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Episode #10046

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Jake: It's not a trick question. I just want to know. Is David Hayward the father of your child?

Amanda: You know there are lots better drinking games than "who's the baby daddy."

Jake: All right, is that a no? Is that "you don't want to answer"? Is that "you hope to God he isn't, because he's the spawn of Satan. You know, the whole "Rosemary's Baby" thing.

Amanda: Ugh. Would you shut up?

Jake: Sorry. Just trying to keep it -- just trying to keep it light.

Amanda: Damn.

Jake: Hello, Rosemary. [Laughs]

Colby: My goosebumps have goosebumps. I can't wait for summer.

J.R.: Hey, there he is. There's my big guy.

Adam: Ah, we were watching "Nemo." I swear -- I swear he knows every single line.

J.R.: Well, why don't we go watch it together. Just the rest of it, all right? Yeah?

Adam: Are you sure that's a good idea.

J.R.: Excuse me?

Adam: Are you sober?

Colby: Dad!

J.R.: Hey, Colby, why don't you take Little Adam into the kitchen, and see what Lucretia's got on the dinner menu?

Colby: All right. I hope she doesn't do those nasty brussels sprouts.

J.R.: Don't come between me and my son -- ever.

Brot: Hello, Emma. I was burned, too. And it hurt really bad, but everything turned out ok. Do you know to know why? Because I was brave. Do you think you can be brave, too, and let this very cool doctor help you? Yeah? Good job. I knew you looked like a brave little girl.

Emma: I am, but it hurts. Does your face hurt?

Brot: At first it did. And at first it hurt a lot, and I was afraid, but the doctors helped me and the pain went away. And so will yours.

Emma: You promise?

Brot: I bet you that this very cool doctor here will even seal the deal with a lollipop.

Greenlee: Ooh.

Brot: Ooh. You like that? [Laughter]

Ryan: Dr. Sinclair has crossed the line. Her job is to treat Annie, ok? It's not to treat me, not to treat Greenlee.

Man: Dr. Sinclair is one of the top forensic psychiatrists in the country.

Ryan: I don't care about that. Her phone calls are invasive. Her behavior is very unethical.

Man: Well, I'm sure that's an overstatement.

Ryan: It's not an overstatement, and if you continue to sanction her behavior, I will slap her and this hospital --

Nurse: Mrs. Lavery is having a severe episode.

Ryan: Dr. Sinclair.

Dr. Sinclair: Not now.

Man: You need to let the doctor deal with your wife.

Richie: I am never going away. I am always watching you.

Annie: No! Oh, my -- oh, Mr. Stone? Mr. Stone, I remember. I killed my brother.

[Richie laughs]

Annie: Leave me alone, Richie. Leave me alone. You stay away from me, Richie.

Dr. Sinclair: So your brother is back. Why is that, Annie? Why is he back to haunt you?

Adam: Your son was afraid of you the other day. I don't want to see that happen again.

J.R.: It won't.

Adam: Oh, that straight from the man who's sworn to quit drinking as soon as he gets over his hangover.

J.R.: Look, I'm sober. I was at an AA meeting.

Adam: I'm glad. I'm glad, but one meeting doesn't make you fit to be Little Adam's father.

J.R.: I'm sober.

Adam: Today. What about tomorrow?

J.R.: Are you trying to pull a Hayward on me? Are you trying to get Little Adam from me?

Adam: Oh, don't get paranoid on me. I want you to be the best possible father that you can be for Little Adam.

J.R.: All right. Then try trusting me.

Adam: As soon as I see reason to.

Colby: Little A's helping Lucretia make dessert. What did Dad say now?

J.R.: The usual.

Colby: What's going on with you? You've been weird all day.

J.R.: Being a Chandler sucks.

Colby: Where did that come from?

J.R.: Oh, you know, the whole Chandler control thing -- me, mine, more, give me, even when it comes to your kids, even when the best thing for them is probably just to let them go and stay away from them.

Colby: Is this about Little A? He totally needs you.

J.R.: Amanda's pregnant, Colby. The baby's mine.

Krystal: Let's, um -- let's get a table. Come on.

