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David: Hello, Chief. Is there a reason you're not responding to my voice mails?

Joe: I have been behind in everything since the tornados. There are only so many hours in a day.

David: Well, something's come up that we really need to discuss.

Joe: I shall put you on my wait list. Right now, I'm late for the board meeting.

David: It is important.

Joe: Yeah. Not now, Doctor. In any case, whatever it is, how come you haven't tried to deal with it yourself, as you've been doing with everything else around here?

David: If you insist.

[Cell phone ringing]

David: Hello?

Saad: Dr. Hayward, it's Saad. How are you?

David: Hello, Doctor. So you got my message.

Saad: Yes. It's good to hear from you again. So you were inquiring about two doctors that we have working out here, Jeff Martin and Jamie Martin?

David: Yes. I was wondering if they were still working in the more dangerous areas out there?

Saad: Well, everywhere here can be dangerous these days, but they were fine. I saw them a couple of weeks ago.

David: So you haven't seen them in, what, two weeks?

Saad: Uh, they both went bush to help out some of the more remote villages. No real way of getting in touch with them.

David: Is anyone concerned about them?

Saad: No, no. There's no reason to be concerned.

David: Well, isn't there a lot of guerilla activity out there?

Saad: Yes, but for the most part the doctors are kept safe by the locals.

David: All right, Saad, listen. I need a really big favor.

Saad: Anything. I owe you my life.

David: Good. I'd like to make some of the people back here concerned about the Drs. Martin. Very concerned.

Tad: Put that here, put that here. Hey, morning.

Krystal: Good morning. I'm sorry I overslept.

Tad: I'm not surprised. You were up so late last night. I was worried sick about you.

Krystal: I'm sorry. Uh, you saw the snowstorm. I tried to call you. Didn't you get my message?

Tad: Of course, I did. I called you back, like, four times.

Krystal: Yeah, my phone is so screwy.

Tad: You never mentioned on the message. Where were you all that time?

Natalia: Is it the cancer? Is that what did this to her?

Frankie: Yes. The pressure from her tumor was most likely the cause of her seizure.

Angie: I want to check on her latest MRI.

Jesse: Sweetie, I'll be back, ok? Angela?

Angie: I've seen the MRI. I just had to get out of there.

Jesse: I know what you're thinking. Don't do this to yourself.

Angie: She didn't want to be resuscitated. She signed a paper.

Jesse: Natalia begged you to do something. And I've got to tell you, I couldn't take seeing her like that anymore.

Angie: But you're not the doctor who went against the patient's wishes.

Jesse: All right, please don't beat yourself up about this.

David: You don't have to do that, Doctor. I can do it for you.

Bianca: Hey.

Ryan: Hey, there you are. Glad you made it home ok. Look!

Bianca: Wow, how did you get babysitting duties?

Ryan: Well, Emma and I came by to see Spike this morning, and Rachel said that nobody showed up yesterday once the snow started. So she got a message from you that you were stranded, but that's it. Didn't hear anything else.

Bianca: Yeah, unfortunately I was stranded right outside of Wildwind and David let me stay the night. Wait, wait. Nobody else came home?

Ryan: No.

Bianca: Where are Reese and Zach?

Zach: Sun's up. It stopped snowing around midnight.

Reese: Ok. Oh, is that coffee?

Zach: It's a better pot than whoever made the last one.

Reese: Well, good morning to you, too. God, Bianca's got to be worried. Are you ok? You had me pretty worried last night.

Zach: Yeah, no problem. Fingers are a little achy, but no frostbite, and I slept pretty well.

Greenlee: How are you?

Aidan: I'm better. I heal fast.

Greenlee: I was just with Kendall.

Aidan: No change?

Greenlee: We've got a vigil going, where we all take turns talking to her.

Aidan: Well, I hope it does some good.

Greenlee: Yeah.

Annie: No, no, no! I won't go! Take your hands off me! I don't want to go! No, I'm not going! I don't want to go! I won't go! Get your hands off me! Stop it! I won't go!

