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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 2/3/09


Episode #10052

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Jesse: Kathy ran away because she was upset, Tad. Kids do this all the time, and they come home safe.

Angie: Of course, they do.

Tad: Ok, so where would she go?

Jesse: We'll find her.

[Phone rings]

Krystal: Hello?

David: Krystal, I need you to come see me right away.

Krystal: I can't. Kathy is still missing, and we can't find her anywhere.

David: That's about to change.

Krystal: What do you mean? You know where she is?

David: Don't ask any questions. Just get in your car and drive down to the docks, alone.

Jesse: Did Krystal just leave?

Angie: What the hell is going on with her?

Tad: David Hayward, that's what.


Annie: Mr. Stone? Are you there?

Aidan: Yeah, I'm here.

Annie: Are you all right? What did Dr. Sinclair do to you?

Aidan: She injected me with truth serum, and then asked me all kinds of questions.

Annie: Oh, my God, about what?

Aidan: About who I am and what I'm really doing here.

Annie: Well, I started to hear that but then everything went quiet. Why?

Aidan: She asked me about you and our friendship.

Annie: And what did you say?

Aidan: That I'm not on your side. I'm actually working against you.

Annie: What? You're against me, too?

Aidan: No, no, no, I'm not.

Annie: Then why did you say that?

Aidan: Because it will help us out in the long run. Annie?

Annie: Yes.

Aidan: Have I ever given you any reason to doubt me?

Annie: No.

Aidan: Well, then don't stop trusting me now.

Ryan: Ok, what do you think? We could relax on the beach, get a little bit of sun, or we could do some hard-core sightseeing. I guess if we chose the right location, we could always do a little bit of both. Earth to Smythe, soon to be Lavery.

Greenlee: Huh?

Ryan: I'm talking about our honeymoon here. Honeymoon. String bikini, I'll wear a thong, or we could do some sightseeing. Of course, we could do some sightseeing with you in your string bikini. That would make me very happy.

Greenlee: I can't think about the honeymoon right now.

Ryan: Because?

Greenlee: Because I'm waiting for my ring to go up in flames, another sign the universe is fairly pissed off, you know?

Ryan: It's not! Please, enough, the signs and the universe and all that. If you don't want to marry me, Greenlee, just say it.

Jesse: She's a 6-year-old kid. How far could she have gotten? Find her.

Angie: Nothing?

Jesse: No, not yet, but they know this is a top priority. She's going to show up eventually.

Tad: Yeah, when? Another five years? You're going to have to put me in Oak Haven, because I can't go through this again.

Jesse: Tad, this is not going to be like the last time.

Tad: You don't know that. You don't know that. She's out there, man. She's out there with God knows who, and it's my fault.

Angie: Tad, that is not true.

Tad: Honey, yes, it is. You don't understand. When she heard me fighting with Krystal, she heard me say that Jenny was basically the only thing that mattered. I feel like such a damn idiot.

Jesse: Oh, come on, man. Beating yourself up like this is not going to help anything.

Tad: All that kid's ever felt is abandoned, her entire life. What if she thinks I don't love her anymore?

Angie: Sweetheart, she knows that you love her.

Jesse: And when she gets home, you can tell her how much you love her, ok?

Amanda: Who are you calling?

J.R: Tad. I want him to know that Kathy's all right.

Amanda: Aw, just give her a few more minutes, ok? Poor thing was so upset.

J.R.: Yeah, but he must be going crazy.

Amanda: I promised her, and besides, you do kind of owe her. If it wasn't for your little sister, I wouldn't be keeping this baby.

J.R.: So you're really doing this.

Amanda: It's looking that way.

J.R.: And I'm glad, because you're going to be a great mom.

Amanda: And you would know that how?

J.R.: Well, Little A loves you, and you obviously found a fan in Kathy.

Amanda: So, I'm decent with other people's kids but this is different. I -- I don't play with this one and then give it back. He or she is mine forever.

J.R.: Babe was scared, too, to do what was right for Little A.

Amanda: Oh, come on. Babe was, like, born to be a mom.

J.R.: Yeah, but she didn't know that until she finally had one.

