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Natalia: Excuse me -- about time you showed up.

Frankie: Huh -- oh, sorry. I had to deal with some stuff.

Natalia: Stuff -- is Randi coming?

Frankie: Who? Oh, no, not likely.

Natalia: Oh, well, you guys get into a fight?

Frankie: Yeah, something like that.

Natalia: It's not about her old job, is it?

Frankie: She told you about that?

Natalia: Frankie, come on. I mean, that's all in the past. You've got to let it go.

Frankie: Yeah? Well, why does it keep slapping me in the face?

Randi: Whoa, whoa -- I was just kidding. I'm not a prostitute. I'm serious.

Man: I'm sure the judge will be happy to hear that. You have the right to remain silent.

Dr. Sinclair: Where have you been, Mr. Stone? Or would you like to tell me your real name and why you're so interested in Annie Lavery?

Aidan: Did the aliens get to you, too?

Dr. Sinclair: Not that I'm aware of. Come with me.

Annie: Oh, you found him.

Dr. Sinclair: Annie's been looking for you, Mr. Stone.

Annie: Mr. Stone? Tell her that's not your real name.

Greenlee: You really think Aidan will move on?

Ryan: It's tough letting you go. I know that because I've been there. But yes, I think Aidan will be fine. I do. And so will we.

Greenlee: It will never go away, though, will it? All those what-ifs like what if we'd handled things differently?

Ryan: Well, I think that's just life, you know? It throws things at us, and we can either duck-and-hide or we can face things head-on, together.

Bianca: I'm coming with you.

Reese: Bianca, you are not invited.

Bianca: So? My mother wants to have brunch with you alone, no customers, no waiters -- no witnesses.

Reese: You make it sound like Erica wants to off me.

Zach: Maybe she wants to make peace.

Reese: See, that's where I was going with this. Come on, your mom already laid into me once. What more can she do?

Bianca: Oh, my mother? The possibilities are endless.

Erica: If the hospital calls about my daughter, please, just find me, interrupt me -- day or night, it doesn't matter. Just -- my daughter Kendall takes precedence.

Man: Understood. Have a nice day.

Erica: Thank you.

[Josh watches from the shadows as Erica gets in the elevator]

Randi: Look, I used to be a prostitute, but I'm not anymore. I just got into a fight with my boyfriend about it. I saw you eyeing me, and I got ticked off.

Man: That's a new excuse.

Randi: My boyfriend's name is Frankie Hubbard.

Man: The chief's kid?

Randi: Yes. Call Jesse. He can explain everything.

Natalia: Wow.

Frankie: That's one word for it. Thanks.

Natalia: So is Randi totally freaking out?

Frankie: She was until I calmed her down. Now I'm the one who's losing his mind. God -- my friends, my colleagues, even my parents can look up this website, and boom, there she is, my girlfriend.

Natalia: Exactly. Your girlfriend.

[Frankie sighs]

Natalia: Frankie, come on. You love her.

Frankie: More than -- more than I know.

Natalia: Did you tell her that?

Frankie: What, before or after she walked out on me?

Natalia: Wait -- so she just walked out on you, and you just let her go?

Frankie: I didn't know what to say. I still don't.

Natalia: Dang, I feel you.

Frankie: Yeah, well, what's up with you?

Natalia: Hmm, nothing new. It's just -- it's dad. I've got to tell him about my plans.

Frankie: You mean about joining the force.

Natalia: Yeah.

Frankie: You're really comparing that to my problems?

Natalia: No, no. Well, maybe just a little bit.

Frankie: Come on, what could be the worse thing that could happen here?

Natalia: Well, for starters, he could lock me up and throw away the key.

Dr. Sinclair: Who do you think this is, Annie?

Annie: Ryan, my husband. Thank God you're here. I was so worried.

Dr. Sinclair: About what?

Annie: Not what -- who. I thought that Greenlee killed you. But she didn't. You're here. You're right here with me. [Sighs]

Annie: Wait -- what am I doing? I have to warn you.

Aidan: Warn me, about what?

Annie: Greenlee is out to get you, Ryan.

Aidan: My name is not Ryan --

Annie: And she's not going to stop until you are dead.

Dr. Sinclair: Ok, I think that's enough, Annie.

Annie: No, no, I've been having these dreams, and I think that they predict the future. Greenlee is coming for you, Ryan.

Aidan: What have they done to you, Annie? Is it the chip? Did they plant another one? They did, didn't they?

Dr. Sinclair: Come on.