David: Uh, sure.

Amanda: I'm out of here.

Jake: No, no. No, you don't go ducking out every time he shows up. He's just going to get curious. No, you've got to play this [Boston accent] Smart, ok? Smart.

Amanda: Yeah, well that went out the window when I got pregnant.

Jake: David Hayward is a control freak. If you give him just a little whiff that this bump could be his --

Amanda: David is not getting this baby.

Jake: Why don't you just tell the whole restaurant?

Amanda: This is such a mess.

Jake: Keep it together. Keep it together. You can do this. You just don't give him any clues that he could be the father. Because if he thinks that, then he's going to go after the truth, and if that is the truth, he's not going to stop until he gets the baby.

Amanda: That's crazy.

Jake: That's David Hayward. Look how he went after Little Adam. Look how he took Krystal away from Tad. Just don't let the baby be next is all I'm saying.

David: Well, Dillon sure gets around, huh? I mean, one moment she's Velcroed to J.R., the next she's back with Martin.

Krystal: Why do you care?

David: It's just an observation.

Krystal: Yeah, well, you haven't stopped observing since we got here.

David: It's entertainment. Excuse me, waiter. I'd like to send a special surprise over to the lovely woman at the bar, please.

Brot: You know, you did this better than some of my Army friends.

Emma: Because I'm brave.

Greenlee: Well, this brave little girl needs to get home.

Emma: I like you.

Brot: I like you, too.

[Greenlee laughs]

Greenlee: Thank you for everything.

Brot: Oh, I didn't do anything. Hub here did all the tough stuff.

Greenlee: You put a smile on her face. Here. Come on. You want to put that in your mouth?

Frankie: I'll walk you guys out.

Greenlee: Let's go. Thank you.

Brot: Bye.

Greenlee: Bye.

Taylor: You were so great with her.

Brot: Oh, it was the lollipop.

Taylor: You never could take a compliment, you know.

Brot: Hey, listen. I'm sorry for blowing up on you about trying to pull that casino job for me.

Taylor: No. I'm -- I'm sorry. I should never have interfered.

Brot: No, no, no. You were just trying to help, and it was me being all proud and stupid.

Taylor: That's because you wanted to do it all by yourself, you know? The original hard case.

Brot: Me? No, I think that would be you.

[Both laugh]

Frankie: Wow. You really handled Emma like --

Taylor: See? I told you.

Frankie: I know doctors who would kill for that kind of bedside manner with kids.

Brot: Kill? Isn't that against your Hippocratic Oath?

Taylor: Remember, he can't take a compliment.

Frankie: You want a job?

Taylor: Don't look at me. My fingerprints are nowhere near this one.

Frankie: Listen, the hospital has some openings for orderlies.

Brot: Man, you know I don't know anything about this medical stuff.

Frankie: Yeah, but you know people, you're smart, compassionate. We could use someone like you.

Brot: This isn't a mercy hire, is it?

Taylor: Oh, hard case.

Frankie: All I do is put in the good word. If you don't get the job, that's on you, brotha. You interested?

Brot: Well, um, where do I sign up?

[Annie grunts]

[Manic laughter echoes]

Dr. Sinclair: Annie, what's wrong? Do you see Richie now? What is he telling you? Annie?

Annie: Oh, he's gone. Oh, Richie's gone. Thank God.

Dr. Sinclair: Annie, did you make him go away? Listen to me. If you're going to get better, you've got to start sharing with me.

Annie: Richie's gone.

Dr. Sinclair: What made him appear? Did he help you remember anything? Annie?

Man: I understand your frustration, Mr. Lavery, but your wife has shown improvement since she's been under Dr. Sinclair's care.

Ryan: Ok, so -- wait, wait. She just had a huge meltdown. You call that improvement?

Man: It's a process.

Dr. Sinclair: I'm so glad that you're here. I would like to have a word with you.

Man: If you will excuse me, I have a hospital to run.

Dr. Sinclair: I assume you were complaining about me.

Ryan: Yes, I was.

Dr. Sinclair: Hmm, well. Ok. My methods are unorthodox. I wouldn't expect a layman to understand, but they do work especially on a patient such as Mrs. Lavery.