Amanda: What about you? Were you freaked about becoming a dad?

J.R.: Are you kidding me? I had so many questions. I mean, am I going to be able to give him enough love? Can I give him the right life? I still ask those questions.

Amanda: Stop, you're a good father.

J.R.: You weren't thinking that a few days ago.

Amanda: Well, you're not perfect. You have given Little A a really great life.

J.R.: And I'll give this one a great life, too. If you'll let me.

Krystal: What is with all the secrecy? You know where Kathy is? And don't you tell me that you had something to do with her disappearance. I will never forgive you.

David: Relax, relax, take a deep breath. Kathy is asleep on Amanda Dillon's yacht.

Krystal: What? She's right here?

David: Yeah. I was stopping by Amanda's to see if J.R. was there. I wanted to talk to him about Little A. I looked in, saw Amanda, J.R., and Kathy inside. She's fine.

Krystal: Oh, thank God.

David: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Where are you going?

Krystal: I am going to go get her and bring her back home.

David: No, no, not yet. How are you going to explain finding her?

Krystal: I don't care.

David: Well, Tad will. He's already accused me of kidnapping his daughter. If he finds out that you just happened upon her, he's going to know that I had something to do with it.

Krystal: But you didn't. You didn't have anything to do with her disappearing.

David: We know it. Try to explain that to your ex-husband. I mean, come on, Krystal, you know how this is going to play out. Tad is going to go off half-cocked. He's going to insist that you and I were in this together. He'll make sure that you'll never see Jenny again.

Krystal: What do I do?

David: Call J.R. Tell him Kathy's missing. He'll lead you right to her. You'll bring her home and -- [Snaps fingers]

David: Boom, instant hero.

[David chuckles]

Amanda: I just made this decision, like, two seconds ago, and I've been changing my mind a lot lately. So, I -- I don't have all the details worked out.

J.R.: What's there to work out? You either do it, or you don't.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: Krystal.

Krystal: J.R., thank God you picked up. Listen, Kathy is missing.

J.R.: No, no, she's not. She's with me.

Krystal: What? She's with you?

J.R.: And Amanda, yeah. Kathy ran away from home. I guess she found her way down to the docks.

Krystal: And she's all right?

J.R.: Yeah, she's fine. I was just about to call Tad to have him come pick her up.

Krystal: No, no, don't -- don't bother. I can get there quicker, ok? I'll -- I'll see you soon. So, how long do I give him?

David: At least give it a few minutes. Otherwise, he'll think you sprouted wings. Not that you aren't an angel.

Greenlee: Of course, I want to marry you. I can't wait to marry you.

Ryan: But?

Greenlee: But I just want to get it over with.

Ryan: Because that's really romantic.

Greenlee: I can't deal, Ryan.

Ryan: With what?

Greenlee: This never-ending crisis called our life.

Ryan: Do you think maybe you're exaggerating, like, just a little bit?

Greenlee: You said you even felt it, too. That constant sense that the other shoe's about to drop, except they're not cute, little Manolo Blahniks. They're, like, big, heavy, clunky hiking boots.

Ryan: Hiking boots? Pelting at us from the sky, I suppose.

Greenlee: You think I'm crazy.

Ryan: I think -- I think that I love you, that's what I think.

Greenlee: Why? Why? I have whacked-out dreams all the time now. I won't let you ride my awesome motorcycle. Ryan, I almost burned your daughter's hands off.

Ryan: Which was an accident. Emma is completely fine, ok?

Greenlee: Ok, well, then what about the rest? My nightmare of a bridal shower, Dr. Psycho Sinclair, Opal and her tea leaves-of-doom --

Ryan: We've had a rough time. I'll give you that.

Greenlee: It never ends.

Ryan: It ends now. We're getting married, ok? So stop searching for danger around every corner, and let's just -- let's just enjoy it.

Aidan: Everything's under control, Annie. We just have to stick to the plan. Can you do that?

Annie: Yeah.

Aidan: Ok. Tell me how.

Annie: I can never admit to killing Richie.

Aidan: That's right, and no matter how hard Sinclair pushes, you can't give her what she needs to put you in prison for the rest of your life.