Aidan: Don't give away your secret, Annie. Don't ever give it away.

Greenlee: You know, I wish we could do what we said we'd do on New Year's Eve -- shut it all out and only look forward.

Ryan: We can.

Greenlee: For about two seconds until a big old, sad reminder comes knocking on the door.

Ryan: Hey, this is going to get easier, ok?

Greenlee: How do you know that?

Ryan: Because I love you. Because I love you more than I've ever loved anybody, ever. And I really believe that that can get us through -- anything.

[Doorbell rings]

Greenlee: If that's another big old, sad reminder, don't open it.

Ryan: It's definitely big, definitely big.

Greenlee: You know what it is?

Ryan: It is the biggest, baddest wedding gift ever. Close your eyes.

Erica: Opal? Hey, that is not for you.

Opal: Well, who is it for? Jackson? Oh, please tell me it's not for Adam. My ticker couldn't take it.

Erica: I'm having brunch with Reese.

Opal: Reese? Hmm. Last time I heard, you wanted to drop-kick that poor child to Tahiti.

Erica: What I wanted was for my daughter Bianca to be informed, but Bianca has not been very receptive to knowing the truth about her -- her fiancée's eyes for Zach.

Opal: Well, sugar, I could have told you that. Hmm --

Erica: Hey, Opal, maybe you should stick to the fruit if your ticker is what's worrying you.

Opal: All right, all right. So what is the agenda? You're going to stuff Reese silly and roll her out of Pine Valley? Or maybe you've got plans to, what, bribe her to leave instead?

Erica: Neither. It's a gift.

[Opal chuckles]

Opal: Yeah, right, and I'm Angelina Jolie.

Erica: Look, Opal, I have two options. I could either accept Reese or I'll lose Bianca, ok? So we both know exactly which choice I'm going to make.

Opal: Well, you haven't considered the third option. You can squeeze Reese to admit that she's been snooping around Zach.

Erica: Uh-uh, nope. I don't even intend to bring him up.

Opal: No agenda? No motive? So this really is just brunch?

Erica: Well, not just brunch. It's a peace offering.

Bianca: My mother doesn't do peace offerings.

Reese: It is just brunch.

Bianca: Famous last words.

Reese: Will you just wish me luck?

Bianca: Good luck.

Zach: Good luck.

Reese: Thank you.

Bianca: Well, I should go check on Gaby.

Zach: There's something we got to talk about first.

[Music plays as Josh continues spying in the hotel]

Singer: Understand they're right behind me dealers at the door understand I feel unworthy was mentioned once before

Randi: Thank God you're here, Jesse.

Jesse: You want to tell me what the hell is going on here?

Randi: Your guy came on to me, and I got annoyed, so I pretended to be a hooker.

Jesse: Why would you do that?

Randi: To mess with him, I guess. That's when he tried to arrest me.

Jesse: I don't believe this.

Randi: Right. I mean, why would you? Just take me down to the station. Let's just get this over with already, but don't expect Frankie to come bailing me out this time.

Jesse: How does Frankie fit in to all of this?

Randi: He doesn't, not anymore.

Jesse: What happened?

Randi: My life happened. Every stupid decision I made, every sleaze-ball guy I've been with -- it's just -- it's all out there.

Jesse: "Out there" -- where?

Randi: The Internet. Didn't you hear? Ask Frankie. He practically knows the web address by heart. He --

Jesse: It's ok. Come here, come here.

Bianca: You're angry.

Zach: I'm a little angry and confused. You know, no, I'm a lot angry right now.

Bianca: I'm sorry.

Zach: What are you sorry about? About setting us up, telling me that you were going to be out of town, or believing any of the stuff in the first place? After everything we've been through, why would you think I'd want to hurt you like that?

Bianca: I wouldn't. I -- I mean, I never thought I -- I could. I don't -- I don't know, Zach. Something took over -- fear, paranoia -- I just -- I couldn't control it.

Zach: Couldn't control it? How about that -- how about you talk to me -- talk to your fiancée? Instead of listening to your mother and getting all worked up?

Bianca: I'm sorry. I don't -- I don't know what else to say.

Zach: How about you say you trust me, you trust her, and all these fears are unfounded?

Bianca: I can't. I don't know if they are.

Opal: Well, enjoy your brunch, and good luck.

Reese: I'm sorry -- what?

Opal: Oh, um, good stuff. Try the bacon.

Erica: Bye, Opal.

Opal: Tootles.