Aidan: Not pretty, is it?

Greenlee: What are they going to do?

Aidan: Looks like they're going to put her in restraints.

Annie: I want to go home. I want to see my daughter. I want to go home. I want to go home.

Aidan: Then they'll drug her and take her to Oak Haven. I need to see my doctor.

Bianca: They were just going to get a tree for in here somewhere in the mountains and -- oh, God, I'm officially worried.

Ryan: Don't be, ok? You got caught in the snow and so did a lot of people. I'm sure that's what happened to them, ok?

Bianca: Voice mail. No, there's no messages.

Ryan: Well, I mean, if they were in the mountains, they may not have had any cell service, ok? Don't worry. I'll call Highway Patrol. I'll call the local cops. I'm sure they're fine, ok?

Zach: Last night, all I could think about was Kendall and her dying without me. And now I'm here, and I know she's alive. I don't know how, but I do.

Reese: That's good. I mean, I'm glad you could sleep, because you needed it.

Zach: So now it's back to the real world and pretending to everyone that there's still hope.

Reese: Not to everyone.

Zach: I'm sorry. It's unfair to ask you to keep a secret. And that's --

Reese: It's ok. It's ok, and you know what? You needed the time away, and it was good that you got it with somebody you don't have to lie to.

Natalia: She's never waking up, is she? God, is she even alive?

Frankie: There still is brain activity.

Natalia: But what does that mean? Does she have dreams, thoughts, or is it just nothing?

Frankie: I can't tell you that. I don't have the answers, except there's always a chance.

David: Would you give me some time alone with Dr. Hubbard, please? We have some urgent hospital business to discuss.

Jesse: I'm going to go check in with the station. I'll be back.

David: So many tragedies lately, huh?

Angie: It's been a difficult time, difficult choices to make.

David: And yet this poor woman went through the trouble to make sure that no difficult choices would be made on her behalf. A do-not-resuscitate form was signed, one you apparently violated. Is that right?

Angie: Doctor's instincts kicked in. She was begging me to save her mother.

David: So it was your difficult choice.

Angie: I'm glad you understand.

David: What you did affects this hospital. You put her on life support. She signed a document specifically stating that no such action be taken.

Angie: What are you suggesting I do?

David: Explain yourself to the Ethics Committee, and then take her off. Allow this woman to die the way she wanted to, the way she instructed us to. Otherwise, this hospital is going to be knee-deep in all sorts of --

Angie: When in the hell did you appoint yourself chief of staff? And who in the hell do you think you are giving me orders?

David: If you would like Joe to give you this order, I can make that happen. Do I really have to point out that you're too close to this case? I'm merely telling you exactly what Joe and the board will tell you to do.

Natalia: Tell you to do what?

Krystal: I just can't believe how fast it was coming down. I'll tell you what, I skidded out of control and went into a ditch. Then I got myself in deeper, because I was spinning my wheels, you know, trying to get out.

Tad: So you stayed in the car the entire time?

Krystal: No, no. I got out for a while. I tried to flag down a cop, but there were a lot of people stuck.

Tad: Yeah, sure.

Krystal: I did finally get under cover, though. I --

[Cell phone ringing]

Tad: Oh, excuse me. Sorry, honey. Strange. Tad Martin.

Saad: Mr. Martin, this is Dr. Saad Pertiwi. I've been working with your brother and son down here in the Congo.

Tad: Yeah, I'm glad you called, actually. I've been trying to get in touch with my son for the last few days, and I haven't had any luck.

Saad: Uh, they went bush two weeks ago to tend to some remote villages. I'm afraid I've just got reports that there is guerilla activity in the vicinity.

Tad: Well, is there any way of getting in touch with either of them?

Saad: I'm afraid not, and I was led to believe that they were due back two days ago. To be truthful, I've been very concerned about them, and there are even rumors that some foreigners have been kidnapped. I felt I should let you know immediately.

Tad: Listen, can I at least get in contact with you at this number?

