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All My Children Transcript Friday 11/14/08


Episode #10,002
Written by Charles Pratt, Jr., Joanna Cohen, Daran Little, Tracey Thomson, Addie Walsh, & Jeff Beldner

Provided by Boo
Proofread by Gisele

Reese: I don't talk to my parents anymore. Actually, they don't talk to me.

Zach: Why?

Reese: Why do you think? Look, when I told them I was a lesbian, it destroyed the image they had of me for this perfect little world and... basically they just shut me out. And they don't really even acknowledge my existence anymore.

[Knock knock]

Bianca: Hey, how's it going?

Reese: Hey!

[Reese chuckles]

Reese: Great. Hey, you want to see these plans over here, honey?

Bianca: Oh --

Reese: Check it out.

Bianca: I'm allowed?

Reese: Yeah, of course.

Bianca: Oh, ok. I just thought maybe they'd be a secret.

[Elevator door opens]

Amanda: What are you doing here?

David: Time to get to work.

Amanda: On what?

David: Our plans for Chandler Junior. Starting tonight, he's going down.

Colby: Oh! You need a doctor.

Brot: I'm fine. Just leave me alone.

Colby: Oh, let me help you.

Brot: You want to help, unlock that door now.

Jake: So you think you're going to be running a marathon?

Taylor: Oh, no no no no no. I'm not running a marathon. I'm winning a marathon.

[Jake sighs]

Jake: You -- you just got the feeling back in the legs. You know, it's going to be a while before you can do any kind of running or --

Taylor: Jake?

Jake: Or jumping.

Taylor: I'll be on that start line. Will you?

Jake: I'll sign that thing right now.

[Taylor chuckles]

Jake: Think I'm kidding?

Pete: I love you!

Jake: What? I didn't say it. I didn't say that. You know I didn't say that, right?

Pete: Do you hear me, Colby Chandler? I love you with every proton, neutron, and electron in my being!

Nurse: Quit fooling around, or I'll call security!

Pete: I'm not fooling. I'm in love.

Ryan: Emma needs us right now, and we are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Annie: Listen. We know where the kidnapper took her. We just have to get to Pine Key.

Ryan: Right and if we can get the plane up in the air and fly --

Annie: And the pilot is working on it, ok? We will get out of here.

Ryan: And what if we're too late?

Annie: We're going to get our daughter back, Ryan. I know it.

Ryan: You believe in happy endings. That's actually one of the first things that attracted me to you.

Greenlee: Ryan really thinks Annie's in on this? That she would kidnap her own child? I mean, who would do something like that?

Aidan: Greenlee, you turned the car around, and you brought Spike home.

Greenlee: When I heard him crying. Five minutes, Aidan, and then I knew what I did was wrong. She's been pulling this for how long? I mean, what kind of monster is she?

Aidan: It doesn't -- Annie doesn't matter, all right? We have to find Emma.

Greenlee: Yeah, the charter doesn't take off for hours.

Aidan: Well, we don't have hours. We need to leave now. Otherwise, Ryan's never going to see his daughter again.

David: J.R. needs to be taught a lesson. Amanda Dillon is a strong, smart, capable woman deserving of respect. You need to show that jerk that he can never use you again.

Amanda: Where's yours?

David: It's all yours. I know you'd prefer a glass, but drinking straight from the bottle would be quicker.

Amanda: What exactly are you asking me to do? It's not like J.R. is going to join me.

David: Hmm, not at the moment, but in time.

Amanda: So that's the plan -- knock J.R. off the wagon?

David: For starters. Oh, come on, Amanda. Don't pretend like you have issues with this. Getting him drunk and blackmailing him was how you got your cash the first time.

Amanda: I just don't see how --

David: All you have to do is get drunk, ok? Then you call J.R. and you let him rescue you.

Amanda: And that's going to destroy him how?

David: It's a beginning, Amanda. You're in pain, he makes it better. After a few times, he starts to feel useful, needed, all right? He wants to be there for you, so the cozier you get, the more vulnerable he becomes.