Reese: For me?

Erica: And Bianca. An early wedding present.

Reese: Well, thank you.

Erica: You're welcome.

Reese: Should I?

Erica: Yes, please, open it up.

Reese: What is this? Oh, my goodness. Wow, it's -- it's amazing. Thank you.

Erica: Oh, you're so welcome.

[Both chuckle]

Reese: Thanks.

Erica: So, um, I'm so glad you like it. Why don't you sit down and enjoy? Whatever's left, I mean, whatever Opal left.

Reese: Oh, well, I'm sure it's going to be great. Oh, looks delicious.

Reese: So how are things going?

Erica: Oh, very well, thank you. Busy, of course, between New Beginnings and running Fusion. And you -- how about you? I mean, the casino looks amazing.

Reese: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. You know, it was easier because Zach had a really clear vision of what he wanted.

[Reese chuckles]

Erica: So I'm sure that you're wondering why I've invited you here. I never should have questioned your commitment to Bianca. I was wrong, and I'm sorry.

Bianca: Did I misunderstand?

Zach: Did you just ask me that? Really? That's just great. I thought you guys worked this out.

Bianca: I -- I believe that she loves me, and she loves our daughter. And I think that, in her heart, she doesn't believe that something is going on between the two of you.

Zach: Well, in my heart, I love Kendall, more than life itself, and I think you know that.

Bianca: I -- I do.

Zach: She's the mother of my children.

Bianca: Well, so am I, in a way. So is Reese.

Zach: Not the same thing.

Bianca: Well, you can't deny that Gaby has brought the two of you closer together.

Zach: I'm not denying anything. It's what kids do. They bring people closer together. Now you, me, Reese, and Gaby -- we have a bond forever.

Bianca: So -- so, what, you're saying that you feel nothing?

Zach: No, no. I feel a lot for Reese. I feel -- friendship. I feel love. More than anything else, I feel gratitude, because she's in your life, and I've never seen you this happy. I see the two of you together, and it just -- it gives me some peace. I need that right now.

Bianca: I know you do.

Zach: Your sister's my life. You should know that better than anyone.

Bianca: I do. I do. I'm so sorry. I don't -- I really don't know what I was thinking.

Zach: Hey. Love makes you do silly things sometimes, right?

Aidan: This is not my room.

Dr. Sinclair: You wanted to get into this wing. Consider your wish granted. Perhaps a little isolation will do for you what it's doing for Annie, because I am breaking through to her. I'm putting all the pieces together. Ok?

Aidan: Just going to leave me in here?

Dr. Sinclair: Oh, no, no, no. Not for long. You see, your secret-agent act isn't working on me. I'm going to go have a little chat with the administrator.

Greenlee: Ok, can I open them?

Ryan: No.

Greenlee: Can I open them?

Ryan: Actually, no, you can't.

Greenlee: Come on, come on.

Ryan: No, no, no, you can't. No peeking -- not allowed. Ok, open them.

Greenlee: No, you didn't.

Ryan: Yeah, I did. Actually, I did. It's right there. Do you like it?

Greenlee: Like it? Shazam! Can I? Can I, can I, can I?

Ryan: Yes, of course. It's yours. Go! Go! It's, like, the perfect Greenlee bike I saw. It's tough. It's got a little sass.

Greenlee: I can't believe you did this.

Ryan: It's your perfect dream bike.

Greenlee: Ah -- ride, polished, bedazzled with jewels.

Ryan: You can do whatever you want with it. The only rules are it stays in this living room until our wedding day.

Greenlee: And we ride off into the sunset?

Ryan: Yeah, and we never look back.

[Greenlee squeals as Ryan picks her up and kisses her]

Jesse: Everything's going to be ok.

Randi: How? Your son is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Now I've just -- I've ruined everything.

Jesse: No, you didn't ruin anything. Fletcher ruined it. The person on that website -- that's not who you are anymore. And trust me, I know a thing or two about stuff coming back to haunt you. We'll fix this.

[Jesse talks to the undercover cop]

Jesse: Well, that's it. Free to go.

Randi: Really, that's it?

Jesse: Yeah, that's it. You need a ride?

Randi: No, no, I was supposed to be here to scout a location for Fusion, so I should definitely try not to ruin my whole life in a day.

Jesse: Hey, you know what? Never give up on the best thing that ever happened to you.

Randi: Thanks, Jesse.

Natalia: What is it about a father's approval?

Frankie: Hmm, I've been wondering that my entire life, even when he wasn't around.