Saad: At any time, sir. Both of them are in my prayers.

Tad: Uh, yeah. Thank you for calling.

Krystal: What is it, honey?

Tad: It's Jamie and Jeff. They're both missing.

Reese: You know you weren't the only one who needed some time away. Why do you think I jumped when you asked me to go get a tree for the kids? You know, I don't like being away from Bianca, I really don't. But I hate keeping this from her even more, even though I understand you need to. Last night after you fell asleep, I was looking out at the snow, and it's weird, because I found myself relieved to have been stuck up here with you, because I'm scared that Bianca's going to find out, and I don't want to see that look of pain in her eyes.

Zach: I understand. It was very selfish asking you not to say anything about Kendall. That's not -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean --

Reese: No, it's ok. You know, I do understand that. I understand your need to share that burden. I don't know. Maybe it's just because I'm the newbie or maybe because I haven't been through everything that you and Bianca and all the others have, but despite what the doctors say, I still believe there's hope. And I do still believe in miracles.

Zach: Well, one miracle at a time. Let's get this car on the road.

Tad: That was this doctor that works with the medical organization out there in the Congo. He said that Jamie and Jeff went out in the country and nobody's heard from them, that there have been reports of guerilla activity and even kidnappings. He sounded really upset.

Krystal: Maybe you should contact the embassy, see if they can track them down.

Tad: That's a damn good idea. I'm sorry, I've got to talk to my father.

David: You and Dr. Hubbard need to discuss what happens next. She'll explain everything to you.

Natalia: What's going on?

Angie: Natalia, your mother's on life support, and it is not what she wanted. Now, the do-not-resuscitate form makes her wishes very clear. I have an obligation to follow those wishes.

Natalia: What are you saying?

Angie: We have to take her off the machine.

Natalia: And when you do?

Angie: She'll die.

Natalia: No, no, you can't do that. I don't care what she signed. You can't do it.

Angie: I don't know what to do. David's going to make sure that this is taken out of my hands.

Jesse: You know what? You buy as much time as you can with the hospital. I'm going to talk to Natalia, make sure that she's at peace with what her mother wants, ok?

Ryan: Highway Patrol said that they just plowed the roads. I'm sure they're going to call as soon as --

[Cell phone ringing]

Ryan: Here you go. Hello?

Zach: Ryan, is that you?

Ryan: Yes, Zach. We're very happy to hear your voice. Are you guys ok?

Zach: Yeah. I got stuck in the snow, had to break into a hunter's cabin and spend the night, but we're fine. Anything new on Kendall?

Ryan: No, not the last time I checked.

Zach: Is Bianca there?

Ryan: Yes, she is. And she's smiling. She'd love to talk to you.

Bianca: Hey, how are you guys? How are you and Reese?

Zach: Not to worry. We just got the car unstuck, and we're on our way. I just wanted you to clear a corner of the great room there. We've got quite a tree on the roof coming home with us.

Bianca: That's great, yeah. I'll do so. You guys had me really, really worried. Um, do you mind, can I talk to Reese? Hey! Hey, how are you?

[Cell phone ringing]

Ryan: Hello?

Greenlee: Ryan, did you know that they're taking Annie today to Oak Haven?

Ryan: No, I did not know that. They were supposed to call me.

Greenlee: Well, she's not going quietly. She's pretty freaked out.

Ryan: I'll be right there.

Greenlee: So, uh -- where are you staying?

Aidan: Um, I'm heading to D.C. A friend of mine at an unnamed government agency's got some work for me.

Greenlee: You're leaving town?

Aidan: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: So this is goodbye?

Aidan: Yeah, I guess it is.

Joe: Angie, did you resuscitate and put on life support a woman who had filed a DNR with us?

Angie: Yes, I did, at the urging of her daughter.

Joe: Uh-huh. Did the lady understand the document she signed?

Angie: Yes, she did. I explained it to her myself.

Joe: Well, you've placed the hospital at risk.

