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Krystal: Hello? Hello?

David: Krystal. Don't ever answer my phone again.

Krystal: It was just a hang-up.

David: I want to share my life with you, but some things need to remain private.

Krystal: You scare me when you're like this.

David: I'm sorry. I'm just under a lot of pressure these days, but that doesn't mean I don't love you, ok?

Krystal: I'm just glad you're home.

David: Where else would I be?

Krystal: Well, the other day, I didn't know where you were. Everybody was at the wedding. You left without a word. You came back without a word. You were gone for a long time. Where'd you go?

[Doorbell rings]

Opal: I came as soon as I could. You ok?

Ryan: Come on in.

Opal: I admit I'm curious why you didn't want me to bring Emma.

Ryan: How is she doing?

Opal: She's having milk and cookies with Petey. Feel like your soul's been ripped out, don't you?

Ryan: I need to talk to her. I need to talk to Greenlee, Opal, and I really want you to help me.

Reese: Ok, so you hate me, but you don't hate Gabrielle, and if Bianca leaves, if she goes, so does that beautiful baby girl. She is gone, and I know you don't want that. Zach, please, please help me.

Zach: I'm not helping you. We don't deserve that child.

Erica: Kendall, you can't turn your back on Bianca. She's your sister. She needs you.

Kendall: Well, she didn't need me when she decided to make a baby with my husband.

Erica: Oh, come on. It wasn't like that exactly and you know that. Zach was the donor. That's what he was.

Bianca: It's ok, Mom. She's right. It was my fault. I went behind her back. I've lied to her, and I did have a child with her husband.

Erica: You had a beautiful baby girl who needs us to fight for her. Surely you don't want Reese to have access to Gabrielle.

Kendall: Well, that is one thing Bianca and I still have in common. I want Reese far away from that baby. In fact, the further away from Pine Valley Bianca and Gaby are, the better.

Erica: Bianca, too? Are you kidding? She's your sister.

Kendall: Sister? We share blood, nothing more.

David: I was at a consult in Manhattan. I left a note.

Krystal: I didn't see it.

David: Really? I should have called. You're right. I'm sorry. Sometimes I get so busy with work, I just don't see anything else. I have all the time in the world to look now.

[Phone rings]

David: Son of a...

[Phone continues ringing]

David: Dr. Hayward.

Frankie: Ok, let's get started.

Nurse: It's Gayle. You wanted me to call if there was any news. Mr. Chandler and Ms. Dillon have just arrived.

David: I'll be there as soon as I can.

Krystal: Let me guess, an emergency?

David: Yeah, that's the reason why I don't want you answering my phones. It could be complicated, ok? Is that clear?

Krystal: Sure.

Erica: This is unacceptable. You two love each other, and yes, these are difficult times, but we will get past this. We always do.

Kendall: If you want me to kiss and make up so you feel better, I'm leaving. I'm leaving right now.

Erica: You know what I want you to do? I want you to show a little understanding.

Kendall: Ok, listen, I already said that I agree with Bianca. I want that baby far away from Reese. Isn't that enough?

Erica: Ok, I'm going to tell you the truth here. Sometimes I don't recognize you anymore, not since the coma.

Kendall: Yeah, well, a lot of things have changed. I woke up and discovered my sister and her lover and my husband decided it was a good idea to have a baby and not tell me.

Erica: Honey, you know exactly that --

Bianca: No, Mom, it's ok. Obviously, understanding is not a part of Kendall's vocabulary anymore.

Kendall: There's so many other words, like "sperm donor." That's a good one.

Erica: Ok, that's enough. You know what? If you're not with us, then you can leave.

Kendall: I am not with you, but I am in agreement that I do not want Reese to have any access to that baby, and I will do anything to make sure that doesn't happen.

Woman: Ms. Kane.

Erica: Oh, Ms. Stillman, thank you so much for coming to meet us here. This is my other daughter, Kendall, who will be helping us as well. And, please, tell me what our best strategy is to make sure that Reese Williams never comes near my daughter Bianca's beautiful baby girl ever again.

