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All My Children Transcript Friday 11/21/08


Episode #10,007
Written by Charles Pratt, Jr., Kate Hall, Daran Little, Tracey Thomson, Addie Walsh, & Jeff Beldner

Provided by Boo
Proofread by Gisele

David: You want this, Krystal. You know you do. And I do, too.

Krystal: No -- no.

David: Don't deny this, Krystal.

Krystal: You're wrong, David. I don't want this. Why am I here? I have to go.

David: Where?

Krystal: Home. To my husband. To my family.

David: Wait a minute. Why are you doing this? We both know you're going to end up right back here. Tad cannot give you what you need. Only I can do that.

Krystal: Since when do you know what I need?

David: Since we both lost the one person we loved most in the world. You want to be close to me. So do I. Stay with me, Krystal. Let us hold on to our daughter together.

Amanda: Get your hands off me, J.R.! I mean it! Oh!

J.R.: Isn't this what you wanted? Huh? For me to love you like I loved Babe?

Amanda: You're freaking me out, J.R. Stop it!

J.R.: What, first, it's the dress. What's next, Amanda, or should I say "Babe"? You going to dye your hair blonde? You look --

Amanda: Get off!

J.R.: Huh?

Erica: Hey. You do what she says, or I'll call the police.

Jake: Can I get this man set up for Radiology and prepped for surgery? Be very careful moving him, very careful.

Jack: You all right?

Greenlee: I'm fine. It's Aidan. He might not make it.

Jack: Ugh.

Angie: I was paged?

Ryan: Yeah, that -- that was me, Angie, actually. I was wondering maybe if -- if you could just -- just check out Emma for us.

Angie: Hey, there. I heard you had quite an adventure.

Annie: She, uh, inhaled some smoke.

Ryan: Yeah, and she was unconscious for a little while, so --

Annie: We got her checked out, but we just want to make --

Angie: Make sure.

Annie: Yeah.

Angie: Hey, why don't you come with me, Emma?

Annie: Ok, you go with Angie. We'll see you soon, ok? We almost lost her, Ryan.

Ryan: But we didn't.

Annie: Thank God. Oh, my God. Thank God Emma is back, and she's safe, and everything's ok.

Ryan: Well, not everything, Annie. I mean, Aidan could still die.

Greenlee: What? Don't tell me.

Jack: No, no, honey, honey, no, I'm sorry. She's alive, but she's still in a coma.

Greenlee: No change? Nothing?

Jack: Nothing.

Greenlee: Well, I have to see her. I have to tell her about all the drama she's missed. If that doesn't wake her up, I -- I don't know what will.

Jack: Honey, you're not going to be able to do that because Kendall's gone.

Greenlee: What do you mean? Did they -- did they take her home? Is she with Zach?

Jack: No, no, Erica found a facility for her up in Canada.

Greenlee: She sent her daughter to another country?

Jack: To get her help. But there is more.

Greenlee: About Kendall?

Jack: No, actually, this is, uh, this is about Erica.

Greenlee: Well, it can wait. I couldn't care less what that woman is up to right now.

Jack: Yeah, Greenlee, you can care about this, believe me. Just listen to me for a second, please. Erica took over Fusion.

Greenlee: She did what?

Erica: Well, she said no, J.R., no. What's wrong with you, forcing yourself on her like that?

J.R.: I -- I didn't force myself on Amanda.

Erica: Have been drinking again?

J.R.: No.

Erica: Are you on drugs again?

J.R.: God, no.

Erica: You're disgusting. What would Babe say if she saw you like this?

J.R.: Don't. Don't even talk about her. In fact, don't even mention her name.

Erica: It's all right. He's -- he's gone now.

Amanda: I can't believe that just happened.

Erica: Look, Amanda. You need to call Jesse Hubbard. You need to report this.

Amanda: No, it wasn't like that.

Erica: Amanda, I know what I saw. J.R. is an animal. He needs to be locked up.

Amanda: But I provoked him.

Erica: You look at me. Nothing you could have ever done would warrant an attack like that.

Amanda: He didn't hurt me.

Erica: Because I didn't let him. I mean, look at your dress.

Amanda: It's -- uh, never mind. It's -- forget it.

Erica: Look. I'm sure that something in my dry cleaning here will fit you. Why don't you just take them and go and clean up? Use my bathroom.