David: I think the first mistake was allowing Dr. Hubbard to treat this patient in the first place. Treating patients so close to family oftentimes leads to ethical dilemmas.

Joe: My, my. Well, I'm sure you yourself have never done any such thing, have you, Doctor?

Angie: Joe, I was just trying to give her daughter time to say goodbye. I mean, you can see the sense in that, can't you?

Joe: Well, we're going to have to present the case to the Ethics Committee. But I can tell you right now what their response is going to be. They'll give you 24 hours and that's it. Then we honor the patient's wishes. Excuse me, please.

David: If you're feeling too squeamish to turn off the machines, I'm willing to assist.

Angie: Why don't -- go to hell.

Tad: I've already called the embassy. I even had Jake get in touch with some of the people he used to work with.

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Tad: It's kind of tricky, because nobody knows exactly when they were supposed to get back. But that doesn't change the fact that they are reporting guerilla activity, and the government didn't give them the authorization to go that deeply into the bush. And nobody's heard from Jeff or Jamie for at least a week, and I'm starting to get scared.

Joe: Right, what are you going to do?

Tad: The only think I can do. I'm going to stuff as much cash in a suitcase, and I'm going to go find them. And the only thing I can do is take the redeye tonight.

Joe: You've got to be careful, son. Ok, I'll fill in Ruth and Opal about everything.

Tad: Trust me, I'll be careful.

Joe: Fine.

Tad: And I will be in touch.

Joe: Right. And is Krystal going to be ok, do you think?

Tad: Yeah, yeah. She'll be fine handling things at home. Ok.

David's voice: I would have looked after you, Krystal, both of you. Supported you. I would have done the right thing.

Krystal: Maybe if you had been in our lives, she would still be here.

David: No, I'm sorry.

Kathy: Snow day, no school! What are we going to do? What are we going to do?

Greenlee: I know it doesn't mean much, but I'm sorry. I really did love you, and I'm not lying when I say that. And I really did try hard to make it work.

Aidan: Lesson learned. But if it's really love, you don't have to try. It's either there or it's not. I was really harsh when I ran into you in the park. But you and Ryan, you're not over. And maybe with me leaving it will help make things a little easier. Now your only problem will be trying not to love each other.

Greenlee: Aidan --

Aidan: I really hate long goodbyes, so come here.

[As Aidan and Greenlee hug, Ryan and Emma come out of the elevator]

Greenlee: Hey, come here. This is a surprise.

Aidan: I should get going.

Ryan: Hey, I'm, uh -- I'm glad that you're doing better.

Greenlee: Aidan is moving to Washington.

Aidan: I was going to leave town quietly, but good luck to you, Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah, you, too.

Aidan: You be a good girl for Daddy, huh? Come here. Give me a hug. Yeah. Take care.

Greenlee: Why did you bring Emma?

Ryan: Yeah, it's a long story. Zach and Reese were stuck in the mountains overnight. I didn't want to leave Bianca with babysitting duties, so I thought I'd bring her here, maybe you could take her to the cafeteria, get her a hot chocolate while I --

Greenlee: Sure.

Ryan: Deal with Annie.

Greenlee: Sure. Hey, come on. Come on, honey, let's go get a hot chocolate.

Ryan: Hey, you ok? Dr. Hathaway.

Dr. Hathaway: Ah, Mr. Lavery.

Ryan: Yeah. What is going on? You're sending Annie to Oak Haven today?

Dr. Hathaway: Orders from PVPD. We're to move her today. She was having a difficult time leaving, but she's all right now.

Ryan: What --

Dr. Hathaway: We had to sedate her.

Annie: Daddy.

Krystal: What? What did you find out?

Tad: Well, at least the airport's open.

Krystal: So? What, what?

Tad: I'm flying out tonight. I'm going to go look for Jamie and my brother.

Krystal: You're leaving us.

Tad: I have to, honey. I have to at least try. I can't sit around here, do nothing. I'm worried, really worried. So are Jake and my father.

