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Erica: Ok, don't forget to label these boxes. Oh, these boxes, these have to go out to the van.

Amanda: Oh, but I thought --

Erica: No, don't think. Oh, sweetheart, no, no. These boxes, they -- this one in particular, this is going to go over to New Beginnings. Bianca?

Bianca: Oh, I'm sorry.

Erica: Are you all right?

Bianca: I'm sorry. Wow, I'm just preoccupied, I guess. Um, we had a surprise visitor last night. Reese's ex-fiancé.

Erica: He came here? Oh, honey.

Bianca: Yeah, I know. No, no. He's gone. We talked about it, and I'm fine.

Erica: You're fine?

Bianca: Yeah.

Erica: Your fiancée's ex-fiancé, who she didn't even tell you she was engaged to, and he's a man, and he came here, and you're fine?

Bianca: I know, I know. But we worked through it. Everything is out in the open now, no more secrets.

Erica: And where's Reese now?

Bianca: She's at the casino, getting the final touches on everything for the big opening tonight.

Erica: So she's with Zach?

Bianca: Yeah. Is that a problem?

Zach: What are you doing?

Reese: There's a lot to be done before the guests get here.

Zach: You're supposed to supervise.

Reese: Ouch. I know. No, that's all right. It's ok, I'm good. I'm good.

Zach: All right.

Amanda: Hey.

J.R.: Hey. Uh, about that kiss --

Amanda: It's ok, J.R., I get it. It was either grab me or the bottle.

David: What the hell are you doing here? I fired you.

Jake: Oh, I'm sorry. Are you talking to me? I filed a grievance against you for termination without cause.

David: Without cause? You're kidding, right?

Jake: No, I'm not kidding. Because legal says I can stay here as long as I want to until I have a hearing.

David: Oh, you mean just so that you can keep on endangering more lives.

Jake: Look, you say whatever you want to say to me, ok? I'm not going anywhere.

[Greenlee lies in bed, dreaming]

Greenlee: I take you, Ryan, to be my wedded husband. To love and to comfort, to honor and to cherish. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live.

Ryan: I may kiss the bride.

[Knock on door]

Opal: Oh, Greenlee was here last night. She drank tea, but I didn't see her tea leaves until after she left, and, oh, my lord, they're bad. The happiest day of Greenlee's life will be her last.

Ryan: You must be so excited to get back to school, see all your friends, hmm? A little bit?

[Doorbell rings]

Ryan: See, there's Ashley and her mom now to give you a ride. Have a good time, ok? Have fun, bye. Good morning.

Greenlee: Morning. I got your note. "Don't come down until Emma is gone"? You didn't want her to know that I stayed over?

Ryan: Well, she's just been through so much lately. You know, with the kidnapping and the fire and her mom getting taken away.

Greenlee: I thought I was helping.

Ryan: You are helping. There's just some things that she doesn't understand, you know? The Christmas tree and Santa Claus are one thing, but seeing you where her mom usually sleeps --

Greenlee: It's a little more complicated.

Ryan: Yeah.

Greenlee: I'm sorry.

Ryan: No, don't be sorry. Don't be sorry. She's crazy about you. And I really want you guys to have, you know, a relationship of your own. But it's going to take a little bit of time. It's going to take some time before she really kind of gets to know you.

Greenlee: Before she can find out I'm sleeping in your bed.

Ryan: Listen, when Emma's ready, you'll move in, ok? But until then, we'll plan the wedding, our future, everything as a family.

Greenlee: Whenever something good comes along, I always dive in headfirst, because I'm sure that it's only a matter of time before it falls apart. But now I don't have to rush, because it's forever. No more bad dreams. I had a dream last night that we were married. And it wasn't the end of us, it was just the beginning.

Ryan: Yeah?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: I'm going to make that dream come true.

[Both laughing]

Opal: Oh, Greenlee was all strung out about Ryan, you know? I mean, he popped the question, and she turned him down.

Krystal: Slow down, slow down.

Opal: Because of this nightmare she's been having. And so I offered to do a reading. I know, I know. But she was such a wreck. So I fixed her some tea, and we spread the cards. She pulled a couple, they practically sang the wedding march. But then, after she left, I noticed that there were some cards that had fallen on the floor. I wasn't playing with a full deck. Well, that means that the whole reading is null and void.