Amanda: I, uh, thank you.

Erica: Randi. I would like to have a staff meeting in my office, now. Things are about to change around here, big time.

Jesse: Baby, I'm home. Angela? Rebecca. Hey.

Rebecca: Not the woman you were expecting, eh? I'm sorry. That was a really bad joke.

Jesse: What are you -- where's Angela?

Rebecca: She's at the hospital finishing her shift.

Jesse: Well, you've been released. That's good. That's great, that's great. That's good.

Rebecca: Um, Natalia and I were on a plane to Denver, and Angie invited me to stay.

Jesse: She did? Ok --

Rebecca: I, um, I thought that it would be best for Natalia to be near you when -- look, I know this is really strange.

[Jesse sighs]

Rebecca: Jesse, just -- just say the word, and -- and I'll go. I'll find another place to stay. I don't --

Jesse: No, no, no, no, no. There's -- this is -- this is -- this -- Angela's -- we're going to make it work. We'll make it work.

Angie: Ok, lungs are all clear.

Ryan: Good, good. Hey, I'm, um, I'll be right back, ok? Do you need anything?

Annie: No.

Ryan: No? Ok.

[Greenlee sighs]

Greenlee: I get it. What I wouldn't give for a bubble bath and a nap. You ok?

Ryan: Yeah, I mean, I'm -- I'm hanging in. What -- what about you? How's Aidan?

Greenlee: I don't know yet. Jake says it's going to be a while. Did you figure anything out?

Ryan: You mean about Annie?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Ryan: Yeah, I know what I'm going to do.

Greenlee: You really think that she set up Emma's kidnapping?

Ryan: I know she did, and I know she's not going to get away with it.

Angie: Ok, Miss Emma. All set to go home.

Emma: Can I have one for Daddy?


Ryan: Hey.

Angie: Well, I -- I don't know. Has Daddy been good?

Annie: The best.

Angie: Well, in that case, here you go, Daddy.

Ryan: Oh, ok, thank you very much, thank you.

Angie: Listen, I'm going to go and get her release papers signed.

Ryan: Ok, thanks, thanks a lot.

Emma: Yum.

Annie: It's over. And, you, my love, get to go back to the penthouse.

Ryan: You know what? Mommy and Daddy are both going to take you home, both of us, where nobody can hurt you ever again. I won't let them.

Jesse: Hey.

Angie: Well, hey. I, uh, was hoping I would get home before you did.

Angie: Oh, what was that for?

Jesse: That was for being an amazing woman.

Angie: Oh, I'm not that amazing.

Jesse: Yeah, you are. I can't believe you did this.

Angie: Well, I -- I tried calling you. Rebecca explain everything?

Jesse: Yeah, about how generous you were in inviting her to stay.

Angie: Well, anyone would have done the same thing under the circumstance.

Jesse: No, that's not true. Anybody else would have put her on a bus to the airport, not cook dinner for three.

Angie: She's dying, Jesse.

Jesse: Yeah, I don't -- I don't know what to say. I -- you know you don't have to do this.

Angie: Yeah, you know, I -- I -- I do, because it doesn't matter how we got here. No one deserves to die alone.

Jesse: She's not alone.

[Door shuts]

J.R.: Ok. All right, where is it?

Adam: Where's what?

J.R.: The scotch, the gin, anything. I don't care what kind.

Adam: Well, now that you're living here again, I -- I had them empty the bar.

J.R.: Oh, yeah, that's just great.

Adam: I was trying to be supportive, J.R.

J.R.: I just want to smell it, you know? I just want to hold it in my hand.

Adam: And what would that accomplish?

J.R.: Oh, I don't know. Maybe if I could stop myself from taking a sip, I'd be able to control something, anything.

Adam: J.R., what's happened?

J.R.: My wife died. That's what happened.

Krystal: Is Jenny asleep?

Tad: Yeah. Like a baby. Yeah, works out nice that way. Ok, ok. Look, here's the thing, ok? I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I never meant to imply that there's some kind of grief quota out there, you're supposed to feel any way about any thing.

Krystal: I'm sorry. I -- I knew you were just trying to help.

Tad: Yeah, well, I -- I didn't.

[Krystal sniffles]

[Krystal sighs]

Krystal: I miss her. I can't even describe how deep that goes. You know, when I wake up in the morning or after a nap, there is this one second, one beautiful second, of peace before I remember that she's gone. And then, it just hits me all over again.

