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Reese: Ok, and now for the finale, the fabulous elf dance. Whoo -- oh, oh.

Miranda: That wasn't part of the dance.

Zach: I'm -- I'm going to check on Kendall.

Reese: Ok.

Zach: Ok.

Bianca: Hi. What happened?

Reese: I have no idea. One minute we were having a great time, and then next, it just --

Bianca: He tries to hold it together for everyone, but that kind of stress is just -- just too much for anyone, I guess.

Reese: I know.

Bianca: Even someone as strong as Zach. So what's with the hat? Did I miss something?

Miranda: Reese, the elf dance again.

Reese: Oh, you know what? I think that scared Uncle Zach away.

Miranda: Why did he leave?

Reese: Because of this, I think.


Bianca: It wouldn't have scared me away.

Reese: No?

Bianca: No.

Reese: Good.

Bianca: You know what we should do right now is finish getting this house ready for Santa Claus.

Reese: Whoo.

[Everyone cheers]

Frankie: Brot left.

Jake: Yeah, well, he's back.

Frankie: It could be to say good-bye and good luck.

Jake: We both know better than that. They need to hash their stuff out.

Taylor: You're still you.

Brot: I'm not.

Taylor: Don't turn away from me. I see you. I see the man I knew in Iraq, the most amazing man I've ever known.

Brot: I'm not that man anymore.

Taylor: You're the man I couldn't wait to marry.

Brot: It was a lie.

Taylor: We were engaged.

Brot: It was a fling.

Taylor: We were getting ready to spend our lives together.

Brot: It was a lie, Taylor. It was all a lie.

Greenlee: Annie will always be there. Our love destroyed her, and, yeah, we can both try to deny it and ignore it, but we'll never forget it. You know, you almost made a believer out of me. What Ryan and I had, I was starting to think it was bigger than anything the universe could throw at us. I was wrong. How do we do this, Ryan? How do we live with what we've done? We blew up everything -- Annie, my marriage, your family.

Ryan: What happened -- it wasn't something that you could control, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Like hell, it wasn't.

Taylor: In Iraq, you said you loved me. Was that a lie? You said we would spend forever together. Was that a lie?

Brot: People say things.

Taylor: So you were sweet-talking me through a fling? I was there. I was there. I felt what we had. That can't be faked.

Brot: It made the both of us feel good for a while.

Taylor: No, no, remember, we danced under the stars, and you held me in your arms, and you whispered in my ear? It was just you and me. Nothing else existed. Have you forgotten?

Brot: I got caught up.

Taylor: You wanted to marry me. You gave me a ring.

Brot: And you lost it.

Taylor: Yes, I lost it in the desert, and then you ordered a new one. Why would you do that if you weren't serious?

Brot: Did you ever get the ring?

Taylor: No, it didn't come because --

Brot: Because I never ordered it.

Taylor: You described it to me. It was round-cut yellow gold. You wouldn't make that up. You couldn't.

Brot: I never ordered it, Taylor.

Taylor: That's not true.

Brot: I wanted to tell you the day we were ambushed, but this happened, and I never got a chance to.

Taylor: So tell me now.

Brot: As great as you were, what we had in Iraq was going to end on our tour.

Taylor: As great as I was? As great as I was? We were in love. We were making plans, not just stuff for one day or one tour. We were talking about the future. We were talking about houses and getting a dog.

Brot: Like I said, I got caught up.

Taylor: You are such a bad liar.

Brot: You say you see so much when you look into my eyes. Look again, Taylor. Tell me what you see. Does it look like I'm lying?

Taylor: I'm not going to do this. I'm not going to do this.

Brot: Now you turn away. L.T., we're already living separate lives. The both of us have moved on.

Taylor: I thought you were dead.

Brot: And now you're in love with another man. Don't deny it because you know it's true. And I'm happy for you.

Taylor: You came back. Why would you come back?

Brot: It's over, and you know it. There's nothing left between us.