Ms. Stillman: I'm afraid it's not that simple. There's a clear case supporting Ms. Williams' position.

Bianca: So, Reese could get partial custody of my child?

Reese: You don't mean that I don't deserve my daughter. You have seen me with her. You know that I am a good mother. You know how I am and that I love her.

Zach: Mistakes were made. There are consequences.

Reese: Ok, so you hate me. That's fine. You can hate me. You can despise me. You can want me gone, but I know you don't want Gaby gone. And if Bianca gets full custody, you're going to lose her, too.

Zach: That's Bianca's choice. I've got to respect that.

Reese: Bianca's choice? Is it Bianca's choice or is it Kendall's choice? Is that where all this is coming from? Me gone, the baby gone, her life back to where it was before all --

Zach: Can't blame her for that.

Reese: This is Kendall's decision. It's what Kendall wants. What the hell do you want?

Zach: She's my wife.

Reese: Ok, who's Gaby?

Zach: Don't do that. That's not fair. I said I was going to be the donor. I never said I was going to be a father to her.

Reese: That's a fine idea over dinner and drinks, but once you've held her in your arms, and you have rocked her to sleep night after night, and you've stopped her tears, you become attached.

Zach: Ok, all right, we don't need to discuss that. Bianca has made a decision.

Reese: That's fine, but it's not her decision to make. Zach, just because I did not carry that child, it doesn't mean I don't love her, Gaby, as much.

Zach: No one says that you don't love her. No one said that. I love her, too, and it doesn't matter how we feel. Bianca has a right to do what she's doing.

Reese: No, she doesn't. She is hurt and she's angry, and she wants to punish me, and Kendall wants to punish you. And you know what? You can stand there. You can act all stoic. You can act rational. You can act calm. That's fine, but I know you don't want to lose Gabrielle any more than I do. Just help me, ok? Just please help me. If you help me get custody, I promise you, I won't take Gabrielle away, and you can see her as much as you want.

Zach: What are you asking me right now? Are you asking me to choose between Gabrielle and Kendall?

J.R.: Excuse me, the planning meeting for the Babe Chandler Wing benefit -- is that going to be in the main conference room? I'd like to get my donation in.

Adam: J.R., can I speak with you a second?

J.R.: Sorry. What is it?

Adam: What are you doing? A contribution?

J.R.: Since when have you been against contributing to the hospital?

Adam: Well, I guess you've been so busy holding Amanda's hand that you're completely unaware that Chandler Enterprises has just had the worst quarter in the company's history.

J.R.: We'll turn it around. Besides, I'm not the one who poured all that money into Fusion while playing footsie with Erica. Are we going to ever see any of that investment back?

Adam: Yes, and then some, eventually. In the mean time, it's best to think before we spend.

David: Saw that article in the business section. Seems Chandler Enterprises is going the way of the Titanic.

Adam: We'll recover.

David: Well, if you need a loan to keep the lights on or food on the table for Little A, you just let me know.

J.R.: We'll be fine.

David: Good. So, I can count on you both for a generous donation to Babe's wing, right?

J.R.: There will be enough zeros to put us on top of that list.

David: Babe would be happy to hear that.

Adam: That arrogant --

J.R. : We just have to stay one step ahead of him, Dad.

Adam: Not by donating six figures when we can't afford it. You keep your checkbook in your pocket until we discuss this.

Frankie: You are doing great. The baby's doing great as well. Are you taking those prenatal vitamins?

J.R.: Only if I promise her one of those chocolate truffles right afterwards.

Amanda: J.R.'s been a great coach. He's been pouring milk and orange juice down my throat, putting way too many leafy greens on my plate.

J.R.: Yeah, but I do offer one of the best foot massages in town. I'll wait for you outside.

Frankie: Looks like you and J.R. are really making this work.

Amanda: He's been great.

Frankie: What happens when he finds out Hayward's the father?

Amanda: He won't.

Frankie: Listen, Amanda, secrets have a way of coming out.

Amanda: Not this one. You protect the secret. J.R. protects me. This baby is safe from David. That's all I care about.