Ryan: And what type of patient is that?

[Dr. Sinclair sighs]

Dr. Sinclair: I now believe that your wife is faking her psychosis.

Ryan: What? There -- there is no way that that is an act.

Dr. Sinclair: You'd be amazed at what a person is capable of, what the mind is capable of when someone is desperate.

Ryan: Annie is sick. Ok -- the things that she's done, no sane person would --

Dr. Sinclair: That is what she would have you believe, but lucky for you, I'm an expert, and I'm going to prove that Annie is as sane as the rest of us.

Ryan: You can't seriously believe that.

Dr. Sinclair: I know this is a lot for you to take in, Mr. Lavery, but once I prove my diagnosis and Annie is tried and convicted of first degree murder, you'll thank me.

Taylor: So, how did it go? How -- how did he do? Did Brot get the job?

Frankie: Oh, he's in with personnel right now, the big interview.

Taylor: Oh, Frankie, I hope he gets this job. It would mean so much to him.

Frankie: Yeah, it would mean a lot to the hospital, too. I mean, Brot, he knows a lot about pain and fear, what it's like being rushed in on a gurney, not knowing what the hell is going on. That kind of experience, it could be totally invaluable for the patients here.

Taylor: Yes. Hey, so how did it go? How did you do? Did you get the job?

[Taylor laughs nervously]

Brot: You are now looking at Pine Valley's newest orderly.

Taylor: I knew it. I'm so proud of you.

Brot: Aw, thank you. Thank you. I couldn't have done it without you or you.

Frankie: Ah, well congratulations, sir.

Brot: Thank you, man.

Frankie: I'll see you around?

Brot: Absolutely, thank you. All right.

Frankie: All right.

[Taylor giggles]

Taylor: So, when do you start? What happens now?

Brot: Well, I'm pulling the a.m. shift, and it starts tomorrow morning. Right now I have to go do some more paperwork, get an I.D., and take a tour of this place because the last thing I want to do is get lost trying to take a patient from one end to the other.

Taylor: That would be awful.

Brot: Yeah, it would.

Taylor: But you'll be amazing. I mean, you already are.

Brot: Does that mean you'd be interested in celebrating with me later? I was thinking maybe we could go back to ConFusion.

Taylor: Really? Me?

Brot: Yeah, you.

Taylor: Are you sure you want to go back there? Because things didn't go so well the last time.

Brot: You know what? I -- I don't care if they seat us in the basement. I've got a great job, I'm with a beautiful woman, and tonight's just not about the job. It's about us coming back together.

Taylor: Yes, I -- I would like to celebrate that, too.

Brot: Ok.

Taylor: Yes, yes.

Bartender: From the gentleman.

Jake: Thank you so much.

Amanda: I'd like to shove it up his --

Jake: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're at a 10 and I need you at a 3, ok? Just calm, cool, collected.

David: You're looking beautiful as ever, a bit pale perhaps.

Amanda: I'm fine.

David: I'm sure you'd do a lot better if you weren't with this loser.

[Jake laughs loudly]

Jake: You know, some jackass paid for this champagne, and if it wasn't vintage, I'd crack it over your head.

[David laughs sarcastically]

David: You know, it's sad really. I mean, one day it was "Doctor Without Borders." The next it's "doctor with no career."

Jake: Ha ha.

David: Hey, I heard they're hiring at the local pharmacy. You know, the guy that does the free blood pressure screening?

Jake: Yeah.

David: I mean, come on, Jake. That would be perfect for you.

Jake: Yeah.

David: Although, you might have some competition. Angie Hubbard's going to be looking for a job, too.

Jake: Hmm, you know if you keep this up, you're going to be the only doctor working in that hospital.

David: Yeah, well, I guess I'm the only competent one there, huh?

Jake: Oh, such a swollen ego. Stay away from sharp objects, Dave. You might pop your own head.

David: Always good for a laugh, Jake.

Krystal: Listen, um, I think they're going to serve dinner soon.

Jake: Hey, Krystal. I hope he's not letting you mix drinks with the pills and the pills with the drinks.