Natalia: Shut up. You're a doctor-turned-war hero. Please, what's not to approve?

Frankie: No, I get this feeling sometimes that he thinks I look down on him for what he does or -- I don't know. I don't know.

Natalia: Do you?

Frankie: I think what he does is amazing.

Natalia: But?

Frankie: But it is his job that took him away from us. If that hadn't happened, I might be Officer Hubbard instead of Dr. Hubbard. But that doesn't matter. The point is, bottom liner, he's going to be proud of you no matter what, especially if you join "the force."

Natalia: Well, when he freaks, I'm going to tell him you said that.

Frankie: Do that, please.

Natalia: Mm-hmm, ok.

Frankie: To the force.

Natalia: To the force.

[Natalia laughs]

Erica: You're not the person I thought you were, Reese.

Reese: Really? Who am I?

Erica: You're a woman who loves my daughter very much. I thought that I saw a situation between you and Zach, and I read something into it that I shouldn't have.

Reese: You know, Zach and I, we're just friends. Yes, he is Gaby's biological father, but he --

Erica: But that's an arrangement that you have well under control. And it's beautiful, really, the family that you've created.

Reese: You know, Erica, I need you to know that Bianca can trust me. So can you.

Erica: I know, and I do. And I'm sorry that is misjudged you. It's just that Bianca has been hurt in the past, and after finding out that you had been engaged to a man, I --

Reese: Yeah, you were afraid that she was going to get hurt again.

Erica: But I'm not afraid anymore. My daughter has chosen a wonderful partner.

Reese: It means so much to me to hear you say that.

[Knock on door]

Erica: Oh. Excuse me.

[Both chuckle]

Erica: Bianca --

Bianca: I know, I know. I wasn't invited, and I shouldn't have come. But I've been going crazy. Is everything ok?

Erica: Well, I believe that's a question for Reese.

[Erica chuckles]

Aidan: You need to get me out of this cell.

Man: Not until I get some answers.

Aidan: We don't have time for that.

Man: Look, my job is on the line. Dr. Sinclair's making a lot of noise. The least you can do is tell me what's going on.

Aidan: Like I said, I'm not paying you to ask questions. I just need to see Annie.

Man: Annie Lavery? Next door? I'm not helping you until you talk.

Aidan: She's my friend. She needs help.

Man: Clearly, but that's what the doctors are for.

Aidan: Dr. Sinclair is messing everything up. She doesn't know what Annie needs. I do.

Man: You're really jumping through hoops for this woman. Landing yourself in a mental institution? That's going above and beyond for some friend. Come on. Why are you really here?

Aidan: I owe her.

[Ryan laughs in Greenlee's dream]

[Motorcycle revs]

Ryan: Whoo!

[Ryan laughs]

Ryan: Ah!

[Ryan laughs]

[Tires screech and bike crashes]

Ryan: What -- what happened? Did you -- what -- did you have another bad dream or something?

Greenlee: You can never ride it, Ryan.

Ryan: Uh, ok. Uh --

Greenlee: No, I mean it. You cannot get on this bike. Swear to me.

Ryan: Ok, all right, I swear. Slow down for a second.

Greenlee: We must get rid of it. Now.

Aidan: I want to see Annie make it out of the other side of this.

Man: Again, why?

Aidan: Because something inside me says that I need to save her. And I know I can, but I need your help.

Man: I'm sorry. I can't. Dr. Sinclair's watching my every move -- yours, too. There.

Aidan: What?

Man: That vent. It connects the two cells. You want to talk to Annie? That's your way in.

Greenlee: You were on this motorcycle -- my motorcycle. And then you -- it can't be here. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know how much effort you put into finding this for me, but I need the bike gone.

Ryan: Ok. Ok, I'll get rid of the bike, all right? Whatever you need.

Reese: Erica and I got everything out in the open. We're all good.

Erica: Oh, we're better than good. We're fantastic.

Reese: I have to go meet Zach downstairs.

Erica: Well, please say hello to him for us.

Reese: I will. And, Erica, thank you so much for brunch. It really -- it was wonderful. Thank you.

Erica: You're so welcome.

Reese: Bye.

Bianca: Bye.

Erica: Sweetheart, I apologize. I made assumptions that I shouldn't have, and I am so sorry if I caused any problems between you and Reese.

Bianca: Thank you.

Erica: I can see that she loves you.

Bianca: And that I love her.