Annie: Why does the doctor care so much about Richie?

Aidan: I don't know. But I will find out.


Annie: Mr. Stone? What's going on?

[Door opens]

Dr. Sinclair: We need to talk. No more vent-side chats with your buddy?

Aidan: Only when it serves a purpose.

Dr. Sinclair: And what is that purpose, Aidan?

Aidan: I told you. I want Annie locked up, same as you.

Dr. Sinclair: Why? What did she do to you?

Aidan: Unfortunately for her, nothing. Annie, she's more a means to an end, a way to get back at Ryan.

Dr. Sinclair: So this is about Greenlee?

Aidan: Ryan stole my wife. I can't exactly kill him now, can I? So I'll settle for his sanity instead.

Dr. Sinclair: Ryan claims to want nothing more to do with Annie. So I don't see how sending her to prison will accomplish anything.

Aidan: I don't care what Ryan says. He still cares about Annie. They share a daughter together who, if everything goes according to plan, will never see her mother again, outside prison gates, at least.

Dr. Sinclair: So if Annie suffers, Emma suffers.

Aidan: And that will eat away at Ryan till the day that he dies. I told you mine. Now you tell me yours.

Dr. Sinclair: My what?

Aidan: Your reason for wanting Annie out of the picture.

Dr. Sinclair: It's my job to make sure that Annie pays for her crimes.

Aidan: See, I thought your job was to improve Annie's mental health.

Dr. Sinclair: Not if her mental health is just fine. Annie is faking insanity to avoid standing trial.

Aidan: Yeah, but come on. Criminals do this all the time. From what I can see, Dr. Sinclair, you live and breathe this case.

Dr. Sinclair: Like I told you, it's my job.

Aidan: See, I think it's more than that. I think Annie hurt you, and I want to know how.

Ryan: What about Kendall?

Greenlee: What about her?

Ryan: She's awake. She's awake, and your best friend is able to come to the wedding. That's as opposite as a bad sign as you can get. What?

Greenlee: I told you at the hospital -- there's something about her, Ryan, something seemed different.

Ryan: Being asleep for three months can do that to a person.

Greenlee: No, no, no, it was more than that. It was in her eyes.

Ryan: I'm not going to win here, am I?

Greenlee: Well, you're getting married to me, so get used to it. Here, hold this.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Ok.

Greenlee: Hello?

Opal: Hello, Greenlee? It's Opal.

Greenlee: Hi, Opal. What's up?

Opal: Um -- listen, can you scurry your little fanny over here pronto? I got something to show you.

Greenlee: Hold on a sec. She says she has something to show me.

Ryan: Ok, ok, tell her, "No way, we're not interested."

Greenlee: We'll be right over.

Krystal: Hey there, sugarplum. Oh. I am so glad you're ok.

Kathy: I'm sorry I ran away.

Krystal: Oh, I am so sorry that you heard us arguing. That is what happened, isn't it? I am so sorry we got angry.

Kathy: Is Daddy mad at me?

Krystal: Oh, no, no, honey, he could never be mad at you. He loves you too much. So do I.

Kathy: But you left us.

Krystal: Look, that doesn't mean that I'm not going to be a part of your life, ok? I -- I am going to see you all the time. Does that sound good? Thank you so much for taking care of her.

Amanda: Any time.

Krystal: You ready to go home?

J.R.: Have you called Tad to let him know?

Krystal: Uh -- I -- I was just going to do that.

Jesse: All right, keep me posted. No, I'm still -- still at the Martins'. All right.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Yeah, Krystal?

Krystal: Yes, it's me. I've got her, Tad.

Tad: Ok. How is she? Is she all right? Is she ok?

Krystal: She's perfect. I'm bringing her home right now.

Tad: Ok. Krystal found her.

Angie: Oh, thank God. Did she say how?

Tad: No, we didn't get into it.

Jesse: So do you think that means --

Angie: How else would she have gotten to Kathy so quickly?

[Tad chuckles]

Tad: No. No, no, no, no, no, now, wait a minute, no. If Hayward did have something to do with kidnapping my daughter, after everything --

Jesse: He will go to jail for the rest of his life.