Annie: Hi.

Aidan: Hi. How are you feeling?

Annie: I'm better now.

Aidan: I saw the judge today. He's reviewed your case. Your competency hearing has been postponed indefinitely. You'll still have to go back to Oak Haven. You'll get a new psychiatric evaluation with the new doctor, and you won't go anywhere near the isolation unit.

Annie: You did this. You could have walked away like everybody else, but you never gave up on me even when I fought you. I know I have a long way to go, but I'm going to work really hard to get better for you and for Emma. Can I see her? Do you think I can see Emma before I go back to Oak Haven?

Opal: Greenlee, can you hear us? This is Opal and Ryan. Don't be afraid to show yourself, honey. We love you. Ryan loves you. He misses you. He wants to speak to you. Give us a sign, honey. Give us a sign that you're with us, that you feel our energy and our love.

Ryan: I need you, Greenlee. I need you, ok? The whole world has gone to hell.

Opal: Ryan --

Ryan: I want the people that killed you. I want them to be held responsible.

Opal: Ryan --

Ryan: Please, I'm doing things my way, but I need to know it's ok with you. Please, just tell me it's all right --

Opal: Ryan, stop, stop. The spirits are sensitive. You are vibrating anger here. If Greenlee was close by, you just sent her soul running.

Ryan: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Please, don't stop. Please, don't stop. Don't stop, don't stop.

Opal: Greenlee, can you hear us? Can you feel Ryan's love? Come to us, honey, come to us. Give us a sign.

Ryan: Do you feel anything?

Opal: No, I'm sorry. Not even a tickle.

Ryan: You've got to try again, Opal. Please, you need to try again. I need her.

Kendall: Can't you just file something with the court so Bianca and the baby can go back to Paris?

Ms. Stillman: That's not an option. Ms. Williams may have no biological tie to the child, but she and Bianca took steps to give her equal rights. The court will view her as a parent. If you take Gaby out of the country, you'll be charged with kidnapping.

Bianca: My own child?

Ms. Stillman: Ms. Williams has filed for custody in Pine Valley. The baby was born here. No one's going anywhere until this is resolved. And I have to warn you, a case like this can go on for years.

Erica: So we fight. Ms. Stillman has outlined an option for us, our best option if we want to win this quickly.

Bianca: Anything.

Erica: We put Reese's character on trial and that should be easy. We expose her lies, her cheating. We prove that she's an unfit mother.

Kendall: Well, I agree with Mom. That shouldn't be too hard, should it, Bianca?

Adam: What luck, a meeting of the most powerful women in Pine Valley, the brain trust of Fusion.

Erica: Adam, I'm busy.

Adam: Busy making bankruptcy plans, maybe hoping for a government bailout?

Erica: Excuse us. We'll be right back. Adam, I'm in the middle of a very important meeting.

Adam: My investment is very important, too. And due to the untimely demise of Greenlee Smythe, I'm very worried about my money.

Erica: We'll discuss this later.

Adam: No, we'll discuss it now.

Reese: I'm not asking you to choose between Gabrielle and Kendall.

Zach: Yes, you are, and it's not going to happen. Nothing's going to come between me, Kendall, and the boys, not even Gaby.

Reese: Please save your family, ok? Please save your marriage. All I'm asking you to do is just help me. I can't do this on my own. Just tell the court that I am a good mother. Tell the court that I'm a good person.

Zach: I think they're going to be ready for that.

Reese: All right, well, then can you just talk to Bianca?

Zach: No, I can't.

Reese: What? She'll listen to you. She'll listen to you, Zach, and she won't stay angry at you. Just tell them. Tell her that it's in Gabrielle's best interest to have both of her parents in her life.

Zach: Gabrielle's best interest is not being in a tug-of-war with her mothers.

Reese: I love her.

Zach: If you love her so much, maybe you've got to let her go.

Reese: I won't.

Zach: All right, well, then you're going to fight Bianca and Kendall and Erica, the Kane clan. I don't know. I don't think it's going to work. I think you've got to let her go and move on.

