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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 3/10/09


Episode #10077

Provided by Laurie R.

David: Hey, hey -- please tell me that you're here about Little A. Tell me that Adam and Erica are in jail and that he's safe from J.R.

Jesse: Wait, Erica Kane is involved in this?

David: I called her house last night to find out if she knew anything about her crony's secret hideaways. It turns out she packed up her bags last night and left, too. No one knows where. What kind of a rinky-dink police department are you running in this town?

Jesse: You need to check that attitude of yours.

David: Why didn't you put out a warrant? The Chandlers gave alcohol to my grandson. He could have died. But no, you let Grandpa Adam fly him around the world. For what? To taste the wines of the world?

Jesse: I'm going to talk to J.R. now about the little Scotch incident. I'm going to also talk to him about his father's spontaneous trip abroad, ok?

David: Well, that's a great idea. I'm sure you'll find him curled up with a bottle of Scotch that he keeps in his son's toy chest.

Jesse: Well, if you would shut up long enough to listen to somebody other than yourself, you'd know that I was about to tell you that J.R. is here. He checked himself in last night.

Amanda: Frankie said you were here. What's wrong?

J.R.: I could have killed my son last night.

Annie's voice: "I don't understand why Aidan hasn't come back. He kissed me. Not a friend kiss -- a kiss like he knows me, really knows me, and knows how much I need him. He needs me, too. I can tell. He has to come back. I know he will. Maybe he'll even bring flowers, and he'll kiss me again. Then he'll tell me he loves me. Loves me, loves me, loves me. Loves me, loves me, loves me. Loves me, loves me."

[Doorbell rings]

Ryan: Am I interrupting?

Kendall: No, I'm alone.

Ryan: Ah. Zach head to the office early?

Kendall: Zach didn't come home last night.

Ryan: I'm sorry.

Kendall: Well, I'm not exactly surprised. So, what -- what are you doing here? It's bright and sunny? You want a cup of coffee?

Ryan: How would you like to have a new partner at Fusion?

Kendall: Who?

Ryan: Me.

Reese: What are you doing?

Dr. Merker: Ms. Williams, I'm attempting to establish a baseline.

Reese: Ok, well, the baseline is I'm blind. So if that's the best you can do, you might as well leave.

Dr. Merker: We're just getting started.

Reese: Nope. We're done, because I really don't care how famous you are, how many awards you have on your wall, or how far you flew to get here -- this is bull.

Dr. Merker: Ms. Williams, if you let me just finish my exam --

Reese: You know what, just don't, get away.

Zach: Hey, hey, I promised my friend you'd be on your best behavior.

Reese: Really? Well, don't make promises that I'm not going to keep.

Dr. Burke: Annie, is this about Aidan? Because he hasn't returned?

Annie: Did you tell him not to come back?

Dr. Burke: Annie, I assure you, I haven't spoken to Aidan.

Annie: Then why isn't he here?

Dr. Burke: Aidan knows you're not in danger anymore. You're safe now. He doesn't have to protect you anymore.

Annie: So -- so what, he's just never coming back? I was just some -- some chore, some duty, and now he's done with me?

Dr. Burke: Annie, I'm sure Aidan cares about you very much.

Annie: No, you're just saying that. But you're right. He does care about me, and that's why I know he's going to come back. He will.

Dr. Burke: Annie, I know how much you want to see Aidan.

Annie: I knew you'd come.

Dr. Burke: He isn't here. He's not real.

Aidan: Well, I beg to differ. I'm very real.

Krystal: Any news on Little A?

David: Well, it seems our cracker jack police department let Adam and Erica take him out of the country.

Krystal: How is that possible?

Jesse: Um, maybe because there's no legal reason to stop them.

David: He could have died.

Jesse: Hey, genius, there's no evidence of criminal neglect.

David: Yeah, why is that? Because there's no phone-cam shot of him chugging alcohol with his daddy passed out nearby?

Jesse: Adam says it was an accident. As a matter of fact, he kind of suggests that it might have been Krystal that gave the boy the booze.

Krystal: Oh, wait, that -- that is insane.

David: Come on.

Jesse: He said you were there with him alone when it happened. Is that true?

Krystal: I walked in that mansion and found that boy ill, in pain, next to an empty glass.

