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Doctor: See Dr. Hayward?

Nurse: He called in sick today.

Angie: He didn't look sick to me. What do you have?

Doctor: Kidney stones, curtain two.

Angie: All right, let's take a look.

Doctor: 74-year-old male, severe abdominal pain, BP is 150/94.

Angie: All right.

Taylor: Jake, what happened?

Jake: Hey, uh, he collapsed. The manager of the motel found him face down in the parking lot.

Taylor: Is he going to be all right?

Jake: Yeah, I got him in bed, I hooked up some fluids, just, you know, just got to run some tests.

Taylor: Can I see him?

Jake: Sure, go ahead.

Taylor: Thanks for the call.

Brot: You shouldn't be here.

Taylor: Neither should you. What were you thinking, trying to leave town when you were still so sick?

Brot: Why stick around? There's nothing left for me here.

Angie: Right, next?

Doctor: Fractured tibia at curtain three.

Angie: Oh, listen, have -- have the film ready. I'll be there in a minute to take a look at it.

Tad: Hey, I got your message.

Angie: Yeah, look, um, I -- I'm sorry, because I was on my way back over to your house, but then I call to come in and cover a shift.

Tad: Yeah, I understand. Any sign of Krystal? Where did you check?

Angie: I checked the cemeteries, the parks, a couple of coffee shops. Wherever Krystal is, it's obvious she doesn't want to be found.

David: Great. Now, all I want you to do right now is think about relaxing, ok? Just close your eyes.

[Krystal sighs]

David: That's it. Now, get rid if all the thoughts out of your mind. Focus on breathing.

[While Krystal exhales and inhales, David dissolves a pill in her drink]

David: That's good. Nice and slow, ok? Nice and slow. That's it. Deep, cleansing breaths, in and out. Now, just feel all that tension just melt right out of your body, ok? That's it. Keep breathing, in and out, nice and slow. That's right, nice and slow. Good. Now open your eyes. Here.

Krystal: Thank you. I mean for everything, I mean, the blanket and the milk, a place to hide for -- for a while.

David: Any time. You can always count on me to help.

Aidan: Hey, Annie. How are you feeling?

Annie: Aidan. Thank God you came. I need -- I need --

Aidan: What Annie? What is it?

Annie: Come closer.

[Aidan grunts when Annie punches him in the chest then holds him in a chokehold]

Aidan: Ah, stop!

Annie: Ryan is mine, do you understand? Not hers. You have to keep her away from him. Do you understand, Aidan?

Orderly: Damn it! Code Grey, Room B.

Jesse: What the hell is --

Annie: Do you think I'm stupid? You don't think I know she sent you? You think I'm that stupid?

Jesse: What the hell's going on, man?

Annie: Greenlee wants me dead, and she sent Aidan to kill me.

Greenlee: You hadn't had a chance to do anything for Emma yet for Christmas, so -- anyway, enjoy it.

Ryan: Can I, at least, reimburse you for this?

Greenlee: No. But tips are welcome.

David: It's getting late. You might want to call Tad, let him know you're all right?

Krystal: He's going to want me to come home.

David: Most likely.

Krystal: You know, I -- I -- I just -- I can't go home. I can't. I mean, he's going to start in on how important it is for me to get back to normal, and what he just doesn't get is that it's never going to be normal, definitely not for Little A. He lost his mama. There aren't enough Christmas presents in the world to make up for that.

David: Yeah, faking a happy face and suffering through the holidays isn't going to benefit anyone.

Krystal: Yeah. Tell that to Tad. He thinks I should rejoin the living already.

David: What's the big rush?

Krystal: All my life -- hmm -- for the most part anyway, it was Babe and me, finding our way through life together. And now that she's gone, I just -- I don't know how I'm going to do that on my own.

David: You don't have to. You have friends, family, even your husband, in his own misguided way.

Krystal: You know, Tad means well, but it's like he doesn't know me anymore. Maybe he never did.

Tad: Baby, I'm telling you, this feels wrong. She should have called by now if for no other reason than to check on the kids.

Angie: Tad, listen, Krystal just needed some time to clear her head. I'm sure she'll be home soon.