Reese: No, not without my daughter.

Zach: You don't have a chance in hell.

David: How was your exam?

Amanda: Fine, if it's any of your business.

David: Speaking of our business, how's it going?

Amanda: Not here.

David: Are you making progress with J.R. or are all those stars in your eyes getting in the way?

Amanda: This kind of stuff takes time, you know.

David: Well, you better not let it take too much longer or J.R.'s going to hear things about you that he just doesn't want to hear.

Amanda: Meet me at the casino later.

David: It's a date.

J.R.: Hey, is Hayward bugging you?

Amanda: Just the usual.

J.R.: Will you be able to make it home ok? I've got to go sit in on the meeting, you know, for the Campbell's Heart Health benefit.

Amanda: Oh, yeah, I have some errands to run. I'll see you soon.

David: Dr. Hubbard.

Frankie: Dr. Hayward.

David: So, tell me -- how is Amanda Dillon doing?

Adam: You lied about Fusion's finances.

Erica: I did no such thing.

Adam: Don't try to outmaneuver me, Erica. I can be a very dangerous opponent.

Erica: Ok, Adam, if you must know, we are in the middle of a meeting with a lawyer for Bianca. She and Reese are having some problems.

Adam: Already?

Erica: Their marriage is over.

Adam: Before it started. You should know a thing or two about that.

David: You did examine Amanda, didn't you?

Frankie: Picture-perfect first trimester.

David: That's great to hear. Let me see the chart. Like you said, it's all very good. You are aware of what would happen to a doctor who altered documents or falsified reports, right?

Frankie: Well, you'd probably have his license stripped, his career and his dignity, well, trashed, then you'd boil him in oil. But lucky for me, I play by the rules.

Krystal: There you are. Hi, Frankie.

Frankie: Krystal.

Krystal: The planning committee is going to get started without us if we don't hurry up.

David: Keep up the good work, Doctor.

Krystal: I can't wait to show them my ideas.

David: Oh, wow.

Aidan: I don't know whether it's possible for you to see Emma. I'm going to run it by Ryan, but he's not in a very good place right now.

Annie: If there's any way Ryan could find it in his heart to let me see our daughter, it would mean everything to me.

Aidan: I'll ask him, but I can't make any promises.

Annie: Thank you. That's what I like about you. You're the only person who tells me the truth.

Aidan: It's usually easier that way.

Annie: What would I do without you?

Opal: It's no use. It's no use. The spirit is not willing.

Ryan: You can't give up. Please, Opal, I need to reach her. I really do. I need to talk to her. Please, I have to know.

Opal: The Greenlee that I knew, Ryan, she would not want all these thoughts of revenge and payback. She would want you to be happy, to live in peace with Emma.

Ryan: Well, then you didn't know Greenlee at all, did you? Because she always stood up for herself. She never backed down from a fight. Opal, we were on our way to be together, to be happy, finally to be together, and it was taken away from us. She would want justice just as much as I do.

Opal: You know, if you truly believe that Greenlee would be shoulder to shoulder with you on this, then why are you so desperate to have her permission? Maybe the spirit has spoken. Maybe you should listen to those doubts.

Ryan: Thank you for coming, Opal. Please give Emma a kiss for me and tell her that I love her.

Opal: That's something you should do for yourself.

David: The committee loved your ideas. I knew I was right to recommend you to oversee this benefit.

Krystal: Oh, I am just so thrilled to contribute to such a good cause, and to honor our Babe.

David: She would be very proud of you, as I am.

Krystal: Well, I hope I live up to your expectations -- and Babe's.

David: Are you kidding me? Something tells me you're going to raise so much money for healthy hearts, you just might put me out of business.

J.R.: I'd triple my contribution for that.

David: Yeah. Just make sure that check doesn't bounce. I'll see you later.

Krystal: Where are you going?

David: A consult. You want the name of the patient?

J.R.: You ok?

Krystal: Yeah, I'm fine. And I have a pile of work to do if I want to throw the most knock-your-socks-off benefit this hospital has ever seen.