Tad: No, that's good enough. He's cost me enough.

Amanda: Do you think I'm making a huge mistake?

J.R.: No, how can you say that?

Amanda: Because look at me, J.R., I live on a boat, not exactly the safest place to raise a kid.

J.R.: So you'll move. It's no big deal.

Amanda: It's a huge deal. This whole situation is a huge deal. I just wish that there was somebody that could tell me I'm doing the right thing.

J.R.: You're doing the right thing.

Amanda: I was thinking more along the lines of God, but thanks.

J.R.: Trust me, when this baby comes out --

Amanda: Oh, God, kill me now, "comes out"?

J.R.: When it gets here --

Amanda: Better.

J.R.: You're going to take one look in those eyes, and you're going to know that you did the right thing.

[Amanda sighs]

Amanda: I can't believe this is really happening. I mean, what do I do now? Buy a minivan, learn to bake? Ugh, stock up on mom jeans.

J.R.: No, you got to relax, for both your sakes.

Amanda: I can make this work, right?

J.R.: Absolutely.

Amanda: So, I'm going to be a parent. How hard can it really be?

Tad: Oh, man, is it really you? Oh. Are you ok? Let me look at you, all right? Oh, thank God.

Kathy: I'm sorry, Daddy.

Tad: It's ok, baby. It's all right. I'm just glad you're all right. Now, listen, do me a favor, why don't you go in the living room for just a second with your Aunt Angie, ok?

Angie: Yes.

Tad: Where was she?

Krystal: Where. Don't you mean "Thank you"?

Tad: "Thank you"? What, for dragging her into Hayward's warped, little world? No, I don't mean thank you at all.

Krystal: God, you go to be kidding me. You both talked to him. You know David Hayward has nothing to do with this.

Tad: Well, right now, I find that hard to believe.

Krystal: Really? Ok, why don't you ask your daughter, then, huh? Go ahead. Go ahead, ask her what happened.

Angie: Hey, sweet girl, why don't you tell us what happened to you.

Kathy: Daddy and Krystal were yelling, so I got scared. So I ran away.

Jesse: Where did you go, sweetie?

Kathy: To see the boats. And that's when Amanda found me and gave me cookies.

Krystal: You satisfied?

Tad: Not even close.

Krystal: Oh, my God, I cannot believe this. You cannot blame everything under the sun on David Hayward.

Tad: Well, maybe not, but he owns this.

Krystal: How?

Tad: What do you mean, "How"? How can you ask me that? None of it would have happened, I mean none of it, if you hadn't hooked up with that lowlife in the first place.

Dr. Sinclair: I never met Annie Lavery until she stepped foot in this hospital.

Aidan: Meaning?

Dr. Sinclair: Meaning, I think you're looking for espionage where there is none. Annie Lavery never hurt me. That woman is merely a patient.

Aidan: If you say so.

Dr. Sinclair: If I say so. You know, I don't owe you any explanations.

Aidan: Fair enough.

Dr. Sinclair: You, on the other hand, do.

Aidan: You want to ask me any more questions, go ahead.

Dr. Sinclair: Ok. Do Ryan and Greenlee know you're here?

Aidan: Of course not. They think I'm on a job in D.C.

Dr. Sinclair: And are you really a spy?

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: Currently, I'm a private investigator, but I used to be Special Ops.

[Dr. Sinclair chuckles]

Dr. Sinclair: Ok, that explains a lot.

Aidan: Listen, Doctor, come on, why are you really here? Why did you come see me?

Dr. Sinclair: To see if you really meant what you said about putting Annie away.

Aidan: You think I'm lying.

Dr. Sinclair: I don't know what to think, but I could be convinced.

Aidan: How?

Dr. Sinclair: Get Annie to admit she's faking, that she really isn't sick, that she's a violent, ruthless murderer who killed her brother in cold blood.

[Greenlee laughs]

Pete: Hey, what are you guys doing here?

Greenlee: I guess you could say we were summoned.

Pete: So, you're the reason my mom's running around like a chicken with her head cut off.

Opal: Petey, could you stop interrogating these lovebirds and show them in?

Greenlee: Lovebirds?