Tad: Look, honey, ordinarily I'd agree with you, ok? I would, but this is different. She's acting -- crazy lately. I don't know. She's not herself, and it's not just grief. I know it isn't. There's definitely something wrong with Krystal.

Angie: I tell you what, why don't you have Jesse put out a call? I'm sure it can't hurt to have a few other eyes out there looking, ok? And you'll let me know if you hear something?

Tad: Yeah, sure, sure.

Angie: All right, keep your chin up, ok?

Tad: All right, babe, thanks.

[Jake sits in the hall eavesdropping]

Taylor: You came to Pine Valley for a reason, to find me, to make sure I was all right. It's interesting that as soon as I see your face, you can't get out of town fast enough.

Brot: I saw all I needed to, Taylor. Don't pretend you're ok with this. I see you fighting the urge to turn away.

Taylor: Did I tell you that I was ok -- with any of it? Would I change things? You're damn right I would. I wish you had trusted me enough, loved me enough to let me help you through your recovery, Brot.

Brot: What we had over there, it wasn't love, never even came close.

Taylor: Lash out at me. Go ahead, keep lashing out at me. Tell me that you didn't buy the ring. Tell me you never wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. Hit me as low as you can go. I'm not leaving.

Brot: Fine. Then I will.

Taylor: What are you doing?

Brot: I'm leaving.

Taylor: Don't you -- Brot, I'm calling in a nurse. I need a nurse in here. I'm not kidding, I'll get somebody in here. Brot, stop.

[Brot gets out of bed and falls down]

Brot: Uh.

Taylor: Brot! Help me, please! I need help in here!

Greenlee: I -- I want us to be friends. That's why I'm here, to prove that we can be friends without all the other stuff getting in the way.

Ryan: Hmm. All the, um -- all that other stuff.

Greenlee: Yeah, um -- feelings, fate, the moon.

[Greenlee and Ryan almost kiss]

Emma: Daddy?

Ryan: Hey, Princess, what's wrong?

Emma: I can't fall asleep.

Ryan: Oh, no. How about a story?

Emma: Is that Christmas tree for us?

Greenlee: Yeah, I picked it out especially for you. One of Santa's helpers told me that you needed one.

Emma: Can we decorate it now, Daddy, please?

Ryan: Ok, absolutely, sure we can. Go ahead, go check it out.

[Aidan coughs]

Annie: You have to help me, please. He came here to kill me.

Jesse: Nobody is going to kill you -- just please calm down.

Annie: You're working for Greenlee. You're all working for Greenlee. Can you see that she's evil?

Dr. Hathaway: Annie, Annie, it's all right.

Annie: No, keep away from me.

Dr. Hathaway: I'm here to help.

Annie: You're going to kill me. I can't trust anybody except for Ryan. Ryan! Where are you?

Dr. Hathaway: Take her to room g and put her in restraints until she calms down.

Annie: Stop it, stop! Ryan, they're trying to hurt me! Ryan!

Dr. Hathaway: Mrs. Lavery is being treated for severe psychosis. You can't just drop in anytime you please.

Aidan: It won't happen again.

Jesse: You're damn straight it won't. I won't let it. You mind telling me how you -- you just waltz your ass up into Annie's locked room?

Aidan: I used to get paid to access secure places. The point of the job is not to get caught.

Jesse: Didn't go too well for you this time, did it?

Aidan: I wasn't on a mission.

Jesse: Right, you just keep popping up here out of concern, not necessarily for Annie but concern that she might blow your cover right out of the water. How am I doing? Am I getting warm?

David: Think back before the tornadoes. Babe was alive planning her wedding, Little A didn't have a care in the world. Did Tad make you happy then?

Krystal: I love Tad. He's a good man, and he's -- he's a wonderful father.

David: But?

Krystal: It's not like it was with Adam.

David: Not as exciting?

Krystal: Adam goes for what he wants, you know, and -- the problem is he hurts people in the process, good people, people he's supposed to love. Tad's not like that. He -- he's thoughtful, and he's caring.

David: Safe.