David: Now you listen to me. She saved his life, all right? So how dare you treat her like she's the criminal.

Jesse: I'm investigating.

David: Oh, really? Why don't you investigate the people who actually put my grandson's life at risk and who are openly flouting the law, with your help, I might add?

Jesse: Until my department and Social Services are able to conduct a complete investigation, this is going to be treated as an accident.

David: Right, right, so in other words, you're not going to do a damn thing.

Jesse: Adam thinks this is a ploy to make him look bad, so the two of you can gain custody of the boy?

David: Do you honestly believe that I would hurt my own grandson?

Jesse: Do you really want to know what I think you're capable of? Did you notice anything at all that might suggest that J.R. was in any way negligent?

Krystal: No, no, J.R. was -- was really upset. He really didn't mean for him to drink that Scotch.

David: Well, there's still the issue of kidnapping.

Jesse: Only if the boy was taken against J.R.'s consent.

David: Oh, come on. Are you kidding me? This is a conspiracy. Those people would say or do anything to protect themselves and to keep that boy. Every second that my grandson is with Adam, he is brainwashing him to give all the right answers. You're never going to get the answer now. For crying out loud, you guys totally blew this.

Jesse: I'll tell you what, Doc. Why don't you hold on really tight to your little conspiracy theories, all right? Right now, I got work to do. Oh, and you know what? Leave J.R. alone. I mean that. Both of you.

Krystal: Oh, God. I know -- I know J.R. is never going to forgive himself.

David: What the hell was that?

Zach: Give us a couple of minutes, please?

Dr. Merker: Of course.

Zach: I'll see you in the bar.

Reese: If you're going to give me another one of those flippin' pep talks of yours, I swear to God, Zach, I'm going to kill you.

Zach: Well, you'd have to catch me first. And since you can't see, I think I will probably live. But you will still be blind.

Reese: Nice.

Zach: Let me help you.

Reese: Oh, you want to help me? Ok, I don't want your help. I don't want your guilt, your pity, or the B.S. about what you're doing or why you're doing it. Ok?

Zach: You've got it all figured out, don't you?

Reese: I do. I've had some time to think. So, you know what I keep coming to? It's the same conclusion -- I need you out of my life.

Zach: What you need is help.

Reese: I can take care of myself.

Zach: You can? No, you can't. Stay here, the doctors will help you, and you will get better.

Reese: If you say that enough, does it get rid of your guilt? Because I told you that I don't blame you. It's not your fault.

Zach: I told you I'm not going to walk away until you can see again.

Reese: Well, I don't like you nearly enough to spend forever with you. So, ok, you want to help me? I've got an idea. Why don't you put me on that jet of yours, and you can drop me off on some island far away, and we both get what we want, right? Me, I never existed because I'm gone. And you can get back to your life, huh? Is that what you want?

[Door closes]

Kendall: Greenlee left you all her Fusion shares?

Ryan: Crazy, huh?

Kendall: We were going to take over the world, one lipstick at a time. And we did. We did. Nobody could stop us.

Ryan: Yeah, you guys did it. That's for sure.

Kendall: Yeah, we did it for a while. I mean, for a long time, we were gold. But then life happened. The tornado, my coma -- that's something I'm very good at, comas.

Ryan: Please, don't be so hard on yourself, Kendall.

[Computer beeps]

Kendall: Oh, come on. Damn it! This thing is --

Ryan: It's just saying that you lost your Internet connection, ok? Just try and reboot it. I'm sure that it will be fine.

Kendall: All right, all right. I suck at computers. I suck at dodging tornados. I suck at marriage. You know, none of this would have happened if I hadn't slept with Aidan. I didn't tell you the reason that Zach also donated his sperm. It wasn't just to make up for what his brother did. It was because he also wanted to get back at me for being with Aidan.

Ryan: Zach said that?

Kendall: I know it's true. All right, come on. Come on!

Ryan: Wow, ok, that's going to break it, you know. You know what? You don't want to break it, ok? Let me have a shot.

Kendall: Yeah, well, you know what? I break everything else. My business, my relationships --

Ryan: I think you had a little bit of help with Fusion.

Kendall: Ryan, Fusion -- we're in huge debt right now. I don't even know how I'm going to make this week's payroll or the next 20 weeks, for that matter.