Amanda: And I have to be drunk?

David: Plastered. And the faster you drink, the closer you are to the cash.

Reese: So I've got a great interior designer if you want amazing.

Zach: All right, well, let's see if you can do the whole place in red and white with, like --

Reese: Ok, you know what? I like hockey, too, but no. No, no, no, no way.

Bianca: Hey, are you guys almost done?

Zach: Yeah. I've got to go home. You all right?

Bianca: Yeah.

Zach: See you guys.

Reese: Yeah, see you. You know Zach put me in charge of the entire project just like that? We start construction on --

Bianca: Your parents disowned you when they found out you were gay? I overheard.

Reese: It's no big deal.

Bianca: You didn't say anything to me. I think it's a huge deal.

Reese: Which is part of the reason why I didn't say anything.

Bianca: Oh, my God, you lied to me.

Reese: Bianca, I did not --

Bianca: You told me that your parents couldn't come to the christening, because they were going to be on a cruise around the world. This is why I've never heard their voices on our answering machine. This is why the only time they could visit us in Paris was when we happened to be going out of town.

Reese: Hey, you know what? I made peace with this a very long time ago.

Bianca: Oh, yeah? Your parents rejected you, and you're fine with it?

Reese: Look, it doesn't matter, ok? I -- I moved on with my life. I didn't see any reason to bring --

Bianca: Any reason to be honest with your fiancée about your family?

Reese: You are my family, ok -- you, Gabrielle.

Bianca: Then how could you not be honest with me about something so important?

Reese: Because it's not important anymore.

Bianca: Then why'd you tell Zach?

Colby: I can't find the lights.

Brot: Leave them.

Colby: Are you a patient? Why are you hiding in the basement? You know, I better get a doctor.

Brot: No! I don't want anyone to know I'm here. I just need a minute to catch my breath, and I'll be gone.

Colby: What's -- what's wrong with your arm?

Brot: Nothing.

Colby: Oh, I'm -- I'm Colby. I -- I volunteer here. If you don't want a doctor, that's cool, but you're bleeding.

Brot: Don't touch me. What was I thinking of? I should just leave her alone. Stupid, stupid! Good, go on. Get out!

Taylor: I have a friend, she runs the Marine Corps marathon every year. I'll ask her about the training regimen.

Jake: Did the therapist explain to you that there are stages of rehabilitation when it comes to a spinal injury?

Taylor: Of course.

Jake: So you know it takes time, you know you can't rush it?

Taylor: I'll just work twice as hard.

Jake: You need to have patience.

Taylor: Jake, when my C.O. tells me to do something, I just do it. I don't ask questions. I am the C.O. of this body.

Jake: Hmm.

Taylor: And I am telling you that it's going to run a marathon -- Eric, you're killing me! We have to step it up a little here, come on. We should be working out around the clock every day all day.

Jake: Why don't you let the therapist do some, like, therapy stuff? That's what he does -- he's a therapist.

Taylor: Why don't you help me or get out?

Jake: Hmm.

Ryan: What is taking the pilot so long?

Annie: Listen to me, listen to me. Just think how incredible it is going to be when we finally do get Emma back.

Ryan: I'm not going to let her out of my sight.

Annie: When Emma does come home, I think -- I think the most important thing is to make her feel safe.

Ryan: Absolutely.

Annie: She's going to need both of us for stability, you know? The -- the less change, the better.

Ryan: Absolutely right.

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: But she might have changed through this. I mean, this is incredibly traumatizing. Whatever that psycho put her through, she may not be the same little girl that she was.

Annie: Well, I mean, we'll -- we'll just do whatever it takes to help her heal. Maybe she'll need therapy, but I think what she'll really need is security and love. She's going to need to be wanted.

Ryan: Well, when we're through this, she's going to be wanted by so many people.

Annie: I hate that this is happening to me. I really do, but I am -- I'm grateful that you're going through it with me. Is that a horrible thing to say?