Krystal: You say that like it's a bad thing.

David: You tell me. Do you miss the excitement, the thrill?

Krystal: Adam can't be trusted.

David: That's not what I asked.

Krystal: I told you, I love Tad. I've committed to spending my life with Tad.

David: But there's nothing wrong with wanting more.

Krystal: I -- I'm tired, I -- I'm so tired.

David: Right, no, of course. Here. Why don't you sleep, ok? We'll talk more later.

Taylor: Hey.

Angie: Hi.

Taylor: So, is he -- is he all right?

Angie: We'll know more after we get the test results. I've got an intern stitching up that gash in his arm that he never treated when he fell.

Taylor: What's wrong with him?

Angie: Well, based on his symptoms, the high-grade fever and chills, I'd say it's probably an infection, which can be serious especially in burn victims. The key is treating it before it gets out of hand.

Taylor: This is my fault. I have handled everything with Brot all wrong.

Angie: It -- it -- it said in the file that his name is Mike Sweeney.

Taylor: Yeah, it's, uh, -- it's very complicated, but his name is Brot. He didn't think that I could handle seeing him that way, and maybe he's right, but I was in shock. I mean, I reacted. But I loved him, you know? And he let me believe that he was dead. He let me grieve him for over a year.

Angie: I can certainly feel your pain. I grieved my husband for 20, years thinking that he was dead, and it was a miracle when God brought him back to me, but it certainly has not been hearts and rainbows. Jesse came back to me with a whole other history that I was not a part of, a different life, a whole nother family.

Taylor: Well, that can't have been easy.

Angie: No, it hasn't been easy. But the alternative was worse.

Aidan: I hate to disappoint you, Chief, but there's no deep, dark secrets being covered up here.

Jesse: Excellent. Then you won't mind coming down to the station, answering a few questions.

Aidan: I'll answer as many questions as you want, but I'm going to want something first.

Jesse: Let me guess, immunity?

Aidan: A polygraph.

Jesse: You serious?

Aidan: Thought you wanted the truth?

Jesse: Well, you claim you've been telling the truth all along, Aidan.

Aidan: Well, we'll go down to that station and find out.

Ryan: I can't find the star anywhere. I'm going to go upstairs and check the closet, see if it's up there.

Greenlee: Nice.

Ryan: I'll leave this.

Greenlee: Oh, God.

Ryan: It is not up there. I know the -- I don't know --

Greenlee: The green butterfly.

Ryan: Yeah, that's actually Emma's. Her class was reading a story about a green caterpillar that transformed into a -- into a butterfly. All the kids made one.

Greenlee: Hmm, sounds like my kind of story. Hey, Emma, where do you think that we should hang this one?

[Emma's lying on the couch sleeping]

Ryan: Uh.

Greenlee: It can wait.

Ryan: Yeah, it's way past her bedtime, anyways.

Greenlee: I'll let myself out.

Ryan: Uh, you can stay.

Greenlee: No, I can't. We both know what would happen if I did.

Amanda: It took you long enough.

David: It's a big house.

Amanda: Yeah, well, it's freezing out here.

David: What do you want?

Amanda: My next installment.

David: I believe our arrangement is that you get paid once you make progress.

Amanda: Yeah, well, I just spent the afternoon trimming the Chandler family Christmas tree.

[David chuckles]

David: That's great. With the entire Chandler staff, I'm sure.

Amanda: Actually, J.R. gave the staff the rest of the day off, so Little A and I could do it ourselves.

David: It's going to take a lot more than befriending a 4-year-old to get J.R. to fall off the wagon.

Amanda: J.R. and I are in a great place. He trusts me. It's only a matter of timing.

David: That's wonderful news. When that time comes, we'll talk payday.

Amanda: I'm here now.

David: Not a good time.

Amanda: No, I'm not leaving here without a check. What the hell did you do to Krystal?

Jesse: Reynolds here?

Officer: He's setting up in Interrogation 1.

Jesse: You're sure you want to do this without a lawyer?

Aidan: No need.

Jesse: Whatever floats your -- stuff. Right this way.

Officer: Chief, there's someone waiting to see you, said it was important.