Krystal: I'm not taking the pills.

David: That's right. You hear that? I guess leaving your brother was the healthiest thing she could have done.

Jake: Healthy for who, Dave? Healthy for who?

Krystal: David. Please, excuse us.

David: Enjoy yourself.

Jake: Listen, the Prince of Darkness's radar is way up, so you just clink, you laugh, and you pretend to drink.

Amanda: Are you crazy?

Jake: Ok? Pretend to drink. Pretend to take a sip just for the camera, go on. Come on, let's go.

Amanda: Oh my -- oh my God. Dammit.

Jake: You ok? You all right?

Amanda: No. No, its not all right. I -- I can't do this.

Colby: Amanda's having your baby? How can that be? I mean, I know how it can be, but -- wow.

J.R.: Yeah. Wow. Mm-hmm.

Colby: What are you going to do?

J.R.: Amanda doesn't want me anywhere near the child. I can hardly blame her. I've screwed up pretty bad since Babe died.

Colby: You're the dad. You have rights.

J.R.: Yeah, well, I can barely be a father to my son. You know, Amanda's probably right. That child would be better off without me.

Colby: You're having a hard time.

J.R.: I'm having a hard time because I scared my son, because being drunk was more important than being a dad.

Colby: You're getting help.

J.R.: I'm far from the finish line, Colby.

Colby: You slipped, but you got back up. You're doing it, J.R., and you'll keep doing it.

J.R.: I'm still counting the hours of sobriety.

Colby: And pretty soon it'll be days, and then weeks, and months, and years. You're a great dad. Don't give up on yourself, and if you want to be in this baby's life, don't give up on that either.

J.R.: Yeah, but Amanda was pretty clear that she doesn't --

Colby: So, talk to her and show her. Go to more meetings. Make the commitment. She knows you're a great dad to Little A. Convince her that you can be just as good a dad to this baby.

Annie: I remember it, Mr. Stone. I remember Richie. I remember killing him. I -- I can't stop remembering. It was terrible.

Aidan: Listen, Annie, it was terrible, but you haven't remembered everything. You don't remember that Richie tormented you, and you weren't the only one. Richie hurt a lot of people.

Annie: That doesn't make what I did ok.

Aidan: No, it doesn't, but it does explain how you were pushed to the edge.

Annie: The woman who I stabbed, Erica, did she do something bad to me?

Aidan: No, she didn't.

Annie: Oh -- my God. But I tried to kill her? I -- I've done so many horrible things. I've hurt so many people, killed -- wait. I didn't hurt anybody else, did I?

Aidan: The important thing is, Annie, is that you're starting to get your memory back.

Annie: How can you say that? I'm a monster. I should be locked up for the rest of my life.

[When Taylor walks into ConFusion all dressed up, Jake stares at her.]

Ryan: Hey.

Greenlee: Look. Daddy's home.

Emma: Daddy, Daddy.

Ryan: Hey, hi. Hey, what -- what happened?

Emma: I was making cookies and I got burned.

Ryan: Oh my goodness.

Greenlee: You didn't get my message? We -- we were making cookies and she got burned, like she said, and Frankie said that there won't be a scar.

Ryan: Wow. I better kiss them just to make sure, don't you think? Just a little gentle kiss here and then one just here. Is that better?

Greenlee: Hey, Emma, do you want to have a cookie and watch a video upstairs?

Emma: Yeah.

Ryan: Let me help you pick that up, ok? There.

Greenlee: There you go.

Ryan: You go ahead.

Greenlee: Go ahead.

Ryan: All right.

Emma: Can Greenlee stay for a sleepover?

Ryan: I don't see why not.

Greenlee: I'd love to.

[Greenlee laughs]

Greenlee: I am so sorry. I -- I totally wasn't paying attention, and the next thing I know she was in the kitchen and she took the cookies out of the oven by herself. We're not even married, and I've already flunked Mommy 101.

Ryan: I don't really know what to say.

Greenlee: I'm so sorry.

Ryan: You baked?

Greenlee: Yes! But your daughter was hurt because of me.