Krystal: Well, can't you get somebody to help you from here? Some of the people from Doctors Without Borders?

Tad: They've already been contacted. I need to do this myself. Please, baby, please understand, ok? I will be back as soon as possible.

Krystal: No, no. No, no, you can't go.

Tad: Why not?

David: You're wasting your time on that chart.

Randi: Hey. How are you?

Frankie: I've had better days.

Randi: And Rebecca?

Frankie: Not so good. She's on life support.

Randi: Sorry. What's going to happen to her?

Frankie: It's a big decision to make, whether to turn off the machine is what she wants, but not what Natalia wants.

Randi: Is she in pain?

Frankie: I don't think so. She's unconscious. What is it?

Randi: I just -- I'm -- I flash back on my mother. She was -- she was the same. I mean, she wasn't on machines, but, God, the pain that she went through. Rebecca shouldn't have to go through the same thing.

Jesse: Sweetie, this is out of our hands. We all have our time. And your mother knew that hers was here, all right? And as hard as she fought, she was at peace with this. Now she also knew that she didn't want this. So, baby, we have to respect her wish.

Natalia: Please don't make me say goodbye. I don't want to say goodbye.

Reese: Hello. Look what we have.

Bianca: Oh, my goodness. Oh, thank God you're all home. All right, so fill me in on all the gory details.

Zach: I'm a little embarrassed. I got us stuck.

Reese: Yeah, well, but he was trying to avoid hitting a deer. You saved the poor thing's life.

Zach: Yeah, I did, and we found the cabin. Ok.

Bianca: Was there some way to stay warm at least?

Reese: Yeah, there was a fireplace, and there were canned goods, even, and some coffee, and gosh, after we tried to push the car out, and we hiked up to the cabin, we were exhausted. We actually slept like babies.

Bianca: That actually sounds romantic.

Reese: Yeah? Well, it would have been, if you were there. Missed you.

Bianca: I was so worried.

Reese: Look at that crazy thing.

Bianca: It's gorgeous.

Reese: The leaves are going to -- I mean the branches are going to fall.

Tad: He's my boy. I've got to find him.

Krystal: Of course, you do. I'm sorry. It's just the thought of you being gone for so long.

Tad: The timing's awful, I know. It's going to be hard for you to take care of both kids by yourself.

Krystal: No, I know. You have to go. I understand. I'm just scared. You're going to be gone for so long, and I'll be here, you know? All alone.

Tad: You'll be fine. I'm sure of it. You're the strongest person I know.

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah. Go. Go and pack.

Tad: Thank you. Thank you.

Kathy: I'll miss you.

Tad: And I'll miss you, too. But I'll be home before you know it, ok? And in the meantime, I want you to help Krystal with your baby sister. We got a deal? Ok. Sweet dreams every night. I love you, Sunshine. I love you. Here's the deal. I'll get home as soon as I can.

Krystal: You take care of yourself.

Tad: You, too. Take care of everybody.

Kathy: Can we go out and build a snowman? Can we? Can we?

Krystal: What? What's that?

Kathy: Can we go out and build a snowman?

Krystal: Yeah, yeah. You go get bundled up, ok?

Frankie: You know, you never really talk about your mother.

Randi: My mom had breast cancer, but then it spread to her bones. I was seven years old. Every morning, I could see the suffering in her eyes. Eventually, I just started praying to God that he would take her. Anything, just end the pain. He finally heard me. And then my mommy died. I was seven years old, and for the longest time I wondered if my prayers had anything to do with her dying, if somehow I was responsible for her going before her time.

Frankie: You were just a frightened kid.

Randi: Yeah. Maybe Natalia's feeling something like that. Maybe she doesn't want to be the one to make such a big decision, never knowing that it will follow her for the rest of her life.

Angie: We have got 24 hours. That's all.

Jesse: She refuses to accept it. I mean, it doesn't matter. A day, a month -- she won't let go.

Angie: I'm going to talk to her. This is my responsibility.