Frankie: What are you saying to me, Jake? You and Taylor -- y'all got a good thing going.

Jake: I'm saying she needs to deal with Brot. He's alive. He's back in her life. She needs to deal with that.

Frankie: Well, Brot's been insisting since I found him that he doesn't want to be a part of her life. He's made that very clear. He even thinks that Taylor's better off with you. That's why he's leaving.

Jake: Don't B.S. me, please. If he leaves, then let him leave, but he'd be leaving for the wrong reasons. The guy is lost. He's living in denial. He's living in the shadows. He's refusing to deal with his feelings. He's probably punishing himself terribly for something that's definitely not his fault. Taylor is the person that can help him find his way back.

Frankie: Hmm, nice fix, Doctor. Does Brot have any say in this? And what about Taylor -- you just going to hand her off?

Jake: This war blew their life apart. They've got to flush things out, you know?

Frankie: Taylor's already flushed a lot out already with you.

Jake: You've seen the guy. Right, he's walking and talking and breathing, but he's not living. Taylor's the person that can bring him back, give him his life back.

Frankie: And you can live with that?

Jake: I don't have time for this. I've got patients.

Randi: What do you think?

Erica: Oh, you're a natural. The camera loves you. These are electric.

[Cell phone rings]

Erica: Just a second. Yes, Pam. Oh, yes, please send over all the research. Definitely -- I definitely want to be on top of everything when I interview the prime minister. Thanks.

Randi: How do you do it? Running Fusion for Kendall and "New Beginnings," all while you're in the hospital?

Erica: You just focus. You have given us so many great shots. I mean, we are going to have a very hard time deciding which one to choose.

Randi: Thank you so much for giving me this chance.

[Cell phone rings]

Erica: Yes, Val? Oh, well, I'm actually looking it right now. It's not exactly my taste, but it is very Fusion, so go with it.

Randi: You're busy. I should -- I should go.

Erica: Listen, I am so glad that you came by and dropped these off to me. You should be very, very proud of yourself.

Randi: Well, I promise I won't let you down.

Erica: I know. Just a second. Greenlee, as soon as you get this message, I want you to come right to my hospital room. We have a star, and we have a Valentine's campaign to organize.

David: Don't I know you from somewhere?

Erica: Randi is about to become the new face of Fusion.

David: Hmm, very nice.

Randi: Thank you, Ms. Kane -- I mean, Erica.

Erica: Bye. David.

David: Yeah, you wanted to see me.

Erica: I did. I want to know if you've seen Kendall. I want to know if you've examined her.

David: Yes, she's stable.

Erica: That's it? That's all you have to say to me? What can we do? What -- when can I see her? Look, sign whatever you need to sign. Please bring a wheelchair, so I can go see her.

David: There are a few things that we need to get straight first.

Ryan: You fought us being together for a very long time, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I should have fought harder. We both should have, but we didn't. We gave in. We thought our love was so meant to be that it would all work out, that nobody would get hurt.

Ryan: You have been telling me not to blame myself, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, I also told you I was meant to be with Aidan. In case you hadn't noticed, I try to make my own reality by repeating myself aloud over and over.

Ryan: Well, do you believe everything you've been saying?

Greenlee: You know, I can't deny it anymore. Look who we've hurt. Aidan, your marriage -- Annie's lost her mind because of us.

Ryan: The doctor just said that Annie was already unstable.

Greenlee: The doctor doesn't know that we pushed her over the edge. And now we don't even have us. Do we?

Erica: I have to negotiate my way out of bed?

David: Oh, I'm sure it won't be the first time.

Erica: Look, I am perfectly capable of wheeling down a hallway. Come on, why don't you just give the ok and go torture some other patient?

David: Jake is your doctor.

Erica: He's not here.

David: So is this the real reason why you wanted to see me?

Erica: Well, it wasn't to finish our charity dance. Come on, the nurse refuses to accommodate me unless I have a doctor's clearance.

David: So, what, Jake won't give it?

Erica: David, you know how much you would like to go over his head.

