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[David plays the piano]

Krystal: Mm, don't stop.

[Piano music continues]

Amanda: All right. Let's warm this popsicle up.

J.R.: Brr.

Adam: Hello. Welcome. Oh, I am so happy to see you. Is this from Santa?

Little Adam: No, it's from Amanda.

Adam: Oh, well, yes. You didn't mention Amanda was going to be joining us.

Amanda: Well, I crashed the party.

J.R.: Yeah, but we had a great time playing with Amanda. Right, son? We played dragons and knights and opened presents.

Adam: And yet you came back early.

J.R.: Yeah, well, what better way to ring in the new year -- just right at home.

Adam: Yeah. Well, what do you say we go in here and see if there's any gifts you left under the tree. Come on. This way.

J.R.: Thanks for driving. How am I doing?

Amanda: For a guy with a four-alarm hangover, pretty darn good.

Man: We searched a five-mile perimeter. No sign of Miss Lavery.

Dr. Sinclair: Ok. Do whatever you have to do. Just find her. Mr. Stone? Mr. Stone? Look, before you found me in Annie Lavery's room, did you see her leave? Did you see anything?

Jesse: Dr. Sinclair? Can you explain to me please how Annie Lavery was able to break out of your lockdown? How do you lose a dangerous, unstable woman like that?

Ryan: Oh, it's cold, cold, cold, cold.

Greenlee: Yeah, the snow is so beautiful.

Ryan: You're beautiful.

Greenlee: Mm.

Ryan: I noticed that you -- you didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night.

Greenlee: Well, in case you forgot, there wasn't a lot of sleeping going on.

Ryan: We're alone right now. We could always pick up where we left off. What? No, no. Emma's gone. Emma's having a lot of fun over at Opal's. You're nervous.

Greenlee: Do you blame me?

Ryan: Greenlee, I meant every single word that I said to you last night, ok? I did. I'm serious. This is the beginning of our life together right here, right now, and I am going to spend every minute of every day making you, Emma, and Spike happy, ok? So just tell me what you need right now to make you happy, so I can put that smile back on your face. Go ahead and tell me. What is it? What do you want? I'm serious here. I'm not messing around. I'm going to do this. I'm going to -- I'm going to shout it from, like, the tops of mountains or something. I'm just going to have to --

[Greenlee squeals]

Ryan: And I'm going to spin you around and say, "I love this woman! I love her!"

[Upstairs, Annie wakes up in Emma's bed]

[David playing piano]

[Krystal recalls the smoke detector beeping when she set her house on fire the previous night]

Krystal: Oh my God.

David: What?

Krystal: The girls are going to see the house and the tree. Kathy is not going to understand.

David: Relax.

Krystal: I nearly burned down the house. God, I've got to be there for Kathy and Jenny. Oh, geez. Opal can't watch them forever.

David: Sit down.

Krystal: I've got to explain. I can't.

David: Ok, listen to me. Do you want to work yourself up into another anxiety attack? Just give it one minute, ok? Just relax. Don't jump up like that.

Krystal: I am losing my mind.

David: No, you're grieving, but at least you got a good night's sleep.

Krystal: Yeah, well, that was -- that was the pills.

David: Which you needed.

Krystal: Well, now I'm awake, and I've got a charred living room, I've got a Christmas tree in ashes, and two little girls with the worst holiday ever. Now, do you have a pill to fix that?

David: Some breakfast wouldn't hurt.

Krystal: I don't need pancakes. I need to get home. Oh, God, David. If you hadn't have been there, I would be dead. Kathy and Jenny would be without a mother because I threw a tantrum.

David: Hey, you were upset, ok, and it was my fault. Let's not forget that.

Krystal: I can't stay mad at a man who saved my life, can I? I -- I've got to get home. I've got to get home and try to figure out a way to make things right.

David: Who you calling?

Krystal: I'm going to call a cab.

David: No way. Are you kidding me? No, you're not calling a cab. I'll take you home.