Ryan: Yeah, what happened to the world's going to stop spinning on its axis if we get married?

Opal: Well, uh -- hogwash.

Greenlee: Since when?

Opal: Have a look for yourself.

Greenlee: Are these for --

Opal: Yes, for you, you betcha.

Greenlee: Why?

Opal: Well, after that nasty tea leaf incident, I just couldn't get you out of my head, so I figured I'd consult with the cards one more time and see what they had to say.

Greenlee: But don't you need me here for a reading, to cut the deck, and all that other stuff?

Opal: Not if I've read your cards before.

Ryan: So wait a minute, what are you saying? Like, the cards actually, somehow, remember Greenlee or something?

Opal: Well, in a way, yes. Never underestimate the power of the tarot.

Greenlee: So, what do they say?

Opal: In a nutshell, they say that the world is your oyster, sweetie pie, shucked and fried, just for you and Ryan.

Greenlee: Seriously.

Opal: Seriously, it's blue skies and smooth sailing from here on out.

Ryan: That is a serious 180.

Opal: Tell me about it.

Greenlee: But why would the reading suddenly change like that?

Opal: Well, usually, that's got to do with some kind of a major cosmic shift. Has anything big happened lately?

Greenlee: Big? To me?

Opal: To you or anybody that touches your life?

Greenlee: Oh, my God, yes. Kendall, she came out of her coma.

Opal: Bingo, that's it.

Greenlee: But why would that have any effect on the cards?

Opal: When Kendall opened her eyes, she unleashed a whole new energy.

Greenlee: So everything's going to be good.

Opal: Hmm, better than good. Your wedding is going to be the greatest day of your life, and you got your best friend to thank for it.

Reese: Okay great, we should probably call Greenlee as well.

Erica: Why would we want to call Greenlee? I mean isn't it enough that Greenlee is hoarding all the attention on your wedding day? Does she always have to be front and center?

Greenlee: No, Erica, that's your job.

Reese: Everyone deserves to celebrate.

Erica: Yes, but I'm sure Greenlee's friends will throw her a bridal shower.

Greenlee: I thought you were a friend, Erica. Don't bother giving me a gift, you've done enough.

Erica: What about that set of knives you've been wanting for so long?

Greenlee: I do have the perfect place to put them. Don't tempt me.

Tad: If Hayward didn't have anything to do with this, then why did you go tearing out of here like a bat of a hell?

Krystal: I was sick of sitting around here doing nothing, Tad, so I went to look for her myself.

Tad: Just like that? You didn't get some kind of tip, some kind of anonymous phone call?

Krystal: When are you going to let it go?

Tad: You're going to have to be a little more specific.

Krystal: Your hatred for David. It rules your life.

Tad: Just like that.

Krystal: Yes.

Tad: You expect me to walk away, let bygones be bygones.

Krystal: Why not?

Tad: Because. This isn't a schoolyard and we're not a couple of kids duking it out in a sandlot, ok? He didn't steal my lunch, he stole my wife.

Krystal: Ah, yeah, I was -- I was wondering when Dixie was going to come up.

Tad: I was talking about you. Don't bring Dixie into this.

Krystal: She's always in this, Tad, and that's why you won't forgive David -- not because he has me, but because he had her.

Tad: That's enough.

Krystal: No. I -- I might have been a decent substitute, but I can never live up to the real thing. Isn't that right, Tad?

Tad: I said, that's enough!

Krystal: You have Dixie on a pedestal so high, nobody can touch her. How am I supposed to compete with that, Tad?

Tad: You're not supposed to compete!

Kathy: Stop! No more fighting! I hate it when they yell.

Angie: I know. I know, sweetie. It's ok.

Tad: Forgive me, ok? I'm sorry.

Krystal: I'm -- I'm sorry, too, honey. I -- I really didn't mean to get so upset.

Tad: I guess we were -- we were both so worried about you, all that -- all that nervous energy's got to go somewhere.

Jesse: Tell you what. Why don't you all put that all on hold for tonight, huh?

Tad: Well, I can go one better than that. I'm sorry.

Krystal: Me, too.