[David laughs]

Erica: You win, I win. Come on, just do it.

David: Well, as I said, there are some things that we need to discuss first.

Erica: David, I haven't seen my daughter in weeks. Please don't make me wait any longer. Oh, Zach, Zach, thank heavens you're here. Will you please tell David how I need to see my daughter, Kendall?

Zach: Is there a problem?

David: No, no problem at all. I just think Erica should be stronger before she starts cannon-balling down the halls.

Erica: Please, Zach, would get me a wheelchair?

Zach: Sounds strong to me.

Erica: Thank you.

David: Fine -- half an hour, no more.

Erica: There, was that so hard?

David: You owe me again.

Erica: I owe you a fox trot, nothing more.

David: No, a lot more.

Erica: Ok. But you still haven't told me how Kendall really is.

David: There's plenty of time for that.

Zach: Let's go see your daughter.

Greenlee: We were so stupid.

Ryan: Look, maybe everything that has been happening is because we've been denying our feelings and, you know, stuffing how we felt. But it's always been there, Greenlee. It's been just beneath the surface the entire time, infecting all of our actions, ok? And, yes, Aidan saw it, and Annie saw it. I don't know. Maybe if we had just made a clean break and been honest from the beginning, we --

Greenlee: It doesn't make any difference now, does it? The damage is done. The only thing that matters right now is Emma. And we may not get the future you want, but you can make sure that she does -- a happy, healthy life full of love.

Ryan: You know, maybe if we just let everything settle down, maybe we --

Greenlee: No, it's never going to be over, Ryan. Annie is going to need long-term treatment. And Emma needs her daddy right now more than ever.

Ryan: You're right. I mean, Emma is always going to come first, as is Spike. All my decisions are going to be based around them, but it doesn't mean that I don't love you. It doesn't mean that we can't have a relationship.

Greenlee: How do we do that? Every time we've tried, we've completely screwed it up. No, Ryan, I can't. You can't. We've tried, and look at what it's cost us and Aidan and Annie and Emma.

Ryan: That doesn't mean that we have to shut each other out.

Greenlee: Maybe it does.

Ryan: I won't accept that.

Greenlee: Well, maybe you have to. Maybe we both do. We can't go back, and we can't go forward. As much as I love you, it's over. I can't do this anymore. We can't.

Brot: I've got to go.

Taylor: No.

Brot: Live your life, Taylor. Be happy, and I'll live mine. I don't need pity. I don't need help. I just need to be alone.

Taylor: Brot, please, you can't just come back into my life and then just take off like this again.

Brot: It wasn't supposed to happen like this. It wasn't supposed to happen at all. Good-bye, Taylor.

[Brot walks out]

Brot: I took care of it.

Jake: What happened?

Randi: Frankie, she loved them. She really, really loved them. She used the word, um, electric.

Frankie: Those of us on earth have no idea what you're talking about, baby.

Randi: Erica -- my photo shoot. I showed her the proofs, and she loved them.

Frankie: She loved them, right.

Randi: Yes!

Frankie: The woman has astonishingly good taste, as do I.

Randi: Ok, well, we have to do something. Tell me that we can celebrate, that you're free.

Frankie: Well, as of right now, I happen to be off duty. So what do you want to do? We could have a nice dinner -- the Yacht Club, the Valley Inn. A bottle of champagne, candle lights, you and me, hmm?

Randi: Hmm, well, I know exactly what I want to do. And I know that you're the only man I want to do it with.

Bianca: Ah, ok. How's that?

Reese: Perfect. Why don't you stop doing that and come join us over here. We can read our favorite bedtime story, right?

Bianca: All right, that's the best offer I've had all day.


Reese: Would you like to do the honors?

Bianca: Uh, ok, but I can't do the voices as good as Reese.

Reese: Oh, yes, you can.