Krystal: Oh, come on now. You've done more than enough.

David: No, no. Come on. Let me take care of you, ok?

[Krystal sighs]

J.R.: I owe you.

Amanda: You don't.

J.R.: Look, if you hadn't been there last night, God knows what would've happened.

Amanda: How can you say that? I gave you the drink.

J.R.: You tested me to see if I was strong enough to resist. I flunked.

Amanda: I should've stopped you.

J.R.: Look, when a drunk wants a drink, nothing and no one can stop him. Besides, it all hit me all at once. Losing Babe, losing Little Adam's shell.

Amanda: Well, at least you have it back again.

J.R.: Yeah, yeah. Maybe he's right. Maybe it is magic. Maybe it will protect us. I mean, it brought you to the cabin.

Amanda: J.R. --

J.R.: Look, I was lying to myself thinking I could have just one drink, that I needed it, that I could handle it. Well, I get it now. You got me here. I can't handle it. So enough lying to myself. I'm going to stay sober from now on for Little Adam and for you.

Amanda: You should do it for yourself and for your son, not for me. I don't deserve it.

Adam: Oh, just what is it you don't deserve?

Jesse: How is it possible that a woman with so little hold on reality can so easily slip out of a high security facility.

Dr. Sinclair: Ok. Ms. Lavery attacked me. I hit my head, and -- and I was unconscious. While I was unconscious, she took my clothes, and she escaped. We -- we hoped that she'd be somewhere here on the grounds.

Jesse: You hoped?

Dr. Sinclair: Yeah.

Jesse: That your way of dealing with a security breach? With hope?

Dr. Sinclair: I'm sure we will find her any minute now. I mean, how far can she get? She's on foot.

Jesse: To the nearest bus stop, maybe, which there is one of them right down the street from here.

Dr. Sinclair: Ok, that's possible, but Ms. Lavery is quite incapacitated.

Jesse: Well, Ms. Lavery was obviously clever enough to get past you un-incapacitated folks and get out of here. She has a history of assault and murder. If she gets on a bus, if she manages to -- God.

Ryan: That should take the chill off for a bit.

Greenlee: I'm warming up already.

Jesse: Dammit.

Ryan's voice: You've reached Ryan Lavery. Leave me a message.


Jesse: Ryan, this is Jesse Hubbard. I need you to call me as soon as you get this. Annie broke out of Oak Haven, and she could be headed your way.

Greenlee: This is really happening, isn't it? You and me? After so much?

Ryan: This is real. This is real. All the bad stuff is behind us. This is going to be our life, just like this -- you, me, Emma, and Spike, a family loved and safe every day.

Greenlee: And the nights?

Ryan: And the nights.

Greenlee: God, I love you.


Annie: Daddy -- what are you doing with mean lady?

David: Looks great, Mark. Thank you.

[Krystal gasps]

David: Here. Give this to your boss. There's something in there for you, too, ok?

Krystal: You did this?

David: Well, I didn't do it personally. I had a patient. He was a contractor. He needed a bypass, because he smoked too much. He cried like a baby when I saved his life. He said if there was ever anything I needed --

Krystal: I -- I don't know what to say.

David: You don't need to say anything.

Krystal: Thank you. I -- I didn't know what I was going to tell Kathy, how to explain.

David: Well, you might have to come up with another story about the tree.

Krystal: Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. Oh, the presents. They're still at Wildwind and the girls are going to be here any second now.

David: Voila.

[Krystal gasps]

David: What?

Krystal: You. You hug, you give presents, you play the piano. It's as if -- I don't know.

David: The Grinch has been reborn?

Adam: I can think of a good many things you don't deserve, but what it is in particular this time?

J.R.: My car wouldn't start. Amanda drove me home. I offered her gas money, but she won't accept.

Adam: That would be a first.

J.R.: Look, Amanda helped me. Can you at least try to be cool?

Adam: I apologize.

Little Adam: Daddy, come see my new sled.

J.R.: Oh, ok. All right. Show me.