[Krystal sniffles]

Tad: Someday -- baby, I swear to you, someday -- maybe it's not next week. Maybe it's not next month. Maybe it's not --

[Krystal sniffles]

Tad: Two to three years from now. I don't know, but someday, I promise you, that moment will last a little longer and a little longer and a little longer. It does get better.

Krystal: I know, I know. I know you lost Dixie, and you thought you lost Kathy, and I know how devastating that was, Tad, but this is different. I carried that baby. I carried her inside me, and I raised her from the day she was born all by myself.

Tad: So, tell me what I can do. Please. Tell me -- tell me how I can make things a just little easier.

Krystal: That's just it. You can't.

Erica: As some of you know -- I'm sure most of you do. I assume that. I am --

Pete: The Erica Kane.

Erica: That's right, Pete. Thank you. Well, my daughter, Kendall, due to the most unfortunate of circumstances, is unable to maintain her duties as co-owner of this company at this time.

Pete: Are you here to save our sinking ship?

Erica: I am here to restore Fusion to its rightful place, but I'm not able to do that alone, so I would like to introduce you to the two newest members of our staff, Elizabeth and Joanna. They are competent. They are trustworthy, and they are going to be my eyes and ears during my tenure here.

Pete: Welcome aboard, ladies.

Amanda: Brown-nose much?

Erica: This, of course, as most of you know, I'm sure, is Val. Val is my personal assistant.

Val: Hi.

Erica: Val knows my likes and dislikes better than anyone, so listen to him when he speaks. Given my celebrity, I'm sure that my reputation precedes me, but please don't be intimidated. I want you to know that I am approachable. In fact, I am always seeking innovative new ideas. In short, my door is always open.

Pete: Well, that's great, because I actually have a few ideas about Fusion --

Erica: Oh, great. Thank you, Petey. Just not quite now. So in order to reestablish Fusion at the top of the heap where it belongs, there is quite a list of things we need to do. At the top of that list is finding the new face of Fusion. Randi, that's where you come in.

Randi: Ok, great. I'll start researching available models.

Erica: Randi. I want you to be the model.

Amanda: Kendall and Greenlee already tried that. She wasn't interested.

Randi: Actually, I am. I mean, thank you. I'd be honored to be the face of Fusion.

Erica: That's fantastic. It's settled then. Ahem.

Greenlee: It's nowhere near settled. Ugh. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Emma: Do I still live here, Daddy?

Ryan: Of course, you do, sweetheart, of course. Everything is still exactly the same, ok? Your room, all your books, and all your toys and your gazillion stuffed animals.

Emma: Does Mommy still live here, too?

Ryan: Yes, yes, we're still a family.

Tad: God, I hope you know how much I love you, how much I need you, and I don't care who or what came before. I don't care what comes after, ever. Nothing and nobody is going to change that.

[Krystal sniffles]

Krystal: Kiss me again.

[Tad kisses Krystal lightly]

Krystal: No, no.

[Krystal sniffles]

Krystal: Kiss me like you mean it.

Tad: Oh, darling, I always --

Krystal: No, Tad, Tad, listen. You asked me what you could do, what I need. I need this.

Angie: I am making Jesse's favorite, spaghetti and meatballs.

Rebecca: I thought pot roast was your favorite?

Jesse: I've got a lot of favorites.

[Rebecca chuckles]

Rebecca: Of course, toward the end, I had to stop making that because of the salt thing.

Angie: Salt thing?

Rebecca: He went to the doctors one day, and they told him he had high blood pressure.

Angie: High blood pressure? All this time, you never said anything.

[Jesse sighs]

Rebecca: You know, the -- the first meal I made that was low-sodium everything --

Jesse: Oh, yeah, that chicken. I remember that. Tasted like cardboard.

Rebecca: Uh, it wasn't that bad.

Jesse: Yeah, it was. It was horrible. Tasted horrible.

Rebecca: Well, you know, it -- it took a few experiments. I had to experiment with different seasonings, but I figured it out eventually.

Angie: Uh, well, the next time I go to the market, I'll have to remember that. Would you pass me the salt? Thank you.

[Angie dumps the salt in the trash can]

Emma: Mommy, why did Aunt Di leave me alone in that church?