Ryan: No, it's honest. And I think it's really important for us to be honest and to be straight with each other, especially now.

Annie: Yeah. I agree.

Ryan: I can honestly say one thing that I do know for sure and that is when I find the person that's responsible for this, they will pay.

Pilot: Hey, good news -- the plane's fixed, gassed up, ready to go.

Ryan: Great.

Therapist: Nice job.

Taylor: What?

Therapist: We'll pick it up again tomorrow.

Taylor: No, no, no, we're just getting started.

Therapist: I'll see you in the morning.

[Taylor sighs]

Taylor: Jake, I'm so glad you're here. How about one set?

Jake: You know, I just found out about this new kind of therapy they got going.

Taylor: Really? What is it?

Jake: Well, I'd have to show it to you. It's a -- involves a different kind of equipment, special equipment.

Taylor: Where, where, where, where? Where is it?

Jake: No, it's down the -- it's across the -- you know, when you're ready -- not right now. When you're ready, I'll put you in the chair, and I'll wheel you over there.

Taylor: When I'm ready? Why don't you put me in the chair now, and I'll wheel myself over?

Pete: Hey! Hey, wait -- wait up.

Colby: Yeah?

Pete: Didn't you hear my announcement?

Colby: Not now, Pete.

Pete: I meant every word of it. Now the whole world knows.

Colby: Knows what? What are you talking about?

Pete: The declaration I made over the P.A. system. I love you.

Colby: I got to go.

Pete: Neither rain nor snow nor a cryogenically cold shoulder is going to stop me. I love you, Colby! I'll never give up! I love her.

Amanda: Bubbles, I got no troubles because I drank my bubble.

[Amanda giggles]

[David chuckles]

David: Very good, very, very funny. Ok, ok, ok, listen. Hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey! Are you ready for this?

Amanda: Yes, sir. I learned that from my roommate the shipmate.

David: Hmm.

Amanda: I live on a boat, like a pirate. Arrgh!

[Amanda chuckles]

[Elevator door opens]

David: All right. Hey, listen to me. He's coming, all right? So focus -- Amanda, focus.

Amanda: Ok. Focus, Amanda.

J.R.: Amanda. What's going on?

Amanda: J.R. I called you. Um -- I'm in trouble and -- and I knew that you could help, because you've been there.

J.R.: Been where? Are you all right?

Amanda: No. I think I'm an alcoholic.

J.R.: Well, when was the last time you ate? You mean you've had all this on an empty stomach?

Amanda: I need help.

J.R.: All right, all right, you know what? You just sit tight. I'm going to get you some food and then some coffee, ok?

Amanda: Oh, uh -- please don't leave me by myself. I'm afraid of what I might do. I -- look, I'm really sorry that I bothered you. I just -- I didn't know where else to turn.

J.R.: Ok, well, talk to me.

Amanda: Well, during the moment of silence, I was just feeling, like, so sad and alone and you -- you were so nice to me. And then tonight, when that feeling came back, I started drinking again and I -- I called you because -- because I knew you'd understand. The feeling, I just -- I don't know what to do without Babe.

Reese: I didn't mean to tell Zach, ok? We were talking about how my parents met and we --

Bianca: Well, at least I know that story. So why don't I know the most important part? You know, what your parents did to you is wrong.

Reese: Yes. Ok, and what I am telling you, what I am asking you to accept, is that I am ok with it.

Bianca: I don't believe that.

Reese: So what? So we're going to -- we're going to start fighting, is that what it is? You know what? This is exactly what I wanted to avoid, because I really liked the place that we were in. I loved it, and I didn't want anything to touch it and I didn't want to make you feel guilty. Like, when I came out to my parents, they cut me off. Your parents were the complete opposite. They supported you.

Bianca: Completely not true -- it was not always that way.

Reese: Wait, I know you said that your mom wasn't cool at first.

