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[Phone rings]

David: It's me. Any news?

Kendall: What are you doing in my house? Don't tell me Zach had the nerve to bring you here.

Reese: I -- I don't know where Zach is, and I have not figured out where to go next.

Kendall: Vive la France!

[Phone rings]

Reese: Hey. Bianca, hey, I'm really glad you called.

Bianca: I need to see you.

Reese: Ok, um, right now?

Bianca: Unless you're too busy.

Reese: No, no, no. Should I meet you at the casino?

Bianca: I'll meet you in the lobby.

Reese: Ok, I'll be right there. Bianca --

Ryan: You did this. I loved her, and you took her from me.

Zach: I'm sorry.

Ryan: You don't get to be sorry, Zach. Greenlee is gone, and it's because of you. And I swear to God -- I swear to God, I will make you pay. I will take everything, everything you have, everything you love.

Zach: I think you need to walk away.

Ryan: Walk away -- you mean like you should have walked away from Reese? Like that?

Zach: You don't want to have this conversation.

Ryan: Let me be clear about something right now. This is not a conversation -- this is a warning. And when I'm through, you'll wish you were the one that was dead in that river.

[Annie groans]

Annie: No.

Dr. Sinclair: Just relax, just relax.

Annie: Please.

Dr. Sinclair: It will all be over soon.

Annie: Please, please don't.

Dr. Sinclair: Take a deep breath.

[Annie cries]

Dr. Sinclair: Because it's going to be your last.

Annie: Ah, get away from me! Somebody help me! Somebody get me out of this room. Please. Please, somebody get me out of here! No!

[Dr. Sinclair screams]

[Both gasping]

Annie: Please, please, somebody get me out of here. Get off me!

Dr. Sinclair: Get away from me. [Screams]

Aidan: Annie, Annie, it's ok. It's ok. Are you all right? Are you all right?

[Annie gasps]

Aidan: Ok, now -- what the hell have you done to her?

Dr. Sinclair: What -- what happened? Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Get it out, get it out, get it out!

Administrator: What the hell is going on?

Aidan: What's in this syringe? Answer me -- what is in this syringe?

Annie: It's poison. Dr. Sinclair tried to kill me.

Administrator: The stuff's lethal.

Dr. Sinclair: Please, you have to help me.

Emma: I miss Mommy and Daddy and Greenlee.

Kendall: Come here, you. Come here. You're going to see your daddy real soon, I promise. In the meantime, how about a hug? Oh, that's a good hug. That's a good hug. That's what I'm talking about. Thank you.

Emma: Are you sad?

Kendall: A little. Emma, you can't give him to me, he's yours.

Emma: Take him.

Kendall: You would really give Sandy to me?

Emma: Until Uncle Zach gets home to make you feel better.

Kendall: Thank you.

Zach: I'd take it easy on the threats if I were you.

Ryan: If you were me? Oh, my God, I would love to see that. I would love to see you brought to your knees right now.

Zach: I know you're angry.

Ryan: Yes, I am angry.

Zach: Go home.

Ryan: To what? What should I go home to, an empty apartment, Zach?

Zach: Go home to your son and your daughter.

Ryan: To my daughter? My daughter, who just lost another mother, thanks to you.

Zach: Greenlee's death was an accident, no one's fault.

Ryan: Oh, ok, so you weren't driving the car that ran her off the road? At least that's what you're telling everybody, right? But honestly, it doesn't really make a difference who was driving the car, Zach. You still killed her.

Zach: That's enough.

Ryan: No, she wouldn't be on the road if it wasn't for you, Zach.

Zach: You're not the only one who lost somebody. Ever occur to you, she was my friend, and she's gone. I wish she were back here. I wish I could do that, but I can't.

Ryan: No, you can't. You're much better at taking things away, aren't you?

Zach: Don't put this on me.

Ryan: No, she would be alive right now if she didn't find out about you and Reese.

Zach: And you should have kept your mouth shut. There is no me and Reese.