Jesse: Thanks. Tad?

Tad: Listen, man, I'm sorry to bother you, but she still hasn't checked in. You know, I keep calling her, but it just goes right to Krystal's voicemail.

Jesse: Is Angie still out looking for her?

Tad: No, she sent me here. She had to go to the hospital to cover a shift.

Aidan: Any idea where she might have gone?

Tad: No, that's just it, she was upset, she needed some air. She could have gone anywhere, and I've checked every single place I could think of, and I would stay at it, but I've got to get home.

Jesse: Ok, all right, all right, listen, go home. I'll get the guys out on patrol to keep their eyes open, all right?

Tad: Thank you, thank you, very much.

Jesse: We'll get started in a minute.

Tad: Aidan, what's that supposed to mean? You helping him out with some kind of case or something?

Aidan: No, Jesse's trying to build one against me. He thinks that I teamed up with Annie to kidnap Emma and kill Di.

Tad: Well, what do you -- so fill him in. Look, if he understands anything, it's the unorthodox. Just tell him you went along with Annie to find out what she did with Emma. If you're trying to build a case against him as an accessory, you're wasting your time. I -- no, look, I'll vouch for him as a friend and a former partner, ok? All he did was make sure that Emma got home safe.

Jesse: All right, well, here's the thing, your good friend, here, broke the law, Tad, several, actually.

Tad: He bent the law, ok? I did far worse when I was out there looking for Kathy.

Jesse: You demanded a $10 million ransom for the life of a child. You've actually done that.

Tad: Jesse -- you don't want to know what I did. It doesn't matter. Look, the important thing is that she's back where she belongs. Just try to remember that when you put him on the barbecue, please?

Jesse: After you, come on. This is Detective Reynolds. He's going to be giving you the test.

Det. Reynolds: Have a seat.

Jack: May I come in?

Ryan: Yeah, come on in. I mean, Greenlee's not here but --

Jack: Well, that's ok, because you're the one I wanted to talk to, if you had a minute.

Ryan: Look, if this is where you tell me to back off Greenlee, don't bother because we've already decided that we're -- well, it's just not going to work out.

Jack: So I heard. I ran into Greenlee after the hearing. She said you two were parting ways.

Ryan: Well, then I'm surprised you don't look happier right now.

Jack: Well, you know, Ryan, if I thought you guys actually were to stay away from one another, maybe I would be but --

Ryan: It's over, Jack, we made a choice, ok?

Jack: Actually, it's not ok, and it never will be ok, not as long as Greenlee's still in love with you.

Jake: Hey. Want to talk about it?

Greenlee: Not really.

Jake: Good, because I got my own problems. You know any good jokes?

Greenlee: No.

Jake: Want to hear a bad one?

Greenlee: Why not?

Jake: Ok. How many reindeer does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Greenlee: How many?

Jake: Eight -- one to screw in the light bulb and seven to hold Rudolph down.

Greenlee: I've heard worse.

Jake: Really? Prove it.

Greenlee: Why did Santa's helper go to the doctor?

Jake: Why?

Greenlee: Because he had low elf-esteem.

Jake: Wow.

[Greenlee laughs then starts crying]

Jake: Come on, now. That's not fair. I wanted to cry first.

David: I ran into Krystal at Babe's grave. She was having a bad time, so I invited her here to get some rest. End of story.

Amanda: Not even close. You don't reach out to anyone unless there's something in it for you.

David: Your low opinion of me aside, Krystal was Babe's mother, and I was her father. I understand her grief better than anyone. We both lost a bit of ourselves the day that Babe died.

Amanda: But Krystal is also Little A's grandmother. You help her out, she's bound to feel grateful in a tough time, right? It's what you're counting on, isn't it? Krystal to be on your side once you steal Little A from J.R.? It's a big risk. I mean, Krystal is bound to be grateful now, but will she be when it really matters?

David: You know something? This is a waste of my time. Krystal is not your concern. What you should be worried about right now is earning that $6 million. And from the look of it, you've got a lot of work to do. So why don't you get busy, ok?

Amanda: Hey.