Greenlee: Excuse me, hi. We had a major hot chocolate spill down the hall. Could you call maintenance?

Woman: Sure.

Nurse: And there's been a delay in Annie Lavery's transfer. They were sedating her in her room.

Second Nurse: Room B?

First Nurse: Yes, B.

Greenlee: Thank you for calling, because I didn't want anyone to spill it. Emma. Emma, Emma, Emma -- wait!

Krystal: Now hold still, because I don't want you tracking snow all over the house.

Kathy: I'm thirsty.

Krystal: Kathy, Kathy, stop it! Now didn't you hear what I -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell. I'm just -- I'm tired, ok? Here, let me help you get your boots off, ok? Come here. Ok. I'm sorry. Why don't you, um, get you and your sister some juice, ok?

Kathy: Ok.

[Krystal starts hyperventilating]

Krystal: Oh, God. No. No, please, not now.

Bianca: Well, I got stuck, too, actually, and I ended up staying the night at Wildwind.

Reese: What's Wildwind?

Bianca: Oh, it's, um -- it's like a castle, kind of. I actually used to live there with my mom, a couple of husbands ago.

Reese: Oh, well, it sounds like we both had a little adventure, then.

Bianca: Yeah, we did. I just wish we'd had it together.

Zach: If you guys don't mind, keep an eye on the kids and start on the tree. I'm going to check on Kendall.

Bianca: Ok, absolutely. I'll be by later to check on Mom, too.

Zach: Ok.

Reese: Oh, hey, um, don't forget this. Um, I understand why you don't want to tell them right now.

Zach: Enjoy the kids. Enjoy the decorating. Enjoy each other.

Bianca: Hey.

Reese: Hey.

Bianca: Oh, I know that look. You're worried. You're really worried. What is it?

David: Dr. Hayward.

Krystal: It's me. I think I'm having an anxiety attack. Could you -- could you please come over?

David: Of course, I can. Meanwhile, slow, deep breaths, ok? I'm on my way to help.

Krystal: Hurry, hurry.

Natalia: Wake up. Please wake up. Tell them you didn't mean to sign those papers. Please, Mom. We were just getting things back to the way we wanted them. You can't leave me now. You just can't. No, no. No, I'm not going to let you do this.

Angie: Natalia, you have to accept it. You need to say goodbye to your mom. It's what she wanted.

Natalia: No, that's what you wanted. You wanted her dead since the moment she got here.

Krystal: I dropped it. I -- I thought maybe some warm milk would help, you know? Like it did the last time? I mean, I haven't felt that good since -- oh, God.

David: It's all right. I'm here. I'll just clean this up and get you another one, ok?

Krystal: Tad had to go away for a while. He's worried about Jamie.

David: What's wrong?

Krystal: Jamie and Tad's brother, Jeff, had to go into the -- into the Congo, and they haven't been heard from in a while.

David: I'm sure they're going to be all right.

Krystal: Yeah, well, I'm not. I've been a wreck every since he walked out the door.

David: Well, then, we're just going to have get you calmed down again.

[David spikes Krystal's cup of milk again]

David: Don't worry, you'll be just fine in no time.

Annie: Hi, Daddy. I'm so glad you came.

Ryan: Annie.

Annie: Are you here to take me to school? Please say yes. It's the first day, and I'm afraid the boys are going to tease me. So will you come? The bus is waiting.

Ryan: Ok, I'll come with you.

Annie: Thanks. Now I'm not scared anymore. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round

Emma: Mommy.

Ryan: Emma.

Greenlee: Emma, wait.

Reese: I'm just exhausted, ok? That's all that there is to it. I just... ok. It's Zach, all right? I'm worried about him, all the pressure that he's under and everything. Last night at the cabin, I thought that he would open up, you know? But all he did was just stare at the fire. He wouldn't even talk about his feelings, and -- what? What is it? What?

Bianca: Sorry, it's just -- you're lying to me, right?

[Zach walks into Kendall's room and stares at her]

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