Bianca: No, yeah -- no, she wasn't cool? She thought that I needed psychological help. She took me to a shrink to try to deprogram me and turn me straight. But she was even more concerned with keeping me quiet because God forbid anybody find out that Erica Kane's daughter is -- [Whispers] a lesbian.

Reese: I know, sweetie, but eventually she understood. My mother is a control freak, ok? I had to do exactly what she wanted me to do always. I should've rebelled against her. I needed to fight her, I never did. I just always did exactly what she wanted me to do.

Bianca: So what changed? What -- what made you come out?

Reese: I met you. I met the woman that I belong with, and I fell in love. And I just -- I was so proud, and I was so excited. I just wanted to tell the world.

Annie: This is it.

Ryan: Now why didn't you mention a room number before?

Annie: What? What difference does it make?

Ryan: Ok, just stand back, all right? We almost had this guy once, and he got away. I don't want to take that chance again.

[Ryan groans]

Ryan: This guy is jerking us around, Annie!

Annie: I'm sure that this is the place I heard, Ryan. I mean, why else would the kidnapper be whispering it? Look, Emma will be here, ok? We just have to be patient.

Ryan: I want to believe that, I really want to believe it. I do.

Annie: Ryan, when's the last time you slept?

Ryan: What? I don't know.

Annie: Ryan, you have to get some rest.

Ryan: No, I'm not going to get any rest, not until this is over, Annie.

Annie: Ryan, you need to.

Ryan: You know, when my daughter is giving me one of her world famous hugs, then, yes, then I'll get some rest.

Annie: And how are you going to be able to give her a big hug when you're running on fumes?

Ryan: All right. Maybe you're right.

[Ryan sighs]

Reese: You remember when I flew back to the States right after we met?

Bianca: Yeah, of course, I do because I was going out of my mind missing you.

Reese: Hmm. Well, that's when I flew back to talk to my parents. And we sat in my living room, and I don't remember the exact words that were said. But I will never forget my mother's expression when I told her -- stone, cold and no emotion. Do you know I heard her gasp and then swallow? I actually heard her swallow.

Bianca: Wow.

Reese: Yeah, I tried to get her to say something, anything, engage in some way. I mean, but every single time I brought up the word "gay" --

Bianca: I know -- it's always a show stopper.

Reese: I wonder if she even thinks about that day. I wonder if she regrets it or even thinks about me anymore. It's wishful thinking, huh?

Bianca: What about your dad?

Reese: Well, my dad -- he didn't say anything either but, um, I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to. He wanted to say something -- I mean, not that he understood it. But I just thought he might say something to her, you know? But he couldn't. But at least he gave me a hug goodbye.

Bianca: I -- I know what it's like to lose a father.

Reese: I know. I know you do, and I just think earlier when I was talking to Zach, he just -- he reminded me, and I realized that I shouldn't have --

Bianca: No, no, no. I understand, I understand. And that's it? I mean, you haven't spoken to them since that day? So they don't even know that you have a child?

Reese: No. Ugh. My father has a granddaughter. [Chuckles] He's going to meet her one day. He will, he will meet our beautiful baby and Miranda, and the woman that means everything to me. I've never been in love before, and I thought this, bringing it up, I thought it would only hurt us, hurt you.

Bianca: [Whispers] No. Honey, you can tell me anything.

Reese: I know. I know, I am so sorry.

Bianca: No, no, no, no, no, no. Shh, don't apologize. Please.

Reese: Hmm. Oh, God. I'm not sorry just for this -- I mean today. I have been here, and I've been so involved in my work --

Bianca: Oh.

Reese: And you've been alone with four kids.

Bianca: Oh, God, it was tough. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just -- everything just happened so fast -- I mean, the tornado and Gabrielle's birth and Babe and Kendall. I mean --

Reese: This is too much. Why don't I do something for you. Why don't you let me take you home and draw you a nice, nice hot bath? Would you like that?

Bianca: I would.

Reese: Yeah?

[Bianca giggles]

Bianca: I love you.