Adam: May I have a word?

[Amanda sighs]

Amanda: You never stop at just one.

Adam: J.R.'s drinking again, isn't he?

Dr. Sinclair: Look, she had a complete split from reality.

Jesse: Uh, yeah.

Dr. Sinclair: There was nothing in her behavior to suggest that she was capable of planning and executing an escape attempt.

Jesse: Dr. Sinclair, this was not an attempt. She is out there and dangerous because you weren't paying attention.

Dr. Sinclair: All right. I take full responsibility. I let my guard down. I was in control one minute, and next, I was unconscious.

Jesse: What was the name of the patient who found you?

Dr. Sinclair: Mr. Stone.

Jesse: I need to talk to Mr. Stone.

Dr. Sinclair: He was with me when you arrived. I don't know how much help he'll be. He's just as delusional as Ms. Lavery.

Jesse: Every little bit, Doctor. Every little bit.

Dr. Sinclair: Ok. Mr. Stone?

Annie: What are you doing here? Daddy, what is she doing here? Make her go away.

Ryan: Annie, what is going on? How -- how did you get here?

Annie: I'm Emma, and I was sleeping, and she woke me up. I don't like her being here, Daddy. Get her out of here.

Ryan: Ok, ok. Everything's going to be ok, Annie.

Annie: I'm Emma.

Ryan: Emma. Emma -- Emma, everything's going to be ok, all right? It's going to be all right, Emma.

Annie: What is she doing here? I miss Mommy. I want Mommy.

Ryan: Why don't you just --

Annie: What are you doing? Who is she calling? Make her stop calling. No calls.

Ryan: Ok, ok, ok, ok. Emma, why don't I go make you some of that cinnamon toast that you like so much. I'll make it just the way you like it.

Annie: This doesn't feel right. This isn't how it's supposed to be.

Ryan: Ok, just -- just let me help you. Let me help you, ok? Let me help.

Annie: Why won't you tell me where Mommy is?

David: You cold? We could make a fire.

Krystal: No, I think I've had enough smoke and flames to last me into next century. Thank you for this, David, really. It's as good as new.

David: Mm.

Krystal: Better.

David: Tad will hardly know the difference.

Krystal: Tad's pretty observant. I think he'll know that something's changed.

David: Does that bother you?

Krystal: He didn't call on Christmas. I mean, I know he's halfway across God knows where doing God knows what to look for Jeff and Jamie, but --

David: You miss him.

Krystal: I needed to hear his voice. I hope he's ok.

David: Hey, where's that woman who is laughing and enjoying my music a little while ago?

Krystal: You've done so much for me even though I said all those horrible, horrible things.

David: Baby, I'm sure the house and the tree got the worst of it.

Krystal: I -- I'm sorry.

David: No, Krystal, we have shared so much together. We understand each other so much. There's no reason to apologize.

Krystal: Thank you. Thank you for this -- and for our precious Babe.

David: Merry Christmas, Krystal.

Pete: Yay. Presents for everyone.

Amanda: Why would you think that J.R.'s been drinking?

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: I always know when J.R.'s been drinking. He overcompensates -- too happy, too enthusiastic.

Amanda: Real sorry you can't handle your son happy.

Amanda: With the booze oozing out of his pores? Tell me. Is this a one-shot deal or is he drinking around the clock again?

Amanda: Ok, yeah, he had a drink. A few.

Adam: Damn.

Amanda: But it's Christmas, ok? His wife died. He's upset. How about a little support?

Adam: Is that what you are? A little support? Did you catch him when he fell off the wagon or did you push him?

Amanda: Babe was my best friend.

Adam: And J.R. is your bank, or I am, and now you're broke and back for more.

Amanda: It's not like that.

Adam: You -- you're as predictable as J.R. with his head in a bottle. Oh, he drinks, he gets vulnerable, and you know exactly how to manipulate him.

Amanda: He's my friend.