Ryan: Oh man, it sure looked like there was to me, Zach. It really did. And the reason I told Greenlee about that is because we didn't keep things from each other. It's a little thing called honesty. You should try that sometime. But at least this way, she doesn't get to see what kind of a selfish bastard you are.

Zach: I'm selfish? You ran to Greenlee and told her you saw something, something you couldn't possibly understand. You couldn't mind your own business. You couldn't listen to me when I told you that there's nothing going on. You had to go and cancel the wedding. See, Greenlee should be on her honeymoon right now. Instead, I've got you standing here with a piece of her wedding dress in your hand, telling me that I'm being selfish.

Ryan: Wait a minute, wait a minute -- are you seriously trying to tell me that this is my fault?

Zach: I'm stating the facts, Ryan, stating the facts. When you're scared, you start running. You did it when you jumped off the cliff. You did it again on your wedding day.

Ryan: What are you even talking about right now?

Zach: I'm stating the facts. You hurt the women you're with. You always have. And now you come here and tell me you're going to bring me to my knees, take everything I care about, everything I love. And you know what? That does concern me, because I've seen you do it before. I've seen you do it to Annie -- the last great love of your life.

EMT: Her pulse is erratic. Breathing is rapid and shallow.

Second EMT: Let's get her out of here. Is she going to be ok?

Aidan: Yeah, we're going to be right behind you.

Annie: She attacked me. I had no choice.

Aidan: I'm very proud of you, Annie, for fighting back and not letting her win.

Annie: But she almost did win. If you hadn't come in, I -- don't leave me, please.

Aidan: I won't, I won't. I'm not going anywhere.

Annie: I'm scared.

Aidan: It's all right. It's going to be ok.

Annie: How do you know that?

Aidan: Because I'll always protect you, no matter what.

Jesse: What I know is, Annie is about to be charged with another attempted murder.

Kendall: Emma is just getting her shoes on. She'll be down in a few minutes.

Opal: Then I'll take her home. Not going to feel much like a home anymore, now, is it?

Kendall: Emma's a strong girl.

Opal: I just -- I can't get it out of my head, that awful scene playing over and over. Greenlee in her wedding dress, tearing through the night on that motorcycle -- sorry, what am I doing, going on about what happened? I don't have to tell you how awful it is.

Kendall: No, you don't.

Opal: You and Greenlee -- like two peas in a pod. I don't know what I would do if I lost my best gal pal. How are you holding up?

Kendall: One day at a time, I guess.

Opal: And Zach -- knowing that he was the one that was driving.

Kendall: You know what? I don't know what's taking Emma so long. I should probably go help her.

Opal: Oh, you know kids and their shoelaces. I'm not in any hurry. Poor Ryan. Isn't it enough that he's got to deal with his own heartbreak, but now he's got to figure out some way to tell that little pumpkin that Greenlee is gone. I mean, how much can a soul take?

Kendall: Ryan will be ok.

Opal: Yes, I think he will. I know he will, because he's got friends like you and Zach -- friends that stick by each other and support each other through everything.

Zach: I get it. It's got to be easier blaming me, I mean, anyone but yourself.

Ryan: You are truly delusional. You drove Greenlee off the road. You and your lies.

Zach: I was behind the wheel, but I've got a feeling that Greenlee was done for the moment she agreed to marry you. That's what happens when you fall for Ryan Lavery.

Ryan: Oh, and everybody's always safe with Zach Slater, is that right? Like the night of the tornado? When you left your wife alone, and she ended up in a coma? Is that what you call protecting your family? I'm just curious.

Zach: My wife is still alive.

Ryan: You son of -- this is perfect. Here's your girlfriend. She couldn't stay away, could she?

Reese: On this night, Zach, I think we should -- how could you do it?

Ryan: Excuse me?

Reese: How could you tell Bianca what you saw?

Ryan: Are you serious right now?

Reese: She left me, Ryan.

Ryan: And that's my fault?

Reese: We were in love. We were happy, and you --

Ryan: You were cheating on her with Zach.

Reese: No, I was not -- it was one kiss.

Ryan: Whatever happened, it was the night before you got married, Reese.