Reese: I love you, too.

Jake: Hey.

Colby: Hey -- whoa!

Jake: What, are you rushing off to somewhere?

Colby: Oh, no, I'm just putting it back -- you know, exciting volunteer stuff. How about you guys?

Taylor: Oh, he's taking me to the special physical therapy room.

Jake: Not special --

Taylor: Secret.

Jake: Not secret.

Taylor: Secret -- then why won't you even tell me what's in it?

Jake: She gets so cranky if she's not in perpetual motion. Excuse us.

Pete: Hey! Hey, where have you been?

Colby: Uh, doing my job.

Pete: You still haven't said anything about my audio valentine -- or my tux. And I got you a dozen roses but when I thought you hadn't heard, I gave it to this really sweet old lady with bunions.

Colby: Pete!

Pete: Ow!

Colby: This is a hospital. People need me -- sick people. Grow up.

J.R.: I miss Babe, too -- every minute of every day.

Amanda: No one could ever make me feel as good as Babe did. And now she's gone. Now what do I do?

J.R.: It'll be ok.

Amanda: My boyfriend dumped me, my career is in the dumps, I'm broke, and my best friend is dead. I have nothing. Oh, just go. You will eventually -- everyone always does.

J.R.: I'm not going anywhere -- hey.

Amanda: Oh, sorry. I -- I --

Annie: Ryan?

Reese: Massage first. And then bath.

Bianca: You know, you keep doing that, and I will do whatever you say.

Reese: Yeah, well, Gaby is asleep, and I just tucked Miranda in, and Rachel is going to put Ian and Spike down.

Bianca: So you're saying that nobody needs -- oo, oo, oo! Nobody needs a diaper change. Nobody needs a bedtime story or 100,000 gallons of milk.

Reese: It is all taken care of.

Bianca: Ah.

Reese: So all you need to do is relax.

Bianca: Relax. I'm sorry, what does that mean again?

Reese: Oh, let me tell you. That means that when our baby girl cries in the middle of the night, I get up. It means that you get to spend an entire day at a spa, and it means right now, you can just lay back and relax and sleep for as long as you want.

Bianca: You know, it's a funny thing, but all of a sudden, I'm just...not that tired anymore.

Reese: Really?

Bianca: Uh-huh.

Reese: Mm. Mm. Get me out of these clothes.

Colby: It's just me. Colby. The girl who found you.

Brot: Thanks, really. That's great, and that's exactly what she'll do when she sees me.

Colby: I'm -- I'm sorry. I just -- I didn't know. Who's "she"?

Brot: Doesn't matter. Nothing matters.

Colby: I brought a first-aid kit. Here. Shine it on your arm. I'll have you patched up in no time.

Brot: What are you? A nurse?

Colby: No, but I help out around here. I delivered a baby once. A little scratch like this, no problem.

Brot: Thanks. But when you're done, go.

Jake: Well, look what we have here. We got protein. We got carbs. We have everything that the body needs to power the legs, because, uh, athletes need to eat.

Taylor: By candlelight?

Jake: Ah, I'm a romantic. Sue me.

Jake: That's nice.

Taylor: What's nice?

Jake: That smile. I haven't seen that in a while.

Taylor: Yeah, I guess I have been kind of hard on myself lately.

Jake: Kind of? Actually, the meal? This here? That's not the therapy.

[Music plays]

Singer: Are we both afraid

Jake: Dance with me.

Singer: Are we both too scared

Jake: Don't say you can't.

Singer: Frightened of what we might find

Greenlee: Oh, thank God.

Aidan: Did you find Emma?

Ryan: No, not yet, but I just pretended to take a nap, and Annie snuck out of the room.

Greenlee: If she's behind this --

Ryan: I will put her in jail myself, but first, we have to focus, and we have to find Emma right now.

Greenlee: Let's split up. We'll cover more ground that way.

Ryan: No, absolutely not.

Aidan: No. You wait in that room.

Ryan: We'll follow Annie.