Annie: We're all very lucky to have each other. Hey, look at me. We're all so lucky to have each other, you, me, Daddy, and Spike, right? But some people aren't so lucky.

Emma: Like Aunt Di?

Annie: That's right. And instead of being happy for us and how lucky we are, Aunt Di got jealous, because she wanted a family and couldn't have one. So she got angry and did mean things, and -- and, sweetheart, she tried to steal you.

Ryan: Well, maybe we shouldn't get into this right now.

Annie: But -- but it didn't work, it didn't work.

Emma: Why not?

Annie: Because your mommy and daddy love you so much, and we would never let anything bad happen to you.

Emma: Where's Aunt Di now?

Ryan: She's gone, honey. Come here. She's gone, and -- and she's not coming back. I will always protect you, ok? Always.

Annie: We both will.

Randi: Um, should I close the door --

Pete: Hi, I'm Pete --

Randi: On my way out?

Greenlee: That's an excellent idea.

Erica: Randi, don't forget about the fundraiser we're working on. Consult with Val.

Randi: Of course.

Greenlee: What fundraiser?

Erica: You can thank me any time, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You're serious? For what?

Erica: For saving Fusion. For saving you.

Greenlee: No, whatever you think you've done for me, you can just --

Erica: The lawsuits have been dropped against Fusion. The FDA has been taken care of, and, in addition to that, I have actually attained fresh capital in order to fund a new line of cosmetics for this company, and, hopefully, that will all be enough to put off all the disaster we had with Bella.

Greenlee: I -- I'm sorry. Have I missed something here? I -- I feel like I'm in "The Twilight Zone."

Erica: Do you? Well, which part are you having trouble with?

Greenlee: Well, for starters, the part where you've turned our lounge into -- what is this place? A house of worship? Your own personal shrine?

Erica: It's my office.

Greenlee: You don't work here.

Erica: I do now.

Greenlee: Oh, because you say so? You have no right.

Erica: I have every right.

Greenlee: Since when?

Erica: Since my daughter Kendall fell into a coma. Greenlee, Kendall gave me proxy. This company is 50% mine.

Angie: Jesse, will you say grace?

Jesse: Sure.

Jesse: Thank you, Lord, for this food we're about to receive. Thank you for the generous hands that prepared the food. Please give us the strength and the courage to handle life's hurdles and the love and support to get through them. Thank you for bringing us together. We are truly blessed.

Rebecca: May I add something?

Jesse: Sure.

Rebecca: Angie, I would like to thank you for opening your arms and inviting me into your home. You have gone way beyond what was asked of you, and I am so grateful.

Jesse: Well, this really looks good.

Angie: Well, let's just hope it tastes that way.

Rebecca: Yeah, may I?

Angie: You want some --

Jesse: Thank you.

Angie: No, thank you.

Jesse: Ahem. What?

Rebecca: Do you remember how we used to always have to bribe Natalia?

Jesse: Oh, she hated vegetables. She wouldn't touch a vegetable to save her life. What was that we used to say?

Rebecca: No leafy greens --

Jesse: No ice cream.

Rebecca: Right. She had the -- the biggest sweet tooth you can imagine. It was just -- it was unbelievable.

Angie: Oh, I am so sorry.

Jesse: What happened?

Angie: Uh, I remembered some files that I need at the hospital.

Jesse: So you get them tomorrow.

Angie: Uh, no, I can't, because I have an early consult, and I need to read over the case. I won't be long.

Rebecca: Well, we'll just -- we'll just save this and wait --

Angie: No, no, please. Go ahead and eat, uh, the two of you. Uh, I wasn't that hungry anyway.

Jesse: Angela?

[Door closes]

Greenlee: I don't believe this. Kendall gave you her proxy?

Erica: Legal proxy.

Greenlee: I am more than capable of running my own company.

Erica: Oh, Greenlee, let's be honest. This is Kendall's company.

Greenlee: Really? Because I'm pretty sure we came up with the idea together.

Erica: Uh, Greenlee. You wouldn't know an original idea if it leapt up and bit you in that trust-funded derriere of yours.

Greenlee: This is ridiculous. I love Fusion. I am Fusion.

Erica: I see. So is that why you abandoned it? Is that why you threw a temper tantrum and gave away all your shares?

Greenlee: Ok, I don't know what psychedelic drug Kendall was on when she gave you the rights to this place, but your services are not needed.

