the coma, I stopped trusting those words. I stopped trusting Zach. Yeah, I love him. I love the life we've made, but I don't know how to get it back. I don't know how.

Randi: Don't try and make me ok with this.

Angie: I want the same thing for Frankie that you want, but I realized that I can't stop Frankie from making a decision that he needs to make for himself.

Randi: Where does that leave me?

Angie: With the hard part, the waiting. Frankie has a life with you and wants more. You know, the love you have for each other, it reminds me of what Jesse and I have.

Randi: And he was gone 20 years.

Angie: And he came back. He came back, and our kind of love, the kind that you have with Frankie, never dies, never goes away, and has nothing to do with being together or apart. It keeps feeding just as strongly whether you're in the same room or a world apart.

Randi: I've never loved anyone like I love him.

Angie: I know, and you're so afraid. You're so afraid because it's just too much. It's too -- too a little tense. Better to run now than end up in pieces later. You're probably telling yourself, "This is for the best. It wouldn't have lasted anyway. Just too good to be true" and all of that. You've been hurt before, and you just want to protect yourself, and that is an option, but there is another option. You can give yourself up to the joy of what you have with Frankie. Savor it. Nurture it. Be happy.

Randi: And that'll keep him alive?

Angie: That will give Frankie something to come home to, and that's what I want for both of you. Sweet girl, I want you to let go of the fear, ok? I want you to give this love a chance, not only for Frankie, but for you, too.

Amanda: You can't just write it off and say no.

Jake: It's insane.

Amanda: It's out there, I know, but I don't have a choice. David will go to the ends of the earth to find this baby, unless he thinks it's dead. Please Jake, come on. It'll be our secret.

Jake: Well, the last time we had a secret half, the town found out about it. I mean, we're not -- we're not that good at secrets.

Amanda: I know. That is why this one stays between you and me. You -- I know that you think I'm just some crazy, do-anything-for-a-high or party girl, but -- but I love this baby, and I think that it deserves a chance, a real home.

Jake: There's got to be another way. Just -- let's just --

Amanda: No, it has to be this way. I'll just -- I'll tell myself that the baby really did die.

[Amanda sniffles]

Amanda: No, you see, this is good because I spill tears, and even David's convinced.

[Amanda sniffles]

Pete: Let's just say I came into some cash.

Colby: Maybe you should be saving it.

Pete: Why? When we could have crepes flambées for dessert. And a banana split.

Colby: Pete, I mean it. You throwing around money doesn't make me like you better.

Pete: Money's about the only thing people ever like about me.

Colby: When will you get it through your head that I'm cool with you exactly the way you are.

Pete: Mmm. The drawn butter is sensational. Mmm.

Colby: That's it. I'm not eating another bite until you tell me what's going on, where you got the money, and why you're acting like this.

Pete: Let's just say business is on an upswing.

Colby: Fusion?

Pete: I'm exploring my options. This is just the beginning. I'm going to treat you like a princess.

Colby: Your new boss is here. Does he know you're exploring your options?

Zach: I'm not sure what there is to talk about. You can't see because of me. You lost Bianca because of me, and I'm -- I'm done hurting you. It's got to stop.

Reese: Ok, so -- so it stops, all right?

Zach, it stops, but not like this, all right? Don't -- don't keep walking out on me. Don't do that to me. Don't shut me out, Zach.

Zach: You don't need me in your life.

Reese: Well, ok, you're right. You're right. You know what? I don't. I don't need you. I don't just -- I will take care of myself. I've told you that before. I will find my own doctors. I will -- I will live my own life. Just go, all right, go. Get out. Go out. What are you waiting for? Go, slam the door, just get out!

Pete: Hey, boss! Hey, hey, how's it hanging? Hey, hey.

Ryan: Wh -- ah.

Pete: Uh, sorry, lobster. Um, big date.

Ryan: Oh, well, my suit. You got it on -- you got it -- why don't you head back to your date, ok? It's, uh, it's fine, don't worry about it.

Pete: Well, I was thinking that maybe you could, you know, could use a little help with --

Ryan: No, I'm good. I'm good, really. Thanks, thanks.

Pete: There could be new firewalls, you know, security measures.

Ryan: Yeah, no, I'm -- I'm good, really. Thanks.

Pete: Anything you need, you know, I could do anything. I'm your man. I've got the time.

Ryan: You've got a date, apparently, is what you've got, so -- who's probably getting bored right now, and I've got to get on with this because I've got a date, too, with -- with my daughter, so why don't we just shelve business for now? How does that sound?

Pete: Yeah, yeah, sure. Anything you say.

Ryan: All right. Here, have some of these.

Pete: Thanks.

Frankie: You stayed away from me and Mom to protect us. Me letting Randi go would be protecting her.

Jesse: Or it could just be a cop out, Franklin. You know, much easier to just shrug your shoulders, tell yourself it didn't work out. I've done that, taken the easy way out when it would've been just so much easier for everybody involved if I had just stepped up to the plate, manned it up, told the truth about Rebecca and Natalia.