Reese: God, are you self-righteous! What the hell -- from what I have heard, you and Greenlee were rolling around while you were still married to somebody else.

Ryan: Don't compare our situation to yours.

Reese: Oh, I am not comparing it, but you are --

Ryan: What are you trying to tell me? Are you in love with Zach? Is that what you're saying?

Reese: No, no, I'm not, actually. That's the difference. I'm in love with Bianca. Zach was a mistake.

Ryan: A mistake that cost Greenlee her life.

Reese: That is not fair. Greenlee is gone because of --

Bianca: Stop it. Leave her alone.

Jesse: So, that was you, the guy in the hoodie, when I almost had a conversation with the mysterious Mr. Stone, was it?

Aidan: I'm sorry that I didn't tell you what was going on, but I had to be there, Jesse.

Jesse: Why? What was pretending to be insane going to get you, Aidan?

Aidan: Answers, all right? I wanted to see if Annie was crazy. And it didn't take me long to find out that she was.

Jesse: Ok, fine. But then you stayed.

Aidan: Because of the way that Sinclair was treating her. She was obsessed with proving that Annie was faking her insanity.

Jesse: Why?

Aidan: So that she would stand trial for Richie's death, and be put away in prison for life.

Jesse: And so in your nonmedical opinion, Annie wasn't faking it?

Aidan: That's right.

Jesse: And you think this highly-educated top psychiatrist couldn't come to the same conclusion?

Aidan: Oh, she came to the same conclusion, all right. She just chose to ignore it. She wanted Annie to admit that she was of sound mind when she killed Richie. Even if she had to force it out of her.

Jesse: Force it how?

Aidan: By abusing her every chance she got. Sinclair taunted Annie. She put words in her mouth. She even slapped her around the face.

Jesse: You saw this?

Aidan: Annie's cell was right next to mine, so I could hear everything that went on in there through the grate in the wall.

Jesse: You seem a little invested in all of this, Aidan.

Aidan: Jesse, we were both hurt by the same people. I didn't lose it -- Annie did. And I can understand why.

Jesse: Then help me understand this -- how do you know Sinclair is wrong? I mean, criminals fake insanity all the time to avoid prison. I'm sure Sinclair has seen this a lot in tons of patients.

Aidan: Yeah, but Annie is no ordinary patient. Annie was the woman that took Richie Novak away from Sinclair.

Jesse: Wait, you mean Sinclair and Richie Novak --

Aidan: Were lovers. She treated him years back. They had some big romance.

[Jesse sighs]

Aidan: Sinclair was never out to make Annie better. She was just out for payback.

[Jesse chuckles]

Jesse: I don't know, Aidan, this -- Annie has hurt so many people, including you. Now Sinclair is fighting for her life. That doesn't exactly scream "innocent Annie," does it?

Tad: So maybe we have to turn up the volume.

Ryan: Please don't tell me that you're here to forgive her.

Bianca: Ryan, this is between me and Reese.

Ryan: You know what? You're right, it is between you and Reese, and I have a lot bigger things to deal with, like how to tell my daughter that Greenlee is dead.

Reese: I'm really, really glad that you called. We have a lot of things we need to figure out.

Bianca: No, you know what? I think I actually have it all figured out. Reese Williams, this is Donna Stillman.

Donna: Nice to meet you.

Reese: Bianca, what's going on here?

Bianca: Donna is my attorney. She'll be handling the annulment.

Reese: The -- I'm sorry, the what, the what? You can't -- you can't do this.

Donna: Given the circumstances, it should be pretty cut and dried. I'll just need your signature here.

Reese: No, it's not cut and dried. Excuse me. Bianca, it was a kiss. It was one stupid, idiotic kiss. You can not end what we have over that.

Bianca: What we have is a total lie.

Reese: I love you and our daughters. That is not a lie.

Bianca: I don't believe you anymore.

Reese: But our family, our lives together -- come on, please, will you just hear me out?

Donna: From what Bianca has told me, Ms. Williams, you've already spoken at some length.

Reese: No, actually that's not true.

Donna: In my experience, it's best to just sign the papers and then move on with your lives.