Ryan: Hey, Kendall, we're going to figure this out, ok? We will.

Kendall: No, I just -- I used to know exactly what I wanted and how to get it. But now I am -- I'm losing Fusion. I'm losing my husband.

Ryan: Oh, ok. Did you tell Zach -- did you tell him how you feel? That you want him back?

Kendall: Oh, I didn't have a chance to. When I found Zach, I saw him lovingly walking Reese out of the hospital. And I called the casino and found out that he spent the night in her suite.

Ryan: What are you going to do?

Kendall: I don't know. I have no idea. But here's a tip for you. I am poison, and so is Fusion. So do like Zach and just stay the hell away from me, ok? Just sell me your shares and get out while you can, please.

Ryan: We're going to save Fusion, Kendall. We will. We have to.

Kendall: Why, Ryan? It won't give us what we really want. It won't save my marriage, and it won't bring back Greenlee.

Amanda: What happened was a total accident. Krystal just called 911 to make it look worse than it was. It's so David. He probably told her to do it.

J.R.: It was all me. And it never should have happened. I can't undo it, but I can at least prove that I didn't have alcohol in my system.

Amanda: Is that why you checked in?

J.R.: I've also set up an appointment with the shrink while I'm here. I'm determined to stay sober, to prove that I'm not a threat to Little Adam. It was such a stupid way of showing my father that I could resist a drink. Now I've given Hayward and Krystal all the ammunition to prove that I'm a bad father.

Amanda: You're a great dad.

J.R.: Not if I keep drinking.

Amanda: You wouldn't even have started if it wasn't for me. You should hate me.

J.R.: Me drinking is my responsibility, no one else's.

Amanda: I hate when you're nice like that. I don't deserve anything but dirt from you. I've tricked you and pushed you. All these lies.

J.R.: All these lies? What are you lying to me about now?

David: You had the perfect opportunity to tell Jesse that J.R. was a negligent father.

Krystal: You mean you wanted me to lie?

David: No, no, I want to keep Little Adam safe, which means with us. So it wouldn't have killed you to admit that maybe, just maybe, there was negligence involved. Instead, you had to feed this ridiculous notion that it was all just an accident.

Krystal: Accidents happen.

David: No, no, Krystal, it is not an accident that J.R. is an alcoholic. Every drink he takes, every sip he takes, every time our grandson's life is in danger. Adam knows this. Erica knows this. That's why they took Little Adam out of the country -- to protect him from J.R. and to protect J.R. from the authorities. And Hubbard's letting him get away with it, but not me. They're going to pay for this.

Krystal: David, David --

Kendall: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Ryan: It's ok.

Kendall: No, no, it's not. It's not, Ryan. I was completely out of line. I think it's great that you want to help with Fusion. I just -- I think you're really going to be in over your head trying to get together with a company that's going down nose-first.

Ryan: Well, I want to do this. I want to do it for Greenlee. And I know it's not going to bring her back, Kendall. I know that. But if I can save something that meant so much to her -- and I want to do it for you, too. I do. I want to get you back on your feet, you know?

Kendall: Well, that won't happen until I save my marriage.

Ryan: Hmm. You're computer's working, by the way. We're in. What do you want me to do next?

Kendall: Yay. Ok, ooh, that's good. Well, this is the password. All right. Ok, there are quarterlies, and there's all the numbers right there versus fiscal for 2007 and 2008. So if the numbers don't scare you away, we'll talk.

Ryan: I'm in, Kendall, no matter what the numbers say.

Kendall: Thank you.

Ryan: Where are you going?

Kendall: While you sort through the blood and guts of Fusion, I am going to try and take another shot at saving my marriage. It seems like I've been fighting for it since I came out of my coma.

Doctor: Ms. Williams is best served by continuing with the current protocol -- taking the medication and giving the damaged tissue time to heal.

Zach: And in your opinion, will she see again?

Doctor: We won't know that until the healing has progressed. Until that happens, there's nothing more I can do for her. Sorry.

[Zach recalls Reese's accident]

Reese: Let go!

Annie: I knew you'd come. Dr. Burke said not to get my hopes up, but he doesn't know you like I do. Ok, I'll admit, I was a little afraid, but here you are. And it's not even visiting hours.