Adam: You get him drunk, weak, needy, and there you are -- ta-ta's in his face, your hands in his pockets. You know what that makes you?

J.R.: All right, Dad. That's enough.

Adam: J.R., don't. You know what she is. Don't let her fleece you again.

J.R.: You're wrong. Amanda's changed. She's been great to me.

Adam: See if you feel the same when you're sober.

J.R.: He had no right to say those things to you.

Amanda: He's angry.

J.R.: He found out I slipped?

Amanda: Adam's got a pretty sharp radar.

J.R.: Are you ok?

Amanda: I've been called worse.

J.R.: Oh, to hell with them. Thank you for making Little A's Christmas a great one.

Amanda: You had plenty to do with that. I should go.

J.R.: Amanda? Merry Christmas. I couldn't have gone through it without you.

Ryan: Your mommy is -- is in the hospital, remember? She's very, very, very sick.

Annie: Is she going to get better?

Ryan: Yes, she is. Yeah. We can go and see her if you want. We can go right now.

Annie: No, I like it here. Can't Mommy just come here?

Ryan: No, she can't. She's got to stay in a place where there's people that can take care of her.

Annie: What are you doing? Why are you looking at her like that? She's bad. She's the reason Mommy isn't here. It's all her fault.

Ryan: No, no, no, no. No, it's nobody's fault, ok, Emma? It's not. You know -- you know what? Look, this -- this is Mom's present. We can take it to her right now. She'd open it. She would love that. You would love it. Want to go?

Annie: Is she coming? Mommy won't want her to come. Mommy hates her.

Ryan: No, no. It would just be you and me. Greenlee would stay here.

Annie: Greenlee? I hate her, too.

Opal: You should have seen Santa's face.

Emma: Mommy! You came home. My Christmas wish came true.

Krystal: Well, you are looking particularly handsome, Pete.

Pete: Ah, it's just something I threw on from my closet. You know.

Krystal: Oh.

Pete: And some contacts that --

Krystal: Ah.

Pete: Don't make my eyes all red and scary-looking.

Krystal: Oh, ho-ho.

Pete: Colby hasn't said anything.

Kathy: Wow.

Krystal: That's from your daddy. He wrapped it himself before he left.

Kathy: When is he coming home? I miss him.

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah, I miss him, too.

Colby: So, uh, what happened to the tree?

Krystal: Um...

David: I guess Santa came and took it for a family who needed it more.

Kathy: Colby, look, it's like yours.

Colby: It sure is. Very chic.

Pete: So "Santa" stole the tree and painted the room.

David: You have quite the nose there, Petey.

Pete: I was -- I wasn't prying.

David: Hmm.

Pete: It's none of my business.

David: Right.

Pete: "Santa" can do whatever he wants.

David: I seem to make you nervous.

Pete: Of course not.

David: No, don't tell me. Your old man told you all about me, right? I'm Satan incarnate.

Pete: No, not at all.

David: Right.

Pete: You're the new chief of staff of P.V.H.

David: Mm.

Pete: Congratulations.

David: So everything you know about me is from other people, right? Which is to say you don't know me at all. Wouldn't it be nice if you gave someone the benefit of the doubt before you write them off?

Pete: I'm down with that.

David: Good.

Pete: She doesn't even notice me.

David: Consider yourself lucky, kid. You get involved with the Chandlers, your whole life turns to hell. I think I should get going.

Krystal: Oh, you have to leave?

David: Yeah, you should spend the time with your family. If you need anything else --

[Krystal clears throat]

David: Ok?

Krystal: Ok.

David: Merry Christmas, everyone.

Colby: We should go, too.

Krystal: Oh.

Colby: Yeah, um, so what's with David Hayward being here?

Krystal: You know, with the holidays and no Tad, it's been kind of crazy. David's just, you know, trying to help keep me sane.

Colby: Mm. I was, uh, waiting for him to break out the Christmas carols and eggnog. He was almost nice. Normal, even.

Krystal: Well, you know, if you knew David like I do, he's really very caring. Listen, thank you for bringing the kids by, for making this a special Christmas.