Erica: And I'd be really honored if you let me back in on the wedding plans. I promise I will not --

Bianca: Stop, stop, stop. Like we could do it without you. Mom -- I'm proud of you.

Erica: Not nearly as proud as I am of you. Ok, let's talk wedding shower. Ok, bridal shower plans. I think we need a theme for this spectacular affair.

Bianca: Ah, well, if by "spectacular affair" you mean "small and unassuming," then we're in.

Josh: Kendall. Kendall, it's -- it's me, Josh. Listen, I don't have a whole lot of time right now. I'm risking my life just walking in this room, but you know what? Let Zach try to catch me. I had to see you. You're the only reason why I came back. Kendall, I don't -- I don't know if -- if you can hear me right now, but I just need you -- I need you to know this. I love you. You are pretty much the only person who has ever accepted me for me. You know, people pretended, acted like they had no problem with me, but you were the only one who backed it up. You put your marriage on the line. You stood up to Zach for me. I owe you my life -- which pretty much stinks right now. And thanks to Zach, yours isn't looking too great, either. You deserve so much better than this. How the hell could he let this happen to you? Listen, what I'm going to do won't bring you back, but I will make him pay for letting this happen.

Reese: Oh, I made it out alive!

Zach: This is the security system. I've got to check the schematics. Please look at it.

Reese: Oh, yeah, ok. Zach, you wouldn't believe it. Erica was actually civil to me. No, no, she was nice.

Zach: We just need to change some of the wiring, because I don't think it's going to work like that, so we just got to run another test. Is that ok with you?

Reese: Yeah, that's the plan. We're going to try and work the kinks out. What -- what is up with you?

Zach: What do you mean?

Reese: Well, I tell you I went and had lunch with Erica, you don't even want to hear about it?

Zach: Well, no, there are some things that are more important, like the security of my casino.

Reese: I know that. Why are you being so cold to me? Huh? What happened to my friend? I thought we were cool.

Zach: Maybe we're not cool. Maybe -- can I ask you something about this little arrangement we have at home? Did -- did I miss something? Did something happen between us?

[Aidan listens from the vent]

Annie: Greenlee killed my husband.

Dr. Sinclair: No, Ryan is alive and well.

Annie: No, she's evil and she's out to get my family. I miss my home.

Dr. Sinclair: Do you remember going home? Do you remember when you broke out of here?

Annie: I think -- I think so. Um -- I saw Ryan, Emma -- I saw her. What are you doing with the mean lady? Greenlee, I hate her, too.

Emma: Mommy! You came home. My Christmas wish came true.

Annie: Bitch, you stole my husband, my child, my life.

Greenlee: So do it already. Kill me. Get it over with. [Echoes] End things.

Annie: Stop it. Stop it!

Dr. Sinclair: Stop who? Who are you hearing?

Annie: I'm saying terrible things. Or is Greenlee saying terrible things? I don't remember who's the bad one.

Dr. Sinclair: Just talk to me, all right? Just try to remember.

Annie: I was wearing a wedding a dress.

[Annie hums "Here Comes the Bride"]

Ryan: Who did you hurt? Who -- who did you hurt with the knife, Annie?

Annie: No. No, I didn't hurt him.

Dr. Sinclair: Hurt who?

Annie: I'm in jail, aren't I? They're going to kill me.

Dr. Sinclair: No -- no, no, no, no, you're safe here.

Annie: I want you to go. I'm not going to say another word. I mean it. Go. Get out!

Frankie: Dad, what are you doing here?

Jesse: Looking for you, son.

Natalia: Hi.

Jesse: Hello, daughter. You, come here.

Jesse: What's up with you and Randi?

Frankie: Oh, let me guess. You saw her, too?

Jesse: Yeah, I saw her, at the casino. She's having a pretty rough day, Frank. She says you're part of the reason for that.

Frankie: Yeah, well, I caught some guys at my job looking at my girlfriend having sex. Dad, it's all over the Internet.

Jesse: So? Forget those troglodytes. Forget everybody. They're idiots.

Frankie: Wow. How?

Jesse: Frankie, the two of you have come so far. You've worked so hard to get here. Randi has moved on with her life. She's starting to finally believe in herself. You want to walk now?

Frankie: Look, that's none of your business, Dad, really.

Jesse: You -- you are my business. And if you love her, this would be a huge mistake.

Frankie: I don't know what to do.

Jesse: Come on, kid, you're not my son for nothing. You love her? You want to be with her? Go find her. Tell her you love her. Tell her -- tell her you will be there for her.