Krystal: Look, Opal, there's -- there's something I --

Opal: So then, I walked over and I picked up the cup. And when I saw the leaves I was so spooked, I just dropped it like a hot potato. Oh, I don't know what to do. I mean, do I tell Greenlee? I ran around this town like Chicken Little before that tornado hit and it didn't do a lick of good. It didn't do anything to stop all the destruction and the death and -- oh, Krystal, forgive me.

Krystal: No, it's all right, dear. It's all right.

Opal: I've been running off at the mouth. I didn't even give you a chance to say why you came by.

Krystal: Opal, I think you ought to sit down.

Opal: Why? It's bad, isn't it?

Krystal: Something happened.

Opal: Well, tell me already, please.

Krystal: Joe got word from Africa. Tad is missing. Opal, Opal.

Jake: Let me ask you something. Why did you come back to Pine Valley? Nobody wants you here.

David: This hospital needs me, Jake. You see, you Martins have given the impression that seducing patients and putting them in comas, killing them, is really no big deal. Well, those days are over. You see, a real doctor is in charge now.

Jake: "You Martins." You're so condescending. Let me remind you, you have tried to take down my family and my father before. It never works for you.

David: The past is the past, Jake. From this moment on, in these halls, the name Martin means absolutely nothing.

Jake: You know, this hatred that you have for us, it's not about medicine, is it, with you? It's personal. And I think it's personal because we're a family. We are a strong, solid family.

David: Wow. I'm starting to well up. Do you think maybe your daddy will adopt me?

Jake: See, no matter what you say, it won't break us. And that gives us a power that you will never know. How does it feel when you wake up in the morning on this planet and realize that you don't have one person, not one, that really cares about you? You know what I call that? I call that sad. No, actually, a better word for it would be pathetic. You're pathetic, Dave.

Amanda: We're cool, ok? You don't have to explain.

J.R.: I just -- I want you -- I wasn't using you.

Amanda: Yeah, you were -- for good reason. You put your lips on me to keep them off that champagne glass, and I'm glad. I'm glad I was there to help.

J.R.: You've helped me out a lot lately. But this decision that you've made to not be friends?

Amanda: Trust me.

J.R.: Over the holidays, I didn't think I was going to get through it. But then I'd look up and there you were to peel me off the ceiling, put a smile on my son's face.

Amanda: It was no big deal.

J.R.: You've done so much for me and Little Adam. Let me do something for you. Just to say thanks.

Amanda: You don't owe me anything. I should get back to work. Erica's cracking the whip.

J.R.: She hasn't eased up?

Amanda: No, the only thing worse than her catching me slacking off would be to run into your father.

J.R.: Well, if you do, and he gives you a hard time, you'll let me know?

Amanda: Ok. Thanks.

J.R.: I'd better go.

Zach: Does that hurt?

Reese: No, no. It's a scratch.

Zach: You probably just need to get a tetanus shot.

Reese: Oh, my God. I'm fine. And I'm fully immunized already. I'm just going to do a final walkthrough and make sure everything's together, check the fire exits, smoke alarms, and everything else.

Zach: Let the guys do that.

Reese: Oh, the guys. What am I supposed to do? Should I arrange flowers? Or put a little potpourri in a bowl?

Zach: That's not what I meant. No, come on, stop. No, no, no, no. I just meant you worked hard, and you deserve a break. And how are you going to play poker the way I taught you if you have broken fingers?

Reese: Well, that's a good point. I have a surprise for you. Once we hang this up, this will officially be the "Fargate Carnival Room." You know, you didn't say anything at the memorial. I'd love to hear a little bit more about the woman you would dedicate all of this to.

Zach: She was my friend, always there when I needed someone to talk to or someone to straighten me out. And we would just sit and drink some Scotch together. No big deal, just two friends enjoying each other's company, that's all.

Reese: That's exactly how I feel about you.

Zach: Well, I don't think you realize it, but that's a top compliment.

Reese: I mean it. Zach, you're such a good friend.

Zach: Well, then. Friends should always be honest with each other, right? You look like hell.

Erica: I just wondered where Reese is, that's all. It makes perfect sense that she'd be at the casino. She's overseeing the renovation.

Bianca: She's with Zach, and that bothers you. Why?