[David pushes Amanda out and shuts the front door]

Brot: I'm fine. You can go now.

Taylor: What we had was more than a fling. We loved each other. It meant something, and that scares you. You're afraid that I'm not --

Brot: Just go.

Taylor: You never used to be afraid of anything. The Brot Monroe I knew wasn't a coward.

Brot: Brot Monroe is dead. Accept it and move on.

Greenlee: I'm in love with a man that I can't be with, because every time we're together, something else falls apart -- our marriages, his wife, a tool shed where we were riding out the storm. I mean, I didn't need a natural disaster to tell me that we shouldn't be together.

Jake: Well, my disaster's not as natural. Taylor's fiancÚ is back. Apparently, he faked his own death to spare her seeing him covered head to toe in scar tissue. The man was burnt over 40% of his body.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Jake: Hmm.

Greenlee: Has she seen him?

Jake: Mm-hmm. And although his appearance has changed, I don't think his feelings for her have changed. Bottom line is I really would like to be with her, but I can't, because he came back to life, and who's going to need who more? He's going to need her more than I will ever need her, so I guess -- doesn't that make -- am I winning? Do I win?

Greenlee: Hands down.

Jake: Thank you.

Greenlee: It makes my breakup look easy in comparison.

Jake: The irony here is that I, you know, I was feeling very noble to let them go and work their stuff out. Now I just feel like an -- an idiot. I feel like crap.

[Greenlee chuckles]

Greenlee: I'm right there with you.

Jake: So, what do you think? Should we get together? Maybe we should hook up. No.

Greenlee: No. No. Dogs playing poker is a deal-breaker for me.

Jake: Oh. Well, then you know -- you know how I feel with those heads by your door that you keep -- those creepy --

Greenlee: It's called art.

Jake: They're heads on pillars.

Greenlee: No, they're busts.

Jake: Doesn't make them any less creepy. Heads.

[Phone rings]

Jake: Stone heads.

[Greenlee scoffs]

Jake: Oh, it's the hospital. I got to get back.

Greenlee: We can pick this up later.

Jake: Yeah? Ok. You going to be all right?

Greenlee: Do I have a choice?

Jack: You see, Ryan, I know my daughter. At least I know her well enough to know there's no switch on her heart that she can just turn off. She can't just quit feeling. And I know that she's in love with you, and I suspect that she always will be.

Ryan: It doesn't matter. None of that matters, Jack. Greenlee and I can't be together -- not after everything that's happened with Annie and Emma.

Jack: How is Annie?

Ryan: Well, the judge is still waiting to decide on the trial, but in the meantime, she's being committed to Oak Haven. I wanted to -- I wanted to finalize the divorce before that, but then Emma went missing, and I got sidetracked. And now I just want the whole thing to be over, and -- I mean, I was wondering if maybe you could help me with that.

Jack: Sure, I can help get the paperwork started. I'll have my office call you, set up an appointment. We can go over specifics.

Ryan: Thank you.

Jack: Well, I guess we'll be talking soon.

Ryan: Jack?

Jack: Yeah?

Ryan: For the record, I will always love Greenlee, too.

Jack: Yeah, Ryan, I know that. That's what worries me.

Det. Reynolds: Have you ever told a lie?

Aidan: Yes.

Det. Reynolds: Have you every knowingly broke the law?

Aidan: Yes.

Det. Reynolds: Have you ever betrayed anyone who trusted you?

Aidan: Yes.

Det. Reynolds: Did you know of Annie Lavery's plans to abduct her daughter before Emma Lavery went missing?

Aidan: Yes.

Det. Reynolds: Did you go to the police with that information?

Aidan: No.

Det. Reynolds: Did you help kidnap Emma Lavery to get back at her father?

Aidan: No.

Det. Reynolds: Were you working with Annie Lavery as a way to ascertain her daughter's whereabouts?

Aidan: Yes.

Det. Reynolds: Well, his physiological responses to control and relevant questions indicate that he wasn't lying about his involvement in the kidnapping.

Aidan: It looks like you got nothing. I told you the truth, so now you can back off.

David: Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you up. I just didn't want you to catch a cold.