Tad: I mean it. You found her, and you brought her home. So let me just say what I should have said the minute you walked through that door. Thank you.

Greenlee: "Blue skies, clear sailing." Her words.

Pete: Wow, that's really cool.

Greenlee: Why are you looking at me like that?

Pete: I just didn't take you for the hocus-pocus type, that's all.

Greenlee: I'm not.

Pete: Ok. It's just you seem really into it, and it's very inconsistent. I mean, first it's doomsday, and then the sun's shining.

Greenlee: Pete.

Pete: Yeah?

Greenlee: Shut up.

Pete: You got it.

Opal: So, was I convincing enough for you?

Ryan: You were incredible, Opal. Thank you so much for doing this. Thank you.

Opal: Well, I hate lying to her, especially around the cards.

Ryan: I know. I know you do. I know, but it was worth it, wasn't it? I mean, to see her face? No more anxiety, no more fear.

Opal: It's all a lie, Ryan.

Ryan: Opal, I know -- I know you believe that --

Opal: Because it's true. The cards still say the same thing, that disaster awaits these nuptials.

Greenlee: Thank you so much. You have no idea how much better I feel.

Opal: Glad to be of service.

Greenlee: We got to get home. We have a wedding to plan.

Ryan: Yes, we do. Let's do it. Thanks again, ok? We'll see you soon.

Greenlee: On the big day, after all your help, I'm going to put you front and center so you don't miss a thing.

[Opal chuckles]

[Door closes]

Opal: Oh, goody.

[Door opens]

Annie: What are you doing here?

Aidan: I wanted to see you. I got tired of just hearing your voice.

Annie: But -- but how did you get in?

Aidan: I bribed an orderly. He gave me a pass key. Listen, Annie, we don't have long. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that I'm on your side.

Annie: Ok.

Aidan: I haven't told Dr. Sinclair.

Annie: You haven't told her what?

Aidan: Exactly how and why you killed your brother. I'm right, aren't I? You killed Richie because you had to get rid of him, and you didn't even give it a second thought.

[Mouths words]

Annie: What? Why are you saying these things?

Aidan: Because I'm your friend, and you can trust me, even with your deepest, darkest secrets. It's ok, Annie. You can tell me what happened that night.

[Mouth words]

Annie: What night?

Aidan: The night that your brother died. I mean, you remember, right? Out on that deserted road?

Annie: I don't want to talk about this. I don't want to talk about him.

Aidan: Of course, you don't, because Richie was evil, and he tortured you your whole, entire life, didn't he? That's why you wanted him gone.

Annie: Stop this.

Aidan: Not until you tell me, damn it. Admit that you killed your brother without even blinking an eye. When you saw that tire iron, you saw your chance. How did it feel, Annie, when that metal crushed into Richie's skull?

Annie: No, stop. Stop this. I don't understand. Why are you doing this to me?

Greenlee: I can't believe that just happened.

Ryan: I guess we are not cursed after all.

Greenlee: Cursed? We're freakin' blessed.

Greenlee: Our wedding is going to be so perfect, Ryan. For the first time in a long time I feel like everything's going to be ok.

Ryan: Ok? Just ok?

Greenlee: Incredible. We should have asked Opal about our future sex life.

Ryan: Well, I already consulted my magic eight ball for that.

Greenlee: You did?

Ryan: Yeah.

Greenlee: What did it say?

Ryan: It said, things were looking really good.

[Greenlee shrieks, laughs]

[Ryan laughs]

Tad: So you're feeling better? Good.

Krystal: How about sleepy? You feeling that, too? Why don't you run up and get ready for bed, ok?

Kathy: Can Krystal spend the night?

Tad: I don't think that would be a very good idea, sweetheart.

Krystal: No, but you know what? Listen -- why don't I come back real soon, and I'll take you ice-skating. How's that sound?

Kathy: Yes, I would love that.

Krystal: Ok. You might have to ask your daddy first, though.

Kathy: Can I go, Daddy? Please?

Tad: Like I'm going to say no to that face. Tell you what -- we'll talk about it later. For now, I want you to go upstairs, brush your teeth, get ready for bed. I'll be up to tuck you in, all right? But I want you to say good night to Krystal first.