Aidan: Well, I convinced the administrator to let me see you early. Annie, we need to talk about what happened the last time I saw you.

Annie: You mean, when we kissed?

Aidan: It was a mistake.

Annie: What? No, how can you say that?

Aidan: Look, I want you to get better, all right? I think that would be easier without complications.

Annie: You're not a complication, Aidan. I -- I need you.

Aidan: I'll stay in touch, ok? I promise.

Annie: So that's -- that's why you brought me flowers -- because you're deserting me? Here, I don't want them. Fine.

Aidan: Annie, I'm not deserting you, all right? I just think it's best if we don't --

Annie: Don't what, Aidan? Kiss? When you kissed me, you made me feel like a real person again, ok? Not some crazy person locked up in a mental institution but a living, breathing woman who can hope -- who can dream about her future instead of being afraid of it. I need you in my life, Aidan. Please. So don't walk away because you think that's what's best. This -- this is what's best.

[Annie and Aidan kiss]

J.R.: Are you lying to me right now?

Amanda: No, I'm still sick with myself because of all the lies I told you to get you to start drinking. That one drink wouldn't matter, the DVD of Babe that I played so you'd freak out and go for the booze -- I mean, I knew what I was doing, but I pretended that I didn't.

J.R.: Yeah. The "one drink doesn't matter" line. I've been telling myself that for years. But you get a pass. And like I said, everything else is history, right?

Amanda: I don't know why you waste your time with me. I have screwed up your life. You would be sober, Little A wouldn't be threatened.

J.R.: Stop, stop. Sit. Come on, sit. Just take a breath. We both messed up. We can't change it. The only thing we can do is try to do better. And this baby, our baby, is a way for us to make better decisions, make good decisions, do what's right, be the people that we want to be.

Amanda: So you think changing diapers can do all that?

J.R.: You'll see.

[Amanda chuckles]

Jesse: J.R., I need to ask you a few questions about what went down with your son and a glass of Scotch.

Amanda: Uh, I'll go.

J.R.: Stay. Please.

Pete: Hey, Kendall wanted me to drop these off.

Ryan: Oh, good, yeah. Come in.

Pete: P&Es, P&Ls, filings --

Ryan: Great. Thank you very much.

Pete: Anything else you need?

Ryan: No, no, no, this is great. Thank you.

Pete: Is it true that Greenlee left you all her shares?

Ryan: Huh, the office grapevine seems to be the only thing working at Fusion.

Pete: But the potential is there. Fusion just needs a firm, steady hand.

Ryan: Well, thank you very much for the input.

Pete: You know, uh, if you're looking to sell those shares, I could talk to my dad -- get the money from my trust.

Ryan: You'd be interested in buying into Fusion?

Pete: Well, it's a total mess right now, but it's a great idea. For women, by women -- totally cool, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to have a little testosterone in there. I've got a million ideas. After-shave -- expand into male cosmetics. Only instead of calling it after-shave, call it after-gym or after-work or after --

[Pete chuckles]

Pete: You know.

Ryan: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, I know. You might want to work on that idea a little bit before you tell anyone else. Just so you know, I'm not planning on selling my shares. I'm planning on running the company with Kendall.

Pete: Oh, huh, that's great. Yeah, I mean, that will be great to have some extra manpower around in the place. You know what I mean? Hey, maybe you could put a basketball court up on the roof, shoot some hoops or throw down some poker after hours.

Ryan: Yeah, maybe. Maybe -- maybe not, but maybe -- look, before you go, is there any way you can pull up those files here on the computer so I can have them --

Pete: Yeah, totally.

Ryan: Would you mind checking that out? Thanks. Wow, you're good. You're very good.

Pete: I can make this baby sing. P&Es, P&Ls from the last five years. I can hack into any system in the world.

Ryan: Really? Looks good. Thank you very much.

Pete: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Hey, did you happen to bring over any Cambias files -- documents with you?

Pete: No.

Ryan: Really? Because Kendall wanted me to take a look at Fusion's profit and loss statements and compare them with Cambias' so I could have some context for the numbers, you know what I mean?

Pete: Oh, no problem, yeah. Well, this computer's networked with both companies. Cambias files, coming up.