Ryan: My daughter, soon to be our daughter, seems happy. She adores you. She obviously feels very safe with you. I think you're doing quite well in the parenting department, ok?

Greenlee: Really?

Ryan: It depends on how the sleepover goes.

Greenlee: Oh, God.

Ryan: You are going to be the best mom ever.

Greenlee: I hope so. I can't wait, and Emma's been through so much. How was Sinclair?

Ryan: You don't want to know.

Greenlee: That bad?

Ryan: It seems like the good doctor isn't trying to help Annie. It seems like she's trying to hang her.

Annie: I'm a monster.

Aidan: Annie, you're not a monster. Your life was caving in from all around you, Richie threatened you, and the love of your life walked out on you.

Annie: Well, Dr. Sinclair says that --

Aidan: You can't trust Dr. Sinclair.

Annie: But she wants to help me get better.

Aidan: Do you trust me?

Annie: Yes.

Aidan: Well, then trust me on this. I will help you, Annie, but it has to be our little secret, ok? If you do everything I say, you'll keep getting better.

Dr. Sinclair: Mr. Stone.

Aidan: 10,041.

Dr. Sinclair: How are you feeling today?

Aidan: 10,042.

Dr. Sinclair: Still counting molecules, I see.

Aidan: 10,043.

Dr. Sinclair: Well, I hate to interrupt your concentration, but I just came to inform you that your psychiatrist is no longer available. I'm your doctor now.

Jake: Wow, look at you.

Taylor: Don't.

Jake: What?

Taylor: Stare.

Jake: I'm not, I'm not. I'm saying you're walking, you're talking, you're looking amazing. You're walking. Did I say the amazing thing? Congratulations.

Taylor: Well, I couldn't have done it without you.

Jake: Oh, yeah, inspiration.

Taylor: Pain in the ass.

Jake: Tomato.

Taylor: To-mah-to.

Jake: All right, I'd ask you to dance but you'd probably step all over my feet, and I wouldn't want you to embarrass yourself in front of all these people.

Taylor: Aw. Well, I -- I would, but actually I'm meeting Brot.

Jake: Oh, really.

Taylor: I think I'm early.

Jake: Well, that's ok. You know, a beautiful woman shouldn't wait alone.

Taylor: No, I'm not, I'm not --

Jake: And lucky for you I happen to be available, very available.

[Taylor laughs]

Jake: [Irish accent] It's a little thick on this side of ConFusion. What do you say we -- we party on the other side? [Normal voice] Come with me. After you, go, go, go. Sorry, very rude.

Taylor: Any one, any one?

Jake: This is good. This is great. Ok, now.

Taylor: Ooh.

Jake: Finger in the glass. All right, so you are laughing, you're smiling, you're wearing a dress. That's -- that's good. What's the -- something special?

Taylor: Um, Brot got a job.

Jake: Brot got a job. Great.

Taylor: Actually it was almost a catastrophe. You know that thing that we do, people like us, where we think we know best and actually we don't?

Jake: Yes.

Taylor: I did that. I figured, you know, hey, Brot needs a job. I will get him a job. Never mind the fact that he didn't want that job. Never mind the fact that he thinks I overstepped any acceptable boundaries. Never mind the fact that he was really, really mad.

Jake: Oh, not that he's -- he's not mad anymore, then?

Taylor: He's not mad. He's not mad. We ran into each other at the hospital, and it's a long story. But anyway, he's an orderly.

Jake: Oh, that's -- that's -- that's good, because if you're an orderly, and you're Brot, you know, you're helping people out.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Jake: You know, it's probably a little better than working in a casino, anyway.

Taylor: I didn't say anything about casino. You knew I tried to get him that job?

Jake: Uh, yeah, because we had run into each other, and it might have -- it might have come up.

Taylor: Ohh, that's so funny, because he apologized to me, too. Did you know about that?

Jake: I -- I might have said something about rethinking his anger. I might have mentioned, you know, realizing you're the luckiest guy in the world. I might have said something about worshipping the ground she walks on.

Taylor: You didn't.

Jake: Emphasis on the worship. Well, yeah, I did. So -- what?

Taylor: You -- you are incorrigible.