Erica: All right, I saw Reese and Zach together. Zach was very upset about Kendall, and Reese was comforting him in a way that -- that concerned me.

Bianca: You're kidding me, right? My fiancée and my sister's husband?

Erica: Reese has a history with men that she deliberately hid from you.

Bianca: I knew it! I knew that I would regret telling you that.

Erica: Honey, I'm just saying it's possible.

Bianca: It's absurd. Reese is a lesbian. She was engaged to Simon before, because she didn't know who she was then, and she didn't tell me about it because that's her past.

Erica: It's so far in her past that he showed up on your doorstep for Reese on New Year's Eve?

Bianca: I can't do this.

Erica: Bianca -- look, honey. I want to believe that Reese is being truthful with you, that she is completely and totally devoted to you.

Bianca: Great, believe it.

Erica: It's just that she was very defensive when I spoke to her about this -- I mean, after her encounter with Zach.

Bianca: You confronted her?

Erica: I merely mentioned the fact that she had been engaged to a man once before, and she just flew off the handle.

Bianca: Don't do this, Mom.

Erica: Bianca, do what? Protect my daughter?

Bianca: I don't need protection from the love of my life. I need you to back off.

J.R.: Hey. Any word on Tad?

Jake: Hey, yourself. No, nothing yet.

J.R.: Well, somebody has to have seen him, Jeff, or Jamie. It's been weeks.

Jake: I've actually got an extra contact trying to find out something, and hopefully, we will hear soon.

Krystal: Somebody? Somebody please help us.

Jake: What's happening now?

J.R.: Are you ok?

Jake: Opal, what's the matter?

Opal: Tell me it's not true. Tad -- you've got to tell me.

Jake: No, no, no. We're going to find him, ok?

Krystal: Jake, Jake, I think she's having a heart attack.

Jake: Opal, listen here.

David: I've got it from here.

Jake: Like hell you do.

David: Krystal called me to let me know that Opal was coming in. Step aside. I can have security remove you from the hospital, if you'd like. Please, let's get her to an exam room. Come on.

Opal: Where's Tad? I just need Tad.

David: All right.

J.R.: Unbelievable. You called Hayward?

Krystal: He's her heart door.

Jake: Really, Krystal? What's he do for you?

Erica: Oh, Amanda, there's one more.

Adam: Oh, how nice to have my parlor back.

Erica: Well, how nice to know that my office is waiting.

Adam: What time would you like to leave for the casino tonight?

Erica: Do you think we're going together? You're presuming that we're a couple.

Adam: Well, just instead of running around in circles and making my head spin, would you tell me exactly, precisely what we are?

Erica: I am a successful, independent, powerful woman.

Adam: Yeah, and?

Erica: And you are an acquaintance.

Adam: An acquaintance. Yes, so that's your euphemism of choice these days?

Erica: Well, you could try saying friends again, but the truth is, that would be a stretch, since most of the time I don't even like you very much.

Adam: Oh, do you make a habit of kissing people you don't like?

Erica: I never kissed you. You kissed me. It was meaningless, something I'd like to forget.

Adam: Yes. All right, I've forgotten it. But I'd like to forget you. The Chandler Hotel is closed. I'd like you out by tonight.

Erica: Oh, that's not a problem. As a matter of fact, I think I will leave right now. Someone will come by. They'll pick up my things.

Adam: I'll send you a bill.

Erica: A bill? For what?

Adam: Well, the time you spent here, the office space, the maid service, the room service, the telephone, Internet, and blood.

Erica: Blood?

Adam: The donation I made that saved your life, Erica.

Erica: You're not serious?

Adam: Well, I suppose the satisfaction of knowing I am coursing through your veins should be compensation enough, but there's all that other stuff.

Erica: You invited me here. You begged me to come here and keep you company. Surely you don't really expect me to pay you?

Adam: Have you forgotten? We're in a recession.

Erica: You're unbelievable.

Adam: Yeah. It's a pleasure doing business with you. Don't come back.

Erica: To this dump? Never. I say never.

Greenlee: We're getting married. Tell me I'm not still dreaming.

Ryan: You're not still dreaming. It's real.

Greenlee: Whenever and wherever we get married, I want it to be perfect. No stress, no drama.

Ryan: No crashers.

Greenlee: I want Kendall to wake up so she can be my matron of honor. I want Emma to be my flower girl, and I want Spike to be my ring bearer. Me, me, me. What about you? Do you have any special requests for the big day?