Bianca: Where did we leave off? All right, this looks familiar. And so the prince had climbed the mountains, fought the ogre, vanquished the dragon, and banished the evil wizard. He was tired and hurt, but he didn't care because he found his sleeping princess at last trapped in slumber. The prince gently leaned down, took her hand in his, and put his lips to hers, and the love they felt for each other bloomed in her cheeks. And she opened her eyes.

Reese: And they knew that the love that gave them hope was even stronger.

Erica: Kendall, they're playing your favorite Christmas carol, honey. Can you hear it? Can you hear me? It's Christmastime, honey. We want you to watch your little boys open their presents. We want you to make snow angels and kiss your husband under the mistletoe. Please, honey. Please be our Christmas miracle. We need you, honey. Your little boys need you. And Zach -- he's fighting so hard for you. I swear, sometimes his heart is beating for yours.

David: Erica's with your wife?

Zach: Yeah, I know you examined Kendall again, and you didn't tell Erica what you found. Tell me.

David: It's not good.

Taylor: Brot said it was a fling. He said he never really loved me.

Jake: Well, that can't be true, right? I mean why would he show up and dredge up an entire past if it never existed?

Taylor: Maybe it didn't. Maybe I made it all up in my head. Maybe I created this whole fantastic fantasy love affair when for him it was just -- sex.

Jake: Well, I don't buy that. You're not really the type to just dream up something like this.

Taylor: We were so in synch. Everybody could see that. One night Frankie got a bunch of the guys to decorate the tent so it would be romantic for us. And they used sterno instead of candles and -- not that we needed candles, because I'm telling you, it was always so --

Jake: What?

Taylor: What am I doing? I should not be talking to you about Brot. I shouldn't. I'm sorry.

David: As you're aware, Kendall has sustained severe heart damage.

Zach: And you fixed it.

David: No. No, I kept it beating. But her left ventricle still isn't functioning. Her heart is just not adjusting.

Zach: Ok, so what do we do now? Medication?

David: There's nothing more we can try.

Zach: Don't say nothing. There's something.

David: No. There's nothing more I can do. It's just a matter of time before her body starts shutting down.

Zach: No, she's been here before. She's a fighter, and she's fighting now. Her body is fighting now.

David: But her heart is giving up.

Zach: I want a second opinion.

David: That's fine. Get as many as you like. The answer will be the same. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear.

Zach: So how long do we --

David: Well, that's hard to say.

Zach: It's not hard to say, David. How long? We have an hour, a week, a month, Christmas? What is it?

David: Well, she might make it through the next several months. She could be gone next week. It really is impossible to say.

Zach: Does anybody else know?

David: No.

Zach: Let's keep it that way, ok?

David: Sure. I really do wish there was more I could do.

Bianca: Hey. Is everything ok?

Zach: Yeah, I'm just tired. Erica's in there with Kendall right now.

Bianca: Oh, good. That's good news. I mean, Mom's up and also telling Kendall to snap to it. What's wrong? Is this about before, what happened with Reese?

Zach: What? No. It's -- no.

Bianca: What aren't you telling me?

Erica: Bianca has been so much help. She has been wonderful with your little boys. But they miss you, honey. And Zach, I mean Zach is so strong but sometimes when he doesn't think anybody's looking at him, I see it. It's there. It's there in his eyes, honey. He's lost without you. Nothing's going to be right for him or any of us until you wake up.

Bianca: Is it Kendall? Did something happen? Is there news that I should know about?

Zach: No, David examined her and --

Bianca: Oh, of course. No, I -- Zach, I know that David can be harsh and cynical. We can't listen to him. We just have to keep up the love and the hope and that will bring her back to us.

Zach: Keep up love and hope, that's what we've got to do. And, you know, he said she's stable. So that's good.

Bianca: Good.

Erica: Hi.

Bianca: Hi. Oh, Mom.

Erica: Hi.

Bianca: It's so good to see you out of bed.

Erica: Oh, it's good to be out of bed.

Bianca: So how's Kendall?

Erica: Oh, well I talked to her. I told her how much we love her. We are so close to getting her back. I feel that, don't you?