Jake: Incorrigible, that's an awful big word. That's like an S.A.T. word.

Taylor: It's like 40 points in Scrabble.

[Amanda yells]

Amanda: Oh, God.

J.R.: Amanda? Amanda.

Amanda: Ever hear of knocking?

J.R.: I came to talk.

Amanda: Get the hell out.

David: You've hardly touched your food.

Krystal: Why do you do that?

David: Do what?

Krystal: You pick fights. You go looking for trouble.

David: I gave Amanda a bottle of champagne.

Krystal: No, no, you wouldn't let it go, you know. You had to go after Jake. You had to make a scene. Why? Why -- I mean, why did you fire him? Huh, because he's Tad's brother? And Angie, because she's Tad's friend.

David: Jake is incompetent. Angie broke into my house. I was perfectly within my right to take the action that I took.

Krystal: You didn't have to do that. I mean, it's almost like you did it out of -- out of spite. Why, why antagonize people? Why try to make an enemy out of everybody in town?

David: No, Krystal, you have it all wrong. I am defending myself. Tad, Jake, the Chandlers, now the Hubbards, they are all jealous of what I have, ok? They're nothing but jealous, angry, bitter people who want what I have. They are threatened by my success, by my power, and, most of all, what I have now with you.

Krystal: I think maybe we should leave.

David: Oh, no, wait a minute. Oh, come on, and miss dessert? We don't have to do that. You know, I have something that I was going to give to you later, but this is obviously the better time. I stopped by Stark's office. Your divorce papers. And since he's here, why don't you just march over there and get his signature, ok?

Krystal: The divorce papers already.

David: Yeah. Hey, you're one signature away of being free and clear from that idiot for good.

Greenlee: I don't understand. Dr. Sinclair wants Annie to be hurt?

Ryan: She thinks that Annie is faking being crazy.

Greenlee: Faking. Which part? The bloody bride in the wedding dress who knifed Erica, the whack job who talked to her invisible dead brother that she killed, or the escaped lunatic who came after us and wanted us both dead?

Ryan: Hey, I'm with you.

[Greenlee laughs]

Ryan: Ok, I'm totally with you. It's just that this Sinclair is totally determined to prove it. She wants Annie nailed for murder and put away in prison and it seems to me like she'll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

J.R.: I'm not leaving until you hear me out.

Amanda: I told you -- I told you that this baby is nobody's but mine, ok?

J.R.: I get that.

Amanda: No, you don't.

J.R.: Amanda, I'm not here because of the baby. I'm here for you. I may be a man, I may be a Chandler, but it doesn't mean I don't get what you're going through. Potentially becoming a mother is a pretty extreme thing.

Amanda: You don't think I can do any of it? Thanks for the vote of confidence.

J.R.: No, I -- I do think you can. I just don't think you should do it alone. Put your feet up. You're going to have so many changes and so many choices, it must be overwhelming. Right now you're probably juggling whether or not you're going to work, whether you want to be a mom, whether you're going to have someone else raise the kid, and I just thought maybe you might need a friend.

Amanda: You?

J.R.: Me. For the next nine months -- for however long you need me, I'm here.

David: Don't let him ruin our dinner. Get him to sign, and we can celebrate.

Krystal: I, um -- I don't know if I want to do that.

David: You don't want to do it? What?

Krystal: Why are you doing this?

David: You don't want a divorce?

Krystal: Why are you doing this?

David: Because you don't want to be married to a man that you don't love. At least that's what I thought. I mean, has something changed?

Krystal: I have to go. I -- I have to get out of here.

David: All right, ok, all right. Fine, we'll go home.

Krystal: No, no. Not with you, I don't. I don't want -- I don't want to be with you right now.

Jake: Are you upset with me that I tried to talk some sense into your man?

Taylor: No, because whatever you said, it obviously worked.

Jake: That's it. I got it. My new job, I'm going to be a self-help talk show host.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh.

Jake: Yes.

Taylor: No, Jake, I don't think the world is ready for Dr. Jake. You're hit and miss.