Ryan: I won't be walking down the aisle.

Krystal: Now, for your information, David is a friend.

Jake: But I heard you spent Christmas with him. And that you had him at the house, and you had him near the kids. I mean, isn't that more than just a friendship?

Krystal: That wasn't planned, all right? I --

J.R.: You're trying to hide it, but it's not working. You freaked out when he tried to comfort you right here in the hospital.

Krystal: My husband is missing, all right? I had a panic attack.

J.R.: The way that you beat on him, that wasn't panic. That was guilt.

Jake: Do you have anything that you feel guilty about, Krystal?

Krystal: Nothing.

Jake: Ok. If you were having an affair on my brother, would you admit it?

Krystal: You know, how could you -- how could you --

Jake: How could I what? Women don't cheat? Women don't lie? They don't marry one guy and take off with another? I'm just saying --

Krystal: I told you, David is a friend.

Jake: I know that you just had your one-year wedding anniversary, right? Do you know that my brother told me he was tore up he couldn't be with you? So what? Do you feel the same way?

Krystal: Why are you looking at me that way?

J.R.: Because you're acting just like my mom when David reeled her in. I knew that he wanted to steal you away from Tad. I warned you. But it's too late, isn't it?

David: I gave Opal a cursory exam. Everything looks fine. I'm running an EKG right now. If it's clear, she can go home.

Krystal: Great. Can I see her?

David: Yeah, follow me.

J.R.: Don't. Don't go with him.

Zach: Ok, one more time. Every person that shows up here is a VIP. It doesn't matter who it is. If they need something, you get it for them. If you can't get it for them, find me. Franz, are you paying attention to me? Good. Wow. Um, get to work. Hey. Let's clean this up, all right, gentlemen? Thank you. And you, you clean up nice.

Reese: Oh, well, thank you. I didn't think that overalls were going to cut it.

Zach: What are you looking at? Get out of here. Go, work. You're distracting my guys. Don't do that.

Reese: Ok, well, if I am, it's your fault, giving me the full-on salon treatment in your office. That was very nice. Thank you.

Zach: It's a grand opening. You can't be looking like a lumberjack.

Reese: Oh, you know what just for that, I'm going to wear a hard hat. Excuse me, can I get your hard hat?

Zach: Fine, let me see what I paid for. Give me the whole thing.

Reese: Oh, I have to do a little --

Zach: Uh-huh.

Reese: Oh. Ok, so --

Zach: Wow.

[Bianca walks in]

Zach: Hey.

Reese: Oh, my goodness. Look at you. Hello.

Bianca: Hi.

Reese: Wow, how are you?

Greenlee: You got cold feet already?

Ryan: No, not at all. I can't wait to get married.

Greenlee: But you just said you're not going to walk down the aisle.

Ryan: Do you remember when we just took off, just the two of us? You, me, and the open road? Do you remember that? Do you remember how incredible that felt? Yeah, you remember that. No worries, no fear. So I won't be walking down the aisle on our wedding day, but I'm going to ride my bike to you, my incredibly beautiful bride, and after the ceremony you're going to get on the back, and we're going to take off, just the two of us. Start a new life together.

Greenlee: Burning rubber in a church might be an issue.

Ryan: Oh, you're going to look so hot. What I see right now, I see, like, white leather with, like, a miniskirt and hot boots.

Greenlee: Yeah, not happening.

Ryan: Know what I mean? There's the guy in Philadelphia who made your helmet, remember? We're going to get him to put a veil on. And maybe some gloves, you need some, like, leather gloves with the boots. To match the boots --

Greenlee: Why are we talking about clothes when we're not wearing any?

[Doorbell ringing]

Erica: Oh, are you all right?

Ryan: Erica. Yeah, I'm fine. Are you all right? How are you? It's good to see you out of the hospital.

Erica: Annie escaped from Oak Haven. She broke in here. I mean, how did that ever happen? How did she get out?

Ryan: Oh, Erica, you don't have to worry about her, ok? It's fine.

Erica: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I clearly -- I interrupted your nap. I mean, after all you've been through, I know you really do need some sleep. Oh. I see. I guess I was worried for nothing. You've clearly moved on.

Greenlee: Don't start, Erica.