Zach: Yeah, but let's get you back to your room before Hayward starts barking at us.

Erica: Oh, please, let him bark. Are you going in to see Kendall?

Bianca: Oh, yeah, I thought I would put a little Christmas in her room.

Erica: I just know that we're going to have her back for Christmas. I just know it.

Zach: Come on.

Bianca: Bye.

Erica: Excuse me. It's not very polite to go rifling through other peoples' things.

Greenlee: It's Fusion. I have as much right as you.

Zach: I'm going to go check on the boys. You two going to be all right?

Greenlee: 'Tis the season, Zach. I'll be on my best behavior.

Zach: That's all I ask. You need anything.

Erica: Thank you.

Zach: You, behave. We'll talk later.

Greenlee: What was the big emergency?

Erica: It's called work.

Greenlee: Don't start with the tone.

Erica: My tone? Well, we certainly won't get very far with that attitude.

Greenlee: How are you feeling?

Erica: Oh, I'm ready to get out of here as soon as they let me. And in the meantime --

Greenlee: You've set up shop. You were right. These are amazing.

Erica: Well, good. I'm glad you agree, because I intend to increase the budget for the campaign.

Greenlee: Hold on, hold on. This is where you consult with me about increasing the budget.

Erica: Well, if you want Fusion to be back on top where it belongs, then you're going to have to go big. And anyhow, you weren't even around here.

Greenlee: Because I was busy keeping a child safe.

Erica: And we are so grateful that Emma is all right, and Aidan. Although I'm sure it's very difficult for him with you and Ryan --

Greenlee: Can we please just focus on Fusion? I love these shots of Randi, but you know, I think they're a little too contrasting.

Erica: You finally got what you wanted, you and Ryan. Though it did take Annie sticking a knife into me to eliminate your competition.

Greenlee: Erica, please, I can't do this.

Erica: Look, I just hope that you and Ryan wait a decent amount before you go public about being a couple. I mean, given the circumstances.

Greenlee: There is no relationship. There is no couple. Ryan isn't some prize I won because Annie went crazy.

Erica: But you and Ryan -- I mean, I thought that you loved him.

Greenlee: I do love Ryan, but that doesn't mean that we can be together. Emma was so traumatized by all this. And what matters now, the only thing that matters, is Emma -- happy, stable and safe.

Erica: Really? You're just walking away?

Greenlee: Emma needs all of her dad right now. She doesn't need any more crazy adult drama. So, yeah. I'm walking away, not that I'd expect you to understand.

Erica: I'm sorry.

Greenlee: What?

Erica: I'm sorry, Greenlee.

Zach: Ryan.

Ryan: We have nothing to talk about, Zach.

Zach: Ryan, I'm sorry. I should have told you about Annie killing her brother. I'm sorry.

Ryan: My daughter could have died.

Zach: It's a bad call.

Ryan: Yeah, well, we all make mistakes, right? How is Kendall?

Zach: I wish people would stop asking me that.

Ryan: I'd like to spend a little time with her, if I could.

Zach: Fine. And I'm going to be here a lot, so I will need your help at the casino. There's a lot of things that need to be done.

Ryan: That I can't do.

Zach: What do you mean that you can't do?

Ryan: I did what I said I was going to do, but now my focus is my kids, Emma and Spike. All my energy, all my efforts, are going into them.

Zach: So you're quitting.

Ryan: No, I'm done.

Frankie: So this is the big thing you wanted us to do. I cannot believe you talked me into it.

Randi: Well, it was pretty easy. You are crazy about me.

Frankie: Or just crazy. You've never ice skated?

Randi: Nope, first time. But I'm a fast learner. And afterwards we'll drink hot chocolate and we'll go to B.J.'s and get chili fries. Hello?

Frankie: Oh.

Randi: Where are you?

Frankie: What?

Randi: Focus. What's going on?

Frankie: Nothing. I'm sorry. Let's hit it.

Randi: No. We don't skate until we talk.