Greenlee: I'm coming with you.

Ryan: Ok, fine. You can come, but -- but first sign of trouble, you hit the deck. You understand me?

Greenlee: Yes.

Ryan: Ok, let's go.

Woman: Come in.

Annie: Emma? Emma, sweetie, it's Mommy. Emma? Oh, Di. You scared me.

Di: Emma couldn't make it.

J.R.: What, are you insane?

Amanda: I -- I'm sorry. I just thought you were alone, and I --

J.R.: I was at home with my son, who happened to spend the night in the hospital, who just lost his mother, and you call me down here to hit on me? You know what? If you ever do that again --

Amanda: I won't. I -- I won't.

J.R.: Give me your car keys. You know what? This is pathetic. Even for you. Don't ever call me again.

Bianca: Oh, don't get me wrong. I love feeding our baby girl, but I would kill for a glass of wine right now.

Reese: Oh, well, you know, I could get you a little glass of --

Bianca: If you say milk, I will scream.

Reese: Chocolate milk? No?

Bianca: No.

Ryan: What have you got?

Greenlee: She's go to be around here somewhere.

Ryan: Anything?

Aidan: I just checked with the guy at the front desk.

Ryan: Yeah, and?

Aidan: An American woman checked into a room, 506, about an hour ago.

Ryan: An hour ago, I was with Annie. It's not her.

Greenlee: Well, then who's in Room 506?

Annie: Where is Emma? Um, tell me where my daughter is.

Di: I know what you're doing, old friend.

Annie: Answer me, Di.

Di: It's on the Internet. Little Emma Lavery taken from a movie theater. A $10 million ransom. I'm so onto you.

Annie: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Di: Cut the crap. Emma wasn't kidnapped. You're just letting everybody think that she was, and in the end, you're going to need someone to blame. That someone's me.

Annie: Di, please, I --

Di: You picked the wrong girl, Annie. I am not going down for you.

David: We had a plan!

Amanda: I did what you said.

David: Really? Really, because I don't remember telling you to stick your tongue down his throat.

Amanda: You said, "get cozy."

David: The whole plan was to lure J.R. in, all right? Get close so that he'd let his guard down, not attack him like some sex-crazed animal.

Amanda: Well, he has to give my keys back. Tomorrow, ok? I will try again then.

David: No, no, no. Forget it. It's over, ok? You blew it.

Amanda: Me? You're the one that charges in here and orders me to chug two bottles of champagne.

David: I was counting on you, Amanda. Babe was counting on you, and you let us down.

Amanda: I wasn't thinking straight, ok? I'm sorry. I just -- I wanted to kiss him.

David: Really? Well, then you should've done it like this.

Zach: Hey, are you all right?

Reese: Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine. I miss him. I miss my dad. Thank you.

Colby: Are you still here? I just wanted to make sure you're ok. Let me help you.

Brot: You can't help me. No one can.

Colby: Is there someone I can call? Some place I can take you?

Brot: No.

[Taylor stands on Jake's feet as they dance]

Singer: I see it in your eyes but I don't want to be mistaken tell me it's not all in my mind here I am can't wait another day I've got something I have to say hold me now tomorrow may be never let me show you how to love again hold me now not talking 'bout forever that this moment never ends somehow

Annie: Don't do this.

Di: Did you really think you could play me?

Annie: No, no, I --

Di: Then what happens when Emma comes home safe and sound and tells everyone that she was with Aunt Di the whole time?

Annie: I just want my daughter back, ok?

Di: Then you kill me, you play hero for Ryan, and keep the cash. I don't think so.

Annie: Who's -- I mean, who's with Emma right now?

Di: I'm the only one who knows where she is, so if I were you, I'd start being a little more generous, considering.

Annie: Considering what? Is she -- is Emma hurt? Di, if you don't answer me, I swear I'm going to --

Di: What? What are you going to do? You touch me, it's over. You'll never find Emma. No, oh!

Annie: Di, no!


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