Reese: But my life is with you. Bianca, it -- excuse me, would you please just give me a minute?

Bianca: It's ok.

Donna: Are you sure?

Bianca: Yeah.

Reese: I -- I don't know where to even start.

Bianca: Maybe that's because there's nothing left to say.

Zach: Hey. What are you doing home?

Kendall: I know it's been awhile, but I live here, remember?

Zach: You know I remember, but how did you get out of the hospital? Did Jake release you?

Kendall: No, actually, I released myself.

Zach: And you think that's wise?

Kendall: What, do you wish I was still there?

Zach: No, I just want to make sure that your heart is ok.

Kendall: Medically, it's fine. Sit.

Zach: Are we having dinner?

Kendall: Yeah, I ordered out from B.J.'s. I hope that's ok. Zach, I'm not going to poison you. I mean, I can taste your food if you want me to.

Zach: Ok. What is this?

Kendall: This is grilled chicken.

Zach: What is this? What are we doing? The last time you looked at me, you didn't want to know me at all, so --

Kendall: Well, the last time I saw you, I was in shock.

Zach: But now?

Kendall: I'm hungry.

Jesse: So you were trying to dig up dirt on all those missing years when I busted you grilling Dr. Sinclair, is that right, Mr. Pearson?

Tad: You didn't bust me doing anything. I just wish you'd showed up ten minutes earlier. We wouldn't be having this conversation if you had. You should have heard her going on about doctor-patient relationships, how they frequently cross the line. She even used the word "love" at one point. It wasn't just creepy, it was definitely personal. I just didn't know how personal until Ryan told me about Aidan.

Jesse: About how you thought Novak was somehow involved.

Tad: Right, and you wouldn't believe how hard we had to dig to find out that Richie had more than one shrink when he was in hoosegow.

Aidan: So the long and the short of it is she resigned her position as prison psychiatrist because the news got out.

Tad: She didn't want it on her resume, so she did everything she could to make it disappear.

Jesse: And you with your crack reporting skills, you were able to figure it all out, right?

Tad: With a lot of help from Aidan, yes.

Aidan: And that's why Sinclair went crazy and attacked Annie, because she knew that we knew.

Jesse: And you confronted her with this?

Aidan: Well, I told her that if she left town and didn't look back, all would be forgiven. But obviously Sinclair didn't want to leave it like that, and she tried to murder Annie.

Jesse: One hell of a story. You believe all this?

Tad: Every word.

Annie: Where's Aidan? He promised he wouldn't leave me.

Angie: Don't worry. He's right outside.

Annie: Can I see him?

Angie: Yeah, just as soon as I'm done here.

[Angie slips the scissors into her pocket]

Annie: You're scared I'm going to hurt you. You think I'm a lunatic like everybody else.

Angie: No, I just think that I want to get this wound taken care of, that's all.

Ryan's voice: Beautiful flowers for my beautiful bride-to-be, see? Yellow roses.

[Ryan yells]

Kendall: Sorry about the potatoes. I -- I told her to make sure that they were extra fluffy.

Zach: The potatoes are fine.

Kendall: Ok, but I know you don't really like broccoli and so I guess they ran out of string beans.

Zach: The food is fine.

Kendall: But we're not?

Zach: You tell me.

Kendall: I really don't want to talk about it right now.

Zach: Well then, when? When do you want to talk about it?

Kendall: I'm trying, Zach, I really am. I mean, I put together this nice dinner for us, and we're having a nice, quiet evening at home alone, just like normal people.

Zach: This is normal to you? Us sitting here not talking, that's -- that's normal?

Kendall: What do you want me to say?

Zach: I don't know. Say something. Let's just talk. We'll talk about the kids, we'll talk -- talk about Greenlee if you want. You didn't lose me, not for one second. It's always only us. Ok. So how long you going to do that? How long are you going to punish me -- a week, a month, a year? Just let me know a timeframe, so I can get ready for that. We gotta deal with this. Where are you going?

Kendall: I'm going to see Ryan.

Zach: Why?

Kendall: He needs me.

Reese: If I could take it back --

Bianca: You would. I do not doubt that.