Erica: Oh, no? While you were off somewhere with Ryan, this company almost went under, and thank God I was here to save it. I'm not going anywhere, Greenlee. You get used to that. And be grateful.

J.R.: It's this house. I see Babe everywhere. I think I hear her laughing, and it turns out it's the TV, or I think I smell her, you know? But it's some residual perfume on the pillow.

Adam: I know how it's extremely difficult.

J.R.: Difficult, Dad? It's tearing me from the inside out.

Adam: Don't you see, son? It's natural. It's a defense mechanism. You don't want her to be gone, so your mind tries to convince you otherwise.

J.R.: But Babe is gone, Dad. She's dead, and I realize I -- I've got to move on with my life, because Little Adam needs me, but, God, it's just so damn hard.

Adam: You're not alone, son. If there is anything I can do --

J.R.: Don't you think you've done enough? I mean, if you would've just left us alone, my wife would still be alive. I mean, why couldn't you just leave us alone?

Adam: That's it. That's good. Get it out. Get it all out. It's good. It's important to grieve.

J.R.: Don't -- don't! Don't tell me that it's healthy. Don't tell me that everything's going to be ok, because it's not ok, Dad! Nothing is ok! I've got to -- I've got to live with that.

Randi: So, what the hell happened to you before, and why did you change your clothes?

Amanda: Uh, long story. I really don't want to get into it. What about you?

Randi: What about me?

Amanda: You don't want to be the face of Fusion, and now, suddenly you do? What happened?

Randi: I don't know. When Kendall and Greenlee first brought it up to me, I had -- I had just left my job. Fletcher was still alive. I don't know. Things are just different now.

Amanda: Now?

Randi: Yeah. I mean, I've got Frankie and you, and it took me so damn long, but I can finally work that computer. I know what I'm doing around here.

Amanda: That's great, seriously, but, I mean, what about your clients? Are you worried, you know, they're going to see a picture of you and maybe go straight to the press, or something?

Randi: Uh-uh. See, they out me, they out themselves. I'm in a totally different place now. The way I see it, they won't even recognize me.

Greenlee: Oh.

Amanda: Should I call a coroner or an ambulance?

Greenlee: Oh, Erica's still alive, for the time being.

Amanda: So, what do we do now?

Greenlee: You get to work.

Amanda: Right, but I mean, do we answer to you or --

Greenlee: Answer to me. This is my company, and I'll let my roots grow out before I let that diva take it from me.

Annie: Ryan? I know you told Emma that this is our home, and I'm glad, because that's exactly what she needed to hear, but if you didn't mean it, I understand.

Ryan: I meant it.

Annie: Really?

Ryan: From this point on, I just want to look to the future.

Annie: To the future.

Ryan: To our future.

[Door closes]

Adam: Hello? Erica.

Erica: Adam.

Adam: Well, welcome home. Uh, no -- no need to use the doorbell.

Erica: I have no time for bells. Where is J.R.? Is he home?

Adam: Well, why do you want to know?

Erica: Because he almost raped an employee of mine.

David: What are you doing here?

Amanda: I wanted to return this.

David: The whole point is to wear it. Wait a minute. What the hell happened here?

Amanda: J.R. happened. Your plan backfired, David. The dress didn't make him want me. It made him want to kill me.

Rebecca: Do you want to go after her?

Jesse: No. I think she might need a little time to herself.

Rebecca: Because of me.

[Jesse sighs]

Rebecca: I am so sorry.

Jesse: No, would you just stop apologizing? It's not -- it's not ab -- don't apologize, ok?

Rebecca: Does that go for confessions as well?

Jesse: Uh-oh.

Rebecca: I knew, Jesse.

Jesse: Knew what?

Rebecca: When I pushed you away, told you to go back to Angie, I knew that I was dying.

Jesse: For how long?

Rebecca: For a few months.

Jesse: Well, why didn't you say something, Rebecca?

Rebecca: Well, it would've made it more difficult for you to go, and you had to go, Jesse.

Jesse: And Natalia?

Rebecca: I had gathered your contact information, and I had put it into a safe-deposit box, and she was supposed to open it after I had died. That way, you would've had time to reconnect with your family, and she would've had time to get over her anger. Well, some of it, at least. But she -- she found out about that box early. Ahem.

Jesse: And just had to see what was in it, right?

Rebecca: Yeah, I guess it must've been the cop in her.