[Doorknob jiggles]

Reese: Hello?

[Doorknob jiggles]

Reese: Is someone there? Dr. Merker, Zach? Ok. All right, I get it. You want to mess with the blind girl.

[Reese chuckles]

Reese: Ok. Come on. Ah -- damn it! God, who are you?

[Kendall quietly stands in front of Reese]

Aidan: What? What is it?

Annie: I like kissing you. I like being complicated by you, but if you think I'll get better faster by you not coming around here as often, I -- I understand. As long as you promise it's not for too long.

Aidan: Nothing could keep me away.

P.A. Announcer: Group will start in five minutes in Room 532.

Annie: I have to go. Thank you for coming.

Aidan: You're welcome. Hey, wait, wait. Come here.

Annie: Bye.

Aidan: See ya.

Dr. Burke: I'm glad I caught you.

Aidan: Is there a problem?

Dr. Burke: I appreciate everything you've done for Annie, and it's important for a patient to have a support system separate from staff. But I think Annie's a bit too attached. Flowers, a stolen kiss or two -- it might be more than she's ready for.

Aidan: I care for Annie very much.

Dr. Burke: You're giving her false hope.

Reese: If you don't tell me who you are --

Kendall: It's Kendall.

Reese: What are you here for? Are you here to gloat? Huh? Are you here just for curiosity? Don't -- don't touch me.

Kendall: Ok, all right. Hey.

Reese: What do you think? You think maybe I did this as some sick stunt? I did it to myself so, I don't know -- to keep Zach. I know, I know. Who needs to see you when you can have free room service the rest of your life? Got nothing to say, Kendall? Come on, that's so unlike you, Kendall.

[Reese claps]

Reese: Come on, let me have it. Come on. Come on!

Kendall: I had this speech all planned for you. How you ruined everything with me, and my marriage, and my sister. But now, when I walked in here, seeing you, I realized -- I can't imagine how hard it must be.

Reese: Well, ok, ok. This, I can't take. I can't take your fake pity. I would feel much better about everything if you would just yell at me, scream at me. You know, why don't you throw something?

Kendall: What I mean is that when I opened the door, and I saw just you -- no Bianca, no Gaby, no Zach, no craziness -- it was like seeing you for the first time.

Reese: Oh, well, if I had known you were coming, I would have just combed my hair.

Kendall: I realized I don't know you at all.

Reese: Do you want to know me? Ok. Ok, well, I was the perfect daughter. Dean's list, honor roll, prefect attendance, Mom and Dad's little angel. I worked hard. I studied hard. I did everything that I was supposed to do all my life. And then I met your sister. And for the first time in my life, I finally knew what I wanted. And what I wanted was Bianca, and her love, and a family. And our being here was supposed to be the beginning of the rest of our life together, and now that has all just blown to hell.

Kendall: Well, you and Zach did that.

Reese: Right, me and Zach. Zach, right, of course. Of course, it's Zach, right? Do you think that he wants me? That he loves me? Kendall, I am blind because he wanted me gone, and I wouldn't leave. And I don't want him either. You know what? If you're looking at me, you look really hard so you can see the truth. Because the truth in all of this is I am the one who lost my family. I am the one who lost the love of my life. Not you. I am the one who lost everything. So just get out of here. All right, just get out of here.

Pete: There it is, everything you could want to know about Cambias.

Ryan: Very, very impressive.

Pete: Yeah, too bad you couldn't get a piece of that action.

Ryan: I owned Cambias once.

Pete: You did?

Ryan: Yes. I gave it back to Slater. Long story.

Pete: You must be hating yourself right now.

Ryan: It was back when I was stupid enough to think that doing the right thing actually paid off. Those days are definitely over.

Pete: Are you going to make a move?

Ryan: I'm going to make a move to save Fusion. That's the move I'm going to make. But, hey, thank you very much for all your help. I appreciate it.

Pete: Yeah.

Ryan: I'm sure you're needed back at the office, right?

Pete: They can't do without me. If you need anything, I'm your man.

Ryan: I'll remember that. Thank you.

Ryan: Game on, Zach. Game on.

[Music plays at the casino's bar]

Kendall: Zach? I just saw Reese.

Zach: Should I call housekeeping? Did you destroy the room?