Reese: I care about you deeply, Zach. Way -- way more than a friend. You gave us Gaby. All right? When you decided to do that, you gave us a living, breathing piece of yourself. So, yeah -- yeah, we've got a very special connection. I mean, every time I look at you, I see a little piece of my girl. God, so much. I just want to pinch your cheek.

Zach: Stop. Come on.

Reese: You know who else I see when I look at you?

Zach: Who else do you see?

Reese: Kendall, and all that love you are holding in your heart just for her, saving only for her. You know what amazes me, Zach? How much love you have for her. I can't believe you've ever got any room left.

Zach: Sometimes I feel like I don't.

Reese: You know, she is incredibly lucky.

Zach: So is Bianca.

Reese: Yeah, I think we're pretty lucky, too.

Zach: I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. I just needed to know where we were, what we're doing.

Reese: No, no, no, no, come on. I'm really -- I'm glad that you brought it up.

Zach: Yeah?

Reese: Yeah. You're my friend. You know, to lose that would be awful.

Zach: Yeah.

Greenlee: I'm sorry for freaking out and making you get rid of that bike. I don't know what's wrong with me.

[Doorbell rings]

Greenlee: Is that another surprise?

Ryan: Not from me.

Dr. Sinclair: Hello, Mr. Lavery.

Ryan: Hello. Dr. Sinclair, come in. I didn't expect you to come over right away. This is Dr. Sinclair, the one who is taking care of Annie.

Greenlee: Hi.

Dr. Sinclair: You must be Greenlee -- you're actually the reason I'm here.

Natalia: Mom and Angie -- definitely not into it. Frankie seemed pretty cool, but you're my deciding vote.

Jesse: Hmm. The only vote that counts here is yours, sweetheart. Do you really want to be a cop?

Natalia: Yeah, I really do.

Jesse: Then listen to your heart. It brought you back here, right?

Natalia: Yeah, back to you. And now it's telling me to stay.

Jesse: Wow, a cop -- a cop.

[Natalia laughs]

Randi: Hey.

Frankie: Hey. My dad said you had a rough day. Did something else happen?

Randi: Long story.

Frankie: But -- you're ok?

Randi: That depends.

Frankie: On what?

Randi: You.

Frankie: I'm sorry.

Randi: For what? You didn't sign up for this.

Frankie: Yeah, but I did sign up for you. Can we please just go home?

Randi: Are you sure? I mean, you don't have to --

[Frankie kisses Randi]

Dr. Sinclair: Well, if there's anything that you can think of, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me.

Ryan: How is Annie doing? Any progress?

Dr. Sinclair: Hmm -- some, yes.

Ryan: Well, that's great. That's great. So if she's getting better, then what's the next step?

Dr. Sinclair: My goal is to get Annie competent enough so that she can stand trial for her violent crimes, including the murder of her brother.

Greenlee: And then?

Dr. Sinclair: In all likelihood, she'll spend the rest of her life in prison.

Aidan: Annie, can you hear me? Follow my voice to the vent.

Annie: Mr. Stone? Are you really there?

Aidan: Yes, I am. I'm going to get you out of here, Annie.

Erica: It's not easy, is it? I find myself talking and talking, and hoping and hoping. Did Reese tell you about our brunch? We got everything out in the open. I'm actually back making all the wedding plans with them. The shower --

Zach: Hey, Erica, what are you up to?

Josh: Impressive drafting skills. Did you do these yourself?

Reese: I sure did. Are you an architect?

Josh: Aspiring.

Reese: Really?

Josh: Mm-hmm. You've done a great job with the place.

Reese: Well, thanks. It wasn't easy, but we are almost finished.

Josh: Looks pretty finished to me. What's left?

Reese: Oh, well, you know, we've got a little of this and --

Man: Here are the security schematics.

Reese: Oh, thank you.

Josh: I guess you can't be too safe in a casino.

Reese: No, you can't.

[Reese chuckles]

Reese: Oh -- will you excuse me for a minute?

Josh: Mm-hmm.

Reese: Hey, beautiful.

Bianca: Hey!

Reese: Guess what? I just met this aspiring architect. He didn't say it, but I think he thinks I'm brilliant. You want to meet him?

Bianca: Yes. Where is this -- I don't know -- fan?

[Bianca and Reese chuckle]

Reese: He was right here. I don't know. Where'd he go?

[Josh smiles as he looks at the picture he just took of the security schematics for the casino]

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