Krystal: Thank you.

David: Go back to sleep.

Krystal: I'm not tired anymore.

David: What can I do for you?

Krystal: Make love to me.

[Krystal and David kiss, then she wakes up]

David's voice: Krystal? Krystal.

David: Are you ok?

Krystal: We -- we can't do this. No, I love Tad. This is wrong, this is wrong.

David: No, no, no, no, no. We aren't doing anything. Hey, no, you were dreaming. I just came to check on you. Are you feeling all right?

Krystal: I have to go. I have to go.

David: Whoa, ok, ok, take it easy. There's no rush.

Krystal: No. No, I've been gone way too long. Tad's going to wonder where I am.

David: No, no, no, no. Ok, what you need to do is just calm down and take some deep breaths, or you're going to have another panic attack.

Krystal: No, no, I -- I've got to go. I've got to get back to my car.

David: Ok. I'll drive you.

Krystal: Where's my coat?

David: Ok, I'll get it.

Krystal: Where's my coat?

David: Just relax -- relax, ok? Just take it easy. I'll get your coat.

Tad: Come on, baby, pick up.

[Phone rings]

Krystal's voice: Hey, it's Krystal. I can't come to the phone right now. Leave me a message.

Tad: Where the hell are you?

[Phone rings]

Tad: Yeah?

Jesse: Tad, it's me.

Tad: Anything?

Jesse: Krystal's car was just spotted at the cemetery.

Tad: When?

Jesse: About five minutes ago.

Tad: Well, that doesn't make any sense. I drove by there. I didn't see anything.

Jesse: Did you check out back? Car's parked by the mausoleum.

Tad: I'm on my way.

Jesse: All right. Keep me posted.

Tad: Yeah, I'll let you know. Jesse, thanks.

Aidan: Where's your boyfriend?

Greenlee: What?

Aidan: You can tell Ryan when he gets here that I passed the polygraph test. It confirms everything I've been saying all along -- that Ryan's crazy wife kidnapped Emma, and I only went along with Annie's plans to make sure that Emma got home safe.

Greenlee: If you have something to say to Ryan, you should tell him yourself. You'll probably see him before I will anyway.

Aidan: Really? Well, I would have thought that with Annie out of the picture, that you and Ryan would be playing house by now.

Greenlee: Well, you thought wrong. Ryan and I aren't seeing each other.

Aidan: So let me get this right. Now that you and Ryan are free to be together, he doesn't want you?

[Aidan laughs]

Aidan: Well, don't come crawling back to me, because I don't want you either.

Krystal: I -- I need to spend some time with Babe.

David: I can wait.

Krystal: No. It's -- it's ok. I'm fine. I just -- I need a few minutes to clear my head before I go back home and face Tad.

[Car approaches]

David: Looks like Tad has other plans.

Krystal: Oh, he can't see us together. Come on, it's going to cause a huge fight. Just -- just go.

David: You know where I am.

Tad: Thank God. I've been looking all over for you. Why didn't you answer your phone?

Krystal: I just -- I didn't feel much like talking.

Tad: Look, about the decorations. Look, Kathy just got so excited, she got carried away. I am sorry.

Krystal: Of course, of course. I mean, it's -- it's her first Christmas with her daddy.

Tad: Yeah. And your first Christmas without Babe. Honey, if it's too much -- look, I'll take Kathy over to my folks' house. We'll work something out. I promise.

Krystal: Look, we're going to get through this together somehow. Ok?

Angie: Radiology is ready for you. William will take you upstairs. Would you like a minute?

Brot: No, thanks. We're done.

Angie: Are you ok?

Taylor: Not all hearts and rainbows, is it?

Angie: It'll get easier.

Taylor: It can't get much harder.

[Picking up Brot's jacket, Taylor is pleased to find an engagement ring in its pocket]

Nurse: Get some sleep.

[Annie hums "Silent Night"]

Annie: Silent night, holy night all is calm all is bright round yon virgin mother and child holy infant so tender and mild sleep in heavenly peace

[Annie imagines a dead Greenlee]

Annie: Sleep in heavenly peace

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