Frankie: It's Taylor, Brot, and Jake. Jake loves Taylor, but he wants her to go help Brot.

Randi: Well, what does Taylor want?

Frankie: Taylor and Brot were in love once. Brot was the biggest, baddest badass with a heart that was even bigger. Now he's just broken.

Randi: And you think Taylor can help.

Frankie: I think she can bring him back. I know she can. I've tried to help, but I don't know how.

Randi: Start exactly where you started with me. Never take no for an answer.

Greenlee: You're apologizing? You don't apologize.

Erica: Well, believe me, I know how important a good father is to his daughter. And for you to give up the man you love for his little girl, I can apologize for misjudging you in the moment. Don't expect any other apologies from me in this lifetime.

Greenlee: Not to be outdone, I'm sorry, too. The tornados are gone, but it's as if the sky's still falling in on me. Kendall's in a coma. Annie is in an insane asylum. And I'm taking all of my aggression out on you, because I can't be with Ryan. How selfish is that?

Erica: Well, you do tend to live in an all Greenlee all the time universe, but don't be too hard on yourself. There's nothing easy about walking away from the man you love.

Greenlee: I'm warning you. I'm going to throw myself into Fusion 24/7, whether you like it or not.

Erica: Duly warned. Thank you.

Greenlee: You're welcome. I will get these shots to the printer, so we can have them blown up in the morning. Wouldn't it be weird if we could actually work well together?

Erica: Don't get carried away, Greenlee. But Greenlee? Thank you for spending so much time with Kendall. I really appreciate that.

Reese: Is it Kendall?

Zach: How can I do that?

Reese: Do what?

Zach: How can I lie to my family?

Jake: Don't worry about me.

Taylor: Don't worry about you? How do I not worry about you?

Jake: You should think about, you know, whatever your feelings are for this guy.

Taylor: This is all really confusing. I don't know how I feel.

Jake: Well, he was a very big part of your life, you know. A love like that doesn't just go away.

Taylor: So you're pushing me to him, and he's pushing me to you.

Jake: No, I'm just saying you need to figure out what you want.

Taylor: I don't know.

Jake: You're a soldier, right? No man left behind. So if Brot needs you, you don't just walk away. That's not who you are.

Taylor: He told me he didn't want my help.

Jake: Right, but you're the only one that can save him.

[Brot sits alone staring at Taylor's engagement ring and wiping away tears]

Randi: See? I told you I was a fast learner when I'm not falling on my butt.

Frankie: And doing that cute windmill thing with your arms.

Randi: You definitely earned your hot chocolate.

Randi: What?

Frankie: Does this mean extra onions on my chili fries?

Randi: Yes, even that. And whatever else you want.

Zach: Erica and Bianca and Greenlee, they all want for Kendall to be all right, you know. The kids, they need for Kendall to be all right. Everyone needs Kendall to be all right.

Reese: And she will be. She will be, and we are going to keep doing what we're doing. We'll just throw some more prayers on up. It'll be ok.

Zach: Yeah. I'm, uh -- There's something wrong with her heart. Her heart's not functioning properly.

Reese: What?

Zach: Uh, Hayward said that her heart is giving out slowly, and the day will come when it will stop completely.

Reese: Come on, there's got to be something that can be --

Zach: No.

Reese: Oh, my God.

Zach: Yeah. But Bianca and Erica, they need -- they need to heal. And they need hope and strength, so -- how can I lie to them?

Reese: Zach, I can't make this decision for you, and I know you're not asking me to. But I know whatever you decide, it will be right.

Zach: Well, I can't take away their hope. I can't do that. Do me a favor. It's our secret, ok? Ok.

Greenlee: I didn't know you'd be up here. I'll go.

Ryan: No, no don't. Look at the sky. Look at the moon.

Greenlee: Ring around the moon. Snow's coming.

Ryan: It's perfect. Hey, maybe we -- maybe we could be happy up there, you know. Just hop on a rocket ship and go to the moon.

Greenlee: We can't, Ryan. It's over.

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