Frankie: You know I -- I love Randi so much, but if she can't handle it, if me being in Iraq is too much for her, I'd rather just let her go.

Jesse: You would love her so much, Franklin, you would fight for her. You'd convince her that you would walk on water to come back to her. You hear me?

Angie: We'll just settle for coming home. You don't have to walk on water.

Frankie: Well, thank you. Where's Randi?

Angie: Taking her time.

Jesse: Franklin, you have put your career on the line more than once to do the right thing. Holding on to that girl, that's a no-brainer, kid.

Angie: What do you say we butt out now and let Frankie and Randi have their evening?

Jesse: I think we can find a thing or two to do, huh?

Angie: You think?

Jesse: See this? You find a good woman like this, you hold on to her. You don't let go.

Krystal: Is Amanda still here? Is she ok?

Jake: Go away, please, ok?

Krystal: I'm sorry David found out and told J.R.

Jake: Whoa, found out? Found out? You told him about it.

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah, I told him about it. What a bunch of hypocrites. I was crucified for not telling Tad about his baby, and now, the same people are criticizing me for doing the right thing? I just want to talk to Amanda and -- and explain to her --

Jake: Explain what? That you got a big mouth? You don't know how to keep it shut? I think she understands that.

Krystal: I want her to know that I want to help her protect that baby.

Jake: I think the only one you're trying to protect, Krystal, is yourself, yourself and your marriage, right?

Krystal: I am on Amanda's side in this.

Jake: Krystal, you married the devil. You're sleeping with the devil. And do me a favor. Don't come around here anymore, ok, because you're not welcome here.

Frankie: I was afraid you took off.

Randi: I almost did. Look, I hate that you're going to Iraq, but I love you, so I'll be here when you get home, and you will come home.

Frankie: Yeah.

Randi: No, wait. There's more. I want you to think about that every single day, every single night, every hour, and I'm going to pray that you're safe every single day, every single night, every hour, but I want God to hear those prayers coming from your wife. I want to marry you.

David: There you go. Signed and sealed, as requested. Legal documentation stating that I have no intention of ever going after Amanda's child. I hope that makes you happy.

Amanda: Hey, baby. Rough day, huh? I know. I'm sorry about that, but it's going to get a lot better because I am going to find you the best parents in the whole world that will love you as much as I do. Maybe there'll even be some brothers and sisters, a puppy or two. I hope you'll know how much I love you and that I only let you go to protect you. I may not be much in the mom department, but I will do anything I can to keep you safe.

Corrina: See you later.

Ryan: Ok, I'll see you later. Hey, you.

Emma: We made fish sticks.

Ryan: Those are my favorite. Hey, I'm sorry. I promise that I will be on time for our next date, ok?

Emma: Were you working?

Ryan: Yeah.

Emma: To get the bad people?

Ryan: The bad people?

Emma: The people who you're mad at that hurt-ed Greenlee?

Ryan: Oh. Wow, no, they're -- they're not bad people, and I'm not mad anymore. I don't know what you overheard, but I just -- I guess I just -- I just miss her a lot.

Emma: I miss Greenlee, too.

Ryan: Come here. Come here. I know you do. Hey, I got an idea. How about tomorrow, you and me, we go to the park --

[Doorbell rings]

Ryan: Just the two of us, hot dogs, balloons, the whole package, ok? Does that sound good? Yeah?

Jesse: Hey.

Ryan: Hey, Jesse, what's up?

Jesse: Um, hi, Emma.

Ryan: Oh, ok. Hey, I got an idea, Emma. Um, why don't you run upstairs and pick out your outfit for the park tomorrow, ok? What happened?

Jesse: I think they found Greenlee.

[Knock on door]

Reese: Come in. Zach, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that I yelled at you to get out. It's -- it's just that I -- I keep kicking you out, and all I want is for you to stay. It's just that I've lost so much already, and I just -- I can't lose you, too. I need you, so please just -- thank you for coming back. I'm sorry.

[Aidan leaves, shutting the door]

Reese: Zach?

Zach: I came to kiss the boys goodnight.

Kendall: Of course. Zach, I just wanted to thank you for bringing Spike and Ian back earlier.

Zach: Thank me? I'm their dad, come on.

Kendall: I miss you. Maybe you don't want to hear it, or maybe you don't miss me, but it's true. I miss you, and I'm sorry for every word that pushed you away, every accusation, every bit of doubt. I'm sorry I didn't trust you when I know to my core that you're the one person in this world that I can trust. I want you back. I want us back. So how do I do that, Zach? Please -- please tell me what to do, and I'll do it.

Zach: What do you -- you want me back. You miss me now? You love me now? Why didn't you say that when I was walking out the door?

Kendall: I thought that -- I mean, we both thought that we needed time.

Zach: Yeah? No, we need time for what? To make more mistakes? To hurt each other more? Is that it? I -- I don't know, maybe it's too late now.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, you did it. You slept with Reese. I saw you. I saw you at the casino. You were going back to her room. You slept with her.

Zach: No, I didn't. But I wanted to.

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