Kathy: Good night, Krystal.

Krystal: Good night, pumpkin. Sweet dreams.

Kathy: Ok.

Krystal: Ok.

Tad: All right, I'll be right up.

Krystal: Tad? Thank you.

Tad: Krystal, she loves you so much, I'm not about to take that away from her.

Krystal: I kind of wanted to talk to you about seeing more of Jenny, too. I mean, you know, increasing my visitation hours.

Tad: Maybe we should scrap the whole visitation thing altogether. I just, you know -- I want to ask you one question. Are you off those pills?

Krystal: Yes. Yes, Tad. I have not had them since that hearing. I promise you, I have cleaned up my act.

Tad: Well, then you and I should start talking about joint custody.

Krystal: Really?

Tad: Yeah. Jenny needs both her parents.

J.R.: Look, this baby's going to need a dad. And I realize that I'm not the ideal choice, but I'm working on getting my life back on track. I haven't drank in eight days. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but --

Amanda: Yes, it does. I'm proud of you.

J.R.: Thanks. Please, Amanda, let me be a part of it. Let me be a part of this baby's life.

Amanda: I don't -- I don't know.

J.R.: I do. I've done this before, remember? I'll teach you the ropes. Yeah? Bottles, diapers, how to use the rectal thermometer.

Amanda: Oh, my God.

[J.R. laughs]

J.R.: Look, you know, I've done it all. But listen -- not to mention, you know, kids are crazy expensive.

Amanda: I'm not after your money, J.R.

J.R.: Well, they're -- they're going to need it. I mean, clothes, schools, you know, medical bills. All that stuff adds up.

Amanda: Look, I really appreciate the offer, really, but I will figure it out.

J.R.: I'm just saying we could figure it out together. Little Adam adores you. And he'd be so psyched to become a big brother.

Amanda: Just like that? You make it sound so simple.

J.R.: It is.

Amanda: Are you forgetting one major detail? If you sign on as this baby's dad, then everyone's going to know it's a Chandler, including Adam. What?

J.R.: That's why I came here. He actually already knows.


Amanda: You're serious? Adam already knows I'm pregnant?

J.R.: Yeah.

Amanda: With your baby? Well, how?

J.R.: That part's kind of complicated. He overheard Colby and me talking, and I guess he put two and two together.

Amanda: Oh, this is a total nightmare.

J.R.: Amanda, it's going to be fine.

Amanda: "Fine." Fine? Your father is obsessed with family carrying on the Chandler name. He will be breathing down this baby's neck.

J.R.: No, he won't. I won't let him.

Amanda: Like you've really been able to stop him before. Oh, God. I don't know what's worse -- fighting off Adam or running from David.

J.R.: David? Why would you be running from him?

Amanda: He thinks that he might be the father.

J.R.: But that's not possible. That's not what you told me.

Amanda: I -- I know, I -- that's what I told him, too. You're the father. The baby's yours, but he doesn't believe me. I'm scared, J.R. What if David comes after us?

J.R.: You can't stay here. Pack your things. You're moving in with me.

Tad: You know, we should talk real soon -- set up an appointment with that social worker.

Krystal: Tad, I -- I don't even know what to say.

Tad: Well, "Good night, Tad" works for me.

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: Good night, Tad.

Kathy: I'm ready for my story, Daddy.

Tad: Hmm. I'm coming.

David: Hey, how'd it go?

Krystal: What -- what are you doing here?

David: I was looking for you. So?

Krystal: Well, it went exactly like you said. I mean, Tad's even talking about joint custody.

David: Well, you see that? I told you it would all work out.

Krystal: I just don't know how to thank you. I --

David: You can start by saying "Yes." Marry me, Krystal.

Annie: Oh, God, Richie. I can't do it anymore. I can't. I can't --

Aidan: Hey, hey.

Orderly: How'd you get out of your room?

Pete: Mom? What's going on?

Opal: I never should have done that.

Pete: Greenlee's reading? But you told her everything was hunky-dory. That's what you told her.

Opal: I was telling the worst kind of lie. If Ryan and Greenlee go through with this wedding, their new life could be over before it begins.

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