Reese: But you doubt me. Bianca, baby, it was one --

Bianca: One kiss, yes, yes. I know. I don't need to be reminded about it every five seconds.

Reese: Ok, well, you tell me what it is you do need, and I will give it to you. What, do -- do you need space? You've got it. You need therapy, it is done. Just please don't tell me that we are finished. I mean, do you even -- you have a plan?

Bianca: Yes, I'm going to take the girls, and I'm going to go to Paris.

Reese: Ok, perfect, that sounds great, because that's exactly what I want. Let's -- let's pack them up, let's go away, let's -- let's go back to Paris, to the house that I built, and we can live together, we can relax --

Bianca: So we just pretend that none of this ever happened?

Reese: No, I'm not asking to you to pretend, ok? What I'm asking your to do is just please try and forgive. Sweetheart, please, come on. Let's just go back to the place where we were truly happy.

Bianca: It doesn't work that way.

Reese: Why not? Who says? Come on, you, me, and Miranda and Gabrielle, we can go back to Paris. We can go thousands of miles away from here, thousands of miles away from Zach.

Bianca: You say that like it's a good thing. Zach was one of my closest friends. He was like a brother to me, and now he's just gone.

Reese: I'm sorry about it.

Bianca: But do you get it? You keep saying it was just a kiss. Just a kiss? It took everything. You took everything, and I'm not just talking about Zach. You took my hope, my love, my trust.

Reese: But I do love you. You know that. I know you may not believe me right now, Bianca, but you can trust me.

Bianca: No, I can't. What kind of marriage is that?

Reese: Don't do this.

Bianca: You didn't give me a choice. It's over, Reese.

Jesse: Hey, how's Dr. Sinclair doing?

David: Well, I just got her conscious again. She's going to have to stay here for the next eight hours, make sure all the toxins are out of her system.

Jesse: So she's going to make it.

David: Don't sound so thrilled.

Jesse: Does she know?

David: I was just about to share the good news.

Jesse: Do you think maybe you can hold off on that for a few minutes?

David: So in other words, you need me to do a favor for you, right, Chief? Let us not forget this glorious moment.

Jesse: Oh, there's a few moments I won't forget.

David: After you.

Jesse: Thank you. Dr. Sinclair? I need you to level with me right now.

Dr. Sinclair: There's no point in lying. What do you want to know?

Jesse: Do you think Annie Lavery is mentally ill, or do you think she's faking it?

Dr. Sinclair: Annie is not faking. She is insane.

Jesse: Why are you so bent on bringing her down for her brother's murder?

Dr. Sinclair: I loved Richie. Because of her, he's gone.

Jesse: Did you try to kill Annie today?

Dr. Sinclair: Yes, I did. And if I had the chance, I'd do it all over again.

Jesse: Ok, ok.

David: You should go now.

Dr. Sinclair: Wait, wait, wait. Am I going to be with Richie now?

Angie: Annie's going to be just fine.

Aidan: Can I go see her?

Angie: Mm-hmm, she's been asking for you.

Tad: What are you doing? Weren't you supposed to go talk to Sinclair?

Jesse: Your story checks out.

Aidan: Did she admit to everything? Richie, trying to kill Annie?

Jesse: All of it.

Aidan: Big of you to finally believe our story. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go see her.

Jesse: You're welcome, Mr. Stone. Anybody else getting the more than just friends vibe from these two?

Tad: The only vibe I'm getting is from you. You were gone for five minutes. How on earth did you get her to spill her guts in that time?

Jesse: I used a nunya.

Tad: What's a nunya?

Jesse: Nunya business, Einstein.

Tad: Oh, I see. Like that, is it, huh? Well, if you don't spill any trade secrets from the guild of detective idiots, just say so. You don't have to get all mysterious about it.

Jesse: Shut up.

Angie: Oh, my God, you two -- a marriage made in heaven?

Reese: I'm not signing anything. I'm not signing these. We have a family, Bianca, or have you forgotten that?

Bianca: Oh, no, I remember it all the time.