Jesse: Yeah.

Rebecca: Look, I'm sorry. Just it made perfect sense in my mind. You know, you -- she would've told you what had happened and explained everything, and you would've found a way to open your heart to her again.

Jesse: Of course. Of course, I would've, but the thought of you going through this on your own, Rebecca, that --

Rebecca: Jesse, I'm not alone. I'm not alone because of you and Angie.

Jesse: No, you're not alone. You got friends. You got family.

Annie: Hey. Is Emma sleeping?

Ryan: Yeah, I don't know how, but --

Annie: I know how. Because you've reassured her. You made her feel safe. You do that for me, too. Hope you don't mind. I opened a bottle of wine. Here you go.

[Annie sighs]

Ryan: To Emma. And to having her back home with us.

[Glasses clink together]

Ryan: I know it was you, Annie.

Annie: You know what was me?

Ryan: You set up the entire kidnapping, and you framed Di to take the fall. It was you. The whole time.

Annie: That's -- what are you talking about?

Ryan: I get why you did it. I get it. Your family was slipping away, and you fought for it.

Annie: Ryan, I have no idea where you got this from.

Ryan: I knew you loved me, Annie. I really did. I knew you did, but I had no idea how much. Until now.

Greenlee: How is he?

Jake: Uh, well, he's unconscious, but stable.

Greenlee: What happens now?

Jake: Well, we do surgery, and since you're his wife, I'm going to need your consent.

Greenlee: Well, well, wait a minute. I mean, if he's stable, can't we just wait? See if he comes out of this on his own?

Jake: The bullet is up by the aorta. That means if it moves even a fraction of an inch, it could kill him, and that's why we rushed here. Do you remember? So I could perform surgery the right way with the right equipment.

Greenlee: I know, I know, I know, but now that you're actually going to do it, can you promise me he's going to make it?

Jake: I wish that I could say yes, but I can't. But I know it's a tough decision, but it's -- it's one that you're going to have to make.

Adam: Did you assault Amanda Dillon?

J.R.: We got into it, yeah, but I never assaulted her.

Erica: He nearly ripped her dress off.

Adam: I -- you just -- I've warned you to stay away from that woman. She's poison.

Erica: That's it? This is your idea of a reprimand?

J.R.: You don't understand what you were walking in on.

Erica: Yes, I understand exactly what I was walking in on.

J.R.: That dress Amanda that was wearing? That was Babe's dress. She was wearing it t --

Adam: To manipulate you, yes. I knew it.

J.R.: No, no. Now that I think about it, take a step back, I don't think that -- I don't think that's what she was doing, Dad.

Adam: Haven't you learned anything? Don't get sucked in by her. Amanda Dillon will rob you blind.

Amanda: I'm done, ok? You can take J.R. down by yourself.

David: Don't even think about walking out that door.

Amanda: You don't need me, David.

David: You're wrong.

Amanda: Find someone else to get J.R. back on the bottle.

David: Believe me, turning J.R. into a drooling, pathetic drunk is just the beginning. I want so much more, starting with my grandson. And with your help, I will have it all.

Tad: Are you ok? You want to talk?

Krystal: I just want to you to make love to me again.

David: Just can't keep me out of your head, can you?

Tad: What? What, you ok?

Jesse: Hey, no, no, no, no, no. Don't you even move a muscle. I got this, all right? What are you laughing at?

[Rebecca chuckles]

Rebecca: It took being here to know for sure. This home, this life. It's where you belong.

Greenlee: This is surreal. I mean, just a few months ago, I'd look at Aidan, and I saw the rest of my life. Now? We've never been further apart. I shouldn't be making this decision for him. Give me the form.

Jake: You're doing the right thing.

Aidan: Greenlee. Don't sign it. Don't sign it.

Annie: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Ryan: Where did you stash the money?

Annie: Money? Oh, my God. You really think I would steal from you?

Ryan: And from Greenlee. And then set Di up to take the fall. It was actually a really good plan, Annie.

Annie: You're insane.

Ryan: Admit it.

Annie: Admit what?

Ryan: Admit that you were behind the kidnapping.

Annie: Why? Why? So you can haul me off to jail? Keep Emma away from me forever? Such a shame. You could've had everything, but now, I will make sure you end up with nothing.

[Annie takes the gun out of her purse and points it at Ryan]

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