Erica: What did I say?

Greenlee: It's not enough that you wormed your way into my company -- now you want to force your way into my private life?

Erica: Your private life is of absolutely no interest to me whatsoever. Ryan's well-being, on the other hand -- that is really a big concern of mine.

Ryan: Well, I -- I appreciate that you --

Greenlee: Translation -- she wants me gone.

Erica: Ok, let's try this again. This is not about you. This is about Ryan. And after all he's been through with Annie, he really needs some time to recover. I'd just hate to see him get into something that he would regret.

Ryan: I appreciate the concern, I really do, and especially with all you've got going on right now, to take the time to come here, that's -- it means a lot. But I'm fine. I'm actually better than fine. I'm -- I'm great. I'm in a great place. I'm -- I'm in the right place. With Greenlee. How is Kendall?

Greenlee: She needs you, we don't.

Erica: Ok. Obviously, I have come at the wrong time. I hope to see you at the casino later.

Ryan: Ok.

Erica: Ok.

Ryan: Ok.

Erica: Oh, Greenlee, just one more thing. I want you to know that I have moved my office out of the Chandler Mansion, back into Fusion. Hope to see you there sometime. I mean, if you can find the time.

Ryan: Don't let her get to you.

Greenlee: It kills me to say this, but what if she's right? What if we're moving too fast?

Ryan: What? Moving too fast? How long have we been apart?

Greenlee: Maybe we should just slow things down, and not just on an Emma level, but for you. I mean, it's ok, Ryan. If you need space --

Ryan: Greenlee, all the time that we've lost, all the years that we've been apart -- are you kidding? Too soon? It's not soon enough.

Greenlee: Are you sure?

Ryan: Yes, I am sure. I am positive. I should have never let you go to begin with. I should have held on to you so tight and never let you go. That's what I should have done. It's what I'm doing now, ok? And I want the world to know it. We're going to the casino opening.

Greenlee: But I thought that -

Ryan: No, I don't care what I said. I changed my mind. We're going to the casino opening, and you're going to be on my arm, the woman I love, and I'm going to show everybody, all right? I want to show everybody that we're back together for good.

Reese: And look, look. All up there? That is all glass mosaic, which -- it is an architect's dream, because he can use it anywhere. What's wrong?

Bianca: No, nothing -- I'm distracted. You're gorgeous. You're so glammed-up.

Reese: Oh. Yeah, well, I was working here with the crew all morning, and Zach said to me -- oh, and I quote, "You look like hell." Yeah, nice, huh? So he gave me the salon treatment.

Bianca: This was Zach's idea?

Reese: Yeah, you know, he wanted to surprise me and do something nice, and so it's a big night, I said, "Why not?" Ok, something's wrong. What is it?

Bianca: No, I -- I -- my mom told me about your argument with her.

Reese: Are you upset I didn't say anything?

Bianca: No, I'm upset at her for suggesting the most ridiculous thing ever. I told her that you and Zach are friends. It's insane for her to suggest that you're something more than that.

Reese: Wait -- wait a minute. Your mom thinks that something's going on between me and Zach?

Bianca: Well, she didn't tell you that?

Reese: No. She went off on me about Simon. She -- oh, my God. Wait a minute. What did she say?

Bianca: Well, I -- I had just told her about your past, and she saw you together. This is where her mind goes.

Reese: Oh, nice. Now, I knew that I was going to have the mother of all mother-in-laws with Erica Kane, but come on.

Bianca: Yeah, I know. She said you went off on her.

Reese: No, I didn't, actually. I -- look, Zach was upset. He left, and there she was, and it was like she was ready to pounce. She was looking for anything to make it seem like I am not good enough for you.

Bianca: What did you say to her?

Reese: I told her that our relationship is our business.

Bianca: Good. I told her the same thing.

Reese: Good. Bianca, what your mom thinks about me and Zach -- it's crazy.

Bianca: I know.

Reese: All right? The truth is, I don't really care what she thinks. I'm sorry. I care what you think. She got to you, didn't she?

Man: Excuse me, Reese.

Reese: Yeah?

Man: We got a problem out front.

Reese: All right. I'll be right there. I got -- can we talk about this later?

Bianca: Yeah.

Reese: Are you ok?

Bianca: Yes.

Reese: Yeah, all right, I got -- I'll be right back.