Reese: Ok, so, um, where in here does it say anything about Gabrielle and Miranda? You think I'm just going to, what, take you to the airport, wave you guys goodbye?

Bianca: They're my daughters.

Reese: Yes, they are. And they're mine, too. Look, I may not have a legal right to Miranda, but with Gabrielle we have equal parenting rights. You signed those papers, too.

Bianca: She's mine. It was my egg. I carried her.

Reese: What, it could have just easily have been mine.

Bianca: Yeah, well, it wasn't.

Reese: Because we decided to use your egg together.

Bianca: Yes, so that Miranda --

Reese: Miranda, who I feel like is mine. Oh, I get it, I see. So everything that you told me about me being just as much their mother, what was that? It was all words?

Bianca: Things are different now.

Reese: No, they're not different between me and my girls. That has not changed. I won't let you disappear with them.

Bianca: It's not your call.

Reese: Oh, like hell it's not.

Bianca: You know what? This is ridiculous. Would you just tell her that she has no idea what she's talking about?

Lawyer: Actually she does.

Opal: Yoo-hoo, anybody home?

Emma: Daddy!

Ryan: Hi, hi, hi, sweetheart. Oh, oh, I missed you so much.

Emma: I missed you, too.

Ryan: Yeah? Hey, did you have fun with Spike and Ian?

Emma: But I wanted to come home.

Opal: You sure did. Most excited little chatterbox I ever saw. Couldn't wait to see her daddy.

Emma: And Greenlee. Where is she?

Zach: So Ryan needs you, huh? Well, you know what? I need you right now.

Kendall: You didn't just lose the love of your life. You don't have to tell your six-year-old daughter that her mother is never coming home. I mean, as if Emma hasn't had enough to deal with lately. I need to go.

Zach: How long?

Kendall: As long as it takes.

Zach: Ok.

David: You got something for me? That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Keep me informed. Good evening, folks.

Angie: Was that -- was he just cheerful?

Jesse: I hope not. A cheerful Hayward is a dangerous Hayward.

Tad: Is there any other kind?

Bianca: What -- what are you doing?

Reese: If you're dead-set on the annulment, it's fine. But it is not going down like this.

Bianca: Like what?

Reese: Like... I'm sorry, ok? I made a mistake, and I will admit it, but this is absolutely --

Bianca: This is what's fair.

Reese: No, it's not fair. You think you can shove this in my face, and I'm just going to roll over? I love you, Bianca. I love you and that has not changed. But if you want to take that away from me, if you want to take it away from us, that is fine. But you cannot take my daughter away from me, too.

Bianca: So what are you saying?

Reese: I'm saying, you want a fight? You got one. Excuse me.

Ryan: Hey. What are you doing here?

Kendall: Um, I knew Emma was coming home tonight, so I thought maybe you could use the support. And I thought Emma could probably use this.

Ryan: Thanks.

Kendall: Have you told her?

Ryan: I don't know how.

Kendall: That's ok. We'll figure it out together.

Aidan: It's over, Annie. Sinclair confessed. She's going to go to prison for a very long time.

Annie: And what about me? Where do I go?

Aidan: You go back to Oak Haven, but not to maximum security. To that wing you were in before. And you're going to get the help that you need.

Annie: Are you coming with me?

Aidan: I can't. But I will visit you.

Annie: I never would have gotten through any of this without you. I owe you everything.

Aidan: You don't owe me anything, ok? Just -- just get better.

Annie: I will. For you, but most importantly, for Emma.

Ryan: Emma, there's something that we need to talk about, and it might make you very sad.

Kendall: But it's ok to feel sad or angry or hurt, because that's how we get through these kinds of things.

Ryan: Greenlee is gone.

Kendall: She went to heaven.

Emma: Like Mittens?

Ryan: Yeah, just like your cat. And while Mittens gets to play with angels, Greenlee gets to be one.

Kendall: That's right. A beautiful, perfect, smiling angel who will always protect you.

Emma: Greenlee's gone?

Kendall: Emma, is Sandy sad? Sandy's sad, huh?

Emma: I am, too.

Kendall: Yeah.

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