J.R.: If there's anyone who could do it, it's you. So are you really happy with Hayward?

Krystal: Yes, I am. How about you? You got a baby on the way. How are you doing?

J.R.: I'm good.

Krystal: I meant what I said. Babe would want this for you -- moving on with your life.

J.R.: I guess we both are.

Adam: A marriage that lasted five minutes, the Kane women with their heads together? When do you start beating the tom-toms?

Erica: Stop that. Stop it. Adam, you are expecting a grandchild. That should really be taking all of your attention right now.

Adam: If it's mine.

Erica: Well, there, you see? You've got plenty to occupy yourself with.

Adam: I want my money back, Erica.

Erica: And I will give your money back, Adam. But right now my priority is my family.

Adam: Which means you're distracted, which means I may never see my investment again, unless drastic measures are taken.

Erica: Oh, it would be just like you to twist my personal family crisis to your advantage.

Adam: That fire in your eyes, I've really missed that, Erica.

Erica: I have to get back to my meeting.

Adam: Of course. Oh, into the lion's den. Brave man.

Zach: How are you doing, Adam? I thought you'd be too busy pulling Chandler from the ashes to come and drink here.

Adam: What, Chandler Enterprises, Chandler family? All are just fine. I'll see to it.

Zach: Ok. Ladies -- ahem. Reese came to me for my help, and I told her to leave town and never look back. There you go.

Kendall: Well, that is so noble, so very Zach. Now tell us what you really think.

Ryan: What the hell do you want?

Reese: I just need a few minutes. Please.

Ryan: You got five.

Reese: Ryan, I need your help.

Ryan: You need my help?

Reese: Bianca's trying to take Gabrielle away from me.

Ryan: Well, you might want to go to Zach and ask him for a hand, considering how close you two are.

Reese: Yeah? Well, he doesn't want to have anything to do with me.

Ryan: So what are you doing, then. What? Are you going around asking for forgiveness from anybody that can stand to look at your face? Because it's too late, Reese. You can't take anything back, ok? You can't save your marriage. You can't bring Greenlee back from the dead.

Reese: Look, I deserve your hate, but I had to try, you know? We have both lost a lot, and I just don't want to lose Gabrielle, too.

Ryan: What exactly do you want me to do?

Reese: You've known the Kane women for so many years, and I just -- I thought if you could just tell me how to get through to them, how to make them understand that I deserve Gabrielle in my life just as much as they do.

Ryan: You had your tongue in Zach's mouth the night before you got married, and you broke Bianca's heart. And now you're trying to pitch me a good-mommy routine? Your five minutes are up.

Reese: I'm not evil. I just -- I made a big mistake.

Ryan: Get the hell out.

David: So, what do we have to celebrate -- aside from a very healthy pregnancy? Dr. Hubbard tells me everything.

Amanda: Can we just get this over with?

David: Sounds good. Let's get to it. So what's the news? You and J.R. looked very cozy at the hospital. I like that strategy. He'll never know what hit him.

Amanda: David, J.R.'s been trying so hard to stay sober.

David: That's very touching.

Amanda: I saw you at the wedding.

David: Excuse me?

Amanda: I saw you outside the chapel in Connecticut -- the day Greenlee died?

Erica: Ms. Stillman thinks that our best option to win this thing is to focus on Reese's character.

Zach: You mean, assassinate it.

Kendall: There's plenty to work with, isn't there?

Erica: Of course, there is. All we have to do is tell the truth about Reese. She's an opportunist, she wanted to marry into a rich, famous family, and she used the baby with Bianca to solidify that position.

Bianca: That's not really true.

Kendall: Well, it's true enough to put the judge on our side.

Zach: Guys, come on, you're doing it all wrong. You got to go for broke. Tell the judge that she came into town, because she wanted to have a sexual relationship with me. She claimed to love you, never did -- just threw herself at me any chance she had.

Ms. Stillman: Is this true, Mr. Slater?

Zach: What do you want me to testify?

Bianca: Do we have to be so personal?

Ms. Stillman: If you want to win. And we'll also have to hear from Mrs. Slater.