[Knock on door]

David: Come on in.

Krystal: I, uh -- I drove Opal home, got her into bed.

David: She'll be all right. She just needs some rest.

Krystal: Yeah, I don't know. I'm not so sure about that. She's worried sick about Tad, and then there's that tea leaf reading stuff.

David: Well, I don't know if I can diagnose tea leaves, but I wouldn't have sent her home if she wasn't going to be ok. Now, why don't we take care of you? Here. It's in there.

Krystal: [Sighs]

David: Great. Just relax. Everything's going to be all right. In fact, it's going to be better than all right, because tonight, we're going out on the town.

Krystal: I just, um -- I came by for that glass of -- Winifred's got the kids. I've got to get back.

David: All right, listen. I understand, ok? We are still grieving for Babe, but it's not healthy to hide behind closed doors forever.

Krystal: I'm not up to it, all right? Not yet.

David: What do you think Babe would want from us? She would say, "Go out there and live your lives." It's a new year, Krystal. It's the perfect time.

Krystal: Babe would want that. All right, I'll go to the party. Alone.

Reese: Hi. Welcome. Nice to meet you.

Bianca: Hey, inside, can I steal her for a second?

Zach: Sure.

Bianca: I'm sorry. You're right. My mother did get to me. But listen, don't go back to that fear place, ok? I believe that you are committed to me, our life, and our family. I trust you, and I love you, and I'm so sorry this ever came up.

Reese: It's ok, all right? Erica loves you, and she is just watching out for you.

Bianca: Well, no more, not when it comes to us.

Zach: Wow.

Erica: Oh, hi. Thank you, thank you. I -- oh, the casino looks amazing. I just, um -- just one thing missing. I wish Kendall was here.

Zach: Me, too.

Erica: Well, the renovations look just fabulous. You've done a terrific job.

Zach: It wasn't me. It was your future daughter-in-law. Pretty special.

J.R.: Quit watching me.

Adam: You shouldn't be here.

J.R.: I don't need a babysitter. Go chase Erica. Leave me the hell alone.

David: Hey.

Krystal: Hey.

David: You didn't drive, did you?

Krystal: I -- I took a cab. Excuse me.

David: Krystal, take my arm. I don't bite.

Krystal: I am perfectly capable of walking on my own, ok?

David: Who cares what they think?

Krystal: Get away from me.

David: Here, have some champagne.

J.R.: What's wrong with you?

Krystal: I had to get out.

J.R.: With Hayward?

Krystal: Look, J.R., it's not the way it looks.

J.R.: Oh, really? Because it looks like you're on a date with this slimeball with Tad missing.

David: Back off, Junior. I'm just giving Krystal what she wants. Maybe some day if you're lucky, some poor sucker will do the same for you.

[With Amanda watching, J.R. goes in another room and drinks out of a bottle]

David: J.R. doesn't understand, ok? Forget about him. This is our night, so why don't we have a good time, okay?

[Cell phone rings]

Krystal: Hello? What -- I can't -- Hello? Hello?

Greenlee: Opal, I'm so glad you're here.

Ryan: You know what, Opal, I owe you a huge thank you.

Greenlee: I don't usually go for the whole hocus pocus voodoo stuff, but your reading just reiterated everything Ryan's been telling me. I said yes. We're engaged.

Opal: You can't -- you cannot get married.

Erica: Hi.

Bianca: Oh, hi.

Erica: Where's Reese?

Bianca: She's over there. I told her about your little theory -- about her and Zach?

Erica: And?

Bianca: And she's offended and angry, and she thinks this is as ridiculous as I do.

Erica: Honey, I just don't want to see you hurt anymore.

Bianca: She loves me. She will never hurt me.

Zach: What is it? Is there something wrong with the room?

Reese: No, it's not about the casino. It's about me and Bianca. We have to move out of your house.

Zach: Why?

Reese: Because you and I can't be friends anymore.

Greenlee: Why can't we get married?

Krystal: Oh, my God. Tad --

[Krystal falls to the floor]

Announcer: This New Year's --

Krystal: I slept with David.

Announcer: The tables turn --

Tad: This is a restraining order.

Krystal: All I want is my baby.

Announcer: And --

Reese: You set me up?

Bianca: I came back home, and I saw you.

Reese: So is the wedding off?

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