Colby: Are you going to be ok? We can stay.

Krystal: No, I'm fine. And Jenny and Kathy and I have lots of playing to do, so...

Colby: Ok.

Krystal: Ok.

Colby: Bye.

Annie: I remember you from before.

Emma: I prayed and I prayed and it worked. You came home.

Opal: Oh, my Lord.

Annie: You prayed for me?

Ryan: Emma? Emma? Sweetie, um, why don't you show Teddy Rufus to Opal, huh?

Opal: Yes. How about if you and Teddy Rufus here and me all go out for a nice big hot fudge sundae, huh? What do you say?

Emma: But Mommy's here. I don't want to leave her.

Greenlee: Emma, your mommy's very sick. Why don't you go with Opal, ok?

Opal: Come on, come on. We're going to have a really good time here.

Greenlee: [Soft] Call 911.

Opal: [Soft] Yeah, I will.

Ryan: Annie? Are you ok?

Dr. Sinclair: Mr. Stone, if you could please cooperate.

Jesse: Listen.

Dr. Sinclair: I'm -- I'm so sorry.

Officer: Chief, 911, the Lavery residence.

Jesse: Annie?

Officer: Yes, sir.

Dr. Sinclair: Um, Mr. Stone? Why didn't you want Chief Hubbard to see your face?

Aidan: Because I'm on a mission.

Dr. Sinclair: What sort of mission.

Aidan: You know, kill or be killed. Watched all the time. The enemy's everywhere.

Dr. Sinclair: Who's the enemy, Mr. Stone? Answer me.

Aidan: They are. They found me. Cover me?

Orderly: Dr. Sinclair.

[Aidan kisses the doctor]

Orderly: Are you ok?

Ryan: That was taken last summer. It's a picture of me, of Emma, and of you, Annie. You're not Emma, you're Annie. You're Emma's mother.

Annie: And your wife? Get out of my house, bitch.

Ryan: Annie, hey, hey --

Annie: Get your -- get your hands off me!

Ryan: Take it easy, it's ok.

Annie: Let me go!

Ryan: Annie, I got you.

Annie: Get off me, get off me!

Greenlee: Ryan!

Annie: He can't save you now, can he?

Krystal: There you go. Thank you for your help, buttercup. You are such a big girl.

Kathy: Can I go put the new furniture in my dollhouse?

Krystal: You bet you can.

Adam: You're just in time to join the fun.

Colby: Oh, we just had all kinds of fun at Krystal's house, with David Hayward.

J.R.: What? He was there?

Colby: Like he lived there. He played with Kathy and Jenny. He and Krystal had little inside jokes. Freaky.

Pete: Deaky.

Adam: This is what I was afraid of. Hayward is weaseling his way into Krystal's life.

Colby: It was like Tad didn't even exist. Some kind of parallel universe or something. After David left, I said something and Krystal totally defended him. Said I didn't know him like she did.

J.R.: Damn. He's getting to her.

Colby: Krystal tried as hard as anyone else to get David out of town, and now she's all about how great he is?

Adam: We've got to do something to stop this.

Colby: Maybe there's nothing to stop. Maybe Krystal's right. David's changed. We just need to stop being so paranoid.

J.R.: No, what we need to be is prepared.

Amanda: Where the hell have you been?

David: Oh, brother. I'm going to need to get that key back. So have you come all this way to spread your holiday cheer?

Amanda: I brought you a present.

J.R.: [Drunk] Babe was the love of my life. I loved her so much.

David: Pathetic.

Amanda: You happy?

David: Ecstatic.

Amanda: Then pay me.

David: I've got to tell you, Amanda, I'm impressed. Although I have to ask, where's the big smiley face? You know, the champagne, the victory dance?

Amanda: I feel so guilty.

David: Really? Well, I guess I should be glad that you didn't let that stand in your way.

Amanda: Go to hell.

David: Here you go. The easy part.