Erica: Well, I don't see why that's necessary. Until recently, my daughter was in a coma.

Kendall: Yeah, and I woke up to find my husband holding a strange new baby -- his baby.

Erica: Maybe we don't have to go into all of this.

Kendall: No, no, it's absolutely relevant, isn't it? While I was in the coma, my husband became obsessed with this baby and the woman who he met in Europe that convinced him to father the child. Not only did Zach agree to be the sperm donor, but Reese and that baby moved into my house.

Bianca: Hey, hang on. I -- I was completely behind that decision.

Kendall: Even though Reese pretended to be in love with my sister, it became quite clear she really wanted my husband. They spent more and more time together and eventually I realized she was stealing everything I loved.

Erica: This is a private meeting.

Reese: I have something to say.

Erica: Say it in the courtroom.

Reese: I'm not going to fight you. I'll sign whatever you want me to sign. Full custody to Bianca.

Bianca: I'm going to talk to Reese --

Erica: I don't think that's a very good idea --

Bianca: Alone. You can really live with this decision to never see her again?

Reese: I have hope. I hope that one day you might not be so angry. One day you might remember the good we did have, and you could forgive me. And then, if that day comes, there might be another when you pick up the phone and you'll call me and you ask if I want to see our beautiful daughter. Maybe you'll even let me be in her life.

Bianca: I can't even get past today.

Reese: I understand. But I can still hope. Not even Erica Kane can take that from me.

Bianca: So we'll sign the papers tomorrow.

Adam: Um, I couldn't help but overhear --

Reese: Ok, not now, all right?

Adam: What you're doing is very honorable, very self-sacrificing. And I'm sure you feel you're doing the right thing and in a more human environment, you'd be right. But that group is not a group you want to turn your belly up to.

David: You're hoping I was up to my neck in some nefarious deed so you can use it against me?

Amanda: You? Never. You haven't answered my question.

David: Because it doesn't deserve answering. And if you ever try anything like this again, you might just tick me off. And if that happens, J.R. just might find out the truth. What do you think he's going to say once he finds out that this whole baby-makes-three world that you created for him happened because I paid you? A set-up to take away his son?

Amanda: A sick setup.

David: Which you agreed to. Now, get on the ball, Amanda. I'm sick of repeating myself.

Amanda: I'm waiting for the right moment.

David: Waiting is for losers. You create the right moment. You set up a situation that looks like Little A is in danger, and you make it look like J.R. did it. Preferably, he'll be drunk off his ass.

Amanda: Oh, you make it sound so easy.

David: It is. J.R. is a negligent, incompetent imbecile who doesn't deserve to be a father.

Amanda: Aren't you forgetting one little fact? Adam will never let you have custody of Little A, ever.

David: Hmm, well, you don't have to worry about Adam. I have plans for him. Pretty soon he'll be out of the picture altogether.

Ryan: Are you here to hit me again?

Aidan: I'm here for Annie. She'd really like to see Emma before she goes back to Oak Haven.

Ryan: No.

Aidan: Listen, Annie was attacked, all right? Sinclair attacked her. She could've died.

Ryan: Well, Greenlee did die and now Sinclair is fine, and she's under control, so --

Aidan: So, because you're mad at the world, you're going to make Annie pay?

Ryan: Let me ask you something. Why should I care what Annie wants? She ambushed me in Connecticut. Because she did that, because I spent so much time talking her down, trying to get that gun away from my head, Aidan, I couldn't get to Greenlee in time.

Aidan: Listen, I know Greenlee's gone. And there's nothing that you and I can do about it, but Annie's still alive, and she's trying to get better. If she could just see Emma --

Ryan: Yeah, well, Annie can go to hell, and so can you.

Zach: I'm glad Reese is doing the right thing.

Kendall: You think it's right to give up your child so easily? That's not like you.

Zach: Long day.

Kendall: Very.

Zach: What do you want to do?

Kendall: Well, your room is ready.

Zach: My room is ready?

Kendall: Mm-hmm. I've had the downstairs bedroom made up for you.

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