Kendall: No, she talked. I listened. And I finally realized that I've blamed her for everything, but she's not totally to blame. And she's not that terrible of a person.

Zach: That's great. That's all it took was for her to go blind and -- and you found some compassion. That's -- that's really cool.

Kendall: You have to help her. Whatever it takes, whatever it costs, you have to help her see again.

Zach: You forgave Reese.

Kendall: Well, I'm cutting her a break.

Zach: Now, how about cutting your husband a break? How about that? Or do I have to gouge my eyes out --

Kendall: Please don't.

Zach: What? I've tried everything with you. What, you keep pushing me away. What do you want me to do? Any ideas? Please tell me.

Kendall: Don't let me push you away.

Singer: There's a light out of the window

Zach: I'll try that.

Singer: Of the corner of my mind and it holds the hope that lingers for promises supplied

Kendall: Bianca, call me when you get this. It's Reese. There's been a terrible accident, and she's really badly hurt. She needs you. You have to come home.

J.R.: I was sober that night. I've had a psych evaluation. I've spoken to a shrink. Nothing like this will ever happen again.

Jesse: Some things are easier promised than done.

J.R.: Look, I would protect my son with my life.

Jesse: Well, I hope so. Listen, call me when your father gets back with your boy.

J.R.: I will.

Jesse: J.R., you need to know that I want the best possible end to this. Ok? See ya, Amanda.

Amanda: Ooh. Thank God that's over. You'd think you were a criminal or something.

J.R.: He was just doing his job.

Amanda: Well, you were great. Calm, cool --

J.R.: And I need a drink.

Amanda: Not today.

J.R.: Today I need a meeting.

Aidan: So you think I'm bad for Annie? I'm an obstacle?

Dr. Burke: You realize that if Annie recovers, she'll have to stand trial for the crimes she's committed. In all probability, she'll be convicted and spend considerable time behind bars.

Aidan: Annie needs a friend.

Dr. Burke: I know this is difficult, but Annie will never fully recover if she's dependent on you. You need to help Annie let you go.

Zach: Ryan, hey. What are you doing in my house?

Ryan: I came over to see Kendall. I thought I might stick around and see my son when he gets home, you know.

Zach: Oh, ok. Get out.

Ryan: Ok. Hey, just so you know, Greenlee's shares in Fusion are now mine. And I'm going to save the company.

Zach: You don't care about Fusion. You want to make a play on my wife. It's very obvious, even for you. Get out.

Ryan: Absolutely. Kendall and I have a company to save.

Amanda: Maybe I could go with you to an AA meeting sometime. They have those special ones for guests, right?

J.R.: Yeah.

David: Glad we caught you.

J.R.: Let's pretend you didn't.

Man: Adam Chandler, Jr.?

J.R.: Yeah?

Man: You've been served.

J.R.: What the --

David: Krystal and I are acting on the best interests of our grandson. You've left us no choice but to sue for full custody.

Annie: I thought you left.

Aidan: I couldn't leave. Not without seeing you one last time.

[Music plays]

Aidan: Shall we?

Singer: My body's calling for you my body's ready for you my body's calling for you  

Annie: I am so happy with you.

Singer: My body's calling for you my body's ready for you my body's calling  

[Music stops as Dr. Burke walks in and finds Annie dancing by herself]

Aidan: What's so urgent?

Zach: I need you to do something for me, something that involves your old friend Ryan Lavery.

Ryan: Hey.

Kendall: What are you doing here?

Ryan: I just saw Zach. He seemed like he was in a hell of a mood. What happened?

Kendall: Well, I saw him and said some words, and then he rushed out. Did he say anything to you?

Ryan: Yeah, he did. He said a few things, well, wonderful things. He kicked me out of the house, told me never to come back.

Kendall: Well, he can't do that. You're Spike's father. He can't.

Ryan: I'm the enemy. Remember? He thinks I have an ulterior motive for joining you at Fusion.

Kendall: Do you?

Ryan: Kendall, I want to save the company.

Kendall: Yes, but you also threatened to ruin Zach's life.

Ryan: Yes, but I promised you that I would help you.

Kendall: Ryan, look me in the eye and swear to me I can trust you. Swear to me that you are not using me to bring Zach down.

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