Jake: I'll tell women that they've got to man up. Stop talking so much about your feelings. It's too many words. And I'll tell men they've got to get in touch with their feminine side. Every man's got to wear a thong. Yes, that works for me. And look at this. You're laughing and you're smiling and you're walking. It's a big day for you.

Taylor: Well, it would be even better if we ended it watching telenovelas and eating popcorn.

Jake: Ah, "Todos Los Niņos." Tell Brot about that one.

Taylor: Oh, I -- I don't know if Brot and I are ready for popcorn.

Jake: Yeah, you're right, you're right. Popcorn is very emotional. It takes time.

Taylor: It does. It takes time to be close to the one that you love, not to flinch every time she goes in for a hug.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: You wouldn't understand the strategic manipulation required just to get a little peck on the check from this guy. He definitely needs to relax, and I'm doing it again.

Jake: No, no, no, no, no.

Taylor: I'm telling you all the things that you don't want to hear.

Jake: No, I think that you and Brot are going to be just fine.

Taylor: How about you, Jake?

Jake: Me? I think that when we first got together, I knew that you loved a guy named Brot. And I was prepared to handle that. But Brot alive, that was -- that was just a whole different world.

Taylor: I would understand if -- I would understand if you were sorry that you had ever met me.

Jake: No, I -- I don't -- I don't regret anything. Just maybe never knowing what could have been.

Aidan: He sent you to get inside my head and get my secrets. Well, nobody gets inside here. But, you know, beautiful woman could strip me of my defenses, distract me from my mission, seduce me into a confession.

Dr. Sinclair: I'm not a spy, Mr. Stone. And I have no interest of stripping you of your defenses, or anything else for that matter.

Aidan: So if you're not a spy, then what are you?

Dr. Sinclair: That, Mr. Stone, is my question to you. This textbook paranoid schizophrenic you're playing, it's a little too on the nose. We have to do something about that.

Tad: Are you ok? You want me to sign this?

Krystal: I -- I don't know what I want.

Tad: Well, you let me know when you decide.

Krystal: Tad, Tad, wait. Wait.

Jake: Hey, I'm not lonely. I've got -- [Barcelona accent] Esmeralda, Renaldo, all my "Todos Los Niņos" friends from Barcelona.

Taylor: I think -- I think you are an amazing man.

Jake: Well, my mother says the same thing.

[Taylor laughs]

Jake: I should -- I should go because your date's going to be here at any second.

Taylor: Jake. I'm so glad that -- that we could be friends.

Jake: Well, don't do anything I wouldn't do. No, wait, scratch that because I would do just about anything. So --

Jake: Hey, congratulations. I think that's in order for the new orderly.

Brot: Thank you. Appreciate that. Listen, what you said before about Taylor? I really needed to hear that.

Jake: Well, don't keep her waiting.

Ryan: The Annie that I married, she was a good mom. She was a good friend, and I guess there's just -- you know, there's this part of me that's still hoping that she's in there somewhere, for Emma's sake.

Greenlee: Yeah, you want her to get the help she needs. You want her to get better.

Ryan: Which can't happen if she goes to prison.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, unfortunately it's in the court's hands now. I don't think there's anything we can do.

Ryan: Maybe there is.

Annie: There aren't just bad memories. There are good memories, too. Emma.

Aidan: Emma's a beautiful little girl.

Annie: She loves to dance. I remember that now.

Annie: Her first recital, she was so perfect. And so happy.

[Door unlocking]

Aidan: What's going on? That's not my doctor. I want to see my doctor.

Dr. Sinclair: No, no, no.

Aidan: Where's my doctor?

Dr. Sinclair: Mr. Stone, I thought I've already explained this to you. Come on. You see? I'm your doctor now.

[Dr. Sinclair holds up a loaded syringe]

Amanda: Thank you.

J.R.: Is there anything else I can get you?

Amanda: You know, I could really go for some tomato soup and peanuts. Mm. Oh, wow. I think I'm having my first craving.

J.R.: Yeah, I think you'll have to settle for tea and crackers until I can make a store run.

Amanda: This will have to do, I guess.

J.R.: Ok.

Amanda: Mm. Thank you.

J.R.: Goofball.

[David watches J.R. and Amanda through the cabin's door]

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