Amanda: I'm done, right?

David: Absolutely. J.R. can take it from here. Now that he's tasted the booze, he won't be able to stop. Soon he won't be able to take care of himself, let alone his motherless son.

Amanda: You're a jerk.

David: Mm, and you're rich. Paid in full. Unless you don't want it, all that guilt. Merry Christmas, darling.

Krystal: Yeah, Winifred. It's me, Krystal. Listen, would you mind watching the girls again for me? Thank you.

Dr. Sinclair: I want him sedated immediately and put in isolation. Find his doctor.

Aidan: Oh, no, don't do that. Don't do that, please. Ahh!

Dr. Sinclair: Your behavior was completely unacceptable, Mr. Stone.

Annie: Bitch, you stole my husband, my child, my life.

Greenlee: Ok, do it already. Kill me. Get it over with, anything so I don't have to listen to crazy Annie rant anymore.

Annie: I hate you.

Greenlee: Yeah, I got that a long time ago. You know, I'm sick of wondering when you're going to stick a knife in me, put a bullet in my head, or poison me. Have you ever thought about that? It can be very, very painful. Oh, but, no, that's right. You like lug wrenches.

Annie: You ruined my life.

Greenlee: You ruined your life when you went bonkers and started killing people. So do it. You want to kill me? Do it. Get it over with, already. What are you waiting for, huh?

Annie: No, don't -- ow!

Ryan: Ok, ok. Take it easy, ok?

Jesse: Come on.

Annie: No, no, no, no.

Jesse: Everybody ok?

Annie: No, no, no, no...

Pete: So do you want to get together for New Year's Eve?

Colby: A date?

Pete: Yeah.

Colby: No.

Pete: Well, you know, I -- I thought that we were getting really close.

Colby: We're friends.

Pete: But, um... look what I did for you?

Colby: Why?

Pete: So you would like me better.

Colby: That's not the way it works. You're still you.

Pete: Is that a bad thing?

Colby: No, no, it's just -- didn't I tell you not to try to be someone else?

Pete: You don't like it.

Colby: It's fine if it makes you feel better.

Pete: It does. It makes me feel so good that I'm going to find another date for New Year's Eve.

[Door slams loudly]

David: What's going on? Is this -- everything ok, the girls?

Krystal: Yeah, they're -- they're with Winifred.

David: Ok, then, why are you here?

Krystal: You don't know?

David: Oh, please tell me you didn't ingest the pills and drive over here.

Krystal: It wasn't the pills I needed. It was you.

J.R.: Amanda, come on in.

Amanda: No, I can't -- I can't stay. I just came to tell you that I can't see you anymore.

J.R.: Because of the drinking at the lodge. I was a jerk. I swear that's never going --

Amanda: No, it's not that. I'm no good for you.

J.R.: Amanda, you've been great. If it wasn't for you, I probably --

Amanda: Merry Christmas, J.R.

Little Adam: Daddy, come play with me.

J.R.: Ok. Rrrah! You're a good boy, you know that? Yeah.

Dr. Sinclair: Welcome back, Ms. Lavery.

Annie: I've been bad.

Dr. Sinclair: Yes, you have.

Annie: No more recess?

Dr. Sinclair: I'm afraid not.

Annie: What are you -- what are you doing? What are they doing?

Dr. Sinclair: It's for your own good.

Annie: No, no, no, get your hands off me. No, ow, get your hands off me!

Ryan: No, everything's safe to come back now, Opal. Thank you very much. Ok, bye. Are you sure you're ok?

Greenlee: You're the one that got knocked out.

Ryan: I don't understand. How did Annie escape from a maximum security facility?

Greenlee: Annie lives for one thing. She wakes up, she goes to sleep, she dreams about one thing. I ruined her life. She wants me dead.

Ryan: We will stop her.

Greenlee: No, we can't stop her. She won't stop. Today, tomorrow, next month, Emma's birthday, our wedding. Annie will find a way to get to us, and she won't stop until I'm dead.

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